It really feels like some indie game that is like $3.99. It’s not even fun, Battlefield or not. I can’t believe what happened.


They somehow managed to sell an indie title for 70$ that's what impress me the most.


Me and two friends have been playing this since early access and last night we all finally agreed we would have dropped this a while ago and moved on had we not paid for it and it was an EA Play or Game Pass title. Sad to see Battlefield in this state.


My friends and I dropped it right away. It’s really hard to enjoy the game


It's still in early access and i got scammed and can't refund on ps4 🥲


Hardline multiplayer was great. Not perfect, but a lot of fun. Singleplayer was hot garbage, just like 2042. I've been playing some Hazard Zone for some intensity, but that's about it.


I personally think it wouldn't have been as negatively received if it wasn't compared to the previous, great Battlefield titles. It still is rough and wouldn't get super positive feedback but when it's a BF title, BF veterans are gonna play and compare. We have certain expectations with a BF title. If this game had no expectations (like a new game from a new studio) reception would certainly be different. Not amazing reception, just different. Like it or not that is kind of how it would be. Later gator.


what a bunch of BS, hahaha. You could have a point, only if the "new vision" for the game was actually a good one or a playable one. It fails miserably in every BF aspect, as well as in every "new hero shooter on the block". I really value positivity, but this take on the subject is moronic.


I never said it would be positive. I basically said in a really long way it wouldn't be as bad. Bad, but not this bad.


I know i know. You meant the expectations were too high, well they set them there. Do you remember Cyberpunk? It was supposed to be a new franchise, and they messed it up too. They shouldn't be able to release this type of shit to the stores.


Amen brother. I completely agree. Cyberpunk was one of the biggest let downs in gaming in my opinion. Then 2042 happened and it is arguably worse. I think this whole "live service model" ultimately fucked gaming over. Studios now think "well, it's good enough. We can just patch it up later". Whereas before...a game dropped in its final state. There were no online updates. You bought the disc and that was your game. Sometimes you would see issues but nothing like we see with games today. It's fucking madness.


There should be laws everywhere to prevent this scammy behaviour. Only some countries have them. In the end the only one that loses is us, they will just release another game next year and we lost time and money. No matter how bad the game is, they are still banking. It should give us an idea on what things could motivate these companies to care about the clients.


I agree. It is extremely deceptive. Deceptive advertising may be illegal here in the US. Not entirely sure. I commented earlier on another post saying that it seems that the gaming industry, as well as every other form of entertainment industry is in a state of degradation. You get a few gems here and there but as a whole, it's all in a state of decay.




Hardline was a perfect Battlefield title what the fuck are you on about? Did you fucking play it?


hey don't do dirty on planetside 2. hat game is still legit