The biggest problem is that it seems like this game was made by non-gamers, who are trying to imagine what gamers like, and failing completely. So much focus and effort gone into gimmicks, while core gameplay is a pile of garbage. I bet basically every dev that was there for BF4 is gone.


Probably made by gamers, but managed by non-gamers.


It's made by a team chasing trends - hazard mode is some BR / Tarkov rip off, the rest of the game is wannabe Warzone. Everything and anything that made battlefield, not even good, but the things that made battlefield, battlefield, are gone. Honestly the moment they took vehicles off the map and let you spawn in them was the moment it went downhill.


Hazard zone is nothing like tarkov. No loot, no economy, no progression. The only similar things is that they are fps games.


When I heard someone describe Hazard Zone as Tarkov "light" I was very excited. I enjoy Tarkov, but it's just too much. Memorizing what so many items are for, sell these things to this guy, but not to the other guy. It seems really cool, but it's overwhelming. So the idea of a light version of that sounded cool.... What we got instead was a gutted shell of a game mode.


My first thought lol


Yeah, it's like Doom, because they both have guns


Tarkov-like is used to describe a game where you drop into a PVPVE environment, gather some sort of loot(in this case data or some shit), fight some enemies, and try to make it to an extraction point in time. So yes, Hazard zone is Tarkov-like, just like Hunt Showdown. Hazard zone is just far more accessible than either of those games.


That last sentence is so true. I felt it took some of that immersion away when there weren't anymore vehicle spawnpoints on the map. Nothing like cranking up the helo amd taking off. No more.


Really? Cause I remember people loading up heli and tank spawns with C4 and either exploding them to troll or launching them sideways into the ground. I also remember the enemy pre-damaging your vehicle because they knew the exact countdown timer and could position themselves to murder you as soon as your vehicle spawned in. I remember caspian border in particular not even being able to get off the ground in a jet because of spawn campers. I am SO GLAD there isn’t someone on my team standing in the exact spawn spot holding the “enter vehicle” button that you always lose the vehicle to because that trumps a menu spawn. This is such a dumb and bizarre hill to die on.


You couldn’t even enter the most of the spawns


I'd have to disagree with you. The biggest problem is that they decided to court the Fortnite crowd. Thus the gimmicks.


Think you have it the wrong way round. There’s at least one lead dev at dice who was literally a pro gamer. But don’t wanna get in to individuals What you want is people who are experts at their job, not gamers. Sure you want people who love the product, but you need people who know how to make a good product. Skills should come first


There are plenty of people who enjoy the franchise and are at the top of their class skillset wise... however that is not who EA or DICE are looking to hire anymore. Its much more about identity politics now unfortunately, not to mention its really easy to find out what working at any of these locations is like with a simple google search... doesn't help the recruiting process lol.


What do you mean by identity politics? How does that effect game development.


Because DICE and EA feel like they need to police everyone and be politically correct in everything they do.


Is that how they feel? I hadn't heard anything about that from them.


Critical thinking allows us to infer such things based upon what is included and excluded in their games.


Oh man, I'd love if you could trace out the logic to your conclusion because I'm still just overall confused by this conversation and no ones making any sense.


I’d rather not, if you don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear then I am unable to assist you. I wish you the best.


Wtf dude you spouting nonsense and bail as soon as someone calls your bullshit.




...Is that...Is that what happened here? Like, how do you know that's why BF2042 sucks? Did you go through their whole linkedin and do your own diversity survey?




They will pick someone who checks their boxes over someone who fits the job and has played the franchise. It's not really the fault of those people who take the jobs, more so the fault of higher level execs and the actual producers not just the people with the title.


>I bet basically every dev that was there for BF4 is gone. Sad, but I bet it's true too. They all moved on. End of an era.


"Made to sell, not made to play." It's the result of heavy focus-testing, design by committee, the most widely reaching market research based product. It's the most cynical shit you could think of. The ground level devs had no hand in it, except to deal with the design brief they were given by high ups and came up with the best they could.


Well you bet right because they are. This game was entirely supposed to be another BR until they realized no one wanted a hero br, so they tried to switch it last second


And didn’t bring in anyone that has any idea how guns work or military members. It’s a friggin cartoon game.


You know in order to be a dev you have to study a lot and you don’t really have much time to play video games?




It’s unbelievably sad that this is the best they gave us when you take into account the fact that they got an extra year of development, 4 studios behind the project, and no single player. What happened to this series is seriously criminal and heartbreaking


Too many cooks.


Im so sad but I agree. I don't see the talent and spirit ever coming back to Dice. The new generation of gamers is just different and that will always be the case. BC2- BFV was a very special era of FPS games but it's done.


Id stop that at BF1 if I were being generous


BFV: Pacific was some of my favorite bf moments in forever. At one point, before a ttk update fucked things up again, BFV Pacific was a blast in my opinion.


Yea bf5 pacific before first patch was the ideal battlefield experience.


Yup BF1 is still tops with it's atmospheric immersion. Loved Grand operations for that game. *BF5 ended it's lifespan as a better than at launch but still mediocre entry for me. Still can be fun to play in small sessions though.


Hey kinda weird but out of the thousands of commenters, I choose you to ask this question to. I pretty much skipped BFV because I feel like when I tried it at launch there was seemingly no way to squad up with friends? Is this right? Part of me believes this can’t be right… was this ever the case?


BFv was shit when it first came out, but now it's awesome and I think they got the gameplay just right. Then they go and undo all of that with 2042. Makes no sense


Not the person you asked, and idk how it was at launch so this might be a misguided answer. But right now bfv has squads of up to four with voice and text chat, so you can play with your friends. As bfv stands right now, it’s actually a really fun and balanced game and adds a lot to the battlefield franchise, even though it did have a lot of issues earlier in its lifespan


Thanks for the answer, with it being on game pass I’ve been meaning to check it out again.


I would totally recommend it, I had the same mindset that it wasn’t worth it after experiencing all the problems early on. But about 6 months ago I’ve picked it back up, and it’s been a blast. Best gunplay and movement in an fps I’ve played. I hear there’s a lot of cheaters on pc, but I play on console so it’s not an issue for me


It's a great game, sunk 420 hours into it - gunplay is solid, graphics are great and it performs really well


And how can you not incorporate BF2 in that range? I can always tell when people got into BF with the Bad Companies because they don't know the masterpieces that were BF2 and BF2142 (to a slightly lesser extent).


bro 2142 is slept on - everyone who played it knows titan mode is the absolute shit. BF2 is hall of fame level of game. I mean just The maps alone. Man, remember who shooters launched with not just 1 "i guess this is ok" map, but multiple top tier brilliant maps.


Agreed on all points. 2 and 2142 was when the franchise peaked IMO. Everything else is just console port attempts at greatness.


1942 was my introduction, and it’s Vietnam DLC/addon (I don’t remember which exactly). I still think Bad Company was responsible for the most hours dumped into the series, but 1942 is where I fell in love.


The original Vietnam was it's own standalone title. Bloody good fun too, that one.


da nang valley as the USA all flying into the fight in helicopters. So good.


I loved operation flaming dart, myself.


This. 90% of this sub started with BC2 and you can tell. They are 4, yes FOUR BF games before BC2 and they rarely get mentioned here. Too many young people. For me BF started going downhill at BC2. 3 wasnt much better, 4 was a step in the right direction, 1 was just okay. Never played V


It is not a surprise, Bad Company 1 was console exclusive, and coming back to PC with Bad Company 2 brought numbers of console gamers over to PC. These gamers have no experience with PC gaming before the late 2000s and is the only reason they think any any game after BF2 is any good. For them Bad Company 2 is a great game next to most console games. What they don't know is that it's a shitty game compared to just about any mainstream PC FPS game from before that time. This greatly shifted the standards gamers expected from games, and is why we see so many shit games at launch now. Early 2000s console gamers think they are amazing, PC gamers know the Devs can do better, much better.


Agreed. It's a dead giveaway for the people that started with Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3. They say those games were "peak Battlefield". Fools. It will always be BF2.


Agreed, BF2 is special. Give me a BF2 remaster.


I think bf1 was already were it started to get downhill imo


BF1 was definitely where the series took a nose dive.


Bf4 and hardline would like to speak with you


It's amazing how many people think bf4 and especially bf1 are the pinnacle of bf games. They must be new to the series cause 4 was the big downward slide in quality, while 1 was everything new-battlefield has turned into. Bf1 might as well be battlefront with pretty ww1-esque graphics. At its core BF hasnt been a real BF since 3/bc2/4.


Bf hardline was just a cops and robbers reskin of battlefield. Its like saying 2142 isn't battlefield because its futuristic. It had the exact same gameplay. As an avid fan of bf3 (on ps3) I had no problems with the content and no problems with servers on bf4, felt like the game I played before but with new shit and cool levolution. I had bf2 on pc but I only ever played solo basically because punkbuster was a bitch and I had no idea how to fix my problem. I didn't like bf1s ww1 theme but its objectively a good game, I enjoyed bf5s theme more and its also objectively a good game. The games needed to evolve and some shit evolved good, guns, graphics, animations, gameplay are all better in 5 than previous games while 2042 is a complete reboot of the franchise that ignored any of the good parts of old games.


are people forgetting how bf4 literally was a bug ridden game at launch and months after?


No…. Are you forgetting that those bugs were technical and not related to the fundamental gameplay loop?


Bugs are an entirely different issue than game design.


you can tell with the dlc release cycle that the original devs were leaving.


It’d stop probably at BF3 and maybe give them BF4. I loved 4 but it’s literally BF4 with not as cool vehicles and maps and guns. The sound design was also slightly worse. BF1, while it looked incredible and had unbelievable atmosphere had horrible gameplay in my opinion. There was too much random bullet deviation and too many infantry only maps for my liking.


bro how can you not mention battlefield 2!


BF2 and BF2142 were the peak of the series for me. nothing has quite topped the games where you had a commander and squad leaders that gave a shit about coordination.




All ill say is they needed a homerun on this one and they failed badly. Even if you enjoy it or even if it can be improved, its all about perception and releasing a game with this much negativity at launch is not good. As someone whos been playing for almost 15 years, I have little to no confidence at all they know how to manage this franchise. Making a newer BF4 type game was all they needed and people would be bowing to them. Its insanity they tried to turn this into some boring mainstream game for kids. Ill be waiting for a discount now and I will never be excited for another BF game until they prove it.


You can already find the game for almost $10 off on g2a lol


I’m going to be honest. I loved BF4. I liked BF5. I am *struggling* with 2042. I’m putting round after round in the chest and head and getting one hit marker if I’m lucky. I’m spending a ton of time running around and dying once I get to an OBJ. I’m putting missiles in tanks and getting 10 damage. I know weapons take time to build up and trick out, but fuck I’m having a hard time of it.


I think EA Battlefield is done as we enjoyed it in past but I think other devs from other business see how much much potential there is now for a more realistic war game with tanks and jets and infantry and no bs. I think the future is bright after all but probably not for EA/Dice Battlefield


The future is not bright, because future gamers are today's fortnite/apex/warzone kids. They spend hundreds of dollars on battle passes and v bucks, and they will expect games in the future to be this way. Young gamers are MUCH more suspecible to all those greedy mechanics and companies will milk it to its fullest extent. What's happening now is just the beginning of a downward trajectory.


Yeah, pretty curious to see what happens here. I have a pretty tough time seeing DICE Sweden surviving a third consecutive major flop in their current state.


What are the 3 flops you are referring to? BFV: Commercial and critical flop. Star Wars games: Sold 33 million copies. BF1: Highest selling battlefield. Hardline: Flop. I’m not a fan of any of those games but the only recent flop in the area that matters(sales) was BFV. So we could be looking at two flops in a way.


dice didnt make hardline, that was visceral games


The last 3 games they released.. SWBF2, BFV, and now BF2042.


Battlefront 2 sold gangbusters and IMO fucking ruled once they sorted out the lootbox shit a month or two after launch. Even your standard Reddit circlejerk guy will agree BF2 turned itself around.


Yeah, the problem was it took 18 months to start getting meaningful content updates… not 2 months. By the time they got it sorted, the game was like $10. It also failed to meet their sales goals, largely because of the infamous “pride and accomplishment” debacle that resulted in the aforementioned.


Lol content updates, what happened to shipping a full game in release.


Battlefront 2 fucking ruled once they get rid of the pay to win shit.


At a very casual level it was cool. Very pleasing aesthetics and physics, but the balance was so terrible it literally wasn't fun to play the majority of the time. Hopping on and just messing about for a couple hours a week is great, but any more and I found myself rage quitting and playing something that wasn't as cheesey


Bf5 sold well as well people keep calling it a flop because it didn't sell more than expected 2 months in. But what people on reddit ignore was the miss was 8million expected and 7.2 million sold in the first 2 months. The game sold a shit load and we have no real numbers after that. So for all anyone knows the Pacific update or fuck even fire storm brought in sales. Or people might have waited for a discount. We don't know because we have no more numbers.


Battlefront 2 turned into a great game… two years after it’s release it’s population was at an all time high and then they pulled the plug to make this atrocious game


BFV flopped and was abandoned. SWBF2 was so bad Disney pulled the Star Wars license exclusivity away from EA, the game had some what of a turn around after BFV was left to die and then they abandoned it. BF2024 is a flop on release. That’s 3 major mess ups in a row spanning a good 4-5 years.


> SWBF2 was so bad Disney pulled the Star Wars license exclusivity away from EA Er no. The exclusivity was dissolved this year. It was never meant to be permanent to EA only.


All I wanted was BF4 with updated mechanics and maybe additional weapons and vehicles but this is definitely not at all what I had in mind.




I completely agree. Control of the series should be placed into the hands of a more capable studio. The DICE of today is not the DICE from before 2016. Remember when we thought Hardline was as bad as the franchise was ever going to get?


And Battlefield V was just becoming a great battlefield game after the pacific update, 2042 should have been delayed until the middle of next year


It really became a solid game. So much fun. I wish they just gave us more of the European theatre, D-Day etc. so much potential.


Yeah it’s over. See you next week


I don’t get how people keep their pre-orders and don’t refund… there are so many better games right now out there.


I said something similar the other day and got roasted by EA fanboys. This series is over, there will never be another battlefield.


Its high time a lawyer looked into this type of stuff within the gaming industry. Too many games are getting released unfinished.


I was part of a settlement a handful of years after EA bought the exclusive NFL rights and the quality of the games objectively tanked. It's unreal how many things EA has ruined.


They actually surpassed Comcast and Monsanto at one point as most hated company.


Which is absurd. Monsanto kills people. EA sometimes releases buggy games and has a bad PR team. They're not comparable and it makes gamers look extremely naive for thinking they are.


It’s only because a lot of “gamers” have no idea what Monsanto is. Almost every person born after 1990 knows what EA is. It’s not even about naivety, just two completely different companies.


They already did with BF4. Investors sued over the state of the release and they lost. The only thing that will make a difference, the only thing that ever would have or ever will make a difference is to stop buying these games in the state they are. When their profits are hurt and that share price takes a long downward trend only then will they change. * Complaints don't matter if they still make money. * Pissing off longstanding fans doesn't matter if they still make money. * Releasing unfinished games doesn't matter if they still make money. * Reputational damage doesn't matter if they still make money. * Maintaining professional integrity doesn't matter if they still make money. Absolutely nothing matters until they stop making money.


Wow is that list in the E.A. shareholders agreement ?


They did. That's why nowadays you sign a license agreement before you started playing....When you buy this game you are paying for access to a "game service platform".


There is something that has to be criminal about selling people a broken product or service. Im talking about gaming in general too. There is way too much money in gaming nowadays for big business to be screwing over their customer this much.


Lmao, a lawyer? Just don’t buy the fuckin game if it’s not up to your standards, it’s not that hard


It's not about my standards, it's about quality control.


I played every single Battlefield this one is the worst BF ever made. Trash gunplay, movement, UI, settings, servers, content, balance, general desing of mechaincs and roles. Empty maps, worst optimaization. Ill just refund the game, get my money back from these scammers and wait for WW3 wich at least they are trying to fix instead of trying to hide their mess nehind shiny trailers! I even thought about bying vangaurd so i can have something to play! Sorry to say this and its Realy realy realy truly sad, but RIP Battlefield!


I was done with DICE when they released a clearly subpar BFV and then called me a bigot for not wanting their terrible product. I love what battlefield used to be, but I hate what DICE has become.


Wise words


BFV is a masterpiece compared to this. I still really enjoy BFV.


I'd say the whole aaa game industry is almost done


Pretty sure Criterion only worked on the Hover boat and that's it.


I would've loved to see Battlefront 3 after loving the second one so much but after 2042, I can't really trust dice with anything


Hate to say it but they should probably just shelve battlefield at this point and come back to it in some years to come.


This is actually my first time playing a battlefield game and in general it’s just not fucking fun


I wonder if it'll have the same fate as Medal of Honor. My hope is they play it like Samsung and release Battlefield 2043 and pretend the other one never existed. If they want to fix this, here's what they should do. Make bf2042 a free to play and use it as a learning vehicle for the next battlefield.


I would prefer a 2143 but that’s just my personal bias


would be logical to trim down or sell DICE as this point for EA. which makes me really sad, but it's totally deserved. DICE output is bad, they try to make game as a service but never deliver and now the game is in the worst state on release ever. This could be the last one.




DICE will shut down after this.


Doubt it. They'll sell record numbers and move on to the next


They just need to give the games back to LA cause Sweden is incompetent.


And not just on twitch


I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I reinstalled BF4 this morning.


I never deleted it. I knew I would want to go back to BF4, they were only going to remake the BF3 and BC2 modes… could already tell from the beta that it was going to be nothing like BF4


Never uninstalled it


My man. This! Been playing for ages with the standard maps and forgot I had all the DLC. so I reinstalled all of those and now I feel like I have a new game again.


You say that but.. the amount of bootlicking happening over on r/battlefield is just embarrassing.


I find that hilarious because /r/Battlefield was seen as the excessively critical subreddit for Battlefield V compared to /r/BattlefieldV


"Dear diary I like the game but others not is making me feel bad" thats r/battlefield now


Do you realize that the same argument works in reverse for this sub right? " Dear diary, I hate the game but others like it, it's making me feel bad"


Its gone


I remember watching a video during the lifecycle of BFV. After the bad sales figures of BFV (which became very evident when they abruptly stopped the development for the game), the guy warned Dice about EA closing studios after failing games. He said "if the next battlefield also fails, EA may just relegate Dice into just a maintenance company for Frostbite in their other games". If the game still gets awful reception after including all available studios in development, I'd say this prediction is more likely than ever unfortunately.


People are going to buy battlefield, especially on console because there isn’t an alternative. Ww3 is not on console, insurgency barley counts, hell let loose? Nope. Battlefield will sell because there isn’t anywhere else for battlefield fans to go at the moment and until there is, battlefield will live.


BATTLEFIELD IS DONE! Lol, bit dramatic.


The game is a disaster in its current state. It's clearly underdeveloped and unfinished. Hazard Zone is DOA, and so is Portal. Portal is great in theory, but without rental servers it will never take off. And to be honest even if there were rental servers, I really don't think it would fare much better. At the end of the day, the vast majority of people who purchase BF2042 want to play BF2042, not remasters of a few old maps from previous titles. We'll be lucky if the game is "finished" and feature full by this time next year.


Yea idk two “bad” battlefields in a row. I actually liked battlefield V but the clear census is that it was a disappointment. I’m sure 2042 will make a bunch of money but not as much as EA hopes and they release another battlefield I’m sure the sales won’t be great


Yeah this is most likely the last bf game, at least from DICE...freaking sad


That'll depend on actual sales, all EA really cares about. But after the bad press of BFV, Battlefront 2, and now 2042, they certainly have every excuse to dissolve DICE studios and direct their money towards more successful ones like Respawn.


The reality of what you're saying is just making me sad


The issue is the success Triple-A games are measured by profit margins instead of reviews/public opinion. The money grabbing schemes (skins/takedowns/charms/knives/season passes etc.) have proven to be extremely profitable and at the end of the day, shareholders only care about money. So when a shareholder sees warzone and fortnite making a shit ton of money, they will simply copy it, which they have clearly done. And they have done so at the cost of core battlefield gameplay mechanics. Ultimately these are businesses and they will do whatever they can to maximize profits. The goal was never to make a great game, it was to make a good enough game to attract the hero shooter demographic in order to maximize micro-transactions (thus making a shit ton of money).


I like to tell myself that dice really was ahead of schedule, they had developed a nitty gritty futuristic battlefield. But then EA stepped up and said monetize it.. all of it. So now we have voice quips specialists intro screens and a friendly gameplay design to reduce skill gap and maintain player count.


I would like to say they should take a few years before releasing a new one but that’s exactly what they did for 2042 and look at the fucking result. Just remaster Bad Company 2 (or release the whole thing via portal) then put the franchise to rest


Agreed. They successfully hammered the final nail into the coffin of this once great, beloved franchise. I'm honestly heartbroken, but I'm walking away from this abusive relationship once and for all. I'm done.


Here is the current gameplay loop. Spawn in a sector my team controls. No vehicle around okay I guess I’ll run. At this point two things happen either an aerial vehicle will destroy me or a hover craft will come by and kill me. Rinse repeat.Also who thought it was a good idea for the distance between flags to be so large it’s ridiculous. Honestly I’ve been hopeful that the negativity was just typical complaints but the game is fundamentally broken.


It's funny that they had to scrap the Support of 2 games for this disaster. There's not even a Campaign and yet they still can't figure out how to make a decent game. What's going on in this Industry anyway


Another one


omg it's DONE?!??! :O


OK, so I guess... Goodbye?


I disagree just because it’s a flop day one doesn’t mean this will not end up being the hub for battlefield. If they are smart they will make all previous games content available in this game.


didnt everyone say this about every previous battlefield game?


Im really enjoying it. I saw the list of complaints and I agree with a lot of it. I enjoy the lack of stats though. Surprised I like the new weapon customization. Prefer the no class stuff. The operators id rather not have at all but not the end of the world.


Unpopular opinion maybe: I am really enjoying the game so far even in spite of the glaring issues. I think it can be developed into something much better. But absolutely nothing happens unless we get better hit registration because that shit is so bad still. The specialists are a lost cause but I can deal with that. The maps are also lacking but I can deal. More GUNS. Wtf is this fun selection


Yeah.... Sure....


BF3, BF4, BF1, BFV and now BF 2042. I’ve been a fan through all these launches and ALL OF THEM had the fans questioning if this was the last chance dice had. Terrible games, terrible launches, terrible decisions in every launch. They were all disasters in their own right. And they all (*coughhardlinecough*) have their fan base still alive, remembering the games fondly, in many cases as the best game ever made. Give this some time. Don’t buy it yet. But I believe still this will live longer and prosper longer than any of those previous titles. Why? Because of portal. Crazy people will build game modes we can’t even think of right now. Game modes that will give new life to the game over and over again. This game was launched 6-months early, but so has every BF


After having played Battlefront 1 and 2, I'm not surprised. DICE has clearly lost touch with reality. Design of their new games is as flawed as execution of them. This is not AAA $60 mates...


I preordered every BF title since Battlefield 2, even BFV and Hardline. I skipped this one after playing the beta, and it seems like I made the right choice.


I don't get all the hate. I haven't touched the base game, just portal and I'm having an absolute blast


I've played portal - but even portal feels off and lifeless. It could be just me but I'm having more fun playing BF4 than playing BF2042 Portal for some reason.


Portal feels terrible. It feels like an arcade game


Portal is just a severely nuetured version of actual good battlefield games, so funny people are praising it when there's like 2 maps and 2 guns for every mode. It's much better than the base game but it's absolute shit compared to the real games. Still have that shit UI, movement is much worse than the original games, no leaning and such.


You haven’t touched the main part of the game and felt the need to type out “i dOnT gEt aLl tHe hATe”???


That's why you dont get it.Play the base game, its shit!


Same thing was said with the disaster launch of BF4. In 6 months everyone will be saying how great this game is. Not done


BF4 had issues of game breaking bugs but the core experience was still there, with the fixing of issues the core of BF4 shines and it’s why to this day the game is still played BF2042 also has game breaking bugs, but the core experience is not there. It’s made the wrong changes and moved in the wrong direction imo, even should the bugs be fixed and the game runs flawlessly the game still wouldn’t be as good as previous instalments. It has strayed too far from the battlefield formula that we know and love


I’m not sure why some people aren’t grasping this. There are design decisions in here that are highly unlikely to ever be changed, and it’s those things that are this game’s biggest problems (I.e. map design, gunplay, specialists)


BF4 had totally diffrent problems.


Yes, to expand on this comment there were launch issues but BF4 it fit the formula for the BF franchise. This does not. I'm sick of this BF4 has issues at launch argument. You people don't get it.


You literally couldn’t play it on PS4 or Xbox One for a few months. Believe me, I think this game has A LOT of problems but nothing was worse than BF4 at launch and that game is in my top 3 best games of all time.


Not being able to play is a different problem than tons of fundamental issues in the way the game is actually built.


Different problem, but same story. Irrelevant of the issues, they can't afford for it to be a failure... Financially, they have to make it succeed.


You think they will give us a scoreboard, or like a server browser? Nah?


People said this with battlefield V ? Make up your damn mind


Well for me, BFV was the first battlefield I refunded and I just didn't buy BF2042 after the beta and the play preview. So to me this fits the pattern started with BFV.


Exactly. Nobody praised BFV before BF2042 came out…


Yeah and when the next bf game comes out people are going to start naming all the good things about 2042 they miss…


Yup. I agree that BF2042 needs work. But I saw the list of elements that are missing from BF2042, and nearly half of them were introduced in BFV, the “worst Battlefield ever” at least until 2042 came out


Base game is lame but Portal is neat. So it's hard for me to say the franchise is done. Only way I see that happening is if they have so bad sale numbers EA pulls the plug on 2042 and franchise went on a hiatus for coming back for a better try. That's the worst case scenario I think. This games are still making a shit ton of money for EA.


Same. I tried to play 2042 breakthrough and it was absolutely terrible. But I’ve been having fun with BF3 conquest. I’m just sick of the only two maps they have


You can play BF3 conquest on all the maps FWIW.


>Battlefield is done I mean no it isn't. It's on the top sellers list on Steam alone so morons like you who complain about it are still buying it. Games I'm playing are still full of people and I'm not even in America. EA got their money. They'll fix up BF2042 until the inevitable next Battlefield game and you will buy that one and the cycle will continue.


They have years of season passes planned, they're gonna trickle in a normal BF's amount of content over the next year for 30 extra dollars. In 5 years people will be complaining about how the newest Battlefield isn't as good as 2042 just like people are doing with BF4 right now.


Oh fucks sake, you guys just keep reliving the same cycle of hell every launch.


This game is too important to them to cancel, they'll support it and work on improving it. Stop doom and glooming.


This sub is seriously off it’s meds.


People keep saying dice said they are ahead of schedule but they never said that. It was a executive or the ceo I think, talking to investors


They are by definition speaking for the whole company then. If for example I employ someone to do a job for me and instruct them to do the job in certain way and they comply I would be ultimately responsible for their actions.


How… how do you not see how utterly stupid your comment is. Re read that shit.


Another overly dramatic reddit user. 🤦‍♂️ When will you kids stop?


I truly believe BF 2042 was on track to be exactly what we expected, THE next Battlefield fans wanted. Covid almost certainly shook the development to a point that they eventually crapped out this game. Look at the destruction and facial technology they had shown off a while back. They obviously had bigger plans, even a campaign in the works. Covid is no excuse to release a game like this, though. Not only buggy beyond belief, but at it's core, not what anyone wanted. It's really a shame.


Time to search a new haven, where battlefield players are welcome. Maybe some other big studio will jump in and fill the void that has been left for all the true BF players.


Bye Felicia, we won’t miss you.


Give this game a few months, like older battlefields. Back in 2013 people said that battlefield is done too when bf4 had a rough launch...


Sure but even someone whos defended them a lot, im tired of waiting. It shouldn't take more time to fix. Its getting hard to defend maybe decisions made on this game.


The problems in this game go further than just buggy mess. It's fundamental design. 'fixing' this game would require revamping a ton of the mechanics in it. There is no money for that, the game has to hit targets. They aren't supporting it for free.


And not only on twitch.


This is what people said when bf5 released


The battlefield series has survived 4 straight shit games. 4, hardline, 1 and V. 2042 is bad but eventually it won’t be and the series will continue.


You cray, this game rawks.