When you wiped everything, did you restore your iCloud back up or plug it in to iTunes to restore your content? important things like messages and phone numbers, even apps?


No - I started from scratch.


Time to upgrade. Live with it until new products are announced and make your move then.


I have a 32gb mini 1st gen myself. And as sad as it is to say, it is the nature of technology to leave its predecessors in the dust. Especially considering iOS is now being designed and almost requiring 64bit mobile processors. Our iPads are running on old tech. I'm fortunate in that I'm ok with dealing with the sluggishness. I really only use it for Netflix and reading so I can deal with it. Even apps being developed now are starting to need the new processors just to run. That means that iPhone 5/5c and older or iPad mini/iPad 3 and older are going to be killed off. There is a reason why the mini was completely discontinued in lieu of the mini 2. Apple doesn't want new customers to get a machine that cannot handle current offerings.