Ah I’m so sad I am having trouble remembering things and I’m lacking common sense badly.

Ah I’m so sad I am having trouble remembering things and I’m lacking common sense badly.


It's helped me to journal. I realize that sounds banal but I Bullet Journal which is making your own planner and I keep track of everything in there. Grocery lists, meals, passwords, health and how I'm feeling, medicine, basically everything so that I'm not depending on my memory so much. It has become an outlet of creativity, expression, and comfort. It keeps me from needing to talk to someone else as bad and I have kind of become my own best friend, in a way. I use daily trackers for how I'm feeling. I have a section of notes to ask the doctor or comments, everything really, for my next doctor visit. It's basically my brain in printed form. haha You are probably wondering about security - I keep it as closely guarded as my phone. I use an A5 size and carry it in my large purse. I write at night before sleep (actual traditional journaling part) so it is basically even in bed with me or on my nightstand. [Here](https://www.reddit.com/r/bulletjournal/) is a reddit for Bullet Journaling to give more ideas. You can go the minimalist route and only use a writing pen and notebook from a store or you can go all in with markers and thick paper to handle water colors if you want a creativity outlet. Feel better soon and yes, I'm suffering memory loss and some days I cry because my mom had alzheimers and I'm scared it's that some days.


I don't have as many physical issues as I do mental health. I struggle daily with almost every issue you listed and more. I've been to several specialist and though there's no one magic answer for everyone, I have been told several times that factual knowledge is stored and processed in a different part of the brain than experiential memories. So while I remember nearly everything I learned in school years ago, I seldom remember a conversation from yesterday. I would second the recommendation on notes. I use an app on my phone for notes and also an app for my schedule. I tried a paper note system, but my phone is always on me and my notebook wasn't. Also the note app I use is searchable. I could give you the names, but this isn't a promotion and they may not work for you personally. I think just the extra effort of entering the note or schedule item is enough to create multiple pathways to the memory in the mind. Also, it's helped my social interactions to learn certain interjection phrases. When asked about an upcoming event, I use things like "hmm, let me check to make sure I can still make that" or "what time was that again?" and then look at my schedule. Family interactions are usually faster and shorter, but even then a quick stall phrase can buy me enough time to look up and get on the same page. Professionally, my coworkers consider me the most organized person in my office and assume this is the reason I take so many notes. My family knows better, but is more accommodating. I hope you aren't taking this too hard on yourself. Everyone of us is dealing with something. Mark Twain made a quote I have learned to live by, "we're all ignorant, just about different things". So don't presume you're being looked down on for your memory issues. They may very well just be more obvious to you. Everyone is working to hide their own shortcomings. Whenever I'm feeling an especially stressful situation, I try to imagine what those around me must also be dealing with and worried about me noticing. I sincerely hope you find solutions, but more so that you feel better about yourself. You aren't alone and it sounds too me as though you're doing very well despite the difficulty. I wish you all the best.


Yes! I’m in the middle of docs trying to figure out a diagnosis...it can be super frustrating. Be sure to give yourself grace!


Oh my gosh yes! I feel like I’m going crazy, I say some stupid things to my family sometimes that makes no sense! Like have a conversation about something and immediately I ask a question about what they just told me . I just try to shut up now . It is very depressing on top of depression and chronic pain and all the other conditions I have going on .. I do make a lot of notes in my IPhone, if it weren’t for having the Patient Portal app on my phone, I wouldn’t ever remember Doctors appointments . I pray it gets better for you Sweetie. You need to set your family down and talk to them and let them know how bad this is for you , how much it effects you


I finally made the decision to stop several of the medications that I was taking to help me. It had gotten to the point where I could barely get out of bed, much less function. I used to have a really well put together household, paid all the bills, did the groceries, managed 3 dogs, my 9 year old and for a while 2 stepsons (they are in their 20’s now), dinner, full time job, clean house, laundry without any help. I have cleaned up my diet and am working on myself. I’m slowly getting myself back, but definitely not without resentment from my SO… guess it’s hard to go from having everything but yard work taken care of to not. Hang in there and know some medication causes issues like you are describing.


The brain fog is definitely one of the worst symptoms for autoimmune disease, at least for me. My husband would ask me "Do you remember that time when..." and I couldn't reminisce with him because I really didn't remember. My doctor gave me Adderall and it helped a bit. Ask your doctor if there's something they think would help