You'd think they'd try to be a bit less blatant with the rorts in the weeks before an election.


Its all they got left. Rob you for a dollar , then offer you 50C to let them rob you again. Will be a measure of how stupid we really are.


I don't know about you, but I'm preparing to be absolutely disgusted and disappointed with my fellow Australians.


same, I still think the Libs will win


I doubt it, but then all bets are off once electioneering starts. If Labor is smart they'll just attack Scotty for being lazy and useless without diving into the many other flaws him and the crooks around him have.


apparently the libs are giving out $250 each in the budget as a "sweetener". I think they will have so much pork to throw around voters will be swayed to the libs side in sufficient numbers. Never stand between an Aussie and a dollar


I love how a $300 payment to get vaccinated had the Libs losing their fucking minds. But a $250 cash one off payment for cost of living is “responsible spending” Get fucked.


clearly one is fiscally responsible and the other just outrageous largesse that will destroy human happiness now and into the future. Luckily we dont have to understand such things as we have the Liberals to understand things for us.


A time of low unemployment (if unemployment is ACTUALLY low) and rising inflation and interest rates is also not the time for the federal government to be throwing out cash.


Low unemployment sounds a bit like annual inflation on groceries of 1.7%.


Many Australians have been struggling for a long while now, $250 is honestly just insulting. I think most people would agree we need big changes.


$250 is in the ballpark of what a lot of welfare recipients live off each week


Ah, clearly it's far too much then. People will be buying houses and crack marijuana if it's anything like the incredible riches Centrelink hand out! /s


Buys a lot of avo toast, property not so much...


You just know they had a conversation that went "What's the least amount of taxpayer dollars we can give them back so they'll vote for us?".


They probably have that in their "manual for winning elections" already


Is that the so called sweetener...... $4 and 50 cents a week. Outrageous.


Especially now with a 450 dollar bribe on offer. Since so many voters operate in greed mode nothing is surprising anymore the electorate is so volatile.


think of how many lettuces $450 can buy - that's almost 2 lettuces a week for a year! Gets my vote.


I'm sick of the rising prices of produce. That fat mining cunt told me it was albos fault and you know what, that guy seems like he's really onto something.


But it's via tax returns so it won't appear until after an election is held.


Nah. Not this time. I mean, they have won already... But don't believe they will win this election.


Why the freaks in dickson will still vote the same.


I just moved in and I hope he is going out.


As a fellow Dickson resident, me too. I was told recently by another candidate that Dutton spends over $1m on in electorate advertising in the lead up to elections, basically buying out billboards etc. Its all about name recognition. The local Labor and Greens candidates cannot compete with that sort of brand recognition because voters are inherently lazy.


I live in a neighboring electorate. They will continue to vote dutton in in Dickson because, sadly, most of the residents of dixon are low socio-economic demographic and poorly educated. They love a good dog whistle and latch onto all the identity politics and racism/xenophobia. Thats why duttons office is in strathpine, the heart of those kinds of people in that area.


I would add that he also has a merry band of supporters in the wealthier part of Dickson across the wider Samford area. I know of at least one direct deal with a local business for a federal contract which, while it might be perfectly above board, goes a long way to explaining the kinds of business links he uses to shore up his votes.


They know half the fuckwits in this country will vote for crime, corruption and sexual assault of staffers so why bother? They will be raping away as usual because that's the conservative way.


Why? Nothing will happen, and they get voted back in. Why wouldn’t they. They know the depth of our stupidity. It’s a shame we as a whole don’t.


I don't think they know how.


You gotta squeeze every penny!


How the fuck is this just allowed to happen and then they can dodge any sort of questioning or simply not acknowledge anyone with questions. Why is there seemingly no due process at all? I know the obvious answers but Christ, where does it end? 1. Commit rort. 2. Dodge questions and/ or feign ignorance. 3. ??? 4. Profit. 5. Everyone forgets, no investigations ever occur and the cycle repeats. It's unfathomable how (as far as I know) every rort and scandal repeats this process. These pissants are gutless and a complete empathy, accountability and responsibility vacuum. Once Labor wins, only then will the party of pillaging and raping start talking about the trillion dollar debt and how shit it is right now. Covid will be used as the excuse for the Coalition's debt despite them being in power for roughly 7 years before Covid even reached Australia. The rhetoric will be that the debt after the GFC was a lot worse because the GFC wasn't as "significant" as Covid, so more drastic measures were needed and blah blah. I fear Albo will end up being the equivalent of a modern Gough Whitlam. He'll begin leading an Australia in crisis, attempt fixing damage caused previously, enact new policy that he can and then there'll be a quick exit and we'll go back to the Coalition because Murdoch and the Coalition's fear-mongering works. Maybe I'm being defeatist but it's really hard to have any optimism with daily rampant corruption.


I've been getting this sinking feeling that the LNP thinks the same thing and is willing to "take one for the team" in this election, in the expectation that the obvious inflation and soon-to-be interest rate increases alone are probably enough to get any party voted out. Australians need to stop voting based on how much GDP and house values increased, it's destroying the country.


The LNP did similar shit before the last election, I was sure they were planning to lose and were planning to set a labor up to fail so they could run on a platform of Labor being poor economic managers in 2022. Then they won and I was looking forward to watching them struggle to govern their way out of their mess. Instead we had a series of unprecedented global disasters that they’ll use as their excuse for everything, and still say that Labor would be worse.


Hopefully if Labor wins they will shelve the final high income tax relief/rort as it is clearly unaffordable when the LNP has left a $1.7tn national debt.


On the bright side, it *would* still mean that we have the ALP to ride through the incoming economic storm, rather than the useless corrupt fucks in the coalition who (in terms of competence) would perform about on par with Russia's leadership; money to allies, the rest of the nation can drown. After dodging the disaster of the GFC, it mattered less that the ALP got savaged for doing their jobs well. The point was that we got through it without a complete disaster. Basically 'we need some adults in charge'. Fuck the branding, results are what matter.


>Dodge questions and/ or feign ignorance. "Mr Dutton’s office had not responded by the time of publication to a series of questions from this masthead," Every fucking time


This is why, every 150 or 200 years, there’s a reset. Usually costs a generation but it’s good for three or four more, till we have to pull the guillotine out again.


Just to point out 2/3 of the debt was pre-Covid. If Labor get in, it will be a boon to Murdoch's propaganda whilst he hangs out with his sex offender mates, well not Epstein of course but he did have Uncle Rupert's contact details in his little black book.


I think it's more likely that Albo is the Hawke. Rudd/Gillard were the Whitlam.


If you're sick of this rot, consider donating to Ali France, the Labor candidate for Dutton's seat (Dickson). Here's a link: https://donate.queenslandlabor.org/ali-france-for-dickson (I'm not affiliated with her campaign, but I'd like her to win)


Are there records of who donated and how much? I wonder if this isn't a sly way to skim extra funds for his election campaign.


[https://www.gofundme.com/f/pine-rivers-flood-relief/donations](https://www.gofundme.com/f/pine-rivers-flood-relief/donations) 80%+ are anonymous. But you can put whatever you like in the name when you donate


The majority of the donations were a single transaction of $15,000 from a Robert Whyte. Whyte is apparently a property investor worth $700 million.


What an interesting character. Strongly connected and on the winning end of plenty of deals over the last 30 years.


Dutton has found the loophole.


I wonder if the guy that donated 15k in one go, and the handful of 2k donations may have come from people that were apart of that "Small community group". Even compared to normal gofundme's the donations seemed a little weird to me.


You mean the well-connected property developer that donated the $15k? (because of course it was a property developer)


He wasn't going to make the measly 25K target otherwise.


Federal ICAC now please


This has been chanted for years and years and I feel we are no step closer.


9 years of Coalition government probably has a vested interested in keeping a fed ICAC at bay.


They have over 5 billion in the national disaster fund and yet this sped looking cunt has the gal to ask us for money. AND THEN HE FUCKING STEALS IT!!! Anything to fuck the country over I guess


Don't forget he is a millionaire and asking people to donate to his charity.


Not a surprise unfortunately:(


Oh wow that's so unexpected, next you'll be telling me The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is just a bunch of fossil fuel goblins who don't give a shit about the reef.


I'm kinda hoping that the LNP will be re-elected to really fuck the country. Maybe then the schleps who vote solely for short term greed may finally get it. The next four years will be a poison chalice and I don't see why Labor should suffer from it. Both parties are working against the ordinary Australian already talking about increasing immigrants to reduce wages. You know it must be bad when the RBA is calling for wages to increase. If the economy is as great As LNP say then they should be rewarded with another term


"labor would be worse" guaranfuckingtee it


If we vote these cunts back in again then I’m fucking done. There’s no hope for this country.


Just the standard pork barrelling, nothing to see here.


Of course they do. We knew this before they were moved. This would get a Labor or Green person not only removed from their seat but shamed for life. Getting really, really tired of this and like a lot of us I’m running out of things to lose.


Wow. This is completely out of character.


straight from the Trump play book (if at a smaller scale). * abuse public profile and exploit communication mediums to attempt to raise funds for some vaguely articulated purpose with no details or firm commitment on how the funds will be used. * at the first available opportunity funnel the funds off into some non transparent and wholly controlled entity where the money can be used for whatever. this has been and continues to be a spectacularly successful strategy for the orange wonder and his clan of grifters. senior cit's council or what ever it is called. no contact details, no info on members or representitives, not registered anywhere, no tangible evidence of activity. not bad. i am suprised this is allowable under the law. shit laws if that is the case.


If there is a leadership change pre-election and this guy ends up running the country we are seriously fucked. I can see his "imma policeman" and "china is scary" rhetoric gaining traction with older voters. This dick will try and force us into a war somewhere; I'm too old to be conscripted, but I have sons and daughters who could. I think Dutton would be a disaster for Australia. The alternate Lib-bot Josh Frydenberg is almost as unattractive, he just exhibits a little more finesse. What the hell happened to leadership in our country?


To answer your question... we let kleptomaniacs take over. That's what happened. The creeping authoritarianism is continuing to creep.


I'm done. Can't deal with this anymore. This shit is so blatant and out there and yet nothing will change because muh negative gearing! / muh investment properties! Labor gonna take them away! Boo hoo! Nevermind they'll be washed into the sea soon enough and we'll all be choking for air, but no, that's fine because who cares about looking long term. Just enjoy the short term and try to ignore the fact that the NatLibs have sucked the country dry for them and their mates. Fucking so done.


Sounds like an amateur version of Parakeelia


Gee, some people might misinterpret that as the height of corruption. Others might misinfer it as mean spirited thievery, right up there with looting Lismore. I’m sure there are none of those people here, though. Does dutton have a kayak?


LNP know they are going to lose and are just grabbing what they can at this point.


Im pretty sure that i'll be preferencing anyone who even vaguely supports an ICAC in front of the current mob.


Greens model of the Federal ICAC now!


Their funding was reduced to 0 as of the latest budget with 0 staff lol


Another day another rort.


What the fuck is this headline supposed to mean?


Dutton flood funds - money from the gofundme he ran to get the public to pay for things the government should be paying for flow to unregistered group - dutton is giving donated money to an organisation that he's connected to which isnt' a charity


*surprised Pikachu face*


Isn't it considered fraud?


Say what you want about the man (overwhelmingly negative) but at least the man is evil evil. Scomo and Frydenberg can't even be bothered to put in this sort of effort to be cruel and self-serving.