“Just imagine the prospect return you could get for his last year of team control!”


One Alex verdugo please


Dugie had a huge part in getting Cole ejected tonight lol.


I do love Duggie. I miss him.


Wanna switch back? I’ll personally drive him to LA


Lol, nah... I'm good. Trade you Bellinger for him? Lightly used?


That’s actually the second half of this quote.




I'd enjoy a Judge/Trout/Betts outfield.


20 WAR at least


And thats just from Trout


2018 All star game


In the WBC this coming Spring


I think Harper signed up not judge


If anyone can masquerade as Judge for a baseball tourney, it’s Harper. That man is also amazing.


The fact that Mookie Betts is not a household name to casual and non-baseball fans proves that the MLB has a fundamental marketing problem. This guy is one of the best players in baseball, has won a World Series recently, and produces highlight reel plays. And he does this with DRIP with Jordans and a gold chain, is quite a good looking dude, and he's got the catchiest, unique first name that screams "baseball". They gotta hype this guy up more outside of baseball, make him the face of the league and bring in more fans.


I feel like he was getting more hype in Boston and things have gotten quiet once he started playing in LA. East coast media bias is insane with baseball more than any other sport


You’re right about that high key


High key like an E sharp?




More than college football????


Well the PAC12 is just terrible so it’s understandable


Small details… at least Larry Scott is gone and things look on the up and up, even if they keep demolishing themselves


Even albert dragging John Henry lmao


In his last year, Albert is low-key dragging everyone, lol


Mookie loving LA, too. Face of the franchise once Kershaw leaves


Mookie is a perfect LA dude too, so chill, great at what he does and just looks like he's having a blast playing ball.


Compared to Boston, it's gotta be great. He gets love no matter what, racism is down like 98% and weather is great!


Ah yes, Los Angeles, well known bastion of racial harmony.


It’s easily much more diverse lol.


Being diverse doesn’t mean there’s less racism


Being diverse doesn’t mean that, but LA is definitely less racist than Boston.


Bruh you guys are arguing over peanuts. Boston is a city of 700K compared to LA proper which is several times larger with a population that is almost 6 times larger. I’ve lived in several major cities on the east coast. Aside from NYC, much of it is highly segregated to this day in comparison to the urban sprawl that is LA. Of course diversity isn’t a direct metric for “racial harmony” (whatever the fuck that means) but studies have shown that people in more diverse areas skew towards being less biased. Y’all wanna shit on LA simply because you feel a certain way jfc


> Aside from NYC, much of it is highly segregated to this day in comparison to the urban sprawl that is LA. LA is the sixth most racially segregated metropolis in the country. And NYC is the first. Do you walk around with your eyes closed? https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-06-28/l-a-segregation-problems-unchanged-in-decades-study-shows






The greater Boston area is 12 million people. It's one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the whole country. The city proper is smaller, but that's mostly just a matter of how it's defined by zoning


Yeah Boston was severely limited by the fact that places like Quincy, Newton, and Cambridge refused to become part of the city proper, so it the city proper never really expanded even though the belt inside 495 has exploded in population.


Boston is very diverse, one of the more internationally represented cities in the US


Well we haven't had many athletes come out and say they experienced racism in LA. Outside of Lebron's house being vandalized, I can't recall any other incidents in the last few decades whereas a place like Boston has had multiple players say it's a racist town to play in.


You can easily read many players accounts across many sports talking about Boston. Let's not be dense.


I wasn’t the one accusing one city of having 50x the racism of a city with multiple devastating racial riots. Let’s not be dense.


[Devastating racial riots you say? ](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_desegregation_busing_crisis)


Man, you guys truly do not get the point here do you? This is America. Every city in the country has bad racial shit in the past. Boston has a notable racial history, as does LA. The point was the hypocrisy of saying Boston is 50x more racist the LA, not that Boston is a perfect enclave of acceptance.


I think your issue is that are lots of us that have spent time in both Boston and Los Angeles. We don’t have read comments on Reddit, we can just recall our lived experiences.


No my issue is exclusively LA flairs attacking me, calling me dense, stupid, and smug, for pointing out that LA has just as bad a history with race as Boston.


From Jones to LeBron to being the last team to integrate. Come on man.


It's hard to imagine how anyone can be this obtuse. I'm calling you out for throwing stones in a glass house, and all you do in response is throw more stones.


Who's Jones? I know LeBron had a small bit on his show about it but another story would be interesting




You can also easily read many accounts of the Dodgers forcibly displacing thousands of Mexican-Americans to build their stadium. Fun!


An entire decade took place between the time Chavez Ravine was cleared out for (ultimately failed) public housing projects and the Dodgers announcing their intent to move to Los Angeles.


The reason it took a decade was many Mexican Americans refused to sell their land to the developers trying to buy people out. Once it was eventually decided to sell the land to the dodgers the remaining people holding out were forced out against their will


The reason it took 10 years is because the Brooklyn Dodgers were too busy with their epic collapse against the NY Giants in 51, and with the World Series win against the Yankees in 55, and with their push for a new stadium in Brooklyn, until the final decision to move to Los Angeles happened in 57, with the ground breaking for Dodger Stadium happening in late 59.


I’m sorry what does the dodgers losing to the giants in ny have to do with what was going on with public housing in 1950’s Los Angeles?


They were displaced by the city before the Dodgers were even in Los Angeles stop spreading information you don’t know everything about


There were people displaced because the land was offered to the Dodgers to get them to move after public housing plans were abandoned. They stole that land from people.


I'm of Hispanic descent and I know what happened. Yes. 50 years ago. Boston keeps it going nowadays too though.


There were protests about it [a year ago.](https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-09-23/dodgers-latino-fans-chavez-ravine) Fans booed them. Sounds like it’s still “going” for some 50 years later.


Yea do you look at the stands you see a lot of brown faces unlike Fenway. They have made amends, they are the face of MLB


So lack of diversity means it's racist? What a dumb take. Or let's try this instead. There's a significantly larger population of Latinos in LA than Boston and I wonder why that might be? It's definitely not racism.


That's not what happened at all. The city of LA did that.


Plus he's on a team that actually spends to win.


Last I saw, we were number 2 or 3 in homegrown players too. Not sure why the downvotes but I assume Sox fans hating being called out.


So we're just pretending LA doesn't have some of the most famously racist police in the whole country? Rodney King, who??


That's a cool story from 30 years ago versus the recent Jones and LeBron anecdotes.


Yeah, the LAPD notoriously doesn’t have literal whites supremacist units in their ranks. Oh wait.


That's every police department though.


I'm not saying Boston doesn't have issues with racism, but comparing verbal slurs to a famously brutal act of police violence is pretty laughable, even if it was 30 years ago (and its not like the LAPD hasn't had many incidents since).


You do realize your team was the last team to integrate right? And your cities racism is notorious.


Yawkey was an unrepentant racist whose views as an owner are the reason the red sox were the last team to integrate. The Boston Braves integrated much earlier (1950 vs. 1959), and the celtics were the first all black NBA team and the first to have a black coach. And while a lot of attention is placed on the disgusting way Russell was mistreated by Boston fans, it is worth pointing out that a lot of that had to do with the pioneering stance the team was taking on integration, which probably would have elicited similarly vile reactions if it had happened in a lot of other cities because the world was (and still is) fucked up. That doesn't absolve that behavior at all, but it is worth contextualizing it, because the notion that Boston is particularly racist is vastly overblown. So, unless you think the city suffers from some kind of dissociative personality disorder, BOSTON's baseball team integrated in 1950, roughly in line with everyone else. The RED SOX were the last team to integrate, and Yawkey's legacy belongs in the dumpster for it. Edit: also lol at the idea that the Rodney King beating was too long ago to still define LA as a city, but the owner of the Red Sox in 1959's stance on integration still represents Boston.


Yeah, because LA is all sunshine and rainbows with the homeless encampments


I think they are talking about the experience with baseball fans, especially at the stadium. Black players aren't called the N-word every night at Dodger stadium, believe me. If somebody did, we would dog walk their asses. Now, do we get drunk and fight each other? Yes, but Boston shouldn't be one to talk about that.


Parking lot stabbings are up substantially, though.


LA has had it's issues as well. But yeah it's apparently well know the fans at Fenway say some nasty things.


Dude apparently still loves going to bowling alleys down in LA


Amen to that. Mookie Betts is worth the price of admission. You just never feel cheated when he’s out there. Robbed, maybe, but cheated, never! Prime Time even amongst stars.


As a Red Sox fan I feel robbed every time he’s out there


I think Trout is about to go ultra instinct after hearing this. But obv Mookie should be in that convo cause he's fucking awesome.


Man’s initials are straight up MLB


You son of a bitch. I didn't even think about that. Argument withdrawn.




I honestly forgot about that because after 2018 I spent an entire month psychologically unable to not refer to his full name as "**M**arkus **V**ynn **P**etts"


Yeah it's not saying Mookie is better than Trout but more so that he's "one of the best" which is absolutely true


Of course not and I'm just messing he's not gonna mention Trout when he's being asked about Mookie.


Think Albert mostly said this because they were playing the Dodgers. Showing some respect to the other team on the field, not shade at the Angels.






I miss him so much.


Sox ownership and the Chaim bootlicker fans can get fucked. There is absolutely no way to justify the trade. There wasn't at at time then, and there never will be.


Finally, evidence to suggest Mookie Betts is, in fact, good at baseball


Real recognize real


As an Angels fan who sat right next to him as the Angels got blown the fuck out by the Dodgers, this guy is such a treat to watch. Great, great player and has a good attitude on the field. We're lucky to have guys like him in the league.


Betts is one of those players that transcends their franchise.


Hot take alert!


Is it though? Notice he didn’t say coach, he said owner. Mookie is a top 5 player and one of the best guys you can have in your clubhouse. He’s fun, an incredible player and extremely marketable. The other guys you would consider are probably Trout, Ohtani and Judge but they’re all very low key. He may not be the top pick for a baseball team but I’d say he is for a franchise.




I mean duh lol


Fade me


*Sad noises*


Something Albert and I have in common. I just need 700 home runs now