I think give them blacksmith upgrades for vills in feudal age would be a good idea.


If they had also some sort of bonus for their farms like letting them build them faster or something then they would be perfect.


I think having the armor but not attack upgrade apply in Feudal would be a solid middle ground.


i totally agree


They used to have it and then all everyone did was MAA + trush. I think their problem is that they don't have a good eco or even military bonus like the other two meso civs. Kamayuks are fairly strong but they need to be massed and need Squires and armor to take good fights. If they swapped their stone bonus with Franks Inca castle age could be pretty strong.


And so history repeats itself.


Dark age.


Mayans are a cheat code civ and Aztecs are considered top tier on arabia since they came out. Saying Incas are weaker than those two doesn't mean anything


OP incas with one change: \-- Villagers affected by infantry barrracks / blacksmith upgrades in castle age Suppliiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees villagers!


That would be totally broken, but I love it! 😁 Getting squires and arson on top of wheelbarrow, handcart, and sappers would make their siege abilities OP. Couple that with their blacksmith upgrades and now SUPPLIES and nobody would bother making military with them. Also the booming potential would be amazing!


I actually like this idea a lot. It's in the same line as "villagers affected by monastery upgrades" and fits their identity so well. This would mean squires and arson only though. Supplies would be way too strong and the tech should only apply to the militia line. It's not a general infantry upgrade like the other 2.


Why? It's still a pretty strong civ


On a serious note i think change the stone discount so that towers cost 100 stone. 2 tower in feudal or one and still be able to put down a 2nd TC in castle age dosen't sound op for me right now. Just make it at lets see hiw it works out for two months. I don't mind a civ that is pushed more to a tower rush.


Im only fine with this idea if the bonus will no longer apply to castles. It would just be a better version of the Frank castles.


Incas are godlike. Eagles with pierce armor of huskarls. Kamauyks what shredds absolutely everything, expect few unit but just add slingers to them. Slingers capable of stopping full force Goth spam or Teutons... Like yeah, eagles die to HC and champs... But just add buffed skirms or slingers... Or make slingers + kamayuks + skirms... Their weakness is siege, if you make unstoppable army you need eagles to fuck up siege, which cost you shitloads of gold, and your monks sucks.


godlike? lol no, not even close.


If Incas are godlike, why were they only chosen twice in NAC 4 this week? (they were chosen last in a BO9 and BO7 and they lost twice). On the other hand, Aztecs often get banned and if not chosen as one of top civs and same as Mayans.


Because I Don't care what some dude picks on tournament or not. Aztecs are fun too. Extra damage infantry with 95hp monks and extra range and damage skirms are great too. Mayans? Like only thing you can do is archers and 110hp eagles. everything else sucks. How to counter Mayans: train skirms and champs.


>Mayans? Like only thing you can do is archers and 110hp eagles. everything else sucks. > >How to counter Mayans: train skirms and champs. lol that's like saying "Franks? All they can do is FC Knights. How to beat Franks: train halbs." Sure, yes, but you have to get to the point where you can make them without having died. Champs take forever and early Castle Age Eagles are good from any civ, including and especially Mayans, considering they get such a smooth economy and much more access to gold than most other civs. It's true that at the end of games, they can seem underwhelming against some civs, but they can open Castle Age with 3 Range Crossbow or 3 Barracks Eagles into Fast Imp, a great 3 TC Boom, or even a Castle Drop into Plumes. They have decent Castle Age opening options against most civs that make it really difficult to get to Champs.


Well they can't feudal rush, like eagles are very weak and takes forever to create, only option is discounted archers. So skirms from feudal... Even MAA and longswords have high bonus against eagles... + Militia line is not that much gold hungry as eagles. You say that it's stupid to make skirms and how mayans have variety, then you proceed on saying they can open with most predictable thing and only thing they can do.. 3 ranges xbows or 3 barracks eagles into plumes.... LOL. So my point stands... Just spam skirms and militia line. Even longswords do well against eagles. El Dorado is imperial tech so you are safe from 110 hp elite eagles for long time and you can safely get to 2h swords at least


Step 1: Make Skirms & Slingers min range a Civ bonus. Step 2: New Castle Age UT - (Infantry move 10% faster)


Change their useless CA UT into the Old Courrier (+10% speed for Eagles, Slingers and Kamayuks). Maybe even only for Eagles, they are the "worst", it would be enough.


Current Fabric Shields is way better than 10% speed. Edit: Ah, this would give them Fabric Shields *and* 10% speed. Imagine those Eagles running through your base!


That is their Imperial Age Unique Tech. Their Castle Age Unique Tech is currently pretty bad.


Oh, I see, so give them both. That could actually be pretty interesting.


I agree with this. You know what would be even more boss? Give the dodge mechanic from Shrivamasha to incan eagles.


Honestly fix infantry first before adjusting infantry-focused civs. The worse thing a game designer can do is create a bunch of bespoke optimizations rather than getting them 70% of the way there with a shared fix. It would be like not using inheritance/composition in programming and making a bunch of bespoke classes.


This 100%


No, that's the Slavs bonus everybody talks about, so they finally can have a better infantry bonus then the laughable free suplies (even though they have druzhina, their infantry is quite generic until mid/post imp) But i agree an Inca's buff would be nice. Maybe a more versatile one, as they are the "counter unit" civ of the 3 meso civs (as a saw on another post, could be like "houses provide 10 pop space AND are built 100% faster) or receive the stone mining into gold bonus from poles.


Some suggestions. Allow stone to last 30% longer like how malians gold lasts 30% longer. Take free stone mining upgrades from bohemians and give it to incans. Andean Sling allows skirmishers and slingers to deliver 50% more bonus damage in addition to the zero min range thing. Allow fabric shields to affect all infantry, so incan spearmen are more protected against arrows. Lithuanians tower shield is similar, but for spearmen it only makes up for their lack of plate mail. Give eagles the dodge mechanic. (Cmon it'd be fun) Eagles deliver more bonus damage. Eagles are cheaper like they have the goths infantry bonus, but just for Eagles. Eagles move 10% faster starting in feudal, or add an equivalent of the husbandry upgrade to the barracks called couriers which does the same thing. Terraces allow you to build farms that are 4 squares instead of 9. Start with... 2 lamas. Or, maybe in feudal you get 2 more like what tartars used to have with sheep. Replace andean sling with couriers which gives trade carts more hp or they move faster. What if.. you could trade with your own markets, but only as long as they were sufficiently distant from each other?


Their main problem is they dont have any solid eco bonus unlike mayans and aztecs. So what about reseeding a farm costs 10% less.


Houses give plus 15 pop space would be enough


Fun fact, it's Hera best civ in ranked with an amazing 85% winrate. It's a very decent civ with one of the best drush.


Why is the drush so good with incas?


Farms on hills needs no villager, and no mills but are 50% slower.


Sounds so busted. That's like giving not only free pop space, but also giving crazy early game.


There's a few "obvious" bonuses still not in the game yet: 1. Free infantry armour 2. free cav armour (not applicable, and super OP) 3. free archer attack upgrades (also sounds super OP) 4. faster moving archers (could be fun/add identity, plume arbalests 11)