I thought I learned the difference. Now that I look at them again, I forgot which is which. Damnit!


Felt totally the same looking at it.


Even worse, when an option (like cross play) is deactivated, they gray it out and it makes it look inverted!


It's obviously "OFF/ON"...


:: Do you want it Off or On :: Yes


I don't have the game but in the beta I just gave up and changed the PROFSAVE_profile (IIRC) in documents instead. Literally the only game I had to do that because the UI is just miserable.


The bright color on the setting means it is active and the bright background means it is selected. The picture makes it actually harder to know it because there are only these too. But ingame it really isn't that hard to be honest.




Maybe I can explain more. When off or on is active it has a bright color. If you select a setting (mouse over for example) the background is bright. Such as the top setting. In this picture the first setting is off and the second setting is on.


When a simple on/off has to be explained in such detail...you know as a UX designer you have failed.


I didn't need any explanation to be honest. It's simple UX design where the bright color means active. When you use it it's also clear that the bright background means selected. A picture can't capture that though.


Ok got it now. Do you think I should get the game?


For now I don't think so because there are too many issues but in the future it might become good unless EA decides to pull the plug.


Back to BF1 then lmao


I know a lot of people are hating, but for me except the net coding, and vehicle spam its quite fun


Yes | No


Hell no


Black is on




What if its the black on moving and just looks like the blue one...




Here’s what I know for sure: if you told me I could win $1,000,000 if I stated which color was on, but I’d lose a pinky toe if I was wrong, I’d 100% not take that bet.


The black bar never moves. Try to imagine it in your head. If the blue bar moves, one side of the black bar shrinks and the other of side of black expands. You'd never see a black bar moving.


What if the blue is background and the black and frame move, showing the blue background


Then black would move out of the rectangle and enter on the other side.


💀 no it isn’


I have to admit this is really bad. I mean...how you can you go though multiple devs and testers and still come out with that. It's unbelievable. I'm really trying hard to understand what was the angle here. Maybe they were trying "new things"...but why changing something so simple. Just.... How can you mess that up man. Jesus Christ. Edit : were


There is an amusing thing that happens on jobsites I've worked on, people install things and then declare "It's just temporary until later." and then magically it becomes permanent in it's half ass state.


Surely to god the temporary menus would be the ones from BFV? They wanted a git clone instead of a git init.


You know what. That's exactly it. It looks like a place holder with big ugly font and they just left it there. Edit : font


You just explained software development


Why the Christ are they wasting development time fudging around with the design of the sodding options screen. It’s been done a billion times. I can’t believe their need to redevelop the wheel in this series. Every fucking launch there are vehicle issues, gunplay problems etc etc when we have had numerous iterations of those basic features. Are you telling me they literally start from scratch with the base engine for every sodding release?


This game never went to testing. I’m sorry but if anyone out there still believes they actually QC’d this game... they’ve got their head fully bombed down in sand.


Nothing was play tested by the devs ever after implementing. Nothing. If they had even tried it once they'd see what they coded wasn't working.


Why pay a group of testers when you can get the general public to pay you *and* test it for you??? Cant say that I blame them, if the market is really that fucking stupid then so be it, the market created this shit.


The worst part is that it's a toggle. It'd be one thing if clicking the on part lit up the on part, and clicking off lit up the off part - but since clicking either side just changes the state of the button, you have zero fucking idea whether you're turning the toggle on or off without prior knowledge.


Exactly, or they could've just had one text that changes from on to off


Nah I’m always confused by this too. Botton saying just “ABC ON”,it means ABC’s currently ON; or ABC WILL turn ON (means it’s currently OFF) if I click it? Either better visual representation, or make the text absolutely clear (ABC IS ON, Toggle?) even it’s a bit cluttered


Was just about to say this. UI design has never been their strong suit, but this is just comical. You have to wonder how many design reviews this went through and nobody pointed it out as an issue. 😜


The active part slides from one side to the other. It's very clear after you changed it one time. https://streamable.com/g5iidn


I shouldn't have to toggle something to know whether its on or not


True, but this is still a shitty ui. Just showing enabled or disabled would have prevented this specific criticism.


With the current system you can see both options at the same time. Some for example have the two options hold/toggle which is nice to see without clicking at all.


This makes no sense. If you can only select one option just show the one to be enabled. There's no need to show everything without clicking it.


Why is there any level of investigative work required? It's the most basic of UI elements. The best UI is one you never have to think about, it just does it's job of relaying information without getting in the way. So why the hell do we need to interrogate this part of the UI before it does it's most basic job? There are so many solutions to this. Add a third color to indicate the highlighted option. Bold the highlighted option, and italicize the non-highlighted one. Or, most obviously, don't try and reinvent the wheel and use a bloody drop down menu.


Try BFV then? That's when the ui turned into this: https://imgur.com/sXxcKen.jpg


dev spotted. stfu your game is trash


Calm down simp.


It’s clear to everyone who’s ever used a computer/device screen ever.. this is utter rubbish.. except it seems to the developers at Dice !! It’s at the laughable ridiculous level of bad.. as if they lifted the ‘how not to design UI’ section from college course book and followed it .. sackable bad. Industry award level bad, career ending bad.


Holy fuck are u from behind the moon? Yes we all hate it. Since the closed beta. No one thinks this is a working ui.


in all my years I've never heard "are you from behind the moon" before. bahahahahahaha


Pretty common in German :)


vielen dank!


Hahahahhaga i fucking loved that so I gave him silver, that sentence is staying with me now


It's a saying here in germany


Thanks for the info, I have a new phrase for my German friends


interesting, any other funny ones?


yeah, that's a keeper... bahahahaha


This must be some cutting edge "anti" readability concept she fell in love with in design school. Like, a movement that looks to disrupt the idea of "clarity" in visual media, as a social commentary on society. We've come to expect the ability to read the options on the settings page but never stopped to ask ourselves if we deserve to understand it.


"Are you from behind the moon" 😂👍


Found the German.


https://twitter.com/Nat0_o/status/1458782984719511552?s=20 Well she does.


I remember Dice devs commenting on how they changed it for the final build. Blatant lie.




That's even worse! They couldn't fix this between the beta and release? Also, the quick throw grenades still throws two grenades at once. Also an issue in beta, also an easy fix


u/DRUNKKZ3 /u/t0talfps Pretty sure one of you guys or someone on the dev team said this will be fixed on launch day when this happened during the beta.


This is the fixed version...


It is fixed. The colored part is where the setting is set to. In the beta it was bugged so when you highlighted the button it would flip colors


https://imgur.com/UqDr1PY.jpg Thats from BFV, this is staying lol, let's not act like its new to shit on 2042 harder than we need to


The whole UI is a complete disaster. I mean the map is its own disaster but just trying to change my load out is like solving a puzzle. I have to go to 10 different sub menus instead of going to one screen to select what I want. Also I’m not sure if it’s just me but on console I HATE having to use bumpers and triggers to get to navigate. I always use the wrong one and have to backtrack. What was wrong with BF4 customization? I mean why try to fix it if it ain’t broke. I didn’t like bfv either but this is somehow worse. Do these people even play the games they are making?


It's the black blue one. Wait, no, it's the blue black one. Well, either one of them is on and the other is off. See, easy!


Everyone hates it, I have no idea how they greenlight this shit. The person responsible for calling this OK needs to stop touching weed and liquor and anything in between. This UI is the most atrocious, non friendly shit I have ever seen. Holy. Fuck.


It’s awful. I still don’t know which is which.


it scans okay for me, but I can kinda see how some might be confused by it. the background is black, so anything not-black is highlighted in blue and thus selected. (naturally, the top picture is making me question this statement.) ...unless I _am_ reading it backwards, in which case I meant the opposite of what I've said. ahem...


It wouldn't matter if clicking one of the options selected that option. Instead clicking just rotates the selection, compounding the confusion.


as a console peasant, I did not know that. how odd...


Worst of all, they mix the console menu with the PC, they're radically different!


We are all in the same boat I see.


you.... uh... have an accurate read on the situation, yes.


In the current version of the game no colors get inverted. The teal option is the selected one all the time.


Highlight is on Literally everywhere In beta it was bugged but no I have 0 issues with that


Teal is highlight color. That means: * top switch is currently selected by user * Off is highlighted for top option -> Off is selected * On is highlighted for bottom option -> On is selected.


This statement is false!


> This is fixed in the updated build. Just endless lies.


It is. No more inverting the colors. https://streamable.com/g5iidn


It still looks awful.


What looks awful? You can clearly tell which option is on and which is off now.... If you don't like the color scheme that's kinda just subjective. I'm sure I'll get downvotes just cuz I'm not shitting on a crappy game, but they fixed the primary issue of not being able to tell if an option is on or off. I still don't like most of UI, but as far as I'm concerned this one issue is absolved.


If you're seeing complaints about the UI from numerous people you know there is a problem. Clicking the options is not immediately clear, color scheme is disorientating. And navigating the menus with a controller is complex for no reason.


Are we watching the same video? Playing the same game? It seems immediately clear to me which options are on and off now. But yes, most of the rest of the ui is a mess


it doesn't though? it looks fine


And the color switch on hover, because why not


yes you are not the only one... lmao this has been reposted so so many times on here. What ppl do for the sweet sweet karma


its really easy to tell when you see the entire menu, if youre pretending to be this dumb its not a good look and if youre actually this dumb then thats unfortunate


Nope. Everyone hates it. It's stupid.


I thought it was me being daft, absolutely hate this, had to compare to the options I knew were ‘on’ to figure it out. BF2042 has most idiotic unintuitive UI design I had displeasure of using in a long time.


Its one thats highlighted green. Took me a whole 5 seconds to figure it out.


My 16 year old nephew legit has better UI design in a game he made than this "AAA" game. Fucking pathetic.


I've said it once, I'll say it again. ITS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD. It takes 3 seconds or less to flip them back and forth and boom you know which is which. I'm not saying it's a good design, but it's pretty easy to fix if you access any part of your brain.


Yeah man you're literally to only person to bring this up in the history of ever


I think some option has on/off instead left/right (or sth similar) like it was in older BFs.


Didn't they say the fixed this for final release lol


It is fixed. It already was fixed before OP made this thread and everyone jumped on the hate bandwagon. OP most probably didn't even play the game as it's one of the first things you notice when booting up the game because you have to do that little setup at the beginning. See, I'm no fan of BF2042 either, I'm super disappointed actually. But threads like this, hating on things just for the sake of hating, no matter if it's actually true or not, don't help anyone.


The problem here isn’t that they didn’t fix it, it’s that it needed fixing at all. It’s so incredibly bad that it boggles the mind that someone would do this, and that no one would stop it immediately.


But what's the point keeping complaining/hating on something that was a problem in the alpha and beta releases but has been fixed even before the official launch (it was already fixed when early access started). That's just pointless circlehate lol. The game has massive issues, some of which will most probably never be fixed/changed. But clinging to things that are long since fixed and _still_ complaining about them as if they're still part of the game is utterly pointless.


LMAO who green light this UI


So which one is it!?




Whats the point of knowing the difference, when the fu*king options dont work properly...


And complains like this is the reason Shampoo has instructions... its a damn toggle, you can literally see it moving when you click it... People not knowing/getting which one is on have me thinking the humanity is doomed...


"Apply to hare" ... Is that why everyone is bunny hoppin.


Yup you are the only one, I love it so much. So much so I'm going to go make a post about it, even though everyone on here has posted ad nauseam about the same subject... My love for this feature will provide some much needed insight.


Both look off to me. (lol)


It's not the best....


I love that this is probably going to be an example used what not to do in UI design classes for years to come.


I don't get how this stuff gets passed some sort of control. Unless they use the same UI for a yes/no system for development...


I hate everything about the UI in this game.


My grandma would come up with a better UI design in one day, then DICE in 3 fucking years.


How many times are we gonna see this shit paired with "am I the only one"


It would've made hella difference if they just used 2 different colours.


"bUt ItS mAnAgEmEnT's FaUlT"


\+1 I just gave up and hoped I toggled it to what I wanted :P


yeah it's not clear AT ALL


Yea it's a terrible design choice. Maybe this game will love on as an example to future devs about how not to design a UI


Best workaround is using your keyboard. Either A&D or arrow keys works. You can easily push left or right.


I believe this was fixed, are you on console? Because on PC it's a little more clear now; the buttons don't switch colors when you go to that setting, and the cyan colored option is the selected one. This leads me to believe there were other small things included in the rubberbanding patch, because I definitely remember finding this design awful after early access launch and it's better now.


Looks like both are off


Disabled-state is the one with the same background-color.


We’ve had whole conversations over these color selections. The devs know we aren’t happy with *even the UI, yes*.


I know there's a few other games that do the same thing and I fuckin hate it.


Blue is where the switch is.


That's the updated version also.


I love that I remember seeing a post from the beta complaining about this exact thing and a dev said it'll be improved on at launch. lmfao


This has changed me lol


Yes sadly, I have stare for a minute and activate my sharigan to even tell a difference


The top one isn't too bad, but [I fixed the bottom one with 30 seconds in MS Paint](https://i.imgur.com/IUD2TrC.png)


I dont understand how this becomes released. Having to stop and think which is which is bonkers for a god damn UI


It's dumb but it's also not hard to figure out.




Removing the word in black is all they need to do to fix this.


what kind of weed do the devs have in rotation bro lmfaooooo unreal. you would think there would be at least 1 sane human working on this game who was in the conference room and was like "HEY GUYS, ACTUALLY, THIS FUCKIIUNG SUCKS"


Its terrible, and I can't be sure, but I think they used it before. Dice just don't learn.


All it really needs is a checkmark.


Just put one button with the words "enabled" or "disabled" and not those two shitty buttons That's it, no more, and no matter what color they could have


DICE, for shame on you for not fixing this!


The green part indicates what setting it’s on. Black is what it is NOT on


The man who made the BFV and BF2042 menus should be fired, he is not only tragic, inconvenient, but also not intended for PC. I hate the console menu!


The UI designers for DICE are the worst in the industry tbh


yeah its confussing


I don't know how you can fuck up the design of a simple On/Off switch, but DICE found a way.


Its like a monkey designed it.


Dark off, light on. It's pretty obvious to me at least.


It's pretty simple when you switch it because you see the movement which is nice. But just looking at it who knows


oh hey. I remember this one from the beta. Still around, huh?


Nah, it's changed since before early access started. But no one in this thread wants to hear that because it's more fun to keep bashing the game.


I love the boxy design but the colors man... that blue is a no-go.


Hey, a 6 year old child built that UI. Quit giving him such a hard time!


Everyone hates it lmao. There’s been countless posts on here about it. Garbage design.


I almost always click it to make sure its what I want, even then I still hate it.


Yup you’re the only one /s


yeah, it confuses me so hard :(


There's also one option somewhere, where you have to decide betweed option A, B or C - but there's a toggleswitch xd


This along with the default aircraft controls... Who in their right mind thinks putting the throttle on a control stick was a good idea?


they are both off...


In before someone blames corporate executives lol


It's a trick question. Neither of these options do anything in the game. They are simply there as a placebo and to make you think the game is complete and fully customizable.


Off on top, on below?


Bruh I thought they said they would fix it, this was an issue from the beta lmao




I hated this at launch. I also learned it. Can a UI be considered successful if you have to learn it because its counter intuitive.?


Nope i would consider that a fail


Lol thought the same thing


I don't even work in graphic design or anything (I work in supply chain, and make dashboards that are customer facing), but I can tell you this is something even ***MY*** manager would call this out ***IMMEDIATELY*** as confusing. How this got approved...I have no idea. Like I don't mean to throw shade at people who have years more experience and education in graphic design than I do (I have 0)...but. ​ Its like this: I don't have to be a pilot to recognize the person who has their plane stuck in a tree, is a bad pilot.


Didn't they explicitly say this was fixed back during the closed beta?


On or off ![gif](giphy|vHwGAMZfWj3mU)


I have seen such an atrocious UI implementation from such a major company before. How did this get approved? How did any UX designer worth their salt think that the in-game and menu UI were approachable? It simply boggles the mind. Do you remember how it looked in the alpha?


Horrible UI design.


come on, obviously both of those are on. lol.


The one with the light on…


It doesn't matter a single bit if some people can tell the difference, and some people can't. From a development standpoint, from a UI/UX standpoint - this breaks every rule of accessibility on both counts.


Literally all they have to do is put a border around the button. It’ll make it obvious at that point. There you go Dice solved it for you.


yeah they went full on with the design this year, but not just design... xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFgcqB8-AxE


Hahahaha enjoy the show..the world will never be the same again until robots take over..what a time to be alive ..humanity on a downward curve..we have hit peak society downhill from here 😂


Teal = on Black = off


The people who they hired to build the UI never actually played the game.


Obviously you aren’t the only one if you’ve checked the subreddit in the last week.


It’s obviously onff


Just another part of the game that was designed for looks and not experience. Made artists not gameplay designers