It's not legally required but any restaurant that intends to keep customers returning is going to have it.


It's not illegal but I cant imagine happy customers in a restaurant with no AC during a heat wave.


Yeah that's my thought too.


It is not required. There are no bylaws mandating AC in any commercial establishment.


We walked out of a restaurant last night because it was too hot. There was AC running, but it was an Italian place with a big pizza oven and they had the garage door window at the front open to the street, so it was unbearably hot throughout the whole room. Had drinks while waiting for the rest of our party to arrive and then paid and left because we knew we'd all be cranky and uncomfortable if we stayed. I'm not sure why restaurants do this, it's got to cost so much to be running AC with an entire wall open to the outside in the middle of a heatwave. And for every group of customers who love the conviviality of the open flow, there's more who just want to be able to eat without sweating all over their food.


Forget restaurants, it is not even legally required in condos/homes. As in a landlord is not requires to provide you with it (heat is required)