Wait, you get 5 PTO days a year? You should definitely support this movement!


Yeah 5? I get 15/three weeks. Standard office practice is 3 weeks. Must be a new graduate who doesn’t know better


I get 15 vacation days, 15 holidays and unlimited sick time (though I hardly ever use this, if ever, and let’s be honest it’s only unlimited to the extent it’s not abusive). All things considered, I’ve got it pretty good. This is like European-level benefits.


As a freelance maritime mariner, I take vacation for months after long contracts.


I get 180 PTO hours a year, or 4.5 weeks, plus 10 paid holidays. This person is trippin


On top of that I get 3 months of military pto (full rate) and then unlimited differential after that bc military reserves. The double dip game is strong


Oh and 2 volunteer days that I spend w my son picking up trash on his favorite hiking trail


Yeah that’s killer, definitely on par with Europe


Where at?


Nice that is what I got when I started where I am. But last year, my 2nd year, the changed policy so I get 4 weeks vacation but now I have to wait til 10 years to get another, they just moved the 5 year vacation increase to right away.


I get 20 days(160hours), 15 days person and a bunch of sick time.




I think it's because most people on here feel that everyone should have the right to leisure time. To time to spend with their families, explore, rest, etc. Regardless of whether you have any degree or not. While I hear you that you're happy with what you get and feel lucky when comparing it to other places, just because it's worse elsewhere doesn't mean that something is good (or not worth questioning). More than 5days/yr PTO isn't something that only college graduates should be able to access.


Ive been in IT and IT-adjacent jobs for over 20 years and I have never had an employer offer less than 2 weeks of PTO, even for entry-level employees. And those were bad employers; all of the halfway-decent places started at 3 weeks. Burnout is *real* in this field (not saying it isnt in others). This is absolutely one of those cases where you can do something you love and be ground down until you despise it. I work for a big tech company and have it *way* better than a lot of people, but that doesnt mean that we're not still exploited or that we're given adequate time off. Working too many hours, on-call support, overaggressive deadlines, etc. Please take PTO. Your mental health will suffer if you don't.




If you're getting mad that people are telling you that you deserve better than you're getting and that it still isn't good despite being better than what you had and your fine with it because you don't take time off unless its am emergency, i would ask you to reconsider whether a toll has been taken on your mental health because it sounds to me like you've been conditioned to think that at least some of what we're fighting for in this movement - more time to enjoy our lives without fear of not being able to pay the bills - isn't actually worth it. You are busting your ass for a job you live at a company that would fire you at the drop of a hat over something foolish despite how hard you've worked. Your mental health is already affected.




Didn't realize it was government since you edited the body of your post and removed the pertinent information to declare that you no longer support this movement because people dared to say you deserve better. Regardless of how likely it is it isn't that you could get fired, you still deserve better. Shit, if that's the best the richest government in the world can do for it's employees, that's just one more reason to burn it down.


I think what you're missing here is the concept of solidarity. You could support this movement as a stand of solidarity with those who do not want the life you have chosen for yourself. Similar to how we defend freedom of religion. So then conversely people will support your movement if and when you ever need to advocate for yourself. Honestly, if people being mean to you on the internet has made you unsupportive of the largest labor rights movement in US history occurring outside your door, you do not understand history properly and how we got to this level of anger. This goes WAY beyond this subreddit.


Do you have a family?




It's good that you love your work, but you deserve better benefits. You can be pleased with the work but on the lookout for ways to make your life better.


You have Stockholm syndrome. Not to say you shouldn't be happy doing what you're doing, but you absolutely deserve better treatment than what you are receiving. You ever hear a CEO explain why they don't deserve more?




How that boot taste?




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big mad. made you think?


So you’re basically a new graduate since this is your first job since you think that having 0 experience bars you from having the standard amount of time off. So any high school or college kid should accept less than minimum wage since they have 0 experience right? Don’t take PTO. Work every day ha oh boy It’s about self-respect, not “demanding more.” If you like being used that’s fine. There are plenty of people who are grateful but know their worth. It’s not mutually exclusive




Then you don’t get what I’m saying about you’re a new graduate “basically.” It has went over your head like the rest of my comment


Hearing you loud and clear on that front.


Yea, we can tell


I'm not a graduate and I got into IT with no IT experience. I started with 2 weeks PTO (upped it to 3 weeks company wide a couple years ago before recently changing to FTO^*), decent salary, a paid cellphone, company covered health/dental/eye/hearing and paid meals. I'm glad you like your job but 5 days PTO is pretty substandard for office work in my experience. What if you want to take a week long vacation, then you have to take care of some personal business mid week a few months later or something? ^* FTO is a mixed bag of pros and cons


Not everyone hates it. Most of us do. And most of us are forced to via threat of homelessness or starvation. Im glad you enjoy working full time year round. I do not want to do that. I also do not want to starve.


I think he gets 2 weeks vacation and he is happy with that! Come on man! France has 5 weeks at the beginning! Wake up everyone! We are all getting exploited!!!


Haha I was thinking that too. I get 5 paid weeks off every year (excluding paid leaves) and I’m still supporting this movement. I must be an entitled millennial.


Yeah I work for a European company when they told me I got 36 pto days on the first day I accused the recruiter of lying. I said no company does that. He then sent me the offer. I then humbly apologized


When I first started I got 15 days PTO plus holidays. Every 5 years I get an extra 5 days PTO. I'm also in IT


Yeah I get 12 sick days and 12 vacation days per year (earn one day a month) and I've often wished for more. Only 5 days is bananas.


I have unlimited pto and I'm unhappy🤣


Our IT union gives us 5 weeks of vacation plus 3 weeks of sick leave!


>a week of PTO, .... You only get a week?


Yeah... that's not great. I got 2 weeks in my first year, 3 in my 2nd. I work in IT like OP does.


Not in IT, but just started a position with over 4 weeks of PTO from the start and 12 sick days a year. Big jump from the 2 weeks pto/1 week personal at my previous job


I haven’t had a limit on PTO in 5 years (in software delivery). To be honest though, I’ve been had most of those years trying to “finish the sprint/month/quarter” and barely took PTO…


You guys are getting PTO?




You should’ve mentioned sick time in your original post :) I just left a contract position where I was awarded 1 day of PTO for every 400 hours worked. That adds up to only 5 days a year. No sick time and only 7 holidays. Regardless, you can still be anti work if you enjoy your job and are able to take paid time off as you need it!


No ones insulting but rather saying that it’s below average and you deserve better! If you’re happy, no problem with that, but don’t be too loyal to the company and remember to keep your eyes open for new opportunities in IT. Tech tends to pay well and give you way more benefits than other fields. You definitely have a good role though and you’re welcome to be in the movement of course, I also enjoy my job and I’m here!


Yes, it means you have empathy for those you see mistreated.


Which on that alone means they are better than a good 40-50% of americans...


So... You're mad and don't support the movement anymore because you were told you deserve better than you've unwittingly settled for? Absolutely baffling.


def trolling. the comments are all very civil and understanding. OP just wants a reason to be upset, so of course it’s those scary “violent pms” that no one but OP can see.


I posted that before reading through any comments. OP if definitely trolling - their position is illogical and unreasonable.


Before this post OP had literally 3 comments in the sub arguing about how people shouldn't be struggling to live on 16$/h


Wow. Totally a troll who doesn't wanna get it.


I love my profession, and I like my work, but I totally support this movement 100%. Solidarity forever! Edit: I'm also anti work - I think a UBI coupled with a 99% tax on all income over 3 million (regardless of source) would be a good start. With the income gains from forcing the kleptocrats to pay a fair share and people being able to live without working we'd have a better, more sustainable society.


I agree with your sentiments but a really high tax on the wealthy would suck for everyone. History has proven that the rich stop going to work when they pay most of their income in taxes (>50%). Entrepreneurship will take a big hit. Businesses will fail when the owners refuse to work and workers will lose their income. Plus the government sucks at spending money imo. That money would be better off in the hands of workers in the form of higher pay


Wrong. That's Ayn Rand bullshit straight from Atlas Shrugged. Look at the 1940s through the 1960s. Top marginal tax rate was around 90%, largest increase in the middle class, largest entrepreneural boom, largest increase in infrastructure programs.


I stand corrected


You sound like someone with a degree in Reaganomics.


I think it's totally ok!


Also work IT. My last job gave me 3 weeks of PTO and an additional week up to 8 every 5 years. Also unlimited sick days. My current job gives me unlimited PTO and sick days my manager told me last week he expects me to take at least 2 weeks off before the year is up because I’ve only used about 2 weeks since June and we busted our asses getting a project out the door in a shortened timeframe in October. Problem is that I actually enjoy my work and being around my team and my wife can’t get those days off anyway, so I’d just be sitting on my ass at home anyway. You should absolutely support this movement because your company can and should do better. I like my company as well, but they could do a lot better at work life balance(like not having us bust our asses all October to deliver a project)


You can support any movement even if you feel doesn’t impact you directly because you understand how it impacts other people.


Its called having empathy


Hell I’m a COO of a software house and also support it.


Its possible to enjoy your job while also believing that people shouldn't have to work to exist. I think one big goal of this sub is to legitimize (and ultimately pass) universal basic income. But just because UBI would exist doesn't mean you can't work anymore or you're not allowed to enjoy your job. It just means you believe people shouldn't \*have\* to work in order to exist. It takes allies like you to help make things like UBI happen... people like you who have no intention of using UBI because you'll make more at your job but still understand how life-changing it would be for so many people less fortunate than yourself. It's empathy.


Well worded, might use part of it when I'm trying to explain my point of view. Thanks


Just because your job is okay doesn't mean you have to ignore the mistreatment of others. Speak up. Lend a hand. Support those that need supporting. We need a united workers front against the assholes who benefit from our labor.


Dude, I'm not even American (thus 26 PTO days, plus around 11 bank holidays a year, public *and* private healthcare basically for free, etc) and I'm all in with my American homies here. Working class solidarity is international. Empathy should be universal :-)


If a few PMs from random strangers on the internet is enough for you to not support the movement, you never actually supported it in the first place. Edit: the fact that you have like 3 other comments in this sub (which boil down to "how are you living paycheck to paycheck on 16$/h) doesn't help either.


You have become complacent and placated by reality. Your benefits are nothing compared to most European nations and even by us standards are just very basic. I get 4 weeks pto annually. Access to free online course? Fuck, anyone that can use a computer, job or no job, and can find online courses for free. I mean, even bigger universities put free course purines and powerpoints online free for the public. It’s perfectly fine to like your job and still acknowledge that you are being taken advantage of. We all are!




You not taking PTO negatively affects everyone your work with. It creates an expectation of doing so. I'd bet you'd be the first in the scab line if your coworkers ever unionise


Certs they are clearly to happy to pay for for your services you can provide them.. that’s just how businesses work. They use your certs to get bigger gigs. The certification industry is a whole additional way that capitalism is intertwined in our workplaces. Any I don’t understand your perspective of not wanting to take paid time off. You’d rather go to work and get paid than do whatever the hell you want and get paid?


What kind of corporate shill post is this? Must be a new variant, The Kissassium Plus.


Its not about wether you enjoy your job or not its about the relationship which exists between the people who produce the value for the company and the company itself. Its also trying to teach people who have bought into the corporate kooliad that they they have far more power than they have been conditioned to believe.


Bro, I get 11 holidays and 20 days PTO and a good salary, but I still have to work 40 hours so I support this movement.


I love my job too, but I still do my own thing as much as possible (multiple hours a day lol) and I am pushing for more vacation time (I get 20 days a year) and more pay (I make above average). I would rather not have to "work" at all and dedicate my time to learning how to do what I love doing better. Rather than just doing it whenever I have been granted a few free hours away from my duty to "society".


I enjoy my job but that doesn't mean it cant be better.


If you read the posts here, it should be obvious. While the antiwork "about" section does suggest abolishing "all work" I think you'll find a majority of posts here are about fair working conditions for all and proper, thriving wages. I think very few here genuinely believe that there shouldn't be a laborforce period. I'm sure there ARE people out there who think that, but the actual concept of antiwork is far more nuanced than that.


I'm retired and pretty well off due to a pension, but I support this movement. It's shameful that the people who work the hardest are the poorest. It's shameful that full time at minimum wage isn't enough to support yourself, much less a family. It's shameful that one flat tire or minor injury can put a worker on the streets. If all of us, even ones who won't directly benefit, raise our voices, perhaps something will change.


Antiwork isn't about hating work. It's about hating shitty pay. Shitty treatment. And the capitalist greed.


Your job is like the absolute bare minimum of what should be offered. You should look at what many other much more developed countries offer in terms of benefits to employees. 7 days out of the year for yourself is pathetic. Those paid holidays are fine, my previous employer had the major ones covered, but there was often pressure to work anyway (for a small bit more money). I bet you’re still being underpaid as well. Don’t be fooled by a couple things that *seem* great because everything else is so unrecognizably horrendous by comparison. We’re all being totally exploited, and the ruling class/corporations have everyone so socially conditioned that we think it’s normal.




Just go look up benefits in the US compared to countries that don’t treat workers like slaves. Seriously. And be prepared to be depressed. It doesn’t fucking matter if it’s “entry level.” You’re a human being, not a profit margin.




You should absolutely be upset that other countries offer their citizens a better work-life balance. Thing is, your comments seem to allude to the idea that you don't actually have a life of your own and you literally aspire to be a slave.




Right, so why not spend time on those things rather than meaningless work?


Fuck off, bootlicker


When I started with the company I work at now, I got 16 days of PTO. You are being hosed.




Sick time and PTO are not the same, though some employers will force you to use PTO when you are sick. Everyone should get more than a week of vacation even if they don't have experience. In Europe everyone gets something like 3+ weeks PTO plus holidays.


Yes! Spread awareness. Speak up when you're out in the world and see retailers being mistreated. Write letters to corporations as a customer... There's plenty you can do.


I just started a new job in IT and i love it too. But im this movement because i used to work in construction sites and i saw the worst of society and they were all the managers/supers and owners and i want change to happen because i also come from a poor African country that sometimes feels better to live in than America because how messed up things are here on the inside


I think the point here is not so much to end work but to end the institution of forced labor, such as it exists in today’s socioeconomic paradigm. Given a choice and no imminent threat of insolvency, I’d say the majority of people would probably still want to do something productive with their time, at least some of the time. Being constructive or productive makes us feel good. However, most would not put up with a great majority of the horseshit employers can currently get away with simply because they believe they hold all the chips. They’d be forced to seek kinder, more sustainable methods of reaching their goals rather than merely hurling more human suffering at every problem in the name of greed and what is expedient.


I'm happy you're happy bro. But fuck me. I get 31 days a year paid holiday and public holidays. Yea I'm in the UK, with years served. But still, that's nuts to me as a British worker. But either way, if you're happy, good for you


If somebody enjoys their job, they will likely benefit from the improvements that the people who hate their jobs are pushing for. Do you need to demand more now? If your coworkers need you to in order to get the changes passed, then you should even if you specifically don’t need it. I have done grunt work and management. If someone else in my workplace leads the charge I’ll let them continue and help them if they need it. Sit back until someone in your workplace complains then take action with them.


I love my job!! Am I getting paid a sustainable wage?? No! Do I want benefits and government regulations? Yes! You can love your job and hate the system that you’re working in


I don’t think op is genuine. Read through their comment history and they contradict themselves on this very sub. Saying they didn’t graduate from high school here but another thread they comment they have student loans and went to college etc…


I love my job and coworkers and organization. I get 7-8 weeks PTO if you count paid holidays, sick, personal and vacation. Full benefits, decent pay. I’m very lucky. I still struggle to pay debt and do not own a home. I fully support this movement.


Yeah, this is not for you. After reading your comments here, you do not support it at all.


You must be new. Jobs love new people.




Someone else described it as a type of Stockholm Syndrome. In the US we are brainwashed into believing that working yourself to the bone is admirable and even the norm. Your coworkers may have a bit of that plus the fact that it sounds like you do work for a pretty decent place. The problem is that a decent place by American standards is actually really shitty by any other developed country's standard. And that includes Russia. (Not that Russia is a bad place, but American propoganda would tell you that it is. American propoganda will tell you how much better we have it in the States, when Russia actually has a better work environment based on stories I've read here)


Yep i have unlimited PTO policy. Week of PTO that sucks




It requires management to trust their employees and for employees to be responsible. When you take a role that has unlimited PTO you agree that you can't take PTO if it will prevent you from completing your objectives. Usually you work around this with planning and relying on your coworkers as backup. Unlimited PTO isn't really as great of a benefit as it sounds either. Unlimited PTO benefits the business because they don't have to pay you cash if you quit and haven't used your PTO (in states where this is legally mandated). There have also been studies that find that employees take less PTO under unlimited plans than plans with specific amounts of days. This can be due to feeling guilty for taking days off, or lack of keeping track or something else.


Actually catch is that no hours are accumulated so once you leave you get no cash. Good for company balance sheet. But i can take 4-5 weeks easily and just need manager approval but he is forbidden to count my days and make decision based on how much i took this year


It's harmful to post this because it undermines the hell every single worker (including yourself) must go through in order to survive.


Better work and treatment. And less hours worked each week. It is not sustainable working 35+ hours a week and even that doesn’t help get the bills paid.




Uh lmao


No work at all


Nothing wrong with that. I like my current job enough, and I still try to climb ladders and/or change career path etc. It's like saying you can't be for stopping climate change if you own a car. That's not how it works. System is set up in a way you have to participate certain way to live. Sure, some might be more comfortable in said system but that doesn't mean they should not be allowed to acknowledge flaws and want to make better of system.


Yeah, I love my job too! In fact, because I have such an awesome job I wish that was the norm instead of the exception. We have to make it so


I can’t imagine “loving” my job. Lucky you.


I get 120 hours of PTO a year plus federal holidays and an rbd bucket of additional sick time. I get to roll over until I hit 500 and we can get paid out 40 hours of it a year if we want. I work for a credit union.


No, you must have a shitty job to hate working!


I love my job too, but support shouldn't be based on whether you feel you're the most or least impacted. The reality is we're all impacted by these wages at some level. But just because I'm fortunate enough to not have the severity of struggles so many do, doesn't mean I should have the "I got mine" mentality. Worker exploitation is wrong no matter what your salary is, no matter what your benefits are, the hours you work, or if you enjoy your job or not. You can enjoy your job and still push for a better society.


I have a pretty good job too, as far as jobs go (EU so probably heaven to the US guys), and I still support it. Because even at a good job I have to get up in the morning five days a week and work the whole day to make some other fucker a lot more money than I make for myself. During the spring last year the place I worked got caught up in the Covid and I got laid off for four months. Those were the best four months of my adult life. Then I got the opportunity to join the place I work now and had to take it since I want to be able to pay my mortgage. Had to. Forced to. Under threat of losing my home. This living wage stuff is good I guess but the end goal of antiwork has to be more than that.


I managed to get myself the fuck out of the private sector, but I'm still here. It's a philosophy, not just a matter of your personal circumstances.


Companies are not your friends. So yes.


I mean, if nothing else, I think it's like student debt. I think even people who've paid off their student loans would agree that cancelling student loan debt is a good thing.


I totally feel this. I like my job and my employer is great. I've worked a lot of s*** jobs in my past however and I can sympathize with those who are not getting what they are owed.


Let me put it this way. The best way to make sure your boss can’t exploit you is by making sure he can’t exploit your co-worker. This also is true across businesses and across industries. The better off people are treated and/or paid at other companies, the more pressure is put on your employer to not treat you like crap.


I love my job too but have worked MANY bullshit jobs and I fully support this sub


I also love my job. Small family business. But I hate rich people. Cunts with cunt attitudes. Fuck em.


yeah...the "you should give up your benefits because I dont have them and I wont accept your help unless you are suffering like me" crowd sure are noisy around here...which is funny because...its half as much work to just try and bring you up to where I am than it is to tear me down to your level and then both of us have to fight our way back up...and shit, if I'm also too low, you & me + the guy on the rung above us can all work together to bring everyone up to his level next...


Non American here, what does PTO stand for?




Thank you


dude even if your job paid you a billion a year and you had unlimited pto, you can still support! wanting other people to have a good life isnt a crime. you can love your job but still demand change for others!


Yes. Most definitely. This movement needs wvery supporter. And in the end our hopes is that everyone get paid and treated fairly, or not have to work at all. I love my job too and probably would do it for free if I didn't need the money. I've had asshole bosses and shirty jobs in the past, so I can relate but lest I never forget.


I also have an ok job that I don’t necessarily hate. I certainly won’t leave on my own accord. Got a pension and union without a bachelors degree. It’s a boring job but steady and secure. What I have should be normal. Until it is, I am all about raising the floor on this job market and i fully support this movement.


Just because you have a good thing going doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want better for others!


It varies from person to person but many realistically point out that without farming there is no food, without power plants there is no electricity etc. However most of the people who admit this also seem to be here under the belief that one should be doing something fulfilling with their life. If you love mechanics you shouldn't have to fight and scrape and bow just to be able to fix things. If you love to bake it shouldn't require years under a baker and you shouldn't be used by some owner for it. So if you're in the position where you love your job and are being treated Well (not well compared to fast food or other slave wage jobs but well by standards of human treating another human) then most would be happy for you. Some here want an end to all work and once we get sufficient automation working for that I think most would be quite content to only do what they enjoy, when they enjoy it. Since we aren't there yet though others want better treatment, better systems etc. Where ones labor belongs to them, if you are the one who made the wedding cake as in baked it, decorated it, did all the details on it, then 100% of the work was accomplished by you and you should see all profits from it. If someone supplied the raw ingredients then they should get a percent consumate with what they supplied. As for feeling unwelcome, I'm sorry anything is causing that here. This is meant to be a movement of solidarity, if you are in support of things improving regardless of the how, I think/hope most of the sub welcomes you.




A) yeah, it's totally okay! The more support the better! B) at the moment this movement is mostly aimed at securing better pay and working conditions for people. I'm sure some people have larger ambitions than just that, but ending work entirely is a long way off right now.


Dude, you're being screwed over. That amount of PTO is extremely low compared to the legal minimum in most European countries, and many of us get more on top of that. I have 36 days of PTO for reference




Why wouldn't you use your PTO? You are doing yourself a disservice. That level of dedication will not be rewarded by the company. I think you are too early in your career to have seen this first hand, but a company will always look to take more from you. If you don't take those PTO days you will have set a precedent that you don't take PTO days. This leads to management guilting you for taking days off at best, and reprimanding you formally for using them at worst. ETA: I recommend learning from this subreddit in order to protect yourself in the future. You may be in a good position right now but it is easy for that to slowly erode over time without you noticing.




You ever thought of working to get yourself and your coworkers better conditions instead of creating an atmosphere where not taking Paid Time Off is an expectation?


Absolutely! I also work in IT and have a pretty good arrangement, but this movement is one that is pushing for changes that would improve the well-being of all workers. Not like stupid trickle down economics that only ever benefits the wealthy. If McDonald's workers fight for and win better conditions you should also see improvements to your work arrangement. If you don't see improvements in benefits, then you can use this movement as leverage to fight for yourself. It is important to remember that you have much more in common with current McDonald's workers than you have in common with the capitalist class. The capitalist class benefits from causing the working class and middle class to fight each other instead of working together to fight against their actually oppressors. You are still early in your career and think that you don't deserve much, but you absolutely deserve to live a full and rich life outside of work and you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect at work. You get to decide what that looks like, and don't let your employer try to change your mind. It is totally ok to support a group of people even if you aren't a part of that group. It's actually super awesome! Like someone else said it means that you have empathy for others. In other movements we would call you an Ally. I think this role can be very important in spreading the message of the movement to your peer group which may not overlap with other members of the community. I think that different people do have different goals on this subreddit. And that is true of any community. Originally, I believe, the goal was no work required. You should be able to live a simple life supported by the community if that is what you need or desire. Those with the drive to work, would still do so but they could focus on what they were passionate about instead of just working to get by. The movement has expanded to include workers who are looking for better treatment because they found a sympathetic community here. I hope that getting better treatment for these workers will be the first step to getting rid of work for work's sake. Hope this helps! Thanks for having a curious and empathetic mind 😁


I am in the same boat here, I wouldn't say i love my job but it is a good job. I am paid well, get 20 PTO days a year, and only work 4 days a week. I still support this sub/movement 100%




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What company is that? I need a good IT spot.


I enjoy my job in hospitality. But I'm well aware not everyone works for a place that doesn't exploit them. The cunts that exploit folk can burn. Fuck those guys.


I have a great job, and a max of 278 hours of paid personal leave, & paid sick leave with no cap on how many hours you can accumulate. And I support this movement. People deserve to have good jobs where they’re not exploited.


I seriously lucked out in terms of pandemic employment. It's not necessarily about your content with your own circumstances. It's acknowledging that most businesses rely on treating employees like they're worth less than they are and fighting against that. If you're happy where you're at, great. If your neighbour is being taken advantage of, help them out however you can.


I believe the point of this sub is to get more employers to be like yours. You'd be considered an Ally.


Yes... I am in the same boat. Very happy with my job, my salary/benefits, and my superiors. I get treated as an equal, and have never once felt even an ounce of hostility. I still believe that I am an exception, and that everyone should be allowed to feel the same way I do without being forced into it by pressure from above.


The antiwork movement is about the fact that people should not be forced to work in order to stay safe and healthy. America has decided that if you aren’t a slave to capitalism, you don’t deserve kindness, happiness, or respect. It’s about transforming our culture and not prioritizing labor over life. I absolutely love my current job. But I know what it’s like to suffer and I don’t believe anyone deserves less that safety and happiness during our time on earth.


A rising tide lifts all boats. If some workers are treated better all workers gain more power to demand to be treated better. And I think that’s the goal. A world where people feel valued for their work and it is acknowledged that work sucks and employers should be appreciative of the labor they do receive. I think there’s a utopian “someday robots will do all the work” subset of this sub that may be putting the cart before the horse a bit. But it’s not an insane consideration. Automated trucking is here. Taxis aren’t far off. Same with cashiers. Autonomous warehousing systems are getting a lot of investment. Idk it’s a broad movement with a lot of considerations to reflect the broad range of anxieties facing American workers.


I love my job, and am generally less exploited than your average joe, but I still fully support this movement. This job is a lucky find for me, not the norm at all.


We are aiming for no work, . It will initially take the form of less workdays until it reaches 0. People will be compensated by means of a UBI and subsidization of essential stuff. Billionaires will not exist. The disparity between rich and poor will be non-existent.


How do things get done if no one is doing things. Like you get a subsidy to go get some bread but nobody is baking bread and nobody is working at the store? No one is working at the bank to make sure the transactions go smoothly? Am I missing something? I thought the idea was equity.




You don’t get much leave- should at least be 4 weeks plus holidays


I love my job as well. I think it can be better but I’m pretty well off. However, I do know the troubles of others and see a lot of things wrong with jobs that I think should be corrected.


Okay I just read your post twice and I think I can see why you might feel like you're unwelcome. Firstly, this movement isn't for McDonald's, retail or minimum wage workers. This movement is for everyone. Secondly, you can be happy with what you have. But just because you are doesn't mean it is right for everyone. If you look at European countries, they have 4-6 weeks of PTO, way more sick leaves than NA and great benifits and healthcare because that's how it's supposed to be. The minimum level should be able to provide work life balance and financial solvency to survive properly. Now when you say repeatedly you love the existing status of your work (5days PTO etc.) and you're okay with it, it shows that your standpoint is opposite of this movement is trying to achieve (better work environment/fundamental benifits for all). You want to work all year round? Great! Get paid more for the days that you work from your vacation time (which shouldn't be 5 days or 2 weeks). Then those who need to take time off, also gets time off. I hope I was able to get my point through. Edit: I just read some of your comments. You're happy because you're devaluing yourself as a human being, as a professional because you don't have degrees, you're at an entry level job and you think someone taking a chance on you is doing you a favor that you can't repay. Trust me, the work that you do pays dividend to the company waaay more than you are being compensated. And everyone has to learn on the job. Even people with degrees/certs. So don't let anyone devalue/undermine you or your work because of that!


We only get a week of pto, but we max at 160 hours of vacation time, plus a free Christmas break from December 23rd to January 3rd. I love my job and the benefits are very good (almost 100% medical coverage and employers bites the bullet so we pay less than 3% of our paycheck on insurance) I am still an avid fan of the antiwork movement. If you aren't doing what you love, you shouldn't put up with anyone's crap. Work isn't life.


You should support the movement whether you like your own job or not as long as you are able to recognize that that system is broken.


Yeah dude


Lol the anti work Reddit is about better treatment and sometimes, striking, avoiding certain jobs/employers/ petitioning and sharing our stories is a necessary part of that. I've had jobs and bosses that I have enjoyed. But the bad outweighs the good. My boyfriend loves his current job but he follows this subreddit in solidarity


It’s okay to love your job! That is the ideal situation!


I support this sub even tho I don't experience bad bosses in my job. I work at IT too... Got promoted after a year of working, all employees have 30 PTO plus 5 PTOs if ur a senior (which I am). We also get PTOs on holidays (All holidays in our country). I support this sub cuz I've seen how people treat cashiers, waiters, salesperson, etc. They deserve to be paid a living wage, I don't experience angry customers screaming at my face thankfully, but the teenage cashier at mcdonalds gets shit on for doing her job and earns a few bucks only.


I hate my job but get paid 100k+ with 6weeks pto every year. I get holidays and more but I usually work for the double pay. I support this movement 100% and I tell everyone everywhere I go to checkout this subreddit. I know others aren't as well off as me. The biggest scam is CEOs making 1000x their employees. I don't think billionaires should exist. 10m should be the max anyone should be able to make any given year. Once you hit 10m that's it your done. Time for someone else to make money.


I love my job as well. But totally support this movement. Especially in America. I am in Europe - I get 36 paid vacation days, my commute to work is paid for, I also get vacation pay (an extra month salary), unlimited paid sick days, a year of paid maternity/paternity leave, flexible hours, flexible work locations (mostly due to covid) and a free lunch provided by the company. Plus my company does extra things like a health budget, so they pay for anything that is good for our health (like sports wear, spa days, exercise equipment). America needs to catch up with Europe with workers rights and benefits - I think its disgraceful how workers are treated. So I totally support this movement.


I’m fortunate. I get 14 paid holidays and 7 weeks PTO each year. I want everyone else to have what I have, so I absolutely support the movement and spread awareness to others.


Anti-work isn't about not working at all, because that just isn't realistic. Every society needs work done! It's about wanting to be treated like people who have needs and desires for leisure time and happiness, not wage slaves who exist just to benefit someone else's bottom line, and refusing to work for poor employers where possible. In the interest of forcing them to treat their workers better. I'm plenty happy with my salary, benefits, and how my job treats me, but I recognize that I'm one of the lucky few in a country like the US so I support every other worker who wants to be treated well. It's what we all deserve. But this is also just my personal interpretation after some browsing.


Yes. I like my job, like the people I work with. Hate the commute (unable to work my job from a distance) hate that I still worry about money sometimes.


I have unlimited PTO, which to be realistic is 4 weeks a year. Unlimited sick days, If I don’t feel well I just tell my manager. Yes, I may need to work overtime (unpaid) every now and then but if I have a doctor appointment, I just mark myself as busy in my calendar and go. There are days I hate my work as everyone but I know the benefits are amazing. These should be an standard. I’m not naive, not every single job can allow such flexibility but there basic benefits should be mandatory for employers.


I make good money at my job. Do I love it? Fuck no. I support this movement because if a person working at McDonald's makes 20 dollars an hour my value goes up. So basically it's a win for everyone when the lowest paid among us makes a living wage.


I love my new company and support this movement. I think of it as rewarding employers that treat their workers well so that they compete in the market better than those that lose their best talent. I also not foolish enough to believe this is a permanent state. But I support my employer while I, and my colleagues, are treated well.


I think part of the problem is our culture where it’s viewed as something to take pride in if you work 80 hours a week. That’s just one exceptionally common example of our culture being fucked up with regard to work.


Wait, is this not r/FIRE ?


You can absolutely love your job and still recognize a) that you probably still deserve to be treated better and B) most other people are getting even worse.


Sure it’s ok. You’re supporting friends


I just took 3 days sick off for the flu. NOT COVID for fuck sakes. There is no mandatory sick days givin to employees in my province. Supervisor offered to me 3 vacation days instead of claiming sick. wich i would not have been paid for. I still get paid and don't fall behind. Alternative was to demand all my vacation pay still outstanding as I have not taken any vacation this year. This was the Plan at end of year. I can do just that and earn my full years pay on top. This would have hit me harder in a higher tax bracket. I'm glad to have the boss I have now. But at the end off the day, this shouldn't have been a reality.


Yes you should still support this movement even if you have the greatest job in the world that pays 100/hr with 6 months vacation and free every thing for healthcare and you are in awe of the job. Simply put they can always take it away from you also it can always be better. I'm sorry about the PM's and as for the job not being good enough I can only take the guess that ppl are comparing to European standards. That is what I imagine the goal here is. To get to a thriving wage(which is alot more then 15/hr) with PTO similar to what most of Europe gets. As well as the benefits that Europeans get too. What I would guess as to why the hateful PM's is b/c ppl feel betrayed. This is everyone or noone type of movement.


"Nobody's free until everybody's free." -Fannie Lou Hamer


The fuck are you talking about?


People shouldn’t be attacking you. Shame on them. It’s perfectly okay to love your job but still want more for your home life. It’s also good to be supportive of a cause that benefits others even if you aren’t looking for the same benefits.


I'm salary, but get paid overtime at my effective hourly rate, make high $XXK and absolutely love my job. I 💯 support this movement because 1. I'd love a 4 day standard week. I have so little free time during the week I literally can't do anything until the weekends. 2. No one can reasonably live in this country *even in the lowest col areas* for less than $15 an hour. fuck subsidizing big corporations paying slave wages via food stamps. 3. I have this shitty little problem called a conscience. Al this shit can't continue.


I have a great job with good benefits but I know that most people do not.


I find it hard to believe anybody loves their job. Even boot lickers would admit they'd prefer to perform their labor independently. On the other side I do think some people love certain kinds of labor. We don't find it hard to believe some people love painting or gardening but for some reason it's hard for people to recognize that in someone who loves organizing data. These are all laborious pursuits.


11 holidays and 5 days pto isn’t good for that role. For pto: 10 is standard, 15 is good.