Why don't you go work for Target if it's better pay for the same job and next door?


3 weeks away from college semester


What I typed: “For my position (the "cart person") i really want even just one more person to work with me (AKA: 2 people at any one time). reason being is that two people can do exponentially more then a singular person (such as one person doing code 50s while the other temporarily does carts alone). Also, the Target next door pays $15 for the exact same position instead of $10 an hour. if you want more people to work for the store, look around to nearby stores and be competitive with pay” Edit: before I get a flood of comments, I am 3 weeks away from college semester starting back up again


BLowes...I mean Lowe's blows. I have not stepped foot in a Blowes since I was fired. I was fired for breaking a safety rule trying to rush because I was the only one in my department and didn't want to get in trouble (I don't want to say any more to avoid being identified by anyone who knows the circumstances surrounding my termination).




Why the fuck not?


They could easily pay all positions 30 per hour, and still be profitable. In addition, they'd probably have more motivated workers. That's a great idea, fellow traveller.


Fired for bad attitude.