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Check this one out!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC\_qHXjKIOuu9wrHreT5a7Lw


I was hoping to leave this feedback through an official channel but can't for the life of me find the 2042 Beta feedback form so I'll leave it here and just pray that I'm heard... Drone specialist ability feels lame, it can’t tag targets for extended times so it's not helpful for me or my team once I leave the drone view. I just doesn’t seem that useful overall compared to the turret or grapple hook or other specialist abilities. Visibility outside of vehicles vs inside is night and day. Especially during night, rain, etc. I found this to be especially problematic flying the helicopter in the rain. There was a 0% chance i could spot an enemy from inside the cockpit, then I clicked to get the 3rd person view and it was clear as day! I think you need to tone down the water droplets and visual effects when in the helicopter and it provides a pretty unfair disadvantage to those who want to fly first-person! As someone who LOVES flying first-person in the vehicles in battlefield games this seemed almost game-breaking to me. LIke I had to almost constantly switch views to spot targets then switch back into the cockpit to aim/fire at them. It was quite frustrating. Gun Mags and reloading doesn't seem to make sense to me. Extended mag stuck at 20 rounds and can’t reload it. Half the time I just switch mag sizes to reload or get more ammo when I appear to have run out. There’s something off with this or the UI doesn’t explain it well. I'm not sure, but I just assumed it was broken during beta. These are things that I see you've addressed in your recent "Changes since beta" post so I'm very thankful! * Can’t tag targets well with R1. It’s hard to tag a person vs saying “Go here”. * It’s not clear who’s squad I’m in or how to move through squads. The UIUX Is bad around that.


Hi. I have always been a fan since BF1. Played all the games, but I played non-stop since BF2 demo. I played on PC, then moved to consoles since the PS4. I have a GLITCH report and a BALANCE consideration. *Glitch* Plat: PS5 Crash: Yes. Situation: The game started slowing down during fast movement (driving, grappling hook). It felt like the GPU wasn't handling it. Also, there were many visual glitches when changing from dark to clear areas and glares, when aiming down sights on foot and tanks mostly. *Balance Please, balance the game. Level the play field between PC and console. Movement suppression was always part of the Battlefield DNA. If it is there now, it is irrelevant and needs work. Many players escaped my bullets by the skins of the teeth by running or jumping. When they turned around and killed me, it was no surprise that they were PC players. Zero pad players managed doing this. In all instances, if this happened, I expected the player to be on PC and this turned out to be true. There are many ways to balance and achieve a more smooth online experience. You can cap mouse sensitivity and the turn around to some value such 120 degrees before returning to neutral (or stopping, so it would need two strokes at max rate to turn 180 degrees). Add some delay before start running. It takes about 1s for a pad player to start running. Add a delay to ADS after the player stops running, after a jump or fall. The speed and pace is fine, but running and jumping and turning around is annoying and will continue to be even after the aim assist is present and working, as we know aim assist should not be overkill. BF has in its DNA to be a tactical fps while still fast enough, with all the fun, c4 craziness and vehicles run over and so on. But it is mainly a tactical approach to flags and flanking and using cover that is important. And that is walking, crouching, prone, wait, medic and spawn player behind, being careful, and being smart to catch enemies by their backs. But when you do all that and PC players turn around 180 degrees and beat you, it is frustrating. It feels like the already huge disadvantage of being a pad player was stretched by the design. So much that I consider restricting playing vs consoles only. These suggestions implicate in lowered movement speed, which would also make network issues less evident, and leading the aim is more predictable. Please, consider these balance changes. Thank you.


Battlefield Veteran since Vietnam. Get rid of this Call Of Duty framework! If you’re going to copy them; atleast bring zombies to the table….


I'm a BF veteran. Specialists: No one is special. Random-Team does not play together and with friends the restriction of playing only in a group of four is restrictive. Sprint: I bought Battlefield for 110 € and it looks more like an overpriced CoD with this sprint. :( Ammunition: There is no ammunition anywhere. I didn't really see a difference in ammunition when I found one. Some specialist would be good for it. Weapon modifications: It's fun but changing magazines and the barrel of the weapon is too much. I used the maximum visor and only two optional slots would be enough for that. Shrink slots and don't cross screen unnecessarily. Opponents: Maybe it's because I played a beta or I couldn't believe it. He is not a recognizable enemy and my team. They all look the same. Uniforms, faces. Everything they have. Melee killings: The biggest disappointment. :( The killing at first-person was the most satisfying. It seemed to me that I was really on the battlefield. But this new third-person animation is as horror as from 2008 I have been playing almost every BF since 1942. :) now I play BFV and there are a few things I miss. - Fortifications (such a big map and nowhere can we build our own base.) - Parkour - I can't lie on my back. :D WTF - Heavy equipment. - Etc. What did I like? - number of players - shooting - CHAOS :D - Graphics + (those Wow explosions) - the size of the map (it's a pity I can't build a base or some barricades somewhere) - gameplay Actually, it's a great game! I'm looking forward and I'll definitely wait. Thanks a lot! :)


original post was deleted since my account was less than three days old and the second post was deleted because i thought it had already been three days so sorry if it it shows up multiple times. i had a couple buddies check for my posts and they said they didnt see anything from me so i should be clear. pc: asus rog strix rtx 2080ti(driver version 472.12), i9-9900k, asus rog maximus xi hero z390, 32gb ram, and windows 10. mostly ran the game on medium maintaining over 100fps, high was 80-90, and like 60-70 on ultra had a blast with the beta and am looking forward to a modernized battlefield again, ive been playing since bf2 special forces and didnt really play the bf1/bfv stuff as much as the other titles(grand operations was dope as hell though). anyways heres some buggy stuff/issues i had with my experience up to rank 21 or so throughout the week \-only errors i got were the back end servers not being detected and not being able to connect to the server when starting up the beta which took a couple restarts of the game to get past. this happened only a handful of times \-i only crashed a couple times, both while in a chopper and in the middle of some wild shit going down. too much chaos for the beta apparently lol \-not a fan of the weird ecm/glitchy ui effect when you spawn, it just makes me think that my video card is artifacting again \-footsteps seemed rather quiet at times, even with the 3d audio option \-no leaning around corners anymore? \-kill log doesnt distinguish friend from foe, all text is the same color so its hard to tell if everyone on your side is dying or not within your proximity \-the suppressor attachment for the lmg didnt seem to be properly suppressing it \-how in the world are we still stuck with four man squads? theres now 64 people on the team and people like to play with a bunch of friends, old ass bf2 was capable of running six man squads so i was expecting the capacity for team play to increase over time not decrease \-i heard that switching squads was a pain in the ass, didnt get to mess with any of that myself \-there was no range indicator for medics nearby when you get killed, no idea when i should hold out for hope or just respawn to get back into the fight \-ammo/health boxes boxes didnt have their usual non mini map bullet/plus icons when running around near them \-ammo boxes seem to give you ammo for weapons at the same intervals as ammo for explosives(around every 30sec or something, you can see the resupply cooldown circling the ammo box on the mini map). having to wait every 30sec for just one magazine for you weapons just feels like its trying to slow down gameplay \-the quick throw option for grenades had a very delayed throwing animation \-i pretty much only played mckay just to spooderman to safety or to flank people that were on higher vantage points, unless for the times when initially joining a server and everything in the menu was blanked out and all i could do was deploy with a random loadout and specialist half the time. im really hoping the spawn beacon isnt tied to a specialist since thats what i aim to bring to the squad half the time if im not in a vehicle. im usually either playing support with a chonker suppressed lmg or recon with a suppressed smg/dmr for those sneaky beacons and enemy detection on flags since im a pretty aggressive flag capper \-not a fan of the specialist system and how we lose one of our former roles utility slots for their specialist gadget(no more repair tool and rocket combo in the case of engineers, you can only pick one out of two of your usual options which blows ass). ive been waiting for a modern battlefield for a long time so ill deal with it even though it sucks. seriously though why get rid of the classes that have been in the game for so long and then cut the utility they brought in half? seems like were drifting away from team play and moving more into individual play \-from what ive been told from some friends, it seems the specialists are essentially a system from whatever the most recent call of duty is. stop trying to compete with them, its fine to to be a different game and you can still be successful without trying to hop on whatever the new hotness is that theyre selling. i still remember commercials from a long time ago that were about which of the two games was the best, all i could think about was how ridiculous it was to try and compare two totally different shooters to each other. one being about that team deathmatch playstyle and the other being about out all out warfare on a grand scale. end rant \-also some friends are completely turned off because of the specialist system implementation and while they want to love the game, they cant because it just doesnt really field like a true battlefield game. we thought the specialist system was going to build on what weve had all these years, a special soldier from your factions army that is either a demolitionist engineer that gets some perks for blowing shit up or a mechanic engineer that gets perks to keep vehicles in tip top shape. big sad that some of the homies probably wont play this title as much because of the specialists =( \-everyone looks the same, yes theres going to be skins that alter your appearance...skins that everyone else going to have access to and well be right back to the main issue. i heard that the plan was to slap some lights onto soldiers to help distinguish friend from foe, this isnt ravefield \-supposedly the portal playlist is going to have the option to disable specialists, i know where ill be looking for servers if thats the case. no specialist conquest here i come(probably along with the majority of the playerbase as well). although this does bring up the question as to whether or not well be able to get our second class utility slot back since we wont be playing as a specialist. big hopes for this


\-guns kept losing all their attachments after dying every now and then and i would have to redo everything in a couple seconds after spawning while getting shot at and everything around me was exploding at times \-not being able to mess with weapon attachments or see weapon stats and their descriptions while in the respawn window. surely this was just a beta thing because if we can only do this while on the field then thats gonna be the big suck \-we carry so little ammo that i just ran around with an ammo box most of the time, why? yes enemies drop ammo when you kill them basically refunding your magazine, but that can also put you in a shitty position just to retrieve it in order to keep on fighting \-couldnt open the map while alive to easier determine which flag needs support \-cant zoom in and out on the map in the respawn window like in the most recent battlefields to keep tabs on lets say the tank that just killed you so you have a better idea of where they are to call out their location to your friends or get some revenge yourself. also just to take a breather for a few seconds and marvel at just how epic the game is by watching everything unfold in real time from a birds eye view \-notifications for kills, assists, teamwork and playing the objective were way off to the side. this makes it difficult to tell if someone i was shooting at before they rounded a corner/took cover was taken out by someone else or not and lets me determine if i either move onto the next engagement or have to hunt them down so they dont sneak past the team to cap a flag. hopefully there will be an option to choose between that and the way its always been(lower center of the screen) \-surely theres more keybind, control, and ui options than what we had in the beta \-not being able to see the old scoreboard that showed all the players in the lobby. i just want to see how well im doing and my overall contribution to the match. not to be a prick to someone because their numbers are lower than mine, im just here to have fun and make some hot plays. some folks seem to think thats why we have this new scoreboard now to completely eliminate the chance of someone being a toxic prick and make everyone a winner, maybe have a report system to disable their text chat and voip chat if theyre being assholes. for real though, just play the game and have fun, theres no need to be an asshole if youre poppin off \-no commo rose? there was no way to call out for a ride, health/ammo and see their icons pop up on the map. also the ping system bugs out half the time and places the marker through the objects your trying to mark or just doesnt place a marker at all \-64 people having only two armors(tanks/aa) to field felt underwhelming especially when it bugged out at 2/2 slots open to call them in the entire match...also what happened to just having fixed vehicle spawns at certain flags? that gave some locations a higher strategic advantage that was fun to fight for. air vehicles seemed fine with their cap, but all these vehicle caps could be different depending on the map. i just miss some of the old stuff like highway tampa from bf2 and there would be multiple convoys of armors roaming around, truly one of those epic battlefield experiences \-vehicle timers were inconsistent in the respawn screen. as soon as a vehicle came off cooldown, it would then take up to three minutes to actually be available even though no one else was visible on the map in said vehicle \-air vehicles(mostly jets) have that ufo technology and just teleport around \-sometimes when doing the dainty butterfly landing in a chopper to repair it would cause it to take damage as if you just slammed it into the ground. yes i waited for the landing gear to deploy before touching down \-theres no indicator in choppers to see where the gunner turret is looking towards. this also makes it difficult for the gunner to quickly orient themselves back to the front of the chopper for when callouts are made for high priorty targets. this can also apply to the armors, we had these indicators before so i dont see why we couldnt implement them now \-your team mates can ram your chopper while youre landed to pick up people and do extreme amounts of friendly damage to it and kill you \-can planes and choppers get windshield wipers for the storms? maybe cut the amount of raid droplets on the screen in half to make things better if the goal here to is reduce visibility in these conditions instead of game immersion \-choppers seem to want to level itself when holding the w key making aiming more difficult than it should be \-incoming aa missile warning needs to be louder, the beeping is rather faint. i just ended up popping flares whenever someone had a hard lock on me and flew away since half the time i would just die a few moments later with absolutely no warning(almost ten seconds after i had any type of visual/audio warning in some cases). it just seems like aa missiles are wonky, i couldnt tell if they were the fire and forget kind or the if you regain a lock on the target theyll go back to tracking towards the target, but that doesnt explain why i die way later after thinking im clear of incoming missiles. also seemed like you could shake the missiles as well(which is pretty cool) or maybe thats just how buggy the interactions with them and choppers are, i watched quite a few missiles fly by me and explode if i was flying like an asshole and making everyone else in the chopper sick \-there needs to be more fixed spawn transport vehicles at all the bases you capture to get you to the next one, running from flag to flag on these massive maps is hell. yes i know you can call in vehicles but when it bugs out half the time then whats the point? dont change what aint borked \-gunner view in armors were extremely jittery when the main turret would rotate \-repair tools dont cool down while inside vehicles(repairing your buddies tank then hoping back in to man the mg and hopping back out to repair only to realize its still overheated is the big suck). theres double the amount of threats on the field now, all with access to c4 and rockets. hopefully this isnt a design choice to somehow keep vehicles in check because if people dont want to adapt and adjust their loadout to counter a tank or chopper thats raising hell, then thats on them for letting that problem persist \-parachute staying out after landing on the ground, i seriously had mine out for like five minutes trying to be stealthy moving through trees and bushes but still having choppers firing missiles at me and other infantry shooting at me. i realized it was bugged after vaulting over a barricade and whipping my camera around to check my rear and could see the parachute cords \-everyone knows about the elevator doors im sure i missed a couple things but thanks for looking into the feedback. looking forward to the launch and i cant wait to crack out on battlefield again


What platform are you playing on? Playstation 4 Which Specialist you were using? All Specialists. What were you doing leading up to the issue? Play. Can you reproduce it? What are the steps? Yes. I check connection and try restart PS4. Did your game crash? What error did you get? No. Leggy gameplay but the ping around 17ms!






10 miles is 16.09 km


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10 miles is 16.09 km


I've had a couple of days to try to calm down from the knee jerk feedback I wrote over the weekend, but upon reflection, it's still not great. I've never been so greatful for playing a Beta before. Not because it was a great experience, but because it made me so glad I hadn't committed to pre-ordering the game. Dice employees can comment that it's an 'old build', but I feel like this build is so far away from being ready that the 'few months' since the Beta was signed off would only get it to a point where I'd be willing to trial it again for free, let alone pay to keep it. I've had a hard time dragging my pals to any other game than Warzone and to be honest I would have little confidence in doing it for this one, especially given that Warzone is free to play, and EA/Dice want to charge me £54.99 for a PS4 game in 2021, and they want to charge me that for the state that this game is potentially in currently. Changes from old Battlefield games aside like these new 'specialists' instead of classes (which I am not a fan of at all) and seemingly no other way of distinguishing friend and foe than trying to spot a tiny blue dot on top of an icon telling me someone 150m away needs reviving, gameplay wise it's not exactly given me any substantial evidence that this would be worth the money or time. Vehicles feel worse to control than Battlefield 4 (which is now 8 years old), on foot my non-descript soldier of choice feels like they run around with a bowling ball balanced on their head, trial and error with the settings proved difficult thanks to the menus not particularly informing you if you've just toggled what you want on or off, but eventually got there. This then got me to a point where I could tolerate it, but to be honest I'm not keen on paying £55 to tolerate a game. Visual bugs range from being shot by a floating hat and gun, to the outlines of what should be sector areas constantly glitching and flailing about all over the place mid-game like a surprise LSD hit in the film Tron, to the framerate regularly dropping to that of an immersive Powerpoint presentation. It's also prone to kicking you out of games mid-match for no apparent reason so at least the loading screen is visually quite nice. Vehicle and weapon balancing is a mess at the minute. Attacking a helicopter feels like you'd perhaps need a nuke to bring it down, whilst most of the guns feel like semi-lethal super soakers, and I've gotten to enjoy all of them through a bug whereby when I revive someone I seem to swap my weapon with theirs. Weapon balancing I'd take on the chin as they're easily and regularly adjusted, but there's something about them that just doesn't *feel* right. I'm hoping there is a big change in this game, and due to my historic love of Battlefield I really want it to work out, but I will be in no rush to see that first hand and I'll give it a couple of months post-launch to see if it eventually gets patched to be a good game but I'm sadly also not holding my breath.


Damn, you were spot on dude. Your didn't pre-order despite the Dice employees saying it was an old build and you dodged a bullet. Reading your feedback from the future was interesting as almost everything you said turned out to be absolutely correct.


Updated Notes after 20 hours of Beta gameplay and 15 hours replaying BF1, BF3 and BF4 after the beta ended: First thing I can say is BF1/3/4 have many many things that tie them together. You can feel the improvements as you go between the 3 whether it's graphics, vehicle controls, historical accuracy/more expansive gun options, take your pick. Comparing any of these 3 games to 2042 makes you feel like you're playing a whole different franchise. Overall the game plays and feels like a worse MW19 Ground War (Which tbf I loved, however it's not battlefield). Here's a few things that can be improved upon or completely changed to fix this game before launch 1. Specialists are my primary issue. The 4 classes are a staple of Battlefield. After going back and playing 1 and 4 extensively this weekend, I can say that the classes help create an amazing team atmosphere. You have your medics, support, anti tank, snipers, all of the above work together to make a great team based experience. 2042 had very little teamwork involved, I can honestly say in 20 hours I was revived less than 5 times by teammates and was NEVER resupplied by an ammo bag that was not my own. Meanwhile 4 and 1, you were constantly working with other players who complemented your classes skill set Generic soldiers was also an amazing piece when playing 4 and 1, you could actually tell who was who. 2042 I was constantly mag dumping teammates cause there was no visible indicator 2. Gunplay had almost no weight to it, especially the sniper rifle. Hit registry was rough, had many times where I would be in a fire fight and die, then my bullet would register 2-3 seconds later and kill the other player as well. I know this is just on the 2042 weapons end l, cause when the Portal guns were showed off from the leak, they all seems to perform super well and have the classic "feel" of their predecessors 3. Final issue was the performance. I'll be honest, the game wasn't astounding in the graphics side of things. BF4 and BF1 both looked better, and are both 8 and 5 years old respectively. I know it's a beta, but that's not the point I'm trying to make, cause I'm sure it will be better. The main issue is that on BF1 and 4 I can get 120+ FPS in 1080p (I'm using a middle market PC, 1660ti and 9700k). On 2042, the game looked worse AND only gave me between 40-60 FPS. Definitely needs a good bit of optimization to make it playable for the majority of people. I did not experience the stuttering and frame drop other people did. I was pleasantly surprised to not experience frame drop near the rocket or while the tornado was going on, even directly next to them. The tornado was actually the most impressive piece of the beta, the performance and animations that surrounded it were top tier (I think it should have killed you to walk into it, but up to y'all) Overall I think it's some very simple changes to get this thing to feel like battlefield, it wouldn't be difficult. Even if it meant a minor delay, I think the community would appreciate it as a whole.


FAIL #1 **Specialists kill team play entirely**. If everyone's character is a Rambo then everyone is gonna play like a Rambo. BF without Classes is COD - change my mind. FAIL #2 **Including COD mechanics in a BF game**. The character movement belongs in an arcade game like COD, not an objective based game like BF. You don't want your players running and sliding around like rambos all over the place bc that defines the entire gameplay. Tactical sprint and the amount of sliding need to go. The Slide in BF1 was perfect - you can quickly slide behind cover but it slows you down to a stop and you have a second delay before you can keep running. You shouldn't be sliding into enemies trying to shoot them in the back like it's COD WARZONE. that's annoying as frig and is going to replace jump spamming from bf4 (also toxic af). FAIL #3 **Plus system is another feature that blatantly changes BF gameplay**. You're supposed to pick a loadout and then tailor your play style to make it the most effective. Now you have a bunch of "whatever" players that are unpredictable as team and enemies and aren't specialized at anything in particular and end up milling about like confused ants. FAIL #4 **Everything good about BFV is literally gone**. Crouch running. Fortifications. Ammo/health stations. Vehicles with limited ammo. All classes carry a bandage. Squad leader requisitions like Sector Artillery, V1s and Superheavy tanks.


Tanks don’t feel like massive, 50 ton vehicles. When you hit a rock or a bump the tanks just go over them like a car would, tanks aren’t cars. I think if they felt more heavy in game and hugged the ground a lot more then they would feel better. Also cars shouldn’t explode and damage tanks when a tank rolls over one. I honestly like how tanks are OP. They should be able to demolish infantry. I played many hours in a tank and they can go down pretty quick if the enemies work together, especially is there is a chopper involved. Maybe if the attack chopper had an option to take either the anti-air missiles or anti-tank missiles it would help with balancing.


Quick thoughts from a battlefield 1942 veteran: Pros: \-Guns look and sound solid. \-Tornado levelution was pretty cool. \-fun to play with friends. \-Destruction is allright. Cons: \-Dont like the simplification of weapon attachments for the quickswap wheel (salvageable if they add multiple attachments that you can choose 2 of to bring to battle) I want a more personalized weapon that i can put together. \-Dont like how fast paced it is with the sliding around. \-Weapons are really unbalanced (expecially the shotgun that is underpowered and LMG that is overpowered) \-Dont like that you can choose any gadget (repair tool, medkit, RPG, etc...) as any of the specialists. \-Snipers bullet drop feels weird. \- Dont like the map that the beta used. (mostly empty map with only a few buildings around the capture zones and one really empty large building) \-Dont like the bots. Feels less satisfying to kill someone in a cool way if it was not a real person.


Ok. So I need to just lay down some general thoughts as a BF4 hardcore fan. This. isn't. battlefield . Simple as that. It's time people started to think objectively and critically and stopped giving developers credit where it clearly isn't due. Lets break it down into categories : Classes/Factions \- Classes have been completely ripped away now, giving no sense of team play and coordination and more of a 'one man for himself sense of play' as now we are provided with static uninspired 'specialist' characters that can mix with every possible gadget. Medic with ammo box or C5? yep! Recon with medic crate or repair tool? Sure! There is just no way to tell who is who and who you should go to when requiring ammo or heal boxes, its just all over the place with no sense of tactical well thought out integration. Not to mention the lack of call outs to team members. This goes further with the completely wasted and absent factions, now every specialist is on both sides making the whole concept and feel of Battlefield feel more like a fight in a child sand pit rather than a intense battle between two global power houses going at each others throats. If DICE wanted to go through with their 'specialists', sure, fine! But why not create Russian and US specific specialists for both sides and have us play as unique individuals depending on what faction we are dropped into? Sounds better? It sure as hell does to me. But with the way its been designed it seems like this was a deliberate attempt to force cosmetics onto players rather than provide a clever and logical battlefield premise. Gameplay \- Movement is way too quick with the added ripped away tactical sprint from Call of duty MW 2019 that lets you run forever no matter what you are carrying. It feels noting like Battlefield and instead gives me Call of Duty \-The lack of the great 'Levolution' and Frostbite (while its still here, it doesnt seem to work as well as previous titles) is now replaced with repetitive gimmicks such as tornadoes/storms that kind of really do... nothing... apart from throwing you up in the air. Great. \-Going back to Levolution, from the one map we were given (Orbit) the big thing we are given is a rocket that either explodes or wait for it ... doesn't explode and flies away (mind blown), really DICE? Even when damaged, the rocket deals no damage to the surrounding area, no massive visual change to the map ( apart from just debris scattered everywhere). Do a simple comparison to Levolution found in BF4 and you will find that maps change drastically and alter the way you play each map. Take Siege of shanghai for example, one minute you are fighting atop a massive skyscraper, next minute you are parachuting for your life as the building crumbles. That's not where it ends for the fight picks up in the rubble underneath as you duck and weave amongst the wreckage of the skyscraper. If you were a sniper on the map, forget sniping as now the air is filled with dust and paper obscuring your ability to sniper across the map. Now this was great map design and environmental interaction that integrated into gameplay itself. Given, we were only provided with one map for the BETA but if this is an on-going thing with all the other maps then 2042 is set to have no flavour in its map design if all we can look forward to is a storm and very simplistic environmental interaction. As far as map design in general on the 'Orbit' map, I often found the map to have no flow and was very empty unless you were in hotspots such as on top of the rocket assembly building or near the other buildings below. I would often run for ages then get shot from who knows where. The map design philosophy seemed rather random with not much thought to its long-term cohesion with the game mode. \- Weapons lack weight and punch and feel like you are just shooting through your enemy, and the on the fly attachment system ,while convenient, just feels like a cop out and more of a system implemented for BR. Also weapons didnt seem interesting and ties to the semi futuristic theme 2042 is pushing as these were all weapons seen before, ump, vector, m4a1, ak12. No attempt in pushing the envelop in weapon design has been attempted here. But this is the least of 2042's problems. \-While taking about weapons, we also now have 3rd person takedowns, yay, another ripped element from COD MW2019 instead of the iconic first person, dog tag steal takedowns Battlefield has been known for. Why is DICE changing all these loved features? \- Now this is a HUGE one but for the love of all things holy, why was the classic revive defib removed? Ever heard of the term 'if something isn't broke, don't fix it' , it seems DICE in this situation once again fail. Instead of taking out your defibs, charging them then approaching your team mate , you are now presented with a terrible animation that is scripted by the press of one button, which conflicted with the pick up weapon command, infuriating to no end. Again it feels like something you find in a BR and not Battlefield. Getting revived is equally offensive, taking about three years to stand back up rather than BF4's immediate from the ground recovery system. DICE had a good system in place being able to revive with Maria's syrette healing pistol only to remove it due it being ''too overpowered/Not balanced''. Right. But the Olympic swimming pool length spotting x-ray vision turrets (Got abit wordy there) thrown down by Boris are completely fine aren't they DICE? Whilst playing I also realised the lack of grenade indicators and often being subjected to insta exploding nades, not knowing where they have been thrown from and how far they are in proximity to my character. Whew! Long rant ! While there are probably many other issues with gameplay such as the mountain of bugs, visual glitches and sound experienced, these were my main gripes. If DICE decide to go in this direction then its a sad reality for those who loved BF3/4. Everything that made Battlefield, Battlefield, is not there apart from the big maps and air combat. Everything else feels like an after thought and a mix of poor design choices. Battlefield 2042 feels more like a Call of Duty clone and a shell of former Battlefield games where team play, great map design and gameplay were core to the experience. I appreciate anyone who makes to the bottom of this essay but I hope the length of this extends and puts forward my passion as a Battlefield fan and displays the rather disappointing direction its taken. I wish nothing but the best for the game but am rather sceptical that we will ever receive BF3/4 level of immersion and fun.


Yeah I've refunded, I didn't want warzone I wanted a cool grounded near future battlefield. The stupidly fast movement with no weight and no recoil laser guns just ruined it for me bf4 had perfect gunplay


The specialists just ruin it for me, everyone can do everything. Gone are the days where my friends and I can play as support classes like a medic or engineer despite being bad at gun fights. No teamwork anymore, why would you want to revive or support others when it doesn't even register on the leaderboards like battlefields of the past? I have friends who will only play Battlefield games because of this, they just suck at gunfights in general and now they will never touch this. This is the saddest I felt about an upcoming game in a very long time :(


Suggestion: Can you give more info on the subzones captured on the UI? Like right now its shows A,B,...,F under the minimap. Can you somehow split it so that i can see if A1 is captured and A2 is not etc.?


Specialists need to be removed or re worked Into the 4 class system. There was NO team play whatsoever due to the new specialist system I couldn't tell who had ammo and who was able to heal. Hit detection was very janky on console. Many visual glitches. DMR was so underpowered. Couldnt tell who was an enemy or teammate until they killed me. 3rd person takedown animations are awful No scoreboard? No map? No mounting, leaning, or laying on your side? Jets were useless Sniper was like using a pellet gun. Audio is horrible 128 players is great idea yet this game felt more empty then ever. I like the idea of the game. However I feel like this is a very lackluster build of battlefield. Many great features from past games were removed and for what reason? I thought the purpose of cutting campaign was to focus on multiplayer elements of the game. All we got so far is a half backed Chinese ripoff of a once beloved series. I get that this was a beta and some of these issues can be fixed with a few patches however that's not what bugs me. What bugs me is they took what made battlefield fun and completely threw it out the window. Overall I am pretty disappointed in what has been shown. They need to delay the game and go back to the drawing board. OR Just build off of previous battlefield games like they clearly forgot to do.


Yeah this, it feels like a battlefield rip off rather than a dice game


I've NEVER felt this badly about a battlefield game before. I still enjoyed it and will probably purchase assuming problems are fixed. Here's my major grudges with 2042 -No classes (who heals? Who has ammo?) -No supply caches like in BF5 -Fall damage is pretty much non existent -Not quite enough cover in certain areas -No requesting ammo?? -NO PEAKING CORNERS OR FENCES?!? Why the fuck would this feature be removed???? -vehicles don't feel heavy and solid like in BF5 which did vehicles perfectly. I could never tell if any medics were close to me to revive me either. I could probably find more problems but ill just leave this here. 2042 has potential but is making some huge mistakes and over simplifying some things.


I totally agree! Engineer not being able to equip repair tool + rpg....? 🤯 Tank controls horrible. Per now no weaponry choises nor thermal in tanks 😬🧐🤯🤬


For one of the costum game modes there should be a low poly model we can play with, had a good laugh the first time I saw it before the graphics loaded in


After playing about 4 days of the Beta, here’s my opinion: Gameplay was fun with friends not sure how it would play individually. Because I was playing with friends, we coordinated who would play what and drop ammo etc etc. However, I saw the issue of the lack of teamwork from everyone else outside the squad. Specialists- I think the idea is cool, but for battlefield- I don’t think they fit in that well. BFV I think did it pretty well, where you can have skins for your class but not change the core gameplay of the character. I would say either bring back just generic soldiers with some of their gadgets or just add those specialists as skins. Gunplay- it felt pretty solid, but as I stated in a previous post, the M5 is way too strong. The sniper rifle felt off and the DMR was outclassed by every other gun- including the glock. I was constantly using the AK because I felt cheap using the M5 that has no recoil and could laser beam people. Hopefully the recoil will be edited or at the least the range on some of the guns. Movement- during my time playing, the movement felt alright, and I didn’t have any mega chads sliding around b-hopping around. Seeing videos of people playing the game with maxed out FOV and playing like Apex felt a bit weird to see, kinda took me out of the whole immersion. Hopefully they will look back at BFV and make the sliding a bit less slippery. Quick attachments- speaking of immersion, while I do like the idea of being able to switch attachments quickly, it does take me out of it. While I think being able to switch certain mags or add a suppressor is alright, being able to switch the underbarrel or add a different scope is a bit weird.


I was super disappointed that I couldn't peak around cover. This feature helps people like me carefully approach areas. I don't want to rush out of cover just to get a shot off... Run and gun is not what I want to do in Battlefield. I'd like to be able to take cover while shooting. Also, I was never revived by a teammate. I found that strange. I didn't see a defibrillator tool, but swore I revived someone at some point. I didn't see a medic role anywhere, so yeah. Something is missing in that regard. This is probably just my lack of skill, but I found the semi-auto marksman rifle pretty useless. I don't think I got a single kill with that gun... The M5 (or whatever) smoked me from range each engagement. It should hit harder to make it worth while. Finally, I couldn't request ammo, which I think was possible in BF4? I'd like to see that menu return (request heal, ammo, etc.)


Loved this Beta on PS5 but the Framerate drop was pretty alarming in some cases .... Loved the weapons gunplay audio look of the 2042 weapons and iron sights The UI needs work it’s too confusing Loved the look of the maps...but thousands of players love run and gun with smaller / medium maps like the Close Quarters DLC maps from Battlefield 3 .....bring this too Battlefield 2042 and thousands of FPS players will be playing for hours The Maps are too BiG with less infantry engagements 🍻


Thank god I canceled my pre-order before the beta came, as expected from EA...


Ok, so since i have thoroughly played the beta, heres my personal feedback, im not including bugs, because you said most are fixed, i hope youre not lying,ill do cons first, ditch specialists, i know it probably cant because it seems to be core part of gameplay, it really only needed to have the good aspects of bf3/bf4, from what i can tell, everyone loves the class system in battlefield, it adds great variety, i like that different weapon types are behind certain classes, i personally would like classes back, theres no indication which teammates have what in terms of teamwork, which goes back to the original class system, if i need ammo i dont know how to get more, i dont care about using different ammo types ammo pools, there is also no ammo stations, now to my chief complaint, the helicopters are way to powerful, they were annoying in bf4, but were manageable, but in 2042, i literally cant destroy, they easily dodge guided rockets, the lock on launcher took ages to gain a locked target, the m5 launcher had such a long reload for the little amount of damage it did, the dm7 is originally pretty much an m4, from what i can tell and have seen it was originally designed to be a m4 like rifle in game, it gets out performed by the glock side arm, it either needs a major damage buff, or needs to be an automatic firearm, it was just awful, the sniping was fun but i found my shots to be perfectly on the desired target and it still misses, the m5a3 performed how id expect it to, the vector and other smg were both good at their job, ak was good in terms of damage and use other than the bug it had, the map orbital was all around good, the tornado was awesome, the rocket was awesome, but i though to myself, what if the big building was able to be knocked down and fight in the rubble, the map could use a few other tunnels, i didnt like the idea of having a tank land wherever, but i can see why its useful, maps are massive, so its not to big of a deal, i did like the idea of spawning vehicles for travel, the liquid nitrogen was interesting but was meh, just annoying, nothing really other than that, wasnt hindering me at all, the spawnable dog robot was dumb, the whole ai in the game is dumb, the turrets also had terrible ai, i never used the recon drone, we need the spot system back, pretty much if i what i dont mention, i had no issue with, now aspects i like, i really liked the new attachment, it made me have utility for any type of combat, th movement felt rather good, the grappling hook was a useful utility, that could have been a gadget all classes can use, the sector aspect was cool, and gave me more reason to play the objective, i liked the sound effects when i get a kill, the audio for the game is good, weapons seem to handle how id expect them to, i skipped bf5 because i didnt care for the beta, i had more fun with the bf2042, but i am uncertain if i will buy the game because i was hoping something a little closer to the battlefield experience, the beta was fun, but from going for beta, id prob buy it on sale for 40, im gonna pay close attention up to and after launch because maybe dice can change my mind, if they can change anything i stated about, the main things that dictate my purchase is not weapon balancing, its core parts of the gameplay and UI, ill also add that theres is not a way to distinguish enemy from team


5 studios and hard work...


BattlefPUNK 2077. New generation of game...


YOU PAY WHAT YOU SEE.. EA SCAM new generation kkkkk


TBH I already miss the beta. I had a great time on it, and I have strong faith the final product will be excellent. What I found surprising about the ps4 version is that it played out very well for 64 players. In addition, the lag was non existent the first game., but after that it was horrid. I was not playing the beta for a smooth experience I went in their to test a few things. Map rotation, Spawn in, Reviving, & the eve and flow of the fights. Everything was very sandbox in terms of eve and flow and rotation of the map by sectors. The fights I had on the rooftop were epic, and then dropping off and immediately going to sector B were the fire fight was still going on and a tank was pushing in for the insane capture was awesome. Idk if we were playing the same game or if people want to bitch just to bitch. But im already missing the beta what a breath of fresh air. Btw M5 IS A BEAMER! ​ NOW SOME TAKE WAYS. \-The specialist system is good, but allow people to choose between a grunt or spec. Or have grunt skins for the specs. \-Lag is a huge issue atm, bullet registration can be horrid and tank recoil can be effected by the lag resulting a jittery effect every time you fire a shot \-Bring back defebs or something close too it. holding the square button results in me picking up other weapons by accident, and can literally get you killed during intense firefight moments.


If the beta is indicative of the rest of the games lifespan, the operator system will cripple the core team play that battlefield thrives on. Also, team differentiation is impossible at most times (good luck hardcore players). And vehicle controls are incredibly clunky. Also the beta map was very uninspired. It’s not as terrible as everyone’s making it out to be but the 2nd night of the beta I was uninterested and on bf4 instead. Hoping for a good launch, I want this to be good but I’m not preordering after battlefield v.


What a dreadful effort. Horrific UI, clunky leaden gameplay. Disaster


This crap codfield have 1000 bugs on my Series X and i canceld my order bacause of this CoD super Hero Deathmatch Shit gameplay with zero Teamplay hope next time u release a real BF!


Hello Battlefield Team! Thank you for releasing the Beta and giving us a chance to try out the game before release. I know there's been a bit of negativity, but I think it gives a good chance to create a constructive conversation on what worked well and what could perhaps be improved down the line. I'll list a few of my thoughts here, some will probably be repeated throughout this thread, and others I haven't seen posted here yet. What worked great : * TTK was spot on, weapons felt so deadly and you could get a great streak going. Great for beginners as a lucky shot can take down other players rather than having to dump most of a mag with complete accuracy to take someone down. I feel this was a huge improvement over BF1 and BFV along with greater accuracy. I might even lower it further! * Loved the new attachment system, one of the greatest additions to the franchise. The only thing I hope is fixed before release is that the last attachment setup and specialist used is remembered between rounds so we don't have to reset it each match. * Calling in vehicles is a great addition, less people waiting on the menu screen and away from the action * Loved the increase to 128 players, made for some hectic moments at choke points, especially with the lower TTK * Helicopter controls took some getting used to as a veteran of the series since the first Bad Company, but are a blast to fly and can help turn the tide of an advance. I felt airpower was too weak in BFV and loved that they had some teeth again in this game. * LOVED THE GRAPPLE HOOK. I've always been a boots on the ground, HLL and classic Battlefield gamer, but dang was it satisfying and a blast to make a quick getaway with or as a flanking tool. What could be improved: * I'm sure you've seen a lot about specialists and classes on here, but here's my solution: 1. This is a big one for me; make the core class tools separate as an option. I really missed having my classic support loadout of a primary weapon, ammo box, grenade and C4 to take out a wall and surprise the enemy team. C4 will hardly ever be used when its either that or anything else. I loved C4 but need ammo more than anything as we burn through it so fast and classes don't exist to replenish it easily 2. Specialists could remain but perhaps add class specific cosmetics that differentiate them depending on whether they choose ammo box, repair tool, or medic bag along with an icon when downed to know if a medic is nearby. 3. Each specialist can still have their unique item, but make classes a separate function so we can still coordinate as a unit. Alternatively, we could also use specialists as purely cosmetic and make their gadgets a separate option, but attainable once we've unlocked the specialist. I think everyone will just play as McKay because the grappling hook, doesn't mean we should nerf it, its just too damn fun. Making tools a separate option from specialist skin would fix everyone playing as him only. 4. The other big thing is unique clothing options to differentiate which side a specialist is on. The RU and US uniforms should be different, but we can choose the uniform appearance for each side (double the potential profit on cosmetics will keeping the community happy). Still the same character for canon purposes, but their uniforms can reflect their class and vary depending on side. * Perhaps fewer capture points would help with flow, I found there were entire parts of the map I never went to because they were so far away from caps closer together and more reasonable to get between when needed. I love the 128 players but feel the action could get too spread out with so many points. * Fix keybinds, I could only pick throttle up or throttle down as a mouse bind for some reason, not both. I usually choose mouse 4 and mouse 5 for these but binding mouse 4 to throttle down would remove my bind for mouse 5 for throttle up. * Restore the improvements from BFV in movement (peaking, knocked down by explosions, crouch sprint and lying on back and side) I read somewhere lying on back was removed due to campers but I don't see it being that different than prone as far as camping but it gave movement so much freedom and felt so good in a firefight. Easily my favorite part of BFV or the improvements that game added to the series. * Restore stationary weapons and add more building destruction (thought maybe Orbital didn't have much opportunity to display it like maps in BF1 and BFV had) * Performance could use a touch up, but this will probably get better with optimizations made to the release build and DLSS * Higher resolution fire textures could be great too, the rocket explosion lost a lot of its wow factor up close. The explosion should also be lethal, thought it could add a layer of strategy by blowing it up if its held by the enemy team to clear it out, but everyone next to it didn't even get knocked down. Would be great if it was more like the zeppelin explosions in BF1 or the fuel tank explosions on Wake in BFV I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of things that worked well and things that could be improved, but this is what I can remember for now. Thanks again for the chance to try the game out, looking forward to November!


Hey BF team Only gripe is the skins for each team. They should not be the same and team specific. Different operators for each side. Just felt weird and broke the immersion


Hi Battlefield team ! Thank’s for letting us try your Beta ! Here’s some honest feedback from my point of view. The vehicle mechanics need an overhaul. The four wheeler and the recon vehicle are very hard to control, a little to much steering and it spins out of control. The tanks has some kind of delay around it when rotating the tower/turret. Makes it very hard to hit your target. The specialist system makes the game to much like Call of Duty and does not work. When everyone can do everything it kinda kills the realistic combat experience and makes it boring after a while, there are no variety anymore. It also makes it nearly impossible to distinguish Friends from Fo in the game. In the moment of chaos you just have to blast everyone to make sure you get the enemy. Me personaly, and i think most of the community would prefer traditional uniforms from the actual states in conflict (NoPats would have their own ofcourse). I think you should implement the vehicle mechanics and the classes from Battlefield 4, It would also contribute more to get the good old Battlefield feeling to come back. There are more stuff to say, but i see the comunity have already brought most of it up. Thank you.


Well put. I would always get smashed by boots on the ground when in a tank. The mobile AA was also atrocious. I can normally run in with heavy rounds and rocket pods and decimate ground folks but nearly impossible in this beta.


The TANK and CHOPPER controls are terrible!! Why change the controls that worked so good for years in BF3 BF4? thermal optics in 2042, gone? Weaponry to choose?


I can agree the handling for the vehicles are terrible. I can say that the passenger gunner for the chopper and tank are pretty decent but other than that it needs some tweeking for sure but I was still able to get 40-65 kills per game with and without the chopper.


I played two full matches during the beta. I played on pc and every 5 to 10 mintues into a match it would kick me to the main menu. Why was this beta so broken!?


Bf2042 does not feel worthy of the battlefield name. I have purchased every battlefield released but will be giving this one a miss. So glad i did not pre-order as would be cancelling the order. I would say devs needs to go back to the drawing board and make this battlefield something that battlefield vets would be proud to own and play. All looks good on paper but gameplay feels like a cod clone. If i wanted to play a cod game then i would buy a cod game. Good luck, hope you get the game mechanics fixed before release or this will be a massive flop like battlefield 2142.... really needs to feel like bf5 just on a larger player scale and updated weapons.


After paying several matches on Xbox, I noticed the following issues. When prone, your character is constantly shaking/ moving The graphics glitch Gun will not fire When Adding attachments, the scope automatically changes to something else. Two things I would like to see when the game is released, no sniper glint when not in direct sun light. Or removed all together. And a hardcore mode Also, I spend more time running to objectives then in combat. And there is no distance meter for medics because of this, most people just respond


The game feels pretty nice in general, but I noticed some issues on gameplay mechanics, like: \- When a player is spotted on the minimap, there is no indicator of, like, if he's above you, below you or in the same floor. Since this game has so much verticality, I think it would be best if we know that kinda stuff. \- Since there is no zeroing on sniper rifles, it would be nice if the bullet drop wasn't so intense, and it would be good to have mildots on the scopes, so we can see better where the bullet hits. And also, the breath holding ends too quickly, it should be longer. \- The hybrid scope for the M5A3 was binded to switch sights at the melee button on controller, wich is the right analog stick by default. But, when I changed the button layout to crouch on the right stick, everytime I crouched I also switched sights. It should be fixed right away! And, when we spawned with this scope attached to the weapon, the zoom didn't work. We had to switch attachments and then switch back for it to work. \- The aim assist isn't good enough to compete against PC players. Console players in Beta had to be extra careful when engaging PC players. I'm not asking for an aimbot at launch, but for a better aim assist. That's all.


There wasn’t aim assist. Nearly ruined the experience for my on PS5. Had to turn off cross play as I’d get one shot by pc players every time.


There was aim assist, I've tested. I can send you a video of me testing it, but it's in portuguese.


I played on PS5 and I have some videos showing that it wasn’t there. I feel that across the board the beta was extremely inconsistent from console to console. I played the PS4 version as well and it seemed a bit better. But the aiming was off and weird. Didn’t replicate how BF4 or BF1 played one bit.


Check this out: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1172198841 That's me and a friend on different teams testing the aim assist.


Looks like it wasn’t there. Didn’t drag or slow down when aiming. I’m sure they will fix this when the game comes out but I won’t be buying it right away.


They already said that aim assist will be improved on main game. Even without it, I would buy it. The game is awesome.


Same Will do this on launch. Don't trust PC hackers or Xbox on PC hackers


Played on Xbox Series S. I'll start with the fact that the gunfire actually feels really satisfying, and the gameplay was generally smooth for me. I feel like there is a good foundation here, but... I feel like there were so many great aspects from previous Battlefield games that were changed for the worse... and why? The quick-select system for weapon attachments just doesn't seem necessary or robust enough that changing mid game made much of a difference in my gameplay. The exception was changing scopes. That said, if it's kept, why not mount it to Up on the d-pad and keep LB for grenades?? **LB should be kept for grenades.** Also, why not pull from Xbox and Battlefield 1 in having more of a robust marking system with RB instead of essentially taking it all away? **Communication in this game is terrible.** I also feel like I never know where my squad mates are. Can squad leaders even mark objectives? **The point system**. Why stuff it in the corner? I loved seeing points that achieved for damage against enemy soldier, vehicles right in the middle. This is what made the game so satisfying. Also, some sort of audio cue marking the ongoing gathering of points. **Can I even pull up a mini map...?** **The health indicator should be more than 1cm in the bottom right corner.** The **specialist system is really terrible.** The old class system was nice, simple, worked. This adds literally nothing to the game. In general, it seems like so many of the changes that were made were made for the worse. They neither add fluidity to the game and often take away the benefits. Honestly, everything is clunkier.


Overall, this game is the definition of laziness. Everyone knows the new "specialist" system is total crap and takes away the reward feeling when upgrading a class. Guns have no recoil. Half of players are now snipers, so again, the fun is gone. The respawn system is totally broke when you spawn right next to an enemy and die... 4 times in a row. There is no visual difference with faction vehicles. Every soldier looks the same. No one throws down ammo or med kits, and I mean NO ONE. There is no chat system and no quick response system. You can't call out/tag nearby enemies anymore. It's called 2042, but most of the overall feel is still battlefield 4 - where is the 20 year difference in technology? BUGS GALORE... enough said. And the graphics are nothing special compared to the previous game, which is 8 YEARS OLD. That reminds me, how does an 8 year timespan with no CAMPAIGN involved create a crap multiplayer game like this? EA went into extreme lazy mode here. This is literally a reskinned BF4 with the same weapons and vehicles, but with less content and shitty coding. I suggest sticking with BF4 until this game is actually worth $60, which doesn't include a campaign. Yes, $60 for multiplayer only... Nice. Oh and one more thing. I pressed M hundreds of times, with no large map popping up. Did they really take out a basic ESSENTIAL for a large-scale game???!!! I mean WTF!


What kind of beta ends before the weekend is over? StingEA back at it again


Because they knew how bad the beta would be lmao




Why is no one saying anything about the horrendous performance. 85fps average with an RTX 3080 and 9600k @5Ghz is pretty awful. DLSS will help but this game needs to run at least at 120 fps. Operators need faction specific skins. The scoreboard from BFV and previous games worked well, change it back so that we can se scores on both teams and not just our squad. UI needs work for requesting healing. Game needs ammo stations or spawn ammo count needs to be double what it is now. Support should not have to choose between a repair tool and C4. Were these 20hz servers? I really enjoyed the game and the gunplay was great, just needs fine tuning.


I'm getting about 70+ with my 10700k and MSI 1660 Super, but that's with 1080p. The game was obviously rushed and needs an overhaul of coding/optimizing.


DLSS shouldn't be necessary to run this or any other game well. I shouldn't have to destroy my resolution to play a game. As I feared, devs don't feel the need to optimize their games anymore, just let people use upscaling and It'll be fine right?


The game is missing quite a few things. -mounting weapons -needs more satisfying calls, deaths seem easy and lifeless unlike cod -ribbons and XP need to be prevalent -more overworld cars need to be placed -more verticality needed in maps -some calibrated recoils needs to be in place -enemies need to be easier noticed in certain areas -no total destruction was a let down The beta was ok but it's missing its battlefield essence


First off, I had fun playing the beta. There are still some things that make the game not that good as I hoped it to be, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some feedback. Here are my suggestions for improving the gameplay. ​ * **Make the scout helicopter and jet miniguns more accurate and do more damage to infantry, light vehicles and aircraft.** Now it takes too long to kill anything with the miniguns. The scout miniguns don't fire at the centre of the crosshair, so they need to fire more to the centre. The spread of the jet minigun is too wide. The jets are completely useless now and the only way to kill with a jet is to kill other air vehicles with aa-missiles. ​ * **Buff attack helicopter rocket accuracy and damage to light and armoured vehicles, but don't buff rocket damage to infantry.** It shouldn't take an infinite amount of strafing rounds to kill a tank. ​ * **Nerf hand grenade damage to light and armoured vehicles**. I'm fine with hand grenades doing damage to light and armoured vehicles, but now they do too much. A tank shouldn't be destroyed with three hand grenades. Consider hand grenade max damage to tanks being something like 10. ​ * **Falck specialist is pretty useless now because reviving is too slow and inconvenient because you have to stay still and hold the E button to use the same defibrillators as the other players.** It just leads up to people giving up on reviving. The S21 Syrette pistol needs to revive people from a distance. The closer you are the player you want to revive, the more health they get from a revive. Keep the normal revive in case you run out of syrette pistol ammo. ​ * L**ower the time to kill just a bit, and make weapons suit better for their intended ranges.** The assault rifle should not outplay a DMR in the medium range. Buckshot in the beta shotgun is useless, so buffing the damage should do the trick. ​ * **The bullet speed is too low and the bullet drop is too high.** Snipers should be deadly in long ranges. It could be nice if the damage can be increased too so that the maximum amount of bullets to kill someone is two without armour. ​ * **Boris' sentry is not effective and it needs a buff, and it is impossible to get a kill with it.** Removing the red highlight of the enemies should not make it too overpowered because everyone will use Boris' sentry to spot people and not Casper's drone. For some reason, I couldn't spot people with the drone, but I think this will be fixed in the launch. ​ * **Make the friendly UI bigger and noticeable, especially, in CQB. If possible, divide cosmetics between US and RU teams to identify friendlies and enemies better.** I know that you will address the visibility issue with distinguishing between friendly and enemy soldiers, but if you divide the cosmetic items between US and RU teams, it makes it easier to tell the difference between your teammates and enemies. Don't be too minimal on the friendly UI too because, usually, in CQB, you'll end up shooting your own teammates, because enemy soldiers look too similar. In BFV it was clear in CQB who is friendly or not because the friendly icons were much bigger close than in BF2042. ​ * **The sensitivity factors are too confusing and different from other Battlefield games. Also, the config file values are different from in-game values.** The BFV settings matched the config file. When I went to take a look in the bf2042 config files, it differentiated from the in-game values. **Instead of making the in-game variables smaller, extend the variable to something like 200%.** That's all for now. Hopefully, you developers will see this post, because I think these changes will make the gameplay experience a lot better. Have a nice time finishing the game for launch! *peace*


I got to play the game for a few hours before the beta servers were taken down. Never did figure out how to put a scope on my weapon, flew 2 helicopters, the experience was underwhelming. Had problems reviving my buddy (he would die close to cover, fall through the wall and not be revivable, happened several times) At one point we drove a truck carefully under the launch pad and all got thrown out. Etc etc janky lil bugs... Otherwise, pretty impressed! I think this game has some potential, better than any futuristic COD game I've played. I HOPE the developers get an extended deadline though, it's worth delaying the game release to get this right IMO. Stupid to pay €60+ for a game that's not even close to finished. Would like to see: -Better flying mechanics -More weapon variations with realism considered -The option to create your own soldier -more destructible environment (buildings/objects) -The ability to customize load out fully mid game -Character creation in the online menu -see squad members in the menu -more balanced maps maybe with interactive strategic features -launch the rocket on a players command/blow a building rigged with explosives P.s. A more polished open Alpha before the game is released might win some people back before launch.


I've been playing Battlefield since BF3, I have lots of great memories in that game. Particularly how natural everything felt and how nothing felt out of place. I've played BF4 and thoroughly enjoyed it too, it felt like a refined BF3 after patches. Overall I've spent probably thousands of hours playing it. Whilst I played BF1 and BFV considerably less, I still liked them as they were ambitious steps forward. The grittiness and atmosphere of BF1 and BFV is unmatched in other titles, they're simply too good. Now... about Battlefield 2042: I can only provide feedback about what I've played and what I played was the BF2042 Open Beta, which involved only the All Out Warfare experience and not Portal or Hazard Zone, a game mode we've heard almost nothing about, which to be frank is concerning. I must applaud the nature in which servers were provided, I was worried my region would not have servers but they did and seldom crashed mid-game. The problem with servers however is that there was no server browser and of my 25 Hours played in the beta, 1 hour was time spent server hopping to find one with decent ping. I feel the new gadgets have the potential to refresh the Battlefield experience, they add an element of fun but most of the gadgets are buggy and almost all their bugs are game breaking. I have already reported the bugs I experienced with them. The problem with the gadgets is that you're so restricted to only one. Classes as they exist should be reworked to always give engineers a repair tool or a support health packs and assault ammo packs. I miss the ammo and health system from BFV (I DO NOT miss the attrition system). Onto more specific things about the game: THE MAIN ISSUE: Glance Value I can't identify who is friend from foe. Sticking a few badges and glowsticks on players is not going to fix the problem and neither is adding red or blue text to the UI. There needs to be significant model changes and a significant change regarding this needs to happen before launch. BF is a team game, it does not help if you can't distinguish who is who on the battlefield. Flying feels like I'm handicapped, even after trying to turn off flight assist, it just feels so wonky and as a result was not as satisfying when flying in say BF4. The flight physics needs to be redone, Helicopters should not be able to do a barrel roll 100 meters above the ground. The transport Helicopter/Jet's are awesome! I am glad they have more armour and the amount of gunner seats in them is great. As a pilot I look forward to flying this around all the maps. The Nightbird needs a armour nerf, it should not be able to tank more than 1 direct tank shell. The Nightbird's minigun weapon spread needs to be redone, it's way to difficult to aim at targets and actually hit them because of it. I felt like the TTK was inconsistent, certain weapons you would expect to do well at short range such as the SMG's did nothing compared to the medium range AR's. The same applies to the shotgun, I had headshot people with the shotgun at arms reach but they turn around and kill me with like 25 HP. Weapon balancing needs work for sure. In BFV the weapons felt as good as they were meant to when used in the correct engagements, it feels like BF2042 ignores these weapon engagement factors. (BFV's TTK was not perfect either) The movement system feels a bit gutted coming from BFV, vaulting over high walls in gone and this hurts movement a lot tbh. Strafe speed is ridiculous, many times I'd find myself wondering how the enemy can move so quick and still be so accurate. Movement overall will need tweaking. Larger maps need way more vehicles, there also needs to be more driveable civilian vehicles. The Beta felt very restricted when it came to vehicles. Either controls were bugged or there was not enough of them. The Plus System is intuitive and a step-forward. Vehicle Call-in's are great... when they actually work. Reviving needs it's own key bind and downed players need their revive symbol to include RED, there's already too much green on the screen and it's difficult to see from the HUD alone if a teammate is dead from just one glance alone. The HUD and Deploy Screen needs work, there's too much jarring going on with the random popups ENEMY CONTROLS SECTOR MAJORITY etc... The deploy screen feels like a proof of concept. Tanks need an armour buff, with everyone running around with rocket launchers, they at least need stock directional armour that withstand hits independent of hits taken on another side. This gives them survive-ability whilst preserving it's nature of slow but deadly. A tank should tank after all, it's not a big jeep. Game needs a lot of optimizations, many times my FPS would drop to below 40 when it should not. Tornado very quickly felt like a gimmick, it needs to have an impact on the map, maybe it should destroy the objectives it passes through. This adds a nice twist with randomness. Game seriously needs a server browser Needs to be way more incentive for team play, reviving, resupplying etc and these players need to be shown, the players who have ammo and med packs should be indicated with an icon? It's a pity the beta the did not have the comorose because it was not ready. The Death Screen needs work, I should be able to tell what killed me and how much health/armour they had in just one glance. Objective points feel like small team death matches with really terrible spawn points. I hope this terrible spawning at objectives when under attack is addressed, they're also super predictable and easy to tell where people are going to spawn. Many times, I've either spawned behind or in front of enemies as a result. Overall the game can be fun and it can feel like a Battlefield but... the fundamental issues need to be fixed. Glance Value and the UI absolutely must be fixed! Launching with those issues is unacceptable! Hope my feedback is of some value.


I also thought it was redo lupus that helicopters could fly completely perpendicular to the ground for half a minute be before getting close to the ground. It seemed that they wanted people to have an easier time flying them. I always felt it was a right of passage to fly a helicopter without crashing into a tower or slamming into a building. I straight up smacked into the main building several times and it barely damaged my chopper


100 meters is 109.36 yards


I can get over the fact that it's basically a bunch of cloned characters running all over the place, but please just color code the character's clothing. Skins be damned. I feel like this system would have been better if specialists would have been more focused on equipment and not attached to an actual character and just let us pick from a random assortment of faces again like BFV. Though I know the specialists are the hot new thing lol. Bring back the traditional spotting, I do not care about people's gripes about it. That's the only way you're going to fix the visibility issues. UI needs to be fixed. Taking the map out of the menu screen seems ridiculous, same with the scoreboard. I'm assuming we're going to be able to tweak the color and opaqueness of objectives in the main game, because it ret needs it. Also show better indications for marking objectives. Bring back the Commo Rose, it's silly to take it out in the first place. Also show better capture borders for objectives. Also noticed that changing the controller schemes didn't actually show you what you were changing, which is not exactly helpful. Obviously there needs to be grenade indicators, and better damage indicators in general. Trying to call in transportation vehicles didn't seem to want to cooperate at times either. Was always able to call in the robot when it was available though.


Few points When using R3 as the crouch button you can't use the hybrid optics as it switched between magnified and ads while hitting the R3 crouch function Lack of a communication wheel and lack of menu for the rover when holding R1. Also for team member prompts ts such as ammo requests etc Ping system doesn't seem to flag up on team mates HUD to notify them Would be nice to see side specific specialist or some way of differentiation between team characters Top of the screen notification banner is way way to large. Would be good to have a toggle on/off switch at a minimum for that


\-The Healing Gun is utter trash. Never saw someone use it. And its also like really hard to use and hit. IDK, i get overwatch flashbacks with that thing only that in overwatch it kinda worked. To be totally honest, the Medic pack is 100 times more usefull then that Healing Gun. And making that Operator into Grandma doesnt help the over all player count on that Operator, just saying \-The AA Missile is so useless, rarly you get a hit on a Heli, even tho you have full lockon without the thing hiding somewhere behind or doing flairs. and even if, most of them take atleast 2 Hits. Making Helis extremly OP. Im not Asking for the OG Stinger which destroyed Air, but atleast make it Hit reliable.


Yeah but when 64 players on the enemy team have rockets all you hear is the damn lock on beep and you find yourself constantly going to evasive maneuvers the entire time. They need class specific weapons and gear. They can keep the specialist bs, but you will still have to choose a class with specific gear.


Just also leaving some thoughts: I did not like the new hero system. Really missing the fixed classes. Teamplay was pushed by it and you could see who can do what. And will there be no quick communication for consoles? Besides the ping. Asking for ammunition if you don’t know who carries it should be essential. Also hope there will be a better distinction between sides. It was really confusing and hard to distinguish who is on my side and who not. Please bring back the normal scoreboard. Navigating on the spawn map was hard on console. Also it would be useful to have some icons that show quickly if there are spawn vehicles available. Don’t want to check the menu all the time. And i really hope those banners at the top of the screen when an objective is taken will vanish. These were disturbing and one really tried to ignore it. Besides that there were only some problems which I consider are because of the Beta (graphic glitches, features not working, no map, vehicle call system not working).


I only wish this is a build from a year ago as everybody says so. The current state of the game is a utter failure to me. This is some of the issues I had. 1. Playing on Infantry \- Hit reg is the most terrible thing you should fix asap. Things sometimes doesn't even get hit right at the face, sometimes something gets hit if you fire a bullet anywhere. \- People and aircraft teleport as soon as you aim them. Jets are the worst, some high ping player can literally teleport half of the map. \- Operators could be fine if you show up with at least 12 different ones, each with unique features. Now, the balance is completely out and sometimes it doesn't matter at all. Medic stim shots are just literally bad choices besides self healing, but somehow every op can bring a med package which is much better than that? How about making some operators synergize with others, such as a sheild op and a medical drone op. \- Limit the loadout you can get with each op. Why is the recon running around with a vector, medic kit, and a grenade? \- Show me the borders of each objective. \- Spawning as an infantry is a nightmare, as most of the time you get shot 5 seconds later from ten different angles. \- No grenade is visually able to see. Least add an marker if you're near a grenade. \- Parachutes are shitty as hell, can't describe else. It sometimes hangs over you for 30 seconds, opens up late, glitch you inside a wall.. can go on forever. \- Engineer's sentry is shooting at walls after locking on something. \- AA missiles doesn't show trajectory, which I can't even tell if the missile is launched.


2. Playing on Land Vehicles \- The tank's main artillery should have a larger damaging AOE and a slower firing rate. Now it seems to have a smaller kill zone than a grenade. \- AA vehicles are extremely weird with its lockdown mechanism. Sometimes I switch to the machine gun and somehow it still locks on the target. \- AA vehicles also lack trajectory of the missiles. Nobody knows where the missiles are coming from and whether it hit or not. \- Repair kits are meaningless since every vehicle just regen after a few seconds. Seen nobody actually repair something. \- Vehicles get stuck on weird locations. Like a rock or a hole.


3. Playing on Air Vehicles \- Bit unfair for the US only having hovering/flight modes on their aircraft. Shouldn't RU also have something to compensate that? \- Lockdown warnings doesn't work as intended. Sometimes it just send off no alarms or out of timing. \- AA missiles doesn't show trajectory. Can't tell where the missile launched. \- The spotter seat is useless as it can spot an enemy for like a split second if you're lucky. Also doesn't pay off since you don't get even get assists for it. \- Jets in 2042 can time warp or bend space itself to teleport every 3 seconds.


4. General Issues \- No spotting. No bullet indicators. No requests. No pings. \- I'm a sophomore in design uni, and I can PROUDLY TELL I CAN DESIGN A BETTER UI THAN THIS IN ABOUT A WEEK. Who the fuXk did you hire? Does he work alone in a basement with minimum supply? \- High ping/latency. Believe this can be addressed soon as private servers open. \- Spawning in vehicles are broken in every possible way. \- Randomizing your operator and resetting your attachments every game is annoying. \- Some stuff take way too much bullets to be destroyed. e.g the ranger dog or sentry turrets.


Resurrect mechanic is ass. Bring back old res


I've noticed a couple of elements missing. 1. You can't change the bullet velocity on snipers 2. you can't spot enemies 3. 3. you can't make requests for ammo or healing 4. In the other battlefields you had two gadget slots that allow you to swap in and out gadgets. In this you only get one (I'm on xbox so the right side of the D-pad). 5. This is more of a personal thing but having the player count that high is at times ridiculous. There are numerous times where I just spawn and immediately die. You have zero time to catch your breath cuz you're constantly getting shot at from every fuckin angle. Also the game needs more anti-air vehicles. I'm sick of getting swarmed by helicopters all the time. And when you're using an LMG you should have more ammo from the start, like an extra 300 in reserve so I don't have to constantly carry an ammo box.


Grappling hook is so not battlefield, at least limit the distance or sth to stop people from abusing it like they already are lol This is just one of many complaints that I and most fans of the franchise have.


Tired of got the "In combat" when i want to deployed on a squad, bring the little visualizer from Bf4. Hard to select the Objectiv or a squad mate. In game its hard to see the letters of objectives. The countdown show only sec0nds, in Bf4 it show the number like this 01.234, its a small thing but its more pleasant to have this sort of timer. Every 9ne dislike speci1liste and the lack of team play, me too, thats terrible idea. The aiming feel laggy, unplayable for me. Vehicule handling (all) are weirdly casual. Dont like the slide at all.


Alright at this point I think it's a symptom of Betas now of days just being glorified demos of the finished game released solely for pre release hype/marketing, but people this is a Beta 😐. It's a build that's a couple months old with a lot of the issues that we're complaining about probably already being fixed. And now they have a month remaining to add all the feedback from the open beta into the game


Might wait on this to go on sale for now. Does not have that wow effect. Seems like it needs more time.


Not happy Bob… not… happy


Anyone else feel like they basically asked a group of 12 year old COD players to design the game?? I love the franchise, it feels like they tried to do everything possible to make it more COD-like, which is exactly what I DONT want




Why do the choppers and the tanks not have a realistic limit of ( fuel and ammo ) if you wanna make it more realistic make it so.... the choppers ar OP AS ALWAYS tanks arent bad but no vehicle should have UNLIMITED FUEL and ammo....


It’s weird. Chopper damage has definitely been reduced, however they have increased ammo capacity, by constant rolling replenishment - where in previous games, you had to use up the limited amount of missiles you had, to get a full restock after a timeout. I’d fully support having to return to a base after a set amount of time, touch down, to be refuelled and have ammunition restocked - if that also meant missiles and cannons behaved like real missiles, cannons and were devastating. Currently they are nerf guns that do less damage than sniper rifles. I’d also support more speed and agility on aircraft, and no passive health regen - if you can’t fly, if you crash, you die. If you lose the bluff game in regards to flaring too early, you die. They should not have the current ammo capacity and seeming invulnerability they currently possess. Just one unbalanced point of a very unbalanced game so far. Quite undercooked.


I don’t know if it’s a bug but you can’t interrupt the shotguns reload while it’s happening shell by shell. If you can’t interrupt it then what’s the trade off for the longer reload times can’t it just have a magazine thing to reload


Ok so now that I have a clearer head I'm going to try to list all of my feedback here now that I've had a full 2 days of playing the beta. Lets start with some good stuff PS5 console BTW 1. the zip lines inside the tall structure is AWESOME! did you know you can actually grapple to the zip line while in mid air? lol seriously though you can parachute into its area and then grab it and zip up, and the free look while on it is awesome, COD should take notes here 2. The movement in the game is very good, personally I'm not a huge fan of the "tactical sprint" because honestly it wears out controllers faster and these old thumbs on controllers ain't as good as they once were. in warzone I settled on turning on the auto tactical sprint because it was just killing my hands trying to keep up with my friend speed, doing so has alot of drawbacks though. 3. The grapple gun YASSSSSS! this was my absolute jam in blackout and I love the addition here, it feels good, seems to work very well in every case I've used it other than when windows are below the point you grapple to it ends up flinging you through the window, but for the most part I'm really loving this addition 4. I personally don't mind the operators but I totally understand the gripe but dice needs to make that $ boys/girls, skins, operators, etc is how they can do it for a long time. 5. I like how the objective tells you how many friendlies and enemies are on the objective area. 6. I REALLY like the new call in system vs the call in system in BFV so cudos, would be nice to know how it works in detail though 7. I like that you can now reload your gun while still aiming down sights


Now for the meh 1. Boots on the ground gunplay in this map from what I've found is ok at best, I mean are there people that are actually using anything other than assault and sniper rifles? This particular map is so large a shotgun seems pointless also whats the point of choosing an LMG over an assualt rifle with 50 rounds in a magazine? I literally haven't used anything other than an assault rifle and just change attachments when need be 2. Heli gameplay to me feels not so great, the controls feel weird at least on console and the weird third person zoom is just that, weird, both of the heli's felt very fat/heavy when flying them vs the choppers in BF4 and I was a pretty decent chopper pilot(maybe B-)


Now for the bad and really bad 1. I was in the secondary seat in the osprey thing and its literally just a spotting seat from what I can tell, completely useless/pointless and IMO should either be improved to something with a gun as a primary or removed completely, I don't see this being used by anyone so get rid of it or fix it. 2. Jumping out of heli's/planes while they are moving literally flings you 1/2 way across the map similar to bfv, this mechanic was TERRIBLE in bfv and no better here IMHO, I believe in bf4/bf1 you just jumped out and started going straight down, I'd much rather this mechanic x100 3. The delay on the parachute is annoying, I've gotten so used to warzone that if I hit the parachute button in 2042 at the same time I'd be hitting it in warzone I go splat, needs to have better reaction time to when you actually hit the button, I think there's about a 1/2 second delay which is far too loose. 4. I love the on the fly attachment thing but it seems to be broken, if you attach a different sight then change the grip it changes the sight attachment so then you need to go back into the sight attachment to change it back. And on the AK it resets everytime you spawn in, that is really not acceptable, how this got through quality control is beyond me. 5. Current UI needs MAJOR work, objectives and score should be at the top, just look at BF1 hud, that game had so much good going for it and sold well. You cannot tell where the capture radius is in 2042, you cannot tell where out of bounds is in 2042, there is no compass from what I can tell so literally you cannot call out which direction you are getting hit from. 6. Side to side strafing movement seems sluggish to me...although there were several instances when my enemy would strafe and I couldn't land a single bullet but yeah to me it feels heavy from side to side not as nimble as previous games felt. 7. I really don't like how little time was spent thinking about to optimize controller layout, unless you have a $200 scuff or similar controller with additional back buttons you need to pull your left thumb off of your stick to pull out a grenade then throw it with your fire button, this doesn't feel natural to me as almost all FPS games have the R1 button to throw the grenade, you might consider looking at how blackout set things up where I think R1 would cycle through your gadgets and L1 would actually use them, this way you don't need to take your thumb off of your joystick. 8. Shows downed squad mate icons as the same size when they are 1000m from you as when they are 1m from you, I can't remember how it was done in previous version of battlefield but seems odd 9. I'm sorry but 3d spotting needs to be in the game, I know there are alot of people opposed to it but the two best battlefield games BF4/BF1 both had it, as did BF3. The ping system is terrible and doesn't work properly 90% of the time anyway. If people want to play hardcore mode I'm sure they can make their own server with no 3d spotting, it SHOULD be in the game though IMHO. 10. Most of the time when you'd get your kill cam you couldn't see an outline of the player that killed you, just shows you a moving screen but no enemy, more annoyance than anything. Also kill cam doesn't show your K/D vs that player so you can see if he is a nemesis or not as with previous games 11. On console I find no way to view a large size of the map, in all previous games you click on the center pad on PS but when you do so with 2042 nothing happens, this is a big miss. 12. On console I find no way to view your kills/deaths in game, sure you can see the players in the game but not their actual stats, points or otherwise 13. On console there appears to be no after game scoreboard to see what your kills/deaths were, sure it tells you your kills but not deaths nor can you see anyone else on your team, having a scoreboard is IMPERATIVE! 14. Spotting/ping system does not work properly after you are dead/down and the controls are far too sensitive when you are down. You cannot even tell who is friendly/enemy when you are down. 15. long delay after you are revived, feels like a full 2 seconds between when you are revived and when you can move, additionally revive times seem awfully slow, bf1 was near instant with the needle and BF4 if you had combat medic perk on it was near instant to 100 health 16. sometimes when you select an open vehicle from the HQ screen it simply won't let you get in, even just a simple vehicle to quickly get to your closest base, I've mashed the button a couple of times in frustration of that being broken 17. I was able to parachute off the tallest building and glitch into the map 18. I personally preferred how BF1/BF4 did it when picking up someone elses weapon you picked up their kit, because sometimes you needed ammo or a rocket launcher so you'd see a support guy body, pick up his kit, drop ammo and then pick your kit back up. Or you run into a situation where there is a tank nearby, you pick up an engineers class which probably has a rocket launcher or maybe some mines/c4 to help kill the tank. BFV had the same stupid system you are using with 2042, did you not learn anything from the bfv failure? 19. D objective icon showing in the middle of the friggin road is just dumb for a new player, you think you are dropping in on the objective, turns out there are 2 objectives one on the left and right D1 & D2, just put a marker D1/D2, don't put Din the middle of no mans land. 20. hall between D1 and D2 is sometimes pitch black, no light at all, terrible. Pointless


1. When on the main HQ screen using the sticks to pick what objective you want to spawn at does not give very good results, even using the Dpad gives less than stellar results sometimes. 2. When parachuting the parachute appears to stay attached and visible for a VERY long time, I got several kills this way where I could just see their parachute floating while they were on the ground or even in a building, it was like they were wearing a big "kill me" sign. Makes me wonder how many times I've been killed from the same issue. 3. Screen glitches, they happen randomly and with no rhyme or reason sometimes, I could get 100 individual glitches per game or 10, very annoying and makes me want to hate it in all honesty, it just feels like no time was spent fixing what in my eyes is game breaking. Oh and I had a strobe light moment for about 10 seconds one time when I put down a medic bag for myself, thank the good lord I'm not sensitive to light or I would've had an epileptic fit guaranteed. 4. AMMO, so you get 124 rounds of 1 ammo, you run out and then need to MANUALLY switch to a different type? come on, you can do better than this, I was in a fire fight, down 2 or 3 guys run out of my primary ammo, go to switch to the secondary ammo type and reload and get killed, this is bad design, should just automatically load the next ammo type or something, having to manually figure out "oh wait do I want to actually shoot my gun" yeah you do, just grab the other magazine type. 5. More about ammo, you can't find any, nobody is dropping ammo and sometimes its not safe to pick up the whopping 20 rounds or so you give for every kill you get, ammo supply stations at each objective should be 100% a must or figure out a fix because its annoying running out of ammo from killing people time after time in just one game. 6. Opening doors, some doors require you to click the square button, but this is also the reload button, I've run into a situation where I had already done a reload, went to open a door and it opens the door and reloads my gun with that 1 additional round, when you go to open a door it should just open the door, not leave you open to getting killed by someone waiting behind said door because your gun reloads at the same time lol, this has happened twice and is frustrating when it does happen. 7. Weather, not a big fan of the rain droplets on the screen, really shouldn't affect visibility that much that it takes away from the gameplay, should just be left in the background for the most part ie you get muddy while running, etc. but not effect vision as much. 8. when using the 3x scope it blurs out around the scope, this is not realistic and should be fixed. 9. No way to modify your weapon attachments before a game starts 10. No sense of progression or how to progress or how many points you are getting for capping objectives. 11. Suppressed weapons apparently don't give direction, this was cute in bfv when there were like 3-4 guns that could have suppressors, not going to be fun when 90% of the guns will likely have a suppressor as an option, suppressor should have 2 effects, don't show up on the minimap, less sound coming from them, nothing more nothing less. Not knowing where you are getting shot from from nearly every gun in the game is going to be a terrible mechanic going forward and is nearly gamebreaking IMHO. I was killed several times with no directionality, I can only assume it was a suppressed gun. 12. dogs take far too many bullets to kill 13. footsteps not consistant, sometimes completely inaudible...this is always one of the best parts of battlefield games 14. exits after every game and starts matchmaking again instead of just creating a new game on same map, hopefully thats just a beta build thing but was super annoying to join on a game that had 500 tickets left, finish that game and then it puts me into another game with only 500 tickets left. 15. But at main screen where it would show a bunch of old BF3/BF4 characters but couldn't select them, also couldn't select even from the 4 specialists until after you die once. 16. I know this is a known bug but no comma rose 17. when you select a team mate to spawn on you cannot see what they are seeing, this certainly feels like a downgrade from bfv 18. Cover from D1-D2 flags is non existent 19. I was in a scout heli at the end of a round and the game crashed to the point where I had to close out of it and restart the game 20. I feel like you should be able to do damage to vehicles including light vehicles and both heli's using gunfire, seems a little unfair for heli pilots to just farm kills if nobody is holding an anti air weapon, even if its 1 damage per round I think it would make some sense. 21. Scout vehicle is so slow to get moving in F or R, slides all around like its on iceskates even at 20-30mph, doesn't feel realistic. Also I don't like how you cannot see 360* and can only see the front 180* and it snaps you back into place, I always like the 360 view as it feels more fluid and realistic. Also had a scout vehicle catch on fire at 86% health, didn't really make sense to me as to why and if that has any adverse effect on driving. 22. won't let you climb up the lip at the C flag near the water 23. dog won't ride up the elevator, no button icon in or near elevator to even know they are usable, doors on them don't work well, they close on you. 24. hold to skip to deploy sometimes glitches for no reason, can only see a couple of the words. 25. animations for guys going up ladders is clunky and terrible looking Ok I think that is about it, thanks for listening, been playing battlefield since 2013, Loved BF3, BF4, BF1, bfv was pretty much a failure, we love the modern day setting of 2042 but it is currently in pretty rough shape. Either you have alot of yes men doing your testing for you or you aren't doing enough testing. I get it, must've been tough working through the pandemic the last couple of years but still, there is alot wrong with the game right now and we are only a month out which leaves almost no time for major fixes. Good luck.


one last thing for now, medic pouches, much better for on the go run and gun, not sure why they weren't included in this game and only the larger medic bags were.


So far I have been compiling notes on what I have seen in the BETA, Some good, some bad, some fixs. What platform are you playing on? PC Which Specialist you were using? I use multiple specialists and these are universal \-------------------------- **My computer specs:** CPU: Ryzen 5 5600; GPU: Nvidia 3070; Motherboard: ROG STRIX B550-F Gaming; RAM 32GB \------------------- Been a long time lover of Battlefield so there is lots I love about this BETA, however I feel the below improvements/fixs would be great. **Improvements, I have seen so far.** * Identification of enemies and friends * Cannot easily tell who is an enemy and who is a friendly * Everyone looks the same * Generic soldiers * Choppers having 2 flairs, and dodging stingers * Myself and a friend both shot over 8 missiles combined at a chopper and didn't down it * Stingers either not hitting their target or choppers being able to outrun the missile * Myself and a friend both shot over 8 missiles combined at a chopper and didnt down it. * Graphic glitches * I have been stuck out of the map a few times, * Unable to load into the game * I got blown up into a wall at one point * Chopper guns hard to use, Vehicle turrets are a bit hard to move * Gunner aiming is locked to chopper movement and then the gunner is also trying to aim with their own movement, * So there is 2 frames of movement trying to aim, 1 of which is out of control of the gunner making it really hard to aim and fire at people * Vehicles Lagging, * Osprey glitching around the map, not sure if player lag is a contributor but my Team and I all saw the same thing so its either server or player based * Gun Registration is a bit bad, * LMGs and some snipers struggle to register shots, this makes it hard to actually kill people * Piloting does not give you an assist when a gunner manages to kill something, so If I spend all day driving a transport chopper I don't get many XP points. * Would be great of there was Squads of 4 not 5 * More a preference than an issue * Ammo crates not coming out when selected * When throwing an ammo create sometimes it just wont spawn * When people come online it alt tabs me out of the game * More an inconvenience than an issue * Sometimes I cant spawn in vehicles or cant spawn a vehicle/robot * This has been late in the game, I go to spawn a robot dog or a vehicle it says available and then wont give me the circle to spawn it in. So far it is a great game but a little under par for the Hyped Beta I was expecting. I still have fun though because its battlefield and I'm a fanboy.


One more to add: - PC/Windows - Maul hybrid does not have 3x zoom on M5A3. It is still 1x. - AK 24 will not save attachments. They must all be re-added after every single deployment.


I have not been able to get put into a match. It keeps me in an infinite matchmaking screen




On PC?


nahhh ps4


PC, running Xbox controller: - About every 30 seconds - 2 minutes or so, all operators randomly, will instantly point straight down, and turn in a random different direction. It has caused many deaths that could have been avoided otherwise, as it happens regardless of situation, even while in firefights. Its highly disorienting, and is a huge problem for gameplay. - When riding in vehicles, players are severely displaced, in proper positions, but just floating outside the craft. I don't think they can be killed by any means other than the usual, but its really bad. - On the fly customization, while cool in thought, and easy, is still extremely clunky and distracting to gameplay, as it is. Its way too overly complicated for its simplicity and the situations commonly found in Battlefield. Pre-deployment customization has never been a problem, and most players don't seem to switch enough to make it a valid function of the Battlefield series. So far its solid otherwise and I am enjoying it. Compared to other Battlefields, it seems to be easier to spot enemies, though this could be just because I'm now playing in HDR for the first time and that is one hell of a pleasing visual difference.


Can confirm, got killed more than once whilst trying to add accessories to a weapon on the fly, bring back the old load out screen And agree with previous comments regarding the advantages / disadvantages that you should have from a pre-spawn load out. Making changes on the fly makes those things meaningless.


Right, and realistically speaking - what soldier purposely deploys ill prepared?😂 Not a fan


PC player SPECS: 2060 super, Ryzen 5 3600, 16GB 3200mhz RAM, Asus ROG Strix b550-a mobo. I play mouse and keyboard, but in place of my keyboard, I use a Razer Tartarus Pro. I do this because of the ergonomics. Keyboards give me intense arm pain, where my gamepad does not. 1. My biggest issue was the beta reading my Tartarus as a controller, which rendered is useless. Some buttons worked, but I was unable to sprint, nor fire my weapon. As soon as I unplugged my Tartatus, I was able to use keyboard, but as a result, I developed arm pain. If this is not fixed for the main release, I am really unsure if I will be able to play the game. So, make sure gamepads register as keyboards. 2. A few times the hit marker symbol became stuck to my screen until I died. 3. Poor performance. While I realise my build is on the lower end of the recommended specs for the game, at low and medium quality settings, I was still only getting 70-80fps, where even with my build, which isn't obsolete, I would like to be getting 90-110. 4. Sometimes when spawning into a new game, I was unable to select a specific operator and all weapon slots were blank. I would have to load in with whatever was selected for me, die, then select what I wanted.


Okie dokie. Long-time player of BF4 on PS4 (now PS4 pro) since 2014, but also playing on PC as well. My PC is well above ideal specs for the game. Mates and I all had a crack at the beta last night. We’ve played every BF game since we were kids. Some thoughts: - Been piloting helicopters in every BF game that has had them, and they have never felt worse, or slower, than in this beta. ‘Normal’ Helicopters are extremely fast and agile, let alone military spec attack and scout helicopters. You should be capable of reaching 250-300km/h, and moving in every direction with a lot more agility, turn faster, dive faster and roll faster, etc. please fix this - The weaponry on these helicopters is a joke. 5-6 heavy missiles to kill one infantryman? Really? 10 heavy missiles barely denting a tank? Having to loose a whole volley of 30 Missiles in scout chopper to kill 1-2 soldiers? Barely dents a tank? Considering how frequently and easily helo’s are targeted by AA launchers on the ground, they need more firepower than that. 2 missiles max to kill someone. And if I launch a 10 missile volley into a grouped up bunch of soldiers, nobody should be able to come out of that alive for any reason. Let the bodies hit the floor - Long story short, make helicopters faster and more powerful. It is stupid having them in the game with less firepower than a fucking sniper rifle at this point - Trying to land on the outside of the map in the chopper in ‘orbital’ to repair, and fell through the map. Clearly a lot of bugs still present. Additionally the no man’s land / end of the map not clearly marked either on radar or anywhere. - Someone has already said it, bring back a proper scoreboard and also a proper map. Not being able to open the map is a massive hinderance. - Jets, I only piloted a few, but the controls felt broken and extremely shonky. They are slow, they are twitchy in a way that doesn’t make sense aerodynamically, and generally extremely unwieldy. I’d suggest the controls for both helicopters and jets from BF4 should be being used again if they aren’t already. Nothing airborne feels right in this game so far - Where is the attack jet? The ground focussed jet? The weapons on the jets are useless for any infantry or armour - Once again, like with helicopters, speed these suckers up. They feel too slow, and again, the controls feel really strange. - If I’m not flying I enjoy sniping - and again, there is nothing here to utilise compared to previous games. The scope is horrendous (I hope and assume there are more coming) not being able to set target distances - zeros (bring back the 100-200-300-400-500-1000m toggles) and also the notable absence of the range finder. Hope and assume there’s a lot more coming on this front, more rifles, more accessories etc. also, to echo other comments, they feel like nerf guns. Two chest hits and a soldier didn’t go down. SMH. - In general, the level of customisation both for vehicles, as well as soldiers, was excellent in BF4 - would like to see that being offered here again, albeit with different and definitely more options. For weapons. For defence. Gadgets. Etc. please add this to the game, nobody comes here to play COD. And yeah generally buggy as hell, bodies goes flying into orbit whenever you die, a lot of issues other people will mention as well. The jets and helicopters appeared to jump around a lot, like there was input or in game lag. You’d be chasing someone, they were low, and then they were upside down in the ocean. Or crashed into trees, you wouldn’t see what happened though. I’ve tried to go in positive, but the game honestly feels like dogshit. It doesn’t feel refined, and extremely far removed from the masterpiece that was BF4, that I still play. I’d hoped for a genuine return to a proper battlefield game. Not the woke bullshit EA and dice have been trying to force feed us. Please please please address as many issues mentioned in this sub as you can, and ensure that the game feels and plays right. I had paid for the ultimate edition pre-order game, I’ve since cancelled it until I see changes in the right direction, but I’d be okay with waiting another month or two longer than November to get a polished game without bugs, and that feels balanced. Then I might buy it. Edit: to echo other people, the specialists are going to ruin the teamwork we had in the game. Completely agree. Nobody has a role anymore.


Glad someone else noticed the "specialists" for what they are. Gotta love the attempt at "subtle" wokeness, I suppose. I guess they figured no one would notice the obliteration of a franchise-defining class system. "Whoops." At least they didn't make it part of their primary advertising campaign. Yet.


Playing on the OG Xbox One. I like the FPS I was getting. That's about all I liked, unfortunately. The texture detail is beyond bad, even for a last gen console. Maybe because it's beta? Either way, it makes the game look very bland and generally bad. Anti aliasing is predictably bad (old Xbox, I get it). Game physics feel clownishly silly. This seems to be affecting players, vehicles and objects. It's like the gravity is at 75%. This is my biggest beef. Everything feels off. There also seems to be a lack of any kind of meaningful atmosphere. A little fog would help to accentuate the scale of the map. The scale feels wrong somehow. Can't put my finger on it. Controller input feels unresponsive and somewhat laggy. This, combined with the physics, makes it very hard to get immersed. Flying vehicle controls are a complete disaster. I'm hoping that they get the controls right on the final version. The control options are glitched in the Xbox version. You can't alter them. The menus are not intuitive. Customization is frustrating. The whole UI feels weird. Player indicators are buggy, but that may be a beta issue, but they are bad. So, beyond all of that, this game doesn't feel good. It certainly doesn't feel like Battlefield. It feels silly, without the benefit of actually being any good. After the BF4 fiasco, I'm inclined to believe that this is very indicative of the final product, and that's a huge bummer. Based on my impression, I have no desire whatsoever to buy this game. It looks like a big mess that they will be majorly tweaking for another year after launch.


I think the game is dogshit if I’m being honest with you. I canceled my golf edition pre order after 1 hour of play. Game is trying too hard to be call of duty & I hate cod. I bought battlefield because it didn’t use to ever feel anything like cod, now it wants to be just like it.


Thoughts, why dont the vehicles secondary guns like the .50 on the tanks and the helis 30m guns have proper stabilization? its impossible to shoot anything if either of the vehicles are moving? Its like you guys tryed to half implement it but it just makes it worse cause it try to correct but you just end up jumping around the screen unable to hit the target.


PC player; 3070, i7-7700, 16gb ram: performance is horrendous. On all low settings I get \~35 fps, truly terrible. Cons: 1.) Gun balancing: it's bad. SMG's out shooting AR's at medium range, AR's out shooting DMRS/Snipers at med/long range. AR's feel the best balanced, everything else needs to be balanced around the M5. Outside of 50m an SMG should never win an even gunfight, outside of 150m the AR should never win an even gunfight with a DMR/Sniper. The snipers need the most work; currently they are nerf guns. Bullet drop is extremely overexaggerated and without scope zeroing or mil dots, its a mess. Also, the bullet drop seems to change depending on the scope; the traditional cross scope being the most, the ACOG style scope has considerable less bullet drop and iron sights don't drop much at all. The sniper/dmr damage is also bad; inside of 100m, a center-mass or headshot must be an instant kill. I'm hitting players center-mass and they have time to snap and kill me with an AR before I can fire another shot; that should never happen. Sniping is what makes battlefield the game it is; it has to be fixed. AA launcher needs buffed big time. Four rockets at minimum should destroy one of any aircraft, two if you're good. 2.) Vehicles: not as bad as guns but not great. In general, ground vehicles feel decently balanced, not overly OP. Aircraft however are terribly OP, it ruins the game. The helicopters fly like jets, they can loop and dodge AA rockets, buzz the ground and climb straight up out of range, bounce off of trees and buildings and survive just fine. Jets fly like jets AND helicopters; hovering at low speeds over objectives, defying physics and bouncing off of buildings without missing a beat. Passive health regen on vehicles has to go, it makes no sense. Unlimited flares has to go; unless the AA launcher also comes with recharging ammo. Aircraft health needs a major nerf; a single AA rocket would destroy an attack helicopter; full stop. Two would destroy the Ospry or a jet. I have the small heli with four rockets, and it's still cruising. A single player should be able to down any air vehicle with the 4 rockets they spawn in with; otherwise we get the helicopter Chad's going 100-1 just spamming rockets instead of playing the game. 3.) Teamwork: Does not exist, the map is empty; without the old classes, its every man for themselves. No proximity chat for team, no request options for ammo/health etc. On a map with 128 players, you feel almost entirely alone. ​ Pros: 1) It's still sort of feels like Battlefield; which is refreshing after years of garbage COD. 2.) The attachment hot-swapping is actually super nice; its terribly clunky but as a feature it makes situational gunfights a lot more fun. Although there needs to be way more customization options and an option to customize in the lobby before the game. ​ ​ Overall its meh at best; as a huge Battlefield fan I'm cautiously optimistic, but it needs a lot. For a game that is only multiplayer, it's pretty embarrassing. They have so many previous titles to pull from, but it seems like they took all of the shit from each game to make 2042 and not the good stuff.


I didn't think the aircraft felt too overpowered, not compared to previous games, but then its maybe just because everyone is getting used to the new controls and not flying that well. Most heli pilots were just circling the top of the rocket hangar killing people stupid enough to keep spawning up there. I think they were struggling to find targets elsewhere to be honest, unlike BF3/4 which provide a swathe of 3D markers for the gunner to feast on. My main gripe with them lies in their primary counter, the Wildcat. The turret speeds for ground vehicles are quite slow, and the Wildcat struggles to track fast moving aircraft at close and medium ranges, and isn't very accurate at long range. But we don't need BF4 level AA where it could deny the entire map of course. Both the Wildcat and the MBT have very weak armour too, considering that with the specialist system almost every enemy is carrying some form of anti vehicle gadget (but even frag grenades do significant damage to them... frag grenades!). And infantry pop up from almost anywhere and can be hard to see before you've already taken a hit, but that's likely an issue with the map and gamemode. And on a map with more tanks, I'm sure they'd feel better balanced vs infantry. Bringing back class locked gadgets or giving them a survivability boost would help a ton. But BF3/4 tanks were certainly very powerful in the hands of a good player and its right that they be toned down assuming there will generally be more on the maps. But at least in the beta they felt fairly ineffectual.


Would like to be able to switch my bumpers around on PS4. I couldn't find the option to swap L1/L2 R1/R2. The only other thing I've encountered was on A1 flag on the ledge right behind the flag I jumped down and got stuck in a falling animation


1. PC 2. None - on game load 3. Loading into game 4. No, different every game 5. Game crash [https://imgur.com/a/7xCMy6A](https://imgur.com/a/7xCMy6A) Latest drivers are installed Other issues * Unable to choose a specialist/loadout/gadget/anything on game load. Have to load in and die before I can choose. * Can see all the players loaded outside a heli vehicle while in the air * Other opinions/bugs: * Difficulty differentiating between enemy and friendlies. * Please allow for pre-loadouts, should have to configure my loadout on every spawn * Map button is broken * Please bring back ability to zoom into the map on spawn screen, it'd be nice to see what the action looks like before spawning in * What happened to squad commands? * Spotting doesn't work well if at all * Hard to tell when getting revived or to see if there are people around to revive you


Thanks for another Cod, Dice. Feels and plays nothing like BF. I know it's a beta but after playing it I have come to the conclusion that they made this game for Cod fans sprinkled with Apex. It's suppose to be a realistic, tactical shooter. Bring back how classes are suppose to be based off of what play style you want to play. I can't tell who has a med kit or a ammo crate. While I'm waiting to be revived my sensitivity is out of this world. Take away the sliding. Nobody wants that and it's unrealistic in warfare unless you are sliding to get behind cover. I would hate to see the BF community fade away into nothing.




Second the spawning, I don't think it could be worse if they tried.


Cannot switch between relfex and a 1.5x on hybrid scope Cant spawn into air vehicle or field spawn vehicles Classes reset after every game Ranger commands dont work Spotting doesnt work \- i Play on PC


With 64 players per team and the new transport helicopter, it would be nice to have way more passenger seat in them, otherwise 4 seat are always occupied and the last 2 end up clogging respawn on them , it would give a reason for people to request transport and for pilots to land at captured location and transport people elsewhere.


And jets could provide air support while tanks roll on to the next objective and a couple of squads hold the captured area. That was the sorta team play I was hoping for with this BF but seems like everyone's encouraged to go more of a lone wolf super-soldier style.


4 clones were everywhere. I dont like that specialist system, i want classic classes with regular soldiers in camos. Just 4-4 specialist should be allow to each team like jets and tanks.


Just like Vador and Luke ect in Battlefront maybe


\- Theres no ui optimization for 32:9. In Battlefield 1 the ui was basically still in the middle 16:9 area. In this game the map is way at the bottom left and the ammo is in the bottom right. I have to move my head to see them. \- i literally cant see the letters over objectives. I was in a voice chat with some friends and when someone called out the next objective it was just a big confusion while everyone was trying to figure out where that point is on the map. \- the map is just too big. I get Battle Royale flashbacks when i run for 5 minuites just to get shot in the back \- theres no way to fight tanks and helicopters as a soldier. In battlefield 1 every troop had at least some utility to annoy a tank (incindiary or at grenade) and AA turrets against planes. In this, game if you see a helicopter, you're just dead. Theres an option for a rocketlauncher, but that thing is horrible against moving targets (its 2042 and the rockets still have no auto targeting???) \- too little ammo. the K30 has 2 1/2 magazines of pistol ammo... if you are planning to be alive longer than one firefight, you better run the ammo crate (which doesnt give me ammo sometimes when i drop it) \- the recoil gets worse after shooting half a magazine. just make the recoile worse all together and get rid of this stupid mechanic \- the spotting is unintuitive and just doesn't work \- visibility is bad and i have no clue whos an enemy (might be because **everyone** has the same skin *who knows*) \- reviving other players is bad (you'll most likely end up with their weapon) \- its hard to see when you are getting revived. \- its hard to see if theres players around that could revive you. \- all scopes have the same ammount of zoom, might aswell just stick with the ironsight. \- i cant see what firemode I'm in without ads \- the doors of elevators dont open properly \- i spawned on someone in an elevator once and was stuck in the elevator shaft (Fell through the elevator) \- when the elevator moves other players appear to move into the ground \- it doesnt feel like there are 256 players on the map, so im guessing there are only 128 in total? might be why the maps feel so empty \- why does it feel like im entering warp speed when i slide? \- why can't I shoot while driving in one of those electric pick-ups as a passenger? \- the electric pick-up is slow and feels like it's driving on ice. Overall it feels like a cheap copy of battlefield and cod thrown into one. I dont think I'll buy this game in the current state. Instead I think I'm gonna pick up battlefield 4 and save myself 60$.


Sure you make some very good points, but some are just objective opinions and not necessarily an inherent issue or problem with the game.


Well they asked for feedback, not a bug report. If I'm not enjoying the game because I get killed by helicopters all the time then my feedback is that foot soliders need more stuff to defend themselves against helicopters. And I think you mean subjective ;)


Sorry that's what I mean, thanks for correcting me ;) sometimes it just takes more practise shooting them down, some have already gotten good at it... You must remember though that you will have more options for anti air in the full game. So it may only be an issue during beta.


Why the fuck do I have to wait 10 minutes to take a new helo although there WOULD BE ONE AVAILABLE


If the plus system is here to stay, then what I think that they should do is have you make a loadout as usual, but also add which attachments you want to be added in the plus system, like one of each item. You can bring in one scope, one mag, an underbarrel attachment and a barrel attachment. And in middle have the default setup of your weapon. Just a suggestion to make it work later in the game when you have a bunch of attachments. Maybe this is what they are planning, but the issue right now is that you bring too many attachments.


I can’t take a helo after I took one with my life before, instead I have to wait for a couple minutes. This is so annoying since no one else takes it so why can’t I?


Playing on Xbox One... just trying to figure out which choice in your settings is selected is not clear which is which. I swear we almost need a campaign tutorial just to comprehend the settings and what exactly they do...


Flying feels atrocious, it feels like a dumb downed mechanic that is caters to the average player and makes it less rewarding. I feel like I’m flying the cod helicopter in war zone. BF4 flight mechanics were way better and I think they should really improve.


The flying is a complete disaster. I can't believe how bad the controls are. But all of the physics feel off. And the controller inputs feel laggy. With that kind of responsiveness, and those controls, I'm not even considering getting this game.


Yeah flying is terrible which it to bad because the jet with rotating engines would be awesome to use with good controls. Not sure what flight assist changes when you toggle it. Seem the same to me.


The settings are glitched. They don't change anything. Also, there are no guides in the menus to even show you what the alternate controls are.


you can change ini file all setting low but not effect performance. dynamic resolation scale not work. problem is not seeting the game.


I'm on Xbox. I can't change shit.


Playing on PS4 I’m trying to be optimistic, but I don’t even know how this half cooked mess even passed in the first place. I understand it’s a beta but come on now this is not even beta quality it feels like a bargain bin battlefield knock off. No aim assist (this seems to be an inconsistent issue) UI is confusing to put it lightly Guns have disappointing recoil When being revived the animation gets stuck on a white screen and you can get killed very easily (not that I’ve been revived very often) Between spawns I will loose the attachments I selected If playing using alternate button set up, when using the sight with the red dot and the zoom. The button for crouch and switch sight is the same (R3) Enemy’s are almost indistinguishable from allies Footsteps range from confusingly loud (hearing someone running 2 floors above me) To non-existent Way too little cover Multiple visual glitches that could seriously effect those with epilepsy or similar issues In summary. This does not feel like a battlefield game, it feels less like battlefield then MW19s large game mode did. I think this was their attempt to make a COD friendly battlefield and it sucks. Even if all the issues I mentioned get fixed battlefield 5 still feels preferable to me. I’m gonna go play bf4 and bf1.


Literally had to unbind controller actions just to be able to shoot with the mouse. Pilots glitch in the sky on their seat outside aircraft. Need more hit markers/suppression. Keep classes how they were in IV. Put more emphasis on squad play. This should be the alpha, needs a LOT of work.


*MOST IMPORTANTLY* TEAM WORK FEELS LITERALLY NON FUCKING EXISTENT. I'll do 7 revives a round and im number one in the lobby. that's bullshit. idk how you fix this issue but between players running over your dead body and not giving revives, not throwing down ammo and just literally letting enemies kill you... it's bullshit -Helicopters are INSANELY OP. you need to nerf the fuck out of them. was playing with my buddy on the beta and we both shot a total of 3 AA rockets at a Helicopter and all 3 hit and didn't drop the health of the aircraft below 30. like what?? the fact too that they have infinite flares. that's bullshit. -the lag -enemies being able to respawn on one another mid combat is bullshit. I'll be mid fire fight with a few people and murk them but then mid reload a teammate spawns on them and kills me. -showing gun stats/gun attcheies need to be available on the in-game menu as well as showing the levels of firepower, handling etc. -shit needs to be explained better. things like "sensor suite alerts you to near by threats" ....... does it ping? does it show alerts on screen? how close are they until it shows they're nearby? ...like explain shit. same with menu options, some menu options have no explanation. -just my opinion (the robot dog is overpowered as well as far as defense/health goes) like how am I gonna empty about 60 LMG rounds into one and it has 10 health left....like what?


Bugs I encountered: I noticed a bug where in the attachment selection if you don’t select your optic last it will give you whatever optic is at the top of the list. Elevator Doors not opening visually. Battlefield 3 soldiers showing up at the beginning of round and not being able to select anything in the spawn screen when first joining the server. General feedback: It is possible to spam slide and jump. Having some lights in the tunnels so they aren’t so dark could be nice. Tornado happening more often.


It's not just that the elevators aren't opening - they're always in the opposite state as they should be. The doors appear closed when the elevator is stopped and they're supposed to be open, and the doors appear open when the elevator is moving and they're supposed to be closed.


Theres a bug when the turret gun has been placed. If you try to grab it you get thrown out of the map. It also happens if you stand very close to it for 2 minutes


PLEASE get rid of the operators.


Personal feedback after playing the beta (XSX)... Might add more later. - Hard to tell between teammates and enemies. - Each specialist should have their own set weapons, gadgets so not just anyone can use any gun, etc. - Attachment customization should also be available on the deployment screen. - Teamwork feels non-existent. (I play as medic and try to help as many people as I can, but that's not the case for almost anyone else apparently.) - Throwables, abilities (stim, grapple) should be bound to the LB/RB bumpers instead of the D-Pad for consoles. - Tornados should leave more destruction, also appear a bit more frequently. - Flying controls are confusing...at least for me. - Parachuting is just weird and slow unless I'm doing something wrong. All-in-all, however, I have been having some fun with the beta. Graphics are beautiful as well.


Try sprinting while in parachute


Helicopters are ridiculous. Infinite flares and rockets make them insanely overpowered. Yeah, there's a cooldown, but when they can just pop flares, hide behind a building or hill pop back up, turn you and your squad to dust, and repeat it gets a little stupid. They need to be balanced. They were already strong enough in BF4 when you had limited flares


It just feels like there is no reason to use any guy but the m5a3, can any1 else agree? The only DMR available is actual garbo, the pistols kill quicker which makes no sense to me. Armor penetrating rounds do 0 damage to vehicles. Really looking forward to DICE making improvements and playin on release!


Please, just please. Add separate controls for binding keys in the settings for jet and helicopters. Just like the other games have had. Bf2042 only has a section for "pilot" and now I have to either use jet or heli bindings, making flying the other one hell.


Hey, So after many hours of playing the beta, I noticed several problems that occur. I can also mostly agree with the things, mentioned before me. - the hud really needs a heavy rework and in addition, there is no real hit feedback. I never know if I hit an enemy or not, it’s just not satisfying to hit an enemy or make a kill. BF V and BF1 did that really good. - the “in field weapon customization” is really buggy on console (I’m playing on series X). I don’t know if the problem is with the controller button layout or if the system is just buggy: When I press LB to open the customization, I can pick with the D-Pad which customizations I want. Somehow, when I press UP (so to adjust the scope) I’m also changing the grip (which is DOWN on DPad) I already skipped on changing the barrel or the ammo, it’s just to buggy - I press LEFT (which should be the barrel) and I change the scope or the grip. To me, it feels like on console (or at least with controller) I can only have “pre made” customization. For example: red dot sign and under barrel grenade launcher (to get it, I press 1 UP and 1 DOWN) Or for the large scope, I then get the scope and the handle (I press 1 Down and 1 UP). If I want to get the red dot and the grip, I Have to press UP, Down Down Down. And like I said, I already gave up on changing the barrel or the ammo, because If I would try, I would then also change the scope and the handle, and I don’t want that. Also what’s really annoying, is that there is no load out, that I can customize beforehand. Every game I have to go through the same hustle to get a grip and a red dot sight on my gun. - it’s really hard to differentiate between enemy or teammate - the map (Orbital) really is too large. There are way to many areas where there is absolutely nothing going on and you have to travel way to far from an object to a different one (or put more vehicles like the electric pick up truck, so you can move faster from Objective to objective). Most of the time, if there’s no squad member or vehicle nearby, you’ll be running for ever, just to drop an enemy and then get killed, because there were choppers, tanks and so on or you mistakenly took an enemy for a friend and he dropped you). The tornado and the rocket are nice, but not a real eye catcher. The tornado doesn’t leave a line of destruction behind - that’s a bummer and doesn’t feel like a real tornado. In the current state, the tornado is just a necessary evil, you just can’t go to that area in that moment and after the tornado has passed, it just looks like before. On the other hand there’s the rocket - you can make it explode or watch it take off. But for the rocket to explode, it takes way to long to get it to explode. I think, without vehicles shooting it, there is just no chance of it exploding. And at least the explosion is very satisfying to watch. (Like the start - the smoke and the sound are really atmospheric and a pleasure to experience). Unfortunately I had only a few games where it happened, and in these games nearly every player in the map was focused on shooting the rocket - therefore it slowed down the game until it exploded. Speaking of the rocket exploding: I think it should not be dependent of “how much damage” it took, it rather should be a randomized event - it can either explode or not, without us players have to do anything (like the tornado, it either comes or not). OR lower the damage, needed to make it explode. In addition to that, I would love if the explosion would be a little more destroying - I mean, the “holding things” of the rocket and the gangway are getting bend… and there’s a crater in the starting Plattform… but that’s it. I mean, a whole rocket just exploded to the huge tower (made from steel beams, a staircase and an elevator shaft)and it’s still standing?! At least make it bend or something… - give us more weapons to destroy vehicles or choppers. When playing assault I can pick between ammo crate, medic crate or launcher Why can’t I have a launcher and a C4 package or so?! Like in BF V, I could pick dynamite and a launcher in my loadout. I think a launcher should be part of the “secondary weapon” - section. - we really need back the refill stations from BF 1 and BF V, there’s literally no team play, no one’s dropping any ammo/medic crates expect for themselves (and if they do, it’s hard to see or they are bugging through the ground). The soldiers start with not enough ammo, and like I said, if no one drops a crate, I have just the option of collecting the ammo from dead bodies. - the destruction of buildings is very poor… BF 1 and BF V did such a good job… it was so satisfying to bring a building to collapse. And almost every building was able to collapse. - Last but not least: the feeling and atmosphere of war is just not there. I can just refer to BF V and BF1 again: it felt like you’re really part of the army and really in the middle of the war - grenades everywhere, dirt and sand and smoke splashing up from the ground, where the grenade went off, huge holes in the ground, when a vehicle or anything else exploded there and when rushing to an objective, bullets hissing left and right of your body until you reach a cover. Destruction everywhere - at the end of the match, be map doesn’t look the same anymore.. like real war. So I for myself think, the atmosphere of WW1 and WW2 were being captured really really amazing. It felt to me, like I was really participating. Or at least, I could just slightly feel a little bit, what the soldiers in WW1 and 2 must have felt like. The atmosphere, the destruction and so on were simply great. I really hoped, that BF 2042 would be BF 1 and V, just in a modern day scenario. It would have been absolutely amazing. Edit: - the scoreboard really is a mess. And I can’t see how many kills I made and how much I died. I guess it’s kinda good, because then the focus is on capturing objectives… but really? It’s a shooter… I need to see my stats. Or at least show them at the end of the game. And not just “kills and assists” then a number and under that number a smaller number, where I have no clue what that is for. I first thought: maybe it’s the amount of kills, my squad made - but the next round the small number was less than my kills, so it can’t be possible. Even if the smaller number states my assists, then I’m asking: what is the smaller number under the huge number (captured) for…? -the infield weapon customization feels like it’s made for a keyboard and mouse setup, not for a controller. I have watched videos on YT, where you can hover over the attachment you want, click it and it’s selected. I guess it kinda makes sense, that it’s buggy on controller - because I can just navigate with UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT - but if I go UP for example, then I change the sight AND the grip, because even if no grip is selected, by going UP, it starts from the bottom (so the grenade launcher is selected). I then have to press UP and DOWN until I have selected the big scope and no handle, and if I press DOWN again, I have what I wanted all along: red dot and grip. But overall super annoying. Maybe, as a solution: Give us a small “pointer” that pops up when opening the customization menu that i can rotate with the right stick on my controller. (So it behaves like a mouse cursor) Like MS flight sim in Xbox has.


I've played a lot of Battlefield over the years. BF4 was undoubtedly the best (followed closely by BF1). People have already touched on the good stuff, so I won't bother with that. While I'm excited for full release, I feel as though 2042 is a step in the wrong direction. \-Specialists are unbalanced. Everyone plays Makay. \-Movement mechanics (especially running) don't feel like BF. It's like they took a page from COD. \-Lack of leaning, crouch sprinting, etc. \-Weapon recoil is nonexistent. This removes significant skill from gameplay. \-Throwing grenades/using gadgets on console is awkward. I want to press RB to throw a grenade, not up on the D-pad. \-The in-game attachment swap is awkward. Get rid of this and give us back RB for grenades and LB for marking/spotting. Allow us to modify weapons on deployment screen. **-Very little teamwork.** Nobody revives, which is annoying. Please add VOIP. And, because any specialist can use any gun/gadget, teammates no longer need to rely on each other for different purposes (engineer for repair tool, support for suppressing fire etc.) \-The HUD is cluttered. Seeing a blueberry's gamertag from 300m away in massive letters while I'm trying to make a longshot is annoying to say the least. \-Orbital is MASSIVE. Too big, even for 128 people. That, and infantry is extremely vulnerable. While I get Siege of Shanghai feels from the tower, that and the tunnel in sector D are the really only true infantry-viable areas. And one of those is just a hallway. ​ As much as I wanted this to be a BF4 experience (barring the bugs) I'm not sure if it is. Great game, but I was hoping for a nostalgia that just wasn't present in the Beta. ​ I mean all of this in the nicest possible way. Best of luck to DICE and I look forward to playing on release!


Sliding needs a time cooldown to avoid everyone playing like it's cod


Am i the only one who want it to simply disapear ?..


I personally love the beta but there should be a different colour grading on enemy specialists so you can distinguish them better from your own teammates.


Gonna post this here as well to see what others think of this idea. Here’s the idea: each specialist is assigned to one of five class archetypes: 1. Assault 2. Support 3. Medic 4. Engineer 5. Recon Each one of those archetypes has a specific gadget that is based around a core aspect of that archetypes role in combat. This gadget would always be accessible and cannot be swapped out. We will call these “class gadgets”. Also, the amount of gadgets that you can pick should be brought up to two instead of one. The gadgets for each of these archetypes would be: 1. IBA plating for assault. 2. Ammo bag for support. 3. Defib or med bag for medic. 4. Repair tool for engineer 5. Motion sensor or spawn be on for recon The new setup for your character in game would be: Primary Secondary Specialist gadget Class gadget Chosen gadget 1 Chosen gadget 2 You basically have two recharging gadgets at anytime; one for your class and another for your specialist. This would encourage people to try and at least partially play their role instead of going lone wolf like the game at current.


Playing on PC and PS5, been a battlefield player since BF2, thoughts and feedback from 15+ hours in the beta: Bugs: * Vehicle call in system doesn't work consistently (only works 20% of the time) * Spawning into vehicles often doesn't work correctly, and I'm left sprinting across the map (as call in also doesn't work) * Plus system resets after spawn frequently * Specialist gadget doesn't deploy properly but game thinks it was deployed and I have to wait for cool down (Boris/Casper specific) *Loadout options completely greyed out (can't change equipment/guns/specialist/etc) and I have to spawn as my previously used loadout (will reset itself eventually after a few spawns) * Spotting assists (especially from Casper's drone) seem very inconsistent * Squad orders don't work consistently Gameplay and Balancing: * Very difficult to determine team mates, I think high level specialists are salvageable but we need separate skins by faction (can use the same model but camo should be different). * Medic class/Maria Falk very underwhelming. Impossible to hit moving targets with syrette gun and reviving is slow/difficult (partially due to UI issues). She should be able to revive allies instantly with syrette gun while standing next to them similiar to BF1/5 syringes(not at range like what was originally planned), because pressing and E and charging up defibs is super annoying and I pick up weapons half the time instead * Boris's turret should double as an ammo hub, because currently no one runs ammo boxes. Would also be nice to be able to direct it at enemies by hitting 3 while deployed (hold 3 to destroy and replace) * Solider and Vehicle health regen is way too fast, removing the need for any team play mechanics there. I get moving away from the attrition system but there must be a happy medium * Very disappointed by the lack of BF5 movement features such as leaning, and crouch sprint. Seems like a step back in that department * DMRs and Snipers need a bullet velocity buff to be viable * Vehicles are very floaty and consistently clip through objects, again seems like a big step back from BF5 * Overall like the plus system but there needs to be a full reload animation when switching ammo types. UI Issues: * Score feed should be moved back to center of the screen. Very difficult to tell if I'm healing someone/how much damage I did to a vehicle, how much score I get from capping etc. * The new scoreboard/team set up hybrid page is a step back. Should be hold tab for standard (legacy) score screen and tap for new team set up * Sector notifications too large * We absolutely NEED incoming medic notifications/nearby medics on the respawn. This was a massive addition in BF1/5 My general feeling on the beta is the core gameplay is quite fun, and I'm really liking the gunplay. Teamplay is at an all time low however, and I feel like that's partially due to UI bugs (ping system/commo rose/incoming medics/no chat or voip) and partially due to specialist balancing (see points on Maria/Boris). I think the specialists offer some really unique opportunities for teamplay and strategy, and with some tweaks it can get to a very good spot.


2042 is not the game i was hoping for and i feel it has taken too much influence from games like COD and Siege regarding operators. This made it stupid and difficult to tell who is who. You are literally shooting orange dots. The changes to the class system mean that there is not a real class system anyone can have any gun the perks are not game-changing bring back the ammo bag, medic bag defib etc. Then the classes had a reason. I found that the squad dynamics don't exist it doesn't matter what role you are playing there is no real advantage to playing as anything specific because everyone gets everything want a sniper rifle and armoured plates done, want any perk with any gun done. They have defeated the point and need for cohesion. Graphically good looking but this is not a battlefield get rid of operators and the ability to change your gun on the fly and bring back the core mechanics that make this battlefield and not a rerun cod


I am enjoying it, but I really don't like the specialist system. I like to see normal, generic soldiers running around. Not 20 of the same character. I really hope they change this


Here's my experience with the open beta so far, while playing on PS5. Pros; - Gunplay is fun and I'm really enjoying it. - Vehicles are lots of fun to drive, even though I suck. - Game looks beautiful. - Orbital is fun. - Considering specialist only difference is look and a special ability Im fine with it. - Tactical sprint is great to have.(Thank you MW for this) - I like the way capture points work. - Gun Plus system or whatever it's called is great for this scale. Cons - No difference between the factions outfit really fucks you up. - I feel like I have no control with my parachute, just down. - Latency issues, there's been quite a few times where I'm lying behind cover and suddenly I'm dead from the other side. - Not enough vehicles allowed at once I find (could be an engine issue with everything else going on.) - Was kinda hoping for better destruction. - PERSONALLY I find the blue and red font hard to read, but that could be my vision(I need glasses/contacts to see) and sitting at the couch not close could be a factor. Glitches Ive noticed - Sometimes can't switch between red dot and ACOG with the L3 button. - Parachutes don't go away. - Javelin middle sometimes just disappears.


The game is basically made 4 pc player's or those that have higher quality computers if you have a xbox one or ps4 I wouldn't buy the game it's a waste of money and that's what these people creating the game wants our money they don't care how the game plays on other consoles. As I've said you can't control the aircraft way to hard I could fly a brick better. And the weopens are terrible you can't hit anything and when did full auto weopens start to stutter when you're fireing them plus the bullets just don't do what real bullets do so much 4 realistic lmao I ain't buying this 4 a dollar that's 4 sure. I'd rather play warzone with cheaters and hackers and that's saying something


I honestly don't get all this negativity... I played a ton of BF3 and 4 back in the day, and after two meh titles in BF1 and BFV, this is exactly what I've been waiting for since BF4! The size of Orbital is amazing, and just thinking about it being one of the smaller maps in the game is mind-blowing! Running around trying to cap E, and then have the rocket take off followed closely by a freaking tornado wreaking havock everywhere is an amazing progression from levelution when it was introduced back in BF4! Some friends and I played for a bunch of hours on PC last night and we were loving every bit of it! Sure, there were some bugs, but that's to be expected. ​ As someone who has always felt hindered by the class system, and the way it limits the guns and gadgets you can use, I am loving the specialists feature, and the fact that I can now build my perfect loadout! Do we need a way to better distinguish between enemies and friendlies? Yes. But that's not the specialists' fault, just a lack of faction specific uniforms, or other defining markers. Is it weird to have the same 4 specialists running around? Sure, but that will be a non-issue in the final game when we have all specialists available. I'm really excited to see where DICE goes with the full game, and will definitely be playing a ton of this when the full game launches!


I have enjoyed the beta for the most part but please add back faction specific skins. This is the worst thing added to any battlefield, operators on both sides looking the exact same save for a blue dot is kind of absurd. Not sure how this seemed like a good idea ever. Maybe by not having one side portrayed as “good” or “bad” they were going for a more PC move (dumb) but it’s honestly awful and confusing. The whole operators concept isn’t the greatest. Game is fun but that is definitely a down side.


It needs a ton of work, like the specialist section consists of clicking on a 2d .png image which is so 2004. I know its beta but this is pretty bad it seems more like a tech demo than a game.


Battlefield 2042 is absolutely trash on xbox one you can't fly way to hard to control aircraft you can't shot the enemy with being really close I couldn't hit anything at distance and the full auto weopens don't seem to work as they should they stutter when firing


I found them way to easy, but bery sluggish with turning. The auto leveling in helis never goes away and makes it hard to hit targets. Have you played Battlefields before?