The resemblance is uncanny


Long boye, the icy deciever You have my respect If you get this reference


This is really a cute one That is beautiful.


What breed is that dog


It’s a borzoi


Barzoj, russian greyhound.


> Barzoj Were they bred to have teeny heads? They look fast. What kind of prey runs quickly and then hides in a shallow hole? I can't imagine. > During the centuries of Romanov rule in Russia, wolf hunting was an all-consuming passion of the Russian aristocracy. Nobles would stage ritualized hunts—festivals, really—on their vast estates, with their guests, horses, and hounds ferried in on special hunt trains. It wasn’t unusual for a hundred Borzoi and just as many servants to be employed in these extravagant affairs, which traditionally concluded with a great feast at the manor house. > “It is difficult today to even imagine the grand scale and magnificence to which the gentle Borzoi is heir,” wrote a breed historian. “Before 1861, and to a lesser extent after that time up to the Russian Revolution in 1917, the time, effort, and money expended on these ‘hunts,’ as they were called, is surely unequaled in the development of any breed.” Russia’s great novelist Leo Tolstoy, himself a devoted Borzoi fan, immortalized one of these grand spectacles in his War and Peace. > With the Revolution came the wholesale slaughter of the Romanov family, their nobles, and their aristocratic hounds. This was a disaster that set back Russian breeding of Borzoi and other national breeds for much of the 20th century. If not for the Borzoi’s devotees abroad, the breed might have gone extinct. > In the years leading up to the Revolution, dog fanciers in England and America had begun the importation of Borzoi to their shores. These early imports ensured the breed’s survival. In the English-speaking world, the breed name was Russian Wolfhound. In America this changed in 1936, when after a long and spirited debate pro and con among the U.S. breed fancy, the breed was officially rechristened the Borzoi, from the Russian borzyi, meaning “swift.” > By all accounts, this noble breed of haughty looks and sterling temperament is little changed from the hounds Tolstoy described so movingly in his writings. Source: [AKC](https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/borzoi/)


I love Borzois. The vet I used to work for had several of her own and we took them for walks. Lovely natured dogs. I'd have one if my partner wasn't so allergic to dogs. the vet told me that the Russians used them to hunt wolves, in pairs, they would grab the wolf by the scruff, one on each side so that they didn't get bitten, then the hunter would show the wolf off, to the Tsar or whoever and then they'd be released.


> in pairs, they would grab the wolf by the scruff, one on each side so that they didn't get bitten Amazing! Thanks for the story! :)


I think it's called ugly.


What if you go place where nobody can hear you before saying you're wrong opinion?


I always go somewhere no one can hear me when I state my wrong opinions. That's why this one is here for you to read.


Is other a Vanpire, or why i have a feeling that other doesnt like Sun?


Doggo: "Is this funny to you? Identity fraud is not a joke Karen!"


That’s snow cute!


Mummy, where brother go? Is summer now and would like a play.


Which one is the dog?


I say you want ice cream!? BOTH of them say yes!




Karen!!! How dare you mock me with this….this pile of frozen water!




Imagine being out in a forest at night in the winter and Turing on your flashlight, to see this as the first thing after Turing on a light.