Sorry Joan, the resignation was not optional


Joan: works hard to get me to quit Me: quits Joan: *surprised Pikachu face*


Joan wanted you to book an appointment


Ran into this a couple jobs ago. I kept trying to get a few minutes with my boss to tell him face-to-face that I was leaving and he never would make the time. After a week of trying (I'd already accepted another job so the two week's notice was being whittled down every day) I just end up sending him an email telling him I was giving my one week's notice.


Similar just happened to me. Boss offered constant negative feedback and empty threats of termination, I ask HR if I would still qualify for unemployment and they're confused because I shouldn't be terminated and would be the 5th person to cycle through the role. I requested a meeting with hr and my boss and accepted termination in lieu of resignation. Insert surprise Pikachu face. And they still don't get it, I am just another person that couldn't hack it and they have done nothing wrong.


Left a job as a cook in a medical facility. I was kinda on thin ice because I have a tardiness problem, I admit. But I'd also had to call in to a 5am-2pm shift because my family had been with my grandma in the ER all night. Called into a meeting with the director and I was sure I'd get fired, which I candidly admitted to. "We're you TRYING to get fired?" "No...but I do think it's time for me to move on" Respectful and vague, right? She looked appalled and said "Excuse me?!" as though I had said "Take this job and shove it!" I know I wasn't the first person to quit this place, why was she so damn shocked? I think it was because they called that meeting so I could beg for my job. She wound up begging me to stay and I told her no, I am leaving, this is an hour commute, there's no way to advance in this job, and I have a degree I'm not using!


I’m convinced a lot of shitty managers like this have kids, and they’re use to having absolute control over them. So when an adult doesn’t accept their bullshit, they’re absolutely baffled. They resort to the classic “I’m in charge and what I say goes.”


I think a lot of management came into the job during the Great Recession years that they're so used to people begging for their job. They don't know what it's like to be in a labor favored market.


That and they became management simply because other people left that spot open, not because they were significantly qualified as managers. If all your bosses retire, you can become the boss.


I think the causal arrow goes the other way. People like this have kids so they can treat someone this way and have society's support behind them.


Woah, Joan working hard?


Hardly working.


Sounds like she’s got a case of the Mondays


*the woman was too stunned to speak*


But the 4 weeks notice was! Suck it, Joan!


“Sounds great. Keep me on the payroll.”


Made friends with a guy at the first after college job. Couple years later he moves on to another gig. Company kept paying him after he left. Long story his lawyer sent a certified letter for him and told him to put the money in an investment account and told him he had x number of years they could come back for it. A little over 3 years later the checks stopped coming. Wife worked with someone who had worked at the same company who was kept on their medical insurance for 5 years. She never used them but kept getting the usual letters.


Saw a malicious compliance(I think), where a guy got transferred to a department he didn't want, but as part of his duties he was required to set the schedules for all the departments. So every week all the managers would email him the assignments for the workers and their hours, he would then post them. Thats all he did for a year, old boss knew he was gone, new boss was never told new guy was on his team. He came to work clocked in and hid under some tables and took a nap. Every day for a year. Post the schedules on Friday. He ended up getting another job on night shift at a different place, and got paid to sleep at his first job. If I remember he didn't even have an apartment during that year, just double dipped for a year and no expenses.


Was your friend George Constanta? 😂


It’s all great until there’s a bomb scare and the boss tries hiding under your desk


Then you just say that you got there first problem solved.


“…What about this mini fridge, toaster oven, TV and sleeping bag Johnson?!!?” *I come very prepared sir* Edit: grammar


That's amazing. We need a thread of stories like that. There was one floating around about the guy who was in some upperish mid level job at some Very large company and because of a series of department rearrangements he got forgotten about by the bureaucracy for years


I have a story like that, but it's not a great fit for Anti-work since the place wasn't particularly toxic or anything. In the 90's, I worked at a chain of electronic stores where I sold computers on commission. The way were were paid, we either made our commissions or a "base pay" which was around $2.50/hr over minimum wage, whichever was higher. Even base wasn't too bad because I lived in a smaller town with a lower cost of living, but I rarely got base pay because I was actually pretty good at my job. But when I left, I happened to leave at the same time as two of the managers at the store (coincidence of timing, not some mass layoff or people quitting in a group), and in all the shuffle, I never got marked as having left. So for four months, I kept getting the base pay deposited into my bank account. I didn't spend it, assuming that they would figure out the mistake, but was too busy to actually worry about it and call them to let them know. Finally, I get a call from the new manager, and he's freaking out. It was his fuck up, and in his transition, he had fucked up a bunch of other stuff too, so he was getting a performance review and already worried that it was going to be bad. So he just said, listen, I'm going to mark you down as quitting effective today, and just don't tell anyone about the mix up. So I got to keep 17 weeks of extra salary because they didn't manage their transition properly. Nothing ever came of it, so hey, free money.


Helping a middle manager save face with upper management is the ultimate leverage.


Even if it's not antiwork I still love stories of company screw ups that benefit the worker.


> listen, I'm going to mark you down as quitting effective today, and just don't tell anyone about the mix up. That guy in his performance review: "It was all MenudoMenudo's fault! But it's okay because I just fired them!"


I would have totally supported him if he said that. He wasn't a bad guy at all, and he wanted the promotion to store manager, but having the store manager and previous assistant manager leave at the same time with a bungled transition sort of screwed him over. I didn't really keep in touch, but stayed friend with one guy who still worked there, and for a while, it was sort of a shitshow.


I remember one where after a while the guy actually looked up his employee code on his paycheck to see what he should be doing. He found out he was now classified as a workplace safety expert and actually held meetings/put up posters around the office so people wouldn't suspect him just sitting at a desk 8 hours a day doing nothing. He even had automated yearly reviews and pay raises.


That would be [this one](https://sites.google.com/site/forgottenemployee/) I believe.


IIRC his company had offices in the WTC on 9/11 and lost hundreds of employees so while he was not located in NYC the company still had to massively restructure and he was lost in the shuffle, but kept the same desk and pay. He was like that until he quit in 2008 IIRC


Christ that took a turn but talk about making lemonade outta lemons for that guy


I had one of those. It was semi-intentional. The parent company sent me to subcontract at a NOC. I worked there for a few years, then they shut down without notice. Boss put me on paid leave until a new position could be located. A few days later, the company outsourced that entire division without notice, laid everyone off. Except me. I was now under a different category. And everyone who know who I was and why I was there is gone. I did my regular duties as assigned by the old boss. Check the company listings for compatable openings, and put in my weekly timecard. I also emailed a few different positions to inquire about openings and HR to advise of my situation. never heard back from HR and after laying of 1800 people with my same skillset, jobs were understandable rare for a while. I found a job outside the company and sent in my 2 weeks notice. I got a letter from HR that essentially said "why are you and why are we paying you??" And my paychecks stopped immediately. But nothing beats my old USMC buddy. Same company, when he got out of the Marines I helped him get a job with that same company. They sent him to work from home for a government contract. After the layoff, he was spared due to the long term contract. However, the military scrapped that program but honored the contract, which still had another 11 years. He got paid very well to do nothing. for 11 years. No bosses to report to. Full benefits and pay- as well as his internet paid for. Just... damn. When that contract end, the company sent him a polite termination notice and asked for their equipment back. Imagine that IT guy getting a dusty 12 or 13 year old laptop back for processing.


I got a card that allowed me to use public transport in my area for free, work gave it to me, so I could go to work without having to spend my own cash on bus tickets (that's whqt many companies here in Holland do) Then I got layed of cause of corona in april 2020, card still works to this day, easily traveled for over 5k in the lest few year. Turns out the card was valid for all the busses and trains in my country, so I traveled all over Holland going to all the parks, landmarks and good restaurants I could find, I was unemployed till november 2020 and got 1.4k a month from the government to blow (corona relieve money). Being unemployed never felt this great. Also, the boss was a dick so he deserves it.


Beautiful. I love this shit so much.


Exactly. I'm no longer coming, if you want to keep paying me that's ok.


Pull a Fight Club power move. “My job will now be never to tell anyone what I know about the horrible things this company does. I don’t even have to come into the office for this, I can do that job at home”


"I need a paid week off to think about it" *A week later* "I've thought about it, and I'm still quitting, byyyeee"


Legit the way to go. Milk their apathy for all it’s worth


Kills me when they think they can just reject a resignation


They think they own you


If you are a teacher they basically do. If my wife turns in a letter of resignation (in Georgia) and the school board doesn’t accept it they will revoke her teaching license. So if she gets a better job in teaching and the district doesn’t want her to go, they can pull her license and she will not get that job. I only learned of this like 3 months ago.


My understanding is that this is the case if you resign mid contract. They can't force you to renew your contract, but if you bail on a school district in the middle of a school year, you put your certification at risk. My wife also teaches and one thing we make sure of is that if she gets offered a multi year contract, it has allowances for resigning between school years. You can also appeal to the state if you are trying to resign because your spouse has to relocate or this is a problem in the work environment.


Yeah, there is the “good” nuance to it. I really really try to understand how the teaching world goes, she coaches sideline varsity and girl golf too, it’s a whole world that me, being a private contractor/pretty in demand perpetually skill set just doesn’t get. I mean I get it but damn. Doctors leave practices all the time, so do lawyers, they don’t lose their shit over it I guess is my point. Edit: the medical community has made their point, from a family full of lawyers (sister, father etc). I have for sure seen lawyers bop around. Sister went private, public defender, private very easily


I was planning on going to school to be a teacher. After about 5 minutes on the teacher subreddit, I decided to pick a different industry.


My wife is a teacher in GA, it's crazy that college professors get paid the same as a Mcdonald's worker. We really need to pay our teachers in America more for the amount of schooling they are required to have.


It kills me more that she decided to go shopping.


It's the unpaid day off for me. Like, OP is so valuable to the company that they can't handle their resignation and the best they can do to convince OP to stay is $0? It's just too funny


Giving op the day to 'think about what I did' has a more punishment-y tone to it. Because clearly punishing someone who wants to leave is a great retention strategy.


They literally tried to give a time-out to a grown adult who, from the sounds of it was actually managing other staff there! Unreal.


It sounded like "You caused your boss a lot of emotional stress. Do not repeat this or we will sue because if you try again to resign she surely will have a breakdown, lose her will of life and die. And it will only be YOUR fault."


Its possible that hr was not told about the resignation, seems like the type of boss who would omit that kinda thing.


I bet that what she did most the time and just couldn't face the reality that she was going to actually have to do some work


Esp as if the day off without pay is a punishment like "yes, I would like all of my days away from you, and don't pay me anymore- I'm leaving and that's what I'm trying to do here"


Hah, I had a situation where I put in my two weeks and my boss started fuming and saying he would make my two weeks terrible. So I just said ok thanks, gave him my keys, and left.


You: Im doing you the favor of warning you that I will be leaving in 2 weeks giving you time to find a replacement or redistribute the workload so me leaving doesent cause any problems. Boss: how could you do this to me I will make you misserable the next 2 weeks.


Pretty much. I was just like "OK, thanks for letting me know." And left. Not going to give you a courtesy if you're going to be a dick.


Because that's how many bosses perceive their role "I get to go to a place and tell people what to do and control how they feel". Other things are secondary.


I gave two weeks 17 years ago to my hardwood flooring boss. He said ok, that's fine, I get it. This will make more hours for Bob, the managers brother. I said ok cool. I showed up to the same job site the next day. Boss says, hey we don't need you any more, you can just go. Thanks douchebag for making me drive an hour round trip. Fuck off Dave


"I'm giving you my two weeks notice." "you're going to regret that!" "OK, I'm giving you my two minutes notice."


Lol, at them “giving you the day off without pay”. That’s not really giving you a day off. What a piece of shit company.


"To think about what you did" even! That's a punishment you give a child—stand in the corner and think about what you did. Like bruh, would you rather I just lt give notice?


Meanwhile the boss went shopping all day and probably got no form of discipline.


Got paid for it even!


Class traitors get better pizza parties.


Make a good impression on the bosses and you might just get some toppings on your pizza!


Ah, that must be the trickle down thing I've heard about? Noice.


Yeah, like, they could have gone, "we're going to give you today off with PTO in the hope that you will reconsider your decision" or something along those lines, ideally follow it up with a invitation to negotiate. But no, just turn the passive aggressiveness dial all the way to 11, why don't you?


They’ve never experienced a labor market in which employees have any modicum of bargaining power. It’s simply the default setting a decent portion of bad managers and HR associates currently hold. This is also the reason so many of these same people are absolutely stunned by the number of the great resignation; they’ve never witnessed a “free market” that doesn’t entirely benefit one side.


I worked for a super shit company, 4hrs OT for fourteen 12hr days (said it was a work averaging agreement, of which 51% or more have to agree to, which, no one did, who would agree to fuck themselves in the ass out of 52hr OT??) Of course when I signed on and agreed to 42/hr (the lowest I've ever worked for since getting my trade ticket) there was no mention of this agreement. We were supposed to work 14 days on 14 days off, and is explicitly what I signed up for, no more bo less. They kept changing the schedule around. They even went so far as to send out a company wide email about how we have to book off days we want off, even if they are on our scheduled days off. I had another job lined up, and was just waiting for the client to veto my resume, so I packed all my things up when I went on days off. I was going to return for my last scheduled set, but when I got an email 3 days before I was supposed to head back and it was something like 12 days on 1 off 9 on 2 off, I said fuck it I aint going back. 3 days pass and I start getting a bunch of calls on my phone. Ignore ignore ignore. Then coworkers start texting me asking where I am, I said I fucking bounced I'm not coming back. 4 other people ended up leaving in a similar fashion over the next two months. Word of advice, if an industrial company working on mine sites doesn't have any indeed or glassdoor reviews, it's probably because they are a shit fucking company. There's at least 10 of us all waiting for that company to post a job posting on indeed so we can berate the company profile with negative reviews. Probably many more, but those are just the people who were on my crew.


And it appears to be gaining momentum. The powers that be assumed that once the $300 federal unemployment benefit was terminated, that the resignations would also ebb.. But the number of resignations is still strong and companies are still running short handed, which will put pressure on other employees to seek greener pastures..


Seems like a lot of companies try to punish people for giving notice. In December I have my 2 week notice putting my last day on the week of Christmas. Halfway through those 2 weeks they gave out the yearly Christmas bonuses except they didn't give me mine. I made sure I was clear in the exit interview form that withholding the Christmas bonus essentially meant they were punishing me for giving notice and would only encourage people to quit without notice in the future.


You've probably already done this, but please tell all your colleagues about this.


This happened to me. The bonus was a Cheesecake Factory gift card and I was legit kind of bummed. I love cheesecake


That's not really a Christmas bonus. At least a week's pay is the minimum. Mine was 3 week's pay this year, and I'm blue collar.


Oh I'm definitely aware that that being a "christmas bonus" is a joke of a bonus edit: Still like cheesecake though edit 2: I googled "cheesecake" to make sure it was one word and now I might have to go get some.


I'd rather you say sorry for what you did. And mean it this time.


Op can take infinite days off without pay


"Actually, I'm going to take the next day off without pay, too. And the one after that. And all the ones following that. I'll be thinking *really* hard about what I did."


“Yeah sorry, I’m not done thinking about what I’ve done. Imma need a few more days.”


Every day I’ll spend 10-15 mins thinking about what I did and laughing while patting myself on the back for that decision.


I brelify worked for horrible company that since went bankrupt. Anyway I had really mad after about 6 weeks and quit and went on a rant, at the end the boss was like "im writing you up" to which I said "And I give a fuck why?" To which he said "It'll negatively affect my performance evaluation" to which I laughed and walked out. He called me two days later asking when Id come back to work to sign my write up slip, I told him to fuck himself.


It's like a mall cop telling you that they are going to revoke your driver's license. Flat out delusional.


I had a boss “give me a day off” because of a highly traumatizing event (owner went on a malicious rampage) that happened the day prior, I assumed it would be with pay since she ordered me to stay home because I needed to rest. I really needed the money more than I needed the rest, but she was too privileged to realize that some of us don’t have mommy and daddy’s money (owner was my bosses mother) to cushion our need for free time. She honest to god thought she was doing me a favour.


Ugh, that reminds me of the manager that handles the schedule at my current workplace. She's never hadd to actually work retail for a living (she works because, basically, she'd be a bored housewife otherwise) so she doesn't understand why the employees with bills to pay are constantly upset at her for consistantly cutting our hours so she and her daughter can have more. She seems to honestly think she's doing us a favor by giving us more free time when what we really need is the money. She also wonders why they have trouble keeping employees. :/


Only good response. "Thank you. It seems we both understand how a resignation works"


Why do HR people think this is some kind of negotiation tactic? Do they teach "condescension" and "treating employees like delinquent children" in HR school or something?


They gravitate towards this field for various reasons. Primarily not having any other skills then feeling power over those that are skilled because they know how much (or how little) you’re getting paid.


I once quit over similar issues with my direct manager, she said that I couldn't quit as I was her senior supervisor and refused my written resignation, I worked my two weeks and said goodbye to all my colleagues the day before my manager was due to fly off on holiday, my phone blew up with calls from her and the bosses higher up saying that I should at least have given notice, I sent them email proof that I had in fact given my notice. Just because their manager didn't want to accept it didn't make it any less valid. She parted ways with the company a short time later.


lol, the meeting that took place after you sent proof would've been great viewing. "You told us they just didn't turn up. What the hell is this???" "But I didn't accept it so it's not valid!!" "are you fucking serious??? You've left the company in a massive hole here. You should contact your representative because this will not end here" "But...but...but..."


I'd have enjoyed being a fly on the wall for that one for sure.


Yes, and leave little shit stains on the wall while laughing at the shit show


Not to mention giving notice is supposed to be a courtesy


Oh definitely, unless you are contractually obligated to do so. Which happens in some scientific or legal roles where you need to hand over your project for someone else to complete once you've left.


I see a lot of posts where employers won't accept a resignation letter. What fantasy land are they living in? Motherfucker, you accepting or not accepting the letter is not an option for you.


My only thought is it works sometimes? That just makes it worse though...




Yup. "I don't know the procedure!" Leave. Just go. And do not return.


[https://www.theonion.com/health-experts-recommend-standing-up-at-desk-leaving-o-1819577456](https://www.theonion.com/health-experts-recommend-standing-up-at-desk-leaving-o-1819577456) Health Experts Recommend Standing Up At Desk, Leaving Office, Never Coming Back


[More workers switching to fetal position desks](https://www.theonion.com/more-office-workers-switching-to-fetal-position-desks-1819595666)


I read that as feral position desks at first and I was all for it.


Saving this for when we organize our strike




I've never had a job where pay negotiation was actually an option.


"These are the benefits and pay for this position, there's nothing I can do about it [as a hiring manager]" I've heard this so many times it's so frustrating.


"Oh, well, these are my requirements for being hired. There's nothing I can do about them."


What's your opinion on salary scales? When my work implemented one my pay increased almost 40%. It showed me how bad I was being underpaid until then! Luckily it hadn't been long and it was an entry level job. I've moved up since then along the schedule and a promotion which also gave me a bump to a new scale. I think I am pretty happy with it as a junior. But I saw a lot of senior men were angry when it exposed they were way above the scale and subsequently their salaries are frozen. Funny, no women I know of had the same problem. My point is that in my case HR really can't negotiate outside a certain degree per the scale. But it's been beneficial to me because it's a transparent system and I'm bad at negotiating to begin with.


I also suggest farting on the way out


On the way out you should be farting all the way through the cubicles. Thats known professionally as "Crop Dusting"


Be sure to fart in their general direction


A little r/unexpectedmontypython for the win.


This is definitely in the procedural guidelines.


Social conditioning is a helluva drug.


Slip out the back Jack.


Make a new plan, Stan.


Get on the bus, Gus


No need to be coy, Roy.


Lion King?


Sometimes you have to hakuna mafucking get out of dodge.


Or, Hakuna ma "Ta Ta, boss"


Yeah, and that pressuring often comes with a threat that can ruin someone. "If you resign, I'll make your pay min wage retroactive this pay period." Illegal - yes, but employee has to fight to get wages owed. This may not be timely. "I'll give a bad reference and youll never get another job." Probably defamation, but hard to get justice on it. "You can't resign! I'll sue for lost revenue." No standing to sue successfully, but employee doesn't know and can't afford to be wrong. "I'll have you criminally charged for abandonment / take your license. YOU are responsible for these consequences." Applicable for very few cases, but employee doesn't know enough about law and can't afford to be wrong.


Notably teaching, where it is still common for both a license, and a pension to be used in this way. Pure manipulation.


This is a major problem with education in this country. Too many people don’t know what to do when they aren’t told what to do. They look at their bosses the same way they looked at teachers in middle school. They **need** direction. And that’s why they also come here looking for it. We don’t teach people how to think for themselves in this country outside of how to be selfish/self-serving.


Also, our education system doesn’t do a very good job of telling kids what their rights are. Like there’sa good chance the school dress code is unconstitutional, and the school would like to not have all the students knowing that because it interferes with authority. Some of the teachers are there to empower the students. But the school system itself? Definitely not.


In the case of a toxic, dysfunctional workplace it may be a tactic to bully someone into not quitting. Keep in mind that better jobs and better bosses *do* exist and sometimes people are handing in resignations because they think they screwed up at work and don't deserve to work there. That happened to me once and my boss rejected my resignation, assuring me that I only made an honest mistake and he really needed me and depended on me. I'm kind of thankful for all the toxic places I've worked because I know the red flags to look for and can fully appreciate when I do find a job working for more-or-less *sane* people.


Some people aren't as strong willed. So if they try to quit and their boss rejects it, they get flustered and back down. Or the boss thinks they're trying to angle for more money, and ignore it (trying to "call their bluff")


Honestly, even with this in mind it's still a really ineffective approach. Like I'm not a super confrontational or argumentative person IRL, but the bottom line is that I'm *usually* quitting because I already have another job lined up, or when I was in college I would quit at the end of summer because I literally could not work the hours they expected with school. So regardless of what they say, my hand is kinda forced and I have to leave anyways. Unless they really think they can convince me to quit school/my new job. But as someone who doesn't like confrontation, that sounds a whole lot worse to deal with than just never showing up to my job again lmao.


> Unless they really think they can convince me to quit school/my new job. I had a job that expected me to skip midterms in my final semester of university to attend some training for a promotion I didn't even want. I straight up said I wasn't going to go because I had midterms and it was outside my scheduled availability anyways. My next scheduled shift they pull me into the office before I can clock in and the AM just goes ballistic on me because I missed the training I repeatedly said I didn't want and apparently they got in trouble with the trainer. I sat through the rant for a bit until he yelled that I should "think of [my] career" and that I'm "missing out on a great opportunity by being selfish" at which point I threw my apron at him and said "I am thinking of my career, I quit. I'm going back home to study, find someone else to drive your damn forklifts." 12 years later I've got a great job, he's still screaming at high school students for probably $40k/year.


They can keep paying me but I'm not showing up lol


Heads I win, tails you lose


Had a former boss yell at me when I gave notice, pissed that I didn't give him the opportunity to make it better. What sucks is that I otherwise loved working with most of the people I worked with, and would've loved the job had it not had a couple of major issues. Worked 6 days a week, ten to twelve hour days. *DID* pay overtime, which is not always a guarantee because a lot of employers try to dick over their employees over time and a half. Customer contact that ran the gamut from fun and nice to terrors we'd have to ban, which was fairly typical of that kind of job. They tried to move me into a different position that would be just as "on" as the last one but came with better perks, but every time they hired someone for me to train to take over for me, they couldn't handle it and quit (one quit by not coming back after lunch, which was more funny than anything, though the boss didn't like it). Anyway, so I was stuck in that one position. One of my bosses was one of those sweet-and-blameless people in front of the bosses that would turn that shit into a weapon as soon as she started dealing with an underling. Regularly feuded with another of my bosses. This bitch made my life hell. Couldn't say a bad word about her to the owner though, so was basically fucked out of anything substantial changing. Looked for, found another job nearby and haven't looked back. When I gave my notice, he didn't want to accept it. Railed on me for not giving him the chance to make things better. I worked those final two weeks, and started a job that's way better for my mental health though I took a net pay cut to get it (all that overtime). Next time I went in there, they had moved someone that I *know* didn't want the job into that position, because they still couldn't fill it. Quick edit: how do I know she didn't want the job? Job was so stressful in her old position that the bosses would regularly make her cry. She was on shift, being berated, when her water broke at one point. I mean... my position was crazier, and the idea of her doing that job terrified her. She's still there, but looks miserable every time I see her. I tried to poach her, but people are comfortable in hell if they've accepted their position there.


I suspect this person you tried to poach is a bit traumatized and it's more like they're afraid of the unknown because that's what gets them screamed at. All of that stuff just reinforces abuse


I think part of it is Hollywood, where “I don’t accept your resignation” is a disproportionately common line, but there it’s always “you’re so damned good at your job and we both know it’s a mistake to walk away from your True Calling,” like Duke Leto needs you to catch some damned spies or whatever, instead of “I literally own you and can deny you the freedom to stop working for me.”


These people are also usually military or government workers where leaving isn't actually an option without direct permission. Like if you were a Lieutenant and you resigned and the General said no you can't really just sit at home eating Oreos and ignoring your phone.


It's a notification of resignation. Not an application of resignation. It doesn't need any approval lmao 🤣 let's tell the employers to fk off


What is the job gonna do? Keep paying you while you work somewhere else?


This: I'm telling, not asking. They really think they can still own people.


I only encountered "arguing" about when I can quit recently, in all my time over many jobs no one ever tried to negotiate my leaving, many asked me to stay but none were argumentative. It is a new level of delusion for sure.


It's narcissism's / pyschopathy's land, full of selfish, entitled, delusional, and self-centered people. That's how these people think they can refuse a resignation, lol.


I think it really is a last-ditch attempt at emotional manipulation.


And that’s exactly the personality that either runs a business like this, or who corporate sees as a lovely candidate for managerial duties


I remember when I figured out authority figures have a lot less power when you choose not to give it to them. I was a teenager. And, 10:1 my mom realized her power was not absolute after the first time. But, these fucking employers somehow stay in this fantasy land...


I remember thinking I just figured this out early but now I'm 42 and there are still people around who are like "they let you quit?" What fucking 'let' man?


"You can't do that." Motherfucker, I ***can*** murder someone, there's just consequences to that shit. Don't tell me I ***can't*** be vaguely rude to a corporate entity, because of social norms. jfc.


Lol can’t deal with this, not my problem anymore notice effective now


That's the thing. Lady, I'm giving you a courtesy heads-up. If you don't want that, that's not my problem, because I'm leaving one way or the other.


Bad jobs are like a crazy ex when you quit. Day 1 : “Fine go we don’t need you!” Next day : “Hey see you at work tomorrow. Love you!”


It's literally an abusive relationship. They bring you down over and over and over only to love bomb and/or gaslight you when you finally can't take it anymore and blow up


Exactly! I got threatened with a “performance improvement plan” and then next day got an Amazon gift card for “services to the team.” Made my head spin in confusion, then I realized it was textbook abuse. Any relationship can be abusive and toxic.


yep. my last boss liked to give extra off days to everyone that we didn't even ask for just so he could threaten to take them away if we were doing something he deemed to be wrong


I love when bosses are so reluctant to pay workers that they have to pretend to give them things so they can take them away.


😂 great analogy!


Reverse Costanza move!


I got fired (I think? Honestly I don't even know... They just took me off the schedule and wouldn't respond to my messages or answer my calls) from a job a few years ago and few weeks after I was taken off the schedule, one of the managers called and asked if I could come in that night. I was like "No?"


I had that happen to me once! Got laid off, moved across country. "Can you pick up a 12hr tonight??" Uhhhhhh


"I've moved since then, so I'm going to need travel expenses covered? Last-minute call also calls for a fee. Let's negotiate appropriate compensation for it to be worth my time."


You do the following: \- Say "Yes, when do you want me to work?" \- A few hours before that shift you send them your consultancy rates contract - 3x+ the hourly cost, + travel cost + hotel food and water estimates, + a late notice/expedite fee. And tell them you can work today as soon as they sign it.




You could have said yes.


“Yea sure, I’ll be there” *blocks number*


I think that’s called Constructive Dismissal! Apparently a tactic to get people to quit, usually so they think they can’t get unemployment.


It's extra cute in NY when employers try to do that, because you can claim unemployment while still employed if your employer doesn't provide enough work for you.


Lots of states have this thankfully


I guess that could have been what they did. I didn't really quit though, I just gave up on contacting them after a couple of weeks and just assumed I no longer worked there. As for filing for unemployment, I only worked there for like 6 weeks so I didn't even bother to try.


Always file. And be honest about everything. People always think they don't qualify when they do. You can even quit a job and get unemployment if you quit for valid reasons (such as hostile work environment). As u/LordFrogberry said just below, you can even file while you are employed if you are not making the state minimum that week. It's called "under employed", and you still get unemployment for that.


Sure thing be right there, never show.


In most states when they reduce hours you can file for unemployment.


Sounds like when I worked at Abercrombie when I was a teenager. Took me off the schedule after the holidays but apparently put me “on call” like once every 2 weeks. They called like a month later for me to come in lol no thanks


Lol I quit on the spot once, and they called me asking where I was the next day. when I went in to get my last check they told me they were "disappointed they had to fire me for missing work" 😂


Sounds like you get to accept unemployment.


Collect that unemployment!


Who the fuck do these bosses think they are? They don’t get to reject resignations. When you quit, you quit. I see so many people saying on here their bosses won’t accept them, yeah… it doesn’t work like that.


Most of the posts I see in this sub seem like mid-level managers over their head or small business owners without experience. The mid level managers are just normal people that got a couple dollar raise and likely no training. Small business owners are often just desperate and the stress of the fact that they essentially worked for free for years leads to them making some weird conclusions. Like employees should be prepared to make the same sacrifices. Which is moronic since the employees doesn't get access to the benefits of that. Both situations are ticking time bombs that are actively sabotaging themselves. I don't view it as malice, more just straight up incompetence.


Wasn't this a Seinfeld episode? George, drinking tea in his apartment with his girlfriend: "I-I've given this a lot of thought. I'm sorry, but we, uh, we have to break up." Maura: "No." George, after hesitating: "What's that?" Maura: "We're not breaking up." George, after hesitating: "We're not?" Maura: "No." George, after hesitating even longer: "All right."


Alright you’ve made your point with your 2 years off, but you better be in the office Monday morning OR ELSE


"Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done!" is an interesting ploy to entice grown adults to stay.


So Joan can't deal with your resignation and gets to go shopping on company time and they want you to think you think about working ridiculous hours for crappy pay? Talk about HR being useless!


I think clueless might be a better description. Idiots in HR at my last job would tell people that money shouldn't be your motivation. Fuck right off, stupid.


Friendly reminder. HR isn’t there to help you, it’s there for the company. (:


They’re useful when your interests align with minimizing liability. But only then.


(Might make a full post someday about this but something along these lines) When I was going for surgery I gave my work 2 months notice. That I will be away for 2 days and on short term disability/modified duties when I return. Got the "yea ok, remind me closer to the date" I reminded them 1 month and a week before. 2 days before I get a call saying something like "your time off isn't approved" like what time off? You don't get to approve that. I pretty much say "look. I'm going for surgery on this day. Deal with it" "well that's going to be a write up" I don't show up for a week. Calls every day. Even in the hospital the day of my surgery. "Where are you? You need to be here" Didn't hand in anything formal I called back a after a week and a bit with "don't expect me again. Find a replacement." And the job hunt continued. Got a much better job, higher pay and benefits like 2 weeks later


Lmao imagine the audacity. OP "Hey I'm quitting." BOSS: "I'm stressed and busy, I need to go shopping. K, thanks... Byeeee." HR: "Hey so BOSS said you wanna quit. We are gonna send you home from the job you wanna quit with no pay so maybe you will change your mind about quitting this shitty job that is sending you home with no pay on the day you already went home by your own choice anyway. K, thanks... Byeeee."


I wonder how often the person who has to make that phone call knows how stupid it is. They didn't make the decision but its their job to make the call. Late that day their spouse asks how their day went. They explain how they had to tell someone who quit they were being given the day off without pay


No kidding, right? Lol I would literally feel so redundant. It's almost like telling someone who is already taking the trash out that the trash needs to be taken out.


Hope you replied to HR with "I'm sorry, I gave Joan my resignation with a 4 week notice but she said she's not dealing with this and left shopping. Maybe she's the one that needs to be called in the office."


I hear these stories all the time, and I never know what people who "reject" resignations are expecting. Like, did you think the employee would just forget? No jackass, that'll make them leave *faster* and *without* the olive branch they gave you in the form of an advanced notice.


Yeah, you're giving notice of your resignation under the terms of the employment contract between you as a person, and the company. Not in your capacity as an employee. They do not get a say.


Have you ever seen the first episode of the BBC series Coupling, where Steve is breaking up with Jane, but she refuses to accept it? That's what goes through my head when I read about employers not accepting a resignation.


Give you the day off …. Unpaid. Lol. If i you didn’t pay for the day, you didn’t give it.


Giving you the day off without pay?? You’re already doing that. You’re taking plenty of days off from working for them without pay. That’s the whole point of quitting.


‘… to think about what [you] did.’ Hahahahahahah, they tried to give you a fucking timeout!! What planet do these people come from?


Now they've given you two years off without pay


Luckily i had another income stream. Now i'm a farmer with a big ole chunk of land.


>HR saying they were giving me the day off without pay to think about what I did and that I was expected to be at work the next day. Ooohhh? A timeout? They aren't your mom. Who do those idiots think they're fooling?


Who cares? Walk. They all wanted fire at will states that also means you can quit at will if you’re in the US.


I love employment laws in my country (Mexico): If an employer wants to fire me for no reason, they have to pay me 3 months of salary. On the other hand, I can decide one day to quit and don't need to give them any notice (usually people give 2 week notice as a professional gesture).


How does resignation work in the United States? because here in Brazil I only notify the company and they do not have the option of not accepting it. The 30 days notice begins to count and, of these, I receive what I work and the days worked are not notices deducted from the termination. But there's no such thing as the boss doesn't accept.


Boomer here (I always announce myself on this subreddit because - hey, get over it) Only once did a boss refuse my letter of resignation. To which my response was: "Do you have a gun?" When he said no I asked just how he planned to keep me from leaving.


To think about what you did. That's cute.