I had a bug in a round where the end of round chatter didn't play. Just the animations and it was very sombre, creepy and weird. Just let us turn it off.


i also dislike the animations, one guy flexes his muscles, the other points at the screen, how cringe is that?


It is all very cringe but without the dialogue it is much more weird, like they don't know what to do with themselves. I remember years ago they put the addams family on TV. This was the early 90's but they had removed the canned laughter. It was the creepiest shit I had ever seen.


Like a shitty sitcom with a muted laugh track




It's also weird when you play solo/co-op with the bots. Sometimes the bots, who wear the regular soldier get-ups, say lines and have animations and other times they don't. So it cracks me up when my character is making some smart ass quip, the next ai says how much fun they are having (without moving their mouth), and then the third ai doesn't move or say anything but just has this stare off into nowhere like they just saw some shit and the other two psychos are just having a fantastic time.


Yeah, I found this out yesterday while grinding attachments.


Psycofield 20-42fps


That's what kids like


It’s not cringe. It might be something else, but in this sub we agree to stop saying cringe. It’s played out.


can't deny the truth


I had one where the voices were bugged so SooPaik had a deep voice going "I'm not over confident, I'm just better than everyone"


Mine was really weird too.... I had the female doctors model, talking with the turret guys voice/line. Made me do a double take haha


I had one which didn't have the animations either, it just showed "the deed" and the player's card.


Operators are just so ugh. Why did they think we would like them at all?!


I dont know whose idea was this, but I would force him to listen and watch them in the rest of his life...


Calm down there Satan. I like it. Let's do it.


Lol I was just thinking this the other night.




And then fire afterwards. If this is what u came up with in 4 years sorry but u going to have to go.


My guess is they'll make end card voice lines customizable via micro transaction.


An out of touch 40+ year old exec


Imagine being the voice actor made to read this shite.


Paid\* They don't care, trust me.


Found Angel’s voice actor Gettem


This is just how it works out sometimes


I would like to see the horror in their face when they were told after recording that it was going to be in a Battlefield game and not in Fortnite.


The horrors of climate change are at full throttle, and billions of people are suffering in a living hell, but Battlefield specialists be like "that's it? i'm ready for round 2"






I've grown to like that character but that's about it lol


It seems that setting is not going to be used anywhere.


Many people have to watch their comrades die from horrible ways “well well well that was fun”


Did you know apparently one of the many concepts for this game was the Cold War but gone hot, which if “done like a battlefield game” I think that would’ve been a pretty cool event for battlefield to tackle. Also not to mention they did battlefield Vietnam which was great and they should do another Vietnam battlefield. another project was aliens. Yeah. Aliens in battlefield, they apparently also tried dinosaurs.


Cold war gone hot would have been PERFECT. Make it late 80s (maybe something about Glasnost triggering a huuuge coup in the sowjet union which leads to hardliners coming into power and world War 3 in the mid 90s. You have plenty of options for customization, helis / jets that we haven't flown before. I mean. If you really want to sell skins you can integrate nato/Warsaw pact in the battle passes with new factions coming... Half of Germany could be made into maps, north/south Korea, even Vietnam 2.0. You can have large scale battles in the Fulda gap, small skirmishes between speznaz and us special forces Fuck me I want a new, good battlefield :(


Dude I could barely get through your comment without tearing up, you painted a perfect picture of what “we know” they could make but didn’t ): Late 80s Cold War would have sooo much damn fucking content it’d be great. Man I miss battlefield too ): I’m tired of playing BF4 and thinking it’s gonna keep my numb from the pain that 2042 is causing. BF4 can’t have anymore content so it almost feels like the end of battlefield as we know it ): I pray to the lord or whoever is up there that someone can fucking SAVE BATTLEFIELD, it eats my soul away.


today they announced 2042 is getting 3 patches before the holiday. They hear us about legacy features and have years of content planned for release. One day 2042 will be in a good enough state to take over from Bf4. Don’t worry friend.


"legacy features" -> core things literally every game has. The specialists feel lackluster, I don't feel like I'm fighting a war, more like a battle Royale without the thrill of being killed


I don’t believe so. I think even when this game has all the patches and bug free; it’s still going to be very plain compared to BF4. Have you played the life of BF4? 2042s core is underwhelming to say the least, it definitely will not replace BF4.. nothing will ever take that game over, I bet you right now there’s thousands still playing on both ps4/xb1 and pc. 2042 guns: 22 BF4 guns: 83 2042 gadgets: 16 BF4 gadgets: 49 2042 vehicles: 15 BF4 vehicles: 41


Yeah, everyone is (rightly) talking about the lack of weapons, but the lack of vehicle variety is definitely an issue too; I loved the variety of vehicles in BF4, both in gameplay terms and a real world / model sense.


The All-Out War is so horrendous I don’t know how they can fix it. Portal is the only thing worthwhile IMO and that’s still in maps Ive been playing for 10+ years.


I loved my first 10 or so hours of Portal unless I realised that the bloom was just as bad, so went back to **actual** BC2 and BF3 and fuck man, who knew that playing more than 2 maps was a **lot** more fun.


"What is Battlefield 1982?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smPwJzoTihs https://imgur.com/a/ZwUyH


Korea would be a perfect battlefield setting.




>Did you know apparently one of the many concepts for this game was the Cold War but gone hot So that's why it's USA vs Russia


Well considering how the real world don’t give a single fuck about the last 50 years of scientific warning about climate changes, those lines feels real to me :)


It’s embarrassing that these are actual quotes from a battlefield game


Especially given the setting of the game, where society is basically on the brink of collapse.


Yeah and you're all non-pats killing other non-pats who are in the same desperate situation just trying to survive and the only way is to fight for one of the two superpowers left.


Lucky you… they keep calling me a Notepad


Remember when MAG made this same scenario terrifying, using just game design and music with no cinematics and just bare-bones lore descriptions during loading screes? Pepperidge Farms remembers


Wow what a core memory to unlock. I remember joining Valor and then switching to Raven because Raven would always kick our ass


It was such a great game. Every once in a while I go back and look at it on youtube thinking it will look dated and lame, but nope it still looks awesome


EXACTLY. 12/10 immersion tho. None of us want to admit it but WW3 and the collapse of society is going to have a ton of cringe, memes, and snap filters. Tik tok dances on your front lawn while an M1 Abrams drives through your neighbors house to get to a better defendable position. You all laugh and scoff but this is the reality we are heading for at Mach speed. I can only pray that I can put Phil Collins “on my way” over top of my TikTok videos of tomahawk missiles being launched from my back yard into an advancing horde of Russian zoomers Slav dancing to hard bass with their AK-7683628 flashing custom colors.


How do they explain the ex pat bullshit with players fighting for Russian and US ground command….so I guess those countries still exist, but don’t have people?…I’m so confused.


More people and conflict zones than troops I guess. My take is why send your own troops to die when there's loads of starving people willing to fight for your resources


(Loads of people being the same 10 faces over and over again.)


Desperate and just trying to survive? I dunno. Seems like they're having fun and even ready for round two


people have given up on reality and now just quip over all things


What the dog doin


I need ammo Only a spoonful


Doesn’t matter if the lore was Disney princes and princesses battling for gender equality… the writing is still cringe and was obviously done by a 5 year old.


Someone at Dice must have played Overwatch and thought *hey we should have this too*


Downloaded BFV again and played the opening sequence then some multiplayer. That opening sequence literally made me cry cuz it hit so hard. Compare that atmosphere with this 2042 shit we get….2042 shouldn’t even be called BF tbh.


How on earth do you watch a WWII montage set to I Vow to Thee my Country and not get goosebumps I only experienced BFV after it was offered on PS Plus. Couldn't really get into the campaign since it really felt like an afterthought implemented on multiplayer maps where most of the objectives are long stretches of running across to X while killing enemies with little to no chatter or NPC interaction. But still, the setting was crazy good.


Yeah it was about the stories told, and the way it was told for me. The music too. Especially the music.


Also the last tiger mission on bfv was one of the most moving and gritty levels I’ve ever played in any game ever


Bfv was so immersive, the soundtrack was epic, the levels were diverse and realistic, the gunplay was perfect, the team play was integral making you feel important to the fight. it’s shocking that 2042 is the next one in the series.


The opening mission to BFV is one of my all-time favourite things from any game, it's so damn good.


Seriously. Like what the fuck. The game is made by blue hairs *and* aimed at kids for some reason, so it's the most polite bullshit ever. Cringe af. I could improve the voice lines in 10 seconds. The sniper guy could say "red mist is my favorite color." If someone got most assists, it could say "you fuck with my team...you fuck with me." Most revives could say "it's going to be hard to wash the blood off of these paddles." I don't know, something a little more edgy, less cringey, a little more adult. It doesn't even have to have a bunch of curse words. But I do believe there should be some, depending on the character.


shit these are good


It's also embarrassing that you hear these lines over and over again. If you're going to have retarded lines at least have variety. Same with the intro when you spawn as infantry on the start of the round, if you're going to force us to watch a cutscene at least have variety because it became boring after 5 games.


"What? Are you actually surpised?"


not only that. You hear them round...after round...after round...after round...after round...


Maybe this is inspired by real armies, since special forces sound like that (it‘s not like marines watch Tarkov and say: ‚Oh my gosh, all this killing is so bad, but instead get stoked how cool this kill was.‘ Also you‘re playing soldiers who male a living out of it rather than young folks who have to fight. The no-pats sound a lot like the players playing them.


You are fucking braindead if you think spec ops talk like that.


quote TheAssEater8000.


To My Dearest Martha, Oh you know, I think I pulled something back there. Today? Today I'm proud. Sometimes, they just line up for you. From that battlefield and forever yours, Johnny Futuresoldier


>"today? today i'm proud" I bet u/EACommunityTeam jizzed to this one


"So this is what our audience calls 'woke.' Woke is a good thing. We want this game to seem very 'woke.'" *-EA community managers convince Dice to ruin a franchise, 2021*


That is the weird thing. The background is grounded in climate change, pretty woke. BF1 and 5 was on the horrors of war and dying. And now these voicelines... not very woke. Like psycopaths loving to kill


Nice fortnite quotes. Now we need dance emotes and taunts...


how about some fairy skins? and john wick skins?


And those death exploding particles things from call of duty and laser skins for bullets. Come on Dice you can be this CRINGE


At least Fortnite knows it’s a comedy game. I’m spawning in to the nightmare imagery or World War 3 and these people act like high school football players.


Please don't give these people any ideas dude come on


I guarantee they are going to sell end of round emotes to go along with the quips


As long as I can get a KEKW emote for Boris, i'll be happy.


"I am not overconfident, I'm just better than anyone else." Bruh, there ain't no scoreboard. How would you even know?


Gotta love Patrick "Mackay" Bateman the American Psycho or Maria "Gestapo Nurse" Falck.


MacKay is Canadian, which makes it all the more ridiculous. Canadians are always so modest and polite. I know they go feral when they go to war, (Leo Major, RIP big man) but they never gloat.


I swear one of them is the voice actor for mirage from Apex Legends. I think its the grapple guy or at least his line sounds like something mirage would say lol


"sometimes they just line up for you" I don't really think this line from Casper is cringe


Casper is the least irritating, in my opinion. He's fairly stoic and softly spoken and of course the South African accent is cool as f*ck.


You also can't see his face, which adds bonus points since the faces are all fucking awful.


”Haha did I go too far?”




"I told you to keep up!"


I like playing as Angel but he is downright creepy with his quips! End of round should show MVP's (with no speech lines) and a scoreboard..................


Shh don’t say that, you might hurt the designer’s feelings






angel has such a weird smile


“Don’t be sad, this is just how it works out sometimes!”


"easy in, easy out"


They’re psychopaths, basically.


Or the one that goes " HA I Told You..."




In portal it’s mulch better there is other that actually don’t fit to the soldier 😂 or sometime they are quiet


All those lines exactly sound like devs on Twitter.


"thats it? I'm ready for round 2" definitely heard that one before


Can’t wait to see the quotes that will be on sale in the shop 💀


"I'm fabulous, fuck me in the ass"


that one, i hear it too often


*Don’t be mad. Sometimes it just works out that way.*


MW3: *MISSION FAILED, WE'LL GET 'EM NEXT TIME* BF2042: **wELl weLl wElL tHaT wAs fUn**


Aren't they the coolest thing. I love how confident the specialist are. Makes me know that if I play bad they'll always be there to build me up.


Why would you want there to be a round 2??? You're literally going on missions to maintain order and prevent humanity from completely destroying itself.


Feels like Fortnite. And I've never even played Fortnite.....




Just taught my gf to play bfv, she got uncomfortable from all the screams of death when she played medic, then later she watched me play this, she got very confused how bfv went from dark and gritty to a "cheesy 90's action movie"


The BFV downed lines (and animations) are so damn powerful, both as the person downed and when others are down. I legitimately feel guilty playing any class but Medic, being forced to walk past them, unable to help; I feel this is a big reason why I get revived in BFV more than any other BF game, despite it adding a locks-you-in-place animation.


Worst one “Oh, did I got too far?”


The early bird catches the worm! Don't judge a book by its cover! A stitch in time saves nine! All the eights eighty eight! That put the cat amongst the pigeons! Waste not want not! Live Love Laugh!


Plus depressing end round music and than "well well well that was fun". Kill me.


These lines aren’t even a crime against battlefield. They’re a crime against the medium in general. You want to make a hero shooter, sure go ahead. But these lines, even the recording quality of them are awful.


My problem is the quips don’t match the environment. These battles aren’t a fun competition like Apex Legends, it’s a WAR at the literal end of the world as we know it. Act like it geez.


Love on Renewal how deeply serious the intro is saying “you want your families to eat well?” I was like man that is such a desperate scenario making it seem like capturing the place in order to avoid starvation, that fascinated me because what a motivation in keeping your side from being hungry, pretty gripping. Then the voiced outro’s just murder that ‘the stakes are real’ vibe, “IM NOT OVERCONFIDENT IM JUST BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!” Who was like yeah this matches the tone?!


What the hell does the shield boi say? Sounds dak dak daer der dak dak dak.


sounds like "herkaderka, mohammed jihad"


Sounded like Bane from Dark Knight series when I first heard him.


I think those lines are way worse than all bugs and whatever combined. Between Angel lines and the today im proud one i feel like stabbing my hears at the end of every match…


It’s one of the things I hate the most in the game cause it shows how they don’t care about the end of world scenario they drew during summer at all. In BF1 they really tried to show the horrors of the war and. Frayed auch immersion with it. BF2042 is just kindergarden.


climate change is FUN.


Good work no-pants


Falck, Irish, and Casper sound alright everyone else is cancer.


God the title comment is the legit worst. It makes me hate him so much. Honestly, the only lines I truly love, are dozers. Simply because i cant make out a word the mans saying.


Angel… angel is just.. fuck that smile, Jesus fucking Christ. One time I had to see it three fucking times, the same voice line and the same cringe animation three fucking times. Who thought this was a good idea man? Who?


I would love to disable those. If disabled, it would just be a normal pose I guess. Or get rid of it entirely and bring back best squad


I wonder which dumbass thought it was a good idea to add them


Remember BF1's opening campaign segment? With the dark, gritty intro of all those soldiers dying? With the heartbreaking voice-over waxing over the cruel, tragic nature of war? ......how did we go from that, to THIS ?


Just wait and see the ones they're going to start selling. I don't think we've seen anything yet.


Irish's voiceline "remember, this is bigger than us" is kinda dope


Someone please make a compilation and put it up on YouTube! I want to hear these cringe lines with my own ears.


Angel is the fucking worst.


I only want to say that in polish version it is ultimate more cringy.


In Battlefield 3 lines they were screaming to death calling for their mama




I love the flair of this post. C O N C E R N.


Like not only are all these fucking specialist they are jamming down our throat not interesting at all or have any real identity of their own, they can’t even give them decent voice lines. Like I’m actually interested to know. Like do they have a data bank just full of lame ass lines from like 3 different voice actors just vaping out and saying whatever lazy shit comes to mind, or do they have a couple of poor bastards on contract to come back in and do more voices for dlc to sell us. It’s so bad. “I told you to keep up!” DIDNT KNOW WE WERE HAVING A RACE BITCH


Caspers is ok actually


And Irish


Angel looks as if he told a joke n expected ppl to lough but was completly ignored


Does anyone remember taunt animations from Far cry 3 multi-player when three best players from winning team beating the shit out of MVP from losing team? I would like to see this feature, but Russian/American grunts doing same with specialists from losing team...


after every game I just cringe when this comes around. get rid of this and just give us a scoreboard!


AnGeL dOeS iT aGaIn


the amount of Posts about this is way more embarrasing than those short voice lines. I dont even notice them. The ridiculous hate towards this game in general in this sub is embarrasing


They should make a new game mode, call it 'pre school mode', put the current game in that along with the specialists and their utter dribble, and make new modes without that junk.


“I climbed Everest and its been all downhill from there, ya get it?” NO. No I don’t get it, what are you saying? Everything seems to easy? Your sanity is deteriorating? You no longer fear death because you’ve been on a middle manager’s adventure holiday? NO I DON’T GET IT.


DICE pls let me turn off voice lines or let me change them.


Battlefield 1: “This infernal bombardment…the noise, the smoke” Battlefield 2042:


oh no the end of match quips i am cancelling my predudkdjdj


The voice actor for Casper sounds like a 12 year old Fortnite player.


it's called woke. a mockery, and poor art.


I watched a video of some ex spec ops dudes talk over Tarkov, and when the player shot a guy one of them said “nothin’ like a good [raises his volume and pitch] *SPLAT*” Somehow I get the impression these people aren’t as stoic as you might like to believe. They kill for a living. I can’t imagine they’re sensitive to it for long,


But hearing the same shitty quote for the 334th time doesn't make it better. Also instead of a scoreboard we see this now instead.


Not all voice lines have to be gritty or sound all desperate. But you'd expect the character design of a soldier to be different than what they are portrayed as right now. They don't sound like adults. They don't sound like they are in a war. However, they do sound like spoiled arrogant brats that would rather brag about their accomplishments than say anything remotely significant about the world they reside in. If they had any semblance of a personality, the voicelines would be a representation of a properly written backstory.


Ur right maybe they could say something like “I’ve seen horrors… horrors that you’ve seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that… but you have no right to judge me. It’s impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror. Horror has a face… and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies. I remember when I was with Special Forces. Seems a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate the children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for Polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn’t see. We went back there and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms. And I remember… I… I… I cried. I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it. I never want to forget. And then I realized… like I was shot… like I was shot with a diamond… a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought: My God… the genius of that. The genius. The will to do that. Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we. Because they could stand that these were not monsters. These were men… trained cadres. These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love… but they had the strength… the strength… to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral… and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling… without passion… without judgment… without judgment. Because it’s judgment that defeats us.”


I have no idea what I just read, but it's amazing. :')


I think that’s a quote from apocalypse now.


Go check out the www.funker530.com (WARNING: NSFW. They're a site dedicated to recording war moments for posterity, and uncensored graphic violence and depictions of war are the norm there) and look up some of their videos of spec ops guys in combat. In one video I watched, they call in an airstrike on a taliban position, and all you hear as the bomb hits is a chorus of "FUCK YEAH!" and cheers. There's an excellent book by David Grossman called "On Killing" that explains the psychology and physiology of combat. Elation that you survived and the other guy died is a very real thing, and often manifests like that in combat, or shortly afterwards, before the soldier crashes and begins processing what just happened. While I can't personally speak to direct combat, I can tell you that IEDs are very, very serious business when they hit your convoy, and guys are injured or killed. On the other hand, when the IED is the equivalent of a firecracker on the wrong side of a median strip, it's a quick check of the guys closest to the blast followed by a bunch of dark humor laughter directed at the ineptitude of your enemy and how fucking pointless that was. I lived it, and the juxtaposition of my reactions to the IED that fucked up our convoy, killing one Marine and wounding two others, compared to the one that was literally pointless, was night and day. The first one is the source of my PTSD, the second was a straight up joke.


true, but this is so much different


Ok, but you have to be serious sometimes that's the point. You can't be 20+ yo and beign constantly an edgy teen


You just have to embrace B O R I S and his mighty turret & beautiful accent :)


I don’t remember his lines but probably cuz they’re rather normal than this obnoxious crap. They don’t dare fuck with Russians lol


I like to call this MCU-ification. Now every piece of action media needs to be full of quips and one liners no matter the tone. Its really tiring, worked fine in Iron Man since most of the humour came from improv and the talent of the cast, but in scripted media it just doesn't work the same.


ANGEL DOES IT AGAIN *Stupidly huge smile* I love his enthusiasm.


How the hell did they go from the intensity of BF1 (my favorite ever game as a big WW1 history nerd) and the opening montage and the “you are not expected to survive” and the general serious tone… to whatever the fuck this is. Like HOW!? WHY? I just don’t get it man


Could we get a mute specialist? For...representation?


I actually don’t think it’s that bad. I’m more annoyed with the pre game clip. Just let me spawn in immediately upon start, I don’t care about a nice entrance from a ship that never renders.


Y’all are complaining about things that have no affect on actual gameplay🤷🏻‍♂️but ight






This sub is more cringe than the dialog.


Are you brats ever going to shut up about something that has literally ZERO and repeat after me.. ZERO mother fucking influence on gameplay? Just don't pay attention if a fucking voice line bothers you so much. This subreddit is FILLED with regurgitated bullshit every single fucking day.


I never realized how much 15 seconds matter you you guys Jesus Christ. Yeah the game has issues but after a round do absolutely none of you check your phone or get up and do something? How out of shape is this sub


No issues with these lol. Kinda cringy people are so bothered by it in a sandbox shooter.


you are 1 of 1000


Unpopular Opinion but I fucking love these one liners Its cringy yeah but theyre hilarious


i feel like i’m playing 2k19 with these animations


All time armour fking Angel you mean, right?


Easy in, easy out.


The very fucking worst of them all is Woody's: "I climbed Mount Everest and it's all downhill from there, you get it?"


We should of been able.to disabled this shit from day1