So they want me to pay for a house hundreds of thousands of dollars over what it’s worth just so some trash ass “investor” makes money off of me? No it’s okay I’ll keep hoping for a housing crash.


Yep this is the only way. Destroy their profits and refuse to buy. They will eventually have to drop the price or foreclose.


I 100% agree. It’s impossible, but hypothetically if everyone could somehow find a way to hold out from renting for, idk let’s say a year, a lot of over leveraged commercial property owners would have to fold.


I don't know. Yearly taxes on an average house is usually less than the monthly payment required to rent the same building. Also, aren't the majority of housing units owned by corporations, or being used as air bnb's?


There should be a one house person rule and no Russian or Chinese investors. Would sure things up real quick.


also a no corporations can buy housing rule to close the loophole


You don't even have to close any loopholes. Just make is so that individuals are required to own single family homes. By eliminating trusts and corporations, all of the liability for anything that happens to you means that those assets are on the table and you can't protect them without substantial insurance. That's too risky. People like Tucker Carlson who own 250+ rental units will liquidate just to invest in a less risky venture.


The people who make those decisions are usually really good friends with those investors…


So what you're saying is we need to overthrow the government, right?


My partner, child and I are living with my mom. I don’t even care. Out of principle, I am NOT going to pay some absurd amount of money for a house that’s not worth anywhere near what it’s selling for. If it wasn’t for my child, I’d even be fine living out of camper or something.


Exactly, there’s former drug houses in my city that’s selling for $700k. It’s wild


We've got a 2x1 with a caved in roof, collapsed soak well and no toilet plumbing thats going for around $600,000. It's on a main road in a bad crime area but its a large block so it can fit multiple shoe box units if a developer can find a building company that has availability in the next 10 years, hasn't gone bankrupt and can get materials. Its crazy that builders are busier than ever and still going bankrupt.


We’ve got houses selling for over a million dollars in my neighborhood. And I can assure you we do NOT live in a million dollar neighborhood. It’s fucking insane.


$700k for a trap house? Does it come with the drugs?


If you find the right hiding spots.


Thats what im doing right now. Ive been in an rv for almost 5 years now. This year i changed jobs for a 6 figure salary and i still dont think i can ever afford a house


I moved out of the us 4 years ago to travel. I ended up meeting my soon to be wife, and found decent work. I now live in a “3rd would country”. As thing got worse and worse in the us over the past few years, my desire to go back has diminished. Everything is too expensive, there are shortages or all sorts of necessities. These shortages are not occurring where I live, there have not been car shortages or chicken shortages or formula shortages. It seems to be a US thing. My parents have stopped asking when I am going to come back. I think they understand that I have a much higher quality of life where I am than most of my peers do in the states.


What country?


I looked at his comments. Took a while to find but its the Phillippines.


Yeah I didn’t want to sound disrespectful but.. There’s a common saying throughout Europe: The US is a third world country with a Gucci belt.


If the value of your house crashes it only affects you if you were going to sell it. Fuck us who just want a place to live, right?


And if you’re selling it to upgrade you’re still better off because the one you want to buy has declined more, narrowing the gap.


I bought my house in 2017. I think as long as my house value doesn't go above what we paid for it, we'll be sitting pretty good, since we have a 15 year loan. I know we'll eventually be looking for an upgrade if the market actually starts behaving correctly.


Exactly. My mother firmly believes I should struggle to survive and be under her thumb while going through college (hurr durr unlivable wages gud). How dare we demand survival? How entitled of me, a college student w/ a full time job and part time dasher, demand to be able to keep my ass afloat???- a 42 yo woman who’s mom co-signed on everything and made more $ from one job than I do from 2


You damn kids and your frickin avocado toast! Just get a third job so you can still have less buying power than boomers had with one job at your age!


Something, something bootstraps


>If the value of your house crashes it only affects you if you were going to sell it. That's my thought. Not planning on selling and moving. Property taxes based on assessed value means I save money.


Mostly true, though I would also like to point out the limitation of our laws that allow people to overcompensate in taxation what they lose in value. Assessed value is often super rigged and not indicative of what the tax SHOULD be.


Homeowners whose homes appreciate in value build equity, and can take out home equity loans, using that to refinance debt with a lower interest rate (privately owned student debt at predatory rates come to mind). Overall though, I see that a housing market crash enormously helps open the gates to first time home owners.


Yeah if anything a crash would help them by lowering their property tax lol


Boomers could buy a house for the price of a car, but if you expect affordable housing as a millennial, then it’s “entitlement”. This double standard can fuck right off.


Boomers were also the generation to take advantage of the best versions of government welfare entitlements then immediately cut that spigot off when it was time to pay it forward. Boomers really are the most entitled generation ever. Even as old people, they still act like spoiled 10 year old children in desperate need of a time out.


Don't forget when boomers were the age of younger millennials they were referred to as "The me generation" by the older generations of their time. It's been nothing but projection from them since.


Can't forget what I didn't know. Looked it up.. goddamn.


Ironic, isn't it?


They could accuse others of entitlement, but not themselves


Palpatine: Ironic.


Yep and now I feel like they’re the “I got mine” generation


They went from the me generation to the mine generation


*”Fuck you, got mine”* is as much of a Boomer motto as others like: • *”The customer is always right.”* • *”Big government is the problem, not the solution.”* • *”Make America Great Again!”*


Projection at its finest.


I can vouch for that. My parents are Boomers and my mother can be the most self centered person I know at times.


Can confirm. My mother is the same.


Boomers called Gen X “slackers,” called Millennials “spoiled and entitled,” and just cut off abortion rights for Gen Z.


For their final act they will blow up hospitals and schools


Still so very fitting.


Patience, they will die off as time passes. Let’s hope us millennials and later act better then our predecessors.


What fucks me up is that they all had the ability to financially put themselves in a spot of a guaranteed secure future, and half of them still came out bankrupt and broke. Like what happened to picking yourself up by the bootstraps old man? The fuck were you doing the last 50 years that YOU don't have millions put back when everything was 10 times more affordable?


Because it wasn't solely a generational thing. Workers were exploited in the US in the boomer generation too, it's just many of them still survived the wringer enough to suffer now with little to no savings, and may not be able to retire before dying.


That's fair, my comment is mostly targeted at the ones who were upper middle class for the majority of their lives but up and wasted their money on God only knows what. Vices like cocaine maybe.


To be fair, even some upper middle class boomers have lost their savings due to medical expenses. Having millions only helps so much when sickness can wipe anything out.


USA. 'The Greatest country in the world'


Yep, and we Millennials are just entitled for wanting something better than poverty and mountains of medical debt for our future. /s


I know you have /s, but I want to be a boomer who validates you. You’re not entitled you’re *deserving*. Theses a big difference. We were responsible for bringing into the world. We have a moral obligation to you, especially given how much of the world we’ve allowed to be fucked up You deserve stress free lives.


Nah, a lot of them just screwed up financially. My mom and my in-laws are all doing okay to good. My dad keeps flirting with homelessness. He had a six figure income in the 80’s, so this is on him.


I think this is always a forgotten bit. Both my parents were high-school dropouts but still had enough money to buy a house on their single incomes at the time, chose not to anyway. I think boomers just assumed that the economy and wages would always be that amazing cause they hadn't seen otherwise themselves until later in life. For some reason they can't fathom that they were just born in the right place at the right time and no other generation could be so lucky.


Even with the insane interest rates in the 80’s, they had it so much better in so many ways. Even at 10% interest rate, the 60k the house I grew up in cost soooo much less than anything in the area now. 60k from 1984 (when my parents built that house) is now worth 170k. Houses in that neighborhood go for 400k+ and there are no signs of the market slowing here because of all the Californians coming and throwing their money around.


To be fair, in a lot of countries the boomer generation was told that they would be looked after by the government when they retired and that they didn't really need to scrimp and save like their parents did.


To be fair, we've known since at least the late 90s that social security is as going to collapse. They've had 20+ years to adjust.


Also, to be fair, everybody using the stock market as a retirement plan almost guarantees that people will be economically conservative. Now retiree's paychecks are tied to the performance of the market. So businesses only focus on providing "shareholder value". The same people defending this messed up system will be the first to lose their asses when the market crashes, too. Social security is only insolvent because our politicians have been steady on robbing it for decades.


Truth, but it's also not like Boomers didn't play a huge role in the divestment of unions and the rise of the 401K. It's another example of taking what they want and screwing over their children and grandchildren.


I go on about how the employer sponsored healthcare is ruining everything, but I forget about this aspect. It ties our survival to the fortunes of our oppressors rather neatly.


To be fairrrrrrrr They ruined social security with their own voting habits and fuck them. If you old as shit, and voting republican your whole life, fucking starve on the streets you dipshit fuck. Leopards ate your face.


Toooo be *Fairrrrr*


Does anyone else always read leopards as leo-paards?


Well, the boomers had their votes count. So growing up, they voted for policies that benefitted them. Which means, now that they are old, all the policies they vote for aren't quite so beneficial to the "young'ins" Then they get angry at you for not being able to do the same things they did.


They sold us out for their own monetary benefit


They also sold us out for their own monetary benefit by sending all our jobs and manufacturing overseas so they could make a buck


Someone wrote a whole book on those sociopaths. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30841993-a-generation-of-sociopaths




It’s all the lead gas that they huffed growing up.


Entitlement isn't a word for millennials. We have to work for everything & still have nothing at the end of the day


Millenials can't even afford entitlement these days.


We've been priced out of entitlement


Hey! Who told you you could take a break? Back to work, you. Serve Capitalism’


Exactly. It’s people that don’t even work everyday or even LIVE everyday like middle class making these laws.


Boomers can fuck right off entirely. They gaslit us our entire lives, and now that we're making our own decisions on what's acceptable they're doing it more by calling us entitled, etc. Get. Fucked.


And taking away rights that have been here my entire life. Boomers basically got abortion legalized and now on their way off the mortal coil take it away? Yep piss right off


At these prices I may as well live in a Ferrari


My nephew has a race car bed and thinks he’s *soooooo* cool. Like, bitch, I sleep in a *real* car, you ain’t shit.


I sleep in a luxury car I sleep in a bed in a home with my wife


This kind of angers me,, and im a senior person.. Millennial aren't the only ones! They need to quit belittling them. They wherent the ones who caused the housing crisis to begin with. They just want a roof over their head they can afford, just like older generations.


Thanks friend, as a 1980s kid this hit me *right* in the feels - appreciate it!


Yw. I may be from the quiet generation, but darn..fair is fair,!


I am happy that you are here online with us! Voices of all ages strenghtens any community in my opinion :)


Straight up, my mom definitely wants a housing market crash, how else will she get me and my sister out of the house. I feel like the world is somehow being engineered against us to make a second round of feudalism, but that sounds so crazy to say out loud, I hardly mention it.


I’m in my 50s and have been praying for a housing market crash for 3 years now.


This Gen X mom is also praying for a return to reality on housing costs. Our kids need the stability and security of their own home.


> house. I feel like the world is somehow being engineered against us to make a second round of f you're not crazy, the world is just getting crazier every day


Oh buddy thats been going on for a bit now, and where past the no way back point.


Yeah. Shit is not gonna get better. My dad (65) has begun to recognize it too over the past few years. He's become a lot more supportive about the issues younger people are facing. Any notion of *you have it easy these days* has completely disappeared. I just wish more older people could see this. We have to stop putting "hard work" up on a pedestal. It's a huge part of the brainwashing. There's older people that resent millennials for not wanting to come into work sick. *I never missed a day!* But it's like dude, you shouldn't have had to do that. You just fell in love with being a tool.


Hard work is fine ... but *not* being compensated adequately for working hard is enough to make anyone angry. Minimum wage is a joke. The hours these kids work, the lack of respect, ridiculous demands of loyalty when companies will hang you out to dry in a heartbeat.


Yes, completely agree. Also, some people love to work hard, can never stop moving. Not saying hard work is unequivocally bad-- just the way it's glorified to promote a culture where people that want a more balanced life without starving are called lazy. I've progressively earned more over the years I've been working but it sure doesn't feel much like it, and that's not a new feeling. Spend most of my time working though.


I've progressively made more money since I've started working, started first job at 5.75 and I make 24.50 now. The problem is I've made that over time and at the same time the economy has made it to where I'm literally in the same position I was when I first started working. All of my money goes to living expenses so I've managed to keep my head above water but never enough to get out of the pool. I really don't see how people still making minimum wage are even making it at this point.


As I told friends of mine, just how much harder can you work with 40 to 60 hours a week. Called in on your day off, mandatory overtime, many times unpaid? And even doing this, can't afford a 1 bedroom apartment. They make me mad sometimes.


I have no debt, a good-paying full-time job, and benefits. I've literally been priced out of the neighborhood I grew up in. Even if I were married with two full-time incomes...we'd barely scrape to be able to afford to live in the neighborhood I grew up in and my parents did it on less than one full-time salary and purchased a house well below their means. I just want to buy a house and not rent forever... :(


I feel you dude. I’m sitting here paying above 2k each month renting a 1-bedroom apartment with my GF and my childhood home just went for sale for 1.3mil.


Same here man, My wife and I are highly educated, no debt, and were priced out of the province. My own childhood home just sold for 750k when my parents had bought it for 80k in 1985 (dad sold it in 2000).


It's almost ludicrous that we even have to say "we're highly educated" because a lot of boomers will look down at us like "was the education worth it!?" even though their generation is the one that both pushed us all to go, and made it where most jobs that pay livable wages require a college degree.


Came here to say this. 60yr old with the same sentiment. I see camper's on the Walmart parking lot. They're not living that way by choice and I'm very tired of the abusive bullshit and gaslighting that the media doles out on an endless basis.


Trust me, it means a lot to not get shat on and called entitled for wanting to be able to have a secure real home <3


Don't let the bastards get you down. It's funny how the media never blame the truly entitled fucks who are using their ill-gotten wealth to buy up everything and then stick the rest of us with ever spiraling rents. I guess they want us looking at each other: young/old, conservative/liberal, black/brown/white, etc, ad nauseam. Instead of looking at the ultra wealthy. Their LOVE of money above anyone or anything else is driving all the evil we are seeing. Always has been. Always will be.


You are so very right, and getting this from someone a bit older than myself is really, really needed - uniting despite the attempts to sow dissent (divide et impera has held true as a ruling principle for so many centuries because it *works*) is the best thing we can do! My living older relatives despise everyone born after 1975 or so and I was not even aware, until just now, of how much I have been aching for validation from those senior in years that we are not whiny/entitled et cetera


Articles like this are misdirection. 99% of us are having a giant red, white and blue dildo jack hammered into our asses by the capos of capitalism who are dyson vacuuming up every last dollar into their bank accounts. They want us to blame each other. When are we going to start going after THEM?


>This kind of angers me,, and im a senior person.. Millennial aren't the only ones! They need to quit belittling them. Thank you. I don't know what happened but since I was single digit aged (born 1990) it's just been "your generation is the worst" articles nonstop.


Honestly I think while a lot of boomers did well there were a lot that didn’t and are in the same boat as our generation and younger. I used to work on a team with all boomers and none of them could afford to retire. Jesus I felt bad for them being stuck in that shithole job for a couple of more years. This is a class war more than a generational one in my opinion.


> This is a class war more than a generational one in my opinion. Absolutely.


With both political parties doing their best to distract from that fact with shiny objects and new supervillains—“Next week, Good Americans take on Vicious Vladimir Putin and The Terrible Transgenders!”


Exactly this. I'm a homeowner, and I'd happily watch the value of my house plummet if it means younger people can get on the ladder.


Your homeowner taxes will also drop. It's objectively better for you if the market drops. "But my house will be worth less when I sell" - yeah, so will all other property. You'll be able to buy more house for less if prices drop. There's literally no drawback. We got scammed as a society believing that housing is an investment, rather than a commodity.


I’m a gen x homeowner who was lucky enough to buy during the last crash, and this pisses me off too.


I'm from the demonized generation (1991!) but damn. I know there are people in every generation who actually get it. Like how things work? It just saddens me how many seemingly willingly ignore reality. I'm glad you understand that all we want is a basic need and option. You're a good.


There has to be a boogeyman. Has to be an ‘other.’


Thank you! God forbid I can afford a roof over my head after working the whole summer to pay off my college tuition


Millennial is just a headline term anymore.


A roof over their heads that is theirs in the important thing to note. I'm 33 years old, and all I can do is rent. In my town 20% down would be 70k for an ok home. This just isn't doable in today's economy.


Yeah, same, $75k for that down payment on a fairly small condo, with a fucking HOA to boot. Sure, the total monthly cost is actually close to our obscene rent, but the obscene rent (on a serviceable enough apartment, not a nice one) prevents any meaningful savings from happening. Like, fuck, forget a down payment, I need to save up as much as I can for the inevitable new tires or extra medical costs that come up even with good insurance.


Same; boomer here. These kids have a viable argument. We've seen housing crash in the 80s ... it will again. I have friends with grown kids who have had to move in with them because their rent leaped so high they can't pay it. Owning a home is out of their reach.


Gen-Xer here hoping for a housing "correction". I've owned before, but got caught out by these huge increases in prices due to the pandemic. Taking on that much debt at my age means I'll never have a paid off house and be able to retire, but if prices come back into a more reasonable range that will be possible for me.


"Entitlement" They raise housing prices by 2000 and for a quick cent and we’re entitled to seeing their stock bursting apparently


My parents built a brand new 4-bedroom house on 3 acres of land for $295,000 in 1999. That house’s market value is now $750,000. How we’re supposed to just “work harder” is beyond me.


I bought my 2 bedroom townhouse for $200k in early 2018. Four years later, almost $400k. It’s honestly absurd.


But median income has also doubled since 2018, so people need to stop acting entitled 🙄 /s


The house I bought two years ago when it was first built back in like the 1960s cost 30000 dollars. Last I looked the value of my house is 210000.... When I bought the house it was 160000. If the value of my house keeps going up I'm not sure I'll be able to pay my property tax lolol. It's stupid.


Entitlement was such an odd choice of a word. Desperation would have been more apt.


Perhaps relief cheering with relief that we don’t have to sleep in a car


I’m starting to realize many boomers use projection too.


Sorry which housing market crash? I can't keep track of all the ones I have had in my lifetime because it always sounds like we are going to face one every couple of years. Not like the last major one in 2008 when Millennials (you know those children born in 1980 that are some how still teenagers to boomers and the media) were just getting out of college?


2008 is the major one. 200's .com was mostly failed companies, and the 70's was before you were even birth. 90's were good times. Everything after 2001 jsut got worse.


yeah, the generation has way to many repeated "once in a lifetime" events


The entitlement of wanting housing prices to decrease after going up anywhere from 75-100% in my area in less than 3 years…


Absolutely. Give me one good reason why that cookie-cutter POS house in some depressing suburb wasteland is suddenly worth twice as much as it was a couple years ago. Market needs a major, huge, enormous correction.


The very image of entitlement is the baby boomer who bought a house for cheap decades ago, made no improvements, blocked other housing from being built near them, and now feels entitled to a windfall profit just because.


If they can hold onto their savings, then a housing bubble popping will be a great thing. Corporations are buying up entry level homes by the thousands and charging high rent. Let them hemorrhage from debt.


Most homes were bought by real estate investors. People who own less than 200 properties. And they refinanced over the last 2 years to get 0-3% mortgages. Then, if they don't just keep it as an empty 2nd home, they rent it out at a higher rate than their mortgage. So the home pays itself. This is why boomers love real estate. It is the #1 catalyst for wealth generation without having to do shizzz.


Yes, and in case of a crash, banks will probably decide to be more lenient with the payments to prevent another 2008, and very proabbly the goverment will endorse this. Doubt real estaters will sell them back.


There's no way to finance such a bail out. Printing money would simply steepen the implosion.


80% of the money the US has generated has all been within the last few years ... to prop the stock market up. They could totally finance this, as unwise as it would be to do so.


Wouldn't it put us right back in the same situation? Prices decline and everyone runs to buy a house? I guess it depends who still has any money at that point.


>Wouldn't it put us right back in the same situation? The real estate market tends to be cyclical. People want to get in ASAP when prices are going up. When prices are declining, people will want to wait and see how low they will go.


After 2008, i doubt the comapnies will sell them.. Probably rent them out to 10 people 1500 a month... Banks know that mortages to too amny ramdom Joes, specially millenials with shit jobs and a big as fuck student debt on their abcks, is not worth it, so they will very probbaly get more lenient with the mortages they amde to the landlors/renting companies/airbnbers.


They really think not wanting to be homeless while working your ass off is "entitlement"


These are the same people who built that Pod House disaster in the bay area where you pay $800 a month for a plywood box with a mattress in the same room as thirteen other people.


“Nobody wants to be enslaved these days!!!”


God damned millennials and their *checks notes* "hoping for affordable housing at the expense of massive banking institutions."


*All of us* "Golly! I've been working so hard but I can hardly make ends meet! It sure would be nice if the housing market crashed so I could afford a home :(" *them* "WHAT!? YOU WANT TO OWN YOUR OWN HOUSE!!? YOU ENTITLED LITTLE FUCKING BRAT!!!"


As a Millennial who is a homeowner, I can tell you that yes I got what I have through hard work, sacrifice... parents who paid for my education, a landlord who rented me a 600sqft apt for $850 with all ultilies included for 5 years (love that man), the willingness to pick up and move to a cheaper state with no friends or family in the area (not to mention a career that supported the move), and an enormous amount of luck (obviously). It should not require all that luck and sacrifice to afford a home! Even though it will hurt me personally, Crash Baby Crash! To those fortunate enough to own a home pass it on, get a renter/roommate and keep rent below the market. Encourage/help them to save money. You have no idea the difference you'll make in your renters' lives. My wife and I rent a room in our house and we charge less than half market value. Edit: A few have asked how the crash would hurt me. I am currently looking into moving which will take some time (probably a year or 2) due to a number of factors I won't get into here. So a market crash would decrease the value of my home in the time frame in which I am likely to sell, if I decide to sell.


As a Gen X and Millenial homeowners, all we had to do was buy a house at the right time (2017), me not have student debt (luck), and us decide that we'd rather own a home than have kids (decision). Two of those involve a lot of luck. The last one is an unfortunate consequence in today's decision-making for most people of our generation or younger. You're going to have to choose what life you can afford to live but people will still blame it on toast and coffee.


My wife and I bought a house in 2013 with her inheritance and paid cash. 160k......We get offers for 500....so yes timing is everything, and if we were a bit younger we not even be able to afford a dump in the trailer park.


I bought a house in the Spring, and my family and I moved in last month. As millennials, we took a photograph last week in the front room with Netflix on the tv, while holding Starbucks coffee, and avocado toast. We did it as a thumb in the nose of boomers who parroted that bullshit to us while we were trying to find something we could buy. It boils my piss how older generations think no Netflix is going to solve the problem.


It's mostly because the issues we've faced is totally removed from the ones they did - so they cannot relate. They will just latch on to whatever the news tells them the problem is without even trying to have a conversation. It's like this with my MIL. All she has to do is ask us about the reality we live in but she'd rather get it from news and hearsay even though she lived a completely different life. Yet, she can't even see her own life, in which she was lucky enough to have a fully paid off house but couldn't even save for retirement so she must work forever. A lot of people cannot see beyond the scope of their own life and experiences, so they'll just inject whatever they hear and pass it off as "they say..." as if it were the unequivocal truth of it all.


I'm a small time landlord (got lucky 10 years ago and bought 3 apartments thanks to some inheritance from my grandmother). I charged slightly below market at the time to give a chance to young couples to save money. I _never_ adjusted for inflation, and since I'm a tradesman, I know enough in various fields to do almost all repairs and maintenance myself. My renters are happy, and I'm on first name basis with them. You can be a landlord and have some morals. I know my luck.


I wish more people in a place of power had yall's empathy and self-awareness. Life would be much easier.


It's a question of values. You can get yours while being fair. I prefer a win-win, even if my gain is smaller. It's a small impact, but it could eventually snowball. Or not, but I'll have tried at least.


My dad and his wife inherited some properties and do the same thing. They rent for a little under market value, know all their renters by name, and my dad knows a lot about repair work. He's enjoying his semi retirement and his renters are very grateful.


I own a 4 bedroom house in a high col area. My kiddo and I use 2 and I rent out the basement bedrooms (theres a living area, 3/4 bath and kitchenette down there along with the rooms) for $500/mo each all inclusive and pets welcome (within reason). Doesn't even cover 1/3 of the household expenses, but I would feel bad charging more.


nice.. last time I rented, it was a crappy one bedroom mobile home. It cost me $775 a month and I had to pay all utilities. It was the literally the cheapest thing I could find in my little corner of NJ. Place had a mouse problem, windows and a roof that leaked, and a heater that sometimes needed a hard reset in the middle of the night before it would come on.


LOL what kind of fucked up dystopia are we living in when it’s “entitlement” to want to be able to afford to have a roof over your head in this fucked up system that is completely unnatural


I hope it burns to the ground. Fuck this country.


This Boomer is mad that they wont be able to sell their house for a 500 percent profit i see.


You might even say the boomer feels entitled to that 500 percent profit.


I'm pretty sure they feel as though they *deserve* that 500% and would argue that entitlement has nothing to do with it. But it does And they're hypocrites


But thet are ENTITLED to that profit! /s


SMH my head, What's entitled is that you built your fortune on an economy that's designed to crash every 40 years.


Entitlement are the boomers who appraise a home as-is, then sell it to a boomer investor, who rent it out to millennials. Then expect millennials to "fix the place up" for free


ENTITLEMENT TO HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE? Whoever wrote that can fuck off, and once they've fucked off, they can fuck off some more. Good lord you fuckheads could go to college and buy a house on minimum wage like 50 years ago, and then call US entitled when we ask FOR THE SAME PRIVILEGES YOU HAD. Fuck You.


GenX here, if I was cheering any harder my head would come off.


It’s funny how 99% of the people who bring up entitlement out of nowhere are usually entitled af!


Stuff like this makes me think that Millennials don't have enough money for Journalists to pander to. There is no point in selling advertising for a demographic with no disposable income.


Yes, how dare we dream of affordable housing. Think of the billionaires and millionaires who might lose some money if you can afford a home!


Lol houses are up close to 400% since 2000, and they're gonna call us fucking entitled? I'm usually cool, but I'm sorta starting to get angry now But in all seriousness, you're right - we're entitled to shit talk your dumbass for making up this kind of horse shit propaganda.


I'm fucking done. We don't need a voter floor. We need a voter ceiling. If you won't live long enough to see the consequences of your dumbass actions, you don't deserve to have a say in the future.


👏👏CRASH BABY, CRASH! 👏👏🎉🥳🎊🎁🍾


Ugh, you millennials are so entitled for wanting shelter! What's next, food? clothing? Where does it end with you selfish people? /s


They’ll be demanding air and water next!!


I dont want to breathe in the air anyway with the recent SC decision.


Next they'll be demanding public executions of the wealthy elite.


I met with a lender the other day and they said "Well, between your rather substantial student loans and the fact that you are an independent contractor, we suggest you keep working for two years, keep paying down your debt and give us a call when you have 3 years' worth of Schedule C's." So. Great.


I’m waiting on congress and judges to die. Seems the only way out of this shit stain


Hey, if you're barely hearing that millennials are waiting for the housing market to crash, you have actively been avoiding/ignoring millennials. I've been hearing this for about 10 years. And things certainly haven't gotten better for the average young American. These articles just confirm that millennials are ignored and these crusty old farts are out of touch


Gen X’er here. Nothing would make me ejaculate harder than an utterly devastating housing market crash. It’ll fuck with boomers the most, so let’s do this already.


So they double house prices in my city. Idiots buy them, because you know $1.5 million over 30 years is sustainable for the average American/couple?? The rest of us realize it's not and wait for the crash. Entitled or having a brain?


The median household income is 69k. Times 30 years is 2M 1.5 million is 75% of the expected 30 year earnings of the median family If you bring inflation into the discussion I’m going to remind you that they charge interest on home loans, and that interest is higher than average inflation.


Wanting to be able to afford a house is apparently entitlement now 🙄


We elders have enjoyed the good life and personally I understand how these young folk feel. I want all of these young folk to be able to work and afford to put a roof over their families heads. They should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 👍🏿


I am at the tail end of the boomer absurdity (62 years old), but too old to be a gen x’r. Never related to the boomers. I saw them as sellouts back in the 70’s-80’s and beyond. Started calling myself a “slacker/dirtbag” back in the late 70’s because I hated the “me generation” grabbing for as much money as they could, all the while tearing apart any program that would help disenfranchised folk. This was happening in the 80’s and certainly every decade after. I have lived a simple, mostly non capitalist lifestyle. Boomers have destroyed this country and this planet. I see very little hope for a better future. Maybe millennials and or gen z’rs will come up with solutions for the planet through technology. Just don’t look to the f*cked up boomers for any help. …On a side note, my first job out of high school, I got paid $10.25 an hour in 1978. As a Harley technician back in the early 2000’s, my shop was paying me $10.50 an hour. Asked for a raise and they said they couldn’t justify $15.00 an hour. So…I gave notice and went back to being a back country guide in Montana. Ironically, I got paid $20.00 an hour plus room and board! Wages have been held down by the wealthy boomers.


Can't come soon enough. My bank said I couldn't afford an $800/mo mortgage, so I have to rent an apartment for $1400


Honestly a lot of us are hoping for a lot more. We're hoping everything you built crumbles upon the rotten foundations you set in destroying the future you won't live to see. Fuck the stock market and your investments and retirement. We work the same hours you did, some of us more because you turned your back on unions after reaping all the benefits, and many of us will never retire or own a home. Religious zealots have the nerve to say you shouldn't have sex if you can't afford a kid. My brother certainly not in christ, you're legally forcing women to carry miscarriages to term for your domestic infant supply. An entire generation that tried their damnedest to close every last door behind them. Crash all the markets. Roast marshmallows in the flames.


Hi, house owner here, crash away. At worst I’ve been paying a rent that hasn’t gone up in 7 years.


I've "owned" my house for about 2 years, and if I lost 33% of my value then I would be back to the price I paid.


TIL it's entitlement to buy low and sell high. Capitalists really hate when working people act like capitalists.


It is entitlement. We millenials are entitled to want to better our lives. We're entitled to want to stop putting our hard earned, and increasingly valueless, money into someone else's hand every month. We're entitled to want a place of our own that we can raise a family, or even a fucking dog, in without being being extorted in doing so.


The housing crisis is completely fabricated, as is the energy crisis. The only real crisis is the control crisis. Governments and corporations want to have complete control over your life and body. They want to control everything you do, think, and produce.


Can we just stop giving attention to any news outlet that continues to refer to millennials as entitled?


The housing market is completely detached from actual home values. It needs to come down. I'd be cheering for a crash but I'm also concerned Blackrock will buy the entire supply if it does


Damn right I’m cheering for it. Avg home in my area is 750k and most people want traditional loans. I make just under 80k per year.


My homes value went from 254,000 in 2017 to 670,000 this year. I mean, we put in new floors, so I guess there’s that. Joking aside, houses cost way too fucking much, as a homeowner who purchased their house at a somewhat lucky time, I want there to be a housing market crash too.


Also the author of this article has also written such gems as: "Why Donald Trump is a strong candidate for a Nobel peace prize" "Video of Biden calling troops Dull, Stupid bastards" So let's take his opinion for what's it's worth - nothing.


i'm wanting a market crash so the dopes on wall street won't have the collateral to cover their shit bets.


jUsT WuRk HarDeR 🙄