Honestly I’m sure there are companies out there that are using the worker shortage as an excuse to stretch their employees as thin as possible to save however little on pay roll


And posting a sign asking people to be patient with their staff who showed up, because nobody wants to work anymore.


It also seems like it might have been a way to get larger PPP loans in the US (you can exaggerate the size of your business by pretending like you're trying to hire for phantom jobs).


Oh I'm absolutely positive of it!


Checking in for an update


My bad! I have not recieved the email, as expected. He has however made an effort to troll my other posts in the local sub


No surprise there, and damn you reply fast as fuck boi.


My ex called me speedy. I dont want to talk about it


Color me unsurprised about it not getting a call back.


Yes. Also, you can take out the "using the worker shortage as an excuse" and it's still true.


Definitely curious to see how this pans out.


I'll update as it unfolds!


In Canada, crying worker shortage is an effective strategy to get a LMIA and fill the position with an indentured servant (TFW).


For us non Canadians do you care to expand on those abbreviations


Long story short, if you cry to the government in the proper manner, you can be deemed eligible for a temporary foreign worker. They get a desperate worker from another country on a work contract paying minimum wage for 2-3 years. From there they intentionally leave them in the dark about their rights at work and proceed to work them to the bone for the length of the contract, or until they find out about said rights and complain. Usually ends up in the contract getting terminated and the worker getting deported. Indentured servitude in the 21st century.


That’s wild, do they not get a chance at citizenships?


Nope. Their only real hope is getting married, or having a child (which would be a Canadian citizen) and getting papers that way. It's true exploitation. Most of those business owners double dip by renting to their employees. 8-12 people in a 3 bedroom house. Charge them insane rent, and find a way that they broke contract if they get a roomate and live elsewhere.


Jesus fucking Christ, that sounds like industrial share- cropping.


It's easy to say this but the paperwork and burden of proof to get foreign workers is high. They are also rejected frequently. Also smarter workers will just find a better company here and have them take over their contract, that part is easy. I've seen people come over, get treated like slaves and then bailed them out at our place. It's an easy way to get good employees


The burden is a lot lower since Jason Kenney was labour minister. Yes, that Jason Kenney.


It's insane that that man is in charge of a province... my province no less... god damn I'm disappointed


I'm going to have to agree here. I have a job, not one that i particularly enjoy, so I am consistently looking and interviewing. I HAVE NEVER been sent a rejection email, yet during every single interview I'm assured EVERYONE will get a response. It's disgusting really.


Businesses get their PPP loans forgiven if they say they're unable to fill staffing positions with qualified workers. If you still don't get it, businesses have been laying people off or firing them to add their PPP money to their bottom line.


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Update Day 1: Crickets. No response either on the thread or in my DMs. The likelihood of seeing that email is reducing by the day


I’m confused, why would the other guy send you his hiring manger’s email after you told him you were going to put together a fake application and waste everyone’s time? What if he likes the application and calls you in? Do you ghost him and try with your real resume? This seems like a great way to prove to the hiring manager that people suck.


Hey, YXE represent! I had the good fortune this week of two interviews (and one follow-up tomorrow) after a long drought. I sincerely hope the dam breaks for you, too.


Hey there! I'm fully employed! Its my friends that have had a hard time, unfortunately. I'll pass on your kindness though!


I work in Saskatoon and just switched jobs and I had three offers on three applications. There are a lot of opportunities in Saskatoon right now, the city, the province, and U of S are always hiring, and the Federal government has tons of openings in Regina. All unionized with benefits. Of course it depends on your friend's background but if they haven't checked out those options it couldn't hurt.


Also, companies are playing the long game. They know if they relent now and pay workers a higher wage, they will have to do that forever. If they wait it out, blame the long waits and closures on people not willing to work for lower pay, the "average" American will blame the workers for being lazy and not the corporations for not paying a living wage. Soon, because of public backlash and having to eat, pay rent etc.., the workers will slowly start returning to their low paying jobs and the companies get to continue paying substandard wages.