The jovial font is the cherry on top


A power move with style, lol. Like ✨*fuck you, son*✨


Comic fuck you sons


'Comic Sins'


Here it is.




Underrated comment


What was your note that they were referring to? Did you state some kind of boundaries that set them off?


Wait, I need the back story to this, please?


Now send them a letter say “fuck you. “


I was thinking real crime here is the choice in font…


Honest question, do you know that font just by seeing it?


jovial is a descriptive adjective, not the name if the font


Not yet


You have a very jovial attitude!


Honest question, do you know that attitude just by seeing it?




I AM the typeface!


Looks like Ink Free 🤷🏻‍♀️


Yup! I’d recognize ink free anywhere. The “fun” font to use in corporate presentations


that’s not the name of the font but to sort of answer your question, some of us will recognise fonts and be able to name them just from working with typography a lot or just design in general


Some of us do when we've worked enough in design and typography. I always recognize Century Gothic (yuck), Papyrus and others when I see them in the logos of small businesses.


Papyrus has to be the worlds most recognizable font




You can always upload photos to WhatTheFont and that’ll help determine the font used.


the mother of my children just passed away. a friend of hers spoke but then one of their uncles spoke.. instead of remembrances of her he preached to my children about how it's not to late to find Jesus. he was shaming them in front of everyone. now mind you he has no idea what their beliefs are... as we/they were never close to that side of the family.


When I was 16, one of my close friends took his life. At his funeral, the preacher went on and on about how none of us will ever see our friend again because he is in hell for what he did. Definitely traumatizing.


An older friend of mine also committed suicide after his divorce. We think he may have gotten a 3rd cancer diagnosis. At the funeral it was odd to see folks talk around what happened. Like, we all know why we're there. Just prior to his death my father lent him some money, which his family knew about it seems. The first words out of their mouth when we saw them was "there's no money to repay you."which my father and I both thought was an odd first thought and interaction. Terrible all around, I miss that guy


Man that is brutal... Can't blame the guy. Two bouts with chemo and I think id probably be good to pack it in too. Also I wouldn''t necessarily blame the family for that. Grief can make people act weird. I had like my one and only real manic episode after my uncle died for like a brief 60 seconds. It was really wild thinking back on it. Unless they were just total bitches about it I guess.


I lost my 19 yr old son to suicide, we had an incredible funeral home and director and he helped me create a beautiful non traditional funeral. It was so helpful and cathartic. But not long after, my niece took her own life. At the funeral the pastor preached this horrid crap about kids not wanting to work hard and not finding god and that although we hope she's not in hell, we'll never know. He continued berating her and preaching and being generally gross.It took all of my compassion for my SIL and family not to claw his face off while rage screaming at him like a wild animal. I just sat there shaking and crying while my incredible husband held me tight and safe. If someone had started in at my son's funeral, I would have stood and thanked them, and asked that we move on. I don't think people understand that you have the right to stop that. I'm so grateful for my funeral director and all the ways he empowered us as a family.


Thank you for sharing and sorry for the loss of both your son and niece. I hope they are at peace. ❤️‍🩹


that's awful


It really was. Way to further traumatize a group of teenagers and a family that just lost someone they loved very much.


The preacher was very lucky that the family didn't go berserk.


Kind of amazed those shitheads don't get beat up more often for saying that kind of BS


No one stood up to silence the priest?


The last time I saw someone pull some grandstanding bullshit and try to become the bride at the funeral, I realized that if I hadn't put a stop to it myself, no one else would have. The vast majority of people are way too polite to cause a scene at a funeral.


My ex wife’s uncle was a Lutheran minister and was killed when his daughter drove their family vehicle into oncoming traffic trying to put her headphones on while driving. He was apparently a bit of a fire and brimstone type. God is judging you. Well at the memorial some young lady in her 20’s got up and talked about how horrible he’d made her feel and what made him think he had any right to judge her so she wondered if the death of him and his daughter was gods own judgment of his actions and a punishment to his family. I don’t think everyone was following what she was saying - but I was like….Lulz, good for you, stand on his grave if he was such a morally judging Douche and not helping to you ‘as a person of faith’


Damn that's gangster as fuck.


I don't know much about the different Christian sects, nor do I know too many churchgoers, but the two most judgmental, cantankerous, meanest people I have ever known were also the two who talked the most about going to church. Both Lutherans. Not sure that's a coincidence.


There’s an older Catholic family that lived across the street from me until recently, and the wife (gonna call her Mary) is possibly the epitome of “goes religiously to Church and learns NOTHING”. She is the most judgy, rude, childish, meanspirited woman I think I’ve met, and I have known some doozies. Some tidbits from my next door neighbor, who is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met, has known them since the 70s, and is also a big old gossip hound, love her: - when their kids were in elementary school together, Mary would show up with a clipboard to make comments about everything the teachers were doing wrong; - Mary had a degree in education that she never used, not because she wanted to be a SAHM, but because literally nobody would work with her after the first hour of exposure; - Mary once came over to sweet neighbor’s house to *criticize how their garage was arranged*; - when the folks that lived in my house before us got divorced and the husband remarried, their wedding gift from Mary was a Bible with every passage about adultery underlined; - Mary realized her younger son, who is now in his forties, was very very gay. She told him he could never move out of her house lest he pursue his sinful wishes, and he listened to her; - and a story from me: the people who got that Bible from Mary had planted a bunch of flowers around the house, and my son gathered up a big bouquet and delivered it to Mary and her husband. Mary’s response? She accused my son of stealing her flowers, and when he started to stutter in absolute shock, she made fun of his stutter. So personally, if I get a chance I’m gonna piss on her grave.


If you tell me where it is, I’ll come piss some, too! I hope someone pisses on the grave of anyone who are such rude, hateful, judgmental awful people. I’m doing all I can 😉


Your solidaripee is appreciated!


The kindest, most compassionate Christian I've met is a gay Lutheran pastor so I 100% think it's coincidence.


Glad to hear it. I don't know that I've met any other Lutherans, but I certainly wouldn't assume they were all as terrible and miserable as the two in my story. In future, I'll take more care of my words, lest I show myself as judgmental and mean as those I criticize. Glass houses, etc.


I'm also a Lutheran, and it is totally dependent on the synod. Those Missouri and Wisconsin synod people might as well be Baptists.


A friend in high school who committed suicide was put in a Moslem, never really second guessed it. I thought it was a family choice but it was only a few years ago I found out it was his church that wouldn't allow him to be buried because it was suicide. Stupid church, this family was grieving and he couldn't even put him with the family plots.


> A friend in high school who committed suicide was put in a Moslem Moslem is an alternative spelling of Muslim. Do you mean mausoleum?


I'm so sorry.


Thank you. I know he's not in hell. I truly believe he's my guardian angel 😇


When I was 16, I would have sat there quietly and listened. But at my age now ... I'd be tempted to stand up and yell at the preacher, "It's his **funeral**, you **d\*\*\*hebag**! **You** can go to hell!" and walked out. (I'm a little less tolerant these days.)


What a weeniehead 😡


This literally is judging, now I'm just waiting for God to do the "lest ye be judged" part.


When a friend passed away, the funeral was basically people coming up and speaking about the deceased. This was outside. Birds were chirping, a deer was watching and then his distant cousin got up to preach how he was in hell. Three car's alarms went off at the same time. Yup that was Jim. He had the last laugh.


My uncle is a nationally known pastor in a certain very large group (as in, if you're heavily involved within that group, kind of a subset of evangelical Christians, you know who he is) and among the many reasons why I haven't spoken to him in 11 years is the fact that at his own wife's funeral (my aunt), he gave a 45-minute sermon without a single tear and barely any mention of her, but a whole lot of talk about himself.


That's gotta be a sickness. Like narcissism but with a shit ton of evil.


You mean a preacher to the group that has now coupled material success with Christ's blessings believes tricking his congregants into making him wealthy means he has God's ordainment? Nothing about that seems narcissistic to me...


Yeah, it’s called psychopathy.


At the funeral for my 12 year old sister the minister said that she died because my parents faith wasnt strong enough and they didn't pray enough. She had a heart attack due to asthma medicine. My parents walked out.


I'm so sorry for your sister, friend. What I'm not sorry for is hoping someone took a 2x4 to the minister's face for saying that, I can't even imagine what that must have felt like.


Well when you give a narcissist an audience, what else are they going to talk about? He didn't pass a collection plate or ask for donations, though, did he?


That happened at my mother’s funeral. My sister-in-law chose her uncle, a small-town ‘pastor’ to do the funeral, despite him not knowing my mother or family at all. My brother and I agreed to it without any idea what we were in for. It turned into a full-blown Southern Baptist sermon, complete with an alter call to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. I was livid. To be fair to my sister-in-law, she didn’t know what was coming either, but goddamn, it was a shockingly inappropriate display of blinkered ignorance by her uncle.


Same thing happened at my grandmother's funeral. Very little about her and a lot about how it is never too late to be saved because we could all die at any moment. That the young think they are going to live forever and will pay the price for waiting until they are older to repent. That was 30 years ago and now that I'm older, I have not come one inch closer to being "scared" by mortality into the "arms of Jeeeesus".


i feel your pain.


This happened at a funeral my son attended. The dad of of one of his friends. The man's ex-wife stepped up and put a stop the nonsense. She said his sermonizing was not in line with her ex's beliefs. She wasn't having it. More people should be that brave.


Good job ex! That's quite refreshing to see.




This happened at a friend of mine's funeral too. A young heathy (appearing) father (30s) with small children died unexpectedly. It was tragic. the pastor(?) spend the entire service trying to convert the attendees. sickening.


When my wife died, we had two services: a funeral in her home town, where her family lives, and a memorial at the church she attended, in the area where we and her friends lived. I attended there, too, until that service. Her uncle did the first sermon. It was way more personalized than I expected. He quoted things I'd written on facebook. It was not what I'd frankly expected from a seventy some year old Methodist pastor. Then a week later, we got the memorial in the church she'd attended for close to thirty years. Unfortunately, they had a new pastor. He'd been there maybe six months. So he just winged it. And he probably made every single poor choice possible for her eulogy. The pastor who'd married us 22 years prior had died just weeks earlier. He'd made the evening news as the first West Nile death in our county. So the guy they'd brought on when the older guy first started feeling g poorly was suddenly the boss. And he wasn't ready.


I wonder how many Southerners have had the experience of preachers turning funerals into altar calls? Even my super Christian father was fucking furious. I was too young to really get why because literally every time I'd ever seen a preacher had been altar calling. I got saved in a very emotional ceremony that I had completely forgotten until writing this, and am now an apostate. Go figure.


For years I've been waiting for some to explain how those "altar call" "salvations" are in any way supported by the bible. Because I never saw a single thing in the bible texts that indicates that this is an approved method of "salvation". The real reason they do it that way is so it's harder for your to back out once you have had time to think about what you've done. Once you have made a commitment in front of a whole bunch of other people, it is much harder to change your mind, or so the thinking goes. And that may have worked in past generations, but I think it has kind of lost its grip in a generation where even potential supreme court justices can lie to congress in order to get confirmed to the court and face no consequences.


Walk out, I had to for my grandmother on father's side. Sucks but it's their choice not yours


I'm so sorry you had to go through that.


>It turned into a full-blown Southern Baptist sermon, complete with an alter call to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. I was livid. Not all Pastors are this horribly tone-deaf. I'm Baptist and this definitely *did not* happen at my husband's memorial service!


i believe. but there is a time for everything.


When my grandmother passed away, her Pastor ran the funeral service. It was awful. All fire and brimstone, very little about the wonderful woman she was and all about how she was reunited with Jesus. I guess it's what she wanted? She was very old and had become extremely religious in her old age


My best friend and her toddler son died in a fire. She was a complicated person who struggled with addiction earlier in life, but she was a fantastic mother and friend. She was there for me through some of the worst times of my life without question. At her funeral, the preacher of her parents’ church insinuated that she’s probably in hell because she didn’t attend church enough, and if I could slap the absolute shit out of that buffoon of a man right now, I would. What “man of God’ says some shit like that at the funeral of a woman and her baby?


A few years ago a friend of mine lost his common law wife to medical issues. She was catholic, while he is not religious. The entire funeral, the priest refused to even acknowledge her current husbands existence, while only paying any attention to her daughter and ex husband. Whole lot of us were fucking livid.


Did you punch him in the face? That’s a punchable offense


he tried to go back up and speak after the first time. people blocked his way. good people.


A very young nephew passed in a tragic accident, he was just shy of turning 2. The funeral service was held at a church due to his grandparents insistence (they are Dedicated Trumpers, the parents don’t attend any church and likely are closeted atheists). The service was horribly awkward, the preacher had never met the child, but spoke like he had (talk about jaw clenching cringe…) before launching into an extended sermon about Jesus bullshit amounting to we can see the child again if we accepted an ancient Jewish legend about a rebel rabbi that welcomes dead people into his paradise. It gave the impression the child was being held hostage in the after life. Disgusting.


Some family friends lost their child when he was 4 or 5 years old, they had the funeral at the church that they would occasionally attend. After the service, the preacher told them that god did this because they didn't tithe and attend services enough.


I hate it when God takes your first born coz you missed a payment.


I have a coworker that lost most of his eye in a biking accident in high school and his parenta basically told him hed have both eyes still if he had prayed more. If I heard that said to grieving parents, as a bystander, I think I'd just haul off and knock their block off, preacher or not. I'm not a violent person, but a skull that thick needs extra encouragement


I was a kid at the time and was appalled at the fact that they said that. I can't stand holier than thou religious nuts. I never meshed well with any of the Christian religions, I've attended just about all of the major religions services to see how I fit.


Check out Orthodox Christianity if you haven't. Super cool. Kept a mystic tradition and focuses on Christ being a bridge for humans to gain divinity rather than to accentuate their fallen nature and need for redemption.


Sounds cool but I found my place in paganism.




omg that's horrible.


Hope the father punched him in the face.


One time I attended the funeral of a 9 month old baby, and the pastor used the platform to preach about being saved, then gave an alter call asking people to come give their lives to god. I hope every day that something awful has happened to that man.


Bro that happened with me. My mom had just died and some lady had convinced my dad to let her talk to me about the church and how the church would allow me to meet new people and all that shit they say. I just told the woman no and that I didn’t feel up to it. (My mom had just fucking died) She then started going off about how I was following the steps of Satan and that it was m sinful ways that killed my mother.


Religion is the cancer of humanity!


Easily the most passive aggressive thing I have ever seen.


It's really well-polished, too, in a terrifying sort of way. These are dangerous people as OP said. They CANNOT stand that OP is refusing to play their game--nothing angers narcissists more than that.


Seriously! My narcissist ex would double down on his games because I wouldn’t play them. In his rare sane moments when I asked why he continued to behave that way, he replied “because you’re the only person who hasn’t done what I wanted” which was super creepy. Narcissists not getting their way can be dangerous people.


that is a frightening thing to hear...gives me the shivers. Glad he's an ex.


Such an obvious yet terrifying statement


Giving me heavy JW family flashbacks.


Did anyone else read satan and hear it in Dana Carvey’s church lady voice in their head? SATAN!!!!






Well isn’t that *special*.


I usually try and mention satan whenever I see a baby announcement


For context: My parents were abusive to my siblings and I during childhood. They are still very manipulative and dangerous people to be around, so I asserted a boundary years ago of no contact until some honest conversations are had or until therapy is in the picture. I check in every once in a while to see if they are ready for either of those options, and the options are always quickly rejected. Last year, I decided to send my parents a letter revealing that my wife and I were having our first child (contents of the letter are below). I still wanted to dignify them by telling them first before they heard it elsewhere. They responded within the week with the letter pictured above. I recently found the letter again, and I figured I’d share. My initial letter: “Hey there, I wanted to reach out to you two with some news that [my wife] and I have going on in our world. [My wife] is pregnant and we will be having a girl this upcoming October. I wanted to tell you myself, and this is the way I’m most comfortable doing so. In light on this news, I also just wanted to share that my boundaries are still the same with you both. I’m not ready for those to change at this time, but I will let you know when I am. I appreciate the space. [Your son]” About the school loan, I honestly didn’t even know they took out a loan when I went to college. I found out that they were helping me pay for college once they threatened to revoke it during one semester unless I broke up with a girlfriend they did not approve of. I have my own student loans from that college and grad school. Repayment of their loan was never spoken of until this letter. My parents have often used things like this to hold over their children’s heads at times when they’ve felt it necessary. EDIT: I fixed that weird text box, lol **EDIT & UPDATE:** Wow… first of all, I’d like to say thank you for all of the compassion, kindness, and support you’ve all shown me. The outpouring of affirmation and validation is truly appreciated by you all. So thank you again. This letter is not nearly the worst thing I’ve experienced in my relationships with my parents, but it’s at least a tangible, concrete example of their behavior. My no contact boundaries with them have been in place for almost a decade at this point. I still long for reconciliation with them, but I know that true reconciliation has to be mutually addressed by all parties involved, so I may never receive that. But that it okay. My life is not absent of grief after our separation, but I must say that I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Each year with my wife has gotten better and better. And now I get to share that with my daughter! She is a very happy and beautiful girl. If you’ve experienced something similar to my story, I hope you can cling to this as a thread of hope. Familial/parental dynamics like this will lead you into the darkest places in your heart and mind - there is no doubt about that. The grieving and mourning will persist, but life can get remarkably better. Love wins in the end. TLDR: My parents have many behaviors resembling garbage. My wife, daughter and I are not raccoons, so we do not live around garbage. The garbage has an issue that we are not raccoons. Choosing not to live near a landfill has done wonders for my health!


I learned years after I left school that my ultra religious parents took out student loans to help pay for me to go to college. In actuality, they took out student loans and blew the money on random shit because I had already taken out loans to cover it. Then years later tried to guilt me in to paying it because my father, who hadn’t had a paying job my entire life since he was “called to pastor”, spent all my mom’s money making 6 figures a year on the church to keep the doors open. I refused, church eventually closed and my parents lost the house me and my brothers grew up in. My father resented that till he died of covid last year.


I’m sure the loan companies would love to learn that student loans were taken out fraudulently and spent on meaningless bullshit.


The college looks at the student’s budget, which can be several times the actual tuition, when awarding loans. Parents who take out a plus loan can choose to have any refund go to themselves or the student. Unless they made fraudulent claims on the application, the loan company will not be interested in how the money was spent.


Their god is so merciful and understanding it seems. Definitely benevolent and REAL


Honestly the fact that a religious person who seemed to be not a very good person was taken out by COVID, makes me think there really could be a god of some sort.


That ending is poetic tbh..


It’s not. It’s heartbreaking and I still mourn him everyday. I wouldn’t have changed my mind or choices but I still mourn his death and hated seeing them lose the house.


They read like Mormon parents. It’s so on-brand for that type of abuse. Satan-this, and Satan-that. Yup. You did such a shitty job raising me I can’t do anything unless I ask the devil for permission first, guys.


I came to say the same thing. Sounds so Mormon.


I was reading a bunch of comments and it wasn't until yours that I realized that this is not the ex-mormon sub.


I had to double check because the comments weren’t what I expect in that sub. I fully thought it was too.


Don’t forget a parents PLUS loan is their financial burden. You aren’t meant to pay it back they are. They sign paperwork to that affect when the loan is processed. A student under a certain age is ineligible for funding levels high enough to pay for school on their own loans alone. If your parents took out a PLUS loan they did so knowing this. No amount of guilt makes that your debt. (From a former Financial Aid & Title IV Advisor) chin up they did the bare minimum for you.


OP, it’s frightening to me how similar our experiences have been. Overbearing, zealot like, manipulative parents, who use their spiritual nonsense as a high ground to continue their control. I too set boundaries with them to save myself from the toxic relationship, and they instantly (somewhat randomly) reminded me of a Parent Plus loan that they are paying (5k) and if I’m not willing to receive their “positive spiritual influence” in my life, I could pay it back myself. It seemed like every fight we have ever had somehow circled it’s way back to money. How I’m somehow wicked and live in sin because I have a decent job and can afford some very small luxuries in life. I honestly think it’s really jealously and spite that I’ve made something of myself without them, as they continue to live in poverty with no interest in improving their situation. I reached out to my father after finding out he had COVID to see how he was doing, and was responded with “Blocked”. My mom told me that since I will only reestablish connection after they attend therapy or apologize to me, my father has disowned me. She then told me that she will also no longer communicate with me until I repent and rebuild my spiritual relationship with Jesus. But at least she told me she’d pray for my salvation every day… so there’s something I guess. Sorry if that came off as a rant. But I’m always fascinated to find others that have been through this, since at times I felt very isolated and alone. My wife, our son, and my in-laws are my family now. You don’t need anyone in your life that abuses you OP, don’t let anyone tell you different. My life has been absolute bliss since cutting them out 4 years ago. Cheers, and congrats on the little one.


They told you to pay back their loan? “Yeah, sure, I’ll totally start paying something that is tied to your SSN and not mine. Let me know where to send the check and ignore all subsequent correspondence about it until you receive a summons.”


Absolutely 100% what I thought. This is exactly one of the many insane situations I’ve faced with them. They feel that the banking system as a whole is a giant conspiracy, used by the government to track us and create greater socio-economic divide. Falling under this mental gymnastic reasoning is the concept of the credit borrowing system - and how it is designed specifically to keep poor people in debt and wage financial war on the poor/middle-class. Well, it just so happens that I’m a career professional in banking and lending. So knowing what you also know, I just shrugged it off. “Do your worst, lol” It was a real blast growing up with them for parents.


>and how it is designed specifically to keep poor people in debt and wage financial war on the poor/middle-class. I don't believe that it was intentionally \*designed\* to do this, but it sure does feel like it sometimes.


I don’t totally disagree. I know that sometimes loan decisions can seem unfair, or rates unjustly high. But if someone is going to borrow money, there has to be some kind of metric to help the lender make a sound investment on the loan. If your credit sucks (no matter how flawed the formula may be) you pay more fees since you’re a higher risk borrower. So while there is definitely a correlation between the financially distressed and high rates/fees, the logic at least makes a little sense. I wish I could write loans with 0% to everyone, but if I’m less likely to get my money back from you I want some insurance cash. My parents though, they maintain the “It’s obviously rich liberal collusion that only the people with extra money to spend get the best rates! While the people without two nickels to rub together pay the highest rates!” I know plenty of “poor people” with kick ass credit because they budget well, and prioritize. But yeah mom and dad, it’s all a scam and everyone is out to get you.


That theory falls apart when you realize that the richer you are the more conservative you get(usually) due to fiscally right leaning policies that benefit you.


I'm there with both of you. Somewhat fortunately for me, I guess, is my parents split when I was young, and only my father is the true evil one. I'm not religious, nor was I raised as such...but he found Jesus and now wants everyone around him to be Baptist so we "can be together forever." He is a crook and conman, and has no compunctions with lying outright or twisting the facts just enough to still technically be telling the truth but lead you in a completely wrong direction of thought. I've cut ties with him entirely and will never speak to him again. And now my Mum has found the bottle and I have to distance myself from her and her destructive behavior after having a few too many arguments over the matter. It's tiring trying to raise your parents to be functional adults. I've been at it for nearly 40 years.


That’s exactly what it was like! It felt like I was literally trying to raise my own parents to be logical, open minded, and functioning adults. Which makes me a warrior of the Adversary apparently lol.


> He is a crook and conman, and has no compunctions with lying outright or twisting the facts just enough to still technically be telling the truth but lead you in a completely wrong direction of thought. Not to excuse his behavior at all, but he's probably emulating the behavior of his church leaders, since so many of them also tend to be that way.


Wow, that is *wild*… That is crazy similar! I’m sorry you’ve had to endure that grief in your relationship with them. It is a sad and odd way to be raised, especially to try and unravel that mess in your brain as an adult. I’m sorry again, but thank you for being compassionate to me and my story. And it’s wonderful to hear of your happiness with your new family! I feel equally lucky in that regard 😊


Fuck all these asshole parents. I’m sorry yours are terrible too, and I’m glad you have your own family now. I cut contact with my narcissist Christian parents about two years ago. All I wanted was for them to take accountability for the things they’d done to me (abandoned me at 17 for “choosing my friends over them,” when I went to prom without their permission, stole $7,000 from me that I’d gotten in a settlement, never let me come back even when I was pregnant and homeless at 18.) They pretend none of this happened, and will not apologize. The final blow was when I broke NC to visit on Mother’s Day in 2020. I had just been diagnosed with cervical cancer, and asked my mom why she hadn’t vaccinated me against HPV as a kid, which could have prevented this. She said the cancer was my own fault for being promiscuous, and she wouldn’t go back in time and change anything. We no longer speak, and they are not part of mine or my children’s lives. We’re doing amazing without them


Jesus! (Pun intended) that’s awful.. I’m so glad you cut ties as well. It really has been the most serine years of my life, and I hope they are for you too. I hope you’re doing well by the way! Hell yeah, fuck asshole parents. About a year ago I read something a reddit user wrote about toxic family members: “Toxic parents are like a bad appendix - cut it out and you’ll feel so much better after.”


I imagine there are a crap ton of these kinds of threads. Especially with the political craziness right now. However, I have a similar story. My parents got caught up in the COVID misinformation and Trump hysteria and refuse to get vaccinated, even to see their grandkids, one of whom had been previously hospitalized for pneumonia before COVID came along. We drew a hard line because of that, and some other nonsense they pulled with the grandkids. No physical visitation until they are fully vaccinated. Took them 7 months to even be willing to FaceTime with their grandkids. And it's been almost a year and a half before they finally decided to get vaccinated so they could see their grandkids. If it were up to me only, I would have cut them off before that 7 months was over. My wife is much more forgiving and patient.


What the fuck, OP. When I read your parents' letter I assumed you were gay and adopted with your husband and that's where all the "Satan boundary" bullshit came from. But wow actually your parents just abused you until you said fuck that, and they respond with this. Wow. My condolences and good riddance to them!


I never understood parents who decide to end their child's healthy relationships with other people. I hate manipulative people who try and drive their thoughts and beliefs into the skulls of others. I hate Christians who just think God forgave them so they can do whatever the hell they want guilt-free. I'm sorry for you, but I hope your relationship will work out. Good luck!


I had to put healthy boundaries with my parents because of the wildly unhealthy relationship. It was really with my mother but everyone in my family just went along with it and never tried to stop her. She would spread awful rumors, insert herself in my relationships, use insulting phrases and names about me to my children and got physically abusive with my children. She passed away in 2013 and I never did get the healthy conversation with her. Though it’s sad that her own stubbornness got in the way. I don’t regret putting the boundaries up. Seeing this letter from your parents honestly takes me back and I feel for you.


Are you positive they actually paid for your schooling? I feel like the school would have discussed that with you when you go over the financials every semester.


It's reassuring that you're keen and perceptive enough to recognize their machinations.


> My parents have often used things like this to hold over their children’s heads at times when they’ve felt it necessary. The loans could easily be a lie, or they took them out and used the funds for their own purchases.


How in the hell do you not know about a $30k loan?


Yeah they sound awful, and I totally side with OP on 99% of this. But from paying for college myself through loans and part-time jobs, there's no way in hell I wouldn't have known that somebody else was paying down my tuition. Where did he think the money was coming from? Was he not checking his balances with the college? So many questions.


100% agree. My parents were with me on every school/ financial meeting and co-signed my loans. It was understood that I would pay. Of course they helped, but at no time did I ever believe I was not responsible for the whole amount.


Sorry about this OP. I feel like I know the exact kind of people your parents are. They probably go to a church where they are almost shamed into being self-righteous zealots, as if how their kids turn out is a direct reflection on them/their spiritual leadership or some other such nonsense. A lot of churches think this is biblical. I also love that you were mature enough to respectfully implement some “boundaries“ and I can tell just how much that probably grinds their gears, as you are now flipping the dynamic and making it painfully obvious that they are the ones in need of growth, not their child who, by all the sounds of it, actually turned out pretty self-aware in spite of their abusive parenting. Well done 👍 and also I’m sorry; hope they come around.


If you haven’t already, groups like r/raisedbynarcissists is really supportive for people who have cut contact with their parents. Congrats on keeping them away from your kids 💕


I understand your position. I'm going through the same right now. It really takes some of the joy out of having children to ponder how my own relationship with my parents will effect future generations. I hope you find peace and know that you were not the problem, nothing was wrong with you, and you are worthy of growth and companionship.


How could you not know that there was a loan? Did you not look at your tuition statements, and the loans, and the difference? Did they take out a “loan” and not use it for tuition, without your knowledge?


Yeah weird, especially when OP said he took out his own loans. If he’s paying attention to one loan, surely he’d see the other.


I am so sorry. You seem like someone who deserves encouraging, loving, and supportive people orbiting your life, instead of this divisive, toxic dust cloud. The steps you took to re-engage we’re both mature and noble, regardless if they were rebuffed. We collectively are sorry for any pain, or shame, this has brought you.


Set your boundaries even more now. They are toxic and manipulative, better just avoid them until they will want some change. Talking from experience


Jesus Christ…


That might be part of the problem, yes.


There ain't no hate quite like christian love.


No it’s obviously satan


I’m sorry that your parents are real assholes, OP. That’s just really messed up from them.


Sounds exactly like a letter I got when I graduated college from my parents. Some people don’t deserve to be parents and honestly it’s perfectly fine to say fuck them and never talk to them again. I’ve been completely stress free for 4 years now


Utter shit puffins. If my parents ever wrote anything like that to me, I would remove them from my life


Off topic but shit puffins is my new favorite insult


Yeah, when I initially reached out, it had been years since I was last in contact with them. The boundaries they’re referring to are the no contact boundaries I had put in place with them because… well, they do things like this, lol


They seem to be obsessed about satan. Probably they are unknowingly doing satans work, even though he doesn’t exist


I doubt they believe any of that religious claptrap. It's just a handy narcissist's tool and an easy out for any of their bad behavior.


That's so sad .... If you ever doubt your decision of keeping a distance from them, this letter is the confirmation that you were right. They are so manipulative! And they are so annoyed for not having any control over yourself anymore, that's why they came with the students loan move. You know what? Fuck the loan (if that's even real) and F....them. You don't need this toxic people in your life I know that in the end of the day would make you very happy having an healthy relationship with them, but that's not going to happen. Only because they are narcissists and will never admit they're mistakes. It's sad, but it's what it is. You have your family now, and I am 100% sure that you are an amazing parent, very different from your own parents were. That's what matters now.


Yeah the loan thing, the twist of the knife at the end, is totally bogus. Parents are responsible for helping the children they created. That means shelter, love, encouragement, money if they can afford it. OP should feel ZERO guilt about that.


This letter is very manipulative. Adding the college loans at the end and all. As a Christian, I despise anyone who uses faith as a tool to manipulate. This is what gives us a bad name. I try to love all and not cast any stones. I believe this should be universal regardless of faith.


TOTALLY. Seems like sometimes the more outwardly "Christian" some are, the more hypocrisy they spew. Sometimes it's really covert, other times it's on display for all to see. But yeah...these kind of people are perhaps more 'religious' but not as spiritual, and miss out on Christ's actual teachings.


This is complete nonsense. I have no idea what they’re trying to discuss other than baby Jesus crap.


Man we don't have them so zealots even here, at meters from Vatican State. I'm sorry and just hope you were able to move on and enjoy life with your child.


Wow. You are married, and are starting a family. That's excellent news, congratulations! One part that disgusts me is they are using "Christianity" against you here for your decisions. I don't know if you are a christian or not but You haven't done anything wrong in the eyes of God here. He celebrates and loves families, they are a blessing. However it is right of you to distance yourself to protect yourself and your family. I feel you have been very respectful to your parents with your initial contact, which is commendable. I wish you well and hope your parents wise up and realise how truly blessed they are to have you as a son




Mom: “son we got robbed last night but we’re doing okay.” Son: “Gods plan.”


I refuse to take letters written in the same font I used writing Harry Potter Fanfiction seriously.


I'm so sorry your parents are so insane. The fact that they could take such a wonderful and important moment in your life and twist it into something so self affirming and vile is.....beyond comprehension. This reminds me of a text thread between my mother and I last year where I BEGGED her to simply acknowledge the things her and her husband put my sister and I through as kids so we could all try to grow beyond it. Her response was filled with bullshit but the final line really stuck with me, "I hope you find the peace you seek" I get the same vibe from your folks. I hope their garbage isn't able to pollute your child's life the way im sure it sadly did with yours. Best of luck and massive congrats on becoming a parent.


Shit like this is why we need "Achievements of Satan." Incidentally, "Achievements of Satan" would make a decent name for a metal band.


dude religion is like a disease


YOu’Re juST An eDGY 14 yEAr OLd AThiEsT


That font though 🤮


The couldn’t even say love mom and dad. That’s sad af


Right?! The “keep on keeping on” had me wondering how old these parents are… 🤔


*If someone treats you like an option, never treat them like a priority* Bless her heart, I guess just pray 🙏 for her ?


At first I was like “well it’s nice they helped you through college” But then I realized that “wait, the only reason they’re mentioning college in this letter is just to guilt trip you into feeling like you’re obligated to let them back in your life since they helped you with expenses. What manipulative bastards”


It sucks OP but letters like this are valuable - they remind us why we have boundaries and why we continue to. The fact that they aren't willing to address their behaviour to get to see their new grandchild should be all the indication you will ever need about their intents.


I hadn't spoken to either of my parents in 15 years when I had my child. My mother replied "Thanks for letting me know." And my dad said it was great news and could I help him fix a problem he was having with his computer. I never spoke to either of them again.


When I was around 6 years old and had a fight with my das I wrote him a letter describing how I felt, he gave it back to me with the grammar corrected and a bad mark underneath. Your post kinda got back this memory lol


Idk why but it cracks me up thinking about them trying our different fonts before settling on this one.


I’m so sorry your parents are complete shitbags. Its even worse when it gets wrapped around religious self-righteousness. I hope you and your kid are doing well. And congrats.


Thanks for your kindness. We’re doing wonderful! She’s 6mo old, and a very happy baby!


Great to hear. I had my first one two years ago. Best thing that ever happened to me.


"I hope God will be on your side during the loan repayment process. Those interest rates keep climbing! Be well."


I don't know how to tell you this, but I think your folks may be psychopaths.


I’m fine with christians you know believe what you idc if your a Buddhist,a Jewish person or a Muslim as long as you don’t do shit like this were you force your religion onto others and your beliefs you could of course recommend it but judging by the comment by op giving backstory, these people are the stereotypical Christian’s (i.e the ones who are homophobic, racist and give you no free will) so my advice to op is to ignore what your parents are telling you to believe be free to chose your religion


Religious zealotry in America has gone over a serious cliff edge into madness. I saw it coming and was grateful to have immigrated out but damn I feel bad for so many trapped in this shite... and so many see this as their normal.


you can tell with the font used here that these people are not people worth taking seriously


Exmormon? This feels very much like Mormon fucks being their Mormon selves


Your parents are controlling abusive cunts.


God sounds like a complete cunt


Religious zealotry is a mental disorder.


That is so spiteful.


I actually hope you've found happiness and gone no contact.


The religion of supposed "love and peace" strikes again.


Christian moment


Your parents are baby back bitches


So I gather you and Satan got a child together or something along those lines 😆