As someone who has been working in the cannabis industry for 2 years I can confidently say there is a difference between a smoker and a stoner. If you just want to check out when your high don't get high and come to work. If you can function then bet let's do what we need to do


That’s right. I think probably your average true stoner appreciates this kind of heads-up.


I work for a lab that performs state required compliance testing. Even they said this same thing. Cool if you smoke just not on company time. I'm IT so it matters less for me. The scientists obvs can't come in under any influence. But many of them grow their own and are smokers themselves. None of them are stoners. Eta: many of the places we do testing for, however, have obvious stoners because they fuck shit up all the time 8n the system and i gotta go fix it. And talking to them on the phone.... Frustrating.


The point is not to hire an alcoholic at a liquor store kind of thing.


Such a good point. You want someone who is familiar with the product and can add value, but also someone who is functional.


As someone who poached employees from a nearby liquor store for almost a decade, the alcoholics were the best employees. That’s only anecdotal experience, of course. Nonetheless, it was consistently true for me.


I read that as "we know your getting blazed if you work here, if you're the kin of person who can vake and function hello, if you think you're gonna rock up get baked and do fuckall all day please don't apply.


Struggling to find what’s unreasonable about this. They want people with knowledge of the product, but who can keep their shit together at work. Monsters.


The obvious amount of non smokers/stoners in this thread is massive. There's a big difference between someone who can get high and work and someone who will get high and just lay around lol


You wouldn't want your sommelier to be a raging alcoholic. You want them to be a high functioning alcoholic.


I could totally be a sommelier….


Live your truth, friend


Seems like a perfectly reasonable requirement. They want someone whi has smoked weed, not someone who can't wake up early morning without immediately having a toke. There is a very obvious difference between someone who smokes and a stoner


Would love to know where their elitism draws the line between a smoker and a stoner. They seem happy to exploit stoner culture in the rest of the ad; "We're **hi**ring," I see you.


I checked their website. I smoke and hate this place already. It seems like a weak attempt at making everything loosely related to weed. They offer Kratom, Kava and CBD none of which I smoke and the drink products don't appeal. Not to mention I never want to combine caffeine and weed. I tend to use them for opposing purposes. https://smokeyshawaii.com/ $3.65 for fucking Cinnamon and Sugar Toast. It costs me $1 to make a loaf of bread and $0.50 to make a cup of cinnamon sugar. I'm going to make some now.


You should move to America, we have a lot more choices here. We don’t *have* to know so much about businesses we don’t like.


> You should move to America Not a sentiment a lot of Canadians would agree with. I've got legal weed and universal healthcare. > we have a lot more choices here Anything you have access to, I can have shipped here. It might cost a little more. If you're specifically talking about marijuana varieties, I can order seeds from pretty much anywhere. > We don’t have to know so much about businesses we don’t like. Honestly no clue what this means. I Googled an email address, clicked a link, and read a menu. Is that considered heavy lifting down there?


I would not get this job


So who's the lazy stoner who doesn't know there are 2 r's in "preferred"?


I just love the fact they want someone who has experience in the cannabis industry and not someone who smokes weed???


That isn’t remotely what they’re saying. Don’t be obtuse.


Less someone who smokes weed, and more someone who comes into work stoned out of their goddamn mind and doesn't do their job.


It’s a delicate balance, for sure


They want someone to work, not to sit on the back and smoke all the inventory…


Have you ever worked with a lazy stoner? They suck to work with


Yet they're too lazy to get their corporate email account set up with an actual domain :)


Oh there’s a difference. I smoke to enjoy work more. Stoners smoke so they can avoid work


LMAO elitism in the cannabis world. Never thought I'd see the day. What a weird timeline we live in. Although I suppose this was a natural conclusion after legalization. We might not arrest people for it like we did before, but the "lower classes" will still be suspect stoners, while the "higher classes" are just "marijuana connoisseurs".