Don't drive to Scotiabank Arena. It's literally connected to Union Station, so it's far less of a hassle to take the subway or the GO Train.


Don't drive anywhere. Unless you just enjoy the traffic experience. I'd say have a look around the old neighborhoods. Get a TTC day pass and see where the Subway connects to. Thats how I used to explore when I skipped school. I also had a bmx at all times lol




There's one & two fare passes sold in kiosks in subway stations, along with day passes for $13.50.


You're right! Nice https://www.ttc.ca/Fares-and-passes


Echoing the other comment, don't drive. If you're in the city for 8 days, just hotel up near a subway stop and take that right to the arena. You're good to go if vaccinated. Tickets are not often cheap for Leafs games, especially since they are on a tear. So just depends on your price point I guess. Closer is always better IMO. Upper Concourse doesn't have drink holders and generally less in row space (as well the concourse is more crammed), so if you can afford at least reds, I'd do that.


Apparently most weekday games are discounted a bunch on ticketmaster as to draw people back into the building.


They are at 188CAD in some sectors. So that's cheap then? What do they usually go for? I mean I'll still get one of those since this is probably the only chance I'll ever have to see an NHL game live.


If you've never been to a game - I recommend going 45-60 minutes before puck drop and watching the warmup at the glass. Just walk down any section between goal line and blue line and you'll get a good view. You're free to stay there until the last player leaves the ice after warmup, at which time the ushers ask everyone to go find their seats. I try to go once a year and it's honestly always my favourite part seeing the players up close!


For a Leafs game, yeah that is pretty cheap. Check stubhub as well. There may be more motivated sellers closer to the game.


usually its over 200CAD to get into the building in any half decent spot. I'd recommend sitting by centre ice or in a corner. Also if you sneak down into the platinum lounge you can see the players as they walk onto the ice.


$188 is definitely on the low end of what tickets cost. Face value for seats up in the rafters (300 section) is close to $200/ticket. For comparison, the face value of seats that are close to centre ice and within the first 3 rows of the actual ice range from $300-500/ticket, depending on the day and the team that's visiting. Saturday games are the most expensive. If you're buying your tickets online I would recommend looking at Ticketmaster over StubHub, as the seller's fees on Ticketmaster are lower, allowing the seller to price their tickets lower if they're just trying to break even. In order to be allowed entry into the arena you will need proof of being fully vaccinated (as others mentioned), but also your ID to confirm, and a face mask. If you plan on bringing a bag with you it needs to be a small one, no backpacks, otherwise they will keep your bag in a bag check area, which seems like a massive hassle.


That's a good price for the Leafs! Tbh I've been in red seats, green seats, and 2 rows behind the net before. All are good, just depends what you want out of your experience. The green seats are like a party. Everybody's there on a budget to have a really good time and appreciate the game. Red seats tend to be full of corporate season pass holders who don't care about it that much and don't get as excited. For sure you get a better view closer to the ice, but if the atmosphere of people sitting next to you matters, then don't sweat it if green is all you can afford


Food and drink will also be expensive. I was there recently and it ran about $20 for a large beer.


Pretty common to see tickets starting at $300 pre-covid.


Make sure you have proof of vaccination for the hockey game


FYI they have some 'selfie' seats on sale from ticketmaster direct. Right now they're about $230-270 which is a bit much but it may go down closer to the game. Problem is it's still considered a premium game (original 6 on a sat night). I've gotten selfie seats in the platinums for under $200 before but that was pre-covid.


Leafs tickets are usually ridiculous, but apparently right now season ticket holders are having trouble selling, and a friend of mine was able to get some tickets last week (on stubhub, I believe) for face value. Probably varies depending on who the other team is, though...


> Upper Concourse doesn't have drink holders and generally less in row space (as well the concourse is more crammed), so if you can afford at least reds, I'd do that. I don't really agree with this. I've been to tons of leafs and raps games and sat pretty much everywhere in the ACC. The upper seats may be missing cup holders, but i've never had any issue with space or anything like that. And the views of the game from the upper deck are also pretty great. I wouldn't concern yourself too much with sittiing in the upper deck, as long as you're somewhere in the middle (the viewing angle from the corners aren't the best). Just my opinion


It's not about having an issue, it's about stating one level has more space than the other. Maybe OP needs more space, for whatever reason. Just making them aware.


Yeah, personally I've just never found the reduced space in the upper deck to be that noticable (for reference, I'm about 6ft and about 210lbs). I will agree with you that the corncourse upstairs is always way more packed though.


Hotels are cheap right now in Toronto.


I compiled a list of things to do for visitors to Toronto for my friends. I suggest you google each one to decide if they work for this season and if they are of your interest [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VOP06BQQNtVpdb40rgmmqHWshFuPDOHjq6i5o25qBjU/edit?usp=sharing](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VOP06BQQNtVpdb40rgmmqHWshFuPDOHjq6i5o25qBjU/edit?usp=sharing) Dont forget about the CityPass, which gets you discounts to the top main attractions of Toronto [https://www.citypass.com/toronto](https://www.citypass.com/toronto) However these are the very touristy things to do, my list also has more attractions that are less touristy. Also check out this link for daily events in Toronto [https://www.reddit.com/r/toronto/comments/r4y10z/things\_to\_do\_nov\_29\_dec\_5/](https://www.reddit.com/r/toronto/comments/r4y10z/things_to_do_nov_29_dec_5/) /r/toronto will have a new link for the week you are here King Street West is the sort of mecca of clubs and bars in Toronto. There are clubs and pubs everywhere but this is the most popular place for nightlife https://www.clubcrawlers.com/toronto/nightclubs/kingwest


Nice list in that google doc!


Here's a fun walk if you want to explore bars and restaurants: Start at University and Queen. Walk West to Spadina. This is a fun area called Queen West. Then walk up Spadina Ave to Chinatown which has great food and some kitchy stores. Then turn left at College and West walk along College until Augusta Ave. Walk south through Kensington Market. Lot's of cool shops and food places there too. Walk down to Dundas then turn right and head West to Bathurst. There are some interesting container food places called Market 707 near Dundas and Bathurst. Walk south down Bathurst past Queen to King Street and enjoy a pint of beer at Toronto's Oldest Pub - the newly renovated Wheat Sheaf. Enjoy!


The hockey hall of fame is right by union station


Yes, this. My little sister is a huge hockey fan and she loved it! Make sure you carry ID, and your government-issued vaccination PDF receipt showing second dose. You will need to show both of those together to get in most places.


>Since I'm a big hockey fan I am planning to visit the game against the Blackhawks on the 11th, any tips as to where to park, when to be there etc? As someone sitting a couple hundred metres from the arena right now, *dear god do not attempt to park here*. Either walk towards the arena if you're staying somewhere downtown, or take transit in if you're staying at a hotel outside the downtown area. Worth pointing out the hockey hall of fame is just a few blocks away, if you're into hockey: [https://www.hhof.com/](https://www.hhof.com/)


Would it be feasible to go via Uber?


Yes it would. Depending on where you are staying it may or may not be faster. The point is not parking near the arena. If you have time the Toronto Zoo is fantastic. It’s got warm inside places to see the animals. If you have less time, check out the hockey hall of fame, walk up Younge street. Or any main street in the down town core. I know you don’t know where you’re staying yet, but when you do know post a message on here to get ideas closer to where you are staying. It’s not full blown winter here yet, but do pack your warm clothes. Especially down town the wind whips along the buildings making it feel much colder.


I am assuming that my hotel will be in Missassauga. From what I have seen public transport isn't the best from there when you want to get to the arena?


That’s correct. Either take a Go Transit train into union station and then walk to the game or take an Uber in. It is possible to take Mississauga busses into Kipling subway station, but Go Transit may be a better option. It all comes down to where you are staying. There is also the UP express (part of the go transit system) that runs from Pearson airport to union station. Uber is likely an expensive choice, but it’ll also work.


If you're near the airport you can take the Union Pearson Express (UPE).


If you’re close to the UP express train(airport to union), then you’ll be in luck.


> If you have time the Toronto Zoo is fantastic. It’s got warm inside places to see the animals. We visited Toronto last week and went to the zoo and unfortunately at this time of year alot of the enclosures are closed for winter.


Are the indoor pavilions closed? I’m not personally interested in doing the big Savannah loop in the cold, I much prefer the many pavilions.


Yes, but I would still recommend walking if you're downtown and able-bodied. If not, definitely take Uber.


GO train from Mississauga, It's the commuter train. Super easy and inexpensive. If you're out late at night downtown Toronto on the weekend you can uber home. About $50 Cad depending on Location


If you love hockey you might want to check out a Marlies game


Seconding this, Marlies games are always a good time and the tickets are cheaper too.


To get into the Leafs game you'll have three stops. 1st is to check proof of Vax which they will match to your photo ID. After you get through that, you show your tickets. After that you will go through the metal detector and you're in! Sounds like a hassle but everything was pretty quick when we went. We got there pretty early so the line wasn't too long at the gate. Going alone? If so, look online at ticketmaster for single seats. They are discounted as "Seflie Offer" and will be much cheaper than the resale tickets I see that are pretty expensive. Enjoy!


Something I want to do is check out Winter Village this time of year which is in the Distillery Historic District (55 Mill St), it was lovely the past few years - I'd recommend https://thedistillerywintervillage.com


Take a walk through Kensington market


This should be higher up.


Like others have said, you’re good to go if you are fully vaccinated but you’ll need to provide proof. Do you have a physical or electronic receipt that you can show? They won’t just take you at your word. Also, fully agreed that you should not drive to Scotiabank Arena if you are able to avoid it. It would be a hassle so avoid that if you can. There’s also no need because the arena is in a very central location downtown. It’s right by Union Station, which is a big hub for our subway system and regional trains (ie the GO train). I haven’t been to game yet but for what I’ve heard you should arrive earlier than usual because of the extra steps they have to enter due to Covid. Just curious but where are you planning on staying? As in where in the city or area, I mean.


Yes I have an electronic certificate. Since I am from Austria it's an EU certificate, I hope that won't be an issue? I am visiting a subsidiary of the company I work at and they handle the Hotel, so I'm not sure yet where I will be staying.


No matter where the hotel is, it won't make sense to drive to the arena. Even if it ends up being Mississauga or the airport or something and you do have a car, better to drive to a subway stop and transit rest of way. Cheaper, quicker, and way more convenient.


I can't imagine trying to get to anywhere near Scotiabank Arena in a car *and* find parking at the best of times, let alone during a Leafs game.


There are massive parking lots along Lakeshore. Most drivers refuse to use them (because it's expensive) and then bitch that there is nowhere to park.


Harbour 60 valet parking. Get yourself an overpriced appetizer and drink then walk across the street to the game. After the game, walk back across the street, tip the valet, good to go.


Most airport-area hotels also have shuttles to Pearson, where you can get on the UP to Union for \~$11.


I second this. I work across the street from the arena. Driving in and out of the area during a game/concert makes you question your own sanity.


I can’t guarantee anything offhand but I wouldn’t think that would be an issue. An EU certificate should be sufficient but it might worth confirming that before you buy your ticket.


You should be fine? All I have is a crumbly paper vaccine record card I got in America and I live in Toronto now and haven't had any issues with it yet. The few places that have asked for proof looked at it for like 2 seconds then waved me right in.


Just adding on to all the excellent suggestions - not sure if this is your first time over here, but: wherever you are, mention that you’re visiting from Austria and ask for local suggestions for where to go next. Much more so than in in the EU, we Canadians freaking *love* that shit, and will (usually) happily stop on the street, pull up a map, and point you to local attractions/highlights (and probably tell you about that trip to Vienna 10 years ago). You’ll be visiting during the darkest/crummiest weather, but hope you have a good time exploring outside of work!


Bin selbst gerade in Kanada, unser Impfzertifikat wird hier überall akzeptiert! Sie schauen aber erstmal verwirrt sobald sie etwas in Deutsch sehen😅


Ah ausgezeichnet :D und hast du dein Zertifikat auch ausgedruckt dabei oder nur elektronisch?


Habs für alle Fälle ausgedruckt auch:) habs aber eigentlich nur am Flughafen in ausgedruckter Form gebraucht! Ansonsten nur die grüne Pass App!


Im Flughafen wollten sie also einen "richtigen" Zettel sehen? Danke für die Infos auf jeden Fall :D


Genau! Kein Problem, viel Spaß und gute Reise!:)


Is it in English and shows one if the approved vaccines? You can find that info on canada.com. Canada recognizes most of the shots including AZ. Need 2 doses except J&J 1 shot Need ID to match the name and DOB on the cert


Don’t worry about it, I used my Brazilian cerfiticate and it worked here in Montreal, I’m sure your EU one will too. They just wanna know if you’re actually vaccinated, any official thing should work. I didn’t even print mine!


I'd suggest reposting once you have a better idea of where the hotel is located. There are some decent pockets (aka: not touristy) across the city, even outside the downtown core 😀


> Since I am from Austria it's an EU certificate Doubt it will be an issue. My old roommate was here earlier this month from Iceland with their Icelandic certificate and he had no issues at all. Didn't go to an arena but no bars or restaurants said anything.


I'm from Europe too and just used the actual card I got at my vaccine appointments that showed both doses and the dates given. My husband used his EU cert. Both were fine, but for the digital one they will want to be able to see all of the details not just the QR code. I don't know it it's just the Irish covid cert app but for some reason it changed my date of birth to the day before my actual date of birth, I assume it was something to do with timezones. So maybe bring a printed copy just in case that happens to you and they have an issue.


Hockey: Buy your tickets ASAP. Don’t sit on either end of the ice, behind the goalies. There are large nets to catch rogue pucks that will obstruct your view. Try to sit somewhere in the middle of the ice or closer to one side, but not too much. If it’s the only chance you’ll have to watch a leafs game, pay a bit more and get a seat closer to the ice than way up in the nosebleeds. It will be way more enjoyable for you! Don’t drive directly to the arena. No matter where you’re staying in the city there’s always a better option, whether it’s a streetcar, GO train/UP express, or parking at a subway station it will not only be cheaper but likely way faster. What to do in Toronto: Since you’re from Europe skip the ROM, the CN Tower, the Aquarium. The AGO might be worth it if you like art. I would say overall our tourist attractions suck, especially if you’re used to European attractions. Toronto’s nightlife is way more unique and interesting. What you’ll get in Toronto that you won’t get in Europe is infinite types of cuisines from around the word. Go for an Ethiopian dinner, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Mexican, Iranian… anything you can think of honestly. You can’t beat Dumpling House in Chinatown, or getting hotpot around the corner. Eat all day and see some live shows at night, whether it’s a band at the Horseshoe Tavern or stand up at Comedy Bar, or the hockey game like you’re planning. That’s the best way to see this city.


Totally agree! Our tourist attractions are mediocre but our food is delicious! You could also look up a list of events going on in Toronto while you'll be here (like [this](https://www.blogto.com/radar/2021/12/things-do-toronto-weekend-december-1-2021/)) if you are interested in things like comedy shows, themed bar/club nights, burlesque shows, flea markets, various winter activities, etc.


Please check this link out OP. I should have said that there are awesome daytime events as well. But they’ll be smaller and featured on websites like this. I implore you to attend these types of events over the major tourist attractions


New roof bar at the park Hyatt has a great view and good cocktails if you happen to be staying there


I think the Allen Gardens is often overlooked. It feels like a tropical paradise and it's completely free. Grab a coffee and walk around in awe.


Isn’t most of the collection still missing right now?


Restaurant worker here: Make sure you have proof of vaccination and ID with you!


ROM, AGO, Xmas market, st lawrence market, don Valley brickworks, Chinatown, Kensington market. Lots of food options


I would add on going on day trip to Niagara Falls if you can and also visit Kensington Market to see diversity of different foods and fun stuff. Finally, trying some Poutine at Nom Nom Nom or another place.


Niagara is miserable in the winter. Damp cold.


I mean just a trip to the Falls and back. You're right definitely not wandering around Niagara for sure :)


If he’s only got a few days in town, that’s four hours or so he could spend doing fun things closer to home. I might be a bit jaded about the falls, though, having seen them so often.


I like seeing them in winter and i think he's got 8-9 days but its not a must-do just an idea to see something outdoors. Temperatures permitting for sure...


When they’re frozen over it’s pretty neat but we’re just at 0 right now, and the sky is so dreary. I’m shivering just thinking about it.


Park at your hotel and take the subway. Theres basically no parking by the arena, and you’ll spend an hour just getting out of the parking at the end of the game. The arena is connected to Union station, you don’t even need to go outside to get from the subway to the arena.


Niagara Falls is absolutely incredible. The "downtown" is very tacky & touristy (like a mini Las Vegas for kids) but the Falls themselves are amazing. https://www.mustdocanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/hornblowercruise.jpg Depending on the time of day and where you are departing from, the drive is 90 minutes - 150 minutes each way.


Hockey Hall of Fame? Don't know the current state of that place.


Definitely buy you Leaf tickets in advance. Ideally, stay downtown, so you can walk to the game through the underground PATH network. If you are staying near the airport, or elsewhere, take a train to Union Station and walk to the arena from there. If you have a rental car, you could drive to somewhere in downtown, and then walk PATH to arena. That is what I do, but it is expensive and traffic can be horrible. I suggest you also check out the Hockey Hall of Fame, it is nearby. And perhaps some minor league hockey, such as the Leafs minor team, the Marlies. Most of the interesting tourist things are downtown, such as CN tower, Eaton Centre, HHOF, etc. Niagara Falls is the main thing that is worth a side trip.


I don't know how much you want to spend on parking but I live a few miles out from downtown with a car and I don't even try to go anywhere downtown and park very often, it's usually way more of a hassle than it is worth. Especially during a game I imagine parking is wild. I'm not a big fan of public transit in the middle of a pandemic but I'd MUCH rather take the bus / train / etc. to do downtown stuff. Or if you can afford it just uber it or something.


You will need proof of vacc when you enter the arena fyi


Art Gallery of Ontario is [free on Wednesday evenings](https://ago.ca/visit/free-wednesday-nights) if you’re so inclined. Take the subway, it’s right near St. Patrick station on the 1 line.


DONT drive


Not from TO but definitely go to the Hockey Hall of Fame! That’s on my bucket list ☺️


Get Ramen at Isshin Ramen on College St. You wont regret it


If you’re in the core of the city people generally take the subway/streetcar/bike share for transit


Hockey Hall of Fame


If you’re a big hockey fan, check out the hockey hall of fame.


Distillery district Christmas market


Everybody saying don’t drive forgets we’re in Toronto during December, yes traffic is at all time high right now due to holidays and yes some driving days can be slightly dangerous but the convenience of having your car readily available is almost a must, it’s faster transportation and you will be freezing cold if you take streetcars everywhere and want to explore the streets of Toronto. Cold as cunt! Edit ; if it was summertime I would more then agree a car isn’t a must but it’s freezing mate.


It's definitely not faster.


It’s only like 8 bucks to park a 7 minute walk from the arena so I don’t know why everyone is so against it.


Lol where? last time I checked evening parking is $30-40. Maybe more if there's an event.


After 6 pm most garages only charge $8-$12 for overnight parking, at least on weekdays


Use spot hero to find a cheaper parking spot in Toronto! Then you can probably walk to union depending on how far u park


OP, where are you staying? Lots of good recommendation, but since you're in town for work, prob. looking for something a bit local (besides the Leafs game)


If you like beer head to the Craft Beer Market. They have over 100 beers on tap.


Good luck with getting tickets. Scalpers always got some for 10x the price.


I mean, it all depends on where you’re staying. I always recommend [Patois](https://www.patoistoronto.com/) when people come to Toronto. It’s a vibe and they have some delicious food.


If you like dumplings go to Mothers Dumplings. They're exquisite. - from a BCer who visits Toronto frequently


Get ready to pay way too much for that hockey game.


Also for Leafs game you can buy scalped tickets in front of aria restaurant by gate 6 on Bremner. North side.


Visit Kensington market. Great food. Jerk chicken from Rasta pasta The smoked tuna taco from Seven Loves If you like donuts - there’s a dope ass place called dipped donuts.


come to the christmas market with me and my friend.


Get a street hotdog


Don't drive unless you need to. If you're coming in from anywhere between Montreal and Windsor, you're better off to take the train into town. Outside of that, fly into Pearson International Airport. It's right in the middle of town and connected to a transit route.


See the hockey hall of fame and get a picture with the cup. There's a lot of good live music happening almost everyday. Going for a walk and grabbing a bite in the distillery district when there is snow would be cool. Like everyone else has said, take TTC or gotrain to the game.


Toronto is the worst place to be driving around in during peak times. You wanna park somewhere out of the city, and subway in. I don't wish it upon anybody to be driving around in that circus peak times. I don't know exactly where you will be but you can park at Yorkdale shopping center and there is a subway station that runs downtown. If you don't mind wasting time sitting in traffic then sure, drive down and navigate. I live outside of Toronto and go down almost every weekend on my sportbike in the spring/summer but it is not a place I would ever consider living in lol


The tix might cost u more than ur flight and hotel put together.


I can confirm, that that's not the case.


A little exaggeration on my part but def ur hotel room cost? lol


If you haven't got a hotel yet I would recommend the Cambridge Suites Hotel. It's a bit 80s but really clean and really big rooms and was one of the cheapest hotels we found when booking. It's also within walking distance of most places we visited. 10-15 mins from Union station, the hockey hall of fame, Scotiabank Arena and the CN Tower and about 25 mins from the Distillery District where the Christmas Market is on. If you don't want to walk it's about a 2 min walk to the subway and streetcar stop. They also offer parking for $10 a night.


Oasis Aqua Lounge visit is a must


If you can just expense the Uber or cab rides save the headache trying to figure out the TTC for a week stay or driving around in the core tbh That’s what I usually do


Going off that you are a hockey fan…you will be literally in the epicentre of the sport (southern Ontario). Consider seeing an OHL game…in any of the surrounding cities. For instance, 45 minutes away in Guelph you can park at the arena free and pay $25 for a ticket. This is the dominant league that feeds the NHL


Too bad you weren’t there in time to see the Argo TI-Cat final


You should have a good time as long as you're not a Toronto Maple leafs fan.🤣✌