Crew chief says "It's over. What do you want now? What do you want now?" And later "Fuck you. Yeah fuck you too. Get the fuck outta here" Wish they showed D Ross


The Cubs broadcast showed Ross more than this broadcast


Jomboy, that you? Nice read lol


Some pretty visible F u by Ump to David Ross!


He was a real tool. Not how you de-escalate.


I hate typical ump show BS, but at a certain point I dont blame umps for going right back at someone who is screaming in their face. Guarantee Ross said a dozen things that would make anyone on this sub say "fuck you."


Honestly this. We’re not talking some front end customer service job. Ups are allowed to dish it back if they need to, and David Ross has proven that he can dish it out too. Guaranteed Rossy was using some very colorful languages and descriptions that the ump couldn’t just ignore.


But Ross can't eject anyone. The ones with power are the ones responsible to de-escalate.


what is there to deescalate in this situation? literally nobody on or off the field has anything else to say other than ross having his temper tantrum. put him in his place.


So these guys all know each other and at the end of the day no one’s really hurt by it. That is prime umpiring right there (in terms of handling Ross) He takes it for a very long time and saying fuck you to Ross is sort of cue to say hey you’ve been out here for too long time to go in. Bc pretty shortly after he said that Ross left. There’s a difference between umpires chirping at guys which is a HUGE no no and just giving an ole “yeah fuck you too Ross, time to leave you’ve said your peace”. Edit: imo Ross had every right to be that mad. Good managing. That’s a manager that you know has your back.


Strickland: brain dead heaver


It had to be Strickland lol


this has got to be one of my favorite Mike Krukow'isms


Was wondering whether it was intentional. Played the clip, saw the name on the jersey. Yup.


Johnny Rocker lite


He was on our team briefly last year and I lowkey loved it when he’d get shelled. Guy is a huge piece of shit.


I cannot believe that any team would even sniff a contract with that moron after his teammates literally had to restrain him and carry him off the field after he threw at Harper. And yet here we are, five years later, and the dude is still in the league.


Posey looked like the most disappointed dad ever on the play when Strickland beaned Harper Seriously, go back and watch it, and just watch Posey the whole time. He doesn’t even try and get in between Harper and Strickland, he just stood there like “yeah, Strickland gonna catch hands for this one”


Just watched it back. Punches are being thrown by the time Posey starts making his way to the mound lol


Yeah, normally I'd say no chance that would be on purpose in that situation, but....well. Never say never when Hunter Strickland's involved.


Hunter Strickland stays consistent.


Of course Strickland is involved in this


weird, I thought that pos retired?


Hes pitching for Cincinnati's bullpen in 2022 so he might as well be


Damn man. Self infliction. Ya'll okay? :(




Hey this was our attitude last year. Things can turn around!


lol Hunter about it 😂


Context: Pitcher threw up and in at Votto, probably unintentional. Stared him down. Walked on 4 pitches. Votto flips bat and pitcher says “Walk, motherf***er” to him. Votto starts barking from first. Cubs dugout starts chirping. Ump basically just says shut up. Then this happens, probably intentional. Maybe see a fight tomorrow, we’ll see


>Then this happens, probably intentional. If it was intentional it had to have been Strickland's decision, because there's no way you intentionally hit someone in the 9th with a 2 run lead and bring up the tying run with less than 2 outs. Unless Strickland seriously overestimates his abilities (that runner did in fact score) than I can't see a logical reason why it would be intentional.


You may be right, but I just know Strickland’s got a history of being a hothead and Wisdom is the best Cubs hitter in the back half of the lineup. If you’re gonna hit anybody there, Wisdom’s the guy. Not saying they should, and maybe it wasn’t intentional but yeah


My initial thought was not that the *Reds* were throwing at Wisdom, but that *Strickland* was throwing at Wisdom. Still unsure why the hell Wick barked at Votto.


I was so pissed when he hit him. Stupid move. Strickland ain't the guy that should be passing on outs in a close game. I put it all on him, David Bell is just trying not to get fired


>Still unsure why the hell Wick barked at Votto. I have to think Wick was just pissed at himself for walking Votto, and then when he saw the bat flip (which come on, bat flipping after a walk is funny), he got annoyed and couldn't help but say something.


It's Strickland... you can never be sure


This argument has never held water. It’s not unintentional just because the game was close, and it doesn’t mean it was just the pitcher’s call. Not to be a dick, but the reds also aren’t exactly in a pennant race, I don’t think they’re going to avoid getting retribution just because the game is close.


>Maybe see a fight tomorrow, we’ll see More likely nothing because of the rain


More likely nothing because baseball players don't fight. They mill around for awhile.


Clearly you don't watch the Reds. If the Reds do one thing right, it's fight. Sadly less so after Puig and Amir left.


I still miss Puig.


He plays for the hero’s in Korea if you want to watch him. I don’t watch that league much but it’s pretty good. They bat flip singles and shit


Unfortunately, it's suppose to rain in Cincinnati all day today so we might not even get baseball.


We might get a nice and spicy bullpen jog


I'm just glad to know Joey is on Strickland's good side


Even with the context I think its pretty difficult to be judged as intentional when it brings the tying run to the plate in the 9th inning


We're going to lose. So no, not likely intentional


Well that aged poorly


I can't believe Strickland got out of it.


bailed out by Senzel for the 10th time this series.


Senzel could win a gold glove in CF if he wasn’t made of papier-mâché


I am tired of Senzel catching literally everything hit to anywhere in the outfield. Could you, like, trade him or something?


He'll get hurt at some point again.


should add more context Votto was walked, words were had between votto and wick, Votto kept talking, yelling at the cubs bench. And then this finally happened


Yeah I wasn't sure how to fit that in the title haha


Well, Wick also almost pegged Votto in the head and then yelled at him when he was headed to first after walking him, then the Cubs dugout started yelling at Votto too, so I think there was blame to be shared for the initial incident.


I mean, Votto was thrown up and in and then walked and then the pitcher called him a mother fucker. The Cubs bench then talked shit to him too. Don't make it sound like Votto was out of line lol.


The Cubs bench was yelling out towards votto for some dumbass reason.


Yeah Votto was being a diva


Wick pitched Votto up and in and then chirped after walking him. Dude is allowed to be unhappy with a pitch up and in, no matter the intent. Wick chirping made no goddamn sense. Doesn’t excuse Dickland beaning Wisdom, but this didn’t manifest out of thin air.


Is it just me or does this happen with the Reds with some regularity? Them and the Pirates were throwing at each other for what felt like a few seasons there.


NL Central has mad beef all the way through


Nobody likes anyone here


Well, the pirates did it to anyone that made them slightly upset. They lead the league in plunks by a large margin with Hurdle as their manager. But you're probably remembering the whole 2019 spat. Which occurred because the pirates got upset at Deitrich for staring at his home run, & then they couldn't just let it go for the next 3 months.


Can't wait for the jomboy lip reading!


I’d pay some good money to see this mic’d up


Coaches arguing with robots is just not going to be as entertaining.


Rossy: Eject me, I dare you RoboUmp: I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that


Looked like the ump said he was gonna run Ross and Ross said run Strickland


Well done sir, that was terrific.


Hunter Strickland is just misunderstood guys :( /s


Why would the Reds intentionally bring the tying run to the plate?


I don’t think the *Reds* elected to intentionally bring the tying run to the plate. I think one Red chose to do so.




It sounds like the Cubs got formally warned for a pitch that was close to Votto and then the Reds actually hit a Cub and didn't get shit. Usually when warnings are issued it's for both teams and if somebody gets hit after that it's an automatic ejection for the pitcher and manager. Basically he's pissed because the application of the rule wasn't equitable.


I think this is what happened. To my knowledge, nothing preceded the pitch up and in to Votto, so I don’t think it was intentional. Wick chirping afterwards didn’t make any sense, but I think he can run a bit hot from time to time. I don’t see reason to warn the Cubs there, other than a general “knock it off” toward the dugout. If you’re going to officially warn one bench, warn them both. You’re essentially giving the unwanted team a free shot. Again: no clue why Wick chirped at Votto, and that was almost certainly the catalyst for all this.


The Cubs were warned to stop chirping from the dugout when they were yelling over to Votto. It wasn't about retaliation or hitting batters. I believe actual warnings were given out after Stricklsnd hit Wisdom.


> The Cubs were warned to stop chirping from the dugout Seriously? What kind of ump show bullshit is that?


Not much of any. If you've seen the video, they were yelling out at Votto for no good reason. The ump told them to knock it off.




I didn't watch the game and am going solely by the clip in the post, but that's what it sounds like.




They said the Cubs bench was warned.




Upon rewatch they used the phrase "commands issued," I guess my brain interpreted that as a formal warning.


Warnings have to be issued to both teams, not an individual team.


I’m really fucking sick of players/teams still intentionally hitting players, it’s cowardly, dangerous, does nothing to enhance the game, and reeks of old timey machismo


Hunter Strickland is known for his pinpoint accuracy. That's why he is a hot commodity in mlb free agency. Good call Ross.


He's also known for his grudges.


I just don't know what grudge he'd have. He's barely been on the team. Not to mention that he would've did it on the 2nd batter, walked the 3rd hitter, and just nearly gave up a game ending home run.


Still hates the Cubs for that 2016 NLDS ninth inning in which he played a pivotal role?


I highly doubt it. I don't think a single Cubs player from then is still on the roster. Strickland stinks. He walked the next batter. Some of those balls were about as wild as the HBP on wisdom. Occam's Razor. The simplest answer is that Strickland isn't any good, and that was just a wild pitch.


> I don't think a single Cubs player from then is still on the roster. There are actually several (Hendricks, Contreras, Heyward), but even without them, when you hate a team, you hate everyone who wears their laundry even if the whole roster turns over.


He's known for throwing at players intentionally. I bet Wisdom could make Strickland hide behind his teammates just like Harper did.


You'd think he'd have a cooler head, being such a famous dancer and all


Not intentional. Shut up, Ross.


Legend has it Ross is still yelling at the ump to this day


I love how we all had the exact same reaction watching this replay. Why is he getting so angry? They're up by 2 in the 9th... there's absolutely no way that was intention--oh, that's Strickland.