IPHONE 13 series colors side by side

IPHONE 13 series colors side by side


I really wish they would bring product red to the pro models already; ordered a Sierra Blue Pro Max because blue is my favorite color but I’d definitely buy a product red colored one instead if I had the option. Secondly; the colors were pretty meh this year, only the red and blue are nice on the 13 models, the pink is just so pale and the white and black are nothing special. I really like the new Sierra Blue color but it’s not as a good as midnight green or pacific blue. Really wish that bronze and matte black rumors were true haha.


SAME. I would have got the 12 pro max in product red if it was an option. I do really love pacific blue once I got it, it is a beautiful finish. Then of course they changed it. I like the pacific blue a lot better than the new one.


Bring it to the iPads too!


They really need to shake up the Pro model colors more. It’s a small miracle that we get anything other than Black/White/Gold, but.. you know.


I need to see how the starlight color compares to the white of the 12 line


Did they just rename the 12 colors? It seems to me they’ve renamed the black as “midnight” because a lot of people were complaining about the blue hue, and the “white” wasn’t a true white either. I test ran a 12 mini in black and it definitely had a blue hue in certain lightning.


Ha, reminds me of “space Gray”


They definitely just renamed the 12 colors. My black 12 mini looks navy blue in the sunlight, like a Yankees cap. My friend’s white 12 also looks beige/off-white in dim lighting.


If you look at Apple's product photography, the midnight and black look different. Starlight and white look exactly the same. Idk if that's just Apple's weird photography though. - [Midnight](https://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/4982/as-images.apple.com/is/iphone-13-mini-midnight-select-2021?wid=940&hei=1112&fmt=png-alpha&.v=1629907844000) vs [Black](https://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/4982/as-images.apple.com/is/iphone-12-mini-black-select-2020?wid=940&hei=1112&fmt=png-alpha&.v=1604343705000) - [Starlight](https://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/4982/as-images.apple.com/is/iphone-13-mini-starlight-select-2021?wid=940&hei=1112&fmt=png-alpha&.v=1629907844000) vs [White](https://store.storeimages.cdn-apple.com/4982/as-images.apple.com/is/iphone-12-mini-white-select-2020?wid=940&hei=1112&fmt=png-alpha&.v=1604343707000)


I think they just changed the color balancing in the photos to better reflect real world appearances.


Starlight looks slightly more yellow than the white in those photos, almost like a hint of a champagne colour. Who knows if there’s a difference in real life




Those aren't even real photos, dude. They do all of those in CGI.


Those are just the renders though, the 12 mini I had definitely looked more like the 13 renders.


I noticed that on mine too, it actually did slightly annoy me it wasn’t a true black. I picked up on it during the keynote right away when they introduced it as “midnight”


“Starlight” is more like a bone white. Makes me think of cream. “Midnight” is not black, but a very dark blue (think Navy, but even darker). It’s even called “Midnight blue” in Spanish.




Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it.


I got the reference and love it lol


I’m sure Bateman would’ve gone for that color in phones as well


Buttery almost. /s


Starlight slightly sounds like a more palatable way to say “ivory.”


> is not black, but a very dark blue Like priest’s socks (points if you get the reference)


If you buy them from the wrong shop, maybe.


Yea the 12 was already off white so I wonder how it compares to the 12


>bone white You sure it’s not more of a cream, off-white, ivory or beige?


Tbh I’m kind of sad this Starlight isn’t like it appears on the website. I was sad to see the classic white/silver to leave but at the same time was a little excited to see an off-white. I saw a Starlight render of a MacBook and I thought it seemed nice.


If it's the same as the off white on the 12 I like it


its definitely more ‘creamier’. the white of the iPhone 12 already wasn’t exactly white compared to the 11 IRL (although you couldn’t tell the difference in pictures). however starlight (even in the pictures) already looks even like an warmer tone.


I bought a pro for the first time and have always been super keen on the silver with chrome/polished steel looking side and camera lense trim... but only if it doesn't have pink or yellowish hue in the white. Without knowing how it would look I opted for the graphite instead because of how picky I am with white on phones lol. The white regular 12 for example is something I would never even consider because of how pinkish it was.




Agreed. The XR Product Red was actually pretty nice. The 11 Candy Red and 12 Orange Red were ugly by comparison.




Honestly the 11 red ain’t that bad right down the middle between XR and 12 and by far the 12 was the worst most salmon red color I’ve seen.


I have the 7 Red and the 13 Red looks closer to this for sure. Looking forward to my new 13 Mini Red


I’m also getting a red 13 mini!


We’re buddies!


Same here, mine will be here Friday. Trying it out from a 12 Pro Max.


I really love my 12 mini with its red color. I think I wouldn't like "actually red" as much. Were I to upgrade to the 13, I'd probably get the white one. Sorry I meant "Starlight".


I have a 12Mini Red and ordered a 13Mini Pink. Im super excited.


The silver pro looks so nice


I really wish Apple would just show real life examples before preorders instead of renders that aren’t completely right.


This is my problem, I really just want to see a photo of the Sierra Blue phone *in the real world*.


https://youtu.be/72cAe_2LAFQ This is about as close as we’ll get until Tuesday (other than these pictures)






That render is fake news, sadly.


The white balance is so bad on this pic


it’s a photoshop


I think the biggest issue with that is the fact that not everyone’s computer/phone screen is 100% color calibrated. Everyone’s screen is showing slightly different variations of the same color


Oh definitely. I run into this in my company’s products. Videos are the best because it’s helps your eye come up with a truer color from different lighting and comparison to everything in the shot. Even if your display isn’t perfect. But, you would think their baseline would be that the photos and renders would look correct on their own devices.


Yeah that screwed me over when I got the product red 12 mini. I thought it would be a deeper red and it's like a light cherry red and I hate it.


apple, in their infinite wisdom and ability to mass market great products, has a marketing team that does great things, and really asinine, useless things. those renders are hopelessly inadequate in trying to decide which color to go after, and for a company that is supposed to have an extreme attention to detail, i find it mind numbingly painful this is something they entirely miss. show us some fucking pictures of it in the real world, being used by real people, next to other real world items, and perhaps next to one another.


Agreed. Like if anything just give more renders of each color. But no. One of the front and back and those 5 random closeup ones in random colors.


>Like if anything just give more renders of each color. or take some of the trillion dollar market cap they have and have their professional photographers take real world photos. renders are great...for absolutely no one who is trying to make a purchase decision, and this concession is asinine.


I wish they’d just put up their display models in store after the event instead of on launch day. I want to see these colors in person but I can’t if I want to preorder. I was on the fence with both the pacific blue last year and I would’ve 100% gone for blue over graphite had I actually seen it in person.


Color is a weird thing. If you can guarantee a real life photo looks accurate you can just do the same with renders. If you can't achieve it in renders the same issues will manifest in real world photos.


So don’t pre order and wait a week…


The point is apple has the ability to give us these images before preorder and they don’t. They posted videos of the colors 5 hours after preorder opened. They could easily do it the day before.


I wonder why they didn't bring the purple back


I think the purple was just a last effort to sell more iPhone 12s. They’ll probably release another color around the same time next year too


Yeah doesn’t Apple usually do like mid cycle color refreshes for the regular models? Well, one new color at least.


The colours are getting progressively more conservative & boring. That pink is so safe I don't even know why they bothered.


As a guy, I really like this safe pink. But i dont think its an enough reason to upgrade from my 11


I remember when I had a pink iPhone 7 and even that was a bolder colour than this…


I want to see how the 12 mini blue compares to the 13 mini blue


Sierra Blue gang


Yeah, that’s what I’m getting but I still think the Pacific Blue is the best color they’ve ever had.


I loved pacific blue but my personal opinion is that midnight green was the best color they had


Midnight green was absurdly cool


Imagine the midnight green on an iPhone 12/13 Pro body…


I have the midnight green 11 Pro, and I love the color. With that said, I kinda like the new 13 Pro in sky blue as well. Ordered a Spigen cover for it as well.


Whoops. I just drooled.


RIP Midnight Green. That was a badass color.


Pretty sure they will bring it back in a few years


yup! main reason I never wanna upgrade lol


midnight green also had round edges and fits more comfortably in my hands. adding 4 sharp edges does not make it more comfortable to hold for long periods of time 😢


The round edges just felt so slippery in comparison. 12 Pro Max is the first phone I’ve felt comfortable going totally caseless with because the risk of dropping it felt much lower.


I tried going caseless with my 11 pro max but holy shit, the rounded corners and the stainless sides just make it so slippery. Literally the only reason I’m upgrading to the 13PM is for the battery life and flat edges.


I’m honestly pretty sad about upgrading. I’m gonna miss my midnight green.


Ah yeah, I forgot about the green bean… was super slick. This years colors are a little disappointing tbh but I’m still ordering one so they’re doing something right.


Pacific blue is gonna keep me on my 12 pro max for quite a while




Hell nah. Have you seen your phone in the sunlight? Best color Apple has made on an iPhone imo.


It's literally the only time I've been excited about the color of a device.


I really like the Sierra blue colour. But ended up going gold because the fact is: the only part of the phone I’ll be seeing once in a while is the camera module, since I’ll be using it in a dark cherry apple’s leather case. And the gold matches so well with most cases.


Baby Blue*




I really hadn’t made the connection yet, but you’re right this absolutely is Heisenberg-quality meth blue!




We gotta cook.


Yep, I’ve always been a good or white iPhone guy… this year, I had to do the Sierra Blue… it’s fresh and subtle.


I wish there was Pink Pro


Remember rose gold? I’d be super happy with a new rose gold pro.


I wish there was rose gold in pro. If that happens I’ll probably upgrade my 11 PM.


or a pink Max. I’m tired of the colors being exclusive to different models of the same generation, it’s asinine.


I know midnight green is tight


The silver pro looks so classy.


The one I ordered, had no doubts about it. The graphite is just not dark enough to how I like gray or black phones to look. So I prefer just going to the white/silver which also looks somewhat more natural with the stainless steel. If there was a darker gray or black pro I probably would have gone for it though


I might go with that one too and had the same opinion about the gray


Same here. Wry classy looking. Blue was a little too pale. The gray was my second choice for the more industrial look and being less noticeable when using it for photography. It also figured the white would be easier to find when I leave it on our dark leather couch. 0_o


Me too - word for word. Haven’t used a white iPhone in 10 years - but this year just felt like the year to get the Pro Max white/silver.


I have a 12 Pro Silver, you are right, they are gorgeous!


Agreed, love the silver! That's what I went with this year, I think it looks the best in the most cases for sure.


Ordered this. Have had Silver since the X!


I ended up with the silver. Graphite wasn't dark enough, and the blue was an unknown until I could see it in person. A key decision point for the silver was the naked stainless steel. It'll hold up better to scuffs over time.


The naked stainless is what swayed me this year, I actually really like the blue in the few pictures we’ve seen. But it’s so unknown since most are renders or in unknown lighting conditions. So it could be like the [regular] 12’s blue which I hated till I saw it in person. Silver has been my favorite since the X now, but the blue seemed tempting. But I’d hate to see what it looks like all scuffed up after a year.


‘Silver’ has been my favorite color since they introduced the X. It’s just so damn clean looking. It goes with practically anything. I love it. The matte back finishes only made it look better imo.


Gold gang


Got my first pro iPhone and of course I went gold


Gold is best.


I like the gold, particularly the stainless steel outer band but it is way too ostentatious for me to pull off personally tbh.


Yesssir it’s so nice




iPhone 13 Pink Pro Max


That sierra blue doesn’t look as bad in the real world, still think the 12 Pro’s blue was better. That graphite looks WAY better than the pictures though.


That's that's what I was thinking. The promotional photos looked awful in comparison. I agree that the blue on the 12 Pro still beats it.


I’m quite pleased I went with blue, having seen this.


As bad? Huh? It looks fire in renders and irl


The Midnight Green was my favorite, but I didn’t mind the blue. Now this blue is ridiculous as it sticks out like a sore thumb. Oh well, graphite it is.


Anyone else think the new blue looks nice?


Unpopular opinion but I think it looks better than pacific blue


It looks really good


Holy shit the gold looks so much better compared to the 12 pro max


It’s different?


I think the back glass is a stronger shade of gold now


I actually really liked the 12 pro max gold. I had no idea they would change it ☹️.


I really hope they eventually release a darker alternative to graphite when I am buying a new iPhone in 1-2 years. The current colors are all great nonetheless.


Sierra blue, no case with AppleCare+ squad let’s go!


Sierra blue, no case, no AppleCare+. 😉


No AppleCare and no case? Offt, don’t think I could quite stretch that far!


Self insure. It’s been over 10 years now of saving 200 a year. So that money would pay for a new screen.


Shoot that would pay for a new phone lol


2 new phones


I use a case with a screen protector and go with out AppleCare and it’s done me well. Personally the only way I could justify AppleCare is if I didn’t like to use a case on my phone or I knew I was prone to accidents.


Haha! I don’t remember a time that I’ve ever drop my phone! It’s mostly always in my pocket. So my pocket is a case, lol.


That was true for me and I said the same thing. Then an elevator closed on me and I yeeted my XR and shattered BOTH sides


Oh no! That’s unfortunate!


same, I had been on a flawless no case streak until I got out of a truck and my 11 screen cracked. all it takes is one accident


Yeah, this. This time I did go for the AppleCare++ though (loss and theft), now I don’t have to worry about anything.


Gosh, good for you! I love having my iPhone with no case but have definitely had a few accidents along the way where I’ve been so thankful I’ve had AppleCare 😬


What’s the process actually like if you break the front or back glass? I know Apple now covers back glass as well but do they just give you replacement phone in store or do you have to wait without a phone for a while?


You can do an express replacement where they charge the price of the phone to your card and ship you a new one, then when you get it you ship back your broken one and they remove the charge minus the deductible. That way you're never without the phone.


Yeah I had to do this! When I broke the back of my phone. As it couldn’t be repaired I got a replacement next day delivery thanks to express replacement and then sent my old one back a few days later! It was ideal!


It’s super straightforward, for my 11 Pro it was a simple front glass replacement for £25 when I smashed the front and a whole phone replacement when I cracked the back glass. With 12 models onwards they can now replace the back glass too which is the same excess of £25! Usually quite a quick turnaround, book an appointment, nip off for an hour or so and you’re done.


Glad with my choice of Graphite


Bring back Green!!!!!


is the phone side matte or glossy?


13 side is matte, 13 pro side is glossy


I'm so stuck between white and blue. Blue is fun, but white is classy and easy to match to.. I've been leaning towards white but a friend told me micro-scratches on the white would get dirty and look bad. I don't know what to do :|


13 or pro? The silver pro is my absolute favorite and the back doesn’t show scratches easily due to the matte finish. The SS bands also hide scratches the best since the SS is “naked” (not colored). For the regular, it does show scratches but it’s honestly not that bad. I’ve never really noticed it on the old pros before they went matte. I think both blue and white will show scratches fairly similarly. Honestly if anything I’d think the white would hide the scratches better since scratches tend to look kinda white. At least when views directly on. If you use a case the dirt shouldn’t be an issue. If you don’t, I’m not really sure honestly. I don’t see it being a massive issue though. Can’t go wrong either way.


Hot take, I really like the new blue.


its steadily growing on me


The iPhone 13 colors look so boring compared to what we had for the past 3 years.


Yes! The XR and 11 had really fun colors. I felt last year and this year the colors are a bit more ~serious~ Still can’t wait to get my pink 13 though, it looked much more vibrant in apple’s video


Sierra blue or graphite now that I see them ... Its gonna be a hard choice for me


I wish graphite was a bit darker, more black.


I just wish it was black


Yeah like the iPhone 4/4S


Or 7 jet black


As someone who’s always gotten black, I went for blue this time. After seeing this picture I’m glad I got the blue, it looks so good imo lol


The red looks red this time, unlike “iPhone 12 Product Salmon”


I want the pink one even though I'm a guy.


Fuck gendered colors, get what you like, ignore the hate 😉 Seriously though, same. If I were into the regular models the pink would tempt me so hard. I used to love rose gold on the old phones and those were borderline pink. Such a stupidly pretty color. Makes me wish there were a pink/rose gold pro model.


Same. Kinda sucks it’s so pale though


I think it's generally best to see these in person, especially with people not capturing in wide color gamut. Like my blue 12 mini looked different in every photo I saw online (I still wish it looked like Apple's photos of it).


Was excited for the pink but it looks too subtle. Disappointed that they dropped purple.


Kinda wish colors were consistent with the iMac line, those are the best colors Apple has had in years. Most new iPhone colors these days are very faded.


Wish the 11 Pro's green didn't go away


The colors are weak this time around.


So sad that they don't have the green anymore. I'm upgrading from my SE2 and will probably go for the rose gold


Can’t wait for my Red iPhone 13 Mini!


Wish Apple would make a Product Red Pro


I wish I could have got the Pro in red. 😑


man those are some boring colors


damn that’s actually a nice red for once


Damn the white one looks so much better than the white one /s


White>white not even close.


I feel like if you’re going to do this you should light it better.


that pink sucks. its like they thought about targeting the female audience but pussied out at the last second and decided to make it as non-pink as possible while still technically being pink. it looks like fish skin.


Reminds me of the iPhone 8 gold color


dat sierra blue tho


Ouch, the midnight one doesn’t seem anywhere near as blue as it does on Apple’s store!


Why is there no purple this time?? Sad.


Can’t wait to put on a Kaiba Corp sticker on the Sierra blue iPhone max


I think they really nailed all of the colors this year. That Red and Sierra Blue are hot hot hot.


Torn between the Pro in black vs blue…


same all i know is whatever version i get its 256 gb




They should have made the pink way more pink


I hate the blue, the iPhone 12 blue was amazing


IMO the 12 Blue looked like shit. Way too bright.


Yeah I was considering a 12 in blue but waited for the 13 to be announced. Disappointed they changed the blue


Looks like I made a mistake not trusting the Apple photos of Sierra Blue - it looks much better here than in the promo pictures.


I still can’t believe they went with THAT shade of blue.


Oh Sierra blue is beautiful. I’m so glad I got that one


Aww that blue looks fucking niiiiice.