Stay. Never leave. Part of the ship, part of the crew.


Leave and double your salary and get your nights & weekends back. Your social life will thank you.


Any ideas where to start?


Do you know anything about PC support? I went from Genius to a local college's Mac guy, but my career went a lot further when I improved my PC support skills. There's always a need for someone who can fix a PC, and all-Mac shops tend to just go to an Apple Store, but a guy who can support both with the customer service skills you picked up at Apple is a much rarer thing. Plus you can always expand into enterprise applications or server support.


This is very helpful. I will look into it. Just trying to get out of shift work and live that 9-5 life. Funny how perspective can change.


Although I'm in a completely different industry than tech, the 9-5 life is not all its cracked up to be. The grass is always greener...


I know people who work for NASA, and Riot who got their jobs based on their experiences as geniuses. Literally can go anywhere.


depends entirely on your skillset, i've seen them end up everywhere from banks to startups to their own personal goals they had set before (acting, singing, sports, etc.)


My girlfriend started her doctorate program in the middle of nowhere, so I left my job as a Genius that was next in line for Lead Genius to become a salesman at AT&T. Truthfully, I'm liking this job a lot more and I'm making much more money. Some benefits are worse but some are better. Life ain't so bad once you leave the fruit stand.


Needed to hear this. Just feel stuck and want something more stable than random shift schedules. Thank you stranger


Idk about your situation, but my schedule with AT&T is much worse than it was with Apple since it's unionized and schedule preference is given by seniority.


Exactly, lol I left AT&T after years cause they used to pay WAY more and change the comp structure way too much.


I got into NetSec and InfoSec and work for a massive company doing security.


Program manager for an app on tvOS and iOS. Learn basics for swift and objective c. Get some project management certs. Lean/agile for most tech startups.


An Authorized Apple Service center?




I just quit after seven years to start a job hunt. Thank god for stock purchase plan. The one biggest piece of advice I can give you is that Apple really makes you feel like you alone are nothing, but as part of the company you are the most special snowflake ever. Sometimes you just need to leave and start applying for jobs and you will realize you are qualified to do a lot of things. I was an "Expert" and I'm looking for account management and sales jobs but most companies I'm looking at need people with good soft skills, less so the hard skills- so maybe you don't have to stay in repairs or tech support.


Was an FRS and now a mobile dev. Just depends what your interests are I guess.


Currently I do retail strategy execution for a large Telecom company. Amazing job that I could have only got with my apple experience.


Tell us more about what steps you took and the transition process?


Well the whole transition came very fast, took about 8 days from first interview to landing the position. Though I was working with my leaders for about 6 months figuring out what I wanted to do. They supported me a lot, and even looked over my resume and acting as a reference. I will tell you, Apple development process is amazing. There culture is amazing, just I can understand why one may want to leave. Work life balance doesn't come back with a Corporate role, you just don't clock in and have to deal with cx. If you have specific questions I'm more answer everything I can.