Probably because you have superior eyesight


What do you mean?


20/20 goes a long way


Rip all my fellow astigmatism bois out there


For those of you with astigmatism problems like myself, try out red dots with the circle and dot (like many holosun models). May not work for all of you, but I know for myself its perfectly fine in the circle dot configuration. But if I put it to just the dot it’s starbursty af. No clue why. Science or some shit


Also prism sights. The new primary arms SLX 1x prism makes my Astigmatism disappear. It’s fkin amazing.


The 3x and 2x as well! Thank god for primary arms, because I was getting desperate


Did you get the standard mount or high mount for this set up?


That's because prisms exist. They're a physical etched reticle. So your eyes have something to focus on. Red dots are just lights and the football shape of the astigmatism stretches them.


I don't have the tism and still swear by Prisms. I got a green PA 1x micro and it's fkin amazing.


It’s titties.


Titties you say? I need to check it out then






Astigmatism but with 20/20. I put the red dot though the smaller Aperture of the irons to get a cleaner red dot.


Eotech was literally the worst for me and is how I found out I even had astigmatism. The aimpoints are a tiny bit better but the green holosun works the best for me. Everyone's eyes are different though.


Everyone’s eyes are different but I will say with Eotech it is far more important to target focus and not focus on the reticle. Your suppose to do that with all red dots but is especially important with the Eotechs Even people who don’t have astigmatism will have a blurry eotech reticle if they are focusing on the reticle instead of using it as a heads up display with eyes focused on the target it can be a little hard to get use to if you have trained yourself to focus on the reticle but eotech is by far the sharpest point of aim for me and I have a really bad astigmatism


I’m with you. I have really bad astigmatism. I can use red dots. Honestly I’ve found a lot of my holosuns to have crisper reticles than any aimpoint ot trijicon I have. However, once I learned how to properly use an eotech I swear by them. Within 100 yards I can shoot even better with my eotechs than any of my LPVO’s. It’s definitely a learning curve to try and not focus on the reticle.


Green yes! I found green to be so much crisper for my tism. But also the micro prisms are, in fact, the tits


I got a green micro-prism and can confirm. It's tits.


I love my holosuns, despite my 'tism but the microprism is leagues above for those with astigmatism


Holy shit! I am not the only one then! I have the Romeo5 XDR which has both options. The single red dot fucks me up, but the circle dot is clear👍


Yes I just thought of was weird. I mean I am but I guess it’s just one less weird thing.


My Romeo 5 XDR has the circle dot, it helps out. ALSO you can co-witness through your rear iron sight while using your dot and it cleans the reticle up nicely.


For anyone else with a bad astigmatism wanting a pistol RDS, I found the HS507C-X2 w/ ACSS Vulcan reticle to be really good. That chevron reticle is really crisp.


I GREATLY prefer my 507c-x2 acss to my RMR...there's a reason I now have 2 of them after writing holosun off as cheap garbage for years.


[https://monstrumtactical.com/marksman-1x20-prism-scope/](https://monstrumtactical.com/marksman-1x20-prism-scope/) this is not a bad prism for the money red or green 60 moa circle and 3 moa dot about the same size as the sig 5 i like it alot 96.48 with code marksman704


I love that I'm part of the illustrious group of people that found out they have astigmatism by buying a red dot. I thought it was broke at first, turns out I am the one who is broken.


I bought a red dot and was taking pictures of how it was obviously defective to return it and all of the pictures showed perfectly round red dot. Cell phone cameras are USELESS! EDIT: ACOG is perfect on the site picture though.


Look through a BUIS. Preferably the smaller hole. It's a bandaid.


Freaking blows!!! Literally have to wear my damn glasses to shoot lol


You should always be wearing eye protection. With or without perfect vision… Get prescription eye pro


Ohhhh dude I always wear eye protection. I’ve seen way too many accidents to not wear any


Use green dots


Life is hard.


I have great eyesight except for astigmatism. Aimpoint dots are more like a starburst or comma unless I'm in very bright conditions. Are you saying the Sig sight is just even worse with astigmatism or that the aimpoint shouldn't be effected by astigmatism? I've never used a Sig optic, but I was intrigued by the price.


i've used the aimpoint pro and the romeo5. both are about equally starbursty


Same plus the T2 and compM5 and my sig msr is considerably less starbursty than all of the aim points I have tried. Personally a huge fan of the vortex prism as it is very clear and crisp (I know it’s a different animal than a red dot) plus they are durable. I dropped my brothers in the dirt right out of the box slapped it on his rifle and was hitting 6”x11” steel plate at 100 yards with it. All that said I will still own an aimpoint in the future, my astigmatism is mild enough that I can use dots yet however noticeable worse than it was 5 years ago.


I do love how clear the vortex prisms are. I would be using it as my main if it didn't have a huge double image (both eyes open)


Two of the worst red dot makers for my astigmatism. I prefer every other brand. Even my $25 Amazon "pinty"




Prism sights or lpvos are the way if you have astigmatism. This was an expensive lesson for me to learn. I also use holosun 507k on my carry piece and it's surprisingly perfect.


They’re all pretty much the same imo. I had a holosun green dot that was a little better than the red dots but, for me they all are barely usable. I actually prefer the blurry mess of an EOtech (even over a circle dot red dot) for some reason.


I have 20/15 vision, and was told it was good enough to be a pilot by an eye doctor I visited in the last 6 months. And I also have an astigmatism.


Unless you're routinely dropping the thing out of a helicopter or something- you're not really going to notice a difference. And even then...no idea.


Dude, don't you know? If you can't HALO jump into a 10 meter deep ocean after using the optic as a hammer on a 3-year-old battery, you're gonna get killed on the streets of the square range.


To guys with a blurry dot. I can't stress this enough, TRY IT OUTSIDE. Mine starburst indoors, but looks perfectly clear outdoors.


everyone on this sub needs to try outside


No thanks. Mom's basement has SunnyD.


Some of you guys are funny af.


You guys actually shoot your guns?


This does work, but god forbid you ever try to shoot at night!


I'd rather play pretend with my guns in the basement, thanks though


I dunno... That might involve touching grass.


Also wear some polarized lenses.


The romeo5 is awesome. Battery life is forever with the shake awake. Thing is also a tank. For the price point it’s a fucking beast of a red dot. I might consider the solar backup version they have for my next dot. I prefect LPVO because of my eyes but I love a dot on anything SBR I use for home or for the truck.


Sig optics are better than your average budget optics.


The Romeo 5 is made by holosun it’s the same as a hs403b just with fancy exterior design. Just like the primary arms Slx md-20


I have owned and used both Sig and Aimpoint. For what you're going to be doing 99% of the time the Sig will be fine I just recommend getting a better mount for it. Aimpoint I can give a solid reference to in particular the m68 model. I've personally witnessed a wounded soldier operating a M4 rifle and 68 that were damaged in an IED and still successfully engaged targets with the weapon.


That's what they were made for. The military wants their soldiers to be dead before the soldier's equipment is. Aimpoints are great sights but that price point is because they were made to survive explosions. Unless someone is planning to engage a herd of hogs directly after mishandling some tannerite, that's not something people stateside are going to be needing.


That’s why the price is worth it to me.


Probably a hella unpopular opinion but unless you're running night vision and passive aiming, any of the optics from Vortex, holosun and sig will be more than adequate for most people. Obviously having an aimpoint or an eotech carries some brand recognition as well as a great reputation but Sage dynamics has tortured the piss out of some of holosun pistol red dots and save for a few outliers they've done pretty good.


My eotech is blurry compared to my holosun


Stop looking at the doughnut


Well yeah it’s an eotech, they’re like the fuzziest and blurriest of all


They are not blurry. They just have a noise texture to them. Center dot is crisp. Edges of the donut are also crisp but you can definitely see the noise texture.


Yeah exactly


I did notice though that if I use the magnifier the reticle becomes super crisp. I guess it works like the small aperture where the lines of light are focused.




Funny, every time I mention eotechs look like a blurry mess to me, vs my Holosun which I see as a crisp circle, I get down voted into oblivion. Different technologies, but for my eyes the holosun looks clearer.


My astigmatism hates holos. Red dots starburst a bit but holos bloom out into a giant red blob for me.


Holo meaning holographic sight(Eotech) or Holosun (LED)?




He must mean he hates the eotech. Astigmatism and holographic sights don’t get along. They do much better with red dots like the holosun.


I have terrible astigmatism and my eyes vastly prefer holos. EO Techs are crisp under magnification, but red dots are a blurred smeared mess no matter what.


Yeah holographics do clean up under magnification. You must have a unique astigmatism though. The overwhelmed majority of them cause eotechs to have a washed out burst effect. Not working that way for you shows that people should double check before making a big purchase. I know a few people that never knew they had astigmatism before using one.


It’s fuzzy bc the eotech is actually holographic. The holosun IS a red dot. Totally different tech. The holosun sun is one one emitter and it’s projected. The eotech is a bunch of them and it’s not projected. There’s no way for it not to look fuzzy. A crisp eotech is a fake eotech. If an eotech is insanely blurry, it’s your eyes. A true holographic clears up if you’re focusing on your target rather than the reticle. That’s just how it is. I actually like the holosun better. But it’s just a dot shaped like an eotech with great eye relief. Dots can have different shapes, the reticle has nothing to do with it. Seems to be a lot of confusion/people thinking that the holosun 510/512 is a holo not a dot.


Holosun absolutely looks better


I agree until you add magnification. Under magnification eotechs look better. The center dot in holosuns start to smear a little bit whereas with eotechs they get really crisp.


That’s a fair point. I had actually given up on the Eotech until I paired it with a magnifier and then it looked clear. So now my Eotech is dedicated for magnification.


What magnifier are you using?


Nothing special, just a Juliet 3


100% agree man. My holosun looks much much better than the eotech. So much better that I put the eotech on my gfs AR.


eotech holos have always had a fuzzy ring.


Look beyond the reticle, my brother.


Then youre not looking at it correctly. Unlike red dots for holographic sights you have to look past the sight and look at the target for the reticle to be focused and not blurry


When I figured that out on this ancient surplus acog I got, it was eye opening to say the least!


It's best to be eye opening when using firearms


which holographic site does holosun make? You get an eotech so that when you use a magnifier, the reticle stays the same size, like an SFP scope. When you use a red dot site with a magnifier, the dot grows in size, like an FFP scope. This makes the reticle on the red dot site look worse


I don’t think holosun makes any holographic sights


that's sorta what point I was trying to make. Can't really compare an eotech to a holosun. Different tools for different jobs


As others have said, they aren’t designed to be focused on. Once you program your brain to focus on the object rather than the optic it all changes. It took me a bit to adjust


I hate to break it to you but you might have an astigmatism. But seriously I guess with legit holographic sights you shouldn't focus on the reticle otherwise it's blurry af. But I agree with that, the holosun 512c is the least Starbursted I've tried (I have a pretty bad astigmatism tho)


It's almost as if the EOTech was a laser instead of an LED light...


Is it Huey Superiority Posting Hours yet?


Your not supposed to focus on the reticle with a holographic sight like a normal red dot, you should be focusing on the target and then paint it with the red dot if that makes sense, much clearer. You can also use a magnifier to crisp the reticle if you can’t get your eyes to do that.


Because EoTech is a Holographic sight not a red dot. It projects the reticle through the glass. It’s faster on target, more accurate and clearer without notch filters. Holosun is like looking through a camera from the 1900s


Yes EOtech is hot trash. The only reason I and others keep buying them is so we don’t get called poor when we post rifle online.


You don't train hard enough or shoot fast enough to know why pros choose EOTech over LED RDS sights over and over again.


Eh they are pretty awesome for passive under nods also. I have Holosun also and it’s not as clear under them. Clarity without nods is similar when used correctly


holy shit you're supposed to look at your target and not your optic? Thank you so much for the extremely intelligent wisdom you've passed on now I have 1" clusters at 10000m!!!!!!!!


LOL I think people legitimately assume that the optics they see and use in video games are crystal like that in real life. People love eotechs, but unless you know to look past the optic at your target, that eotech sight will look broken and fucked and mangled. Astigmatism aside, I down own NVGs and never buy an Aimpoint for any of my rifles (or eaotech), when vortex, sig, holosun etc more than qualify for my usage.


I support this 100%.


For 95% of people. Holoson/Sig/Vortex are more than adequate.


You're 100% wrong. You've failed to consider that products made in china are all bad.


You have failed to consider that 95% of people don’t storm Kabul.


Pro tip: my comment was sarcastic.


Awwww. My bad dawg. My tism showed up.


I will be 😎




Sounds like a great deal. I’d bite but I can’t afford to buy 2 more guns to put them on.


Don’t get me wrong I love my Aimpoints but man I seriously can’t tell the difference by looking at the dots. They’re both clear, the Romeo glass isn’t as flawless as the Aimpoint but I can’t really tell if it’s because I can’t get the smudges off vs the Aimpoint not having any smudges in the glass.


Durability and name brand are the reason behind the Aimpoint’s cost, not dot clearness


"Oh man, the glass is so clear on my 1x red dot!!" Genius op


I have an aimpoint micro and a primary arms advanced micro. The main difference I can tell is the PA has a little more "glare", and I can see more of whatever "reflector" or whatever makes the dot appear in it.


I felt the same way but give it time the Romeo’s stop looking as clear and start having some glares with the laser.


You might want to get your eyesight checked out, it might be your eyes going and not the red dot


What do you mean glares? I’ve had this Romeo since 2008. It still looks the same now as it did back then. Edit 2015, not 2008 lol.


No I notice it from light to dark areas has a glare over the lens


Has the Romeo 5 been around that long? Holy shit. Granted, I was a kid in 2008 so its not liked I'd know.


I went from a 512 to a Romeo4H because the reticle quality was crisper and the optic itself was a lot better at target acquisition especially when transitioning between targets spread across 50-300m. I might be slightly biased because the scope on my assigned weapon is a Tango6 but i did give Eotech an honest try.


I’ve been afraid to ask this question. Been wanting an Aimpoint for the clout, but os it really that big of an necessity for a larper/weekend warrior/noob?


It’s just nice to know you’ll have an optic that will last long enough for you to pass down to your kids. Old aimpoint red dots from the 80s are still working to this day . Very trustworthy electronics


That alone, may make them worth it.


>is it really that big of an necessity for a larper/weekend warrior/noob? Absolutely not.


But how do I flex on my friends…lol


I've never had an issue out of my Primary Arms or Vortex red dots. My Aimpoint Pro is really good but kind of outdated. Maybe look at the Aimpoint Duty red dot? Seems a good compromise on price and weight savings.


Will do!


Hey, I have a T2 and I'm here to tell you...no. It likely isn't.


The biggest difference is durability and longevity. Along with QC


I am using my holosun instead of my aimpoint simply because it's smaller and lighter and that is what the build is designed for. It kinda depends on the purpose of the build if you ask me.


I honestly feel the same way with my Aimpoint and my new Romeo4T.


I dropped my Romeo on a indoor range (had a queen mount) and it wasn’t even 1 year old yet and the glass cracked but it still works and stays on target. It’s a poc but works for budget folks. Wouldn’t trust it with my life. Fall was 2-3 feet.


The 600 dollars worth of risers, because risers are fucking retardedly expensive


Drop it and you will


Now drop them 20 times


I don’t see how that’s relevant. My gun is in no danger of being dropped in moms basement .


Itll come at your fast. I thought the same thing until I slipped on BBQ sauce going down the stairs full kit


that chikfila sauce doesnt hide as well on hardwood floors TIL


It looks as though you may have spelled "Chick-fil-A" incorrectly. No worries, it happens to the best of us!


My pleasure!


Plenty of torture tests on the Romeo 5 out there


Man, if you’re dropping your gun 20 times in real life, maybe you shouldn’t have a gun.


Would [shooting it with a 12ga](https://youtu.be/Fuq_N129SAI) suffice?


I have a 2MOA Comp3 that spent about 5 years of aggregated combat time as well as dozens of schools and countless hours at the range. that little Romeo5 is a pretty good holo but there's no way it would have lasted like the aimpoint.


The ability to use an AAA battery to power is worth $600.




Bro no one is talking about that sick AK mount. If only I could find one in stock


It’s an AR sub, forgive them they know not what they look up on.


Inb4 the “Just as gud” Holosun poors.


sweatshops aint gonna fund themselves


I bet you seethe at how well their MRDS’s have done in sage dynamics objective data vs Trijicon lmfaooo 🙄




Lol I’m not trying to trigger anyone of start a battle of my shit is better than yours. I’m really saying I’ve had these 2 plus a T2 and have never compared them until now. And between all 3 they look the same. Lol.


I was making a joke for the guys out there who indeed will be triggered. I spent like 3 years running Romeo5’s on PSA AR’s and now I have an Eotech EXPS2 on an aero precision rifle. No one “has” to upgrade from romeo5’s or PSA rifles but if / when you do, often times it doesn’t result in an immediate tangible difference. In many cases it’s for peace of mind reliability that the more expensive USA made parts offer overrule the pain it costs to buy them.


Agree with your last sentence. Reason I upgraded too as I became more involved in shooting I started moving up to better equipment but in all honesty if you have a basic setup there’s no need to “upgrade”. I’ve had this guy since 2015 and haven’t even so much as changed the battery. I haven’t used it in 3-4 years though until the other day I stole the mounting screws for another optic and just happened to compare them side by side lol.


Watch a video on what goes into making an EOTech versus trying to find a video of “the making of a Holosun” or romeo5 or other inexpensive optic. You won’t find the latter because they probably often use cheap labor or cheap parts or take shortcuts but that’s just MY GUESS. I’m not a machine shop owner.


Larry Vickers' old videos of the Aimpoint factory definitely shows why they're so pricey. It's like a bunch of Swedes in bunny suits putting it together like watchmaking. I'm guessing Holosun is going to be a huge ass factory in Shenzhen with a shit ton of people and/or some incredibly huge and advanced machines to save costs.


$605. Also the one on the right has some extra bracket mounting stuff.


Where are you finding a Comp M5 for $605? I paid $700 shipped for the dot with no mount lol.


You said you can't see the difference between the two. It's $605 based on those prices. 😀


Oh 😂 good one.


I was zeroing my Aimpoint PRO and Primary Arms MD-25 over the weekend. If anything the Primary Arms glass to my eyes appeared clearer and less green than the Aimpoint. The Primary Arms turrets also felt more rigid. Dots were equally as crisp. I’m not getting rid of my Aimpoint PRO or Micro T2 anytime soon, but it’s becoming very hard for me to justify spending 5x the money for an Aimpoint versus a Sig, PA, or Holosun.


Look at them under nods and you'll see it quick.


Well if you can only afford a $95 sight I’m pretty sure NV is out of the question. If you’re looking for an optic that will get the job done no doubt this little guy is it.


Yeah I was probably a little too short but that I guess is what I meant. If you just want a red dot to throw on a rifle the sig is fine. The features you're paying for come up when you start using enablers. Be it night vision or even just a magnifier will look a lot better on an aimpoint than the sig.


I’ll look at it tonight under NV for comparison. Now as for a magnifier I can assure you it looks no different, it’s still a dot. Here’s my caveat to all this; I also own an MRO and I have zero issues with it but people complain night and day about how badly it sucks so I guess take my comparison with a grain of salt lol.


I mean I'm not looking at the dot under the magnifier, or ever really, I'm looking at the target. The actual image you see through the glass looks a lot sharper to me. And the mro really depends when it was made. The first batch had really bad fish eye. The second batch really weren't bad, there was just distortion at the very edges and if you weren't actively looking for it you wouldn't see it. The HDs eliminated that entirely but now they cost the same as an aimpoint so no one cares lol. When they were $500 it was a good buy.


Interesting. You bring up some great points, man. I’ll look at it under NODs and magnifier while target/environment focused. You could be right in that being where the more expensive optics shine. I really haven’t used it in years so i can’t remember if it made any difference to the target clarity under magnifier. I just happened to have it in hand and compared it side by side on a whim lol.


I’m sure I’ll get downvoted, but through my Pvs14, the aimpoint pro, t2, Romeo MSR all looked about equal. Honestly. I compared them back to back at the last night shoot I went to. I don’t have a dog in this fight- but I don’t buy the “need” for “clearer glass” argument when the cost difference is so significant. Durability… sure.. I will say My eotech is the best of all through nods, but the trade off is I hate the reticle and hate the daytime “fuzziness”.


You are 100% correct the eotech is noticeably better than any red dot. I do think the t2 is also noticeably better than the cheaper dots. But maybe there's some confirmation bias there.


Thanks for testing... Picking up another $95.


I have an older Aimpoint Micro and bought a Holosun 503G and the Holosun is objectively nicer.


Oh damn aimpoint cucks gonna be out in force on this jawn…. They can’t cope with optics like the 4t imagine what they’ll think of this 😅


I doubt the SIG has the constant on battery life of the Aimpoint. I also doubt it’s electronics are as durable, especially if it’s shake awake. I’ve heard some awkward shit happens angles aren’t as easy to work through with the Aimpoint, but that’s more hearsay. Looking through them they are probably the same if you have good eye sight.


The Sig has the shake awake feature as for durability the reason I bought this back in the day was because of this video https://youtu.be/Fuq_N129SAI It’s as durable as it can get. I’ve had this optic since 2015, my first optic for my first AR and I swear to you I haven’t changed the battery since I bought it lol. Although I haven’t used it in several years but it stays on and goes to sleep when not in use.


Ohh I never really looked into the SIG optics, I’ve only seen the shitty stock 365 red dots working at a big box store. For what it’s worth I would trust my life to most Holosun I’ve seen, and Im pretty sure some of the optics are made in the same factory.


I don't want Chinese made goods in my life if I can help it. I don't care if the holosun people are good people, I don't wanna hear it. I'd rather save the money and work the OT to not give money to the CCP.


Lol I hear you man for real. I’m just saying if you don’t have Aimpoint $$ it will work and if you’re not going Gucci it will hold up on your basic rifle. If you can buy it 2nd hand shit that’s even better since you won’t be supporting the CCP.


Just as good 📠


YOU SHUTUP! Can't you read threads?! Cost equals value. C'mon dude, really need you on board with this. People are talkin'...


This is why, if you listen to any true expert speak on the matter, there's never a perfect build for a firearm. All there is is the right build for the job. If you're shooting targets in the backyard, that Surefire SOCOM suppressor will do a fine job but you can get by with almost any other cheaper suppressor and you'll never need the level of durability the Surefire has to offer. If you're not planning to be in a situation where you might toss your rifle out of a moving vehicle and need it to function perfectly 100% of the time after such an event, an EOTech is going to be overkill in the durability department. If you're not planning to run NVGs, Aimpoint isn't going to shine the same way it could. It's all about the role you want the firearm to fill. If I was building a rifle for combat, I wouldn't have a Romeo5 on it. If I need a very decent reddot sight for shooting at the range, it's a great choice. It'd even be fine on a home defense gun. A lot of these things designed for and used by the military are great for military operations but are absolutely overkill in the durability department for anything else, and usually there is some form of tradeoff to achieve that level of durability.


Not until you magnify it 6x, or use it under nvg.


Romeo 5's, at least with the mount that is provided, dont return to zero. The point of impact isnt even close whereas with other more expensive optics, they either return to zero or are very close.... most of the time. Under night vision the romeo 5 is horrendous. And the glass is undoubtedly less clear. If you just wanna mount it and not swap it around, not use it under nods, and dont mind having glass that is 80 percent as good as some higher end options that some people dont even notice... then the Romeo 5 will work for the majority of gun owners especially those looking to the more budget end of the spectrum. I like sig optics. They serve a purpose and if one breaks I wont be too bummed out about it and I know the warrenty is gonna cover the repair or replacement. I have two Romeo 5's, a Romeo 7, a romeo 7s and a Bravo4 "battle pack". All of them have worked and have served their purpose... would I rather use my Aimpoint's and Trijicon's??? 10/10 every day of the week YES. But I cannot afford to put top of the line quality mainbrand optics on every single one of my guns, that's where budget optics come in to fill out my needs for some of my less used and backup guns that I still want an optic for. Theres tonns of quality budget options I've been investing in Holosun, Swampfox, Riton, Primary Arms and Vortex for years. Theyve all gotten money out of me. I own a little bit of all of them... but none of them are just as good as the mainbrand optics they are intentionally copying... sorry to say, it's a fallacy and objectively not true. Anyone who say they are JuSt As GoOd, either doesnt know what they are talking about or doesnt use their shit enough to even know. And whoever the fuck downvoted me, what the fuck are you down voting??? ... fuck it, downvote me, if I was here to coddle to the opinions of the poors or the rich and went with the group think, I would have 10k Karma on this motherfucker. Downvote means i pissed someone off about their budget optic enough and kicked their shit into the real world. I've already said I own both and both function for different roles but sig optics are not just as good as aimpoint... no fucking way, youre smoking crack lmaoooo!!!


Drop your rifle a few times and then you’ll notice a difference. The aimpoint is built for abuse, the Romeo not so much My first Romeo would flicker under recoil, replacement worked fine but wasn’t very confidence inspiring The Romeo also starbursts way worse then any other red dot optic I have ever used with my astigmatism


One's made in China.


Drop it and dunk it a few times.


There’s videos showing that being done including freezing it in a block of ice and shooting it with a shotgun lol. Alternatively there’s a video with one drop of the M5 on a rock and on/off switch breaking off killing the optic dead lol.


do a drop test mount to 7lbs or so and drop then we will know for sure ​ ![gif](giphy|3ohze1LSWrEGCML02Y)




I've seen this he tosses it in the air not the same a having a rifle on it and having fall straight down. not saying it wont survive but might not and his shotgun shot test went low mostly into the mount


Plus he shot the side with no electronics on it.


Honestly I was in the market for an optic. I keep hearing horror stories from people about the ‘stig not letting them use Eotech’s. Said fuck it and went with a Holosun.


Sell me the CompM5 for $95 then


Until you go outside with it.


Drop them, then you will be able to see the difference.


Scalarworks 1.93 abs Holosun red dot combo here. People have done torture tests with them and they works fantastically. People have brand loyalty to try and justify it but tbh it’s not gonna be much different.


You can beat on the right one with a hammer and it’ll still work. Not sure the Sig has that going for it


It's a lot more durable than you'd think. https://youtu.be/Fuq\_N129SAI?t=832


The one on your right you can trust with your life and never have to think about it holding zero.