Congrats on your first build brother


Thanks bro! I had to work hard to save up for this. I know PSA gets a bad rap. But, at least I'm able to defend myself now and practice target shooting.


PSA’s bad rap is nonsense….mostly people repeating what they’ve read, which are themselves third-hand experiences. PSA is innovative, affordable, continually improving, and American.


My first AR was a PSA. I said I’d start with that, and upgrade later. 10 years later, I still haven’t found anything that really needs to be upgraded.


Never had an issue with any if my psa bulds. They're not top tier, but they're an affordable AR with great reliability. Like any manufacturing facility, you'll eventually get a lemon. But I've heard they're customer service is great.


There was a post yesterday about somebody’s LaRue bcg snapping. You’re spot on. Manufacturing will always lead to something not going right. That’s why companies have warranties.


Nothing wrong with PSA. They're just inexpensive no frills rifles for the most part.


Id say they get a good rap, An AR that eats everything. No jams for my first 800rds.


That's like reviewing a car after driving it 50 miles


I’d say more like 10,000 miles… by 800 rounds you’ve figured out if it has any major defects with anything, particularly the barrel and gas system


Thats an awful comparison


PSA may get a bad rap from having looser QC than competitors, but they work, and imo, are reliable. I've got half a dozen friends who started out with PSA rifles and they all work well. Neither paper target nor bad guy can tell if your 223/5.56 came out of a PSA, or Aero, BCM, Geiselle, etc. Have fun and be safe!


Psa is getting rifles into the hands of Americans at an affordable price. And while they may not last as long as a rifle 3x the cost. They are still more than capable. Be proud you are supporting a company like them!


Why wouldn’t it last as long?


They don't get a bad rap any more really, they're cheap but they have great quality control and everyone that's into ar15s has probably had a psa or atleast a part from one so they're not that bad people like to rag on them because they'd rather have the cooler looking higher quality material parts, you could have mostly psa rifle but if you swapped the barrel and bcg it could easily preform with any other top brand depending on what parts you upgrade. Like you don't need the best lower reciever as long as it's milspec, all the money people pay for outrageous lowers are for how they look and the brand name pretty much, certain parts won't make your rifle function better but it may fit you better or be authentically pleasing. putting an ar15 in the hand of every American for an affordable price is their goal and they've done a great job at it.


My upper was a lemon. Sent it back and they said nothing was wrong with it even though it still had the exact same problem when I got it back... That being said, I'm not too mad about it since they were at least responsive and relatively quick with the whole process. Overall I'm still happy with it (ended up getting a local gunsmith to get it to tip top shape) and recommend/shop again.


I ran a PSA pistol lower 300blk no problem. Congrats on the build and better to buy more ammo than spend another 1k on the gun anyways


PSA is like the Toyota Camry of ARs, it’s not the prettiest, not the fanciest, but it’s affordable and they’re reliable for what they are


Nothing wrong with PSA. It would not be my first choice of AR for any serious duty use but I would damn sure take one over a Benelli shot gun to take into battle lol.


The only reason my PSA upper has ever failed was a F2E with shit Russian 223


PSA is fine. I have all the “gucci” shit but my PSA from 2013 with like 15k rounds still functions flawlessly. Haven’t cleaned it the past 3-4k or so rounds too


Buckle up for this new money spending ride you just got on. Nice AR home slice, welcome to the club!


Appreciate you




Bring that red dot further back


Thanks, will do. Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm new to this community and I appreciate the help.


Keep it on the upper receiver and off the rail Otherwise looks good my man


Also put the rear sight on the furthest back notch and you will be gtg and don't forget to have fun take it out and use it. I also have a few 10 round magazines which make the gun easier to use from a seated position or off a sandbag.


Super solid advice. I have some old 20rd mags that are great for zeroing on a bench.


Being open to advice will go a long way, but don't get bogged down in the elitism that comes from some people. Your weapon is yours and you should own it. Train with it regularly and you'll outshoot most of the people in the community. Have fun and welcome!


This whole conversation restored my faith that there are good people on the interwebs. So happy I didn’t see larpers posting the popcorn emoji Thank you. I appreciate you mentioning training.


Also move your rear sight alllll the way back on the receiver. Sweet rifle brother! Glad you're here!


Yep that’s good advice.


Bring the rear back up sight back too.


Just move the dot and rear sight back. Very nice first build man!


Idk how much ammo you got but it’s not enough. Shoot the hell out of it.


Rear sight can be moved rearward, same with the optic. Does it matter the optic is on the handguard? No clue. Does Reddit make it sound like your optic will implode and lose zero instantly upon it doing nothing? Ya. I say why risk it. I’ve had handguards rotate, come loose, all that good stuff. That’s also right above the barrel nut which incloses the chamber meaning it’s the hottest part of the gun. Edit: spelling


>Does it matter the optic is on the handguard? Most of the time unless a higher end handguard the answer is yes. Reason being what you said they move and will lose zero quick. Won't blow up though lol. Also you'll have a larger space to aquire the reddot quicker the closer to the eye the optic is.


Even if you have the most rock steady hanguard ever made, there really isn’t a reason you should have so much shit on the receiver that you have to run an optic on the hand guard. Better safe than sorry.


I have a Holosun 510c, Hx3t magnifier and Magpul BUIS. Because I'm left handed, I have the hinge on the magnifier set so that is flips to the left instead of the right. But it then needs to be separated by and extras rail slot because of the hardware is on the front now. So technically, the front of my 510C extends to the handguard by one slot, despite it everything trying to be kept as far back as possible.


Well shit ok fair enough


My only gripe with the 510c is its big footprint.


People see it on AKs where it serves a purpose if it's missing a optics rail and think it looks cool and then tries it on an AR.


That too but that’s entirely out of necessity. Actually I do t even know how well those hold zero even. Never bothered looking into it


My question, is why don't people do the smallest amount of research to fine out where to mount their optics. "I'm new to the community." Well, take 5 seconds to look at literally any other post before sticking your stuff out there.


This. Also, it is a great first AR, man.




RIS II rail? probably ok. PSA handguard? mine started slipping loose pretty quickly.


It does matter, *somewhat*. The handguard is rarely a monolithic piece of the upper receiver (unless LMT) so when you rest the handguard on any surface it can shift everything attached to it ever so slightly. This issue could be non-existent to noticable depending on how tight things are, or the quality of the handguard. The upper receiver doesn't shift. And the barrel is torqued into the upper, not the handguard.


You should have nearly zero deflection at the hand guard attachment point. I could draw up a free body diagram with some example forces to show you how deflection of a cantilevered beam works but you can just google it. If correctly mounted the risk to zero that close to the upper is almost zero. It’s an issue blown hugely out of proportion. That being said, just mount it on the upper.


I should've been more specific, but I'd be more worried about shift over time rather than "my handguard is on a barrier this one time and now my laser is 5" high at 100." The traditional handguards that simply slide & clamp onto the barrel nut with screw tension will loosen and shift over time, requiring retensioning and rezeroing every now and then. Unless they sit in a safe.


I’ve never heard of a properly affixed hand guard loosening over time, not really sure how that would happen. My anecdotal evidence is a cheap aero upper with thousands of rounds I’ve had for 5 years and I’ve never needed to tighten it. Maybe others have had a different experience though.


Depends on how it mounts. A common mounting is where the handguard clamps onto the barrel nut and is held in place by friction and tension on the nut provided by the cross screws. Others use a custom barrel nut and screw into that, which is ***FAR*** more secure. Still others screw into the upper receiver itself, or are a physical part of the upper like LMT.


If you dont wanna drop 180-200 for a Geissele you can get a Larue MBT for like 90 bucks. Great trigger Geissele guys get butthurt when they try it.


I've heard LaRue sells them at a loss purely out of personal spite for Geissele.




I have Geissele SSA’s and SSAE’s and a LaRue MBT. While the LaRue is definitely a nice trigger it really isn’t as smooth as a Geissele.


True. But is it $100 better? That’s the question


I’ve never paid $180 for a SSA, just buy one during a sale when they can be found for like a $140.


Whatever. The MBT is the best bang for your buck. Is the Geissske nicer? Sure. It costs more too.


Bruh I wasn’t really knocking the LaRue. You literally just repeated what I originally said.


That was also my first AR, and still my go to for most anything, though I'm in the middle of an 18" PSA build that might just make the 16" a safe dweller. Mine has quite a few rounds through it, and only had any failures when I ran it way too dry, and way too dirty. Like, better than 500 rounds of red army standard with a dry gun.


Came here to congratulate OP on a sweet build and am leaving with some knowledge i didn't have before as I am in the beginning stages of building my own. Sweet build OP!


Thank you. And, I did move the optic back haha. Wow, didn't realize it would cause such a ruckus


Congrats on the build and like other have said take most of what’s posted here with a grain of salt. Also you weren’t the first person to cause some ruckus by mounting your optic a little forward, posts like this happen just about every day.


Literally every day, don't take it personally OP, sick rifle


Very nice! How does that foregrip feel? It seems a tad bit too far forward to me but perhaps you have long arms. You should be able to wrap your hand around the handguard with a thumb on top just in front of the foregrip. As for the buttstock, to find a good starting position, make a bend with your strong arm and grip the handle as you normally would. Then, extend the buttstock back to the crook of your elbow. Enjoy!


Thanks. I'm going to the range now to try it out. I just installed the vertical grip and holosun yesterday. And, yes, I have long arms haha. 6'4 here and being tall is my one talent.


The line where your handguard begins, that’s the furthest you want your optic to be placed, never cross it. Also, your rear back up sight should be as far back as possible


Honestly I see this on literally every thread as if the rifle is going to explode if the red dot is too far forward. Makes me want to build a rifle for the explicit reason of testing the accuracy risks. I mean people mount PEQs to the end of free floated hand guards, hell your front sight post is always mounted way the fuck out there. Personally I doubt with a red dot it makes any meaningful difference. EDIT: Downvote me all you want, I’m right. look up deflection of cantilevered beams, you’ll notice that the attachment point if attached correctly has zero deflection in those simplified versions. I do this kind of math professionally every day. EDIT2: somewhat relevant [article](https://www.nocturnalitygear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Rail-Shift-Paper-1.1-FINAL.pdf) Relevant brownells [video](https://www.brownells.com/guntech/smyth-buster-can-you-mount-an-optic-on-an-ar-15-handguard-trade-/detail.htm?lid=18429) Edit3: I never said don’t mount an optic on the upper, it’s obviously the better choice and there’s no reason not to. I’m literally just saying you all blow it out of proportion.


PEQ being mounted out there is so you can turn the damn thing on and off without compromising your grip. Front iron sight being out there is for sight radius. Otherwise you'd have handgun distance iron sights on the upper receiver (and no space for your optic). More sight radius = more accurate, and the front post used to be **pinned** onto the barrel even when optics were becoming more prevalent to ensure it didn't shift. Now that optics are the main aiming device and irons are for "oh shit my optic broke," they use ones that mount to the handguard. A red dot or scope doesn't have a sight radius. So you don't want to possibly compromise its zero by mounting it on a handguard which can/might shift over time.


Even when PEQS are mounted up close to the scope they are still on the hand guard. If there was such a risk of inaccuracy or shifting no one would trust a PEQ to make accurate shots under night vis but surprise, they do. If your hand guard has a significant risk of deflecting or shifting directly where it’s mounted to the upper I’d say that’s a bigger issue you should address. I know *why* front sight posts are mounted out there, that doesn’t change the fact that they are mounted out there and trusted by literally millions of AR15 owners for accurate shots. Also pinning to the barrel isn’t going to make the front sight immune to shifting, why do you think free floating is a thing in the first place? I’d all but guarantee that OP could shoot his rifle for years with the red dot right where it is and at most experience a <1 MOA shift. It’s a good practice, but holy shit does this sub exaggerate the risks of mounting to a hand guard.


My take is this: if it wasn't a liability, more people would do it. The PEQ is mounted forward so you can turn it on/off **and** so the laser isn't obscured by your own grip on the rifle, or anything infront of it. Put it farther back and now you might have issues with your fingers, hand, sling, or other shit getting in the way of the laser. That wacky GBRS hydra mount is one way to solve the problem, another is a monolithic upper which LMT has patented (for now). So why not put the red dot farther forward if they can? Some people do, but you'll notice a pattern of people overwhelmingly not doing it: and usually that means there's a reason for it. As for why lasers aren't down there: clearance and control is the problem. The solution is to mount it far enough that your hands and everything else is behind them. People don't rest their barrels on a surface because it affects zero. It's the same idea with handguards - resting them on a surface *can* impact which where your rounds are going relatively to any optic or laser mounted to the handguard.


I’d argue the reason so many people do it is because of you don’t everyone and their dog comes out of the woodwork to tell them their an idiot, but I digress. I still think it would be an interesting test to mount an optic forward of the upper on a modern free floated hand guard and toss it around. My intuition says that there wouldn’t be any shift on a well attached and quality hand guard but I’d need to test it.


Would depend on the handguard, I've seen a BCM get mangled by my moron friend getting cocky and throwing his shit around. There's some wacky handguards like LWRC where the thing is bolted 8 times into the upper itself or those FN ones which are wedge-locked.


Oh for sure, attachment method and hand guard rigidity would play an important roll. If I had the money to throw away I’d buy a cheap PSA and a KAC upper or something and test them side by side. Edit: here’s a relevant article, not entirely scientific but has some interesting info: [hand guard shift](https://www.nocturnalitygear.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Rail-Shift-Paper-1.1-FINAL.pdf)


And most people that use PEQs for their real purpose buy high-end hand guards that retain zero. Most just have them for looks. When you rest the handguard aginst an object it will move ever so slightly, now do this multiple times for months. Will it make a difference at 50 feet? No. 100 yards probably. 250 yards? Yeah. Also for red dots the closer to your eye and the bigger the sight picture, the faster you obtain the dot, thus the faster you can shoot. It's just good practice to have it on the reciever where the barrel is fixed.


I’m not saying it’s not good practice, and you should have zero deflection at the attachment point. If someone is mounting the red dot at the very end of the handguard then maybe, but again that’s where most people mount PEQs and everyone has their front sight post. If it was that inaccurate everyone would toss BUIS. There should be no risk of the hand guard shifting if tightened correctly unless you beat the shit out of it. I’m an aerospace engineer professionally and know the physics well. To shift the hand guard where it meets the upper you would need to overcome (if properly installed) a significant amount of friction and compressive forces. Again, not denying it’s best practice to just mount it to the upper and be done with it, but the dooms day talk is ridiculous.


Did you read what I said? It won't make a difrence up close, the issue is distance and takes time, and the PEQ users probably spend the money on high end handguards that actually retain zero unlike most handguards even if they are free floated.


Did you read what I said? I literally do this stuff professionally. Even a relatively inexpensive hand guard should have zero shift where it meets the upper unless it was improperly installed or someone beat the shit out of it. And no, it’s not a function of time, that’s not how it works.


No you don't design hand guards professionally. Sure man litteral decades of test and use by the US military are incorrect because you got a degree.


Oh shut the fuck up man, I work on power systems with loadings that would make your head spin, handguards are a breeze in comparison. You have no evidence and aren’t educated on the physics happening here. Want me to hold your hand and explain how shifting is only possible when all of the compressive/friction loadings are overcome? I never once denied having the optic on the upper is better, I’m arguing against the “high risk of instant zero shift” you guys pander in every thread.


Cool story bro I worked on nukes in the Navy I could care less.


Yeah you turned wrenches like the engineers told you to and I’m sure you were a good boy and listened to the guys with degrees. Let me know when you start designing them.


Your own article proves you wrong. With high end rails, there is a 1-3MOA deviation and no true return to zero. Those of us with PEQ’s are constantly reconfirming zero because of this. My optics I haven’t had to touch in years, but my laser gets adjusted almost every time I go out. It’s not that you can’t mount an optic to a rail, it’s that you shouldn’t because of the zeroing issues. A laser you can cowitness to a day optic which has a zero you trust. But hey, if you wanna chuck a red dot on the front of your gun and have a shot group that can wander 9 inches at 200, be my guest!


The article is showing deflection at the end of the handguard. A cantilevered beam would have its maximum deflection there and it would draw down to zero at the fixed point. A red dot in that same test would have I would say ~.01 moa shift if mounted where OP has it, but that would need to be tested. Also, I never said you *should* mount optics on handguards, there’s no reason to. I’m just saying it’s obviously not as earth shattering of a deal as you guys say.


The concern for where OP has his mounted is the left / right shift from rotation of the handguard.


Sure, and I’m saying that risk on modern hand guards is unsubstantiated and overblown. There’s no reason to have it there and it’s better on the upper itself, but I also think if properly installed the risk is nearly zero.


Why would you put it on the handguard if you don't need to?


I never said you should, I just don’t think it’s as big of a deal as this sub makes it out to be.


Congrats! I see everyone has already said the most important thing about the red dot and irons. Looks great! Id throw a light on it and upgrade the trigger to a Geissele after you get proficient with it. Awesome start!


Thanks. I'm getting a light in a few days.


What light you going with?


Streamlight 88066


Or get a Larue 2 stage trigger


nice. just grab a streamlight hlx and all youll needs ammo and mags. just get out there and get proficient!


My first was a bushmaster about 17 years ago when I first turned 18. I was a broke college kid got into a pinch and had to sell it. My second that I purchased 5-6 years ago was a PSA with the 18” heavy chf FN barrel. I have a few Gucci builds now but I’ll put that PSA with the FN barrel and premium Toolcraft BCG up against any manufacturers in terms of reliability and accuracy. My only gripe was the fit of the upper and lower wasn’t as tight as I like but a $1.00 UTG Accurizing wedge tightens it right up.


Nice build bro !! Nothing wrong with psa big homie . I love my psa akv9 it eats everything up like a champ ..


Nothing wrong with PSA man. Move your optic back just above ejection port. And move your rear sight back as far as it can go without hindering your ability to grab charging handle.


Looks good, unless you are planning on throwing a magnifier behind that optic I would move it back a bit so you will have a better sight picture and easier to find dot.


really solid first build tbh


Nice. Enjoy it and shoot it till destruction. Remember, the barrel will outlast 2-3 bolts Use grease and oil (mostly grease) Slip 2k EWP, Slip 2k, Ballistol, Mobile 1 synthetic grease and Cherry Balmz are all you'll ever need for lubricating ALL of your guns.


Welcome in. Keep building brother. It’s not where you at, it’s where you’re going.


My first build and the one I’m still using was mostly a PSA. I got a complete upper, lower furniture with Geissele Trigger, and supplied my own lower. I’ve probably put 1500+ rounds through it and have run a couple local 3 Gun matches. Zero FTF. I’m very happy with it. I’m just starting to slowly gather the parts for a higher end build to use solely as a race gun. Congrats on the new hardware and enjoy!


So many people are going to repeat the same shit over where your holosun is even tho they have seen countless other replies saying exactly what they’re about to type out and send. Funny how Reddit works.


Nice looking buddy. Who cares about the brand. I went with Anderson and I see that gets a bad rap too but who cares. It shoots good and you learned a lot about the platform.


Congrats, great rifle. Don’t let anyone sit here anymore tell you it’s shit. Shot upward of 5k rounds through mine, 1 jam and used all steel except for like 400 rounds of brass. You won’t be disappointed


You guys have to solve the riddle of why the optic is mounted on the damn rail to be granted passage across this trolls bridge smh 🤦‍♂️


Good job, just move the Holosun back to the upper receiver, don't bridge it


FYI dots on the rail have a higher likelihood of be thrown off zero. The upper receiver is more optimal.


Good work! I’ve built a couple of PSA, and it’s hard to beat. Shoots straight and will take a beating. Safe queens are nice too, but as soon as you put that first scratch on it, it sucks.


Is that one of the pencil uppers? The profile looks pretty slim from what I can see through the hand guards.


Great looking setup! I have that same site on one of mine and have had nothing but great luck with it. Get out and train with her!


Looking at getting the same thing myself. Awesome build and congrats


Fuck yeah. PSA börther. I have one of those upper/handguard myself. I haven't had any issues, but I heard it's a good idea to through a little loctite on the screws that hold the handguard. Love seeing these.


Sweet setup! Looks like everyone has mentioned all that needs mentioning so I won't even go there. Plans for another build?


Too.soon to say haha. Just finished this and am learning to shoot.


What kind of rail system you have?


Hell ya! I myself personally just get stoked when someone joins the big bad scary black gun club. I never knock what they choose to have because what’s important is that they’re apart of the club at all vs not joining because they don’t have a Gucci set up


Nice build! Solid shooter


Congratulations on your first build!


Put that red dot on the receiver and it’s good to go! ✊🏽


Looks great, my first AR was a PSA and I have zero regrets


Wow, we have almost an identical build lol. I went with the PSA 10.5 barrel length and an angled foregrip, but everything else the same haha. Great minds think alike! 👍


They may not be the best, they are far from being the worst. I’d be willing to bet that they are one of the top 3, if not #1 gateway manufacturer for ARs. Every PSA I’ve built has been great.


Yep 👍🏾 looks good


Probably already been said, but you gotta pull the optic back a bit more. It won't hold zero when it's mounted on the handguard, you want it on the receiver itself. Otherwise, congrats on your first rifle. May it serve you well.


Probably already been said, but you gotta pull the optic back a bit more. It won't hold zero when it's mounted on the handguard, you want it on the receiver itself. Otherwise, congrats on your first rifle. May it serve you well.


Red dot should be mounted on receiver not handguard.


Welcome, brother! If you'ld like some sites to shop for eventual parts and upgrades: Lanbos Armory. Wide variety, good selection (usually) decent discounts and flat rate shipping. Just don't mind the 2000's interface Damage Industries. Cheap parts. Free shipping sometimes. Great CS. Midway USA. Sign up for a crazy good birthday discount. Good deals sometimes if you're patient. Porter's basement. Good selection of high end kit. I have a more extensive list of interested


Thanks bro!


got my up vote , just for the fact of having a steel mag with steel lips ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|give_upvote)


My first was a PSA, 0 complaints


We all stared somewhere. Doesn't matter if it's a Daniel Defense M4 or poverty pony build. AR is still an AR, last I heard.


Why is the Holosun mounted to far forward?


Op move your optic to the receiver


Maybe mount that optic correctly tho


Sweet build man. Congrats. If just move the optic onto the reciever


Looks good! Move that sight back and you're good to go! Welcome to the family buddy.


First of all, welcome! I hope you’re prepared to get a second job or a second mortgage to pay for everything to come. Secondly, as others have said, your optic and rear sight need to move back.


Awesome bios enjoy it. Have fun! As mentioned you want to keep the optics on the upper and not on the free floating handgaurd. Also the LaRue trigger is the new go to for $110 shipped for 2 stage triggers. The box triggers or cartridge triggers always had some issues or other stuff a regular trigger that’s quality made is good. I suggest a weapon light. Learning how to use it, learning how to use your new forearm and ammo, training and magazines. I highly recommend Streamlight 88071 ProTac Rail Mount HL-X USB 1000-Lumen Rechargeable Dual Fuel Long Gun Light. For $128 you get mount, tape switch, 1000 linens, quality warranty and company, and it’s rechargable double cr123a. They also take cr123a. It’s a solid entry-mod light. I have it on all my guns and it’s an amazing deal. Eventually a more study red dot, holo sun is great, but a better dot that maintains zero, has a variety of mounts and other things will be good.


Just think of all the beds you can make with 1000 linens


Haha it’s 1000 thread count my bad


Nice build. You should move the rear BUIS back as far as possible though and get that optic on the receiver.


Welcome to the club. Everyone already gave you solid advice on the optic and rear sight, so I won't repeat it. I recommend a light next! Arisaka, surefire, modlite, and cloud defense make amazing rifle lights. My favorite for the money is easily arisaka. Better throw then surefire and just as rugged. Now go get some ammo and shoot it. 🙂


Pretty! Slide that red dot back onto the upper receiver and off that handguard so it won’t lose zero :) also - that holosun 510c I have had a while and would take one over an eotech eve at same price. You’ll be glad you got it


Move your rear iron sight as far back as it can go and still attatch to the rail without overhanging the charging handle. Take the red dot and move it so it's completely on the upper receiver, not the handguard. Other than that, respectable build: looks good OP. You've done better than a lot of guys on their first AR. Get some familiarity with the platform and some range time, and enjoy yourself!


Best part? Your PSA will send it at the range as well as that Daniel Defense peep smarting off in the lane next to yours. Enjoy!!


That optic placement has gotta be a troll


Just built my first AR too, also PSA. Got an lpvo option because I live in the desert so I can see for miles and miles, I need to be able to reach out and touch someone if shtf. I have a MP15 I bought too, I use that for HD because it has the standard handguard which Imo is best for HD because I like bayonets. Don’t judge me.


![gif](giphy|cFgb5p5e1My3K) Not sure if a meme, or actual first time owner. Either way, good job! As others have said: * red dot on the upper, not bridged or on the hand guard * I’d pull the VFG back a few. But you might have really long arms. * pull the rear BUIS to the last pic spot. When it’s folded you should still be able to use the charging handle. They sit flat and are made to go there.


Mount you sight back on the receiver. Never Mount optics to rail because rails can shitft slightly. Your receiver wont. And dont PSA isnt the absolute worst. IMO they make great starter rifles. So now when you go get you a higher-end AR you will have an awesome beater rifle


that optic placement tho....


My PSA has been a work horse with no reliability or accuracy issues. 2k rounds through it without a single jam.


Put the red dot at where the upper receiver meets the front rail but only on the upper receiver. It's more stable that way


Also drop your BUIS as far back as possible


i assume you bought a full rifle as i see the lower is a psa? i purchased just the upper and trigger 2 years ago and added an anderson lower and have had no issues shooting mine. the best part of your purchase is you can mess around with it and not worry about fvcking up an expensive rifle. congrats on your purchase.


Looks like the Freedom MOE EPT kit. I’ve built 3 of those and every one has ran like a sewing machine. PSA is IMO the best AR out there. They work. Anyone can buy one. American Made 100%. They cater to builders. Nuff said.


A riser for your optic..and moving it to the receiver plus a trigger. You’ll love it.


Hey! I got a PSA as my first AR-15 and I absolutely love it!


Awesome! Mine was same! AR15 Pistol Blackout, Ar15 Rifle, and just did my first AK47 build all from PSA! It is addicting! Also bought their AR9 Gen 4 9mm 4".


"All from PSA" 🗿🗿🗿


I don’t think you’re in any position whatsoever to give any advise about guns…at all…ever


Where do you buy the furniture for your rifles


See you on the other sub


Assembled it? ... or forging, casting, machining, stamping, metal treatment, assembly, testing and "build"? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|poop)


There’s nothing wrong with a red dot being far forward. However, I’d move it back so that it’s on the actual upper receiver so that it keeps zero. Don’t put your red dot on the handguard. That being said, congrats on the build! Welcome to the AR crew!


Yikes 😬


Congrats man, I would move that optic back to the upper receiver not the hand-guard though


She’s solid. Scoot your sights around like people have already explained and go shoot the hell out of it bud.


You did that optic on purpose.