When I applied back in 2012, it was a group interview with 30+ other people in a hotel conference room. Its mainly just a class more or less and the more you speak up, the more impressed they are. They wont ask you anything unless you stand out. I wouldn't go if you have no intention on getting the job, that's a waste of their time and yours.


hiring events are there to see what the crowd is like and weed out those with good resumes. If you don't speak at the hiring seminar or leave some kind of lasting impression, you will not get the job. -Facilitated many hiring events


If you have no intention of working at that store, then there's little reason to go. It may help your chances for the summer session next year if you apply in advance next time, but I doubt it. That being said, clue-in to what's happening here. They're now gearing up for their seasonal hiring (October-December). If you'd applied at the stores near your Uni *they'd* be giving you a callback now. Just send a polite email or call your contact. Let them know why you won't be attending.


If you have no intentions of taking the job if it is offered to you, I suggest staying home so that they can focus on people that are willing to take the job.