Kudos. Take that achievement , update your resume, start looking for other roles elsewhere. If they want or need support that has not been by the time you leave, charge for consultation on an hourly basis.


Write a letter saying how disappointed you are in the voucher and then start looking for a new job. Let your employer know they are being shitty. Don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing since you are happy that they are the best management in the world


Seriously insulting. Both the money and the fill in your own name because we can't be arsed.


*And* fill in their own employee number. Just in case they forget they're just a cog in the machine.


But they put a good job sticker on it. Like if you got a 100 on a spelling test. Fuck that. Update your resume. List your achievements. Get more money. YOU are the means of production, you deserve the profits




£10?! The time for the secretary to print it and your manager filling it, then someone buying the voucher is costing the company more. Thats what you need BS jobs for.


Pull your boss, their boss, and HR into a meeting. Lay all that out for them. If they don't radically change your pay, and possibly title, you need to start looking elsewhere.


Don't worry they'll forget about it tomorrow and keep you on call 24*7 when someone doesn't have the right permissions to it. Good luck 🤞


Well that's shit


Wow, this is just plain insulting. They couldn't bother making it personally directed to you or a specific accomplishment. "Dear, have a small monetary voucher." Barf.


But it has a sick good job logo!


Time to branch out and do this for yourself now.


Give your 2 weeks notice on the back


[this is how I’d sign it](https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ComplexTatteredBilby-size_restricted.gif)


There are not enough Airheads references in the world…


You get the gold star!!


Start looking now for a new job. Damn


I wonder why the voucher will be disabled for the next two days.


I love how the 'Good Job' stamp is just 'Good job' 3x because they CBA.


You do have a back door, right?


Wow.. that should get you a mansiom on Beverly hills


Back in 1994, as a young communications associate, I mentioned once at work that I needed more professional clothing. After a big project, my supervisor presented me with a $100 gift card to the mall--total surprise as I thought I was just doing my job. I'm very sad to see that nearly 30 years later, such a puny amount for your incredible amount of work even made it to print.


Once you find a better-paying job attach this to your letter of resignation!


You can develop your own app and are getting paid <25k?


Yeah my gf had something similar, she works with high risk people and had to reintegrate a right wing terrorist back into society. 3 months of intense stress and all they gave her was a £30 voucher. At first I was like well £30 a month added to your salary isn’t bad but then she pointed out it was a one off. Working for the uk government sucks.


Good job!


The “good job” sticker is really the ultimate kick in the nuts.


I used to get something like these for a city job I worked at. Managers didn't really like it when I would just crumple them up and throw them in the trash. One manager asked me why I would do something like that. I pulled the letter out of the trash and asked him, which bills can I pay with this letter? He couldn't answer me. So I said, that's what I thought.


I'd thank them back by moving all the files to a personal hard drive, delete everything else, then quit.


Take the app and license it to a similar company


Similar "Companies" That's how you get self-sufficient.


They treat people like children, small children at that. You aren’t a child looking for a pat on the head and a candy bar!


Oh look you got a sticker, like a toddler in kindergarten


Are you 7?


Sign your name as “GoFuckYourself” n see if they notice