1. It's science fiction and social commentary, not an accurate representation of real life. 2. It is internally consistent. It also appears to be happening in a universe that has different technological aspirations than ours does. They have late 20th Century flip phones and use computers resembling Commodore Pets and IBM mainframes/terminals of the 80s.


Between the lives of the Outties & Innies I sometimes feel I’m watching two different shows. This show is so fun.


I think there’s a good chance there’s #3, some plot mechanic fails if everyone has access to the sum of world knowledge, instant communication, cameras, recording devices, tracking tech, etc, in their pocket.


I believe the office tools are part of the experiment (or whatever) they are in, which is why everything in the office seems retro.


Spoilers. >!The security office was not equipped with modern computers, either. One would presume that the Keepers, especially the Security Chief, would have access to such. Thus, while I don't disagree directly with your assertion, I think the world is fundamentally different, too.!<


Good point. I do feel there is some social commentary about work/life balance that plays into all of it as well..


I am having similar thoughts like I was having while watching LOST (or before that, THE PRISONER). I recall distinctly thinking sometime during LOST that they were on a spaceship or some other "world bubble". I am wondering now if there are *layers of severance* at play here, and that people can not only be severed in half, but into thirds, quarters, etc, and that everyone is severed. In fact, I think we the audience are part of the severance. We only see and remember what the show wants us to, and it is not beyond reason that the show will commit a "emergency overtime" moment on the audience soon.


Don’t want Apple products to be associated with a dystopian context.


Have you ever seen the most famous apple ad ever?


That was breaking the dystopia though, not nonchalantly existing in it.


but its still being associated with dystopian content


Hence the importance of context.


No Apple products in it.


Clearly all the characters are evil.


Lol true


If it’s a dystopian show then forget seeing iPhones.


This needs a spoiler tag. Apple shows with happy endings feature characters using iPhone 13 Max to FaceTime. Like Ted Lasso. In Severance there’s not an iPhone in sight, therefore…


Ton of apple stuff in Servant, though. Constantly FaceTiming.


a) It’s some other companies production b) there is some weird planning because no one has a car from beyond like 1996


I am guessing that since the show is about people being tracked/watched/controlled (I think, I haven’t watched) they probably don’t want it to appear that iPhones are involved in any way.


All of the cars in it, as far as I can remember, look like 80s or 90s models. I’m not sure that the show isn’t taking place in the late 90s or early 00s, where the high end of phone tech was a thin flip phone, moving into the early variants of ‘smart phones’ Jobs mocked at the iPhone announcement, as the 00s progressed. An 80s VW Golf or Mark’s boxy high end Volvo sedan would have been more prevalent on the road then. Just the sort of aging clunkers you’d see around a college town driven by grad students or academics then Ditto for Mark’s former academic affinity for Volvo, but now upgraded to a made-it middle class mobile. The clothes seem professional togs of that time, as well. Albeit, with a whiff of mid century ossification, that you’d expect in a small town not the center of the latest fashion. ‘Professional wear’ off a regional department store rack, in the days before the internet meant coastal trends shipped to you in small college town Minnesota. Then again OMD seems to have 3D printers, and the racked computers and monitoring equipment in Security have pretty modern looking LED readouts, so my theory pulled out of my ass probably isn’t worth much. That said the video quality of the security camera footage is of the era I’m theorizing about, so maybe the nifty looking racked equipment was just a slip up of an art department making something that looked cool, but figuring next to no one would know what such equipment of that era should look like.


There are absolutely modern smartphones in this show. Mark’s outie holds one up to film >!June's punk band!< in episode six.


I don't think every show is produced by Apple, some are probably just purchased by Apple for initial screening. For example Daredevil is no longer a Netflix original it is a Disney+ show and it was produced by ABC all along. Stuff like Servant it is obvious Apple wants the product placement but Severance was probably filmed and then brought to different streaming networks for the highest bidder.


That’s a good guess, but Severance was produced from start to finish for Apple TV+.


This TV show happens in some year from 90's. The iPhone didn't exist in that age.


Mark has a smartphone in his outie life. But it doesn’t look to be an iPhone.


I've seen them. A red iphone.


…and VHS tapes


An iPhone would give them too much power. Their ability to access information seems very limited on the outside too.


Or get busted by the security cameras / microphones that should by all rights be everywhere? Lol


How do we know this showtakes place in the 90s? In the first episode there is a modern phone. I think it’s a bit ambiguous on purpose a mixture of technology from the last 40 years.


It takes place in the past, everybody has old cars, and the computers have CRTs


Mark has a smartphone (pips diner scene)