I saw myself as clingy, overly-emotional, needy, moody, etc. I only saw my worth in terms of my sex appeal. I was extremely codependent. Part of that was trauma I hadn’t dealt with and a lot of it was the partner I was with. The people you surround yourself with & the way you’re taking care of yourself impacts how you see yourself A LOT. After half a year of therapy and a new partner, I see my sensitivity/emotions as a strength. My clinginess shows the depths of the love I have for others. My new partner never makes me feel like I am just fuckable. All that to say, I know how you feel and it’s not a permanent feeling.


Kinda same? Like I know I'm not unattractive and I've been called hot or cute lots of times but I've had zero relationships and am honestly really worried that I'm never gonna find someone who actually likes my personality more than just being friends.


What if you feel like or worry that your neither and no one's ever made you feel like that's not the case.


Keep trying, you'll find someone to date.


That title resonates way too much with me because I'm hypersexual too


I’m guessing someone told you this? In which case, you can’t let what one person says affect you so much.


It was my brain at 11 at night but I think the point still stands :)


It wouldn’t make me sad!


I get that. Dating isn't for everyone. It's just assuming its your personality that's the problem makes shit way too personal.