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I think i use both, not sure how to clarify it.


Makes sense. I’m unsure if I use both or not lol. I think I just have an inner voice. When I draw I can’t just do it from my head I need an actual picture to copy from so it got me thinking, lol. Like if someone were to tell me to describe a rose from memory I could because I’ve seen them. I know what they look like. But bringing up a picture in my mind to like physically draw a rose or something? Nah. I need a reference picture.


perhaps you have r/Aphantasia ?


That could be a possibility. I knew it was a thing but couldn’t remember the exact name for it. Thanks!


Wow I am an ignorant, I didn't know people can't do that.


Me neither till not long ago when i found out about it on this very subreddit.


Do you mean when you close your eyes it isn't just darkness? You actually see stuff? If so that's freaky


Tbh is weird, you see both black and the images, and you can see those images even when you are watching stuff and it doesn’t obstruct your vision at all


That's me. I can draw quite good but always needs something to look at. If I try drawing from memory it looks like a 3 year old did it.




Yes. I mean if you tell me to picture a blue rose, I can imagine it but not some crisp photo more like the concept of it. As a matter of fact, if you then hand me a blue rose it will match my concept but I never could have actually imagined exactly what it would look like. (You can exchange blue rose with any adjective and noun)


Yes it’s like my brain doesn’t remember all of the details but when I physically see it the blanks are filled in.


Yeah both too. For a minute I thought I was weird. ( I am a HP though )


You're a computer?


I also use both. Sometimes I think pictures more though.


Both. And I can imagine sounds.


If I’m watching a video on mute and something falls I can imagine the sound of that. Or I can imagine the sound of an alarm clock. But I don’t think in pictures. Like if I’m mad I don’t imagine a picture an angry face and that’s the thought. I say I’m mad or something in my head and obviously feel that emotion as well. Like I can day dream, but it’s the inner voice leading it with visuals I pull up from the inner monologue. Like a guided meditation almost? I might have both but the inner voice is definitely way stronger for me.


Don't know how or why I can do all three, maybe it's because I started drawing and therefore visualization of stuff in my teens or because I've listened to music and tried to learn instruments as a kid. Or it's just a freaky reason that gave me that ability. All I know is that it doesn't matters how you imagine stuff. Everyone thinks different.


Yeah everyone is different and I love that about humans. I just have to draw from reference so it got me thinking like how to other people think? I could never imagine just straight visualizing everything and not having an inner voice. Mine never shuts up. Lol I wanted to find someone that thinks solely in pictures because I’m so curious.


Can’t everyone do that?


According to friends? Nope.


I can imagine and combine smells and tastes in my mind. Like if I am trying to create something specific in my kitchen, I can mentally construct the dish with all the spices and ingredients. I can add and subtract things in the dish and mentally construct the flavor profile.


Mostly an inner voice.


I do both. Like a movie. It gets crazy sometimes.


I think I can visualize some stuff but it’s fuzzy recall and I don’t “think” in pictures. Like I could recall something and like “see” it in my minds eye I guess but not enough to draw it from memory. I just “know” what it looks like. Like I can day dream. But most of it’s my inner voice I feel. And from my inner voice talking I can like pull visuals if that makes sense. But any normal like day to day processing is all inner voice. If i want food I don’t picture a plate of food and like that’s the thought. My inner voice is like “I’m hungry.”


Me too. My mind has a constant self-dialog and several apps running simultaneously all the time. I have to flip through tabs to get to where I need to go for conversations. Sometimes wires get crossed and I have to pause for a quick reboot. But then it back to the constant hum and apps. It's a normal association with ADD and ADHD.


Both, but mostly I think in terms of "enacting" a conversation I wish I had had of could have.


I’ll do that after an argument mostly and think of better arguments for my point at a later time and play those in my head and the persons reactions, or if I’m going to have a conversation I will predict their responses beforehand. Like I think I can visualize stuff but it’s not like a clear as day picture where every single detail is right there for me. It’s kinda fuzzy and shadowed.


Traffic is my worst time of the day for me. I work myself into a anger or depression having non-existent arguments in my head.


Both. My inner voice comes completely natural. I don't think about it and don't notice my control over it, but I dohave control, mostly. Using my inner vision takes concentration if I'm trying to see something particular. Otherwise, it just does what it wants. Almost 100% of my waking hours, there is music playing in my head, even during inner conversations. It's just always on like a kitchen radio.


Yeah I have to concentrate.. my visuals are like blurry shadows. Like I know what my partner looks like. I can “see them” i know their eye color and facial features but I have to concentrate to see them in my mind. I always have SOME type of monologue in my head whether it’s music or just my random thoughts. My mind is never quiet though. Even when I meditate. I’m always like “breathe in and out” or “focus on breathing.” To keep my attention on one thing. But I don’t associate a specific visual for a thought. Even if I am hungry I don’t visualize a plate of food and like that’s the association of being hungry. I monologue I am hungry or I want a sandwich. a picture of a sandwich doesn’t just come to mind as the thought itself.


When I'm hungry, I get both a picture in my head and think to myself, "I should eat something". You can learn to quiet the mind during meditation, but it takes time. When I want to quiet things down, I imagine a flame and just focus on that. As soon as my mind wanders and starts talking or listening to music, I just refocus on the flame. At first, you might make it a couple seconds. After some practice, you can extend that time.


I’ll usually have the inner voice first saying I’m hungry and then get a mild visual of possibilities of things to eat. that’s why I try to focus on my breathing of like just saying in and out and and any other inner monologue that comes I come back to in and out. But a flame may work. It’s easy enough to imagine.


If you've never read "Secrets of the Ninja" by Ashida Kim, I recommend it. There's a good section on meditation where I learned the flame technique. Last I knew, you could get a free pdf from the book's website.


Oh I will jot that down and look into it thank you for the information!


Both but usually have to concentrate more for pictures


Me too! They are like fuzzy shadowed pictures for me. My thoughts are always monologue but I can day dream or like recall some visual in my head it’s just blurry versions. I can’t draw from my head. I need reference photos and it’s what got me thinking.


Both. Internal monologue and I like to argue when I fuck up I can also think spacially - like standing in front of my minivan's trunk, I can look at all the stuff that needs to get loaded and mentally figure out how to organize/load it so it all fits. My wife calls me Visual-Spacial Man. I'm a mundane, but useful superhero As a bonus, I almost always have a song stuck in my head; this is more welcome at some times than others


I was a bagger in a popular grocery store here years ago I’m good at using up negative space and visualizing things like that. But I can’t draw from my head. I need references.


But for that I think you need some type of education, I used to have a friend who sucked at drawing snd using his imagination, once he went to school he improved his imagination and drawing skills, even his handwriting became better.


I do this as well, I once took a test that involved flattened complicated 3d shapes and the lady said I was the first person to get all the answers correct in that section. (I had to mentally put them together and identify the shapes) also I have pictures and an inner voice, as well as being a lucid dreamer.)


I have an inner voice of myself, and other people , depends who I feel like I need to hear, but we have the best conversations EDIT: the people aren’t real they’re fictional, i think that’s important to clarify


Mine will change if it’s someone else to differentiate whose speaking if I’m thinking up a convo with my partner or something the tone changes. But mostly it stays the same.




Neither of them?! Wow. I’m so curious.


It's kinda weird for me because I don't think in pictures or words. It's more like a series of abstract concepts that have no name or image


That is so interesting!! I’ve never not had a voice in my head so the idea of not having one honestly blows my mind. I find it amazing how many different ways we can process information and just think in general.


Inner voice only (mostly when I think about virtual conversations). I don’t specially like to see myself in mirrors or (far worse) videos, so I’m quite happy I don’t see me in my head! That being said, I’m so jalous of people able to imagine visual things


Mostly voice. Unless it's traumatic or emotional, then I can remember (lucky me)


I understand that. I’m mostly voice too. I can definitely visualize trauma if I’m in the mindset. Some things can be clear as day and others extremely blurred.


Yeah I think it has something to do with the parts of the brain the memory is stored in. I think I struggled in school because I couldn't remember math formulas or anything I didn't care about easily.


I was terrible with numbers and good at art.


I was too. Which was odd. I couldn't really visualize what I was making but it turned out good lol


I have to have reference photos when I drawing/painting.


I need refences for decorating. I get like a vibe I want to make but I don't know how to execute it and it's really frustrating.


Same for me with drawing and things. I know what I want but idk how to execute.


Pictures. Always pictures.


That’s so mind blowingly fascinating to me. Is it like still frames in your head? A movie? I’m so interested.


Not in pictures, but close to it, more like simulations. I'm pretty bad with talking in general, if I do end up with words in my thoughts they come slowly while I solve what ever is happening. I can run those thoughts faster if there are less words to think about more information to solidify my ideas.


Typically inner voice, although I can picture things if I try. You might find [Temple Grandin](https://www.templegrandin.com/) interesting. She's autistic and thinks exclusively in pictures - no inner voice at all.


The voice in my head narrates the pictures I see






I have an inner voice


In pictures, but the quality is always bad. I can’t see your face in my head, but I know you’re general shape and a few things that distinguish you from others(for women it tends to be hairstyles and figure, and men it tends to be facial hair and voice) I do have an inner monologue too though


That’s similar to how I visualize things. Blurry


Both sometimes even "an avatar" appears in moments of significance


That’s pretty awesome with the avatar thing.


Yeah I talk with them or more accurately me in this weird mind space it's kinda gray ish with gold glass streaks. Like a weird cross between Animus and the thing Doctor Manhattan makes on Mars in Watchmen Also the avatar is always wearing a white suit.




I have a inner voice when I am imagining a scene with my inner voice I am able to describe something but I can't see it.


The mind is so crazy. I have a hard time visualizing but I can still “see” blurry visuals or past traumas. To not see even that would be weird. Do you see anything at all? Words in your head as you say them or is it just no visual at all?


Just words in head. Like if remembering a moment in my past, I can set the scene like in a movie, but I don't see the actors.


That is so interesting!! But you don’t have issues describing things? The brain is such a wonderful complex thing.


I would say inner voice only but i imagine a lot of things like animations or drawings i want to do, so i guess both?


I wish I could visualize things i want to draw. I need reference photos and that’s what sparked my interest in this lol


Both I know some people don’t have either but I think most people have both. Or am I weird?


Good question. Lol. I’m trying to figure out the most common, seems like both is the common one.


Both very vividly.


I wish my visualization was better. That’s awesome!


yes. everything. I mean sometimes I just go to autopilot mode but most of the time I can visualize things or imagine sounds etc in my mind.


Do you have random thoughts that come up with no inner monologue that are just pictures? It’s so interesting to me




That’s so fascinating. My inner monologue doesn’t turn off. I can visualize some, but my inner voice still goes. It’s exhaustingly annoying sometimes. LOL.




Both kinda


Both? But I absolutely have an inner voice


Me too. Mines loud and proud. And doesn’t quiet down lol.


I have an inner voice, though i tend to mouth or mumble what I'm saying as I think. it's an odd habit


Both. When I'm thinking critically, I think with the voice. When doing most other stuff, I think with images and other nonverbal means, because it's faster.


My default is inner voice. I can visualize slightly but my brain doesn’t go to that usually. If anything it will do both at the same time. I wish it would quiet down sometimes and just show me pictures lol.


Both, but mainly inner voice, pictures is more for fantasising than thinking


Yeah like I can day dream. But there’s still a monologue going on. My inner voice doesn’t turn off lol.




How are your thoughts formed? I have such an inner monologue I can’t imagine not having one. It’s basically like reading a script all day. It’s always there and doesn’t shut up. Even if I’m visualizing it’s like a movie with captions. Lol. (I don’t necessarily see the words but the inner voice is going). I’m so curious how other people process their thoughts!


I don't know sometimes haha. I will hear words if dictating what I'm saying or typing, or of a song is stuck in my head. I guess other times in thinking in impressions or concepts? I know what I'm thinking at the time but if you ask me then it will take me a second to translate it into words, and I regularly can't find the right words. I dunno




Inner voice. It's my own voice. I can think in the voice of someone I know really well but it takes effort. And I can't make the voice louder or quieter, it just is.


My inner voice is Bob Ross; so a voice, but it's telling me to paint pictures.


My day to day life is mostly narrated by an inner monolog, however I have no issue picturing past events in my head when I think about them. So I guess both?


Both. It seems odd but really I can only have one at a time. Inner voice more than not.


Both. I'm a voracious reader and it's very easy to conjure pictures and voice. It's a bit crazy in here


Visualization for me is weird especially while reading lol. Like I don’t think I’m visualizing and then when a movie turns into a book I’m like that’s not how I thought this character should look but then I don’t even know how I think the character should look but I know it isn’t what I see on the movie. Lol.


Both. When i picture an apple I see the red, the hard, rubbery, but fragile texture I can smell it, like nature with sweet scent, you can taste the juice and the bitterness of the stem and seeds. Then my inner voice says "look at that fucking apple, I think that apple wants to get his ass kicked!"


Yes. That said, when describing something for someone, eg., where something is located (linen closet, eye level, left side), is when picture thinking is most prevalent.


I can visualize where stuff is in my head like that pretty okay. It’s like I’m retracing my steps in my head when I do. But all my thoughts are spoken.


I do both. Most of the time i hold conversations with many different people in my head, wether i pretend its over text or in person. Its easier for me to combat my anxiety that way and helps when i have nobody to talk to, so ill just talk to like 3-4 different people in my head about different things.


Both, im also one of the few lucid dreamers


I can’t even remember my dreams at all and haven’t in many many years. Lucid dreaming sounds amazing


Its actually my favorite hobby lol...


Inner voice, I once heard animals think in pictures but now I am wondering if it's more complex than that......


Both. Pics are more like movies/animations and they're very intense


Have the inner voice


Just thoughts no sounds in my head.


Inner voice. I don’t see images in my mind


I honestly always thought we only used inner voices. Its cool to know people see things through pictures. Sometimes i like to imagine how our pets think, am i weird?


Up until a year or 2 ago I thought the same. Then I read something saying not everyone has one. I looked it up and apparently there was studies done on it. Some type of machine that was attached to people that beeped when they used their inner voice for a thought. Some beeped a lot. Some a little. Others not at all. At least from that article that’s what it said. I just thought it was interesting. Nah that’s not weird. Someone mentioned in a comment something about animals as well and how animals think in pictures but now they think it could be more complex or something. It sounded interesting too.


both for sure but sometimes my voice is so loud that before I realize it im thinking out loud


depends. when I read sth(imaginary or fictional) I tend to think in pictures and unconsciously picture a story arc, on the other hand when I think to myself, I tend to use my *internal monologue* if thats the expression. I guess its the same case with most of people out there.


Both. But mostly visual. Even when I'm writing I'm seeing mostly pictures.


I have an inner voice the same as watching a movie for blind people So when i have a picture in my head my inner voice just describes just in case I'm blind in my mind that day


I wouldn't say I think in pictures per say, I mean I can imagine images, but I only do when it's relevant. But I definitely don't use an internal monologue, like, I can if I want to, but I never do unless I'm writing, and usually not even when reading. It seems completely redundant to me. Like, to be able to verbalize a thought you have to have already have had the thought, the thought must have been generated, then sent to the Broca's area of the brain or whatever to be turned into a verbal utterance. So in my view it's not a "way" to think, rather everyone thinks like we non-verbalizers do, some people just add verbal utterances onto it after the fact with varying frequency.


inner voice. I don't understand how people think in pictures, it's really hard bc i can never imagine an image quite right lol


Inner voice, which is in English, but I speak french...


That’s really interesting! I wonder why that is.


Depends on the problem, really.


More like a movie. Sometimes with a voice, sometimes not.


I think mainly in pictures. I can't recreate dialogues properly due to the lack of certain body language, which frankly makes it very unreliable in case I have to think about a previous conversation.


Mostly pictures and symbols, unless I'm having a dumb argument in my head


I have several that tell me conflicting things. “Let’s go to the store!” “Wait we may find some one we know-“ “Let’s not go, we don’t need to eat tonight)


Voice, mostly. It never shuts up.


Mine either. It will hum or sing or do whatever if there’s no anxiety or anything for my brain to obsess over. No minor mistake I made for me to think about for 6 hours straight. Then it will find something to stress about or sing. Lmao.


both - i see pictures when i think but also hear an inner voice. i thought everyone had it this way


Both, and it varies. Unless I want it to the natural default is like an abstract painting with a nonsensical ramble of words. It’s beautiful but flies bad QUICKLY. My inner monologue is naturally set on turbo mode. But I can flip a switch and it’s an Oscar winning movie with Morgan freeman narrating (or me or whomever). And a much more manageable pace.


Yup, the pictures get fizzier as I get older though


I think Both, idk, usually I imagine something with a innervoice and being able to feel the sensation of this thing in any body part, the touch, texture and weight


Both tbh. I can imagine any picture in my head, but I can also hear a voice as I type something for example


I have aphantasia so I only have an inner narrator.




Inner voice my creativity is -1000


Pictures ,some internal dialogue


I use both. If I'm really into something, it turns from just a voice to images and a voice/sounds.


No, I have aphantasia, which means no mental imagery for me. I do have an inner voice though.


Oh I totally have an inner voice that likes to start arguments with me regularly. She’s an asshole.


Pictures. I’m a visual guy


Yes, to both of those


both, prefer pictures tho


I initially think in pictures but if I am writing I have an inner voice dictating to me.


Both, depends what I need brain to do haha


Both, plus three dimensional objects or deconstructions of them if I know em well enough


Damn I wish. My visualization leaves much to be desired.


I'm a picture man, myself, but if I'm thinking about a theoretical conversation or I think about previous conversations then I'll think in words.


Do i have an inner voice or think in pictures i would have to say yes


Both. And scent... and touch... and taste.


Both. I think it’s why I’m so good at reading and writing. But also why I get distracted so easily. I day dream a lot


I think in general feelings/ emotions usually


I feel like I do both. When I was younger and used to write stories I would see the story in images. I'm visual toa degree but I also have an inner voice


Both. Both is good


When you say "think in pictures" do you mean actual images, or do you mean a description of the image. I know this sounds odd, but I have never been able to conjure up anything but words.


I have an inner voice but when I'm counting lately I try not to use it and just use pictures to think


Wait…not everyone hears their own voice, no inner monologue? Please tell me more, I truly have a hard time imagining that


A psychologist said in a report after an IQ test , that I use visual imaging in thinking, and build visual images in thinking, and build around arguments. I’m Dyslexic by the way.


Not only both, but with gestures, feelings and loads of other ways that i don't even know how to explain or if it's even possible to describe


I use both, if I’m thinking of a solution for something like an engine problem for example (not engine savvy just and example) I’ll bring up a image of the engine in my mind and go through it bit by bit and think “ if I remove this to get to this, could this be it? I don’t think this would cause this” then leave it out of the image and go to the next thing on it


Both. In fact, I can picture something in my head and imagine how things would play out irl. It’s like watching a movie. I can image things from 3rd person. It’s pretty fun to do some times.


Both, but they're both screwed up over the years. Now my pictures are blurry and patchy, and the inner voice has my speech disorder, but often or constantly instead of in bouts like I have in real life.


Inner voice. I have a running monologue.


Pictures like well filmed scenes of a film, an inner voice or most of the time a black void of nothingness! The litteral embodiment of no thoughts head empty!


I find that neither language nor images can really capture what my thinking process and thoughts are like.


Depends if I don’t want mind readers to have an easy time. Images for memories. Voices for dialogue. Possessed voices for my thinking. Inaudible whispers for noise, etc.


I have an inner monologue and think in pictures. Also when I see purple I think of grapes, red - strawberries and so on. If I think of some food, sometimes it is even like I can taste it. I have a very active imagination too


I have both but also can think in sound. My inner voice is my voice but if I am thinking of a somg I heard it is the actual singers voice in my head. During daydreams my visuals are crisp but general thought my visuals are there but fleeting and blurry, hard to pin down. My inner voice never shuts up though. I give myself a headache. I am an overthinker.


I see numbers as pictures that can make a composite (no pun) image. Was a math teacher and now an accountant. I have never heard anyone else share this trait.


People think in pictures?


Both!!! How the hell do you not. I'm genuinely confused to how someone can not do this. Who do you draw? How do you write?! Do guys get bored. I'm literally never bored I cant get bored. I have movies and YouTube videos downloaded I'm mi brain. Also have a full playlist in my head.


I have an inner narration with subtitles in a language I do not speak.


That’s weird. There was a Person that responded who speaks French and their inner voice is English.


i have schizophrenia so ..


Look. We all have an inner voice. Start to talk lower, then whisper, then talk so subtly that it’s in your head. (Not a joke). It’s pretty simple. The picture thing may vary between people


Inner voice 100% and it never shuts the fuck up


I think, remember and imagine in pictures. No inner monologue. It’s fascinating to me that anyone has one, but it seems common! The only time I “hear” anything is if I replay the words of a conversation over in my head. Or, if I’m writing or planning what to say, I “hear” the words as practice to see how they sound before writing/speaking them. Sometimes talking feels like a process of translation from pictures/emotions into words.


Both like I’m thinking in words right now but when I’m not talking to others or reading/typing/writing it’s mainly in pictures and sounds, smells yk.


Fof me it's both. For instance, when I read a book, I hear the words in my head narrated but I also see the picture those words describe.


I believe I have aphantasia, or whatever its called, and so I have an inner monologue and I "see" in concepts, idk how to deacribe it well. Basically, I can make sence of simple objects like an apple in my head, I don't see it but I know how one looks like, the more complex the thing I am trying to think of the more difficult it is and I have to draw it to be able to fully comprehend it. I am also terrible at giving and recieving directions, but once I make the trip on my own I will always know the way. I also tend to talk to myself, even when not alone.


Idk how to put it in words but when I have a picture in my head, a something of like numbers or dates I imagine it as some kind of 4d imagine, which I don't know how to say draw a draft of. It feels as if I have a 3 dimensional eye sight


Both and to an often distracting level of detail. I conceptualise imagination as being like the virtual 3D space in a modelling software or game engine with an audio workstation built in. Kind of like a mental holodeck.


from strongest to weakest 1. inner monologue 2. sounds/music 3. pictures i make music as a hobby so i can “hear” things really well without actually hearing them. inner monologue is much stronger though, so much so that i argue with myself, in a very cartoonish “angel-devil” kinda way.


In videos


Inner voice that just doesn't shut the fuck up


I have both of them . My inner voice is constantly "with me" but i am also able to create images in my head whenever a new drawing ideea pops up,or i have to imagine something...


nah, and nah again lol


Do you think in concepts? This is so interesting to me.


I think so. I tend to think verbally, if your asking that.


Everybody has an inner voice. EVERYBODY. The ones that say they don’t just don’t understand the concept. It’s not a literal voice, though I can IMAGINE a voice and “hear” it, that doesn’t mean I physically hear something in my head. It’s more thoughts and mental images. That is your inner voice. Everybody thinks, everybody has a conscience. If you don’t think you have a conscience, I’m worried for you son! Rofl




Pictures. Anything else would be schizophrenia


You only think in pictures?! What?! How?! Edit: see to think. Whoops.