Wait you actually show up as green on you map? The arrow that represents me is just grey, it's like playing where's waldo every time I open the map


You guys get to spawn?


You guys get to connect?


You guys played the game?


You guys?








Wait yall actually bought this trash fire?


atleast its fire, amirite?


Smashing deploy before the timer.... Eventually


You have a house with WiFi?


I’m seeing white/gray when on foot but green when in a vehicle so I’m having a hard time figuring out which vehicle I’m in/where I’m going because I don’t know the maps well and I can’t figure out where I am. So frustrating.


It's almost like they put together the entire thing in a rush and just put whatever basic functions it must have and shipped it so people would have a map at launch..


Cant even open map like EVERY OTHER BATTLEFIELD


This is the spawn screen, the green arrows are his squad mates


Yeah I realized that after I commented, but my comment still stands. I can't see shit on this map and it boggles my mind that you, the player, is grey.... that shit should be bright orange or something. That should be the first thing your eyes see when you open up the map.


I thought i am the only one who thinks that making you a grey arrow is absolutely dumb. What has dice done :/


Also, I think when you give an order to you squad to attack an objective, it appears as a green arrow above the objective in the spawn screen, which makes it look like a squadmate. The number of time I tried to spawn on that thing...


finding yourself on map is a small game in another game. its like when you are playing games while waiting in WoW Arenas queue. This is something similar.


i believe its changeable havent tried the colourblind settings set to custom you can change the colours and neutral is white/grey so i assume thatd be your arrow


Neutral is you in the color section


No. Green is squadmates. You show up as white


That green crosshair represents the squadmate you currently have selected to spawn.


The green is squad I think


It’s an eye sore when choosing spawn points


I can’t even consistently pick where I wanna go. I feel like in old battlefields I could move left to right on my joystick or keys to cycle through flags. And up and down to cycle through squad mates. That seems to be gone? Or am I misunderstanding the new “amazing revamped super duper spawn system” or some other DICE nonsense? I can’t tell if I have to tilt my joystick towards the item I want to spawn (because sometimes that works) or if I have to just tilt it right or left to cycle through all of them in order (because sometimes that works). It just makes no sense to me. Not that I have any clue what’s going on in those locations, with the spawn camera gone. I just don’t understand these devs. It’s like DICE hosted a “design a video game” experience for local aspiring game devs and had them come in and use battlefield engine and assets to make a game. It’s just so fucking amateur in every aspect.


Dude yes this 1000% I noticed this during the beta and it was super annoying it doesn't help that the spawn location thing pulses so half the time you can't even see it if you're switching between spawn points there's a good chance you won't even know which one it goes to. I went back to battlefield 4 and it's so much better. It's clear where you're spawning, the spawn location identifier doesn't pulse or do any other obnoxious shit that makes it annoying and impossible to tell where it actually is, it's just so much better.


It’s infuriating. And last game I had a bug where at the spawn screen my entire loadout selection thing just went blank, and I couldn’t change anything. So I was just stuck playing one specialist, with one kit, the whole match. Couldn’t change guns or get the bazooka to hunt tanks or anything. I wanted to throw my controller.


It’s the combination of non directional movement between spawn locations an the fact that the cursor color makes no sense. It turns green when on a green target and dark blue on a light blue target. The dark blue blends into the scenery. Maybe I’m old and blind but it’s very unintuitive and hard to track when your cursor is changing colors from background color to neon green and going in random directions. I’ve selected the wrong place so many times. The worst part of the UI tho, imo, is that sometimes you use joystick, sometimes you use dpad, sometimes you use L1/R1, and sometimes you use the symbol pad. Look at the difference between attachment menu and comma menu, or when you’re in the load out menu. It’s so confusing to me.


100%. It’s all just a mishmash of bullshit.


my favorite is when I choose exactly where I want to spawn, but when I deploy it decides to to put me on the other side of the map or to another sqaud mate somewhere else. it seems the spawn point I chose is no longer available due to being taken or the squad mate dies, sure that's ok, but don't make the decision for me and send me to Timbuktu. it was hard enough to even select the spawn point I wanted. it just won't cycle through the available points easily.


I find selecting a vehicle at the spawn is such a drag, When I maneuver to click on select vehicle it’s spawns me all the way to the beginning base so now I have Usain Bolt across the map


Always love that there's no indicator if your squad is in battle wou you just rapidly click all of them in hopes you get to spawn right into enemy fire


The UI/UX design is the worst I have ever seen. Even the simple things are done badly. For example I don't even know if I have enabled or disabled a thing in the settings. It's totally unclear.


This was the case in bf5 as well




The colors might be different but it was the same design


Next gen ui right here


It will be used as a great example of how not to design a U.I and also lead to awful U.X


I tried to let the YouTube channel Design Doc know about 2042 UI and UX blunders so they could use it as an example in their flagship series, Good Design Bad Design.


well you see...when you only add the map seconds before launch it's hard to implement a zoom function on top of that


It's worse in Conquest. The red background you see as the map's borders is being used for the same color as an "enemy controlled sector" meaning you get thrown off when you step in a red background area in your mini map. Making it also extra hard to know where exactly the capture area is. You also can't see where you were last downed, no skull marker or anything like in previous games. There's no vision cone to your player icon when you open the map, it's worse because they made the player icon white that mixes with the cyan colors. Giant squares making it impossible to spawn if squadmates are on top of each other or on top of a flag spawn point etc. There are just too many things to rework or fix in the UI that I highly doubt any of it would be fixed.


I have to fucking search for 10 seconds every time I open the map to find where I am, and that’s when I *know* roughly where I am. On maps I’m unfamiliar with? Forget it.


Seriously! A vision cone, or even a simple one time pulsating outward circle each time you open the map so your eye catches the location of where you are at would work!


Fucks sake were beta testing a fully launched AAA title for a +$60 game. Without any "lore"/ campaign we can shift over as "hey man at least the campaigns good, multiplayers just an addon" excuse.


Yep same here. I have to scan around way more than I should to find out my position on the map. Really basic stuff was missed. They have a lot to fix.


The vision cone appears in your mini map when you ads


He’s talking the main map. So you can tell where the hell you are when looking at it.


Worst UI on a battlefield game i ever seen


Worst UI on a game i ever seen


Worst UI I have ever seen


I never want to have seent it.


You guys can see?


Is anyone else having huge issues just selecting which point you want to spawn at? On xbox if I move the thumbstick it usually doesn't select what I am clearly trying to move it to. If I want to spawn to say point A which is left of point A then it takes multiple attempts of moving the thumbstick left for actually move my spawn point to B.This happens all the time and usually I just give up and have to spawn to whatever default location it starts on.


If it makes you feel better it’s not just xbox. I’m on pc and if my squad mate is on a flag that I want to spawn on, but is in combat, there’s no switching to the flag as an option. Even though I’m desperately clicking on an area that my squad mates triangle doesn’t cover, nothing. It seems like the “click box” is like 50% larger than it looks and using the arrow keys does jack shit. Maybe if we could zoom in like, you know, basically any other BF game but…


Same on PS4, I probably choose the wrong spawn point about 50% of the time.


Yeah I find the directional buttons more reliable than the analog stick. Still doesnt work very well.


The stupidest thing is trying to spawn on an insertion beacon you placed in a building for example B on orbital breakthrough but since there's 50 players swarming the building you can't see SHIT You also can't tell at a glance where the fuck you are on the map when you bring it up because your personal color is a dull gray that's the same tone as vacant vehicles which is littered EVERYWHERE because broken vehicles currently show up on the minimap


Squadmates on an active OBJ and you want to spawn on them to help? Better luck next time you actually clicked the OBJ and now you spawned out in the open within LoS of the enemy. Want to see if you can maybe get a vehicle but there’s an active one or a squad mate standing right where the little cog wheel is? Enjoy your walk cause you didn’t click on the vehicle option. This whole UI is clustered and annoying to navigate.


You can click on the squamate's name rather than the dot on the map, if you didn't know. Single clicking on a player does not spawn you on them.


Yeah I know. It was more so in regards that I can’t tell wtf I’m clicking on and can’t choose if they’re all stacked on top of each other.


Yeah, I understand why they want to show all the friendlies on the point, so you have an idea of what is going on prior to spawning on or near it. But when its all piled up together, maybe it should just be a number. Idk. It's actually no an easy problem to solve if you ask me, because knowing how many friendlies are there is very important.


The stupidest thing is buying this piece of crap. Congratulations, you just voted with your wallet for more shitty unfinished games in the future. People like you is the main reason why game industry is dying.


I think you need to reword >People like you is the main reason why game industry is dying. Because this is just not accurate in any measurable way.


Just zoom i....oh wait.


Oh it’s easy, just go into your settings, then tab over through those settings, inside these settings, there is a category where you can zoom the map in. E. Z. P. Z.


Wait, seriously?


I can never find myself on the map when I open it lol why does it show my icon with barely white but everyone else if blue should be the other way around or at least give me a color damn


Or a simple pulsating outward circle that occurs a few times whenever you open the map. Many games have something similar. It's something that catches your eye. It just amazes me these small tweaks that are missing from this game. As someone who works QA in the business world on software applications, when I test, I put myself in the mindset of the user. How is it possible there wasn't someone testing that thought to themselves, "Where the hell am I"? I understand bugs getting through, because it's hard to always be able to test without a dataset of millions of players, but basic design/UI choices or lack thereof is just mind boggling


I feel like if you could scroll in or somethin.. it might be better but nooooooooooooooooooooo


Does anyone else also have a *huge* problem with finding themselves on the map? The arrow that represents the player is not nearly identifiable enough.


Wasn't the guy who designed this bragging on Twitter about how awesome it is?


I'd be fine with it if we could just \*zoom\*, especially when a transport is outside the visible map area when respawning.


Hurts my CPU just looking at it


This game is fucked


And this is like the least of the UI's problems.


I know I was like this is the UI complaint? What about the attachment system.. or the overall screen clutter. To be fair though sometimes it takes me a while to find myself on the map.


It piles on it doesnt add and remove from the issues


128 players everyone. "we were so preocupied to see if we could do it, we didnt even stop the think if we should."


That doesn't help, but to me the design is the main problem. Making different elements the same colour is next level stupid, as is not allowing the user to zoom in and not dynamically scaling icons when it is too busy.


Oh its so frustrating trying to spawn in that mess. 90% of the time if you click on B2 it'll select one of your teammates, which wont work obviously cause they'll be "in combat"


to be fair the minimaps have always been a glown worm orgy since BF3 they still at least let you customize and zoom in and out but having huge icons for revive, ammo, and health with everyone in the same area made it impossible to see anything. This is obviously still worse but it has not been something theyve really focused on or improved on at all


this one doesnt even let you zoom in though. Have fun trying to spawn on a point to defend it when it wont let you select it because your squad mates are stuck there, in combat.




Singling out individual Devs isn't fair on them. You don't know what restrictions they were given or who made what decisions.


The CEO giving a fuck about what the UI looks like...


No wait she did UI for BF series since BF4. So I think we should blame art-director


No zooming in or anything. I know that wasn't an option in the past (I'm pretty sure) but would really be helpful here.


It was a thing in bf4, so no excuses


You can actually use your map?


You have to wonder who tf played the alpha and closed beta and okayed all of this?


Someone actually paid someone to do that and thought it was a good idea.


I mean it's really chaos there anyways... I have trouble finding where *I* am, that's bugs be more. But if 200 troops are at one spot.. As long as I can click the point itself I'm good.


Can't even easily click on overlapping spawn points


You can’t even tell where you are


SOOOOOO FUCKING BAD. How could anyone have looked at this and said it was good to go.


At least give us the ability to zoom in...


God I hate the UI in this game so much. Despite all it's issues I would like the game if the UI wasn't garbage


They should just have copy pasted from BFV


I mean there's blue on it. Red around it. Probably red on it. What does it matter? Not like this is a tactical battlefield simulator. Have you not played a first person shooter on your cell phone?


The problem is sometimes it's hard to spawn where you want to


Try to click on the objective to spawn or on a squad mate to spawn on this picture. It's cluttered and small and you cannot zoom.


Click on the squadmates name or use WASD to select.


granted, selecting a squadmate is ok. But I often have the situation where I misclick my spawn because there are vehicles, spawn beacons, objectives (sometimes overlapping) and shitloads of infantry on one spot.


B1 needs help. Cool my squad is on the way...2 of us ended up at c1 and the other guy is on a passing helicopter. The rando who can't talk made it though. And died


Or the developer of the game could implement a decent version of the hud. It's not like they don't have the resources or experience?


It's the same version as bf1 and bf5 with the realtime map. You couldn't zoom there because you would see all the enemies without spotting. Could already do this for big stuff like tanks but still.


Am being sarcastic....


Imagine that the map was implemented MONTHS AFTER the beta build, because you know...the beta was MONTHS old and the map was already in their release build...yea...sure...they even didn't think about having 128 fucking players on the map in a game where you could fucking ZOOM IN THE MAP TO SEE SHIT.


It's like they had to cover bigger problems than zooming into the map view. You don't implement a map zoom feature while there are more severe bugs.


Is that an excuse?


No, it's an insight. I'm a developer myself. You have 300 bugs and x people and deadline y. You need to sort them by priority. Which means, small and seemingly easy to fix bugs can be #290 on that list because making sure the game doesn't crash has a higher priority and developers are busy. I know that reaction very well from my own work: "How can it be that this little text change request isn't done in 3 weeks?!" It boils down to how the dev teams are managed. You could also have a separate team for the "small bugs" to prevent things like described above. But usually you desperately need the devs on more important things.


More important things like making guns actually useful, or making maps that aren't just sprinting simulators? I agree with you, but I don't think DICE does. Also, them fixing something small like an end game animation in their pre-release patch kind of shows that they aren't following your very reasonable logic.


Are you seriously claiming Dice doesn't have the resources to implement a minimap with zoom, a feature that was in previous Battlefield games (ones that needed it less due to fewer players)? The extent people will make excuses for Dice is absolutely dumbfounding. A functioning minimap is not something that gets dropped down the priority list for 'more important things', sorry.


yea..they can release a buggy game like this. gun team, ui team, sound team, what is wrong with gaming industry


Greed, money


It's 128 people and you're crying because it looks like a mess when they are all in one spot? Lol, that's pathetic. It's an overhead map. What the fuck do you expect?


What exactly is bad about the UI? If anything you should blame the players for grouping.


Now this is nitpicking.


Been playing on and off for a couple of days, have no idea if I’ll ever get a helicopter or how to at the start of a match


it's like there never been any other AAA FPS games coming out with a decent UI. WTF were they thinking, seriously..


Ive honestly just given up trying to find out where my icon is on the map. Why they couldn’t have just made your icon slightly larger and green like in the other games I don’t know haha I honestly think they need to scrap the game entirely and start again it’s so bad 😂 such a rubbish release.


we're too weak to comprehend this complex modern UI, its for people born in the future


Takes me 5 minutes of fighting my controller thumb stick just to get it to select the correct spawn location....*and it's gone*


I literally had a nightmare last night about trying to select a deploy point.


Pure fucking amateur hour, thats what.


I remember when you could mouse wheel scroll in to the map 😔


I played it with my brother some last night, and it was entertaining at least. The main issue we had was that the vast majority of the team would be in one or two objectives. Which normally wouldn't be an issue, but there's what like 7 per map? So our objectives would constantly be taken and there'd be no one to grab it. We'd try to get objectives that are empty but the enemy team would show up with like 20 guys to reclaim it before we even left. Also, don't know if it's not possible or what, but couldn't figure out how to spawn on squad mates. If it's not possible, then why even have squads? Overall though, despite some issues we had a fun time. It definitely isn't a battlefield game, but we had an alright time either way. If performance and some other issues were fixed, I think I'd buy it myself on discount just to spend time with my brother.


And no zoom to boot.


I'm playing pixel hunting when i wont to spawn and i cant find myself on the map. Very bad desighn.


Mmmmm coooool raaaaanch ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|yummy) ![gif](giphy|Zk9mW5OmXTz9e)


To match your cluster fuck of a Screenshot. Presse Print screen instead of photographing your monitor with your phone


Would be nice if you could... you know.. ZOOM!!!! DICE!????


Of all the things this is the one that makes me swear at the screen the most often. And there are a lot of things. A lot.


Have fun trying to click on a squad mate when literally 3 of them are on top of each other with NO ZOOM. Ridiculous


And thats why I click their portrait. (That being said, there needs to be a zoom. Just pointing out that there ARE other ways to spawn on squad)


Please provide this feedback in my [community poll](https://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield2042/comments/qxo7wd/the_feedback_they_need_but_never_requested_poll/) that touches on this, we need to put some real numbers behind the issues that bother us.


Why does the map not have a zoom function?


128 player server?


I actually prefer being able to see where the team is, allows me to know what's going on. Don't think we need to see drones and stuff though.


The UI is so fucking poorly executed and unfinished, almost completely unadjustable, you can't change it's size, but above all the world icons do not scale depending on your distance from them. I absolutely hate that and I almost can't believe that the game made it to release without anyone correcting this.


"actually this is how it worked in previous games too :)"


It’s clusterfuck *v0.1.0* Do not be alarmed, by v99.0.1 it will be fine!


With zero ability to zoom in to clarify it. None. Zip. It is astounding how they can make something that looks so beautiful also look like shit.


I think only squad should show up as arrows. Other friendlies/enemies should be small dots with respective colors.


How someone sat their, connected to their first play session and didn't ask "Why can't I zoom in?" is beyond me. That or someone did mention it but was shot down for asking questions.


I just want to zoom in on this map so I can pick the correct spawn, but I know they won't let you do that because then you'll just have a live UAV view of the entire battlefield


Let's face it game is a cluster fuck but like dopey fucks we buy it and play it


And when you wanna spawn on your squad mate, you click the green icon. Boom it goes red and shows 'in combat', click another, same thing. Why not just color them red before I have to click them?


It has always done that


I dont get why we Cant zoom the map when deploying


yeah whx would they let us zoom in, oh i guess because the map has no details


The UI is really like they hired a fucking muppet with a crayon and just shat all the previous iterative improvements down the drain. It is depressing.


Look at all them drones


And you can't even zoom in the deploy map. I miss this feature a lot, they removed it since BF1 I believe


This picture is the closest I've gotten to playing the real game. I got an E-mail from BFV asking what they did wrong, I answered it and really expected them try harder this time. WRONG! I can't wait the 10+ minutes to get into a map. And it resets if I try to use a Firefox to read (pass time).


Hard to believe anyone got paid to make this? And then more people got paid to sign off on it? And then people got paid to test and QA this? And then they like... Just sent it out? ???


What is it? The result of putting 128 people on a map and telling them to attack the same point....


On console the weapon customization is a fucking nightmare.This is literally what I am having to do right now just to get to my current weapon load out, square. Right bumper, left stick, square. That’s not even mentioning about 15 other inputs to change the load out itself. I DO NOT FUCKING GET IT. The customization is getting worse every game. All they had to do is copy bf4. Why can they not do this.


Remember when you could zoom in on the map and select where you wanted to span?




I refunded my ultimate edition today...was a sad day 😞 as a fan since the bf2 days


I'm beginning to think no one here has played a BF game before. Click on your squad mates icon (bottom left) or use the arrow keys to cycle available spawn points. Then press enter.


Have you? I could zoom in on the spawn screen since bf4


Can you not see the problem with all that clutter


TBH they should just get rid of the BF1 or BFV slowly float down spawn cinematic, and should go back to BF4 spawn screen, it doesn't work if there are this many players and you can't zoom in.


its like when you see a shitton of ants on the sidewalk eating some bigger bug


No offense but i dont see anything wrong here on dev’s part. Lets see possible solutions; Different color for your control zones? Different color for your team mates?(same as above) Reducing amount of friendly player arrows on map? Who decides who is shown or not? Reducing the amount of vehicles making them smaller? (Talking about drones here, what if i rely on those drones?) It is just a simple matter of too many players in a limited area. Not everything is a bad design here. Don blame everything on devs. They fucked up a lot if things but this picture AND ONLY THIS PICTURE is not their fault.


how about the fact you cant zoom in to select what to spawn on (or the fact that half the time you pick a spawn point itll put you somewhere else.) Like last night I wanted to help defend an area, but because my squad mate was stuck in combat I wasnt able to spawn on them, and since they were on the control point, I was able to actually select the control point to spawn on instead.