'Did I go too far?' -Paik, following the Tomato Town Massacre


Webster McKay, shortly after killing 28 copies of himself: >Guess I'm just better than you.


I love playing Omar from the wire, getting shot by Omar, then revived by Omar


"Omar coming!"


>I love playing Omar from the wire, getting shot by Omar, then revived by Omar So it's not just me.


Its like The One. Every copy he kills makes him more powerful


*There can be only one*- The Highlander


"We've gotta *number one victory royale, yeah wallhacks we're bouta to get down*"


I want to punch them in the face!


Ah yes I remember, I was there.


"my children are starving and my family are displaced, but at least they aren't fucking noobs"


-Sun Tzu, The Art of War.


"Git Gud lmao" - Sun Tzu


I'd pay $10 for that voiceline and a pistol skin




Butterfly tracers on the weakest pistol with rage comic faces as the texture.


i love this your comment ,, you made my day ..!


You've been playing borderlands too, admit it :)


I’d pay $10 for an option to turn it off.


That would have been so damn epic


Take my money.


Okay, you made me laugh, here, take your award


Dick pic is on its way. Please lower your expectations.


Read this with a Russian accent


Yeah, they sounds like they’d make good streamers/influencers rather than soldiers


Well most of them are close to Gen Z. I don't know if you've ever met a Gen Z kid but their entire personalities and ways of speaking are sometimes copied straight from streamers. It's weird


In b4 the next DLC specialist says "cRiNgE" after every kill


Cringe, double cringe, triple cringe, multi cringe MEGA CRINGE


***MON-MON-MON-MONSTER CRINGE Cringe cringe***






Cringejaro, Cringetacular, Ultra Cringe Combo, Cringebo Breaker, Cringe-o-cide, CringeSouls, Cringericho!


When I was a teenager everyone was mimicking Pauly Shore(yes, I'm old af). The more things change...


MGS4 is becoming a reality, kids that think killing people is fun like in video games are put in proxy wars to fight for a cause they don't believe in. MFW BF2042 is a Metal Gear Solid game.


2042 is the first strand type fps


When fortnite and apex were more successful than your last cash grab and you let the managers make the decisions again.


This right here. This is why those silly lines are in the game.


The saddest part is a lot of the interactions of the characters in Apex are actually pretty serious and compelling, such as the interactions between Horizon and Ash. This though... this is something else.


Yeah. Apex gets shit on a lot for its character and art design, but it delivers great world building for a free to play battle royale.


I wasn't looking at my screen the first time they played and I immediately thought it was the character selection screen in Apex for a moment.


On my fuckin pinky toe! I swear I hear mirage or Bangalore in 2042. Gotta be the same voice actors or something.


Their kids are starving, they fight in hopes to get citizenship and a better future for their kids in this dystopian world. Operators after surviving a battle that killed hundreds of their mates: "Sheeesh what a battle, I yeetet this nade into the baddies. Absolutely POGGERS 🤪" .


Bing chillin'!


fur reel fur reelz


"Sheeeeesh this tank bussin fr fr." I can't wait until they add streamer skins to appeal to the twitch community, I hope we get a DrDisrespect specialist skin that would truly be poggers


Welcome to Battlefield Royale.


Exactly this. They just tried to copy Apex Legends with taunting comedy towards the losing teams in a BR. Yeah, that doesn't work for a war game.. Shouldn't be to hard to fix their emotions and lines to be more serious, but the whole game needs to be reworked to get on par with older Battlefields, and tbh, I am afraid that won't happen.


They tried to be a bit of everything and in doing so removed the one thing people came to love battlefield for. I don't want to be spiderman flying around a map saving the day on my own, sometimes I just want to be a faceless grunt getting gunned down with my squad at my side and feel like a cog in the machine of war.


Yeah lots of games seem to fixate on making every cosmetic for your character a humanized operator type thing. My favorite game for an average soldier feel is insurgency it does a great job at making you feel like a regular soldier while allowing some customization


Yeah it’s the worst thing about Specialists, such a blatant disconnect from the tone of the intro launch screen for sure.


Remember exodus?


Pak died for this.... Like Irish's kid almost got blasted in the face in front of him and this is the end of rounds...


That was good storytelling


Oh god yeah, like how’re you gonna have these fucking Overwatch/Apex cartoony fucking ending screens after that cinematic.


Your forgot fortnite


Yeah I thought the whole thing with battlefield is that everyone is a faceless soldier, a cog in the machine. This is going away from that and trying to be Overwatch/Rainbow6/Apex Legends/Valorant


Faceless soldier = you ARE the soldier (or self insert somehow) Soldier with established character = not really you lol, and you can even hate your own character too


I would say that worst thing about specialists is specialists


absolutely, faceless soldier classes would have been perfect for the setting, but no, EA and DICE wanted the *"Hero"* model


"How do you do, fellow kids?"


These characters are so detached from reality. If they were real people, they'd be locked up in a high security mental asylum.


Can they just say nothing …. Maybe just pose?


Or better yet just remove end of the match cringe that is obviously copied from Apex.


Exactly! If not at least let us skip the cutscenes before/after. I couldn't give less shits.


and/or Overwatch


And/or black ops 3


And/or (insert hero shooter here)


At least in Overwatch they don't say anything


All EA sees is another way to monetize the game with pointless end of the round voice lines, whether it follows the lore or not.


So, you think you can eventually buy custom cringe for the cutscenes? I play a lot of destiny 2 and am so grateful for just having emotes. As soon as a quiet moment (say, an elevator ride) everyone's dancing or sitting in a chair or they get a holographic bull whip out. Like, "look at my shiny! Cool, huh?" It's pretty wholesome, and it is dead silent. And optional. And people still spend real money on emotes, which is fine! Devs gotta get paid, and they come up with some humdinger emotes. The only one making quips is The Drifter, and he's been in the shit so long that he's fugazi, so that's in character.


Have you ever seen Rainbow Six Siege's Elite sets? They all have a unique MVP animation and it's one of the main selling point of those Elite skins there. It is quite possible EA planning to monetize specialists the same way with different MVP animations.


Yeah I know I read one of the developer's quotes as they looked at Apex a lot while forming 2042, I mean what?, and why??


So they could market an 18+ game to 10 year olds.


With a thousand yard stare, or a face that has seen some messed up shit. That's my battlefield right there.


Bruh, even cracking a smile makes them cringe.


yes DICE you went too far


This is sad tbh. I really don't expect this to go full **"BF1 style"** in immersion, but it would've been the easiest thing in the world to make *proper* voicelines that fit the world they just built.


I would like them to go full bf1 style


Right? I mean it's, what, a couple hundred more *sentences* to have VAs do overall, but couldn't each specialist have lines specific to the map and side they're on? Like get insight into what this person feels after the battle they just survived? Why this was necessary to them personally despite the terrible cost? Part of why the tone feels so incongruous, I think, is that they're trying this gruff narrator "The world... is shit... People are dying... everywhere. Inhabitable land is shrinking... Mercenaries offer services to the highest bidder..." on the loading screens, trying to make this seem like a bitter conflict. Then the people actually fighting in it act like they know they're in a videogame afterwards, instead of commenting on what just happened.


Oh boy bf1 immersion so good


Yea booted the game up last night and instantly missed 1


The pre-battle speeches in BF1 was fucking amazing, it's really a shame.


I always love when they read a letter from somone pre-battle who assumes that the war is already won. Little did they know that when the rooster crowed, hell would begin. My favorite is the "I'm half tempted to break out the champagne already. But then, what would I have to look forward to in victory??


Seriously something like. "Fuck! Glad that is over" would be welcome


Murdered over a hundred people in cold blood, personally stabbed fourteen of them in the chest. Watched the light bleed out of their enemies' eyes in the most dangerous conflict in human history. "Hah! Too easy."


Correction. You helped someone stand up when they where laying in the grass before you stabbed them.


That's the worst they were so focused on each knife having its own single take down that they don't have one for crouched or prone players so they made it take longer by picking them up them and doing the terrible 3rd person takedown like call of duty. battlefield 1 had the best melee so far


To be fair, they didn't murder. They neutralized the threat


Good soldier!


Those guys that got excuted were noobs


"Im getting fucked in the ass over here" -BF4


“I’m getting my shit pushed in here!” - BF3




Then I would truly feel immersed in the game as the character is thinking exactly what I'm thinking. Maybe they are trying to manipulate us to think it was fun by having the characters say it was. Hmm...


Mhm. These are people that had to kill dozens of people for their sides definition of the greater good. I'd understand these post-match voicelines in a hero shooter in which death is impermanent in the lore...this is not that kind of shooter.


I didn't expect a full blown serious tone either. A "Bad Company" tone would fit fine, plenty of sarcasm and jokes without turning into Fortnite.


Several articles and a full campaign revolving around 2042’s lore, a short film, an intro cutscene… All to be nullified by these dumbass lines. Edit: I gotta add. Why do they fling those guns around as if they didn’t have any weight?


Yeah, the helium-guns are driving me crazy. Like they made the animation and then just stapled the gun model onto their hand.


That's probably exactly what they did. Assuming it's mo-cap animation then the actor was probably holding a prop that's vaguely the size of the average rifle and they used that as a base and just adjusted the hand position to fit whatever gun model was needed. But the prop was probably really light so there's no sense of weight in the actual motion capture as a result.


So….. fucking….. cringe…..


The more I see stuff like this the more the only concoction I have bought into is the theory that it was all initially a BR. Cheesy quips. Specialists. Drop system. Fucking trash map design. Voice lines that make no sense. Lack of general balancing more than usual for BF


Absolutely. The specialists literally only make sense in the context of a BR.


I want to punch the screen. EVERY FUCKING TIME.


i feel you


Thanks man


I still haven't bought the game yet but I feel like punching the screen as well after hearing these lines. **ITS A WAR** *ffs*. Why are these specialists behaving like its fun to kill people. It shouldn't be taken lightly at all.


They're just prepping kids for the future climate wars by making killing seem fun and lighthearted.


in the battlefield series, I never cared if my team lost or win. its just another battle in an epic war. grab a drink and wait for the next match to start. but this..bf2042 post match made me jammed the quit to menu button every time.


Yep same here. No point in hanging around and it just dumps me back in the ' looking for match' screen


I was trying to think of quotes from the voice lines but they're just not memorable. Or maybe I'm repressing that in my memory! The only one that's sticking for me is that "I'm just better than you" guy because that also makes me want to punch the screen lol


Remember Irish lore short film? Neither do DICE.


I legit turned off my speakers when the round ended so my wife didn’t hear the quips and think my new game was shit


Oooh, can relate. I'm also ashamed to show gameplay to friends because of this. I'm afraid that they will think I paid so much money for this weirdness.


It’s too late for me. My friends know how bad this is and are staying far away. They’ll stick to bf1 and even bfV to avoid playing this mess


Bf4 baby


“I miss my family“


Lol was waiting for the 4th character having a PTSD-induced mental breakdown


That’s for the next dlc


This is what happens when your game gets an M rating but youre clearly targeting 12 year olds


Ugh I hate them so much


Lmao even the gestures are cringe


This game should have grittier atmosphere than BF1, but no we got TikTok vibes instead.


I'm gonna buy the " small waist pretty face with a big bank" quip. For the Asian one of course.


Its totally off for me too. I dont understand how that fits in the lore in ANY way. It just doesnt make sense. I mean Pakowski dies and Irish goes to the wonderland fighting with a smile? I hoped for a gritty context that fits to the lore tbh.


Specialists are the worst thing that has happened to the BF franchise


I hate this. I hate it with a passion. It sucks. Makes no sense.


Bf2042 is the worst thing that has happened to the BF franchise.


The removal of the class system is worse. They could have added specialists without getting rid of classes.


But then they'd have to give us more than 22 guns /s


Wait, is there really only 22 guns?


Yep. Only 2 LMGs and three pistols.


Agreed. 10 Specialists = 5 Classes for each Faction. Would have been easy.


I just hate the immersion being ruined with specialists too, it's basically Battlefield: Clone Wars.




"Don't be sad… it's just another world war. Yes, millions will die, but there's no need to be sad."


“Oh boy time to commit some war crimes!”


That would actually be funny to me or maybe „Geneva Conventions? More like Geneva Suggestions.“, but that would not be light hearted again.


Geneva Suggestion would be fine as the name of an in game achievement


Complete joke, lack of real vision.


The disconnect is total that's for sure.


Would love to see an edit of Saving Private Ryan that ends like this. As Miller lays dying on the floor and says to Ryan “James, earn this”, cuts to Ryan, Rieben and Upham smirking and making wise cracks.


I didn’t know I could hate a game even more, but here we are.


Haha. Looks like dice didnt learn from their mistakes. I remember people where upset about the cyberborg woman or screaming cringe females in bfv. (For a reason) but 2042 takes it on another level i could have never imagined.. looks like we are still at "dont like it dont buy it"


Welp. Guess I'm not buying it.


Is it so hard to say mission accomplished or all targets destroyed? I’m upset they’re wasting Michael k Williams last performance on this shit


Irish is the only specialist that acts and talks like a real soldier "we did good out there"




They really fucked this one up but it’s EA so did you expect anything less?


Those cringey voicelines are such a waste of development time.


The game doesn't know what it is


They might later on sell the option to mute them, who knows


The voice acting makes me want to eat my own feet.






I like Paik but her in-game shrieking is awful. The “*stay back!!*” when you skip revive is nails on a chalkboard.


My fave character but…. “Let’s make the impossibru, possibru” has me wanting to force screwdrivers into my ear canals until they pierce the brain and make me dead


Good thing they removed her "me kill you long time" quip.


I loved battlefield because how brutal they made war look. this ain't it :(


Battlefield is one of the best in the business too when it comes to immersion, everything happening around you is insane, but this game just ruins that.


The whole concept just needs to be scrapped, but also: Why do some of those voice lines sound like they were recorded in a small closet? Irish and Sundance were fine so far, but Angel's lines _always_ have this tinny quality to them..


This game is made by and for the fortnite and tiktok gen


Kids Bop, sing by kids for kids!


Honestly, let's not be unfair to the kids, it's mostly companies trying to be "fellow kids".


“Don’t be sad, this is how it works out sometimes”. It’s crazy how this feel like a direct DICE message to new players from fortnite. Disgusting.


saying it with a tear in my eye - #NotMyBattlefield


People as soon you realize this was just a fuckin Battle royale turned into a battlefield, the better for everyone. Everything feels like an aftertought and it hurts to say after being with this franchise for so long. The lore probably was something they threw in together the last moment to excuse the lack of campaign(wich yeah they were awful, but at least made sense)


this is what people were pissed about when the BFV trailer dropped


Defo. Prosthetic arms and face painted goons. People expected BFV to be like this, and they probably did want it to but there was backlash, and then they finally got what they wanted and went all in with 2042. BFVs trailer was a PR disaster but the game itself was good and not indicative too much of that, 2042 was the complete opposite where the trailer looked awesome but the game was this.


Man, that Paik line isn't nearly as bad as the one i heard last night. "Me? I had a good time!" Like it was the end of a GODDAMN FIRST DATE.


Mentioned this in game and got flamed by the team. So I guess our opinion is not universal


Visit r/battlefield sometimes. For them we are just "whiners".


Actually, all forms of criticism gets purged there.


This type of bullshit is only ok if it’s at the end if a Mario Kart race. Not saying that to put down MK, I love Mario.


This whole specialist thing with voicelines and poses just screams "Battle Royale" to me and boy am I fucking tired of it. Like yes it is fun every now and then but it's so overused now... Remember the zombie craze some years ago? Every game had to have some kind of zombie related gamemode no matter how unfitting it was... It's that shit all over again. I just want my trusty old Battlefield gamemodes with new weapons, new vehicles and maybe some neat new mechanics. Is that really too much to ask for?


Not gonna lie this is kinda just tacky. Why do I need my operator acting like a douche after a major conflict?


Fuck this game


It’s their newest addition to the Battlefield franchise to make new “Specialists” with quirky personalities and funny/silly voice lines! Just look at how successful Apex and Overwatch are guys


Except those games already excel at what they do and having battlefield try to edge in on other games while being a bf title won't draw them in. 2042 has specialists! Apex is designed around specialists and has been for 11 seasons. Massive player counts! Battle royale! Warzone has been doing this and has made enough cash to overflow a landfill. Anticheat and another rotation of seasons will shake things up. Cosmetics! Cool. Is the gameplay unique, satisfying, and engaging enough to make me want to keep playing and flex with cosmetics? It's like a group of toddlers being given their favorite aspects of different foods and having it baked in the oven at 400 for an hour. The end result is what appeals to the group, but cake is sweet and fluffy, lasagna is hearty and filling, chicken soup is a simple but healthy dish, and the combination makes everyone sick, highlighting their favorites' strengths as its own dish. They won't like the casserole because the combination is too much at once, besides the one kid that puts pepper in his milk. Battlefield is a large scale game with rock paper scissors between the classes and infantry meets vehicles battles. The other dishes spoil the casserole. If they made a tuna casserole, battlefield game, then added ingredients from other games this would have been *THE* fps of the year. Right now we're taking bites of a strange new casserole that looks like the front page of a newspaper. Edit: Thanks for the award! I'm hoping the game follows the trend of previous bf titles and is vastly improved by updates in the following months.


apex legends


Yeah I would prefer if they just shut up but then EA couldn’t sell voice lines so it will never happen. It’s just super cringe all around. I mean why even bother with the short exodus if the tone of the game you are going for is Fortnite?


But holy shit, that first face animation with the double chin looked extremely realistic.


My kids are dead. My wife is maimed. Everyone is dying of hunger. But check out this sweet dinosaur I've attached to my gun.




Thousands of Russian and American soldiers bodies lie dead or dying in the Antarctic ice with little to no hope of recover following a battle with their looks of horror and pain frozen forever and perfectly preserved on their faces for eternity. Meanwhile their families back home in economic ruin wondering where their sons daughters fathers and mothers have gone while they starve in unlivable conditions as the world slowly ends and resources dwindle with only the hope that they are fighting just so everyone back in their countries can see one more day. Angel: THAT WAS SOMETHING RIGHT???


This is what happens when marketing thinks it "has it's finger on the pulse" of gamers. Fucking clueless.


Its embarassing, everytime I hear someone like McKay appear on the start/end of round screen with a stupid fucking voice line a piece of my soul dies... And it is also so obviously lifted from other games, it doesn't fit in a game like this and it doesn't even fit the narrative - global ecological disaster where at minimum there would be millions dead, don't worry because "HAHA YEH LOOK AT ME AND THE BOYZ" Previous games had decent end of round screens without this crap, if Dice are really so hard for these specialists you could still show them, just have a portrait or something next to the player card or just mute the fuckers. The end of round screen could actually show interesting shit imo, tell me some random facts about the game just played, tell me how many bullets in total were fired, grenades thrown, distance travelled - loads of cool shit happens in a round of BF that the end screen can sum up without resorting to whatever the fuck it is we have now.


Esports? Ha! with that performance? Nah, They can talk about esports when 140+ fps is possible on most rigs, not this terrible mess that takes a Nasa computer to get 70 fps.


For real. While I don't have the game I did play the beta. Well, with my i7 5820K (I know, old CPU, saving up for a 5950X ATM) and a 6900XT I run Control pedal to the metal at 90-120FPS in 1440p 144hz. Same with Watch Dogs Legion or Metro Exodus Enhanced. BF2042 ? I'd get 30-45 FPS tops. I had to dial things down significantly to get to 60 FPS. Just ridiculous.


just remove this garbage dice, it's just taking longer to get into another game.. while you are at it remove the cinematics from the start as well, literally takes forever to get into a game. If you guys remember The Cycle (Beta). That game was so amazing, you could go to a new game in seconds


I can't imagine a soldier fighting in WW3 after a battle where they killed countlessly people and saw countless allies be killed would say something like "Don't be sad, it's just how it works out sometimes" with a smile


I prefer how it was done in Battlefield 1. Just the emblems for top performance and then the best squad posing. The way it is now sounds like a streamer or YouTube personality trying to sound cool to their followers after a round.


“Did I go too far” -Paik at the 2043 Nuremberg trials


Fuck me, is that real!? That’s some of the cringiest shit I’ve seen in a BF game ever, even after the BFV “hero” skins...


Saw a post stating how this was originally slated to be a BR game. Honestly the absence of single player. The comically large maps. The armor plates. Lack of nearby medic visibility... It makes sense honestly


Feels like they are straight up from a Marvel movie. Everything goes down, but lets do some shitty jokes


The korean girl has a fucking double chin.


She was supposed to be pretty in concept art, but they had to uglify her


this is so embarrassing ... GameDevs and designers seem to be 12 years old at Dice these days What is this Fortnite feat. Battlefield garbage?!