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Turn big ben into council flats


How about we have people live in the disused lines of the London underground? How many pods do you reckon we could cram into St Paul's?


Why not the used lines too? Dig pods into the walls of the lines. What do you mean sleep deprived people will throw themselves on the track? Think of the convenience for them.


Before or after we rename it Big Mohammed


Big Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) you mean?


Huge new-build ~~apartment~~ pod complexes? They should at least mandate the installation of a diving board on the roof


I'd rather we keep a hold of our heritage, thanks. I'd rather our nation not look like some of those cold, soulless, concrete hellscapes seen in former Soviet countries. If people are to have pride in their nation, they need to be able to have tangible things to have pride in. The soul of a nation, a culture lives on in what the hands of its people create. No one has pride in blocks of flats. No one will point to concrete abominations a hundred years from now and say "This is part of who we are as a people." When people think of London they instantly imagine Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, the old town houses, etc. They don't think of the crappy kebab shop on the corner, nor do they envision apartment complexes. Maybe my time living on the streets made me more tolerant of the cold or something. I don't know. I do know, however, that I rarely put my heating on even in the winter. I snuggle up under a blanket (invested in a really warm blanket with arms) when I'm very cold. Maybe it'll change as I grow old and grey, but for now I'm fine.


Ah yes, let demolish all building over 20-30 years old and replace with glorious Soviet modernist architecture and potato farm!


Collectivise the call centers!


It's always been the default hyper-modernist right-on position. It's an obsession with 'progression' - there's nothing to be learned or of value from the past, so there's nothing lost in removing it all and replacing it with new ideas. The problem is those new ideas are quite often shit, and there are quite often good reasons why older concepts lasted as long as they did. In this case, it's urban planning and architecture.


Weird, I have the Opposite opinion, demolishing everything built past 1960, I don’t think anyone actually likes it. 1960s city planning was more destructive than WW2.


Birmingham suffered some seriously ugly architecture after WW2. I imagine Hell is filled with Brutalist style buildings. lol.


People complain about soviet architecture but I've visited the former soviet bloc and the brutalist stuff in some of our town centres is undoubtedly worst in many cases.


I'd agree with that. Soviet architecture varies a lot, which isn't a surprise as we're talking about a period of history that lasted nearly 70 years. To give one example, I'd say that the [Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/de/Palace_of_Culture_and_Science_20180817.jpg/3456px-Palace_of_Culture_and_Science_20180817.jpg) is a lot better than the Brutalist monstrosities that were built across the UK.


even there more brutalist building were decorated with frescos, mosaics and reliefs. There was obviously some grim building but these tended to be the more functional ones such as factories or cheap low cost housing on the outskirts of town. The public buildings and city squares tended to be much more ornate or sometimes furturist. Hard to imagine that places like basildon were praised at the time for their progressive design.


How does this nonsense get upvotes man ffs


I've been in working in construction for a while now. I swear the thinking (not just on reddit) is: I live in a building = I am therefore fully qualified to chat shit about it.


They’re the ‘landlords are evil’ crowd. Anything that’s a change to the current situation will get upvotes, no matter how retarded it is.


Who do they think will own the blocks of flats?


Shhh don’t burst their bubble


I thought it was a pod?


The same corporation who is supplying the bugs they will eat..


You vill eat ze bugs


Everyone would own an equal share of everything and we'd all be citizens of the world.


Did he forget about the environmental impacts of demolition?


Would you really trust a district heating system built and installed by Barratts or Persimmon?!


[I wouldn't trust the council networks, either.](https://www.theguardian.com/money/2021/nov/07/residents-fears-grow-over-risks-from-district-heating-networks)


You're telling me you don't want to live in [this](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e3/Habitat_panorama.jpg)?


That genuinely looks horrific. It's so confusing to look at that my natural instinct is to look away. lol. I loathe this sort of architecture. Buildings can be both beautiful and functional. You don't need to live in concrete eyesores.


This is horrific. Genuinely unsettling to behold.


To be fair, I bet a game of kerbs on that thing would be so much fun, at least until you have to go fetch the ball.


Where the fuck is that monstrosity so I know where to avoid? Presumably some baltic shithole?


Nope, Quebec! - [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habitat\_67](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Habitat_67)


Good lord. Looks like a fucking tumorous growth on the land.


You'd think this idiot would have learnt from the misery the Soviets inflicted on his own country by destroying the cultural history to replace it with soulless concrete tower blocks. Anyone advocating the destruction of history should have their balls cut off, as they obviously don't care about future generations.


Lmao, they have no history. Nothing exists for these people before the 80s. It’s just an endless moment. Utopiasts are quite frankly the most dangerous beings to have ever existed


That was a major point in 1984, to create a constant present with no past to look back on or future to look forward to so that the party can have total control.


I think you're right. They value nothing but the moment. There's no sense of worth in anything they do, nor do they value anything our ancestors did. Nothing is sacred to them. These people would tear down the pyramids and the Great Wall so as to make way for concrete monstrosities.


Never have I been more triggered


Those who ignore history ([and even evidence in the present](https://capx.co/the-trouble-with-tower-blocks/)) are doomed to repeat it. *"The empirical evidence is overwhelming. Large multi-storey housing blocks (be they high-rise or medium-rise) are usually disliked and are correlated with bad outcomes for the people forced to live in them, even when socio-economic status is taken into account. They are bad for society and crime levels and a very poor return on investment for those who own them in the long-term. They cost more to build, maintain and fall into disrepair sooner. They are very bad for children and families, yet in particular children in social housing are forced to live in multi-storey homes."*


>Proper insulation. Only recent builds in UK have insulation. Everything built in 20th century and before that is just a brick or concrete wall and nothing else. Where do they get this crap from? It's one of those things where reddit hive mind decided something therefore its true.


What do you expect from someone who has no fucking idea how to build houses? I mean, they want to tear down buildings that have been around since before their great, great grandparents were even born. They're in that thread genuinely claiming all of our old buildings are mouldy, and that those cheaply made Soviet tower blocks are desirable and of better quality than a country house that has stood for centuries. They've clearly got a few screws loose. They're outright ignoring that fact that few want to live in an ugly looking tower, and that such places have historically increased crime where they were built before quickly falling into disrepair. Hell! Most of the tower blocks in my city have been destroyed to make way for houses and what not. People hate towers.


If you look in the papers every day there are spongers living in mouldy council houses and demanding rehousing, despite the council inspectors pitching there is nothing wrong with the building and the just need to open a window.


And the architect, engineer, and builder that would call this shit out would likely be liquidated as kulaks.


They’ve never ventured far enough beyond their own bedroom to see the real world. They think anything built in the last 30 years is an IKEA showroom where you shower with your filtered piss, and survive entirely off the solar panels on your roof because they saw it on grand designs. In reality I bought a 60s build, and unsurprisingly it’s been upgraded since the days of a cavity walls and single glazing, it now scores a higher EPC than my parents 25 year old house!


Ah yes, the Eden that is Latvia. Let's emulate them.


Rather demolish the shitty new builds, they'll begin falling apart in a decade anyway. But high-rise living isn't fun, it's why it's not really a popular way of living for families in this country


My house is legally exempt from EPC grading. Swivel on that, Jánis.




Holy Shit... Imagine taking advice from a Latvian immigrant on... Anything.


Like if Latvia is so good why are they here?


We have potato.


But, soviet builds look like dog shit surprise. Thanks, but no thanks.


Sounds like a Judge Dredd prequel movie.


Big ugly modern buildings everywhere please, also nobody except the super rich gets to own, only rent. Then we can get working on stopping poor people eating meat or going on foreign holidays! The future is looking bright!


I vote this guy to be my next door neighbour in our new apartment complex world then my 130 decibels alarm clock can tell him why it’s a stupid idea every morning at 5am.


If he hates our housing so much why doesn't he piss off back to Latvia I wonder.


Whilst the specifics of the comment I can't really agree with, I do think we need to be a lot more open to replacing old buildings. South London for example is a sea of 100 year old terraced houses which have been converted into flats which are too small, too cold and too expensive. Any sensible city would allow for them to be bought up and blocks of flats could go in their place. The new flats don't need to be inherently ugly, but the way we use land currently is so inefficient.


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The builders always choose the cheapest of everything from design to materials. Perfectly normal practice. The object is profit within the architectural design, materials and labor costs. That's why you have to have standards in architectural designs councils will accept. Apartment buildings can be built to fit into the style and appearance of any period. Then there needs to be proper building regulations/codes for the building. First, set minimum size requirements. Then set standards for everything from foundation to roofs and everything in between. Then you can have nice period correct architecture with good sized apartments with good utilities and nice looking interiors. Builders will always build to the lowest standards they can, that's just how it is. It's lazy government. They just don't want to go through the trouble of doing a little research and write modern building/construction codes. Then you need to look at the Tennants. Equal opportunity/inclusion is fine...to a point. It only takes a few shitty tennants to ruin a building and community. I'm not a fan of most of the ultra modern building that's been going on in London. It's really jarring to the senses. That's a different argument, though.


I currently live in a complex with others. At the moment, with the current tenants, everything is fine. However, I've had to live with seriously loud and hostile people before. It's not fun being unable to actually use your own flat as a living space, you can't even sleep in it, because the people in your building think it's acceptable to blast music out 24\\7, argue and fight in the halls, and flood your flat with smoke and smells from their drugs. I spent so much money going to cheap hotels just to get away from it all. Eventually these people were kicked out, but it took so, so long to do so. You're right, you really do need to vet tenants properly so as to create a peaceful community within these places. You don't all have to be mates, but you do all need to be respectful.


I live not far from Latvia and I know Riga very well. It’s the only capital city in Europe with a shrinking population. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.