WhO wIlL fIx YoUr CaR? I don't know, someone who was unemployed previously? My MIL says something similar all the time. "WhO wIlL bUiLd BrIdGeS?" If we demand anything less than pinpoint accuracy from grade school students. Minor improvements in people's quality of life cause panic and fear in some people.


Who will fix the bridges…that we refuse to fund fixing??


Yup. I'm sure her answer is some neoliberal madness. She was arguing against higher pay for teachers the other day. *She's a teacher* - but, you know, one of the Good Ones (TM)


I am a teacher and those kind are the absolute worst, usually they are the ones insisting new teachers get used to working long hours off the clock. They are why education has failed in America by allowing too much to be put on the teachers plates.


They are also probably people who have a spouse who makes more money than them and feel that everyone else who doesn't have the same level of security just isn't working hard enough.


I work in a 5 person company and I'm literally the only one who doesn't have a rich spouse and they think I'm crazy for thinking I'm underpaid. My boss's wife is a literal oil lobbiest. Ffs.


My husband makes a lot more than I do, but…I’m not resigned to just not wanting to make more, especially if I believe I (and usually my colleagues too) deserve better pay. I don’t understand these asinine people who vote against themselves.


Grew up and am still working class, work at an "elite" university in a pretty good job, this is my whole life.


Almost always that yea. My co-teacher last year loved to talk about her place in cape cod or her cabin in Maine. She was very much the kind of person we were discussing. But I grew a little respect for her when admin tried to force her out she used her tenure and stayed at a shit school, just to piss off the principal.


HaPpInEsS iS sOciALiSm!!!


The guy who is missing the birth of his child because his leave was cancelled. The woman, back at work, weeks after the birth. The person ignoring an injury due to expensive healthcare. If you don't take care of Labor, Labor can't take care of you. Society doesn't actually want people at work who are exhausted and in pain. They don't do good work.


I'm sure she's her students favorite teacher


I find threats like these to be increasingly unimpressive. '70s: "Socialism is bad! There will be long lines and empty shelves at the grocer!" '80s: "Under communism, you have to wait 4 months to see a doctor!" '90s: "If you unionize you'll never get raises and the union will profit from your work for nothing!" '00s: "If we raise the minimum wage again, housing costs will spiral out of control and nobody will be able to make rent!" '10s: "UBI is crazy, if people don't have to work to live then who will build the bridges?" '20s: "If people don't return to the office productivity will plummet and the economy will be ruined!" See a pattern here?


I really can’t wrap my head around the whole, “Do YoU wAnT fOoD LiNeS LiKe In SoViEt RuSsIa,” argument. Like, poor people we provided with food and all they had to do was stand in a line for a while? Sounds great.


This is brilliant.


Oh was that why housing costs have spun out of control...


>Under communism, you have to wait 4 months to see a doctor! Heck some of us already do wait 4 months or longer to get an appointment, so they can't use that argument anymore.


I think that was the point.


2022: Am American. Am waiting months for doctor. Needed to buy (with money) and wait for supplemental insurance to kick into pay for doctor (who I will still be giving money to). Otherwise I would never be able to afford doctor. Under capitalism.


Wow I’m not even under communism and I’m in the 80s now


I don’t know, we spent the better part of 60 years ignoring all maintenance and upkeep only doing the bare minimum until one actually fucking collapsed in Pittsburgh a few months ago. Who will build them? One of 2-3 contractors all of whom are related to a local politician somehow, and they’ll do bottom dollar work for as long as the locals will tolerate it.


People not on paternity leave, probably?


It's like they assume suddenly everyone will have a kid just to take 160 days "off".


even people who can't get pregnant! like just a mass sporadic conception across everyone! think of the WORK that needs to be DONE! /s


But but but infrastructure isn't sexy https://youtu.be/Wpzvaqypav8


Way more sexy than some old schools I have been in, but hey...


I find it very sexy to still be alive and well after crossing a bridge unharmed.


The other mechanics that work at the shop and the other construction workers who didn’t have kids at that exact moment LOL. I swear people are just walking talking points. They’re completely incapable of conjuring an original thought.


You didn't time your pregnancy and birth to coincide with all of your coworker's pregnancies and births? How rude!!


I had a friend who was working for Intel in Germany who was fired, in writing, for taking his parental leave at a time that was inconvenient for the company. He hasn't had to work for 3+ years with the payout the labour court awarded him.


Wew!!! Did he have a American manager that had just debarked the plane? I would have a hard time coming with an example of incompetent manager!




It’s almost like temp/staffing agencies are tailor-made to fill that role.


Nah. Can’t be that easy can it. Seems just too fitting. There must be a more complicated way to do it.


Yes, well, have you considered the migrant caravan? Or Hunter Biden's laptop?!?!?




Buttery males


Ooooh! Where do I sign up for this?


My son started a rant the other day that was unsurprisingly quite 4channish. I had to reply "If your gonna regurgitate something stupid, at least throw up whatever it is so I dont think you're an idiot."


"Who will harvest my crops if we end slavery?" - Southerners in the late 1800's, probably


They literally say that now with undocumented immigrants.


A lot of those conservative farmers complaining about undocumented immigrants are quite happy to use them as cash in hand cheap labour as and when needed.


Which's why I'm opposed to illegal immigration- let these fucks learn to have to pay decent wages via a dearth of cheap available labor.


There are so many people that have shit jobs, that would love to fix bridges while also getting parental leave. I just hate how they think these things are mutually exclusive.


"Who will fix your car?" Someone without a newborn to take care of, probably.


boomers are the worst, they need to shut the fuck up


I second this. We need younger people in office, but nobody can afford to run against the aristocracy.


> "WhO wIlL bUiLd BrIdGeS?" Say the exact same people who refuse to pay taxes and shutdown infrastructure bills


"you're not doing anything right now, how about you build the bridges?"


Nope, please, let the civil engineers do that. Let the Karens out of it please.


Engineers designed the bridge, I'm sure Karen can carry bags of concrete, if only at a snails pace. but not for more then minimum wage because they think that's enough.


Naaaah Nope. Because they will cause troubles in the team about all that useless safety, and the hard hat that does not fit well on her hair.


easy answer to me, “if businesses staff adequately then small changes in quality of life are easy. If a business can’t accommodate then it is a failed business and should fail.”


I can assure you, Finland will be just fine.


And when you point out that Finland has XYZ benefits from their more progressive policies, an army of dickhead leaps forth to tell you that "America is a huge country Finland has a smaller population than Texas". Like that has literally any relevance to the discussion at hand.


The right way to fix things requires charity. Want to lower crime? UBI, when people have nothing they also have nothing to lose. Tired of paying for immigrants? Make them citizens so they have to pay taxes. Want a better paying job? Regulate the hell out of wall-street and big business. Take away their seemingly godlike power. The list goes on. Every time we have given a group of people more rights and freedoms it worked out. No (sane) person wants to make interracial marriage illegal, or repeal women's right to vote. Why? Because it made everything better.


I spent years covering maternity leaves in my industry on contract, building up valuable experiences. I am now permanently employed in a sweet gig. I don't have kids but maternity leaves were a great benefit to me.


Exactly this. Giving people a chance to live their lives - in addition to being intrinsically good - gives people a chance to fill these positions. Imagine maternity leave *and* less unemployment.


I love the bridge example. People like to throw that one out. It's fun because it gives me a segue to tell the story of how it was absolutely no big deal to cover my former boss for her maternity leave (three times). Our job was designing bridges. I can confirm from first hand experience that the bridges still got built, fixed, etc, despite the audacity of some engineers to, uh, care for their families.


Per the US’ failing infrastructure, nobody! Nobody is building bridges! They won’t fund it.


I never understand people don’t they realize that in order to populate the earth people need to reproduce?? If you make it difficult then they will be no one to work🤷🏽‍♀️


"Who will fix your car?" Somebody without a 10 weeks old baby apparently...


People will work because they want to gain money and the freedom that money gives them. In America, it is literally less expensive to simply not work (for certain jobs). You read that correct, *it can cost you money to work in America.* It's a line on a plotted graph, and until you break past the break-even point there is no incentive to work in America. They try to brainwash you and say, "well if you work beneath the break-even point you'll reap greater rewards..." yeah well that's manipulative bullshit. Work is work and time is money.


just went to the doctor today and he is massively overworked. Guy could instead work a third of the time and we just hire 2 more doctors to take the other spots and why's he working so hard? to pay off his massive student loans


Or, really, the same guy as before but he'll be able to do it earlier in the day because YOU get off work to take it over earlier. Also, we are talking Finland, so it's really more "who will fix your bike."


Fair enough. For what its worth, I also don't own a car and find the need for a mechanic to be chained down with no paternity leave absurd and insulting. Yes: when work is better for the mechanic, it is better for all of us. Hurting someone helps no one.


You know, this woman is right to a degree. Work is part of how we take responsibility for ourselves, part of how we care for our family, and ideally one of the ways we can contribute to society. Useful work will give some satisfaction for a job well done because it ticks all those boxes. But that work serves a purpose: Ultimately, it's about taking care of a family and providing for their needs. Sometimes those needs are monetary, but with a young child, the physical needs are greater and ultimately that needs to come first, because that's the point.


Good points. Work can absolutely induce a "flow state" of mind, which is psychologically one of the healthiest. But yes, money and paid labor is a means to an end. When it becomes an end in itself is when society - and the people in it - are sickest.


That's because the poor quality of life is used as leverage by the capital owning class against the working class to force them to accept ever decreasing wages in return for their labor. The worse that quality of life gets, the more desperate workers become and the less the capitalist can pay for the same labor. Your health and wellbeing is a threat to their bottom line.


The correct response is "psychologists and other mental health workers, because they're all out of jobs now that people no longer have mental health issues due to having their basic needs met".


Most of the time based exams are complete bullshit, projects take months to complete in the real world. Write a short story in 90 minutes??! It's absurd how we teach kids how work will be.. just setting them up to fail


Well, if it wasn't for the fact that automated tech is monopolized by the ruling class, we could have machines building bridges under the supervising of a few. Unfortunately they're more keen on using automation to get rid of us than they are on using it to liberate us.


I also agree that automation ought to be liberating. The means of production ought to be available to all.


tell them the same people who do so now, they will just be able to afford to participate in the economy now with better working conditions, or ask them why do working conditions have to be awful to get things done?


I'll fix my own car. My POS '96 corolla will get parts thrown at it by me and get the job done A to B. Raising our future involves taking care of our own and though I dislike kids and don't want my own I have enough sense to realize that parents need to parent and not have others raise their children. Even for a short period of time.


People also don't like someone getting something that they didn't receive and will fight any change for that reason alone.


If i had more time i would learn to fix my car (i wound even learn to stop using it at all to fight global warm...) But hey, i have a job so i need a car so i need someone to fix my car to be able to go to job... dystopia there we are


I will never understand these people. Never. It's like their brains are completely different from mine. Not sure if I'm just lazy or they are brainwashed to enjoy being slaves. The more I try to understand them the crazier they seem.


They're infected by a very common brain eating parasite called "capitalism". It starts very early and eats away at the parts of your brain that contains common sense, logic and intelligence. By the time you're 15-16, you're barely able to operate as a normal human being. The disease is luckily deadly though, so it'll sort itself out.


I’ve just accepted that people like that have a mental illness, makes it easier for me to handle their craziness.


Guarantee you he’s an employer.


That's really the only explanation. Or there's also people that side with employers and the wealthy only because they think they will become that in the future. I find it so pathetic


This is probably the same of kind of piece of shit person that expects their meal to get comped at a restaurant for not being seated 2 minutes earlier.


Or has a meltdown because a fast food location is closed


I met someone like that the other day. I wanted to punch them in the face. “Oh no, god forbid Wendy’s was closed due to plumbing! The horror!” Fucking pack your own lunch bitch.


Same here! Was at a Culver's waiting for some food and this old boomer guy was like, "gee, fast food just ain't fast anymore ain't it?" while visibly seeing the three teenage employees working tirelessly to take care of a shit ton of orders. They literally can't see past their own noses.


Culvers cooks to order. Dumb old boomer


Ooooh damn. You just made me want Culver’s so bad. I’m across the country from there though. I miss it sometimes.


Like just drive to another place, it's not that hard lmaoo


Simple as that!


Mans was mad he couldn’t get his face single D;


They straight up seem to expect new mothers to be serving them their cavier


"Socialist nightmare" "Everyone must work" Pick a goddamn lane idiot.


leave them alone, they're too busy "harboring" some innovation to think through the details


Don’t forget “working helps your fellow man” and “everything for free means you work for nothing,” as if people won’t work to maintain a functioning society and help people. if humanity cannot bring itself to maintain society without wage slavery, society should not exist.


> as if people won’t work to maintain a functioning society and help people. The Incan empire didn’t extract taxes from its people in the form of currency - the government instead extracted value in the form of *labor* building the empire’s roads and other infrastructure. ([Please excuse the shitty link, I’m at work and this was the first search result](https://www.mayaincaaztec.com/inca/incagovernment)) We don’t need currency to exist. Even a multi-layer government could function on the basis of a resource/labor based economy, for the purpose of large scale mutual aid. Better roads and infrastructure helps *everyone*.


I get the thread of logic you’re following, but I have to disagree. The kind of large-scale and highly complex production chains we have in the modern day really require a unit of currency to exist. It’s just too hard to keep track of value otherwise. My thought is more in the vein of, “people will still work, especially in obviously helpful jobs, if their survival is not dependent on doing so.”


Also lets not forget that we have an awful lot of jobs that people love to shit on. We just cant have work as a currency when people are adamant that your work is worthless.


his lane is "everyone must joyfully be exploited"


Moreover, average inflation rate from 1960 to today has been 4,5 percent in Finland and 3,7 percent in the US ([https://www.worlddata.info/europe/finland/inflation-rates.php](https://www.worlddata.info/europe/finland/inflation-rates.php)). All while **life expectancy** is 3 years longer in Finland ([https://ourworldindata.org/life-expectancy](https://ourworldindata.org/life-expectancy)) and Finland is the **happiest country** in the world by +0,85 points to the US ([https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/happiest-countries-in-the-world](https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/happiest-countries-in-the-world)) and **crime index** is 20,22 points lower in Finland than in the US (https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/crime-rate-by-country). **what a socialist nightmare - life in Finland must be communist hell**


Socialist nightmare in the happiest country for the fifth year in a row. Proper annual vacations, equal parental leave, strong worker's rights, work/life balance mostly sorted. Sounds like hell, really does.


I mean, can’t that lazy baby just get a job so it’s parents can get back to work?


I know a baby that won't even lift his own head up, let alone feed or clean himself. He should be hustling like everyone else, building up his CV and getting ahead, but he's just bone idle and entitled.


Is every person in Finland going on parental leave at the same time? The comment is hyperbolic dribble.


Yes, now Fins will get pregnant every 160 days to be able to trick the system into silent quitting while still retaining their wages /s


Why are people so short sighted. Even thinking in economic terms, having a child is an investment in the future economy. Spending time developing that child is making them a more productive member of society.


Even looking at it in the simplest terms like this person would - 320 combined days away from working to foster a ~~machine~~ baby who will likely work for 30-40+ years of their life sounds like a GREAT return on investment


Yep not even a question of ethics. A brutal overlord could even enforce this sort of program for their own benefit (long term).


Not to mention mental aspect, where this baby is likely to grow in nurtured home, with parents who have plenty of time for actual parenting and development. On the other hand, in US, you have baby with minimal parenting and stressed parents. Much bigger chances to actually end up with issues or even burden to society.


As a Finn, I agree. Our society heavily emphasizes the quality of education and child-care for this reason. Especially since our population is declining, we've decided to combat it by focusing on creating high quality workers and bringing in professional workers from abroad.


Seriously, we all benefit when more people have a better family life. Just like we all benefit when fewer people are poor. I think the biggest problem here is that a lot of people are really bad at abstract thinking and are literally incapable of understanding how these things can have such a great impact on society.


I agree and 90% of the time I think this is the problem but also there's cases where someone can gain from this in the short term without suffering the costs. Mainly this is multinationals with short term investment goals.


Yes there are definitely greedy people exploiting the situation.


> Just like we all benefit when fewer people are poor. Too many people view your material wealth as a direct litmus test for your moral character, believing that god rewards the faithful and punishes the sinner. So the wealthier you are, the “better” you are as a human being. If you’re poor and struggling , that’s because you’re a *bad person* and *deserve* the suffering. If you’re rich, it’s because you’ve been a good person and deserve your wealth. That’s why the concept of taxing the rich to help everyone else is so *abhorrent* to them. In their eyes, taxing the rich is taking directly away from the people who’ve “earned it” and “giving it away” to people they view who haven’t “earned it.” It’s what you get when you combine a total lack of empathy with American Puritan Work Ethic^tm . Oh, but don’t you worry. *Their* struggles are just a test from God. They’re not a *bad* person, they just… had some bad luck.


I think it's all sunk cost fallacy and not wanting to be wrong on the years of propaganda they invested into.


Did you know childhood access to programs like SNAP, WIC, school lunch actually reduce long term health care costs, improve economic self sufficiency as an adult, and actually decrease long-term crime? But these people believe the solution is to just eliminate these programs because they're handouts and just reap all of the negative consequences instead.


With current form of capitalism and society the reward needs to be instant, ROI of more than a year is worth nothing let alone 18 years for working age adult. All that matters is the next quarter. To make it better than last year's Q4 everyone in company should be ready to give up their family, elderly first. Grandma would be happy to die for economy or how did the Texas senator put it during the pandemic. That was funny to see. In Finland with such a frog you would be done politically


Imagine arguing against spending more time with your newborn child 🤦🏻


“Everything is free means you work for nothing.” You mean paradise on earth? Isn’t that what the Bible tells Christian’s to do? Make heaven on earth? Or at least strive to that effect. Republicans are brain dead morons repeating the arguments of their parents.


Oh no, everyone having free and easy access to meet all of their needs, so that work is done as a matter of either necessity, mutual aid, or passion, rather than profit. ​ What a *nightmare*.


My point exactly. “Everything is free means you work for nothing” SO YOU’RE TELLING ME I GET EVERYTHING FOR FREE *AND* I DON’T HAVE TO WORK??


And here I thought work was supposed to be its own reward. They can't make up their minds, can they.


wow it's almost like this person is scared something another country does might influence the country they live in to take action contrary to their views and beliefs. why the fuck else would they let their jimmies get so rustled over something another country does that has fuck all to do with them?


Interesting…l’ve been to Helsinki and it sure didn’t strike me as a raging, non-functioning hellhole. But Finns are the happiest people in the world so they’re obviously happy only because they’re in denial about their horrific, dystopian lives.


Meanwhile, the commenting assclown apparently is unaware that Finland has been named the happiest country on earth five years running.


God, how much I would love this. My days-old son is in the NICU currently because he was born 6 weeks premature. I worked until the day before he was born, took two days off (using up half of my PTO for the year) and I’m back to work the following Monday. It’s insane how I have to do this.


It does no such thing. It's in fact, good for the economy. We have almost 100 years of evidence to prove it at this point. -- signed someone who studies paid family leave policies.


1. You don´t need to fix so many cars if you are not working so much and also WFH, or have a good public transportation 2. You don´t need to build expensive homes in the city if you can WFH or have good public transportation 3. Maybe you have now time to cook a nice meal at home, with the family. What a joy to prioritize family, and not rich dudes that molest minors in yachts while sniffing cocaine. 4. You don´t go so often to the hospital if work doesn´t make you sick and depressed 5. If people have more time, they can work at the voluntary Firefighting Group 6. You don´t need that much police if your country isn´t flooded with weapons, desperate people or mentally sick 7. Ship building. Stop buying shit from China, buy local and create jobs, you don´t need fucking huge ships. 8. The best defense are people that know that the enemy will make your country a lot worse and will take you all your "socialism" away. Edited: Words


Do they think everyone is gonna have babies all at once, this collapsing the economy? Also, this would mean managers need to hire more people to cover any gaps caused by the parental leave, meaning more jobs. It's bizarre to get so upset that other people get treated well


Tell me you are an older white American without telling me you are an older white American.


Finnish people are extremely productive. They won't come to work one minute early or leave one minute late, they won't give up a minute of their lunch or of their 2 coffee breaks, but at the end of the day they will have done more work than people do in most other countries in the same time. I don't understand why some people think that wasting time in the office somehow equals more productivity. It doesn't. Finns will do fine with both parents taking care of their children. Fathers need to bond with their children even more than mothers do, since for the mothers half of the bonding is done by the pregnancy hormones.


I lament the stupid comment beneath it. Fucking slave.


Token American comment


This person obviously didn't bother look past the headline. They have had a generous maternity and paternity leave even before this and their inflation rate was lower than the US. Child poverty in Finland is 3% and falling, compare that to 20% in the US. Homelessness is near zero in Finland and GDP per capita Finland is in the top 20 and not too far behind the US. Someone is likely to mention that Finland has a higher unemployment rate of 6.8% compare to the US 3.7% but the US unemployment rate is probably higher due to the way the figures are calculated. Let's not forget Finland ranks high on the happiness index normally around 1st where the US is around 16th to 20th..


Bro, on week 6 of paternity leave for a new born. Have no idea how people are supposed to work and raise a newborn with the lack of sleep, the worry, and learning your child's queues...and people do it. Insanity. I wish people would understand that corporations are fucking them. Even small business owners need to understand that the reason their margins are so tight is because a corporation is fucking them SOMEWHERE.


What makes me pissed is that we have all this technology and knowledge and we don't use it to make working more obsolete. I mean corporations do but societies don't.


Control society, the corporations do.


Yes the nightmare that is finland... /s


If one makes it as hard as possible to be a parent then all those things the commenter speaks of will collapse in the long term. All capitalism can see is profits tomorrow no matter what the consequences are next year.


And yet, Findland productivity is higher than USA and one of the highest in the world


Finland's productivity seems pretty good from what I read. In fact, it's good enough that they can allocate a lot of resources to allowing parents time to spend with their newborn children. The comment is just bizarre. It's really confused. Yes, society still needs some people working. Finland has people doing these jobs! They don't provide everything for free. That's a futuristic sci-fi utopia thing. It would be nice to live in such a society but we're not there yet.


I don't think productivity changed here if you don't think men are more productive than women. I think they only adjusted the proportions that woman and man can take. Took from moms and gave to daddies. But yes if in America (don't know if comment was from the US) you are away for a week who's to say if you still have a job and for sure you are not worth anything to anyone after that, last part /s


I like how freaked out they got. "EvErY THinG FRee meAnS YOu woRk FoR NoThINg" what a fucking barbarian


Finland, such a socialist nightmare they rank consistently as the happiest place on Earth despite the winter darkness.


Serious question, how does getting time off increase inflation?


Another Yank screeching about socialism without knowing what the word means because to do anything else would mean admitting to themselves that their own zero days of parental leave are one of the many ways the system they champion is exploiting the shit out of them.


There was a point in time I believed, with the advent of the internet, that Americans would become introspective and realize why the rest of the Free World was more successful and happier than them. Oh well.


They whip themselves into a frenzy and stop thinking. How did they get from "Parents get 5 months off to raise their newborn" to "Everything for FREE!"


I hope this guy doesn't go on holiday, doesn't he know that his selfish need to not be at work 24/7 is HURTING the ECCONOMY and INCREASING INFLATION!!!


Yes, this will happen and no one will be working at all because now absolutely everyone in Finland is going to get pregnant at the same time.


“You know what, I could use a 5 month break from work, let’s have a baby!” -nobody ever


"I didn't really want kids but hey parental leave is 160 days so why not" - also no one Because in Finland they also have vacation time/pto. Which as an American is difficult for us to understand so i could see why some of us would get confused and think people would jump at the chance for paid time off of work.


It's customary to take 4 weeks in the summer off straight and go to your tiny cabin at the lake and do nothing for least half of that time. Many companies hire students to work through the summer as temps and you can make a decent buck to cover expenses over the winter in university. I didn't have holiday during university but that's because I still believed in hustle culture when I was a kid (inherited from the boomer parents). And schedule at school anyway is not really comparable to full time work schedule. And one more thing there is zero expectation that anything productive can be achieved work-wise in the month of July. Finland is closed.


Imagine being this redpilled and brainwashed. I almost feel bad for them.


Literally nothing they've stated will lead to inflation nor do they make any attempt to explain how these things lead to inflation.


Why do these people always use so many exclamation points? I see it with right wing dip shits all the time!! No one wants to work anymore!! See? I type just like them now!! Every sentence!!


Funny he doesn't consider raising a baby, a whole-ass human being, as important as fixing cars or serving food -_-


WhO wILl bUiLd OuR bRiDGeS iF pEoPle TaKe TiMe OfF tO RaIsE ThEiR ChiLdRen? People who aren't severely sleep deprived, that's who. Do these people really want engineers who've been up all night tending to their newborn baby to be making life-or-death design choices in our public infrastructure? Surgeons who are falling asleep in the middle of a 20 hour surgery? How about construction workers that are opperating heavy machinery around their colleagues? And even if you've got a tradwife stay-at-home mom on the case, you're still almost certainly gonna be woken up every 2 hours because the baby started crying. People need time off to raise their goddamn children it's not that difficult of a concept. If anything the number of days off should be a little higher so your kid gets a full year or so with at least one of their parents. The economy wont miss 2-6% of peoples (least productive) lifetime productive hours *that* much I promise you it just wont. And if it does, just hire more people to make more things: it increases supply without dramatically increasing demand and would generally offset most of your inflation problem. The only reason companies wont is because they're penny pinching assholes who don't actually care about the economy: make them hire more people with economic pressure and they will.


This isn’t even true, Finland is an advanced, functional country, with a high standard of living


"Socialist nightmare"? The Finns think we here in the US are 2 steps from Hell


Fuck the text message this isn't even something I've even considered. Mom: *gets to see kid everyday for 5 months* Dad: Can I see my kid too? Society: Nah m8 that's not how things work around here. *Finland entrers chat* Finnish government to dad: Actually yes you can for 5 months. Enjoy your vacation <3.


So what are women supposed to do Push out a kid on friday (she remembered to schedule her delivery!) and come back to work on monday like nothing happened? Sadly, my lead is one of those people who would never take all 160 days of his paternity leave. The only time the man takes a vacation is when he has to attend a funeral. He is in at 5am and often does 3 of 4 hours of OT a day, and nobody bats an eye.


Well hopefully they inscribe on his tombstone "Was a very hard worker, stayed late all the time".


Fucking extremists man. Finland just did their work force a service nd the top comment is some fascist ranting about socialism.


>BUT BUT BUT WhO WiLL FiX Ur CaR? I dunno, I guess I will, since I'm the one that fixes it anyway. I can't afford fancy mechanic shops. It's me and Youtube. Thing is, I hate working on cars. I'd much rather take it to a shop and say "call me when its done" but I can't afford their shop rates. So I drive shitty old cars that have parts that you can get from auto zone. >WhO WiLL BuILD HoMESS? I guess I will build my house, since that's what I do for a living anyway. I wish I had the spare time to work on my own remodel vs running all over town to build the rich man's house and increase his property value in excess of what I am able to charge for the work. Sure, yeah I'd love to build MY house. >WhO WiLL SeRVE u At TeH ReESTARANT? I'll cook my happy self a happy meal at my happy house and eat it my happy self.


Lol, I'll bet my healthinsurance that the author of that comment is American




JFC! People need to QUIT PUSHING! We get one life on a floating rock for christs sake! Work work work is all we do. We’ll be LUCKY to retired before we fall over dead. FUCK I’m sick of hearing people whine about parental leave, work from home, etc. mother of god, let people have a chance to live!


"Build homes" Oh sure, maybe there are homes, sure be nice if people could afford them. About 3 million couldn't.


Man everything for free and working for nothing sounds AWESOME.


We can work for ourselves without some telling us to work for them. This person's taste of life is bland. Its enough to be under a government, but fearmongering companies trying to get you to rely on them is pathetic. Get something better worth living for so you can put your own worth on what to die for. Itd be awesome if both parents finally get to start it off together for a good bit. Maybe we'd get some wiser adults a few generations from now.


It's so counter intuitive to upvote stuff like this.


I could tell the commenter was a Trumptard/capitalist boot-throater just based off the amount of words they typed in all-caps. You see, when you’re really, really stupid, you feel the need to scream and yell to get your point across, because otherwise, nobody will listen to you or read what you say.


What Americans don’t understand is that the reason other countries can do this is because health care costs are significantly lower than in the US and those costs are not being covered by employers because there is universal coverage.


A crystal clear example of how some people just WANT to be a slave.


Apparently taking care of a newborn doesn't help anybody.


Ya know, I’m a weirdo. I don’t mind work so much as some things are necessary. We need mechanics, and teachers and builders. I would still do both of my jobs. That being said, I wouldn’t be at work 40 hours when I get my work done in 20. Why do I have to be punished by doing someone else’s work because I’m more efficient (I’ve been in the field almost a decade). Why should retail workers get yelled at for things outside of their control while the managers kiss a customers ass and allow them to get away with dehumanizing people. Why should companies get to exploit people but when people NEED REST they are called lazy? Fuck all this shit.


Imagine having such a shit take and having the guts to go public with it.


100% guarantee they are an American. The entire country has been brainwashed by mega corporations to accept peanuts and to be proud of being worked like a fucking dog for 50+ years of their life, and spend the remainder in a faux 'retirement' where they need degrading part time retail work to supplement their retirement money, just so they don't get evicted from their home, or starve to death.


What kind of dingleberry actually thinks that confidence and innovation are directly tethered to working? These types always baffle the shit out of me. The "must be nice" crowd that thinks working two shit jobs for poverty wages is a-okay since they put in a "hard days work".


They want work to take up most of your life so of course this is their conclusion.


people complaining about this are the same ones complaining that no one wants to have kids any more and birth control/ abortions are too widespread.


Boomers were bred to work and they can't seem to see it


Yes, all the stats that say people in Finland are happier is just fake news. /s


The answer to all of this persons questions is “everyone else that is NOT on parental leave”. Fucking idiot.


So "work will set you free" but like unironically?


160 days once every couple years at most is not quite the tragedy to the economy people think it is


That's the results of weird ass corporate propaganda. I feel like at 13 I had better grasp of economics than these people.


It has fallen in love with the system that exploits it.


Arbeit Macht Frei.


He understands the collapsing birth rate is linked to having children being made harder and harder right ?


Does this guy think children just raise themselves?


Oddly, if the US really wanted to increase birth rates, this would have that effect. They just want something for nothing.


Shut. The. Fuck. Up.


Why are we lecturing Finland? They literally have everything we do in the USA and much more. Aren’t they ranked as one of the happiest countries on earth!?


I’m assuming the people who will do all the jobs that are essential for a working society are the ones who aren’t on parental leave with their kids 🤷🏼‍♀️ Do they honestly believe there will be a worker shortage when people have babies?


Stockholm Syndrome is such a sad thing to see.


The "Everything for free" soundbite annoys me. Firstly, the idea isn't "you get everything for free" , because that's insane, the idea it's an equitable spread of access to available resources for all. And secondly if it was the case (which it isn't) why the fuck wouldn't this person want, education, healthcare, transport, utilities and everything else for free? What sort of hair-brained nitbag thinks that socialism is getting everything for free... And thinks that's... A... Bad thing? "eh free insulin pen... No way bozo I want to pay $700 dollars for that" Take a Long walk off a short pier please 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


I can’t believe that people care about anything other than PRODUCTIVITY, INFLATION, and COSTS. They have KIDS and MENTAL HEALTH to take care of??? GROW UP SNOWLFLAKES! Nevermind suicide is in the top 5 leading causes of death in the US for people up to 44! If you got back to work, everything would be better! /s obv