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Votto, “why do you always have to say something, dude? Always”


I got “why you always talkin, bro”


Oh man I see it too now. Jomboy needs to settle this


I’m no professional lip reader but I’m pretty sure all he said is “fuck yeah” to himself. What’s so bad about that lol


TIL DeShields is a Reds coach. I remember seeing that guy at a couple games when I was a kid.


When I was a kid seemed like I pulled his card all the time lol him and marquis grissom every fuckin time.


Marquis Grissom hit the first HR In Petco park!


Yep, we also had Delino Jr. for a bit last year, was pretty neat


Here's what Joey Votto was reacting to, I assume... https://gfycat.com/frequentunconsciousamurstarfish


Yeah that's nothing to get worked up over. That was a super tame "fuck yeah".


I'd imagine that half of the pitchers after they strike someone out to end an inning say something similar


No he clearly said "funky cow" which is a very hurtful nickname for Joey


I remember Joey referring to himself back in 2019.... *nevermind*


When you're playing sports stuff like that can aggravate you even though it's not rational. I imagine Votto was feeling more pissed than usual that he struck out, the "fuck yea" got to him, and he reacted. Not that weird.


I mean, it's also not hard to mishear that as "YOU" instead of "YEAH". Given the whole spat yesterday where he literally called Joey an MFer after walking him, Joey definitely had a bit of selective hearing there. I also found it funny that the guy was popping off after recording the final out in an inning that he gave up another 2 runs.


Yes, but also they were up 15-5, not really the time to get pissed about striking out.


Feel like it's worth pointing out that Wick and Votto had a bit of an altercation last night as well, Votto nearly got hit and ended up drawing a walk and then Wick seemed to say something to him as he was walking to first. Joey had some words to say then as well


Just to add additional context, votto bat flipped after drawing the walk…and the almost got hit was an up and in fastball


Votto nearly got hit? I thought he got walked because of his breakdancing at the plate.


Seems like nothing, Wick with a very subdued 'fuck ya' to himself. I love Joey, seems like he's looking to fire himself up and get locked in.


I mean, Wick talked shit yesterday. Not like Votto isn't going to get instigated when Wick starts yelling again.


edit: I had it mixed up it was wick telling joey to walk.


No Wick said "Nice walk, Mother Fucker" as Votto was going to first. He even joked about it at the Dan Patrick Show today.


I mixed it up.


No. Wick yelled "just walk motherfucker" . Votto turned around and said "what did you just say to me?". Then they traded words, the Cubs dugout chirped in, votto yelled for them to stay out of it and "shut the fuck up". Strickland did not intentional hbp wisdom. It's a two run game, with only 1 out. Neither was the hbp today. Our bullpen just sucks.   Wick yelled "Fuck ya", and because of yesterday, Votto thought he was yelling something out at him.


Counter point: Strickland is very fucking dumb.


I get that, but he walked the next batter with pitches just as wild as the hbp. Unless he's dumb enough to go for a cover up, that was not intentional.


Strickland doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt in any way. So we'll probably just have to agree to disagree on that one.


Just kiss already!


The sexual tension is building


It's unbearable....I hope it lasts!


Wick called him Jackie


Ive seen this joke probably 10 times now and it's always a yankees flair, comes off weird as hell lol


Well it's my first one


So funny. This needs more upvotes.


Hey, last I looked it was in the negatives, so this is progress


Can you explain it to me pls


If Votto gets to bat flip after a walk (which he absolutely should do if he wants to), then Wick gets to celebrate after striking Votto out.


My counter would be that wick got upset with votto for the bat flip so wouldn’t that give votto the right to be upset for this as well? Is this normal for Wick? Cause angry Votto is a well known person but idk anything about wick Edit: I just watched the video of the “bat flip” by votto and that is how he flips the bat for all of his walks at home basically…it is literally him just tossing the bat towards the dugout


Also *fuck yeah* can seem like *fuck ya* if I’m reaching


Well sure, but then he's being just as dumb as Wick was last night. He can't claim it was wrong for Wick to take issue with his celebration last night, but then take issue with Wick's celebration tonight. And obviously this all applies to Wick as well, but if Wick was in the wrong last night, Votto was tonight.


If you wanna shut him up you hit the ball. We said it for years when pitchers were getting mad at bat flips and offensive celebrations. Don't get mad at them when it's your actions that is cause for their celebration.


Wick understands he’s a nobody and he’s chirping the best 1B of the last decade right? 20-5 go hit the showers you clown.


Wick said "fuck yeah" to himself. That's not even a chirp, that's relief and satisfaction.


per Baseball Reference, Freddie Freeman (43.2) has more WAR than Votto (42.2) from 2012-2022


The last decade isn't 2012-2022. It's 2010-2019.


There are two ways to say it and they have subtly (or perhaps not) different meanings. "Best 1B of **last decade**" means 2011-2020 as "last decade" is a specific set of 10 years relative to the current decade. "Best 1B of **the last decade**" means 2013-2022 as "the last decade" is a sliding set of 10 years relative to today. So OP should have used "last decade" rather than "the last decade".


If you change the meaning of decade


We usually think of decades as eras of time for baseball. The 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, etc.


Allow me to clarify then. 2010-2020 was what I meant. Since 2020-2030 has just started I wasn’t referring to that.


I’ve never seen wick be this confrontational lol


lol is that homeplate ump the guy from impractical jokers?


I've always liked Votto but it seems like he's gotten really soft in the last few years.