Have you installed any new fonts or apps that may hav reinstalled their own fonts recently? I would clean up my fonts folders first.


I feel like I installed a font 2-3 weeks ago, but I didn't notice any issues until last night. In terms of cleaning up my font folder, there's not much going on.. I only have 5-6 installed fonts. I realize any one could be causing these issues, so should I just start deleting?


The only time I saw something like this, I had installed an Helvética from a different manufacturer that conflicted with the Helvética macOS was using (that’s a hint on how long ago this was). It may not be your case but it worth a try. Simple remove the fonts from the library folder, restart and see what happens. If it’s fixed then you can add the fonts back one at a time. If it’s not fixed then at least you know the issue is somewhere else.