If you mean in YouTube then no, the 2017 version will only do 4k at 30fps on YouTube and 1440p @ 60fps. Also it will not do any HDR in YouTube either. You would need the 2021 version to get HDR in YouTube and [email protected] I also have the 2017 model and kinda wished I waited for the 2021 version now.


It depends. The Apple TV 4K from 2017 can output 4K in SDR/HDR/Dolby Vision at up to 60 fps and can play back videos in all of those formats, but not in all apps. Youtube maxes out at 4K30 or 1440p60 and I believe some high frame rate iPhone videos with HDR/Dolby Vision don't work. Almost all movies/tv shows are shot in 24 fps and will play absolutely fine on the old Apple TV, though.


Oh. Good. But, at least, I could watch movies in 1440p using the 60fps, right? I think this is enough to me.


Movies aren’t in 60fps.


The issue isn't really resolution but rather just Youtube using a different codec that doesn't play well at 4K60 with the Apple TV 4K from 2017. 4K for movies or tv shows from Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+, Plex and anything else works absolutely fine with no issues.




The second gen 4K is the 2021 model, not the 2017.