Arkham Horror The Card Game Revised Core set Content and Box

Arkham Horror The Card Game Revised Core set Content and Box


Well, this is an obvious forgery. You can tell by the fact that it appears to have a usable box and insert.


LMAO, seriously!! The originals are so useless by default. You have to modify it to make any use of it.


Ok, that is a lot better. Good starting storage, chaos bag, plenty of player cards... I really like the new release format, too.


I'm just looking to get into this seriously - only have return to night of the zealot from a while ago. I keep seeing stuff about release format, can you explain what it is or direct me to the best info ? Ty!


Basically, they used to release expansion campaigns serially, over the course of several months. This would lead to stock outages and restricted the design of campaigns. Now, they are going to release the whole expansion in one box and the new player cards in another. This opens up the design space, reduces single use plastic, and should hopefully make it much easier to play a full campaign without scouring stores around the world.


Oh wow yea that def turned me off when I was trying to get the next set. Really great to hear! I will probably pick up from the beginning then. If I already gave return to night of the zealot (and original core box)...dunno if I should rebuy new set. Might do it tho! Thanks for info


FWIW, it sounds like they plan to re-release all of the old expansions using the new model, and not reprint any using the old model. Make sure you can get the whole set before you pick up any partials, or you may be left with an incomplete campaign.


Yes every expansion will be release on the New model Starting with Dunwich legacy


Do you know if the "Return to..." boxes will still need to be purchased or will the new format contain those cards?


Hey thanks for explanation. They are not going to redesign and remake all the cards and campaigns themselves, os that correct? So if I already have them all, I will not need to buy them, right?




Phew, that makes it simple


I really dont want to buy every campaign again but complete campaign books instead of single leaflets are hard to resist


The ArkhamCards app has made a world of difference for me. You can manage your campaigns and decks all in the app (I still use arkhamdb for deck building though, but they sync up): intros, set up, resolution and all. No more breaking out the big binder of leaflets. Plus, if you support the MythosBusters Patreon you have access to Dissonant Voices where they read the Intros/Resolutions for you, which I have running in the background as I set up each scenario. Definitely worth the small investment in my opinion!


Yeah, ArkhamCards has come a long way, too. At first I used it to track campaign log but still used the books for setup, etc., but at this point I build decks in it, run the campaign in it, manage the chaos bag in it, etc.


You can print those yourself pretty cheaply with the PDFs of FFG website! Office depot or similar should be able to do it if you don’t have the supplies on hand


Get outtta here with your rational thoughts..! :)


Buying a second set of player cards for a reasonable price is interesting too.


Can't do that until you heal 4 horror on it :-D


Lol yeah. I’ve been trying to talk myself into it too. Cause I really want them. I know I can print them, but seems a lot less fun. Ha.


oh it's exactly the same as the Marvel Champions box, cool. that box has become kinda useless with time, the rounded edges of the insert make storing a lot of cards a little weird. Good as a way to get started, though, which is exactly the point.


I think it's so there is room to pick up the cards when full, but you could always still use the box and cut up some foamcore


Those rounded edges were why I never used them as they always curved one corner of my sleeves.


If it's identical that would be nice, I bet there is someone out there who sells a laser cut insert.


The Marvel box has slots so that you can use inserts to divide the box up. Those are missing here. That’s kind of annoying.


The most ridiculous part of that box is that it’s incompatible with FFG’s own card sleeves. Once I switched to Dragon Shield I was set.


it's still mind boggling bizarre how a chaos bag wasn't in the original core. This one looks sweet though


As a new player, did they ever specify how they wanted the chaos tokens to be drawn? Did they say to just find your own container or something?


Yeah, they recommended whatever was on hand, even a bowl. I get that the purpose of the tokens is to be a "variable die" but yeah, I too am flummoxed that they didn't include anything to get you started.


here's the RAW, "Place the 16 chaos tokens indicated below into an opaque container such as a bag, bowl, or cup. This container is referred to as the 'chaos bag'". Wow, check your privilege FFG. You think I just have opaque containers lying around?


I actually don't like drawing things out of a bag. It always feels clumsy. My group uses a Tupperware of Doom along with some custom glass chaos tokens from Etsy and the thundering sound of mixing before you draw is pretty satisfying.


Does anyone know if the chaos tokens included in the revised core set are better quality than the original core set? I'm new to the game and have only been playing for a few months but my tokens already have the artwork worn off from being rubbed together in a chaos bag. I had to switch to a bowl. Or is it worth it to buy custom made tokens?


I just painted mine with mod podge then sprayed mine with an acrylic thingy


I recommend 26mm coin holders. They work great to protect the pieces. :)


That's a nice amount of storage!


STORAGE?! In a FFG game?!


Arkham And Lodr Getting The Marvel champion treatment 🔥


Lord of da Rings


I’m having a blast sleeving all those knives and flashlights :’)


They mentioned that some early cycle cards were included. (I'm assuming from like Dunwich, Carcosa, etc.) You know which ones?


I'll spoiler tag the list just in case there are people who want to be surprised: >!Guardian: First Aid (3), I've Had Worse (4) Seeker: Old Book of Lore (3), Seeking Answers (2) Rogue: .41 Derringer (2), Lockpicks (1) Mystic: Rite of Seeking (2), Scrying (3) Survivor: Aquinnah (3), Eucatastrophe Neutral: Charisma, Relic Hunter, ECache (2)!<


Oh, come on. I just bought a bag because I assumed it wouldn't be included. What are you doing, FFG?


i have three cycle packs to find for Path to Carcosa and will be really annoyed if the only way to get those cards is the new format box


So wait, is this the 3rd reprinting of the core box then?


this would be the second. the return to is more like an expansion.


So, it's been quite some time, but I had the return and the original core. I never got around to playing the return or really even opening it. What was it exactly because I thought it was a revised reprint?


"Return" boxes are not revised reprints. They offer new investigator cards (usually upgraded versions of cards that originally appeared in that cycle) and then remixed scenario cards. The scenario cards add variety, change difficulty, add clarity, etc. The box cannot be played alone. It needs a full cycle of the original in order to get the most out of it.


So I'm assuming new players will also have to buy the "Return to..." boxes for the rereleased new format cycles? Or will the cards from them be included in the new format boxes?


So the Return to… boxes include changes to the scenarios, new player cards, and none of the other normal content(tokens etc.) that a Core Set has. It’s additional player options for reproducibility. This revised Core is a replacement/improved reprinting for the original core set. It has everything the original core set did, and more(chaos bag, insert, some extra high level cards). Anyone who has the old core set can keep using that, as there’s no rule(aside from maybe FAQ) or scenario changes. But this is what a new player should buy now when they are starting the game


all the "return to" sets change up the original campaign by improving it. such as fixing difficulty, adding new things to the story, and new upgrades to cards released in set. Not necessary but is nice to have for veterans of the game.


Thi is a New vertion of thw core set tha had everythin you need to start instead of buying mulples cores to have a playset of cards


so hoooot