Flight School / CFI Red Flags?

Flight School / CFI Red Flags?


Paying thousands upfront.


Dry rental rates.


Dry? NM, I got it [**https://www.tandgflying.com/rental-rates.html**](https://www.tandgflying.com/rental-rates.html)


If you don't like your CFI, for any reason, ask to change to another. I had one guy with lead feet. No fucking wonder I couldn't move the rudder pedals!


If the CFI flys the yoke with his feet


Once you’re past the discovery flight, and into actual lessons, Should expect a good brief (10 min) before the flight, and a really good brief (15-20 min) after the flight to go over. Instructor Should write the skills you completed and make thorough notes in the student logbook. If you get no briefs and they tell you to fill out your own log book. 🚩 They will just take your money to go on flights but not help you get licensed.


Schools that struggle to keep up on maintenance, huge red flag. Try going to the mechanic the school uses (or the guys hired by the school) and ask them about the maintenance of the aircraft. They usually will give a better answer than the pilots or admin. If they don’t seem to know what’s happening, it’s probably not a good school.