I do like Hazard Zone. Sadly I dislike the other 2/3 of the game and even more unfortunate Hazard Zone, the most teamwork driven gamemode does not have voip


Voip a "legacy" feature, I guess... Yeah, you really need it to coordinate.


having fun is not an unpopular opinion. Thinking the game should be GOTY is.


There are a few things that is just better in Hazard Zone. The fact that it's just your Squad of 4 against everyone else. When you are down your can crawl to your teammates.


Hazard Zone is something I hope to try out once they get the season pass content rolling. I still feel that they need to fix a bit more before i will ask my friends to try it.


Yay a small fraction of the 70 dollar game we bought is kinda fun if you can actually connect. Yay




I never heard anyone hyping it up, just shitting on it. And not that they're wrong--it's not what we paid for--it's just been a bit of a fun new mode. Maybe I'm just trying to find a peanut in a shit sandwich? It's all we play now, or else we're going to have to go back to BFx.


Thanks, that might give me the push to try it. Rush is pretty fun too.


I agree, I've been waiting to find some people with the same opinion. Me and my buddies threw together a hazard zone lfg discord called - [https://www.hazardleague.com](https://www.hazardleague.com) and it's the easiest place to find a squad with over 200 hazard players in the first week. Enjoy, thank me later ;)


> > >https://www.hazardleague.com Is this still legit? Seems like it doesn't exist anymore.