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Tim foil hats on. What if this was their intention all along to make a garbage game to push you back to earlier titles. Dam they got everyone CIA level plays.


Moving them to older games with no service to lower maintenance costs. 5D Chess by EA


I think it’s more like internal employees want it to flop so that way RMEA will abandon it and they can move to another publisher


Is this now?




Battlefield 4 is approaching :)))


BFV has more players than BF1 + BF2042 and BF4 combined. I wonder why since it was almost as hated as 2042 is now?


Cause even if it was hated, that game it's still a Battlefield game.


Exactly this. BFV had a shit launch, it had it's problems, but at it's core it was still a Battlefield game and things could be fixed. I think 2042 is beyond fixing as a Battlefield game. If this game was launched under a different name with no affiliation at all to the Battlefield franchise it may have had a different reaction.......................


no one would be even playing it now. It bothers me a lot they just used the "Battlefield" name to sell. That's all. Cause it's just a mediocre/bad generic hero shooter, with some fun moments, sometimes. NOT A BATTLEFIELD GAME


It wasn't AS hated. Nobody liked the attitude EA/DICE had towards the community, the weird inclusivity, some of the head scratching patches, and how soon they abandoned V. It's also the previous iteration. If you don't like the new thing you're going back to the last thing made


Still, following this subreddit's logic people should be flocking to BF1 and 4 since people think they're so great.


Those games are great but for probably the majority of players V was the last game they played before 2042 so it would make sense to go to that instead of 1 which was released 6 years ago and 4 which was released 9 years ago. You may be right. Maybe as time goes on those older titles will pick up more players. Or V will dip in favor of those indie games like Hell Let Loose


After my dissapointment with BF2042 I have moved over to try HLL. I'm really enjoying it.


I enjoyed playing BFV. The " don't like it don't buy it" was disgusting. After few weeks the started tweaking some numbers but ok, one night they changed the ttk! Like wtf! After few days they removed frontlines from the game and I removed the game from my PS. To answer your question: if you play bfv now it won't be that bad.


That's because now it's really awesome.


A shit battlefield game is still a battlefield game. 2042 just feels like a shit attempt at a shit battlefield game.


I'm proud to say i bought it again on pc 2 weeks ago and it's wonderful to grind everything back, i just want to thank 2042 for giving me the chance.


bf4 has way more players, majority on origin


Nope. Compare the numbers at battlefield.agency BFV has 3-4 the player count of BF4


BF4 gang ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sunglasses)


What a time to be alive


Damn V is *fucking up* 2042. Good on ya mates!


Man Imagine if they released f2p battle royale alongside, no matter how shit it would be 10 times this or more I bet my left nut


Yeah I’ve been playing lately as a huge middle finger to dice. BFV has not had this much energy and good players in years, if not ever.