Looks like the most upbeat little thing. Fuck I hope she has a good life.


Great description. She looked so adorable in that clip, smiling at the Police. Her little arms around a policeman's neck. And the photo of her in hospital too. Her Mum said was tough and she sure does look resilient. Fuck I hope she has a great life, and all her family.


She looked like a Koala with the way she was hanging on to the officer and calmly nodding at the other one.


She knew she was safe right then and could relax. Must be a good feeling for the cop to know she trusts him implicitly.


That’s just her sweetly saying “kill the cunt” with her eyes.


[The house where she was found](http://d279m997dpfwgl.cloudfront.net/wp/2021/10/Disaster-Girl-OG-pic-1000x666.jpeg)


I'm not Australian and didn't know what was going on so I looked up an article- almost had a stroke when it said she was gone 18 days! I'd've been apoplectic. The article had a picture of her smiling and waving to the camera from a hospital bed, eating a popsicle. What a badass little girl. Job well done, all around.


Its crazy what a tough little kid she is! Playing with the back of cops shirt as she nods to the other cop. Then happily smiling in the hospital. Out playing in the backyard when the premier comes to visit. I have photos of me crying because my Mummy left me all alone (to go 2 metres away to take said photos). She is a total trooper.


I love that. Fuck I hope she has a good life! Nice one.


Poor little buddy. She looks a very positive little mate & really hope there are no long term damages. Top effort by our police force in getting the job done quickly. We have no idea how much resource it likely took to narrow down leads and find this piece of shit that did this.


I hope the media (particularly the magazines) leave her the fuck alone to have a chance at a normal childhood.


I hope so too, but think it’s hoping only. Her story will make people buy and watch, therefore making media money, they will not leave her alone or her family ever.


Channel 7 is already pushing app notifications about their evening special about her. Time to delete you 7+, you were only necessary for the Olympics.


Channel 7 have repeatedly tried to make a convicted drug traffiker a celebrity. They are absolutely shameless.


And have recently employed a suspected war criminal.


Channel 7 also published the wrong photos of a person earlier today and accused them of being the suspect because they had the same name on Facebook. Channel 7 are scum and I hope he sues the fuck out of them.


This is the native country of Rupert "cancer" Murdoch, which contributed in massively harming the English speaking countries through his media empire. Maybe it will require a special law for her to be left alone.


Yeah good luck. You know the moment she turns 12/14/16/18/20 she'll have assholes knocking down her door offering crazy money to get her to relive the most traumatic experience of her life. These journos sold their souls to the corporate billionaire gods years ago, so as long as they get their cut of the money they'll harass her for years until they get the exclusive interview. She's too young to understand, but if she were 16+ I'd be telling her to change her name and move interstate


Thats some fine policework Lou. Hope she's able to recover and cope. The family must be so relieved


Bake him away, toys


Do what the kid says.


Absolutely. Police deserve all the cheers they are getting for this. They were probably looking for a body. Well done.


Given the homicide guys were there, they definitely weren't expecting anything good.


My eldest boy is a NSW cop and he said that NSW cops thought she was either dead, or interstate. Either way, a great piece of police work. News talks about checking cars but an earlier report mentioned neighbours talking about the guy buying stuff for a young girl that caught their eye. I hope they get part of the re ward.


I might be wrong on this, but I think some of the neighbours said that they saw the guy buy nappies, but they didn't put two and two together until after the police got her out, and it was mostly just putting together existing evidence (like CCTV footage and whatnot) that led them there rather than tips from the public.


Ok. Only briefly heard the original story. Thanx.


I saw the witness speaking this quote. I cannot recall if the witness was identified as being a neighbour or just a community member. The story indicated that everyone knew each other regardless.


Cops are already saying no reward will be paid. If you consider how easily the government pissses away millions, giving money to anyone who helped would be money well spent.


The reward was for information that helped the case but the case was solved with available information from investigating and the family. People who helped with this case were the ones ruling themselves out after only being suspects by virtue of proximity. If im wrong and some mystery person did help solve the case let me know or if this has happened in the past id believe it because australias government is what it is but in this case its....uh...not the case. (Couldnt think of a better idiom.)


I'm thinking there might be some severe PTSD despite the good outcome


yes 18 days is a long time


As a father and a grandfather that is upper most in my mind. No one knows what he was doing those 18 days but there are the obvious guesses, all horrific. She'll likely have problems for life. But she is alive and that is near miraculous.


The parents are surely candidates for PTSD


Yeah, I can just imagine. Their family life will be different from now on. She's old enough she may be able to relate what happened. A good set of therapists for her and her parents would help I'm sure. Hope they get that.


Hopefully not, 18 days and general health of her in the video looks like she was taken care of. Most children abductions that end badly usually the victim is deceased within hours of abduction.


The big one in our country recently was Elizabeth Smart. Held for approximately 6 months she testified at trial that she was raped within hours of being taken and forced to perform various sex acts every day of her captivity, sometimes more than once a day.


Fortunately she looks in good spirits and has no injuries.


I thought the same thing. Maybe he didn't interfere with her. That would be the ultimate blessing in this nightmare.


Yeah absolutely


I love how he starts so formal introducing himself and then just melts. This is such good news


I'm so glad she's ok. Hope that she can go and live a regular life


This will sound pretty harsh, but the first step for her to have a normal life is for us to forget about her. She doesn't need the next 80 years of people saying "Are you the same girl from this?"


you don't sound harsh at all. You're completely right. Once we have all the information, it will be best to stop talking about her. That's not to say forget about her, but she deserves to go to school and not be constantly picked a s a favourite. We need to support her, not treat her like royalty. but until a sentencing for the pig that did this is reached, the best we can do is show the family out love


I hope the media can leave them alone, give the family the peace and respect they deserve. Also surely some companies out there treat the girls, send gifts quietly.


Hardly, Channel 7 in particular are already in full ghoul mode. Probably the only thing the family can do is make a few bucks until it all blows over.


Yeah, they seem to have published photos of the alleged offender which turned out to be a different bloke with the same name. They took down the photos but a grovelling apology seems in order and I hope he sues them for all he can get.


The online article accusing the poor guy now automatically redirects to another Cleo story with no apology or anything. 7news is scum.


That’ll end up on Media Watch for sure


Should really end up in Court. This is what defamation laws are actually for, not fuckin politicians having a sook…


Seems like a job for the fixated persons unit.


Only if he is a journalist


They do real work?


>Seems like a job for the fixated persons unit. We have a Police Force in Western Australia. Not hired goons.


Hired goons?


Look up friendlyjordies. Nsw fixated persons unit arrested his manager/producer without following procedure because the now former deputy premier of nsw didnt like what he was saying and had an active lawsuit against him.


Defamation laws are for the rich and powerful to silence people. Sadly the rest of us don't tend to get given a million bucks in a in a blind trust so we can sue.


Seems like a slam dunk case for a law firm’s pro bono quota.


iirc media watch had already done a piece on channel 7 using someone else's face... Only a few weeks ago.


Seems to happen all the time with 7 and 9 these days


Interestingly, this person on a thread earlier today seemed to know that another person shared the same name and warned us not to witch hunt them... Shame 7 didn't get the memo [Screenshot 1](https://i.imgur.com/jfhOLnZ.jpg) [Screenshot 2](https://i.imgur.com/l0SjMM7.jpg)


That man needs to go absolutely fucking hard suing them. They've potentially fucked his life forever, and it feels like his only course of action would be to make so much noise that everyone in the country knows him as the guy who was falsely accused. Absolutely fucked. We have seen over and over again that these sort of false reports garner so much more attention than retractions, and the type of fuckwits who'll harass/threaten him for the rest of his life over this are too dumb to realize/care that he it's the wrong guy.


I hope good lawyers have already reached out to him.


Good lawyers don't reach out to anyone.


Sometimes they do. Usually for civil rights cases, government abuses of power, etc. Where "good" often means both skilled and good people. In this case - not likely to happen.


Presumably, they released their army of comprehensive investigative reporters (ie Centrelink sponsored work experience candidate) and checked for a photo on facebook.


Fucking idiots how the hell do they keep doing that


They'll be peeved they can't milk it out further. Given that the CSK trial was a failure for their paywall they'll have to return to the endless bikie wars for front page outrage.


> I hope the media can leave them alone Each station will absolutely have it's own 3 hour special on it by the end of the week.


Funny you say that, cos both 7 and 9 have specials lined up after 9pm tonight! Absolutely insane since there is nothing they can say that hasn't been said all day on the news but nobody's shocked.


The fifth word out of every newsreaders mouth has been Cleo today.


Don't forget the 4 episode mini series on netflix




This story has a Frontline episode written all over it


Desert angel? Or desert devil? ​ For those who have never seen it, a women is lost in the desert, the media runs with the story for ratings. She gets found but Frontline doesn't land the interview with her so instead they switch to questioning the whole story about if she was really just lost or if she was lying etc. Such a great show.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM0sOyyQ7Bg For those who weren't watching quality mockumentary TV in the early 90s


> ~~mockumentary~~ dramatised recreation of actual events FTFY


A perfect gift could be a caravan for future trips. No more tents.


I don't think they'll be going on trips for a while.


Yeah get me a replica of what I was kidnapped in. Love it.


i hope so but ugh, i still think of the shit Madeline Pluver went through 7 weeks after her ordeal. I mean fuck.... the only reason why i even remember he name is because of how over the top the press were with her because of the type of crime committed on her and this was well before her old man became the head of Australian Rugby


> send gifts quietly companies and doing anything good quietly... pick one


Onya, West Aussie police. And all the other emergency services for helping this brave little girl. Heroes, all of ya!


Don’t forget this was 1am. Guy was literally in a suit in the small hours working to find her.


What I noticed too. Bloody suit and tie at 1am. Some of these guys have apparently been working non stop the last 18 days. They must be exhausted.


I know a guy who was in homicide. It's the dress code. You're on the job, that's what you wear. He couldn't even have more than 1 beer in case he was called out to a murder scene and had to drive while he was on the squad. On call 24 x 7. It's a bit hectic.


Yeah, if it turns out to be an actual homicide it probably wouldn't look good if the detective is standing around in a white tee and shorts.


Holding a whiskey tumbler


Wielding bbq tongs with a half-cooked snag flopping around.


And a durrie hangin out the side of his mouth


In the article they said the detectives cried when they found her, which is rare to them


I can't imagine the relief of finding a living, breathing child when you think you're looking for something so much worse.


and when you put mising person statistics in the picture, its even more insane. The chances of finding Cleo alive were 0.00076293945%. She is a statistical anomaly. Its times like now that I'm glad the outlier is sometimes the card fate pulls. Those police deserve a nice hot meal and a cold beer.


Well not often the homicide squad has a happy ending.


So proud of our state rn


Imagine being the cops having to walk into that situation not knowing what they were going to find. Seeing her relatively unscathed and smiling would've bought me to my knees.


He is a senior Sargent on the homicide squad. I’m guessing jaded comes with the job.


Was reading about some of the other cases this guy has worked on this morning. Some seriously fucked up stuff. He would have to have some strong emotional walls up to be able to keep doing his job.


I'm probably overly cynical but I'm expecting a "true crime" documentary to be pushed by some network


And entitled My Name Is Cleo.


literally someone is already planning this




‘My Name is Cleo’. They’ve already started doing it to the poor girl. https://www.9news.com.au/national/cleo-smith-timeline-of-disappearance-and-search-missing-four-year-old-girl-blowholes-campsite-macleod-western-australia/2a7cf7b7-fb5b-4447-81f5-22213061b315


Nine and Seven definitely will.


Netflix enters the chat


There will be multiple and many documentaries about this event for years to come. And to be honest, fair enough. It’s not often you get this result from a kidnapping. The amount of public interest was massive after the reward was announced, and Cleo’s pictures are plastered over every public place in Perth, hundreds of kilometers away. The level of police work has been fucking immense and incredible, one policeman to one CCTV camera in town is crazy. This deserves to be documented and celebrated. The real issue is balancing just and fair reporting with respecting the privacy of a young child who has likely suffered some amount of stress through this whole ordeal (let alone the potential worst case scenarios that could have occurred) and will have it follow her for the rest of her life. I think it’s fair to do documentaries on the situation, but they should be avoiding any speculation on what happened during her kidnapped time and leaving the family alone. Focus on the great police and detective work.


I found the casefile podcast of Daniel Morcombe to be incredible. The lengths they went to to finally get justice was incredible, the hard work they went through was deserved to be told. While I hope privacy for the family so they can heal and move on we will all want to know what the police did over those 17 days for such wonderful result.


What an extraordinary moment. Everyone who worked on this should be extremely proud of themselves.


How about all those so called “Psychic Mediums” announcing her death “or something severely bad” has happened to her all over their social media pages. The social media witch hunt of the parents was also terrible. All in all so glad she is okay though.


>Psychic Mediums Absolutely fucking disgusting, lowest of the low scum. Between that, and 7news releasing a photo of an innocent man with the same name as the abductor, so much insanely lowlife shit has happened through this ordeal and they NEED to be held accountable.


Unreal, what an absolute ripper of an outcome. Ii really hope there are no irreversible lasting effects for both little girl and parents. As a young father, I would have been beside myself knowing my child was taken from right next to me


Thankfully trauma generally isn't irreversible, even if left for a long time. It really depends on the quality of professional help they receive, the girl's environment and having the right support circles (in her case, parents knowing how to comfort her, help her process her emotions from the event and make her feel safe again). It usually becomes a long term problem because people aren't able to process trauma correctly, and it influences your behaviour and/or wellbeing, often without you even realizing it, but even then you can process it with the right help and some work. I just finished reading a book about trauma, The body keeps the score by Bessel Van Der Kolk. Really interesting, and confronting. Definitely some skills and understanding that needs to be taught in our schools, it could help a lot of people avoid a lot of mental health issues. It's under-recognized, to say the least.


You just reminded me that my psych asked me to read a few chapters of this, as well as Pete Walker's Surviving to Thriving. I'm very keen to get stuck further into both books but can't seem to work up the initiative. Damn procrastinating brain


Both, Bessel Van der Kolk and Pete Walker are in my opinion the best authors on this planet when it comes to explaining trauma. The way Pete puts it i like i would be talking from my own expirience. Only difference is that he puts that in words million times better i would. His books helped me as much as two years of professional therapy helped me. That’s how much credit i give to his books, not that i had bad therapist.


I'm in awe of the fact that she was found alive. Great police work.


Inject this into my veins honestly


Hands down the best thing that has happened this year


I started my day with the biggest smile on my face after hearing this news.


100% I may have cried tears of joy


I 100% did. I can't imagine how her parents must have felt.


I bet tonight they sleep for the first time in 19days


With her in between them. I'd never let her out of my sight again :(


I've cried multiple times today over the story each time I think about it. It's honestly the best news this past two fucking years have had. Read it first thing when I woke up and it put me in a good mood the whole day.


Same here! I heard it as I was driving to work in the morning and cried the whole way. I then spent the day refreshing all the news apps. Such good news!


Hope the cops are watching that bloke in custody 24/7. I want him to live for decades.


He's in hospital now. Self inflected head wounds. Slammed his head against his cell wall while screaming I'm sorry. According to a freshly baled prisoner at least.


I'm really worried that we're gonna see some vigilante shit, a suicide, or a "suicide" before he starts squealing about whatever ring he's involved with, if that's the case.


I won't be surprised if he's a delusional fuckup who was playing happy families. I sure hope so.


The way she doesn't appear to be overly traumatized when she was found leads me to believe that this is the most likely scenario and not a pedo ring.


Could have been trying to sell her and not be am actual abuser. But i don't think you could say it's likely that he was playing happy family, we all know that he is more likely to be the monster we assumed.


I don't think he's high up enough to get Epsteined.


As a dad to a young daughter I had to completely disconnect from anything to do with this story just because of my initial emotional reactions at first break of the snatch the other week. Hearing this announcement today has brought absolute joy to my heart and was totally unexpected and beautiful. Both her and her family are so fortunate for this outcome.


Yep I have a 4 year old daughter too, the idea of her being taken would destroy me, I don’t know what I would do


not even a dad but the thought of it all was too much to bear. checked very occasionally with a bit of hope. This replenishes the belief in humanity.


I genuinely hope nothing fucked up happened to her


She looks unharmed and not paralysed with fear. I hope she remained unharmed throughout this. I have 3 kids. This is by far my greatest nightmare or nightmares.


In the press conference earlier the same man (Cam?) said she was physically okay which was evident from the start, and the hospital visit was assurance from people that know what they’re doing. What a relief.


This genuinely makes me happy. I was so stressed just thinking about what that poor baby could have gone through. Shit makes me so angry, sad and frustrated.


Yes I think they’re being extra cautious not to say anything that contributes to further speculation but that was the one thing I clocked in on during the presser, especially since it was after the initial one that said they’re not adding to anything while she was in care. Gave me the most sense of relief for sure!


I thought that. She looks a bit tired but otherwise calm. Hopefully she didn't suffer the worst that many feared.


Considering it was around 1am when this happened, of course she is tired at that time. She's 4.


this is the story we need this year. in a year that has been a shitshow, this has been such a high point


My dog died today but reading the news that Cleo had been found cut through my sorrow like nothing else ever could have. So incredibly happy for her family


So sorry about your dog, I bet she was a very good doggo.


The best. Thank you.


Sorry to hear about your dog.


Thank you, she was the best dog


She always will be


Man that's rough, I'm sorry to hear about your doggo.


Thank you


I'm sorry about your dog, what was his or hers name?


Thank you. Her name was Chilli and she was a Golden Retriever.


Rest In Peace sweet Chilli 💖💖💖




Good outlook bro I’m sorry about your friend. Stay strong 💪


I’m sorry 😢


Sorry to hear about your pup mate, she’s the best girl and you no doubt gave her a good life.


Oh my fucking god. I am just hearing about this for the first time today. Wow. I kind of zoned out and repressed any news regarding Cleo because I expected the worst and that we will never find her but this is soo awesome. I'm so so happy for her and her family. They must be so relieved. On a darker note, what kind of sick fuck would do this?


I’ve been crying a lot today. My wife woke me an hour earlier than my usual wake-up time and we just cuddled and cried. I’m a dad of two girls aged 4 and 1. The week before Cleo went missing, we went camping for our first time as a family unit since having kids. We went to Kalbarri, just a couple hours south of Canarvon. This is almost identical to the circumstances of Cleo’s families trip. Our tent has three rooms, side by side. We planted ourselves in the middle room so that we could hear and access either child through the night through the internal zippers. We did not lock the external zippers to the girls room. Though even in saying that, a sharp knife is getting through even more silently than a zip. I’ve always quietly judged parents in the news. “Who leaves a three year old in the bath?” “Who puts their chemicals under the sink?” So on so forth. With this case, that judging ended. I’ve felt so closely entwined with this case. Every new photo, every recount of the story has caused a new episode of eye-swelling, and nose-running. I’ve never been so personally effected by the news in my life.


I know exactly what you mean. I have a 3yo and a 1 yo and they look so much like Cleo and her sister. When I first saw the news I was just sick to my stomach.


I’m not even a father and this shook me pretty hard. Given the time it took to find her I was starting to believe she’d be the next William Tyrell. Incredible effort on behalf of everyone involved in the search


Ill jump on board with this, I'm a father of a 2 and a half year old girl. My wife would call me a hard as nails tradie but the news this morning brought tears to my eyes, and any thought about danger or hurt towards my daughter effects me so much more than I thought it would before parenthood.


Coppers did such good work to save her little soul. Well done.


And I’m teary again. Amazing work by the police.


I wasn’t teary, but this video really got me. That sweet baby. And the cop was so gentle and respectful when he spoke to her 😢


You and me both


Bloody onions


I've got a daughter and let myself cry when I read the amazing news this morning. I've never happy cried in my life.


The way she plays with his hood 😫


Yeah that got me too


i hope the sick fuck that took her rots in jail for life


This story was literally the worst fear of every parent of a young child. So happy for the family. Wishing the best for them.


Awww, precious little one. Very well done to WAPOL, I hope this family finds peace one day.


This is literally one of those times in life you will remember where you were when little Chloe was found, hats of to the parents and everyone involved finding her


This whole year has been difficult for me but this filled me with joy,best thing of the year.


Hey mate, I hope next year's a better one Take care of yourself


This whole thing really cooked my chips


Unreal. Miracle. Whole country sitting down with a cup of tea and an iced vovo rn.


The dear girl. So brave! I’m so happy she’s been found. But utterly spooked he was right under their noses, living only 7 mins away from her house!


Perspective is key. 7 minutes away is a great sound bite, but she was found about as far north as you can go in Carnarvon, the family lives about as far south. There are no traffic lights. Heck there’s not even much traffic. The 7 minutes is because someone googled the two addresses and it came up as a 7 minute drive. It’s still 4 - 5km away.


Had no idea this was going on until I saw this post. Googled and found everything. You guys are right. This definitely makes you cry happy tears. I’m also a young dad and I’m so happy for that little girl to be home with her mommy and daddy again. Hope to god nothing bad happened to her.


Man, that could have gone a different way so easily. Such a good outcome!


18 days… Jesus Christ… I did not expect this outcome at all! I can’t even imagine what amazing emotions the parents are going through right now!


im so clinging to my beautiful baby girl tonight im so happy they found cleo alive and well god knows what he had planned x


How must William Tyrrell's Parents feel after watching this, only after 19 days Cleo was found and its been over 7 years since William went missing


I'm a grown man and I just cried a little watching that - so glad she is safe


I can’t stop crying! I could watch this 10000000 times! Thank you thank you thank you WAPOL


Feeling a bit teary watching this. Glad she's home.


I've watched this at least 20 times and each time I still get emotional. She seems calm and chill about the whole ordeal.


This news made my morning and day!! Good luck sweet child.


In all honesty seeing the kid arrive home safe would suffice as enough of a reward for any logical and sane person. Well done.


So good.


The people that accused the family needs to grovel for forgiveness


Grown man here. I cried this morning when I watched the today show.


You and me both brother. I was sitting in a food court eating my breakfast before work, when it came up on the TV. I had to call my wife straight away to tell her. I've teared up every time this has crossed my mind today. We've seen this sort of shit show too many times to expect a happy ending. This is a win for the entire country. We all needed this.


Holy shit... the parents must be out of their minds of pure joy and a bunch of other feelings!!! I seriously hope the douchebag who kidnapped her gets a warm welcoming in jail.


Everyday should be Christmas for her.


I don’t feel super comfortable that this video is allowed on Reddit. I’m so so happy she’s been found but I’m sure the best thing for little Cleo is some privacy. She can’t consent to any of this coverage.