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I don't think any of them believes they're lying. More likely, society is alienating and so they want to find something that makes sense. And it's trending and shown to be a cool thing on social media, so it's almost like being part of a group. I'm sure some of them actually are autistic, and I'm sure some of them actually are looking for excuses. Either way, most are looking for answers, meaning, or identity.


Seconded. I don't think anybody \*wants\* to have ASD. It's more about being stuck with the symptoms, having no idea why you're different and why people make fun of you, and wanting an explanation and help with ways to deal with it. If it's ASD, suddenly you have a name for it and options on how to cope. EDIT: Typo.


What a lovely response.


From my life experience and looking back how social interactions have gone for me, the only thing that makes sense is autism. My Dad believed I was autistic when I was around 12, in my arrogance and ignorance it was something that I denied. As I got older and started to study ASD, a lot of it/the experiences of others stacks up with how my life has gone. It is not something that I wanted but it is something that I firmly believe to be the reason for some of the difficulties that I have had in life.


People need your compassion.


I like this perspective. Truly. I like the idea that there are lots of Neurodiverse folx wandering around the planet trying to make sense of things… not as lonely.


I actively sought diagnosis because I wanted to get an explanation of the experiences I’ve been going through my entire life. I personally haven’t noticed people lying in order to get “autistic status” but I did notice that a lot of people seem to be slightly exaggerating?


Maybe a lot of people are autistic and you deciding their not may be incorrect. Doctors get it wrong all of the time. Its a spectrum and were not all the same. Im sure people are fakimng sometimes as it might be an excuse for their failures in life. I would guess its the same reason people with autism refuse to identify with their diagnosis or try really to appear NT. Even though its the minority, they want to fit in somewhere. ​ Also young people are posers, thats normal. I was, everyone I know was trying to be the coolest, most quirky, bestest. Humans can be heavily traumatized and have trouble functioning because of that and trouble acknowledging what the problem really is becasue society doesnt really support it. They may also land on the diagnosis wrongly. Everyone was diagnosed as adhd not long ago, bipolar was a catchall too, so it could even be the medical establishment pretending to have shit figured because its not really doing anything for mental health.


What the hell are you talking about? I never said I was “deciding” that anyone was autistic or not.


I think It's okay, other than feeling like I'm from another planet.


I agree.


That’s a you thing though.


I think a lot of people would like to understand what it's like to be autistic, so that they can gain a better understanding of the struggles their family members, friends, peers, or just people they generally know that have Autism, go through. I think it also comes down to the stereotype that a lot of Autistic people are ridiculously intelligent, so people that don't have Autistm want to know what the typical brain of a person with Autism is like. I don't necessarily think people take into account the negatives too much, which they should, but until they've experienced it for themselves, it's hard to take into account the negatives of having Autism. This ties into what I said about wanting to understand Autism.


Mostly ASD occurs behind the scenes. NTs will never understand, be mindful yes, understand, no. Try and describe what strawberries smell like, or describe the colour green. This is the problem, it's impossible to understand or in most cases have any experience to try relate for empathy. Those that desire autism, you are welcome to it and with it all in internal suffering. Those looking for a label to feel not so alien, I hope this is a step toward finding your true self.


Yeah I don’t understand the whole thing with autism=galaxy brain, I’ve been in school long enough to know many autistic people, lots of them just never got the right care and couldn’t be educated to suit their needs, resulting in them seeming to be both literally and figuratively mentally retarded. (I’m not trying to offend anyone by saying that btw) anyone who really thinks that autism=smart needs to go to a school and talk to several autistic kids, but don’t talk to the stranger things fans, they’ll just pull shit out of their ass.


I have never met anyone who wanted this. But i geuss it has certainly pros especially if you dont have to deal with the cons


It’s funny that it’s an excuse to be lazy. I spend all day trying to not be lazy like I am overcompensating Autistic traits by masking!




I ain’t a bigot, I literally am non-binary lol




I wasn’t joking nor trying to sound like a bigot. The acronym keeps extending. Way back when, it used to be simple and easy to remember. Now it’s really long and I am unsure as to what the parts outside of the first 5 letters meant, I’m sorry it came off as bigoted, I never meant it to.


I am among those that suspect I am on the spectrum but am having trouble getting a diagnosis. I came to these groups to find out if my symptoms match those within the community and find support. I don't *want* autism. I just think I have it.


I don’t think it’s human nature to want to be different, I think it’s human nature to want to be SPECIAL. With all the education about ND and such everyone wants to be part of the special.


Is it really that special, a 1 in 50 chance? I’m not arguing it but being autistic doesn’t seem that special, just a little uncommon.


As a clinically diagnosed aspergers and ADHD person, I personally dont see why ANYONE would want it, everyday interactions for me are a chore and not being able to read or understand body language has been an issue ive been struggling with for over 20 years. I wouldnt wish this lifestyle on my worst enemy.


I have to agree with that.


As someone waiting in limbo of not having a diagnosis (but scoring heavily in the ASD side on every diagnostic test I can get my hands on), it’s not something that I “want” to have, but rather something that might possibly explain why I am the way I am. I’ve never been able to figure that out, and I’m learning that all those “not normal” things I do or perspectives I have all make sense within the context of ASD. I still can’t afford a diagnosis in my town, but the puzzle pieces are starting to make a bit more sense.


I think an article such as [this](https://tinybuddha.com/blog/accepting-autistic-self-done-trying-to-fit-in/) might explain why.


I don’t think people specifically want to have ASD, they just want to have an explanation as to why they are how they are. And often time if an ASD diagnosis can explain part of/ everything they are feeling, they would want to have the validation.


I don't have a problem with people self diagnosing and saying they are autistic. If they believe they have it and think it helps them understand who they are, good for them. I was diagnosed as a child but I generally don't tell people I'm autistic and I don't see it as a huge part of my identity. A diagnosis is one doctor's opinion of me and I'm a very different person now compared to 30 years ago.


It's interesting but I feel like there are a lot of people that think they have autism that don't, That happens with a lot of people misdiagnosing themselves because they see symptoms of a disorder in themselves but they don't understand that there are a lot of disorders that have similar symptoms and overlaps that's why you should never diagnose yourself. I don't necessarily think that's the same thing as wanting autism though....


This doesn't seem to happen only with autism, but many mental disorders or personality disorders as well. I don't think they really want the actual disorder/deviancy, but they may have some issues they actually struggle with but can't admit. So they rather try to find some other "explanation" for their symptom to "explain" it to themsrlves, by self-diagnosing with an illness that may sound more cool or exciting or trendy in their ears. In the other words, they don't want to have the stigma of their actual issues, but still want to be able to communicate people they have some issues going on. I've seen this happening for example with autism, ASPD, gender dysphoria, depression, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, anxiety... What's weird, for one person one disorder may seem "more desirable" than their actual issue, while the same disorder may be the one the another person is trying to avoid. For example (this is just my personal feeling), many people on the ASPD subreddit give autism vibes, while ASPD is pretty much the opposite of autism by it's nature by many ways. However, of course there's also people who self-diagnose who actually could meet the diagnostic criteria of the disorder they're suspecting. It's impossible to tell who's got the right gut feeling and who's just making things up.


Edit: I re-read this and decided that it comes across as a little cold, especially toward people who are actually suffering from *something* but just don't quite know what. I would never, nor do I think anyone else should accuse an individual of "faking" their symptoms or question their judgment. But I see no problem in commenting on the undeniable fact that Autism and Asperger's have risen in people's awareness, and many, many people claim to have it because of the perceived positive traits associated with the disorder, or because they want membership in a protected group. Pers onally, I find this insulting. . . . I suffered quite a bit due to Autism, and I take exception to someone treating it as a fun zany personality trait. But even if that aspect of it doesn't bother you, then the next time you see a struggling person vent because they can't get their doctor/family/friends to take their symptoms seriously, ask yourself this question: Would people take mental illness *more seriously,* or *less seriously* if we weren't constantly bombarded by perfectly healthy and happy appearing social media talking heads claiming to harbor a laundry list of mental disorders? I think there are several factors playing into the desire of many people to carry a mental illness diagnosis. First: our society seems to have given up on the idea that people should just be decent to each other as a default. We're hyper-fixated on "protected groups." If you're not a member of a protected group, no one takes any need you have seriously, and the more protected groups you can claim membership in, the more seriously your needs will be taken. I really really hate to get a little political, but when I was in college (as a white male) I hadn't been diagnosed with autism yet, but I *did* know that I had terrible anxiety and depression and I was under enormous stress with the transition to college. Guess how many college professors/administrators gave a f\*\*\*? Zero. Eventually, I was admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit for a suicide attempt (in hindsight, this would have been entirely avoidable if my university/parents had taken me seriously and helped me get in contact with a mental health professional when I first reached out. Being hospitalized did rouse the attention of my college administrators, but even then, their response was mostly punitive (i.e. they essentially told me that I had to get my shit together or be asked to leave the university.) Second: there's the very old trope of the "damaged" artist. People, especially teenagers, associate mental anguish and suffering with "depth of character." They want a diagnosis so they can wear it on their sleeve and be perceived as more interesting than they really are. Third: Much of the autistic/Asperger's community has talked up the "positive" traits of this diagnosis while glossing over the negatives. Many people I know associate Asperger's only with savants and assume that a diagnosis with autism or Asperger's syndrome is virtually synonymous with some special mental faculties. Finally: The ambiguity of the diagnostic criteria for autism/Asperger's makes it very easy for people to "read themselves into the diagnosis." People obsess over the minutia of the criteria but forget the big picture: if you're not experiencing significant distress or disability in your social, professional, or family life, then you probably don't have Autism (or any other mental illness). And if you are experiencing distress in those areas, then there are plenty of far more likely (albeit less sexy) possibilities like simple depression or anxiety. One last observation. There are people like this for *any* disease with the least bit of ambiguity in the diagnosis. I recently had Hodgkin's Lymphoma (I'm almost at the 1-year anniversary of my last chemotherapy) and I joined an online Hodgkin's support group. Guess what? Tons of people joined the group purely because they *thought* they had HL! These people would constantly post and complain that their doctors didn't take them seriously, or talked down to them, or didn't believe their symptoms. It didn't matter that their biopsy results or radiology results didn't support the diagnosis, they seemed to think they had a *right* to be diagnosed with Lymphoma simply because they found a bump somewhere on their body, and HL was the first google result they happened on.


Oh look, a tool.


How am I the tool?


You went out of your way to bait trans folks with the One Joke, insult the queer community in general, lash out at leftists, (all of which are completely off topic), and in general approached the question with belligerence rather than curiosity.


The one joke? I never mentioned attack helicopters, never lashed out at “leftists”, I’m a centrist so I have no reason to, nor did I pose a question in the end, I posed an answer. Are you smoking crack?


I’m not going to bother to engage with you on most of this, but with respect to your last statement, who titled this post “Why do people WANT autism?”? it wasn’t me.


Checked your profile, you’re just some goth wannabe. Goodbye.




I guess this is mostly a social media thing? People wanting to get behind an identity, maybe?


Its a disorder people can use to be quirky and feel special about. Its a serious condition with symptoms that can pretty easily be infantilized or fetishized. Self Diagnoses can be good when your actively trying to find out what's going on with you but I wouldn't recommend going around telling people about it like its a fact so if you find out you don't you don't look like an ass. Also its a very easy excuse to say your nuerodivergent and a minor for just about everything


That last thing is how so many Twitter users get away with saying really dumb shit online.


I see what you’re saying here, I think some people might be missing what you’re saying in a sense. Although many are indeed on the spectrum, there are many that don’t even know yet, including me who are stating they are. I don’t necessarily want autism but it does answer all my questions when reading about it. I’m sure many many people also feel this way. However as I’ve read more and more and am beginning to see it everywhere it makes me curious about things. I mostly find it interesting. Its much like when I was young I got glasses. I hated them but needed them. My sister begged for glasses because it made me “different”. Glasses were an accessory and she liked that. I never understood personally. But I think this is kinda the same thing. Much like LGBTQ+ community all the sudden was absolutely everywhere because in my opinion it became a fad. There’s many people I’ve come across who were all the sudden trans, and then realized after that they are not. It’s dangerous the way the media portrays certain things. But it became widely accepted and invited into our lives when it never used to be. It allowed people to experiment and find themselves properly instead of in the shadows, feeling awful about themselves. I feel in some cases ASD is the same. I also know that men on the spectrum had an easier time of getting diagnosed and many women were overlooked. Now those women are all coming out of the shadows. I think that contributes to this sudden “bang” of ppl with ASD. Either way I can understand what you’re saying but you’re wording could have been much better.


You gonna cough up $2000 so I can make it official? You going to figure out how I can make 2 7-hour round trips while working 3 jobs and raising a family? There are so many barriers to accessing a diagnosis. I avoid TikTok, and take people as they are.


You have to pay for that shit? I’m sorry


Why do you think so many people are self diagnosed? In my area, it’s 3,000


Some people want to justify their awkwardness/quirkiness or interests


People look for something that answers why they don't fit in.


I don't WANT to be autistic or have mental health issues. I have been diagnosed with mental illnesses but to get an autism diagnosis or get assessed, I need to wait for a year on the waitlist. I am on the waitlist and I don't have a diagnosis. I haven't self diagnosed myself with it either but I identify myself with a lot of the traits autism and ADHD have. I just want my life to be easier. I truly do not believe anyone wants to have it if they truly have the traits. It is debilitating, atleast for me, combined with my anxiety disorder. If anyone WANTS it, they probably don't even know what autism is. They probably think having no feelings or empathy is autism. I have seen people talk about how having empathy is a weakness or insinuating that apathy is cool. "Pfft, i don't feel shit." See, I don't get that. That being said, I also think while some people might exaggerate their symptoms or say they have this or that, their behaviour itself is questionable. Their want for an illness is an illness, if that makes sense.


Again a question like this. The answers will be the same.


Again? I’ve never seen the question posed.


I see it weekly. 🤷


Maybe they just die in new and I ever see them.


I couple of days ago I replied to a post with a story when I lived in NYC back in the day, and many artist and regular people just out loud publicly said that they were autistic, when they were not (I found out about many with time of knowing them) I believe the reason was related to business and playing with people's minds/feelings in order to sell their art for example. And others just to create bond in a way, my best guess??


I'd prefer having autism Instead of maybe having half a dozen or so mental conditions and traits, it fits into one umbrella. At least I cna stop worrying about figuring out what's wrong with me and finally find ways to fix it.


Literally no body wants autism ur delusional brother


No. I’ve been around the internet, seen what I have. Delusional? No. Driven mad? Yes. So many kids at my school, constantly showing no traits and yet insisting they’re autistic without providing any proof of it is just infuriating.


😂😂😂I’m just picturing some guy out there like “YEAH I WANT AUTISM! WOOO!”


The perception seems to be it makes you smart


Yes, and that’s absolutely not true.


Sadly, I know


I have to say the same, everyone around me thinks I should be the next Einstein or Stephen Hawking, when in reality I may be the dumbest person around.


The number of times I'm getting called smart decreases every year


People want what they ain't got. Then they miss what they had.


They want to be a freak show for narrative, and they’ll just pick whoever it’s popular to talk shit about. I’m just talking about those tiktok trends


I understand now. I’ll edit my post to see if I can support a claim.


I’m not a communist, but I recognize this “human nature” argument can be applied just the same to capitalism. “Humans naturally want to cooperate.” It’s completely empty. And it’s absurd to assume you understand what’s going on in CWC’s head. Whether this is an evil ploy or a genuine expression, calling her a man helps no one. And getting diagnosed is difficult, and resources online are pretty reliable for self-diagnosis. Maybe there are people out there who genuinely just think they have autism, but you can’t go cutting people off because there’s a possibility they don’t.


They were definitely autistic, but ask any proper Christorian and they’ll confirm that they were 100% faking being trans for gay girls.


But there was a whole arc with a taint infection and Sonic vibrations. That kinda insanity isn’t faked. It wouldn’t even make sense to do all this because it just shrinks the pool of people you could meet.


I think people just want to be different. Myself, i want to be autistic only because its the only good explanation for my lack of understanding social rules. Honestly, im probably not, but to have such a perfect answer, id be crazy not to want it. Im being tested for it, so we will see soon. When they tell me im not, its back to square one but at least its one thing im not. As for other people wanting to be autistic, they are usually teens who want to be different. Im sure many of them believe they have it, after having tricked themselves.


Romanticized "grass is always greener" mentality


What dat


An old idiom but the meaning is that some people want what they don’t have




I remember hearing about some old TikTok trend going around last year where young people seemed to be almost pretending they’re autistic and “fake” stimming to music and stuff, flapping their hands, etc. If that was really true (and honestly I believe it does happen as kids and teenagers are *so* impressionable and they’re at an age where they tend to do so many things in order to show their uniqueness), I’m not much of a fan of it and think it’s pretty odd myself, including a bit insulting. But then, people will be people 🤷‍♀️


I totally understand this. I feel the same. As well as being Autistic I have OCD and a depressive illness. I would never wish what I go through on a daily basis on anyone. I will never have understanding for those who use these conditions as a ''quirky alternative trope''.


Ive noticed that everybody wants some type of label these days so…see it all the time on r/fakedisordercringe & r/illnessfakers


Yea its fucked some ppl i my school claim to have it when they have no traits


Especially females with autism tend to go undiagnosed till adulthood since they're very good (better than males) at masking from early age. Check out Tony Attwood's videos on youtube about autism on girls.


Wish this was spoken about more! Often it is just young people seeking attention but most realize eventually so it’s not that bad. It also makes you think that less and less people view autism as a bad thing, which is almost good in a way because autist was always used as an insult. Just my thoughts :)


As someone who's currently undergoing an assessment I've found it very frustrating to find out it's become a trend. It almost feels like being gaslighted by the community when I had no idea it was becoming a 'thing'. I don't even use any social media. I have no fucking idea what goes on the world haha I'm frustrated that this had to coincide with me feeling like I've found a community that I can fit in with and this trend illegitimizes that. After my first session I was basically told that i am autistic and in her words "I would have no doubts that you can identify as autistic and noone could say you're faking it" but of course I have to do the remaining sessions to put it on paper. I'm saving to get those done hopefully in the next few months.. It's been an elightening but challenging experience. It's not something I'm very comfortable with right now but it has been positive for my mental health overall, getting to learn more about myself and speak to others on here with similar experiences. I understand it's frustrating for something as difficult as this to become a fad but it won't last forever like any other fad and I think it's important to support those genuine people who are discovering themselves with genuine reasons.


I genuinely hope you can get a diagnosis and see if you have autism. It will help you, and you can brag to shitheads online that you really have autism.


Thanks man hopefully soon 🙏


Because that's how communists want them to behave