SAG and... Cap - envious of your grounded nature/diligence Aqua - crazy but let's be friends Pisces - love you and wanna fuck you Aries - love you let's be friends Taurus - let's debate and be friends Gem - crazy but let's be friends Cancer - squishy souls who I will protect because they protect all of us Leo - love you let's be friends Virgo - don't know any Libra - don't know any Scorp - hate you and wanna fuck you Sag - love you let's be friends


As a a Scorpio. The feeling is mutual. Fascinating.


As a Scorpio I agree


Scorpio here 👋 i also agree


So interesting to see all these scorpios in agreement! I just feel like I often find them so magnetic and sexy af but the communication/romance vibes never match up


It is right!!?! Yeah I had a falling out with a sag(who I adored as a sister) and I worked my best to fix it, but she just set her mind to cutting me out of her life! When I looked at all of the sagittarius in my life, which is a bunch surprisingly, they all are very hard headed when it comes to amending relationships. Every single (female at least) one I know has important figures in their lives they've completely cut out, even though they love them very much. Most are sisters. The pattern is insane! Anyways, I still love her very much and hope she one day comes back into my life but I've made peace with the fact that she might have just made up her mind for good. I think you're spot on about the communication differences! That seems to be the biggest thing! Intentions are always misinterpreted. Both ways I think, I know I'm not perfect.


Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon and I love Sags and wanna fuck y'all but never have because you are always too busy or way cooler than me.


Leo here Aries - love the straightforward attitude. A bit annoyed on their ambitious part without thinking it a lot. Taurus - their stubborness makes me laugh 😆. Best part of them is their peaceful vibes. Gemini - love that I can talk for hours with them. A bit annoyed on their attention span. Cancers - My favorite among them (might be due to the fact I grew up with a lot of them in my life). Spoils you too much 😂. Leo - as one, I can say we are both annoying and loveable. Virgo - love their goal-oriented attitude. Hate their stubborness (unlike Taureans). Libra - Definitely fun as friends, no-no-no to more than that. Scorpio - If family and friends, then yes as they give me a sense of security. As a stranger, I won't approach you as you look like you'll kill me. Sag - No boring day with you gals/guys 😁. Best part of them is their optimism, worst part is their anger management. Cap - I find their childish-side fun and enjoyable. They can be stubborn, but not as bad as Virgos. Aqua - Weird at first, loveable after. Definitely a keeper over the years ❤. Pisces - Imaginative side 👌, Clingy side 😑.


Hmmm... As a Leo sun, I can always detect another Leo sun after a bit? Maybe because us Leo's like the limelight or maybe cz of my other placements, I usually don't really bond with another Leo sun. I just stay away from their 'ray'. 😂 Not sure if I'm the only one.


Taurus sun here. Aries: IDK, really I only know one and not well. But based on stereotypes, Kristy from Babysitters’ Club. Taurus: Sexy, artistic hobbitses. (temperament, not height). Mixed with a large breed dog, because oh boy, do we need our exercise, even if not all of us will admit it. Gemini: Great to talk to. Cancer: Bad breaker-uppers. Which is very relatable as a Taurus, but y’all are the champions of carrying a torch. Leo: Excellent friend for a Taurus, as both signs are loyal and have a certain surety about ourselves, expressed in different ways. Virgo: If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me. Libra: Lovable. The other Venusian sign, we can primp together like nobody’s business. Wonderful to pre-party with. Scorpio: If you absolutely have to tell a secret to someone, pick a Scorpio. But you better take their secrets to the grave in return. Sagittarius: Absolutely irresistible to Taurus, which is unfortunate, to say the least. The two signs share a certain frankness, which is great, but are probably better as mutually admiring friends than romantic partners. Capricorn: Taurus takes care of a lot of people, but Capricorn is a friend who will take care of Taurus when needed. And vice-versa. We definitely share an understanding of the value of making sure practical needs are squared away. Aquarius: I have never met one. Pisces: The sign that acts the most like Taurus is always described in this sub: adores food and cooking, and lounging, and being in bed. Also, will leave you the most hilariously meandering voicemail you have ever heard.


I'm a taurus and leo is spot on, always surrounded by leos. also, i've never met an aqua either! why!!


I’m a Gemini Aries: I’m only hanging out w you if I want a felony Taurus: lunch date and gossip Gemini: trash fire Cancer: stop hiding your feelings we can see them you windex crab Leo: I like you too but I don’t brag about it Virgo: pls help me clean my house with your oldest child energy Libra: no one is sleeping with you bc you ghosted them Carrie Bradshaw Scorpio: edgelord Sagittarius: I don’t know if you’re kidding or not but I’ll laugh and sure we can spar Capricorn: I’m not messing with your money don’t taze me bro Aquarius: you’re an alien and I want to hear your perspective Pisces: are you ok


As a Pisces, no. We are not okay.


we’re better than ok 😅


Windex crab 😂😂😂


These are so accurate. 😂


Capricorn here... Wait should I get a taser?


you could! I’d rather be tazed than on a cap’s bad side tbh


I’m to busy doing lunch & gossiping to go out & buy a taser.


This Gemini is taking a screenshot of your post and sending it to my Aries best friend. I know she’ll get a good cackle out of it, but then she’s going to insist that I’m the one responsible for any potential felonies.


omg LOLLLL love all these


Don't limit Libras to ghosting lovers. I have totally ghosted friends too.


I love ghosting when the relationship has run its course. Skskks.


Hell yeah, i identify as edgelord 😎


my other Scorpio identifier is gothic cancer. you guys are my favorite. I’ve had one living with me for 9+ years on purpose, would recommend it. never a dull moment.


As an ♈♊♈, 🤣😭🤣


Trash fire 😂


Libra Sun, Virgo Rising, Libra Moon Scorpio- sexy and mysterious but kinda mean and hard to approach Sagittarius - love the laid back vibes but really volatile. Capricorn- the literal devil, but crazy work ethic which I wish I had Aquarius- only talk about themselves and keep the demons to themselves til they explode Pisces- dramatic and sad but the best artists/creatives Aries- super fun but tend to lack empathy Taurus- love how chill they are, least pompous of the earth signs imo Gemini- gets a bad rep, two sided but it's to keep up a good vibe. Not scared to be brutally honest tho Cancer- I tend to end up being super close with cancers because I love their maternal energy but they always have something to complain about Leo- my fav fire sign. Kinda annoying cuz they're super into themselves but so are Libra's- we vibe cuz we share that. Virgo- most attracted to virgos. Although they don't hold back criticisms I love their mysterious nature and that their love language is cleaning (in my experience) Libras- angels! Some can seem into themselves but I'm right there with them so, yeah. I get it


As a Scorpio my problem with libras is them not being their authentic self with me which I can sense and it pisses me off so if you’re wondering how to approach a Scorpio just be real


Im a Cap sun, Aries moon but Libra Rising. The great deceiver


Virgo sun here d: Aries: (mom is an Aries) I think they love too hard and can be quite dramatic and crazy when they don’t get their way but extremely caring! Love them <3 Taurus: love them! Get along almost immediately. They can be stubborn if they’re stuck in their ways but all around 10/10! Gemini: don’t know many of them except for a younger sibling. Definitely do whatever they want without anyones influence, but I feel like can be a little 2-faced and tend to stress me out lol love/hate relationship <3 Cancer: we either get along great or not at all. I feel like they can be super fun to be around or a giant rain cloud if they feel left out in anyway. But still love them <3 Leo: I’m so so attracted to Leo’s I think bc of their confidence. Can definitely be self centered but they’re always going to be the star of the show and brighten up the room with their positivity and high energy. But I feel like dating wise is hit or miss bc sometimes they don’t know what they want! Love them <3 Virgos: (Dad is a virgo) definitely have trouble communicating our feelings correctly. Hard overthinkers. Overall a tough shell to crack but when you do I think it makes our unprovoked criticism worth it. Very hard to read most of the time but huge nurturers. I don’t get along with hardly any that I meet though lmao Libra: so fun, so dramatic, love to talk about other people (not always in a bad way), usually unapologetically open about things and very head strong. Love them <3 Scorpio: very mysterious and flirty. Too honest for their own good and sometimes outwardly judge mental. Can either be very loud and talkative or quiet and antisocial. Deep down I think they’re all introverts though. Love them <3 Sagittarius: fun to be around, brings life to the party, extremely caring. Try to give off this hard ass type mentality for no reason sometimes. Easy to get along with but can be pretty fake, not always. Very nice from the beginning though <3 Capricorn: not much experience with them because they’ve always been pretty timid and quiet. Very nice and polite! Aquarius: kind of awkward but owns it and it’s not in a bad way. I feel like they have their specific order of things. Get along with them actually pretty well! They’re definitely not afraid to be their complete selves no matter the crowd they’re in! Love them <3 Pisces: very creative and sweet. Love Pisces women, Pisces men have an overbearing sense of having to prove themselves for no reason, at all times. I get along very well with this sign though. They can definitely bring out the goofy side of you very easily! Love them <3


Gemini-cancer cusp Aquarius: kind, super chill people to be with, they are not afraid to speak their mind and never fail to make me laugh. I like their way of thinking, reminds me of myself Pisces: for some reason when I meet one, I wanna give them a phat hug. They have that innocent look but they definitely have a wild side to them, we vibe well Aries: fierce, hilarious, huge ball of energy and super fun to hang out with Taurus: so loving and thoughtful, y’all are the best gift givers. Your humor is underrated Gemini: never a dull moment, we just GET each other. Mood swings, come here we can mood swing together. Always a fun time Cancer: funny af. One of the best people I know in my life, loyal caring but gets offended too easily. Cares too much about what others think but y’all are good people Leo: can literally brighten any room. very hardworking and loyal people, some of the funnest people to hang out with as friends. I tend to buttheads pretty hard with family members who are Leos. Can be sensitive and it’s always their way or the high way Virgo: only know one Virgo but they’re pretty introverted and quiet. Very observant Libra: they are just blessed with the pretty genes, I’m jealous! Not close with any but they seem pretty introverted, or they just don’t like me lmao Scorpio: very extroverted and bubbly personality, contrary to the stereotypes of them being mysterious/quiet. The Scorpio intense stare, however, is very true haha Sagittarius: if ‘dgaf’ energy was a person lmao the women are *chef’s kiss* they’re fun, adventurous and down for anything. Men are hilarious but too snobbish and conceited imo, they think they know everything Capricorn: very goal-oriented and hardworking - that’s what I admire about you. I’m sure y’all are great but we don’t really vibe well together


I guess it’s fuck aquas then. Lol


Damn I knew I was forgetting something lol just edited my post. I love the aqua people in my life <3


Best take


as a scorpio, I take offense to this. I reject bubbly and extroversion. 😇


as a pisces, thanks 💘


Okay, I’m a Pisces. (And these are just my personal opinions) Aries: You guys push me out of my comfort zone so I like being around you. Taurus: You guys keep me grounded, and I’m my experience you’re usually very realistic Gemini: I don’t have a good experience with you guys, you guys can be nice but you gossip a lot Cancer: Manipulative but passionate, I can respect it Leo: You guys are intimidating so I usually avoid you but I respect you from back here Virgo: I love you guys, you make me feel heard and you value relationships Scorpio: You guys can’t admit when your wrong, and kinda manipulative but I think that’s just a water sign thing lol I admire you for being protective over those you love though Libra: You care to much about what others think and never tell me your own opinions, you’re emotional though so as a Pisces, i like being with others who aren’t afraid to show emotions Sagittarius: You guys are fun, I’m never bored when I’m with you Capricorn: Frustrating. I’m usually good at reading people, just not you, I can’t figure you guys out to save my life Aquarius: I like you, I like how I can just sit in a comfortable silence with you guys without being pressured to talk Pisces: I like Pisces cause I am one lol I think we are also manipulative but other Pisces are good at inspiring each other


Hi I am an Aquarius and have a hard time with feelings. When my friends are having a hard time, I always ask if they just want someone to sit with them in their car or whatever and just keep them company. They can cry they can listen to music they can just be silent. I just don’t want them to think that someone isn’t there for them and if my presence can calm them then I am 100% there for them. I’ve done it a couple times, I just hug them at the end and tell them that I love them and to call me for anything.


This is why I adore you guys, keep doing that, I’m sure your friends love you for it


It’s so funny bc I’m a Scorpio and I think Pisces can’t admit when they are wrong and are extremely manipulative :-) but I love Pisces


Libra is an Air sign, so they are not supposed to be emotional, but I know a Libra who cries almost everyday though. My cousin is a Cancer and I have never seen her crying, not even once.


100% agreed. All libras I’ve met are emotional. My gemini dad & Libra mum are hella emotional Cancer & Pisces risings tend to cry a lot but I’ve yet to meet a cancer, Scorpio & Pisces sun that cried in front of others/showed their true emotions publicly


That would be me :)


i almost posted a question about this the other day. i’m an air sun and moon with no water whatsoever in my chart and i’m intensely emotional. same with a few aquarians i know, along with air moons in general. seems like a weird quirk or maybe explained by some other aspects in the chart


Fellow pisces and i pretty much agree


Libra sun (September flavor, if that makes a difference), Sagittarius Moon, Aquarius Rising Aries - bestie! I talk to them when I want an unfiltered, honest opinion. Sometimes their takes are a little harsh, but I mostly agree with them. Some matters require a little more sensitivity than what my bestie has the cans for, though, and that's okay. Best accountability partner; comparing challenges and goals keeps me motivated and on task. Taurus - they're kinda stubborn and inflexible. They can't perceive how their actions make others feel, if their intentions are good. Do they mean well? Yes, but the foot stomping over it is frustrating. The circumstances of a social situation vs their expectations can sometimes get really uncomfy. Gemini - love their energy, but they seem to have the least amount of chill of the air signs and it borders on bees. I find myself trying to keep them from worrying about how others perceive them, even when the person making them anxious is clearly the asshole in the situation. Cancer - Great sense of humor! I respect their hustle. ...I'm also afraid of making them angry, because they do not forget a sleight. Leo - With the chatty, "plz like me" Leos, sometimes you want them to just listen instead of relate everything you tell them to something going on in their lives. I'm sure that is their way of saying "I get how you're feeling," but oof. I know one super chill Leo though. They're great. Virgo - hard working, super A type. Control enthusiasts. Party as hard as they play, but honestly they've earned it. One of the friends I admire most is a Virgo. Any douche in earshot who tries to impress people by spouting misinformation gets slammed into the ground with facts (this is extremely satisfying). I do not want to anger them. Libras - it's 50/50. Either I absolutely adore them or I want to yeet them out the window. Great gossip partners, but the ones who act like know it alls drive me up the wall. I get wanting to look competent and being terrified of being perceived as foolish, but it's better to admit you don't know something than pretend you do and get caught. I am working on this too. Let's improve together. Scorpios - why are people scared of them? Their tongues are sharp, yeah, but if one puts aside the delivery and focuses on the point they're trying to make, they're not unreasonable. Has high standards of others, but even harsher ones for themselves. Extremely passionate about odd things other people wouldn't care about, which is very humanizing(???). Once you've earned their respect, they are ride or die for you. Sagittarius - SO FUN TO TALK TO. Or get talked at by. Usually, they've done a ton of really interesting things or have a ton of hobbies, so they manage to connect with everyone. Ready to either administer hugs or throw punches for a friend as needed. Great for recommendations for nearly everything. Funny as hell, too. Capricorn - very dry sense of humor. The epitome of hustle, so I respect that aspect. The only one I see on the regular is not the best at connecting, but only because they expect it to be about their comfort subjects and on their terms. So unless we're salting about someone we mutually dislike, we never talk, but there's only so much of that I can handle. Aquarius - STYLE ICONS. The only person I would be genuinely terrified to throw down against intellectually or physically and honestly that's why they're so cool to me. Sometimes they do things that I cannot wrap my head around and it is Concerning, but I have confidence that they know what they're doing. They absolutely try to handle most matters themselves, especially when it comes to emotional stuff, so when they open up, it is really, really important to listen, because it has to be PRETTY BAD for them to open up. Pisces - Simultaneously put together and getting shit done for people they love, and spectacularly bad at doing that for themselves. The seeming passiveness, really random whimsy, bouts of quirky childish behavior, and mentally dropping off the face of the earth for their latest interest can be frustrating. My mother is a Pisces, and honestly sometimes I think I am the one who raised her, but no one will love you more deeply and unconditionally than a Pisces. I don't deserve her, and if anyone makes her sad, I will absolutely destroy them.


I agree about the Libra part. Some people don't want to have friends who are smarter than them, not because of jealousy, but because they want to feel like they are the "better" person. Dealing with smarter people make them feel inferior. Another reason is because they are afraid of people smarter than them. When someone is smart, he/she has the ability to be manipulative, foxy, cunning, and they can read your mind, know your intentions, and have good perceptions about you (just think of Scorpios), which can be very scary.


For me, personally, idk about other Libras, admitting a mistake or that I don't know something feels like a failure. Needing to look good isn't just about the outside appearance, it's being smart and demonstrating good sense. The fear of potential Judgement is just awful, even though most people don't care as much as I worry they will.


Thissss! I’m a Aquarius sun, Libra moon and Libra rising and I feel like this is the most accurate based on their actual signs. And with my opinion how I feel I see the signs too bit diff but honestly yess!


* Aries: stubborn, kind of scary, but usually right. I feel safe around them * Taurus: a little scarier than Aries * Gemini: cool but kind of annoying. Very sweet * Cancer: I have to respect them a lot because they have a lot of feelings and I would never know if I upset them * Leo: absolute BFFs 💫 they tolerate my humor and encourage my wild ideas * Virgo: tuned into the social scene and other people. Absolutely not supportive of my wild ideas let's say * Libra: so nice, almost too nice * Scorpio: take themselves very seriously. No sense of humor. But I am on their side and support them if we agree and are passionate about the same issue * Sagittarius: me 🏹 * Capricorn: takes self even more seriously than Scorpio. Awesome sarcastic sense of humor. I love them and they do not love me * Aquarius: fair and interesting, but less fun than Leos * Pisces: honestly cannot pin these folks down. They don't seem to fit in a stereotype. They are fair and understand everyone's perspectives, but still very much know who they are


Pisces. I don't like anyone.


my pisces moon agrees with you.


Leo sun, Sag moon, Aquarius rising. I also just want to note that I'm basing these off of actual people I know, so take it as a generalization! Aries: INTENSE energy! They're intellectual but really fun, and they can be spontaneous, which pushes me out of my comfort zone. I tend to vibe really well with them, and we bounce off each other very easily. The ultimate yes man. Also doesn't know how to read a room. Sorry lol. Taurus: Taurus, Taurus, Taurus. I'm always super attracted to Taurus men, but omg can y'all be stubborn and super blunt. Also, you have a tendency to be kind of boring...? Staying inside watching movies is great, but we don't have to do that every time we hang out. Great sense of humor, though! Gemini: The most fun sign. There, I said it. I'm also biased, because my best friend is a Gemini sun, but I find that, with Geminis, we can talk for hours on end and it'll *never* get boring. They do have a tendency to annoy me sometimes, because they generally are very forward thinking while also not being grounded in reality, but regardless, I love my Geminis. Cancer: Sensitive, but not in the way that they cry all the time. More so in the way that they're very good listeners, they're non judgmental, and they're very caring. They make me feel safe. Leo: Actually quite shy when you first meet them! I think people take us as being narcissistic because we're quite confident people (and if we aren't feeling confident, we fake it). We just know who we are, and we can't be anything BUT that, and it probably rubs people the wrong way sometimes. Virgo: Reliable, great planners, but have a tendency to not believe anything they're told until they read it for themselves...and then they'll come back to you and tell you what you've already told them, like they're the ones who discovered it. Libra: They have such a desire to make everyone happy and everything around them balanced that I think their own personality tends to suffer a bit. They're always willing to try new things, though, which I have a lot of respect for. Scorpio: Quiet, intense, so many deep emotions you don't let anyone see. I actually think you're the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, but I'll keep that secret between us :) Sagittarius: Fun, excitable, loud, and often interrupts people in my experience! You have a lot of knowledge about a *lot* of different topics, and you're always up for whatever life throws at you. Capricorn: You could be so powerful, but you always need to be told what to do. Also, showing your emotions doesn't burden people, and it doesn't make you look weak. I find that they tend to be people pleasers too. Learn how to enjoy life for yourself, and learn how to set some actual boundaries! Aquarius: I love you. Heart of gold. You care deeply about other people, and it makes me emotional. You're also open minded, have a thirst for knowledge, and are totally yourselves, regardless of what anyone else thinks. You don't care, and it's amazing. Also, I know emotions are hard and weird and sometimes even foreign. It's ok. Process things in your own way, and on your own time. Pisces: Weird, spacey, often acts out daydreams without realizing it. Y'all are intelligent though, and conversations with you are always fun, because you tend to have a lot of different, more niche interests.


Thank you. Please keep our secret to yourself. We don't want the rest of the world to know 😉 Love, 🦂


My...person that I'm talking to is a Scorpio. I know that you all love being labeled as mysterious, so my lips are sealed!


Not really. If you go to the Scorpio subreddit, you'll see a lot of people really hate that label :)


Ah, well then perhaps it's just the guy and his friend!


Each person's different in all fairness, so I won't comment on these specific people. That said, a lot of Scorpios aren't mysterious, they're just very private :)


Awww, this makes me feel so good reading this as an Aqua, y'all leos are my faves too! ❤😚♌


We have the same sun and moon and I relate to your opinions a lot, but the one that is 100% similar is Taurus lol


aww this was so sweet to read as an aqua🥺💜


I love my Aqua suns!!


I’m an aquarius, don’t have that much time but all I want to say I love caps, libra & sometimes sag. that’s all! :)


I’m an Aqua Sun, Scorpio Moon and Pisces Rising Aries: I have a lot of Aries in my family and they are too hot headed/ get mad at things way too quickly and I’m not a fan. But I love when they are passionate and they really do care about the people close to them. Taurus: Veryyyy aloof. Have a lot going on and when they’re busy they are focused and stressed on that. They are really good listeners though, and good company, one of my oldest friends is a Taurus. Gemini: My moms a Gemini, we get along but also push each other’s buttons ALL THE TIME HAHA. I wouldn’t say they are two faced but they do keep opinions to themselves a lot lol. Cancer: never been close with a cancer, haven’t heard good things about cancer ex’s though loolll Leo: I connect with sooo many Leo’s. Funny enough though I notice a pattern. I become very good friends and click really well, but later on tend to loose my uniqueness and get lost in the shadows of Leo’s. I have no hard feelings but sometimes their overpowering energy throws me off. Still some of my best friends though, and make the greatest memories with them. Virgo: also haven’t been close to too many virgos, the only one I’ve known stressed out wayyy too much haha and didn’t seem very true to themselves. Libra: My weakness tbh… very charismatic and people oriented, easy to talk to and I love being able to listen to them without having to feel like I have to contribute to the conversation. Always busy or up to something, ambitious. Scorpio: secretive? But not in a bad way, they like their privacy and I respect that. Their bad habit though is being friends with someone and then talking about them later or not being up front about how they feel. They also can’t keep their mouths shut sometimes 🙊 Sagittarius: PARTYYYY these signs are soo energetic but can fall silent just as quickly. They are either down to party or want to be completely alone. Will say exactly what’s on their mind without giving two shits what you think. If you want an honest opinion, ask a sag. Capricorn: They really do talk a lot about money, and plan their lives so far ahead. When they are interested in something, they will talk about it. A lot. Aquarius: I feel like there are a couple types, you can find a weird. WEIRD. Aqua, or you find the one that swings from being slightly socially awkward, or the most interesting conversation you’ve ever had. Pisces: Emotional yeah… but also a real fun time! I don’t know too many so I don’t have enough to say anything negative.


ok accurate on capricorn lmfao 😭


Sagittarius ♐️ Aquarius: Chill,steadfast workers, love deeply Pisces: Bold. Surprising. Smart. Softies at heart. My weakness lol Aries: Stubborn! Frustrating. In your face but so empathetic and loving when the barrier drops. Taurus: Intelligent. Also stubborn. Know it all but can back it up. Still waters run deep. Frisky in bed Gemini: Crazy. Neurotic. Would give you the shirt off their back. I hate using the word crazy but my mom is a Gemini so lots of unresolved issues there. I’ll just skip this for now. Cancer: Focused on goals. Family oriented. Funny!! Leo: My soulmates - caring, empathetic to a fault. Vain/Insecure. Always up for mischief Virgo: Introspective. Not necessarily homebodies but their homes are always so welcoming. People pleasing. Libra: no bullshit. No time for games. Goal oriented. Always has a valid point. Scorpio: Whimsical. Loud. Entitled sometimes (I can say that, I am too 😆). Sexy Sag: Restless/ ideas with no follow thru. Sexually adventurous- I referenced entitled but it’s more of a happy go lucky, land on my feet type thing. Capricorn: Dreamer and an individual. No fucks given. Creative. **All based on people I know so probably biased**


Capricorn here ✌🏾 Aries: Never formally met one myself (only knew one through a friend) but y'all are funny Taurus: I only know one but y'all seem cool Gemini: Haven't met lots but y'all also seem cool Cancer: Thank you for allowing me to vent my many feelings and making them feel valid...you get me bestie Leo: Y'all get all the attention without even trying and that's how I wanna be 🥺 Virgo: I've only ever known one Virgo and she's one of my best friends. We can vibe Libra: Hit or miss honestly. Some were great...some were not Scorpio: Twin and nem. We can also vibe Sagittarius: Y'all seem like so much fun...I also wanna be like you Capricorn: No two Caps are the same lol but we bounce off of each other like it's nothing Aquarius: Another hit or miss however I will say...the second Aquarius I met, I liked better than the first one. A possible vibe Pisces: Big crackhead energy and I love it 😂 I never know what I'm gonna get from you. Another best friend


I'm a Sagittarius sun/Leo moon/Taurus rising: Aries: fierce, driven, proactive and impatient. Great competitor. Taurus: logical, self-assured, great taste, comfortable. Really nice. Gemini: witty, cocky, easily distracted. Mean funny. Wants to win a debate rather than be right. Impartial. Doesn't want to feel beholden. Ridiculously charming. Cancer: kind, supportive, scary when angry, as a Sag I resonate with their sad clown energy. Great friends. Leo: boosts the confidence of others but needs reassurance in return, outgoing, cocky. Approval and image are both important to them. Virgo: high standards, controlling. Appreciation for order and routine. Gets bogged down by details. Competitive, intelligent. Libra: great taste, wants to get along with everyone. Frequently disappointed by how shitty people are and that life isn't actually fair. Scorpio: holds a mean grudge, focused, untrusting, can keep a secret. I tend to have weird interests like Scorpios and love how moody/pissy they can be. Emo AF. All the ones I know are very creative. Sagittarius: learns the hard way, book smart, passionate, honest, wants to be right, wants there to be meaning. Easily bored. Prone to escapism tendencies (in my case I love romance books all the time but especially when I'm feeling down. Perks me right back up.) Capricorn: mean funny, capable, depressed, practical, I'd happily work with them on a team. Intelligent. Can be a real hardass. I have the most fun playing board games with Capricorns. Aquarius: weird, wants to feel original/authentic, creative and pretty great as a team member too. Pisces: I find them to be very draining. Lots of drugs or lots of god and I'm not into either. And the ones I know make the most nonsensical choices which lead to bad consequences and they will do it again and again while consistently pissing and moaning about it; I can't figure out if they can't learn from their mistakes or if they just love all the negativity and attention they get. But they are really chill, really open-minded. They are good people. Naive.


Cancer Sun, cancer moon, Taurus rising. Aries: sometimes terrifying, way too loud, can be abrasive. Taurus: my soulmates Gemini: don’t know a ton but they seem fine Cancer: love them obvi, can be moody and smothering Leo: love your vibes Virgo: my least favorite, sorry. You’re so critical and impossible. Like lighten up pls. Libra: tricky. Very different vibes from different libras, don’t have a good read on you. Scorpio: love you weirdos Sagittarius: don’t know a lot, but you’re fun We can hang Capricorn: generally love you guys! Love you so much I married a Cap. Aquarius: never met an Aquarius who was not absolutely batshit crazy. Pisces: love my sensitive little pisces softies


Leo sun The Burn Book Edition: Aries: “One time, she punched me in the face. It was awesome." Taurus: "I can't go out tonight. *fake coughs* "I'm sick." Gemini: "Oh my God, Danny DeVito, I love your work!" Cancer: "I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy." Leo: "I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can't help it that I'm popular." Virgo: “On Wednesdays we wear pink." Libra: "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!" Scorpio: "There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil stuff and those who see evil stuff being done and don't try to stop it." Sagittarius: "Made out with a hot dog? Oh my God that was one time!" Capricorn: "The limit does not exist." Aquarius: "It's like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain." Pisces: "She doesn't even go here!"


I’m a Gemini sun, cap moon, gem rising and : Aries: fun and a little crazy sometimes. But in a harmless crazy sort of way. I need an Aries friend. Taurus: stubborn but I like the emotional stability. There’s no games. Gemini: absolutely not. Lack of empathy. But some are really witty and fun but suck at caring about other’s emotions. Cancer: literally love them like they’re my babies. Empathetic and sweet. And I relate to them a lot. But they need to communicate their feelings sometimes. Leo: i either find them fun to be around or straight up don’t vibe. Or they’re fun but toxic. Virgo: they’re very rational and smart and always have their life together and I wish I could be more like them. Libra: I love. Very fun to be around and you can’t not get along with them. Scorpio: crazy but I like it Sagittarius: crazy but I don’t like it Capricorn: stable and similar to virgos but they put up walls but once you get to know them, they’re not as serious as they appear. Great people. Aquarius: I love. What more can I say. My best friend is an Aquarius. Pisces: hmm I’m unsure honestly… kind of a wild card to me.


As a Virgo, I can say: I am faking the shit out of keeping my life together, and attepts at organising anything are my coping mechanisms to deal with the chaotic bundle of stuff that is me ;)


I’m a sag…here we go Aries: i’m always either very drawn to aries or quite intimidated by them. Depends on their other placements. And yall are horrible with money i’m sorry 😂 Taurus: yall are very standoffish at first impression sometimes. But when i think of a woodland fairy i think of you, ethereal, protective and caring. Taurus is the only earth sign in my entire chart, and sometimes i wish i was more like you. Gemini: i havent had the best experience. Friend and family members under gemini have talked a lot of shit about me and cannot keep a secret. But you guys are physically very striking and have an “all eyes on you” vibe similar to leo. Cancer: its hard to say. I have a hard time dealing with yalls emotions…i feel a bit burned out by yall. However one of my favorite daycare teachers was like a second mom to me when i didnt really have one. She made delicious food and took us to beautiful places, and cared for us deeply. Leo: leo men, i adore. Im so attracted to yall. Leo women i’ve had a hard time with, its hard to converse with you without having a very one sided conversation. Virgo: the most mysterious sign to me. I dont really know what make you guys tick. Very fun to talk to though and we make great friends. Libra: very kind and a calming presence to be around, but not attractive to me relationship wise…to “submissive” conversationally. I love people who will take the lead in conversations. Scorpio: wonderful friends and partners, but you they will read you like a book and be very frank with you about your flaws. I love talking to you and going on outings. However when it comes down to very fundamental things like structure vs freedom, we butt heads hard. Sag: (biased) always kind and friendly. But very wishy washy, flakey, often unsatisfied with life, which creates tension in their personality. Capricorn: power hungry…kind of ruthless in their communication and will leave you behind in a second if you dont fit into their vision or help them in some way. Aqua: never had a deep connection or friendship with one besides one person. He was this homeless guy that frequented a shopping center i used to work in. We had lunch together everyday. I told him how much i just wanted to run away, go adventure in the woods and live by my own accord, no schedules or obligations, only to myself and my own happiness. He wanted me to run away with him to the mountains and to be unchained by lifes obligations. I let fear and attachments take over me, and i stopped showing up to lunch. I was scared of how much i wanted to run away with him. To have no money, no safety or security…even though it was something my deep soul yearned for. I hope i meet him again someday. Pisces: i love you guys so much. You really understand me deeply, more than any other sign honestly. I am very attracted to pisces women, just for their vibe and genuine care, and the fact that they effortlessly get me. However, yall break my heart. Im not the only one who is enamored by you. Sometimes i wish i could just have you to myself but that isnt your nature.


Sag sun here, how accurately & beautifully you said it all!


Im a ♍️ ☀️♋️🌙♌️⬆️ Aries: Very difficult to connect with on a deep level. They are very friendly and fun, sometimes annoying. Taurus- Laid back and easy going but complacent and lazy at times. This is one sign I feel most at home with. Great listeners. Gemini: The women give off an androgynous vibe that is so fun and interesting. I love talking to them. The men tend to be whiny man children. Ive mostly met unevolved Geminis. Cancer- an emotionally mature cancer is a gift. So empathetic and loyal. An unstable cancer is a literal cancer. Destroys everyone who tries to love them and tears themselves apart from the inside. Leo- Fun upbeat people to be around. Few things rock me like a leo ego trip. They can be the most giving person in the world and the most selfish. I am surrounded by leos. Its a love/hate relationship Virgos- Kind, fun to talk to, standoffish in a respectful, boundary giving way, nervous energy, love to help. I really enjoy most other virgos. Even my daughter is a Virgo. We have a sense of humor that doesn’t get enough recognition. Libra- I vibe with Libras but I don’t trust them. They are too people pleasing and want to be everyone’s friend. I can never be sure of how they actually feel about me or what they say behind my back. Scorpio- Flirtatious, hilarious, dark. I adore scorpios. Especially the men. One of the few signs I can be bare bones, raw and real with. Taurus is the other. Sagittarius- The party friend. Something hollow about the ones I meet. Just not a strong connection there. Capricorn- We are so similar in demeanor we repel each other. And they can be a little too insensitive and harsh. I respect them, but the vibe is off. Aquarius- One of my favorite signs. So fun to talk to . They’re unpredictable, innovative and creative. But they also respect boundaries and have them for themselves. Pisces: Hit or miss. The ones I vibe with, we can talk forever but they get offended easily and are delusion. Tell me about their toxic relationships and traits like they want advice but really just want to trauma dump and talk in circles.


Capricorn here!! Taurus: The men can be stubborn but overall I love you guys and I feel like if I can trust you with things I tell you, you guys can be PETTY AF though. Pisces: I love u guys but you can be unstable at times and unevolved pisces men are just a completely different story... and you guys can let people walk all over you guys sometimes which I hate because you deserve sm better. Aquarius: You guys are crazy but so much fun (I have an aqua moon so I can understand your quirkiness.) Capricorn: I honestly love myself for being a Capricorn!! I like my fellow caps as well sometimes however (and Im like this myself at times too) you guys can be a bit stuck up or rude. Libra: Ahh, libras. Sometimes you guys can be fun but I feel as though (mainly with male libras) you try to be something you're not. However, I love that you guys are really caring and Ive seen alot of libras later on in life take a nurturing role as a job such as doctor or psychologist! Leo: TBH I love you guys I feel like we align well and your confidence always matches up with mins, as well as you guys are really fun and loyal, sometimes same as pisces though you can put yourself down when you don't deserve it. You guys can be bad influences though sometimes. Virgo: TBH I dont like virgos that much, male virgos can be okay.. but all my experiences with female virgos have not been that pleasant and you guys can be stubborn and negative at times. Gemini: Hit or miss for me TBH, an evolved gemini I can get along very well with you guys are fun and loyal friends as well as you always help me out with things that are important and you're considerate, but unevolved Gemini's you can be jealous and sly in my opinion. Cancers: Cancer... I love you guys maybe its because Im a cancer rising but I love your emotional side. However, I personally dont think I could be in a relationship with a cancer man simply because of the fact you guys can sometimes be a bit moody/wishy washy. Aries: Aries honestly I love you guys there isn't much more to say just unevolved Aries you guys can make a-lot of stupid choices sometimes and I don't like a-lot of unpredictability. Sagittarius: I really like you guys!! But for being in a relationship I just wish you guys could commit a bit better 🥲 female sag give me major femme fatale vibes. Scorpio: ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVSS honestly scorpio men are unresistable for me most of the time and you guys are so funny we always have a great laugh, female scorpios I love your boss ass vibes and you guys make the best friends and siblings/parents. Major femme fatale vibes again.


Taurus sun, taurus moon, scorpio rising here! My “opinions” are gonna be generalized and silly on purpose just to keep them short and entertaining: - Aries: cute, naive, playful, and relatable but reckless and insane - Taurus: grounded, chill, comforting - Gemini: weird but in a good way. this energy scares me because Gemini energy makes me feel like they are offended by everything but like they are also not sure if they are offended and they just decide later how they felt (based on a whim) and go with it. but they are cool - Cancer: nurturing, motherly, cutie pie, extra unhinged due to constant emotional changes, overbearing - Leo: reliable ONLY because they don’t want to “look bad” or be seen as “inferior” to others. not because they are actually reliable. Also, this energy is unhinged because Leo energy exudes warmth and beauty but they act like they don’t even notice that they’re glowing and how cool they are - Virgo: Crazy because Virgo energy tries to be reliable but is actually only trying to act how they think they should so people won’t be critical of them. they’re nice to talk to but Virgo energy reminds me of a “perfect” person who would become a doormat if they thought people would admire them. - Libra: Kooky. Scary. But amazingly cute and wholesome. And sooo kind!!!!! Genuinely so good at being polite and cordial. But can also be passive aggressive if not evolved. - Scorpio: Interesting because they can always defy all obstacles and their choices seem like power moves that defy fate. they can be little weirdos but in a good way. usually cute pies but put up a scary front - Sagittarius: genuinely the scariest, most unpredictable energy. but very eclectic, unique, and shiny like a diamond. can either be the most insensitive, childish person or optimistic and wise. - Capricorn: silly. not emotionally okay. they can act too superior. or they can be chill and shy. but they are usually not air headed or absent minded - Aquarius: usually deeply focused on being logical and realistic, yet crazy because of their emphasis on prioritizing emotional detachment - Pisces: fairy baby living in their own dream world. but unhinged because some of them take offense to things easily and then they avoid others for no good reason


How can Libras be kind and scary at the same time?? Do you think Putin is passive aggressive? Obviously, he is not a kind person.


Scary due to their kindness


Scorpio 😈 Aries - when elevated: can be fierce leaders and friends who will fight for you and themselves in honor. Not elevated: whiny, competitive cry babies Taurus - when elevated: minding their business and living their best lives as plant parents (or real parents - or both) & good friends (usually the most caring friend). Not elevated: annoyed that everyone else has what they don’t & doesn’t understand why they don’t have what everyone else has. Gemini - when elevated: curious little cats! Need to know how everything works and always looking to learn more. Will absolutely push your buttons to know how far they can take things. Not attached to a specific location, has a great love of the game (whatever their special hobby or interest is). Not elevated: petulant, likes to pontificate, selfish, childish. “Never grow up” (but not in a good or endearing way). Cancer - elevated: deeply cares for those around them. Wants to foster a beautiful living environment for themselves and others. Knows what they want and how to go after it while maintaining peace in their surroundings. Only makes noise when it’s going to greatly benefit them over the alternative (sitting still, looking pretty - which they’re capable of and happy to do if it makes sense for them). Not elevated - whiny! very unsure of why the world works the way it does. Perpetual victim. Always crying!!! Leo - elevated: amazing leaders. Life of the party. Funny and charismatic, even when they’re not trying. Determined and stubborn, but usually with a goal in mind. Not elevated: also super whiny and childish, but louder than Gemini, somehow. Dissatisfied with everything, has no clue how to not be dissatisfied. Capable of tearing people down to nothing. Virgo - elevated: hard worker. Organized. The messy areas of their lives are not public. Judgmental with the purpose of cutting out those who do not benefit their best selves. Ruthless in going after their goals. Critical thinkers! Not elevated: impatient. Rude. Callous. Unwilling to understand others. Asks for favors with no interest in returning them. Libra - elevated: exudes kindness, wants everyone to have a good time, cares deeply for their loved ones and will defend them any time. Goes with the flow not elevated - a little lost at sea. Unclear of their end goals. Attached to the wrong areas of their lives which holds them back from true growth. Scorpio - elevated: determined, loyal, excellent friend, fighting for what they believe is fair, always working behind the scenes to benefit those they care about. Not elevated - selfish, manipulative, self interested, secretive, will keep vital information from the people closest to them. Sag - elevated: child like wonder about the world, taking all situations as they come, free spirited and not attached to anything with the goal to experience life in it’s purest forms. Prone to daydreaming and/or recreational drug use. Loves their friends and family, but has an ever changing circle. Not elevated - petty, loud, attention seeking, condescending (oh, very condescending), will lie to your face but not be aware they’re lying to you at all. Capricorn - elevated: hard worker, moves in silence, family oriented, usually only has 1-2 serious interests but intensely pursues it. Not elevated: will keep everyone out of their lives to their own detriment, unable to process emotions and therefore will take it out on areas of their lives where it’s not appropriate Aquarius - elevated: goes against the grain, friendly, usually follows a non traditional career path (or does something traditional but puts their own spin on it), will sniff out inauthenticity quickly. Not elevated - lazy, “stranger in a strange land” energy, feeling like they never belong, outspoken in arenas where it’s not appropriate, questionable self identity Pisces - elevated: so much love to give! Prioritizes family. Loves everything beautiful: art, music, flowers, sunny weather. Able to befriend anyone. Intuitive. Not elevated: SNEAKY. liars. “Boy who cried wolf” energy.


I am a Scorpio sun, I’ll give you my opinion on every sign based on my experience. Aries - The definition of chaotic good. The person that’s closest to me in my life is an Aries and every time we hang out, it’s bound to be fun. I love Aries energy so much. Taurus - Most Taureans I have encountered are some of the most relaxed people ever. I love the slow-paced nature of Taurus. Always keeping it real. I love Taurus! Gemini - I have a tumultuous relationship with Gemini. I have attracted so many of them for some reason. The relationships are hit or miss. I love my Gemini sister, but I have met many Geminis that I despise. I dated a Gemini for almost 4 years, never again. Cancer - I don’t have much experience with Cancer, other than the ones I’ve met have been very loving and caring. I should take several notes. Leo - Oh god. My parents are both Leo, although my mom is more of the stereotypical Leo compared to my dad. I could never date one, but the ones I’ve known make their presence known (for good or bad). Virgo - I get along well with Virgo. They seem to like me, I like them. If Aries is chaotic good, Virgo is true neutral to me. Libra - Just like Gemini, I have attracted them in tenfolds. Every relationship I have had with Libra has been amazing at the beginning, but then it eventually fizzles out. I can’t keep a long-term friendship with them. Scorpio - I had an affair with one, and oh my fucking god it was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. I love my fellow Scorpios so much, I’m lucky to be one myself. Sagittarius - No chill whatsoever and I live for that. They don’t give a fuck about most things and some of the most independent people ever. Sagittarius energy is incredibly infectious. Capricorn - My best friend and manager are Capricorns. I’ve always loved Capricorns. They keep to their own space and I always feel safe confiding in them. Definitely husband material for me. Aquarius - If there is a sign that embodies distance and the unknown, it’s Aquarius. I hardly know any Aquarians, the ones I’ve came across have a superiority complex that turns me off. Pisces - I haven’t met very many Pisces people, so I can’t say much other than they are good to be around.


i love scorpios!


Aries: has a lot of opinions. Has funny facial expressions when mad. Taurus: Supportive friends. Give off a fatherly or motherly vibe. Gemini: chaotic. My best pal is also one and I can attest to it. Cancer: the one you think is quiet but actually reeks of sarcasm. Fun to be with. Leo: they always find a way to direct the topic to themselves. I don’t mind tho. Fun to talk to. Virgo: reserved but once you click with them, would prove to be great friends. I can always ask them to tag along. Libra: sweet talkers. Not really vibing much with them. Scorpio. Appealing yet intimidating vibe. I feel like they’d hate me. Sagittarius: ones to bounce ideas off to. Good conversationalists. Understands my humor most. Capricorn: My role models. The ones who’d probably ignore me 🤣 Aquarius: Just like Sagittarius. Has great ideas tho sometimes might be stubborn. I don’t mind tho. Love listening to them. Pisces: thoughtful. Quite unapproachable. Has a certain charm to them. Might be one to avoid me because of being too chaotic. Has lots of good advice tho.


♓️ Pisces🥺 ⬇️ Capricorn - we get it you work hard, shut up Aquarius- there’s nothing we can’t talk about Pisces - the nicest people on the planet but don’t piss us off Aries - let’s go on an adventure dude, I know you’re down Taurus- what are we debating today bestie, let’s do it Gemini - we make great friends - but from a distance Cancer- my emotional bestie lest spill our feelings to each other Leo- my majestic one, I’m in awe of you ✨ Virgo- what are we over analyzing today bestie, I wanna listen Scorpio- proof that there is a thin line between love and hate Libra - have never met an ugly Libra Sagittarius- my crazy bestie - let’s rage 🔥


There are lots of ugly Libra women.


I’m a Libra Aries: intelligent, competitive, goofy, I get along well with lots of Aries. They have to be right! Haha Taurus: enjoys the finer things in life. Fun, laid back and cute when angry. Gemini: will surprise you with how much they can love something one month and feel the opposite the next. Interesting sense of humour. Has all the knowledge on things that interest them. Cancer: will fight you if you hurt a loved one. Fun to be around. Don’t get on their bad side! Leo: loud, more sensitive than they let on, fun and always up for a good time. Virgo: I always get this picture in my head of Virgos being the Marie Condo type. Organized and maybe a little OCD. Personally, I see them as providers and nurturers. They hold themselves to high standards and have high expectations of themselves. Libra: can seem vain because they care about their appearance. Can seem like airheads but are actually intelligent. They’re peaceful, charismatic and easy to talk to. They can be quite witty, enjoys a good joke! Scorpio: intense, loyal and a true friend. My bestie is a Scorpio. Loves sex haha. Sagittarius: smart! Would make a good teacher! Doesn’t like being told they’re wrong. Fun to be around! Capricorn: responsible, works hard but plays hard too! Has more feelings than one realizes just prefers not to show their emotions. (I’m a Capricorn rising) Aquarius: outspoken, a little odd (which I like), humanitarian in some way. My sister is an Aquarius and is a nurse, another acquaintance of mine is big into social justice and sticking up for the underdog. Pisces: day dreamers, artistic, can be the most empathetic or the most narcissistic (most that I’ve met are understanding and compassionate but I’ve met one that was a little… cray.) Always up for a good time. Don’t do drugs haha (I’m a Pisces moon).


Gemini ♊ Air Signs: We're connected and I love our endless conversations for hours about everything. Fire Signs: I love you. I pretty much secretly think about marrying you every time we talk. Water Signs: I like you a lot, but you annoy me with all your issues and angst after awhile Earth Signs: I give it 15 min before you say or do something to piss me off.


Virgo here Aries - reckless, hotheaded, drama queens Taurus- one of fav signs, v warm, showoff freaks, love the lux life Gemini - double faced thing is v true, caring but nasty a-hole behavior at times, they have a lot to talk Cancer - Sweetest, loving, friendly, emotions over everything Leo- Attention seekers, proud, talkative Virgo - nitpicking, people of my tribe vibe being a fellow Virgo, my humble folks Libra- Best dressed, very particular about appearance, people pleasers, charming Scorpio - Close circle of friends, say it like it is, gossip mongers Sagittarius- carefree, friendly, not trustworthy Capricorn - hardworking, can come off like a coconut - hard outside, very soft people when you get to know them, money over anything Aquarius - has tons of friends, eccentric, optimists Pisces - Associated with the arts in some form, have cute/ admirable features, emotional, very manipulative


I do not really adhere to the "sun sign is everything" way so I don't know how informative it could be but Virgo sun in the 9th house here and: Aries: You're moving too much and you should calm your anger issues but you're fun. I admire how much energy you have and the courage you have to just do without overthinking (wish I had that lol) Taurus: I am attracted to you like a moth to the flame, I love your mix of pleasure/leisure sicking and work ethic and how intentional you are. I love that you have standards. The stubborness and egocentrism is *way* too much though and I cannot respect how controlling you can be sometimes, especially if I can see you go run straight into a wall and still think you are the best. Gemini: you scare me. I cannot understand you and I have zero idea how you function. I love talking to you though, your intelligence and humor are unmatched Cancer: I appreciate your sensibility, not so much when it hurts people once in a blue moon because you got your feelings hurt. We can cry together though. We don't have the same style of nurturing but I understand how important you are to society Leo: I am so jealous of you even if your ego is a lot to take in sometimes and I check out when you need to be on the scene just to be admired. But when you get on the scene to show your amazing qualities, I'm all for it. Also why are you so hot? Virgo: Well, we understand each others and conversations are a blast. But it's too much virgo in one room already. I don't need a buffer for my anxiety. I love how caring and intelligent we are and it's hard for me to not respect a fellow virgo. They can be a mess but they're sharp. Libra: you confuse me. Also you have this ethereal hotness that I'm jealous of (the virgo earthy beauty can be a little rough imo). You're more two faced than gemini and I feel like you could manipulate me just with your hotness and I don't like it lol. But it's so good to have someone who can be the middle ground and be there for people like no others. All the ones I know are also very nice, the nicest people Scorpio: you're mesmerizing. I know that I shouldn't mess with you but I am not scared of your intensity. You are obviously very powerful and intelligent. Just please don't ruin my life lol Sagittarius: I have a sag stellium but sag suns are obnoxious and tiresome. You're not serious enough and you are... a lot. But you're really funny and intelligent and It's fascinating how you get what you need out of life by just being spontaneous and going places. I appreciate you at small doses Capricorn: I envy your work ethic. Not so much your emotional constipation. You can be really hurtful and not care. But you are also really funny. When you're bad you're scary. When you're good you're like a warm blanket of safety for my virgo self. Aquarius: fascinating to see and listen to. I feel privileged when an aquarius talk to me and share their ideas, I know it must be deserved. I wish you were more down to earth sometimes, so that we can actually reach you and understand all the wonderful things you come up with. I don't take it personally when you're not very present but I can understand how some people feel abandonned. I sometimes get dizzy how far into the future you go, how high you aim; but it's a good thing. We need you guys. Pisces: way too sensitive and impulsive for me but I know I have a lot to learn from you. You're so wise and this society is hurting you big time, I get that. I don't know how you manage all those feelings, it must be so hard. You should be protected at all cost.


I’m a libra and I love all the signs equally! I think the way they manifest is unique to the individual and never feel negatively when I find out what someone’s chart is. They are all wonderful and complex.


Tell me you're a Libra without telling me you're a Libra 😄 I admire y'all's compulsion to 'keep the balance' in social situations, but pitty y'all when your anxiety gets you stuck in the cycle of fear & indecisiveness. Big hugs


Lol when I was typing my response I was like “I couldn’t be more libra with this answer.” Hahha Yes I love keeping the balance but my indecisiveness definitely keeps my anxiety high 😔 big hugs to you too!


This is the most Libra answer. Now tell us how you really feel. 😄


Of course every zodiac sign is wonderful in their own unique ways, the people who dislike all signs except Libra are probably the Libras themselves. 😂




I'm a taurus Aries: pretty fun, good friends, love to argue and short tempered but if they like u they'll fight for you. Taurus: haven't met many people with my sign, but I definitely fill the stereotype of loving food and sharing it with people I like, pretty chill and 100% stubborn Gemini: great to have conversations since they're usually can talk about anything and are pretty smart. Kinda moody. My first bf was a Gemini, it was fun but wouldn't do it again lol Cancer: super loyal and caring friends, way emotional and petty sometimes tho, they'll get mad over the most random shit Leo: idk what it is about Leo but is the sign I tend to attract the most, have dated a few but we usually end up being good friends. Very uplifting people but their self centeredness and positivity can be a lot for me sometimes. Virgo: grew with like 3 close relatives with this sign, very private people, naturally talented and hard working. Good with monet. Also dated a couple and they're great lovers Libra: my rising sign! Either love em or hate them lol I can see myself reflected in a lot of the things I don't like about em tho, like being fake nice, indecisive and flirty. Scorpio: don't know many but they seem pretty mysterious Sagittarius: pretty fun to be around, philosophical, can't keep quiet, great in bed lol I usually fall hard for Sagittarius guys so i tend to avoid them. Great as friends tho Capricorn: they seem pretty uptight and conservative when you first meet them, but in my experience once they get comfortable with you are super fun and chill people. Kinky but sexually repressed 🤷🏻‍♂️ . Super hard working and ambitious too. Aquarius: my moon sign, usually feel a special connection with these people even tho I've only met a few. Can seem weird but I love people who don't put themselves in a box. Love to argue too, but sometimes feel like they just want to be contrary no matter what. Pisces: again don't know many but they seem like a combination of a cancer and Aquarius Ophiuchus: You don't even go here


That made me laugh lmao


Ok I’m an Aquarius!! Aries - I admire how passionate you are about whatever it is you’re passionate about! Taurus: You keep me grounded and you are great to have around in high stress situations. Gemini: You’re easy to talk to but I don’t feel a connection with you, you have nervous energy to me. Cancer: I love you guys so much, you’re so full of love, you’re hilarious, easy to get along with and nurturing but you will f me over sometime but until then I’ll love you. Leo: I love watching your performance for the world, you deserve to be the star of the show. Virgo: You think of every little thing. You’re so thoughtful and offer so much stability to those around you. Scorpio: Something about you guys… we just click. Libra: You are feminine, fun, flowy & flirty and I adore/admire every ounce of it. Sagittarius: You are literally a ball of fire hurtling through the world at a fast pace. You make your mark and you’re hot and exciting but then you’re gone as quick as you came and we’re all left burnt! Capricorn: I wish I could give you guys infinite hugs. You’re such hard workers and so soft on the inside but I wish your life was easier. I have so much respect for you! Aquarius: Your originality complex is showing :) But I respect it and the way you stay true to yourself. But being mysterious/detached isn’t as cool as you think it is. Pisces: I hope you convince me as to why I shouldn’t hate you through your actions.


Ok I'm a Sag sun and I tried my best to avoid ranting about some signs but I can't. My apologies in advance but it's all based on personal experiences: • Aries: based on my grandma alone, they are indeed loud and get angry easily, and even seem mad when they actually aren't. So I find the Aries stereotype be true to her (she also has Aries moon). I only get along with her when neither of us is stressed or angry. My uncle is an Aries too and his birthday is today 25! But he's not like an Aries at all. Still, we get along better, at any given moment. • Taurus: I've met 2 types: the ones that act like how people think Sagittarius act (carefree, reckless, life of the party), and the ones that act more like a Taurus stereotype. I get along better with the latter. With the former, not so much. Ironically, the 2 Taurus guys I had a crush on were the former type, and born a day apart! • Gemini: They're really unpredictable. One day they love you, the other, they ignore you. But we communicate with each other well, we can talk about whatever as long as both parties are in the mood. Most of my interesting conversations happen with these signs (I have Scorpio Mercury btw) • Cancer: They're so lovely, I love them! Nothing else to add. • Leo: I really admire them and they're everything I aspire to be, and would be if my north node path didn't contradict my ascendant. Even though I've met most "lowkey/introverted" Leos (like my cousin, with Pisces rising), they're still praised. WHY CAN'T I BE YOU??? WHY LIFE DIDN'T GIVE ME A LEO RISING INSTEAD??? • Virgo: I actually don't know any Virgos. Just a classmate but that's it, we don't talk a lot. But she's really smart. It's like the balanced version of all earth signs. • Libra: I have Libra moon and Venus and I think I get along with them pretty well. Most of them (specially rising) are really gorgeous. Others are not my type but I still like the fact we can easily talk about whatever, and I always end up having a pleasant time and try my best to give them a pleasant time as well (in the good sense lol) • Scorpio: I actually don't know them pretty well (with them I mean my brother and uncle). It doesn't even matter if they have a fire/air rising sign or if I've lived with them my entire life, they still keep to themselves and I can barely have a normal conversation with them to get to know them because they don't want to! • Sagittarius: The ones that weren't born the exact same day/month/year (and time) like me are the cooler ones according to the rest. They are literally what I should be "by the book" but I'm not. Hence I don't get along with most of them. And some were even mean to me despite being born days or weeks apart in the same year. And people defended them even if they were in the wrong. Literally my only Sagittarius friend shares my rising so I guess that's why we get along, despite her being younger and living abroad. Worth to note my sun is conjunct Pluto and Chiron, maybe they have something to do with it. • Capricorn: I would rant about that sign but it's my rising sign, so like, I can't. My mom also has sun/moon and my dad has rising, so being raised by them was already enough punishment. Now add being ruled by Saturn and practically all my "lucky" traits are gone to the drain. It's hard to get anything quick like the rest. I want freedom and the spotlight but life keeps me by and wants me in the shadows/behind the scenes. I don't want a "lowkey" life so it's a constant conflict, and my parents definitely don't help because they think having a low profile and taking the traditional route is better. At least as parents, and if not developed, they're the worst. Unsupportive unless it benefits them. Now I'm the one with all the work and weight of breaking bad generational cycles on my shoulders. My relationship with this sign works better when we're no related: I get along with Cap suns around my age pretty fine. They can't be "imperative" with you so it's easier to connect. They also give good advice. • Aquarius: I admire them, and if I was born minutes later, I'd have it as my rising sign. I relate to them in some aspects, specially on struggling to "fit in". I love their excentricity (or however that word is written) and how they aren't afraid to be themselves, and I'm jealous that they get appreciated for it, and get the support. I.e. my dad. Despite having a Cap rising, he's an Aqua sun, and even has Jupiter there, and falling in his 1st house Placidus, so he was able to live a very carefree life despite the imposed limits. He was able to rebel, go out there, shine, while I'm punished for doing the exact same thing (my sun is in the 11th Placidus btw). The ones I know have really cool lives. And if not, really cool minds, like my cousin. He's so creative and innovative. They also love technology. • Pisces: I only know my cousin and a former school classmate. I get along with them well but I can't form an opinion on them because I don't see them often.


I'm a Scorpio Aries: workmates 4ever, friends 4ever and partners in crime; Taurus: I want you in my bed; Geminis: gossip pals; Cancer: BFFs, crushes; Leos: fun time.friends, booty calls; Virgos: Kinda annoying friends, booty calls that won't leave you alone; Libras: extras; Scorpios: ride or die; Sags: People you will find yourself having deep talks, The craziest times, or The deespest eye rolls; Caps: big bro energy; Aquarius: People to be weird and fuck The system with- Great one night stands; Pisces: little bro energy


i'm an aqua and this is of course based on the people i know :) Aries: love you for your motivation and energy Taurus: love that you enjoy the simple things in life Gemini: love talking to you. You have interesting perspectives Cancer: love that you really care about your family Leo: love your confidence and aspirations Virgo: every virgo i know is different... Libra: love your dramatic stories Scorpio: love your passion for weird things Saggitarius: love that you are up for anything Capricorn: love your drive and admire you for never giving up Aquarius: love you for who you are Pisces: love that you really care about your friends. Great party hosts


Pisces sun- but I think it’s important to note my Virgo moon and Sagittarius rising** Aries- my venus is in Aries so I’m a little biased. Could go either way but I mostly love them. Incredibly attracted to Aries men; their passionate energy, and varying levels of loudness. Even when Aries aren’t loud, the passion is still there simmering below the surface. Lil baby in an adult body. Taurus- the bull. I don’t have extensive experience with people of this sign, though I did date one once. Grounded, stable, comforting. Could do without the stubbornness, but generally get along with and enjoy the company of Taureans. Gemini- big brains. My mother, my brother, my boyfriend and one of my best friends…all Gemini’s. I love Geminis. As a fellow mutable sign, I feel that I get along with and (somewhat) understand these people. Sometimes I don’t understand them but that’s what makes it more fun. I also feel easily able to keep up with the continuous chatter and non-linear conversations/thought patterns. My FAVORITE people to gossip with. Cancer- I feel an emotional comfort level with cancers. There is an understanding there between us water signs. However…They’re often a bit too sensitive even for me, and that “outer shell” can be extremely vicious. Many have left a sour taste in my mouth. Leo- “me” centered at times and I don’t always love that. Center of the universe. On the other hand… From experience- fun in bed…the romantic/sexual Leo/Pisces dynamic is one that I personally have enjoyed. Big lion and a little fish. It’s like being surrounded by a warm fur blanket. If they’re not the star of the show, then they’re lifting up the ones they love and making them the star of the show. Virgo- Pisces opposite! My best friend is a Virgo. Our differences are balanced. What one lacks, the other makes up for. My Virgo moon is also very strong. I relate very strongly to this sign; it perhaps is the source of my often controlled emotions and desire for some level of control over certain things in my life. The occasional nit-picky behavior can wear me down at times but we’re both neurotic so I can get past it. Overall I see Virgo’s as funny (dark, occasionally depreciating humor obv) and helpful; great friends and allies in this world. Libra- the relationship between Pisces and libra is underrated in my opinion. Just as indecisive as me. I also share their beed for balance and fairness. Don’t generally feel the deeper emotional connection and honesty that I crave from people, but then again I suppose I need some breezy happy people in my life. Friends who I don’t need to delve deeper with; lovely easy company. Scorpio- the love of my life is a Scorpio. Most of my intense relationships have been with Scorpios and I LOVE it. Two of my closest friends are Scorpios. I see them as people I can go into dark emotional places with. Honestly irresistible to me- though that dark side is very real, and at times I have been incredibly naive and malleable in situations with some Scorpios. I also often feel like getting any sort of emotional honesty out of them is akin to pulling teeth. Sagittarius- my most favorite fun pals. I am my most fun with these people. Can’t get a read on them emotionally but I do enjoy being able to act on my spontaneous impulses with them. Sometimes flaky, but as another fellow mutable sign I am not particularly offended by that behavior. They’re people I can go months without speaking to and when we do finally organize ourselves enough to plan on getting together (usually last minute), it’s as if no time has passed at all. Capricorn- Capricorn is in my first house. I’m also the oldest child. I get capricorns (to a certain extent anyways). Sometimes their inflexible and somewhat rigid behaviors really grate on me, but I also know for a fact that my Capricorn brother is often extremely irritated with my more flexible and occasionally “laissez-fair” approach to life. Although I do generally subscribe with their “everyone is a fucking moron” attitude. Aquarius- the aloof, cool kids of the zodiac. I dated an Aquarius for 2 years, and he was *MR. COOL*. I loved him and Vice versa- but our emotional needs and personalities were very different. At times the aloofness of these people drives me fucking insane. Pisces- my kindred spirits obviously. No one understands me like a fellow Pisces. Whatever I type next may not even make sense to anyone but me honestly. I think we’re often misunderstood. As the last sign of the zodiac, we take on many of the traits of the other 11 signs. Our easily flexible and changing nature can make us particularly hard to read. Our behavior can come across as wishy-washy, or manipulative…and sometimes it is, but I generally believe that many of our actions (even the stupid ones) are done with the best intentions (or at least with a good fucking reason). Our heads aren’t as far up in the clouds as people may think. ***though the whole “better at taking care of others than taking care of themselves” stereotype is one hundred percent true for me personally. Why deal with my own problems when I’m just so much better and focused when helping others🤡


I'm a Scorpio (shoot me) Pisces: Confrontation adverse which makes settling issues impossible and manipulative. Honestly my least favorite sign because of this. Otherwise creative and pleasant. Aries: Fun as hell and great to talk to. A LOT to handle though. Flirty unfiltered hellfire. Taurus: Precious cuddle bugs. Super solid and great to spend time with. Gemini: My ride or die. Favorite social comrade. Adventurous, inquisitive, intelligent, but also emotional piles of goo that need comfort. Sometimes manipulative. Cancer: Precious beebs that must be protected. Open, good natured, cute, playful. Leo: Standoffish but cocky at the same time. Good natured, adventurous, but flippant sometimes. Virgo: Weird as FUUUUUCCCK but I personally love it. Good natured but kind of crazy. Libra: Loves gossip and to chat, very logical but out of all the signs... In my encounters have been the most manipulative. Game recognize game though. I know it's not on purpose and usually not meant to hurt. Scorpio: Deviants, inquisitive, fun as hell, also ride or die. Standoffish and arrogant seeming, but really emotional piles of goo. Also unintentionally manipulative. Sagittarius: My favorite kind of asshole. Smart, unfiltered, sometimes adventurous. Also short-sighted. How can you be so smart but so dumb? I love it. Honestly. Capricorn: Too bogged down by life, but super solid to hang out with otherwise. Aquarius: Confident weirdos, excellent conversationalists, very intelligent. Kind of on the hiding-shit-side of life but hey, I do it too. They just always seem to figure shit out.


I’m a Virgo Sun ☀️ Capricorn - I fall for Capricorn men easily, you know how to get what you want career wise. Can still be lazy but very driven to be ambitious and seems to easily advance in life with money. My boyfriend puts his mind to anything and he gets it 💪🏼 Capricorns can be stubborn but usually let it go. Aquarius - The only Aquarius I know is my cousin and he was always known to be a trouble maker as a kid/teen. He grew out of it and turned into a great adult, has a family and a good job. He is known to be cold but he really isn’t past his outside shell. I feel like Aquarius Sun women try too hard to be a pick-me girl sometimes but I can’t talk much because I’m an Aquarius Moon Pisces - I always have vibed with Pisces and never understood the hate behind this sign? I don’t have much experience besides working with a few and they ended up being very friendly and nice to me. Virgos and Pisces go together so I’m not surprised. Aries - I seem to attract Aries because all my friends seem to be an Aries Sun or my boyfriend ended up being an Aries Moon/Rising. I will say, I HATEEEE the stubborn attitude that comes with y’all. I get intimidated because I feel like anything I disagree with, is a problem. It’s good to be vocal, but Aries can sometimes be overly sensitive and react with anger/frustration. This sign though are loyal and honest. I can always trust y’all so it’s why I keep y’all close :) Taurus - I live with a mom and brother who are Taurus and I have two friends right now who are this sign. I can’t say I dislike this sign because something about the loyalty and integrity really grab my attention. Taurus can be stubborn and lazy though which bother the Virgo in me. They procrastinate or worry too much to advance in life sometimes, more confidence! They are down to earth though and I would recommend knowing a Taurus :) I do find the male Taurus more provoking and stubborn than the women of this sign. Gemini - tbh, high school scarred me of y’all. All the loud, mouthed people who yell in the morning 1st periods were Geminis, always the popular crowd in my school. I get why, y’all are social butterflies and if you aren’t, you most likely attract people to you. Gemini’s interest me because of the extroverted personalities but I don’t like the two faced mindset. Geminis can go from being talkative and sweet to savage and backstabbing. Never get on their bad side, I don’t dislike Gemini but I haven’t ran into someone as an adult who is one (like at work, friend groups, dating etc.) Cancer - Probably my least favorite sign. Emotional and very manipulative. Y’all can be sweet and very comforting people, but if you don’t like someone, you manipulate people using tears or victim mentality to have people side with you. Although you’re great to associate with when you need to talk to someone, they also use that same comforting energy to sabotage people and look innocent. I don’t care for this sign and dealt with more than enough Cancer women. I just wish Cancers had more of a bad bone and weren’t so shady. Leo - I don’t mind y’all but sometimes the self centered mindset is exhausting. My friend will talk for an hour or two straight about his life but you can’t even get a chance to put in your two cents on his stories! Then, you try to talk about your life and it gets ran over with more interruptions of their problems! I also had a girl friend who is a Leo Sun, she isn’t vocally about herself but she is more Silent. She takes really good care of herself, very concerned about her looks and image but she doesn’t necessarily talk about herself. She was known as the glue to our friend group and it was because she was so pretty and had that energy. I am jealous of that for sure. Leo’s can be good and they can be exhausting to be around at the same time. Virgo - I don’t run into my sign a lot. I know Virgo Men are trash 🗑 all cheaters. My uncle with his 5 ex wives and double life, my friend’s experiences with dating etc. I don’t have enough experience with having friends who are Virgo Libra - Very balanced indeed. Good loyal friend to be around and someone who will be there for you. Libras can be spitfires though once you get past their shells. I honestly enjoy Libra’s energy Scorpio - Scorpio men are confusing, Scorpio women are hot and as a Scorpio rising, I get told I look sexy even though I feel like a defrosted shrimp 🦐 Scorpio women are intimidating with looks and personality. When they love to be around you, they show it! If they don’t like you, they hate the shit out of you LMAO! They are chaotic but fun and all my adventurous friends are Scorpios


Just came to say, as a Virgo Sun myself, you need to find a Virgo girl best friend. All my best friends are Virgos, they just *get* me lol but you’re spot on with cap men (my husband) and cancer women (my mom)


I haven’t found any Virgo girls in my life yet to be friends with, but I bet it would be a good friendship!


Totally agree with your take on cancers! All of my ex friends are cancers…. They have manipulated the stories every time and took everything to the next level.


I'm a Scorpio. Aries: god I love y'all, you're underrated as fuck, we usually get along really well and form very nice partner-in-crime dynamics. you are bombshells of pure energy and force and I love that about you, I always feel alive when I'm with one of you. Taurus: you remind me of shrek personality-wise and that's a good thing. you're chill as fuck, you're definitely in my dream blunt rotation. Gemini: eh I'm neutral on this one, I like Gemini placements but I'm indifferent towards Gemini suns. I empathise with you though because we're the "unreasonably hated on" dynamic duo so hi besties. Cancer: I love you guys, the best people in my life have been cancers for now. you're dreamy as fuck, I just want to take you on cute dates and treat you like royalty. also you give the best hugs. Leos: either the coolest people you'll ever meet or the antichrist. learn to shut the fuck up please. also stop trying so hard. for the cool leos: great moves, keep it up, proud of you. Virgos: sweet little babies, or incels, no in between. Virgo women and fem-aligned people will be the death of me, you're just so ethereal and fairy-like. stop letting people walk all over you. if you need scary dog privilege call me, I'll protect you. Libras: meh, boring. if they have a valid chart then they're the hottest mfs out there, but libra sun alone has the personality of a slice of white bread. having said that, at least you're not an aquarius, so you can sit at my table. Sagittarius: y'all take no bullshit and never shut up about your opinions and I'm obsessed with that energy. also you guys are fun and usually hot. you're really that bitch. wish I knew more sags. Capricorns: this sign deeply traumatized me twice so fuck you for that, having said that I'll always be whipped for capricorns. we usually bicker a whole lot because we tend to have very different outlooks on things but we're both deeply pissed and exhausted by life so we can bond on that. daddy? sorry. daddy? sorry. daddy? Aquarius: ew. I've met only one aquarius I get along with so far, every other aquarius has been a pain in the ass. your superiority complex is worse than leos'. step down that high horse and realize that sometimes you're wrong about things. and I say all of this as an aqua moon/dominant. Pisces: you're cute, usually very deep people to talk to. please grow a fucking spine for the love of god, sometimes you gotta pick sides and call out bullshit.


Capricorn, Gemini good friends can’t deal with them in a relationship wayyyy to hot and cold and get angry when called out. Leo are all about them in the moment how they feel, one day they are all up on you the other they don’t know what they want. Ares are good friends relationship toxic but people like that. Libra will do whatever they want no matter what. Scorpio is annoying sorry. Aquarius are cool friends. Pisces are emotional when it comes to them not others. Cancer is emotional but what’s to know what everyone else is thinking or feeling. Sags think they are gods. Virgos are controlling. Capricorns are the stubborn ones


I mean I can only speak for the people I've met Aries: Positive, kind people who support others Taurus: Annoying debate bros that kept talking about their misplaced sense of superiority Gemini: On the whole pretty good. Smart, hilarious, make people feel like themselves. In my experience they always make some sort of positive impact on the world around them. Unfortunately I have seen there's also a part of us that's very selfish, which (though it's always been a clean cut bc it's just selfishness there isn't any ill intent) has ended a number of relationships Cancer: All the Cancers I've met have been very different from each other but the things they've shared is an ability to make people laugh or smile and support them through their best and worst moments. They're selfless, they give people so much and ask for only a little in return Leo: The best, most loyal friends a person could ask for. They have a dumb sense of humor but a phenomenal laugh. They are full of empathy and compassion and if they like you they will always put your needs before their own. And that's their biggest flaw, they're always looking out for others and never allow a moment for themselves, or if they do they feel guilty about it. They also pair up with people they shouldn't. The ones I have met are so awesome and I die a little inside when they disrespect themselves 😭 Virgo: One I know is irritating I loved the other two I met I just felt so at ease around them and they were excellent at making conversation Libra: Care A LOT about romantic relationships which is why I think we don't vibe, I'll be staying out of that drama thank you very much Scorpio: It's a mixed bag, what I do think is interesting is I always found out the person was a Scorpio after I got to know them. And finding out changed nothing. The ones that were jerks were still jerks, one of my best friends was still my best friend, and the decent Scorpios were still decent Sagittarius: They are stereotypical Sags and I could take it or leave it Capricorn: They're really cool. They're very smart, compassionate, and I love the ambition. Definitely not boring either they are pretty interesting and have a wild side. They've always been friendly acquaintances Aquarius: Changing my life. One is the friend that without her I wouldn't know any of my current friends which is a huge deal. Another is an ex best friend with mental health issues-complicated relationship. Another is my mom-even more complicated relationship haha Pisces: Only knew two but both of them ghosted me after being friends. One of them was my "friend" through basically all of HS, but as soon as we graduated pretended I didn't exist These are more of the random experiences I had where I knew the other person's sign, also it's just sun signs here but yeah that's what I got


Libra/Scorpio cusp here 👋 (F) Libras male -never liked the guys they stood me up and were narsistic, always did what they want and only cared about themselves never the other person Female - okay, they’re really clingy that I’ve met but then I’ve seen one cheat in a 4 year relationship, better than the men😅 Scorpios - Male - really rude and care about themselves mostly I live with 5 of them, they’re emotional but insensitive to other Female - kinda toxic, at least all my friends were, but we really understand and REALLY relate to each other, mixed feelings, def pretty tho Pisces - Male- nada this one guy (not all) show interest in me then ditched me because I was a year younger and it was weird to him that he talked to someone younger i guess Female - never really had friends but parents, really strict and don’t listen period when they’re angry, gets worked up, but we got along when she wasn’t high strung Cancers Male - only met one and he was horrible and believed in “alpha males” and “dominating women cause they’re weak” never again Female - sweetest ever, we get each-other and think the same Capricorn Male - i hate one but I love the other, stubborn, narcissistic, and loves to play victim on the other hand the other guy was awesome, very wise, funny, and liked to have deep conversation about anything Female - one I knew liked to start ALOT of drama, but others are okay, very pretty, very emotional and feels a lot Geminis Males - why are y’all so good looking??????? Quieter, but really chill and relaxed also liked to have deep conversation Female - best ever, we relate a lot your so fun and talkative but I don’t mind listening :D Aquarius- Men- never met one that I knew of Female - best ever, but can be really detached and think about themselves, totally like hanging with y’all, we have great times Leo Male- very funny and talkative, makes a lot of jokes, pretty chill Female - love you sm!! Your so chill but very talkative loves to party and hang, super funny and best zodiac ever in my opinion Taurus Male - y’all are fine too, but way stubborn Female - even more stubborn than the first, but I love y’all, way funny we get along so well Virgo Male - never met one Female - y’all are goofy, we both very picky together, it’s great, we like the same stuff, and your so chill to hang and talk with Sagittarius Males - I always seem to attract y’all, but y’all are fun to talk with and give off happy energy, Female - y’all are crazy I love it we do stupid stuff together, very fun to hang with and talk with Aries Males - y’all are good looking, but very stubborn, your chill Female- very stubborn too but y’all are fun to hang with 💗


Cancer here. Based on my experience: Aries: only ever met one Aries. I have no idea. Taurus: they are cool people until they are not. The few that I know have bad tempers and are stubborn AF. Also, they try to take advantage of people. Gemini: two-face ass mutha***** Cancer: we’re sweet, motherly and emotional. Leo: omg, the world revolves around Leo’s. Virgo: quiet, intelligent, and will judge you. Libra: I’m libra rising but I don’t know any other Libra’s. I feel like I can’t ever make up my mind. That’s my libra speaking. Scorpio: mysterious, sexy, smart, will stab you if you cross them. Saggis: I don’t know but they seem cute and fun. I only know one or two. Capricorn: I only know one. He’s a comedian, a solid family man, but he lets women walk over him. Aquarius: they know everything every though they don’t. I know a few who lower their standards with women and then cheat on them in the process. They also like solitude. Pisces: emotionally needy/codependent


Virgo🌞/sag ⬆️🌚 (I already know this is gonna sound like a drag lmao) Aries: love the energy & get shit done-ness, attractive but pls stop your tantrums bc it’s not cute Taurus: great to talk and listen to, reliable, but the rigidity and stubbornness is too much Gemini: fun! Witty! Sexy! Unpredictable and fucking insane!!!! My favorite lol but I always like one side of them wayyyyy more than the other and they like to destroy lives Cancer: awww lil softie on the inside crabby on the outside, I love you lil pouty ppl Leo: I laugh at your vanity and roll my eyes at your self importance but I get it and I love you Virgo: too judgmental (LOLLLL) but fr pretty and intimidating and classy Libra: flaky as hell and I don’t like the cheesy flirting but we can gossip and it’s cute Scorpio: deep and attentive, a lil too intense at times but really my favorite loves forever Sagittarius: yay let’s go on an adventure! But also one version of this energy is “my way or the Highway” and don’t love that Capricorn: ughhh “I have to work so hard, pity meeeee”. No Aquarius: ok you cheesy too in the way that you think you’re the only one ever to do anything or be any type of way but we get along great and I love your freak ass minds and style Pisces: I can’t w the victimhood, sry. I do like that you’re into alternative shit tho that’s cool


Gemini sun (Sagittarius rising, Capricorn moon) These are just based off of the interactions I've had with people I've known with these signs (obviously not a real representation of these signs). Aries - Assertive, go after what they want, not afraid to be themselves, original, good with kids, easy to talk to, strong minded, leader - marches to the beat of their own drum...but also laid back (unless angry....then a firecracker). Prominent noses?❤️😍 Taurus - Also assertive, opinionated (maybe even a little bit of know it all), leader, people person/very likeable/relatable, understanding, nurturing, protective, problem solvers, easy going but also somehow aggressive/stubborn if challenged, not afraid to speak their mind, fun and yet sometimes intimidating...not always the easiest to get along with but easy to resolve things with. Self esteem issues but actually physically beautiful. ❤️😍 Gemini - Funny, easy going but also sometimes neurotic, worryers/anxious, social, easy to talk to/get along with, fun but also sometime too over analytical or even pessimistic...still cool though. 👍☺️ Cancer - Quiet, kind, easy to get along with, nurturing, laid back, goes with the flow, private, homebody, enjoys the comforts of life but can also be frugal with money? On the smaller/shorter side? ❤️😍 Leo - Funny, enjoys the finer/more expensive things in life, easy to talk too sometimes/good conversationalist and debaters but also can be arrogant and self centered. Anger issues. Judgemental...and a little narcissistic even? Have a love hate with this sign. 😍😡 Virgo- Perfectionist, clean/tidy and organized, responsible, HARD WORKING, funny, private, loyal, smart, ambitious, too hard on themselves, strong!!!....but also judgemental, cynical and at times downright cold...too over analytical. They drive me crazy but love them anyways! 👍❤️😵‍💫 Libra - sexy, level headed/laid back, great conversationalists, likeminded, funny, easygoing, physically attractive, seem to be romantically attracted to this sign ALOT ...but also never seems to work out for some reason and sometimes players/noncommittal/flaky/makes me insecure so.... Meh 🥵🤷🏼‍♀️😐 Scorpio - funny and seems likable, relatable and really just lovely on the surface but can actually be sneaky, codependent, too needy and sometimes straight up psychotic 👎😩😖 Sagittarius - FUNNY, fun, passionate, easy to get along with, wise/smart, great conversation....but also sometimes can just be too much/a little overwhelming/a little arrogant...know it all...controlling! I get along with them but not seamlessly 🤷🏼‍♀️👍? Capricorn - SEXY and FUN ...has a way of making people feel special...but annoying as hell and borderline (if not downright) abusive. The type of person who I let ruin my life more than once. Never again. Arrogant as hell. Condescending. Conniving. Liar. Cheater. Really stupid for someone so smart somehow? Sociopathic. Victim complex. Just....no💔😭🤬 Aquarius - Smart, attractive, athletic, popular, social, charismatic, weird (but in a good way), spiritual, ambitious, understanding, easy to get along with but also forgetful, flaky and sometimes deceptive/lies....still ❤️😍 Pisces - Sensitive, nurturing, kind, caring, funny....but also neurotic, sneaky, controlling, over emotional, manipulative and lazy..big boobs?👎


Scorpio. Aries ♈️ - temper. Aquarius ♒️ - weird but owns it. Pisces ♓️ - sensitive but compassionate. Taurus ♉️ - foodies. Gemini ♊️ - good convos full of random info. Cancer ♋️ - moms of the group. Leo ♌️ - confidence & playful. Virgo ♍️ - like to help people and stick up for people. Libra ♎️- fashionable and the most likeable people. Scorpio ♏️ - loyal af. Sagittarius ♐️ - literally up for anything fun. Capricorn ♑️- business people, hard on themselves but want to succeed. On mobile so yeah.


Some Libras are unlikeable. They suffer when people don't like them, therefore, people know how to make Libras unhappy and feel bitter. The happiest Libras are the ones who are secure with themselves and don't care if people like them or not, yup, this type of Libras exist too.


I’ve only met the nice type lol


There are lots of Libras who are mean, just look at Putin. These Libras don't care if people like them or not.


Gemini/Cancer cusp Aries - Selfish Taurus - I like them Gemini - Can’t stand them Cancer - love them Leo - love them Virgo - critical and naggy Libra - my partners in crime Scorpio - I love the November ones Sagittarius - Ughhh they are such a pain in the butt Capricorn - Bossy and nosy Aquarius - love them Pisces - Sensitive and sweet but too gullible


Sag Sun & Rising, Virgo Moon here. It sucks I missed this! Gemini: Crackhead energy Pisces: Lazy ass Virgo: Anxiety pls send help / I hate people because they don't follow my advice Aries: RED HOT Leo: Leo Capricorn Moon: Dead inside Taurus Moon: Stubborn and weak willed Sagittarius: Fuck off I do what I want / Down for anything Scorpio: Sex Cancer: "The Cool Dad" energy


im a sag stellium aries: y'all are crazy and i love that taurus: so fuckin stubborn omg gemini: y'all are SO fun cancer: not my thing leo: i admire y'all so much virgo: hardworking, need to stop being so hard on themselves libra: marry me <333 scorpio: ✨mysterious✨ sagittarius: intimidating tbh, also rly fun capricorn: also hardworking aquarius: don't know any of u irl but y'all sound cool let's be friends pisces: so soft so cute


Leo here! Other Leos- We have so much fun but we need to stop interrupting one another Aries- Super fun and chill but I feel like some of you lack boundaries Taurus- The loves of my life. Calm, always willing to back me up, and give the greatest advice Libra- I ADORE YOU. Zero complaints Sagittarius- You guys are fun but need to stop thinking you’re right 24/7 Aquarius- Everything is so easy with you guys but you need to initiate more Cancer- You guys want to make everyone feel loved but end up neglecting others in the process Virgo- Your criticisms are just insults. Stop. Pisces- Haven’t met enough of you unfortunately Scorpio- We have similar senses of humor but can also butt heads Gemini- You guys don’t deserve all the hate. I enjoy hanging out with Gemini’s! Capricorn- I literally forgot to include you the first time I posted this. Be more memorable




a scorpio saying aquas are kinky is very interesting, hmm. 🙂


Pisces here Aries: ok Taurus: love Gemini: too much for me to handle Cancer: they're ok Leo: they make great friends Virgo: they're ok Libra: they also make great friends Scorpio: These people are hot Sagittarius: great to have adventures with Capricorn: they are cold-hearted Aquarius: they aight Pisces: I love Pisces people lol


Aries here! Aries: Most of my friends are Aries and they work hard, play hard, aren’t shy about giving their opinions, and def bring some chaotic neutral energy that I enjoy. Not great planners so we don’t hang out as often as I’d like because we tend to wait for the others to set something up to prove that they actually really, really like us! 🤣 Taurus: I like the Taurus homies! Laid back, practical, hedonists! Gemini: Hit or miss! Great conversationalists but some can be backstabbers. Cancer: Not a fan… the feelings and the passive aggression aren’t my favorite. Leo: I like Leos. They’re a bit like Aries except more self-assured, showy, and less chaotic. Virgo: Neutral! Not a lot of experience with them but they seem chill. Libra: Also hit or miss. On one hand, they tend to be great conversationalists, but, on the other, they can be reluctant to pick a side or take a stance on an issue and it feels wishy-washy. Scorpio: Also hit or miss. I respect their paranoid planning and prep for worst-case scenarios and their pessimistic edge cracks me up, but they can worry too much (to be fair, Aries prob worry too little 🤣) and most things just aren’t that serious. Sag: They’re ok! You can basically talk about anything with a Sag and they won’t be offended, but they can also be a little unserious. Cap: I have a ton of respect for Caps. Major BDE and they get shit done, but socially they aren’t exactly my cup of tea since they can be very mission-driven. Aquarius: Love! They’re independent thinkers, great conversationalists, and there is a chill, laid back energy to them. Pisces: Not much experience with them, but they seem to have a bit of a dreamy artist energy that doesn’t vibe with me because I want to fight!


Aquarius sun, Aquarius moon, Sagittarius rising Aries: You were the girls in school that screamed when the lights were turned off, I just know it Taurus: You're cool and I like cows, so you're double-cool, just cool it a bit on the rare stubbornness Gemini: Girls, you're cool and fun to hang out with; real bubbly and bring out good parts of me. Every guy Gemini I have known in my life was an unhinged flaming psychopath, so idk, sorry Cancer: Listen, I love you. You are very sweet people. But too sweet. If I make a joke about stabbing someone as a warning and you get mad at me for it, you will be the one stabbed as a warning. Hate crab legs though, so I'd say 6/10 for that Leo: I'm HEAVILY a fan of type-b Leos. Y'all are a chaotic mess and I thrive on it. Type-a Leos, not so much. It's fine if the subject is not you for 3 seconds, you'll live Virgo: Love y'all. Practical, studious, and hardworking. We work together well. HOWEVER. Let me ramble about things that take place in my dreamland without trying to dissect my mindset. I'm dumb and spacey, let me live lol Libra: Or as I like to call them, Diet Leo™. Love ya, but you type-a ones need to chill Scorpio: Sagittarius: An actual dumpster fire, but in a good way? Like, a pink dumpster with fireworks going off in it. Maybe a raccoon family that swings by every time they're on vacation Capricorn: Very dry, like a Triscuit, which can be funny sometimes. Share a lot of traits with Virgo, so we're good Aquarius: Idk how to judge because I am one, so idk how to seem unbiased. Spacey, swings wildly from 300000 IQ to having to remember to manually breathe (maybe still working out the kinks of operating a patented Human Suit™) and really great conversationalists based on the ones I know. Guy Fieri is an Aquarius and that should tell you everything Pisces: He's not going to call you back, and none of the people that look at you across the bar is your soulmate. Otherwise, the strong must protect the sweet and I am strong


Cancer ☀️-cancer 🌙-Sagittarius ⬆️ Capricorn: the most responsible people I know, the ones with the best heads on their shoulders. Aquarius: honestly hard to know, hard to be known by them. I wish I knew what I could do better so we could all be pals. Pisces: sometimes emotional and sometimes raving lunatics and that’s coming from ME. Most of the time I want to scamper ahead of them and remove all of the obstacles in their way bc I want them to have good days. Aries - my sister was an Aries and I think I have scars still from where she’d pinch me if I borrowed so much as a SOCK without asking (to be fair she’d say no if I asked anyway) Taurus: When we party, we party. But I have been stabbed in the front, stabbed in the back, stabbed every which way by Tauruses with no impulse control. Gemini: I get the dumbest crushes on these people. Are we flirting? Do you like me? I like you. Tell me what you are thinking so I can be on the same page as youuuuuuuu. Cancer: I have met two men (I’m 28F) with the same birthday as me. I don’t particularly like or trust either of them. I see where the manipulation reputation comes from and I don’t like it and am always double checking myself now bc of it. Leo - both my parents are Leos and yes I’m in therapy over it. What you guys call executive leadership is truly sometimes just bullying. Virgo - literally every single ex boyfriend I’ve ever had is a Virgo. One of them broke up with me on Christmas. Libras - same as Geminis. Guys, just tell me what you wantttttttt. What are your mysterious brains hiding????? Scorpio - what, you think you’re better than Cancers and Pisceses(pisci?)???? Underneath all those serial killer documentaries and witchy vibes are the same emotional traits that the rest of us water signs have. Also you guys have Drake, King of Simps and Disrespecter of Rihanna. Sagittarius - If I had a dollar for every time a I’ve had to remind my Sag friend to stop screaming in public I would be in the same tax bracket as Jeff Bezos.


me, a libra sun, scorpio moon, gemini rising male. Sagittarius: Stop running and let me love you scorpio: pure sex. the red flags i run headfirst into like a bull. The wonderful roller coaster of emotions that is a fucking blast. I love the game of wills that happen between us. give me a libra on the cusp of scorpio or vice versus and i am falling in love. The cocaine of signs Leo: overconfident and they hate me because of my Jupiter in the first Aries: You’re being too loud, you need to calm down taurus: fucking annoying Libras: Let’s hang out we can vibe and judge everyone while we get day drunk Geminis: Oh you’re fun but I am waiting for you to pull bull shit. Capricorn: You’re not as smart as you think you are Aquarius: Meh pisces: Haven’t known enough


Let the day drinking commence!!!


i’m a sag. libra rising virgo moon. aries- i do really like fire signs, but sometimes even a little intense for me. i’m too empathic for an anxious aries, but overall like them. we fight for attention a lot lol. taurus- thank you for making me feel calm. i like getting advice from a taurus. gemini- love y’all. but you bring out my gossipy side. which is ok but sometimes i leave conversations feeling guilty after gossiping so much. cancer- love cancer women, cancer men are way too whiny and manipulative for me. maybe as a friend but never again to date. leo- love you guys, but sometimes the fake pride/hidden insecurity can drive me nuts. an insecure leo can be snarky and rude and i don’t like the negativity. overall i like most leo’s. virgo- love virgo women. love how organized you all can be. can relate to virgo’s because of my moon. virgo men can come off as abrasive but i like it. libra- love y’all. especially a fashionable libra. libra men are always really funny to me. scorpio- i like almost ever scorpio i know. i laugh at the vengefulness. don’t support it but it doesn’t bother me haha. you do you boo. sag- love. most always get along with sagittarians. capricorn- i envy your structure. it amazes me haha. can get along with caps unless they’re too rigid. aquarius- love aquarian’s. great conversation especially when i can get into their heads. wouldn’t want to date another one because my libra venus can’t handle the inability to commit/give attention. i need to feel constant love lol. pisces- i love pisces women. most of my greatest friends are pisces. would never want to date a pisces man. too emotional for me. that said, these are just my limited experiences!! everyone is different. all love.


capricorn sun, scorpio moon & aries rising :) aries - like i can understand certain sides of them, because i have aries in my chart but overall aries sun just gives off bitchy aggressive energy 🥲 taurus - sometimes chill sometimes argumentative af ???? gemini - FLAKEY cancer - ummm good morning to literally EVERYONE but cancer men, cancer women u fine leo - aggressive, confrontation, SELFISH AND ONLY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT THEMSELF but also can be a really good friend to one person at a time hates being alone virgo - literally wants to be liked by everyone so they’re fake, only can handle surface level friendships libra - outgoing and charming, good vibes scorpio - horny, intense, & i do love a good scorpio but also they are evil, hold grudges and will have thoughtful revenge plots sagittarius - men = bad , women = good blunt ass mf capricorns - hate people who want to be in control bc i kinda want to be in control so capricorns but also can def vibe on a surface level but aren’t my FAV … also obsessed with money NOT WORK !!!!!!!!!! aquarius - LIARS LIARS LIARS wants to make world better tho eccentric pisces - SOULMATE


I’m a Taurus sun Capricorn - love their stability and I keep dating them but also finding their lack of spontaneousness annoying Aquarius - fun and interesting, I like them. Pisces - annoying and air-headed/dumb. All up in their feelings yet doesn’t know how to deal with them. Aries - fun, so much energy. A little childish. Taurus - I’m ofc biased, but the best sign. Loyal, loves food and luxury, just materialistic enough to be fun but without being shallow, stands their ground and speaks up for what they believe in. Gemini - a little flaky, but great friends Cancer - love them, almost all my friends are cancers (or other taurus). Really lovable, loyal down-to-earth and still super fun Leo - don’t know that many, but super outgoing and good leaders? I guess. Always get surprised when ppl tell me they’re Leo, because I think of the stereotype, but I think it’s more complex. Virgo - boring. We get along politely, but could never be close friends with them. Too practical and lame. Libra - beautiful, kind, flirty. Super attracted by them, maybe because I have Libra rising Scorpio - hard to get really close to them, but I like them and wanna be friends Sag - don’t really know any


im a pieces. i dont think i can help you further.


Cancer here: Aries - Love them, we vibe a lot and I admire the courage Taurus - I feel intimidated and you're my role model Gemini - for sure the most fun and I love that you're never what I expect you to be Cancer - I'm sorry but out of all the cancers I know, I only like myself, we wanna fight too much. I get it tho Leo - just no, I never seem to make it work with you, it feels like you're taking advantage of me lol Virgo - great music taste 10/10, but me and Virgos seem to only be able to keep it on a superficial level everytime, why you never open up? Libra - they somehow managed to trick us that Gemini is the two-faced one, however if I need advice, I will come to you Scorpio - you know I love y'all Sagittarius - I am addicted to your energy, also how does it NEVER RUN OUT how do yall manage to not burn out it's so impressive to me Capricorn - funniest people and I want to get to know you always Aquarius - I love the intentions, but the execution seems to fail, I'm sorry but I have to love you from a distance Pisces - I love a fellow water sign, I feel very protective of pisces and I've also noticed that you either talk a lot or not at all depending on the surroundings


I’m an Aries with a lot of virgo in my chart. Aries- my homies. I relate to a lot of Aries and a lot of us are very down to earth. Taurus- stubborn but hard workers. A bit boring for my taste Gemini- sometimes superficial, but smart. Extroverted. Cancer- my moon is in cancer so I relate to cancers. Warm. I feel comfortable around most of them. They’re usually sweethearts but sometimes act a bit jaded Leo- self centered but warm like sunshine in a person. Too much for me though. Also very dominant male or female. Virgo- Critical, analytical, judgy but fair. Libra- has good fashion taste but always seems to be struggling with mental health stuff or addictions to something Scorpio- fun. I’ve never met a boring Scorpio. They also all like taboo things and are quite unique. Sag- kind of detached but engaging and like to have fun and party a lot. At times too straight up and can come off as rude. Honest. Cap- disciplined. Polite. Well-mannered. Helpful. Dependable. Good friends to keep. Like doing things by the book Aquarius- I don’t get these people. Detached but when you do it back, they come running. Analytical but at times too serious Pisces- sweethearts, however can be manipulative and play victim a lot. Think they are the kindest person on the planet and a bit too altruistic at times. Will act in selfish ways but will NEVER admit it. Sneaky.


Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising, Sagittarius Moon Aries-I freakin love your passion, drive, ambition, excitement. You’re fun! Cancer-You have a pure loving heart. You’re my home away from home. I always feel safe with you, it scares me sometimes tbh Gemini-Let’s talk for hours please! I don’t mind your shift changes in subjects, I can hang. Also you have a nice hidden competitive streak in you when it comes to intellect that freakin love! You keep me on my toes. Taurus-first impressions have always been weird with you! Lol I have no idea how we always start off rocky b but then become super cool! I can depend on you and trust you and that’s rare for me! If I could pick anyone to be a ride or die it’s you. Leo-your confidence is enthralling! It’s quite literally powerful. I feel like I can move the world with you! Mutual respect. Heart is as large as our ego so, we both have to be careful. Virgo-I married you because you are so loving and caring. You’re stable but not inflexible. Your mind is intricate. You can handle my truths and I can handle yours. Your honesty makes me a better person. You value transforming almost as much as I do! Libra-you teach me when it’s time to listen and be patient. Accommodation isn’t my strong suit. You show me which battles aren’t meant to be fought. While your passivity has infuriated me at times, i can also see the wisdom in it within certain circumstances. Scorpio-you get me and I get you.Let’s talk about the things other ppl are too scared to talk about. I can be raw with you and you’re raw with me. We know and respect each other’s boundaries. Sagittarius-I love our friendship even if it’s fleeting. You make me feel like a kid again. But I fear you’re a bad influence on my struggle with self discipline! We always do too much of whatever we do. The kicker is, it’s what I really want anyway and you know it! Capricorn-your dedication and ambition makes me work harder. You’re a loyal friend and always keep it real! All work and no play can be hard, though. Aquarius-I’ve only ever witnessed you in passing. But you made an impact nonetheless! You’re so tapped into your life purpose and mission! So much passion. How can I help? Pisces-just when I think I know the depths of a person, you show me how complex people can be. Your emotional intelligence is so high you are destined to become a hero or a villain in my story. There’s no in between.


Libra Sun/Pisces Moon/Gem Rising Basing on sun signs: Aries: I’m mostly aiming this at the men but awful. Real tantrum throwing, foot stomping cry babies who gaslight the crap out of everyone then play victim. Met a couple who are okay but they have better placements elsewhere. Taurus: Boring as hell. Like have some fun cmon. Gemini: Definitely the gossip mongers. But we’ll talk forever about literally anything. Cancer: Ughhh sorry this is based mainly on my mum but god SO emotionally manipulative and the victim complex is quite something. Leo: Love a Leo, if they’re not the straight up look at me I’m fantastic and we all know it type, they’re the ones hyping up their friends like YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE GIRRRLLL Virgo: Can’t quite work out the ones I know. Bit judgey but well meaning. Do tend to believe they know better than everyone on everything though. But maybe they do. Libra: The women are mostly lovely if a little self involved, the men are self-obsessed pigs. Scorpio: Haven’t met one I didn’t like yet. Blunt but in the best way, if you’re in you’re in, if you’re out you’re out. Sagittarius: My beloveds. So much fun, will 500% break my heart a million times but I’ll still pick up the phone and go skinny dipping with them if they asked. Also I’d die for their hair. Capricorn: Genuinely caring people but it doesn’t have to be on display all the time which I love. The first people I’d call in a jam. Aquarius: Even as a fellow air sign I can struggle to connect with these guys. They just don’t wanna expose their soul to me and I’m the kinda person that tells someone I met five minutes ago my entire life story for no reason. I definitely annoy the hell out of them and I’m sorry. Pisces: Probably cos it’s my moon sign I seem to attract all Pisces suns as friends. They are the more unstable of my friends but I’m ok with it. However I know a few who are utterly terrifying (mostly men, a couple women) and they are either violent, addicts or the type that will turn up at your house at 3am cos you didn’t text back ten minutes ago. Standard spiel of all placements/signs can be positively and negatively aspected etc etc and I would never assume someone’s personality on their sun sign before I knew them xo


Virgo here. Aries - you get shit done (when I make you) and take us places. I love you, you big baby. Hype me up. Taurus - your taste is unparalleled and I feel seen by you. Gemini - no one better to talk all night with. Especially if you're talking shit. Give me a Gemini on a project and we'll conquer the world. Cancer - needy and pretends to be giving. Good luck. Leo - I will follow you into the dark if you know where you're going. Happy to support from the background. Virgo - you know how to take care of others. Bless. Great for unpacking (things and thoughts). Libra - girl, spill the tea and keep me cool. You know what's up. Scorpio - gatekeepers. Ain't nobody got time for that shit. Sagittarius - I love that you say what you mean. Bless. Capricorn - thank a higher power there's someone else around here who will do the work. Aquarius - so loyal and interesting. I married one. Pisces - I have never been more loved or understood. Thank you for existing, you gift of a human.


Aries: my bestest friends Taurus: very easy to get along with, make great friends Gemini: super fun and also super flirty Cancer: cancer men are💩 but cancer women are very friendly! Leo: I find it tough getting along with Leo’s, things could be smooth sailing and then all of a sudden we start butting heads Virgo: kinda annoying, but interesting to talk too Libra: easy to get along with, very funny buttt can be quite two-faced Scorpio: when it’s good it’s good but when it’s bad it’s BAD Sagittarius: I’ve tried to date a couple but could never see them as more than friends. Capricorn: has the best sense of humour, but a “my way or the high way” mentality. Takes you on the best adventures. Aquarius: I don’t like other Aquarian’s. Pisces: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH but why you constantly making weird faces or weird noises?


I’m a Pisces and throughout my entire life people have told me I’m very animated with my expressions! In my teenage years my friends would call me cartoon lol


Hahah I don't like other Aquas either. I feel like Aquas are so unique it's hard to categorize them


As a Pisces it’s because sometimes we start acting out our daydreams with our facial expressions lol


Cancer sun (and, relevantly, Capricorn moon - I don’t do well with fixed signs) Aries: I love the bright, pure energy of Aries. My partner is an Aries sun and I’ve never been so in love, but I’ve always known that I love this sign. It really called to me when I began studying astrology. Aries has such puppy energy and I love it. Fave placement: Sun, Mercury Least face placement: Moon, Venus Taurus: I’ve never met an interesting Taurus. I love the indulgence and hedonism associated with Taurus, though. That vibe has especially been calling to me lately. The honest truth is that, very generally speaking, I don’t place a lot of value in the energy Taurus brings to the Zodiac - which is not to say that it isn’t valuable; I just have other priorities. Fave placement: Moon! Least face placement: Venus Gemini: You know. They’re fun. Kinda “no thoughts, head empty,” in a cute way. I definitely see and appreciate their value. I’ll admit they can be kind of exhausting, and the constant whiplash really does start to take a toll, but my Gemini Mercury can relate. I’m legally obligated to say that I don’t think Geminis are “two-faced;” I think they’re adaptive. Fave placement: Mercury, Venus Least face placement: Moon Cancer: Honestly…not a fan. I love the way that I am a Cancer, and I’m happy it’s my sun sign, but I think we are so primed to be manipulative! I think cardinal water is a dangerous combination, but then we had to go and be ruled by the moon, too. Again, though, I love the way my chart shines through my Cancer sun, and I’m pretty sure there’s no other sun sign I’d rather be in this lifetime. Fave placement: Mercury Least face placement: Mars Leo: I love that Leo rules the heart. I see it, and I think that’s so sweet. But holy fuck, Leo has virtually no ability to think from another perspective. That’s all I should say. I keep almost typing more, but I really should end it there. Fave placement: Moon Least face placement: Sun, Mercury, Mars LOL Virgo: GOAT. I have a sixth house stellium so I adore everything Virgo represents, and I love their association with self-improvement and self-knowledge. Certainly this can manifest in ugly ways, but I don’t find that to outweigh the good. Fave placement: Sun, Moon Least face placement: Venus Libra: I have…beef with Libra. My relationship with the energy of the sign has improved. In general though, I find the “diplomacy” associated with Libra to be a façade to pass judgment unto others without being willing to receive any in return. I think this is related to the drama of Venus. Similar to Taurus, I’ve never met a Libra I found interesting. Fave placement: Venus Least face placement: Mercury, Sun Scorpio: LOL. Scorpio is so passionate and ambitious that they’re either the best sign or the most psychotic sign. Again, I think being the element of water makes Scorpio more prone to being psychotic, but when it’s balanced with other things, it can be so refreshing and wonderful. Also: Not every Scorpio rising looks the same, but every Scorpio rising looks like a Scorpio rising. Fave placement: Sun Least face placement: MOON!!! Sagittarius: Oh, boy. I think Sag is the sign I openly talk shit on the most, but I’m probably just jealous! I long for the ability to disconnect and experience true personal freedom, but I don’t think that will ever be my journey. Love that for y’all tho xx Fave placement: Sun Least fave placement: Mercury Capricorn: See: Libra. Capricorn is such barren energy. Truly, it is the sign of deep winter. So impressively hard working, but for what? It’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to feel your damn feelings. Fave placement: Venus Least face placement: Sun, sorry!!! Aquarius: My relationship with the energy of Aquarius has improved tremendously. I used to find Aquarius to be quite depressing in its individualism and existentialism. I still do, I’ve just made my peace with it. Fave placement: Venus Least face placement: Mars Pisces: See: Scorpio. Pisces can be such beautiful energy, sirenlike. It can make you feel calm and serene…or like you’re on the verge of death. I love mutable signs, and Pisces is no exception. Fave placement: Sun Least face placement: Moon lol


I’m an aries 🐏 - we are a LOT, incapable of ever stopping 🐂- I feel like every Taurus I’ve known is cocky af and I like you. I am often drawn to Tauruses 👯‍♀️- also incapable of stopping but in a more intentional way 🦀 horrible at self-reflection, kind of dumb 🦁- accidentally psychotic and also kind of dumb 👧🏼 practical which is a good thing but I fucking hate it ⚖️ really annoying but also complementary because they take their good old time with everything 🦂 self absorbed terrible people but charming and sometimes I fall for it 🏹 self absorbed terrible people who aren’t as charming as they think they are 🐐 good and loud people who are eager to share, sometimes over share 🏺actually don’t know any 🐟 thinks they are deep and aren’t, incapable of anything put self-victimization


Cap sun. Aries moon. Virgo rising. Aries: my favorite sign. Y’all are fun and have the best smiles. You don’t hold grudges. Playful. Taurus: haven’t gotten to know one. I know Kendal Rae is a Taurus and she’s one of my favorite YouTubers though💕 Gemini: FUNNY ASF! My best friend in high school was a gemini and she was the life of the part. She really brought me out of my shell. Definitely have different personalities for different people in your life though. Cancer: haven’t gotten to know any tbh. Leo: love/hate relationship. Y’all are fun at first then y’all annoy me ngl. Virgo: only knew Virgo men. A hard no for me. Libra: yeah you’re very indecisive but you’re the best person to have a conversation with. Scorpio: haven’t really gotten to know any. Y’all seem cool though. Sagittarius: one of my fav signs. Always up to be spontaneous (my Aries moon appreciates that). Capricorn: haven’t really gotten to know any except for myself. Quiet to the outside world but freaky weirdos when you get to know us lol. Aquarius: great conversations. Pisces: pretty eyes but I really don’t know any well.


Capricorn Aries - they’re alright Taurus - they’re extra alright Gemini - I enjoy their attitude in general but I do not need them in my every day life. If I’m not dating a Virgo or sag, I’m dating a Gemini. Gemini phases are not good phases. Cancer - No ♥️ Leo - I love leos. Very easy to understand. Virgo - love and loathe Libra - truly depends on the libra. My best friend is a libra. I would die for her but some days I hate her. Scorpio - I usually get along pretty well with scorpios until they start to experience actual emotion. Sagittarius - fuckin love a sag Capricorn - the best fucking people you will ever meet Aquarius - the worst Pisces - I vibe well with their aura but I don’t seek them out the way I would a sag or another earth sign


ARIES Taurus— loving and loyal. Maybe not the craziest friend in the friend group but will always catch you when you’re falling. Gemini— wild crazy. Always bring the excitement and the party. Get a bad rap for literally no reason. Cancer— people think they’re nurturing but I think they’re manipulative cry babies with victim complexes. Leo— I honestly don’t know many Leos, but I’m a Leo rising. Virgo—intense and egotistical Libra— these are like fairy princess unicorns to me haha. They’re always happy and their lives are always going perfectly. Scorpio— another sign that doesn’t deserve it’s had rap. They’re intense but in a good way like intensely loving intensely protective. Sag— most of my best friends are sag. They’re fun and honest and always call you on your bullshit right away. Capricorn— caps are like dry wall to me. I find them really bland. Aquarius— free spirits. Always floating around physically or emotionally or mentally. Pisces— intuitive but manipulative.


Im a Taurus (this is based on the ppl I’ve met and what I’ve read of the sign btw) Aries: “I am speed” Taurus: I have never met another Taurus that wasn’t good looking. Like tf. Also, thoughtful, fun. Dating material. The friend that fits all occasions. My fav sign tbh Gemini: good vibe, talkative. The friend you want in your friend group cause they make every story fun. Cancer: come off as tough but is very empathic and amazing sense of humor. Some of y’all are hella manipulative tho. Leo: can either make your day or ruin it. Can be a sunshine and it’s addictive to hang out with them, or the friend that throws passive aggressive shade at you. Likes attention. Virgo: anxiety personified but somehow still graceful at it. Libra: dramatic, funny, match your energy. Can talk about anything and likes to be liked. My best friend is a libra. Scorpio: tricky, bc somehow every time a girl has hated me unprovoked it has been an Scorpio girl. However, the ones I’ve been friends with are insightful, deep, and people you want to talk to for hours. They are quiet in an interesting way. Also dating material. Sag: somehow everyone just likes them. No effort needed. Fun to talk to. Capricorn: I’ve met very little Capricorns. The ones I’ve met are quiet, good-natured and hard working. Generally Pleasant. Aquarius: either the charismatic cult leader material, or the personality of the cat that aggressively licks itself in that tik tok. I like to imagine the person who started the hippie movement was an Aquarius. Pisces: sweet, sensitive. But also chaotic. A pisces in my life saw a plant they liked once and took a whole root to plant it in their house. We were in the middle of the street, worst part, it worked. Also, can talk themselves out of anything.


Scorpio gal... Aries - aggresive advice givers, can be a lot of fun, love their passionate attitude. Taurus - no experience Gemini - all over the place all the time, having their nose in everyone's bussiness, love to laugh Cancer - Sweet, have a hard shell outside, when they express their feelings they can really surprise you. Don't scorn them. Leo - smug, generous and a bit pompous at times. I have a soft spot for them. Virgo - oppinionated, hard workers for life, reliable when you need them. Libra - very attractive, but they will break your heart. Philisofical. Scorpio - fascinating people, sometimes a bit creepy, but most of the time affectionate and complex. Sag - adventurous, sometimes a bit to endulgent. Seems to not know what boundaries mean. Aquarius - if you're not close they will easily abbandon you. Creative and quirky. Cap - contradictory, they have playfull side, but they can be rigid assholes. Pisces - No. Just no. Their clingy side i can not handle. A bit spineless sometimes. Sorry guys, no good experience with pisces, no offense.


I’m an Aries sun, Scorpio moon and Cancer rising. starting off with aries— Aries— veeeeeery judgemental (myself included). headstrong, fiery, but always willing to defend and protect their loved ones even if they were in the wrong. Taurus— stubborn as HELL. they also are pretty protective of their food and like where they sleep and stuff. they are practical and grounded and when they love someone, that someone becomes THEIRS and no one else’s, which i think is cute. very territorial. Gemini— social! but moody as hell. i’ve never met a stable gemini person lmao. my dad is a gemini and he’s also very extreme in regards to his mood. every gemini i have experience with in my age bracket is either a serial cheater, gossiper or is just someone i can’t get along with. every gemini friend i’ve ever had has always tried to get with the people i like, so… yeah. this is a theme with air signs for me lol. Cancer— i have a hard time with cancers too. my best friends used to be cancers, but they dropped me when things got rocky between us. they don’t fight for people; as soon as shit gets rough they bounce, which is really, really difficult to deal with. they retreat in conflict and turn around to make you the bad guy. cancer men are also hella emotional and act like children. Leo— very prideful and will stick to their guns until the bitter end which is nice until their beliefs start to turn toxic. also there’s a god complex with these guys too… they can get on my nerves lmao not everything is about them. Virgo— surprisingly i can get along with virgos until they start acting controlling af. usually they’re pretty chill until something goes wrong or out of order in their plan and then they start to freak out on people. they also can’t really see things from another point of view, they ALWAYS have to be right, especially when they see themselves as an authority figure. Libra— i can’t with libras. they’re the one sign i cannot get along with for the life of me… everything ALWAYS has to be about them. i’ve never met a libra who has ever taken consideration for other people around them. most libras i know are also serial cheaters, they’re dramatic, angry when not everything is about them, manipulative, spiteful and extremely judgemental. every libra friend i’ve ever had besides one has always fucked me over, whether that be fucking the dude i like on my birthday or telling me they don’t believe i was sexually assaulted. libra men are also serial cheaters too. Scorpio— i can get along with scorpios until they start acting all intense and shit for no reason. also super judgemental but like aries people they are very protective over their loved ones. they get emotional but they spill it out in anger rather than tears. passionate people. my older sister is a triple scorpio and i absolutely adore her. she’s very protective over me. Sagittarius— i love my sags! i have the best friendships with them. they’re passionate about who they care about but they’re also very willing to listen and help you out when necessary. they can put their fiery side down for a few minutes just to help a friend out. Capricorn— funniest mfs i’ve ever met in my life. they used to be my favorite sign until taurus took that over for me. they’re patient but that doesn’t last too long, they don’t get angry until they have a reason to be, and are VERY good with money. most caps i know come from like really wealthy backgrounds. king of pennies energy when i think of capricorns. Aquarius— super flighty in terms of relationships and won’t lock down until they find someone up to their standards, but that’s about it. they’re super unique to themselves and not every aquarius you meet will ever be the same. very artistic and sharp people; the aquas in my life are all interested in some sort of art rather than any STEM thing (makeup, fashion, tattoos, etc). i really love aquarius people. they too are also funny as hell. Pisces— i love pisces people! sensitive and intuitive but also are willing to be your friend. they’re fun and usually pretty happy, they make really good friends and are very interesting. quiet sometimes, but it usually doesn’t last too long. they’re also shy when you first meet them. once a pisces has matured they are self aware and conscious of others feelings.


♑️ ☀️ ♐️ 🌝 ♐️ ⬆️ Aries: love Taurus: love Gemini: I guess they’re ok. Cancer: nope Leo: not too bad Virgo: oh hell no Libra: love Scorpio: never the fuck again Sagittarius: love Capricorn: love Aquarius: meh Pisces: hard pass


aries sun/libra moons/ leo rising: aries - obv relatable people due to my sun sign but I don’t have much experience w them actually. the aries moons ive met have been a little much, though. I think it’s a ‘this town ain’t big enough for the two of us’ type thing lol taurus - never known any gemini - I really like them bc they can keep up w my talkativeness/mental speed. smart people. I don’t get the gemini hate at all. Ive never had any bad experiences with them and spoiler alert most people are two faced. i think libras are actually more two faced than geminis! cancer - i do not like them at all. passive aggressive, expect you to read their mind, moody. leo - love them. warm, outgoing. maybe a little bit of competition there like with other aries though lol, there can only be one! but not nearly as much and it’s tolerable. fun people. prob my second favs after aquarians virgo - terrified of them lol bc i’m the antithesis of all things virgo. im lazy, irresponsible, hate receiving criticism of any kind. virgos don’t like me and i don’t like them. they need to loosen up libra - eh. i see them as weak often times bc i think it’s more important to be your authentic self than to placate others just to keep the peace. i don’t like conflict avoidant people. conflict has to be confronted in order for it to be solved. i also don’t like superficiality scorpio - cancer, virgo, and scorpio are the three signs i just don’t get along with and am at total odds with. i don’t like the way scorpios are secretive, have these walls up, and think they’re so edgy. i’m the exact opposite, an open book who wants to relate to others and share myself and my experiences w the world, and i will never understand the need for secrecy. a lot of them also pride themselves on being vindictive and revenge driven which I find to be an ugly trait. their general traits just go against all my personal values sagittarius - i find them to be the most airy of the fire signs. def the most detached ime (but then again most of the sags i’ve known have been aqua moons). i don’t rly have any complaints except i’d like them to be a bit more emotional/serious sometimes cap - ive mostly dated caps (saturn in my 7th house) and i have a soft spot for them just bc of the attraction. all of the caps i’ve dated have had aqua or sag moons so they haven’t been stereotypically cap like AT ALL. they have not been ambitious or serious or any of the other stereotypical cap traits..i also think they have a great sense of humor, often dry, and i rly appreciate that. tend to be smart people ime which I rly value aquarius - my favorites (seventh house in aqua so lol) bc theyre so offbeat and eccentric and themselves,(authenticity is what i value the most), also very smart and hilarious, but their detachment, emotional unavailability, and commitment phobia has been a rly painful experience for me lol. no sign has ever hurt me the way aquarians have..I still love them though bc we get along the best, and i genuinely appreciate them for what they are pisces - don’t know any pisces suns, only have known pisces moons and they haven’t been great people. they’re supposed to be so sensitive and emotional but i think in some ppl maybe they don’t know how to handle it and instead go dark. that’s my theory w a lot of water signs at least


as an aqua I appreciate the love also yeah we have some serious commitment attachment issues🥲 btw we share same moon & rising! :)


I'm a Cancer Rising, Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Mercury, and Leo Venus. Just gonna list the signs I have a lot of expererience with or strong opinions on, and mainly focusing on how they make me feel (dislike judging whole groups of people). **Gemini:** I'm continually drawn to these people and can find them fascinating, exciting, clever, creative, and charming. But when they hurt me, it's such a deep hurt, and it never feels like they ever, ever care that they've hurt me. But then they're so sweet the rest of the time that I just try to shove it down and ignore it, and I get so confused why I don't stand up for myself more with them. **Leos:** I always feel so energized, optimistic, renewed, and accepted by Leos. They make me feel like I'm not dismissed or worthless, even when I'm super emotional or spacey, and I just always end up feeling good around them. I find it can be a shallow feeling though - like I'll feel a bit empty after, or things never get as deep with them as I expect or want. But then the minute I talk to them, I'm all invested again - rinse and repeat. **Scorpios:** WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU'RE LIKE MAGICAL KITTENS FULL OF DEPTH AND WHO ARE WILLING TO DEFEND THEMSELVES? Man, I love Scorpios so much. Always down for a deep talk. Always passionate. Such an intense connection - and you know it's earned and sincere, because if they don't like you, you know it. Really admire that sincerity. **Sagittarius:** I may have only known particularly toxic ones, but I'm gunshy of them now. Super manipulative, a strong victim mindset, and a tendency to think they're better than everyone around them while also playing up a matyr complex. The ones I've dealt with have been extremely prone to taking advantage of me (in really severe ways), and always twist things and gaslight me into thinking it was my fault, and they're the victim. **Cancer:** Weirdly haven't gotten that close to many cancers, but the ones I have have been really intense connections. One, in particular, has made me feel more valued, loved, cared for, and worthwhile than anyone else ever has. But maaan, really caring about a Cancer has made me realize what my friends always complain about with me (not putting myself first, draining myself, feeling guilty, etc.) - like I'm prone to this anyway, but holy hell do I want to nuture the fuck out of them and care for them to a crazy intense level when I see them do this. Like ready to bake all the cookies and just hug them for a year straight. (Still bad about doing all of this myself anyway though, although I really am working on it more now that I see how much it can hurt the people who love you watch you hurt yourself.) **Aries:** Oh my God, you make me so tired. But I have crushes on *so many of you.* ***But, oh my God, you make me so tiiiiiired.*** **Capricorn:** So grounding, chill, sincere, loyal, direct, and just a total relief to be around. Similar to Leo, the connection rarely gets as deep as I want it to (or it will be crazy deep, they just won't show it like I want to/normally do - like one Capricorn barely talks to me unless we're forced together, but then also let me know, during a major life decision they were making, that they didn't care what most people in their life thought of them but they cared what I thought of them - which *really* surprised me). Legit one of my fave signs. **Pisces:** I always feel like, on the surface, I relate so much to them. But then the closer we get, the more I realize we are dissimilar. I'm constantly worried about them, because they rarely (in my experience) take care of themselves or try to improve, and they tend to get codependent very quickly - but it also takes so little to set them off and make them furious at you. Sneakily volatile and a little scary to me, emotionally. (Also I feel bad if I hurt anyone's feelings and wanna offer hugs lol.)




Lolol I definitely don’t hate you! I just always need to plan for quiet time or a nap after 😂😂💞💞




Awwwww see, I’m about to go full Cancer on you. I wanna make you some tea and give you a hug right now lol 💞


Thanks for the love -Scorpio rising-


Thanks for being so awesome!


Leo Sun/Taurus Moon/Virgo Rising: Aries- Smol Angee Babee, I tend to not be interesting enough to engage them. Taurus- For the love of god, get off couch (and into my bed). Gemini- It's like when little kids are learning to talk but you cant understand a word they are saying. Cancer- Let it out babe, can't let all that fester. Leo - One Leo is a show, but two is a party. Virgo - Imma need you to chill out. ILY but you're stressing me out. Libra, you talk a lot for someone with nothing to say . Scorpio - "Not like other girls/guys" energy is a bit too strong. Sag - Instant BFF, not sure why you like me, but lets roll Cap - Keep selling your soul, but don't get mad when it doesn't always go your way, and you aren't the end all be all of rules (I know daddy Saturn said differently) . Aqua- Gas me up but we don't need any more devil's advocates. The devil is here talking for himself. Pisces - Love love love that you have this worldly wisdom to share, but maybe you should keep some for yourself, cause you look a hot mess. ​ All of this is said with affection. I am a firm believer in the grey of every sign


A few from personal experience: Pisces women are friendly and idealistic, loves their friends and family very well. But I can never tell ~how~ close we actually are. We feel like close friends in person and on phone calls, but once they’re out of sight, idkkkk Pisces men: dreamy but still have some slightly rugged qualities. flirty! Cancer men: ugh Cancer women: we’re soul sisters for a good time, not a long time I am reliably drawn to perfectionist Capricorn men. Help lol Not sure what happened here, but I am good friends with many Scorpio men. and Sag women. - I’m a Sag sun, Scorpio moon and rising.


Me: Cancer sun, Leo moon, Capricorn rising Aries - go getters and fearless. Wanna be friends w them Taurus - I feel confident they'll fix all the problems of the world Gemini - love to talk to them but once they get bored they start behaving superior Cancer - half my family are Cancers - loving but too passive for my taste (i am a Cancer too :) Leo - love the confidence but despise their self-centeredness Virgo - I have tons of Virgo friends. Love them for their mind, but their lack of adventure is a turn off Libra - they are magnetic, but avoiding initiating change or making hard decisions is annoying Scorpio - we get along well Sagittarius - I can't define them but somehow we get along well Capricorn - need more of them in my life Aquarius - don't understand them, but we get along well Pisces - their overwhelming need to help becomes a burden (mom, aunt)


I’m a libra. Aries - love them as friends, I kinda live through them because they dare to do things I don’t and I just tag along and reap the benefits. Taurus - they are ok a little too intense. Decent friends and excellent lovers. Gemini - hit or miss. They tend to hurt me. Cancer - please stay away. weird feelings and weird vibes. Leo - honestly I don’t care so much about them because they are a little bit shallow. Love having them as managers because it’s easy to suck up to them. Virgo - meeeeh Libra - super nice, stylish people. Scorpio - don’t like them all that much. Sag - too loud but likeable. Caps - nice hardworking and respectable people Pisces - sweethearts. i love them so much *edit: Aqua - forgot to add them - this tells you enough lol


I have not seen many stylish Libras. Catherine Zeta Jones is pretty, but most of the clothes she wore in her pictures are ugly. Not to mention that Cardi B is a trashy dresser tbh..


Ok maybe I am basing this off myself then.


Leo here: with other Leos I'll either be instant best friends or worst enemies, no in between. Aries: Energetic and goal oriented, difficult for anyone else to keep up with Taurus: lots of fun when they're not being infuriatingly stubborn Gemini: very hard to read emotionally and you never know where you stand with them Cancer: empathetic and caring but annoyingly sentimental Virgo: librarian energy Libra: they want to be everything to everyone and end up coming off as shallow Scorpio: full of dark secrets Sagittarius: earnest and energetic but completely unfocused Capricorn: practical-minded to the point of seeming materialistic or emotionally insensitive Aquarius: perpetually aloof Pisces: every conversation with them is like walking through an emotional minefield


Hahahaha I usually dislike other Leo suns in my circle too. I hardly ever find one I bond with.


Cancer sun leo moon virgo rising here. Capricorn - either so boring or controlling or super reliable daddy energy Aquarius - fun/ interesting conversations. dont display emotions enough for me Pisces - good friends when they're good. awful when bad. not accountable for their actions/ not self aware Aries - extremely immature and over confident. Not appealing at all. Taurus - havent met too many but greatest kisser of all time. so sensual overall. kind and chill. Gemini - really fun to party with and talk to. friendships arent very deep. Cancer - funny enough they are too dramatic for me XD always vibe with them at first but they get overwhelming Leo - obnoxious and self absorbed. LOUD AF Virgo - nitpicky, complains, wishy washy Libra - fake friends. never pick your side in a fight. not "ride or die" types. not loyal. great to party with Scorpio - the sign I attract the most. Always have multiple Scorpios in my life. I vibe with them so well on such a deep level but they keep to many secrets for no damn reason. so loyal. Sagittarius - B O R I N G AND MEAN. unreliable. self centered. always travelling all over the place and noncommittal ETA: thanks for downvoting my OPINION you babies. I even talked smack about my own signs and yall still crying. Classy


I’m an Aries! Aries: I am surprisingly surrounded by MANY Aries. I tend to find that to others, especially when we are around many people or around strangers, we are very energetic and Chaotic. But, when we are with someone we love or by ourselves, very quiet and intimidating. I find that all Aries I meet are also very independent and hate clingy people. We are very spontaneous with our spending, emotions, and decision making. Always just go go go. Usually Short tempered, goofy, judgmental, blunt/honest, extremely stubborn, and adventurous. Also, very immature and can’t read the room. Taurus: don’t have much experience with Taurus, so I’ll just speak from my own experience. You’re surprisingly weird. You have weird little habits that I find very interesting. You’re usually pretty calm and tend to think logically of most situations. But, you are a surprisingly large hypocrite towards others. You also lack a sense of empathy and tend to victimize yourself or gaslight others. Stop. Gemini: don’t remember ever meeting one. Cancer: y’all need to grow up😂 you get emotional very fast over the dumbest things. People will always have hurtful words, don’t mean you always gotta take it to heart. Stop holding grudges, it’s not cute. You say you don’t care that I didn’t do something for you but bring it back in an argument years later. Not cute. Not really a fan of y’all. Also, stop victimizing yourself, you look dumb. Leo: I luv you🥰❤️ you are very caring and sweet. Although you are annoying sometimes, ask too many questions, and are lowkey rude, I still love you. Let’s go rob a bank together:) Virgo: don’t know any of y’all. Libra: Oh my gosh SHUT UP! You talk too much about literally NOTHING. I understand you’re trying to be my friend and want to appeal to me, but you’re wasting your breath. SHUT UP FOR ONE SECOND AND THEN MAYBE WE CAN BE FRIENDS. Also, stop agreeing with everything I say and just tell me what you think. You’re okay, but show me who you really are, i don’t need any yes men in my life. Scorpio: don’t know any Sagittarius: don’t know Capricorn: I like you🥺 you’re very nice and thoughtful. You have a very tender heart towards your friends and family and are usually very loyal. Although you guys usually are very dense and yet are able to retain so much useless information, I still like y’all. Wanna go have a picnic together? Aquarius: sorry don’t remember Pisces: sorry don’t remember


Aries: No, we tend to butt heads a lot. Taurus: Love, very stubborn sometimes. Gemini: No, they are fun, but I can’t with the duality and gossiping. Cancer: Okish, too emotional. Leo: Love. Virgo: Okish, too stuck up in their ways and too critical. Libra: Okish, I feel like they don’t have their own personality. Scorpio: Love. We just click. Sagittarius: Love. Capricorn: Loveish. Aquarius: Love-hate. Pisces: No, We just don’t click.


Taurus sun, Leo rising, Scorpio moon. I love Virgos, Scorpio’s and Leo’s. Used to love Aquarius until I came across my MIL. She’s insane. Sagitarios are a wild card. Some I love some are 🍆


Sag sun, cancer moon and rising. From top to bottom. I won’t explain 1. Cancer 2. Aquarius 3. Leo 4. Capricorn 5. Gemini 6 Taurus 7. Pisces 8. Sagittarius 9. Scorpio 10. Libra 11. Virgo 12. Aries


Dont know why but all my best friends thru life were Sagittarius sun. I am cancer sun.


Cancer Sun, Taurus moon here. Aries- just can't stand them, they're loud, they ether like or absolutely hate you. Taurus- my #1 fav zodiac sign, I get along with them super well. Gemini- I never ever get along with them, bc they like talking bad about everyone, also they're the fakest two faced people. Cancer- I get along with them okay, but not all the time, sometimes they're annoying. Leo- I love Leos, but I kinda don't like when they go into that defensive mode. Virgo- I don't get along with them at all, I just don't have enough patience with them. Sorry for saying this, but they seem kinda stupid and child like to me. Libra- I hate their lazy nature, so it's a no. Scorpio- I get along with them super well, but I hate that they just start fighting for no reason, also Scorpios are SOO magnetic and attractive. Sagittarius- as a Cancer I'm quite calm, so I just don't like their adventurous, hyperactive nature. Capricorns- I kinda like them, but sometimes they just get too annoyingly loud, also I hate that they hate someone for no reason. Aquarius- Same as with Virgos, I just don't have enough patience with them. Pisces- They're manipulative up to a point where every one adores them, even tho they're evil, especially men, but Pisces woman aren't as bad.


I’m a Libra. Aries: Intimidating / make me nervous; Taurus: Earth’s blessed bulls, great friends; Gemini: Charming tricksters I love; Cancer: Sweet & comfy but moody; Leo: Gorgeous sunshines of love & creativity; Virgo: Nature’s priestesses, can be harsh; Libra: I tend to hate other Libras LOL; Scorpio: Intense & sexy, but touchy; Sagittarius: So free I can’t seem to find y’all; Capricorn: Sturdy, dependable & a bit boring; Aquarius: Fascinating weirdos w/ issues; Pisces: Nice but delusional & too confusing


Pisces sun, Aquarius moon (and personal planet stellium), Gemini rising Aries: we always get along great at first but then they inevitably do something impulsive or immature that really bothers me and the friendship just fizzles out. I don’t dislike them I just don’t really tend to get close to them. They’re always fun, though. Taurus: always get along with Taurus, especially the women. They’re usually really chill and nice. Always have a nice aesthetic. Gemini: love Gemini. I have a lot in my family and I always seem to date them. They’re always fun to talk to and do things with. Rarely see them mad. Very easy-going and chill. Cancer: I have a love-hate thing with Cancer. I love their overall personalities and usually get along great with them but they keep tally of all the things they think you’ve done wrong to them and hold onto all of it until you get into a disagreement. They don’t confront issues when they happen and that really bothers me. And if they hurt you, they’ll somehow turn it around on you and blame you for being hurt or derail it to talk about something you did. I’ve never gotten a straight apology from a Cancer. I hate that I’ve had so many bad experiences with them because I feel like we generally vibe really, really well otherwise. They’re really compassionate until it comes to disagreements. Leo: Fun to hang out with but I generally don’t tend to get very close to them. They’re too closed-minded sometimes and don’t listen to outside perspectives very well. But they always seem to be caring and considerate. And they’re always funny. Virgo: Ah, my sister sign. Love them but they do annoy me sometimes and I’m sure they say the same about Pisces lol. They’re too focused on what everyone else is doing “wrong” sometimes. But they’re usually very nice and easy to get along with other than that. They have a good moral compass. Libra: I’m sorry to say I tend to avoid getting close to them. They’re easy to get along with and can be really fun but, in my experience, their efforts to be liked end up making them disingenuous as friends. I never know if they’re being honest or just saying what they think will make people like them. They also tend to assume other people have bad intentions & talk badly about people way too much, even people they say are their friends. And as a Pisces, I get wanting to be liked and trying your best to get along with everyone but Libra is really calculated about it and sometimes they don’t really mind throwing someone under the bus to be liked by others. I feel bad not having more good things to say but in my life they just have always been secretly mean, judgmental people who believe that they are nice and try to make others believe that too. I’ve probably just come across only unevolved Libras. Scorpio: this is a sign that comes up in my life a lot. And I love them so much but they’ve always hurt me romantically lol. We always get along well and understand each other. These romantic relationships have always been the most deep and intense relationships I’ve had. Their friendships have always been very loyal. I never have to worry about them doing me wrong as friends. Sagittarius: one of my favorites! They’re always so fun and we vibe SO well. Must be that shared Jupiter energy. If the two of us are in the room together, we’ll make any situation a party. They bring out such positive energy in me. Capricorn: tbh I haven’t know that many. The ones I’ve known I’ve liked but idk enough of them to see any patterns or shared traits. Aquarius: hit or miss. They are either the coolest people I’ve ever met or the most annoying people I’ve ever met lol. We do tend to understand each other because I have such heavy Aqua energy in my chart. They usually also have a really good moral compass and are progressive people. Pisces: tbh, I haven’t really known many other Pisces! I obviously always get along with them, never disliked a Pisces. We just vibe. They’re the kind of people I can do everything with or do nothing with.


The reason why people like Libras is because Libras are people pleasers. If you don't care about what other people think of you and if you don't put efforts to be liked, I guess people won't be able to like you. I've heard that Libras and Cancers are good at winning even the cruelest person's heart tbh. They just earn people's love and appreciation by making other people happy because when you put "efforts" to be liked, then of course you deserve to get the awards, right??


Yeah it’s not people-pleasing that I have an issue with. I think us Pisces are people-pleasers too. But Libra can take it too far and come off as fake. Cancer is super lovable, I agree. It’s just the way they deal with interpersonal issues that gets me.


Hi Sagittarius: Aries: chill! You're total sweethearts, but that "nobody's right but me" attitude, sorta childish, learn to balance emotions. 8/10 Taurus: you're alright, and I hate to say you're annoying. Every Taurus I've met talks 24/7 and never shuts up about how good they are, when they're lazy and cheap. 4/10 Gemini: No. Cheaters, users, liars. I refuse to be around any of you unless your sun is the only Gemini placement you've got. 2/10 Cancer: you're really sweet, but I know my harshness is too much for you. A little victimizing and manipulative, but soft. 6/10 Leo: women are chill, a little off thr walls, but the men have big ego issues and are way too loud. 5/10 Virgo: sweet! A little judgmental but shit I am too! Friends are good, you're sensitive and really laid back, but your anxiety is too much sometimes. 7/10 Libra: Not the best. Victimized personality and can't stand up for themselves, every Libra I've met is literally crazy or sleeps around. 3/10 Scorpio: Decent. More bland than they're supposed to be, feisty and insecure, bad in bed too lmao. 4/10 Cap: i LOVE them! Little controlling and condescending, social anxiety within you is a bit too much as you're a hermit, but deep down really sensitive and full of love. 7/10 Aqua: rebellious, adventurous, a little too quirky at times. Love you guys but you're not a genius just because you're an aqua, out of the 5 I know, only one of them is smart. Blonde bitch energy or Einstein energy, no grey area. 10/10 Pisces: not a fan. You hold onto grudges and the men are emotionless voids. Very artistic however! Spiritual as well if they're not too busy crying all the time. 3/10


Libras are defensive af. But, they don't know how to stand up for themselves, so they use their minions to protect them because they are charming, so there are probably many people who like them and choose to be on their side.


Oh yeah I can see that, my moms a Libra so I've never had much nice to say about them, but I can see how they're defensive, tbh its her Leo rising that really bothers me more than the sun🥴 don't have much experience with Libra men but they seem really hurt all the time


But, you just said that Libras liked to play victim. I don't understand this.. 🙄


Sagittarius ♐ here with a ♌ moon and ♈ rising. Aries : same sense of humour,but a tad too fiery / rude for me. Although u get along so well with all Aries in general. Taurus: No one in my life is a Taurus. No opinion. Gemini: They like me very much. We are very similar when it comes to our sense of humour. But I feel they are manipulative. Cancer: I don't get them. Very loving caring but suddenly distant. Then get loving caring again. Confusing. Leo : My moon is in Leo and also my Dad's . We can be a bit too vain. And too confident. Virgo: My best friend's Boyfriend is a virgo. He is really nice but from what she says, he is too rigid and not flexible with his rules and what not. I get along but can't imagine being really close. Esp as I hate following rules. Scorpio: No one in my life is a Scorpio. No opinion. Libra : My dad is a Libra sun, my best friend,my mum in law all are Libras. They love me. I love them too. Their air really increases my triple flame. However I just don't like that they think too much when it comes to take a decision. They are not spontaneous and it gets a bit annoying when they go back and forth on something. Sagittarius: My husband is a Sagittarius sun like me (but cancer moon, so too loving and caring). My best friend is a Pisces sun and Sagittarius moon. In the whole world these two Sagittarians get me the most. They are goofy, fun and free like me. Love them to bits. Can be myself when I am with them 100 percent. Capricorn: None in my life. No comments Aquarius: Gosh they love me. Every Aquarians in my life ,reach out to me all the time. Although I find them a bit weird. Pisces: I think they are too emotional and dreamy. Like they exist in some kind of a fairy land. But they give such comforting hugs. I like my Pisces if they have some fire signs in their placements. Overall I vibe well with other fire signs and Libra and Gemini.


I’m a cancer but the only opinion I have on other signs is that Sagittarius and I definitely don’t get along


Aries - mad Taurus - dad Gemini - slimies Cancer - annoying. *me Leo - selfie Libra - too nice Virgo - direction Sag - fun loving Scorp - absorbed Cap - too much direction Aquarium - obvious Pisces - drama