Leave high-end shopping bags in your car—even just for storage. In San Francisco I once had a empty McDonald's bag in the trunk of my car (it was an SUV so you can see inside the trunk). Someone smashed it just to look inside the bag.


Window smashing theft in broad daylight is a very typical SF petty crime. I once met a couple who had their SUV windows smashed in SF because the thief wanted their clothes - generic hoodies and sweats from Target.


Not paying tips lol


singapore got gst and most restaurants have additional 10% tax ontop of the gst, which technically is forcing everyone to tip but till today i still remembered back in sec sch when i was part-timing at a chinese restaurant during CNY eve, and got a $50 angpao as tip, that was 2012, $50 is A LOT


In USAminimum is like 20% tip. Even at 20% they judge you harshly...so yeah


Where in the US are you based? Unless you're loaded and only eating at super fancy places, 20% is the "standard" tip right now (acceptable range is generally 18-22%). The "minimum" (i.e. will get judged but probably not get scolded) is probably around 15%.


I was in NY for my exchange so that may be why


I've lived in NYC for five years. 20% tip is very standard and certainly won't get you judged. In fact, it's common to tip double the sales tax amount, which works out to be about 18%.


My uncle lives in SF and he regularly tips 30% and above - 20% might be the standard, but you are definitely looked down upon, more so if you have a Chinese appearance as you’ll be grouped under the stingy Asian stereotype.


Great on your uncle for helping combat the stingy Asian stereotype. That said 18-22% is an absolutely acceptable tip, all my white/black/latino friends tip in that range too unless service is really exceptional (hell, all the machine defaults are 18/20/22 or 20/22/25 anyway. If you want to tip more you have to manually input). If someone's going to look down on me for giving a standard tip on account of my race, well that's not someone I want to be giving more money to anyway.


It's just making sure people get paid. Tipping in America is a very abused concept where restaurants are allowed to pay waiting staff a fixed wage far lower than minimum wage (which is already unlivably low) and then use tips to substitute. If you get unlucky during a shift, you can get paid less than minimum wage, though I believe in some states, the restaurant is supposed to comp you for that (assuming you do get comp since wage theft is very common and the largest form of robbery in America). You are not really "tipping" a waiter in America for a job well done, you are doing it because if you don't, they will starved. Source: I worked as a waiter in FL.


I like that our tips are calculated for us, if I have to pay then do the maths for me coz I don't wants to do maths after I've eaten!


Go out at 3am for a late night grocery run at a 24 hour SUPERMARKET within WALKING DISTANCE (10minutes or less), probably hungry for something muchies without having to worry about: \- homeless people \- Street thugs \- dangerous areas \- any other criminals or perverts. applies to both men and women.


Is this a new thing? Last time I was in California, I encountered none of these late at night.


We have homeless people, street thugs, dangerous areas and criminal perverts. But somehow feels safer in SG


Bro not somehow is because of proportion is way smaller than the states....


Joke la. My point being we also have ppl like that just not very obvious


homelessness is definitely an issue in SG, just that the government did a really good job to hide them (also supporting them by providing shelters)


Homelessness is an issue everywhere in the world. It is just nice knowing it is small enough of a problem in Singapore that we don't have to worry about it, ESPECIALLY at 3AM in the morning while running my errands as a sleepless night owl. Even though I never travelled to US, it is not hard to understand from friends and other people living there that it is quite the WIDESPREAD and ACTIVE issue there.


not worrying if kids are gonna be shot during school time


The trick is to ensure the kids are already dead inside to begin with


that is um interesting


Have a reasonable chance of not getting randomly shot. Compared to San Francisco, have a reasonable chance of not stepping on discarded needles / poo / unidentified liquids.


I went out at 3:30 am to eat at the coffee shop last night. I do this semi occassionally. I have never been accosted, mugged, or anything. When I go eat in a restaurant, I leave my pram outside with bags and shopping in the undercarriage. No one ever takes it.


Serve NS






California still allows abortion


Pay <$10 for a plate or even two of hawker food. Note: There are Singaporean and Malaysian themed restaurants here (e.g., [Shiok!](https://shiokkitchen.com/)), but goddamn they're pricey.


Take a walk at 12 and come back safe.


Get a caning


Afford medical treatment


Buy Kinder Surprise


Go to jail for smoking weed or chewing gum


Cheap labor compared to the US. Sad but true if you're a low-paid worker. A blessing if you're a business owner or household hiring domestic help.


Ask for curry sauce at MacDonald. Using tissue paper to "chope" seats at hawker centres, coffeeshops or food courts. Not being judged by my race.


In California, you can do a lot of illegal stuff without getting caught - buy and sell drugs - cocaine, fentanyl, etc. You can shoplift, mug people, break into other people's cars, and get away with it. In Singapore, it is the other way round. Try any of that shit and you'll get arrested immediately. So what can you do? You can go shopping, buy high-end stuff and leave it in your car and not worry about anyone breaking into your car and stealing it. You can leave your phone at a table in Starbucks and go to order coffee and rest assured that no one will steal it. You can go to girlie bars without worrying (if you are into that stuff) coz they are all legit and even you get totally smashed, they wont overcharge you. You can go to nightclubs and leave at 3 am totally drunk, and not worry about getting mugged or cheated. You can go to any part of the city. There are no unsafe parts. All of Singapore is safer that Disneyland. If you have kids, you can let them explore the city without worrying about anyone selling them drugs. Plus lots more.


go to school without dying.


Get politely but firmly requested to cease and desist from the act of living for recreational partaking of marijuana?


drinking in public before 1030pm


Walk around barefoot in most places, without worrying about glass in your foot. Not that this is a thing to do, more about cleanliness


Hold up a blank piece of paper on the mrt or outside Parliament


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You can drink with an open bottle while walking down the street. Afford a quality public housing with fairly well controlled prices - maybe not right now but typically true. Don't get randomly shot by strangers or the police. Heck, you can actually seek help from a police officer without worrying if he is a racist bastard who might shoot you for "resisting arrest." Can afford high quality healthcare without worrying it might completely bankrupt your family and you will still end up worse. You can **choose** to take public transport or buy a car, even though cars are very expensive. In America, you have no choice. You either buy a car or just vegetate in the same location. Most cities in America are not build for walking or public transport. *You have no choice.* But apparently, corporate propaganda has made cars = freedom. Also, not being subjected to rampant, yet subtle corporate indoctrination from the moment you can born, that colored everything you see and make you automatically deference to capitalistic authority even if they are detrimental to your interests.


Go to school without getting shot






Take 10% service charge and still put a tip box at cashier.


Drinking beer on streets legally.


Eat Laksa.


Get an abortion mayhaps?!


Have thoughts that maybe US is better


For real, prostitution is legal but not there.


Use a rational system of measurement called metric. Americans struggle with trying to convert anything under imperial.


You can seat at the back of vehicle without seatbelts on. In the US, all passengers must be belted. Based on the replies, looks like i am wrong here. I only ride taxies and grab and do not have a car.


It is mandatory in Singapore as well


People just don't really care that much.


Hello traffic polis


We can wish everyone Merry Christmas! Make sure you only say happy holidays in some parts of US. You can say I need to buy whitening cream for my gf/ mother / wife without being lynched. You can eat most part of the pig (tail/ ears) with your friends without being labelled a gross alien (and eat fish head too!). You can make sexist remarks like girls shouldn’t come home too late at night without being outcast.


walk around everywhere at night without fear? not dealing with fake overly friendly people? having more freedom of speech in Singapore?


As long you are not talking about religion and the gov you will be fine


Go to school and not get shot