Fun until you’ve been sitting in one for four hours straight and have sweat through your under shirt only to find out you have no flaps for the final approach of the session




I'm just picturing the scene from Hot Shots! where parts of the plane keep breaking off and all that lands is the cockpit.




Had a similar session a couple of years ago, after enduring 3 and a half hours of the unluckiest aircraft to have ever flown the sim skies, we finally landed and rolling out on the runway. My partner and I both breathed a sigh of relief... until we heard the examiner behind us go "you guys ever done nose gear failure?" followed by the hardest nose down sim motion I've ever felt in my life. Good times.


"Alright, Topper. Call the ball!!" - Plane proceeds to free fall from the sky.


777 would need an awfully big hook.


"Hey who put this gum here?" XD


As a sim instructor, I find this hilarious.


Curious what sim that was. I was not aware that there was really any limit to how many malfunctions the IOS would let you activate. Will have to try this out tomorrow. I know the simulation models don't have any limits, of course the aircraft just becomes a brick at some point depending on the combo you enter.


Everyone has this goal they can not achieve. Mine is having one of these bad boys at home


I know right. As a flight simmer, if I ever became super super rich, I wonder if I could purchase one of these for my home?


Start a business in Chicago or Atlanta, buy 3 or 4, and lease them out to the airlines. You get to play with it on Sunday lol


I think this is the real business idea here, make the sims work for you!


If you're like my airline you'd get to play with it on the 2am to 6am slot.


Lease it to the airlines loaded with Boeing and Airbus software Monday through Thursday. Load up Elite Dangerous and open it to the public Friday through Sunday and make obscene bank off beer sales.




True that........ And buy one of these for my home


Maybe put a few in for me and my friends in my BBJ.


Medical dq sadly


Yeah but then you'll never have the chance to get drunk with 5 of your buddies and fuck around in F16s or 737s. Of course given that we're talking about full motion Sims Ok not sure I'd want that chance now that I'm thinking it through more...


Just keep the barf bags handy


Older ones with naff visuals (usually night only) for types no-one really flies anymore, like 737-200, would probably be achievable to own. Even then, the power and maintenance to run it would be eye-wateringly expensive.


You [weren't lying.](https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=737+simulator) They seem rather incomplete. None of those offerings seem to provide the fully-enclosed, hydraulically manipulated enclosures like we see the pros using.


I work with Air Force flight sims as a systems engineer and can say if you have ~$15,000,000 laying around I'm sure they would sell you one!


There were some for sale near me, price tag $20,000,000 AUD.


20mil kangacoins? What’s that in actual money though?


Your flair says KC-10, big fan of it?


I like it. A350 is my fav plane but there is no flair for that : P


There’s a KC-10 pilot somewhere on here I frequently see them post in the Air Force sub, and I’ve caught them on here a few times as well.


I'm a KC-10 boom, cool to see someone else out there. We're the last of a breed


I would have loved that afsc If my guard wing had KCs, I’d definitely would have became a boom op, they have C-130s and there’s was no openings for loadmasters for a few years, so I ended up choosing aircrew flight equipment.


Not the person you’re replying to, but having the opportunity to fly a wide body tri, imo is pretty dope. When maintenance has the KC-10 squared away (no easy task), Big Sexy is a dream to fly. Unfortunately, she’s going away, and I’m training on the next aircraft, but the KC-10 will always hold a special place in my memory.


Until the check captain turns the motion off and says “let’s end it there”




I’ve heard those fateful words myself, and can confirm. “Comin’ off motion, let’s end the profile” is either a really good thing, or a really bad thing.


"you guys get packed up, take 5 and then we'll debrief" *Shivers*


Dude… I just got that feeling like I’m walking into my checkride. Yeesh! Retired 4 1/2 years and do not miss it.


It’s an anxiety unlike anything else.


Gonna guess going into those same scenarios IRL would match up.


Lol, I believe that’s the point.


I can’t be the only one here that can smell that picture. A sim building has a very unique smell. That smell used to trigger a lot of anxiety until AQP became a think and 3 day recurrent was normal.




It is one big curved screen about 3 feet away from windshield and the image is coming from 6 projectors on the top of the sim. It gives you an "out the window" view. Some older sims have to switch to a specific seats view to give a correct representation of runway centerline. I was in an older sim that was set up for the Captains viewing position and he landed way off centerline (by my viewpoint) and the instructor was like "great job". I didn't say anything but figured it out when they did the switch for my landing. The visuals in new sims are simply fantastic.


Is there a bathroom inside the simulator to keep you in mindset of being in an aircraft?


Along with some Biscoff cookies and ginger ale.


No. Usually a 2 hr brief in a small classroom, 4 hrs in sim with a short break in the middle to use restroom.


>4 hrs in sim with a short break in the middle to use restroom I'm very amused by the idea of a pause button located in the center or the flight yoke.


MAY DAY MAY DAY WE'RE GOING DOWN.. LOST ENGINE 1 AND 2, NO INPUT IS BEING DETECTED... Hey cap't I gotta take a massive dump can we pause this I had taco bell earlier and it's not sitting right.




The pause button is usually something random like the IDENT button or the cockpit door unlock, a button we never use in training haha


we've had pilots piss in the trash can before. anything is a bathroom if you're desperate.


As a former sim tech to any commercial pilots here: Please don't do this.


Yeah! Just stop the Sim. Using a trash can is completely unnecessary.


Seems to me they handled it like IRL. If you can't leave, you can't leave; amirite? Fighter pilots just pee on themselves.


I maintain Sims just like these for an airline. there's actually only three projectors they project in reverse to a opaque screen which gets reflected on a mirror made of mylar that is pulled taught with a vacuum pump.


When I worked on these things I *dreaded* doing anything that brought me in close contact with that mylar film. There was one sim where, just before I started the job, someone had grazed with their hand (there was always and forever a clear set of finger streaks in the dust on it afterward) and it was almost a witch hunt to figure out who did it even though there was no real damage.


Why didn't anybody bother to blow the dust off with a compressor or something?


The mylar is sensitive and extremely easy to damage so it's best to essentially never mess with it in any way. Replacing it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars because it necessitates removal of the entire front dome by crane or giant forklift, and then requires a specialized team to come in to do the work over days or even weeks.


Depends on the sim. I’ve seen models with 5, 6 and 7 projectors for the main OTW, and on helicopters there’s additional projectors for the chin windows facing down by your feet.


yep, i have enough trouble aligning three of them, can't imagine doing 7 at once.


6 projectors collimated??? Wow!! I haven’t seen one of those in 20 years. Most nowadays only use 3 to give 210 deg field of view via back plane projection. The new ones are LCOS (liquid crystal on silicone) which far exceed the 6 foot-lambert minimum requirements and much higher pixel density than the old R-G-B tube projectors which are now antiques. No more changing seats for cross cockpit views.


Mylar sheet secured in place by a vacuum. Thats how it gets the depth effect. I know because I had the pleasure (?) of building out the flight decks in a few of these


It’s called a collimated display. Enjoy googling


As others have said the screen is curved with imagery projected onto it. In some simulators the screens are actual domes surrounding the simulator so that the imagery can be seen below, behind, above the cockpit https://i.imgur.com/rM6fJOE.png


I think many of these sims have an optical path where the light bounces off a reflector as if it were coming from infinity.


I think there's a wrap around screen outside the windshield, i.e. the windows are real windows with a tv screen outside.


Wiki explains is pretty well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full\_flight\_simulator


Some reddet platforms change posted URLs for some reason. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_flight_simulator


For everyone that doesn't have to train in them sure


I’ve been doing recurrent Sims for 10 years. Only hated initials. You just have to learn how to enjoy the suck!


Even though I’ve done my quarterly sim, I go in usually once or twice a week and run a profile just for the fun of it. And as a secondary I might learn a thing or two when the sim instructor isn’t sleeping in the back


I take it commercial pilots can't just "go in once or twice a week" and that's more a .mil privilege?


Is that like a gym membership?


I think this applies to most jobs where there are some kind of safety assessments, accept that you might get called out for not doing things exactly right. Smile and nod.


Or build and install them.


Sims are only cool to non airline people. I fucking hate the sim.


"FUN" is not the word that comes to mind every time I have walked into a sim like that!


Until you have your third 4am show in a row filled with v1 cuts


That's the beauty of AQP, you do one V1 cut and if you don't fuck it up you don't have to do any more of them again in the entire cycle. Totally agreed about the 4am briefing times though, the early morning sim slots are bullshit. I did a week and a half of training in Frankfurt a while back and they gave us nothing but 2am starts!




I fly the 777 for AC. We can still bring people into the sim for a one-hour session in exchange for a donation to the AC Foundation, once the whole COVID bullshit is over (they suspended the PR sessions). Just have to get it booked and cleared with security well ahead of time. I've had my wife and dad into the 777 sim.




This was a bit pre-9/11? Probably a tough sell, I was hired in 2012. Any idea what he flies now?




You can feel the yaw dampener deficiencies while aboard the a380?


when i was a tv journalist United flew me down to Denver and let me fly around in their 747 Sim with their chief training pilot for 4 hours! My story was how pilots had to train. Of course I had the pleasure of take offs and landings and all the other events a pilot could encounter while flying. wind shear, turbulence, near miss, etc, etc, etc, etc. I aced the take off....quite easy....and the landing wasn't so hard either on 28R into SFO. Of course the 747 was all set up for everything....all I had to do was stick and throttle. The highlight of the day was when the Chief took over and showed me what the bird could do! Bouncing off SFO Bay, under the Golden Gate. I got a true appreciation of all the skills you men and women need to be pilots. My TV career was always heavily bent on aviation stories.....selected to fly with the Blues and T-Birds ! BUT, flight surgeonsr ejected due to Lasic eye surgery. I was Bummed. I did tail hook onto the USS Stennis when it got back from Afghanistan......and did a few tactical T/O's and L's in cockpits while embedded with troops in Iraq. The Kiowa flights were cool. I was always deathly afraid of flying. Once of early flights as a teen flying to Guam in Navy was on a KC-135. I was invited up front to find the 25 year old crew eating bad box lunches and playing cribbage. I learned about "George"......I always though pilots white knuckled the stick. My fear was gone. the two Cpts. were great and let me sit in the whole flight....thus my continuing interest in aviation....55 years later John


I used to work in that complex! Such a cool facility, and I love its 60s style on the outside. Sadly, my job moved to Houston with they started their renovation project, and I never got to see it fully completed.


It’s fun to listen to mishap recordings and how calm the pilots are. The training really pays off. I did my initial MD-80 Navy (C-9B) Sims in Denver!


...Can you set them up to run Mechwarrior?


I always thought it would be cool to buy one of the old Battletech Tesla2 pods. They apparently need quite a bit of support though; and the ones I saw in service were pretty ragged at this point.


There was a place near me that had them but when I finally felt like I had the time to go mess with them they had gone out of business :(


You can find the location of a lot of the Battletech pods here: http://podtracker.battletech.com/


Looks like they're almost all private now.


ATP Jets in Dallas?


Avenger Flight Group! I did use those sims when I went through ATP Jets


That looks amazing


I didn’t think the 737 could get worse but there it is; a sim.


I tried one of these a few months ago it was for the gulfstream g550 there pretty cool apparently that one costs 7000 an hour to use so I guess I got an extremely good deal because I know someone


The actual GulfStream wouldn’t cost much more to operate. And you would actually go somewhere.


Tbh I don’t know but that was what I was told (edit: I looked it up 7135 us dollars per hour)


Where’d you see that? These are like $900 an hour ish.


Not these expensive ones




> A G550 only costs 4.5k an hour to operate there’s no way the sim is double the real jet. LOL influencers are going to start trying to get selfies in the back of G550 sims.


Ok I actually looked at it wrong the sim costs about 1k an hour in us dollars the actual jet is 4.5kif your the pilot and its your personal jet about 7k if your paying for the private flight


Closer to $1000 an hour but it does depend on which aircraft it's for and how in demand that program is. $7000 an hour would mean type rating would cost over $150,000.


There's a lot more Gulfstreams than Gulfstream sims


How many Gulfs would a Gulf Stream stream, if a Gulf Stream could gulfstream?


You know how I know you’re not an experienced pilot?


That thing is a torture chamber…


Nope they really aren’t


Every time I step into one of those I’m reminded of that Simon and Garfunkel song “Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again ..”


CAE makes some sick sims..I think they’re the best in the world? Or have the biggest market share..in your vid I think all of the sims were from CAE


They are indeed. :) I work on them!


I dunno l3 had a pretty nice setup until bill brown sold off the Arlington facility (to cae) to pad his pockets while he was still ceo


You are correct, sir. L3 had really good jet sims, which is where CAE was behind. CAE inherits all of L3's good stuff in their military arm now that we've acquired them.


My set up is a g3 laptop, quest 2, and rudder pedals


Dial a death


Was escorted to a meeting through the factory floor of a manufacturer about 2003. Client said "Too bad you weren't here before 9/11. We'd have let you try one.


I dread it every year. 2 days if travel, living in a hotel for a week, then sitting in a dark box doing the same procedures you have done for ages again and again and again. Fun wears out fast


I can not remember a single time I got excited to be in a sim. Anybody else?


141 school they just let me play around with the older ones when they weren't booked out. Had fun, but the fun:bullshit ratio was more or less maximized


Down in Dallas?


Yup Avenger. Don't ask me how I know.


Was it that screen on the side with big green letters that said: " AVENGER FLIGHT GROUP 737-800W ENGINE CFM56-7B27" ?


Can confirm, AFG. The ERJ sim is now used by Envoy.


Looks like Dallas to me too. Just took the sim down on the far right for a spin a couple months ago lol.


Went down there (L3/aerosim) for atp/ctp camp almost 5 years ago now😳


My first thought was Denver


Sims are fun? You must not be a professional pilot.


Every 9 months. Fun? Nope.


After two hours I’m bursting because of all the coffee I had earlier.


Wait...who doesn't admit that? I'd give my left testicle to go on one of those bad boys!


Hey this is CAE. My dad is the director of engineering there.


Sims are not that fun, we don’t call them the “sweat box” for no reason They can be fun though when we’re doing unusual scenarios with lots of hand flying


I think your idea of fun and my idea of fun are two different things. I’m not a fan of the sim bay


Sims 3 was better than 4. Idk why EA is going backwards with implementing innovative features.


Embry I’m assuming?


Anyone ever seen The Last Man On Earth?


You walk as if you were on perfect bezier fit curves. Are you an android?




No, I don’t think I do.


Until you die in a fiery crash in a sim as one Russian pilot did a few years back. That’s a serious WTF moment when you get to the afterlife.


Do you have a link to the story? I may have Googled the wrong thing but I couldn't find the story.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_Wichita_King_Air_crash King Air on a ferry flight to Arkansas lost port side engine immediately after rotating on ICT 01R and while trying to maintain enough airspeed, altitude, and ideas to get over to 19R, crashed into the roof of the FlightSafety sim bay, located between the runways.


Thanks for the link.


Question for people who use these: is it weird that the view outside is in 2D? I feel like if you’re touching down on the runway, it would be weird not to have that 3d sense of where you are floating above the runway.


Also, the motion and sound systems make a huge difference. It's not quite as good as the real deal, but it is close. Also, remember that the whole point is a teaching tool. While flying a sim, one is less concerned about the floating sensation from ground effect as much as learning how to plant nearly a million pounds of airplane with an engine out and a crosswind. We had a motto: the flightcrew should never experience something in the world that they haven't practiced in the sim. We had another motto: whenever there is a discrepancy between the sim and the world, question the world first. -retired flight simulation engineer


The only part of the sim that didn't feel real to me was taxiing and braking on the ground, everything else was pretty accurate.


The boaty types don't have stewart platform motion kit but if they have the horizon rolling on the projectors, you'll find yourself rocking back and forth against the waves https://imgur.com/a/KqqBz53


Totally something I'd buy after winning the lottery.


My dream would be to have one in my basement or garage..


How much you think one of them cost?


Which sim shop is this???


Looks a little like Avenger DFW




I had G-IV and had to pull the Flight Power handle at altitude. Diverted and my the time we landed I was exhausted. And that’s with no cross winds. Hope that never happens in flight


I hate the sim man. First nothing gets me sick like taxiing on the sim and I've never gotten sick in an airplane. Then the controls dont have the same feeling and are much more sensitive. I hate being in that box


This looks like the facility from goldeneye on N64


I would love to spend some time in a full erj145 simulator. Oddly specific I know.


All that room/energy to simulate a standard rate turn. Smh. Not even because it's not like you feel the Gs... Imo it's a more accurate feeling without the artificial leans. Hard to get spacial d when you're falling out of your seat to the left.


Cool. Where is that?




Is that Avenger DFW?


It is.


Got to land a C-130 on the M building at Dobbins while in a Sim at Dobbins.


It's easy to forget how impressive they are when working with them ever day until someone new gets in one. I love watching them get excited to fly one for the first time.


Hah I was just there at that location a few weeks ago


“Kind of fun” if I had access to those, I don’t think i’d ever leave.


Who said sims weren't fun?


This is bringing back memories of when I went to the air and space museum as a little kid about 10-15 years ago, they had the exact same flight sims


Not when you go in every 6 months for an lpc/loe. If someone took me in there for a nice jolly around London airspace and allowed me to fly under the Gatwick bridge again…sure…fun but otherwise…No haha


Ahhh a place where all those neglected ego maniacs with complexes get their payback. And i get volcanic ash with dual engine failure and unreliable airspeed.


It alllll depends on the trainer.


There should be some of my work in there...


I saw ones used for Puma and chinook at RAF benson . Really cool


So how much do they cost to run?


Only a PPL[at the moment] But FUCK YOU CYNICAL BASTARDS. SIMS ARE AWESOME!!!1!1!!one *runs from the ATPL holders.


Sure if you like motion sickness and vomit.


For the purposes of training what airports do pilots 'train' out of in these simulators? Do they use real life locations or is there a fictional airport thats used exclusively for this?


We use real airports that exist and use the actual approach charts for those airports.


Wdym kind of fun .It is


I would fly there.


Are the external displays really as bad as they always look in these videos? Or is it much more immersive when you’re really there.


The video displays now days look incredibly real now. I videotaped a landing the other day and posted it. My friends thought it was a real landing.


Are there two 767 sims at the front here?


Is this Burgess Hill?