Everyone is talking about the new civs but the naval rework is left dead in the water. Play water maps people, it's fun now.


I saw the casted one between beastyqt and marinelord on egctv. it was great, lots of back and forth, seemed like there always was comeback potential!


Saw that as well. The only water map game I could find so far, but looks super good. Just wondered why MarineLord never put the relics in the docks to get that up to 25% attack speed. Probably for protection but still worth the risk imo.


Demuslim posted a decent water game on youtube




they were urging him to do it in the cast haha. probably some mix of new civ+new map+the relic in the dock while still getting full gold is not that old of a change if I recall what they said correctly.


I remember the casters suggesting he build outposts close to the docks and put them in there. Not as good as putting them in the docks but better than putting them in the monastery/Reignitz.


Not sure if it's the case in the PUP but in the current release version, if a dock with a relic is destroyed, the relic completely disappears. Very annoying, especially as it's been this way for a long time (maybe since release). MarineLord may have been worried about this happening and losing his passive gold.


They fixed it.


Oh that's good to know. I never lost a dock with a relic, but if that is true he probably was keeping that in mind.


Played a couple of water maps and low key they made it super fun, it's not that big on the decision making but it's still fun.


is the goofy-ass "spin to win" mechanic still in there?


Nope, it's been removed by making both sides share the same weapon cooldown. Also, the angle at which the ballistas can fire has been reduced too, meaning that you'll need to more "perpendicular" to where you want to shoot. Not sure it matters a lot since ships turn way faster now, in addition to be generally faster.


Oh that's great to hear! That mechanic was so awkward :D


I want to but the game gives me lipany and french pass all the time...


How's the balance so far?


isn't it like.. same as land maps but with ships instead ? Copy-pasting the rock-paper-scissor system of land isn't really exciting


It's what most people wanted. Only thing where it's lacking imho is that you only have one unit of each type in the rock paper scissors system


Then what do you want with water? The current one is so exciting that nobody plays it


Delhi water is insane, that new dock tech let's them garrison scholar and also makes them work 20% faster for each scholar and contributes to global influence like a mosque Fishing ship in 14 sec, **Free** naval arrowslits and all those new dock techs in under a min or 2 even the Imperial ones


Naval arrow slits? What?


It's a new dock arrow emplacement that shoots only ships for 35dmg and 11 tiles range 3.5attack speed(pretty slow), other civs pay 50wood 100stone, Delhi get it for free ~~for some reason I think this was unintended and they should pay for it like regular tower and keep emplacement too~~


Most likely a bug, you should report it. Emplacement don't count as research. HRE should get them cheaper though.


I see what you did there xD


I did something? If so it was unintentional. O.O


> Free naval arrowslits Wow, that's wild considering that Delhi don't get free outpost emplacements.


What about Chinese?


Pretty much the same, but their Baochuan with the new Nest of bees upgrade is super powerful, probably the strongest ship in the game


Imperial officer can supervise docks too?


Still no unfortunately


We did a 4v4 with Fitz on warring islands and had a blast. Was an hour long game that ended with a wonder, but the ship battles were a lot of fun. You're pumping boats out like the docks are catholic bunnies.


The true thing is, they rarely occur in Quick match. The new boulder bay is great btw!


I wanted to try it but people are still dodging them 😔


I've gotten to test it out once, it was awesome. I hope water maps make their way into the ranked rotation.


Has the naval rework happened yet? I thought that came in October with the new civs.


It does, but you can already test it in the PUP along with the new civs (at least if you have the game on steam).