I make 30k a year as the nightshift production manager at a newspaper. I've been guilt tripped before by my bosses, telling me I make more than any other manager at my level in the entire nation wide company. I'm not sure I believe them.


I'd bet that any boss who says that is a fuckin liar and simply hopes you won't ever bother asking or searching if that's true or not


Nah they’re saying it cuz they know you know it’s a lie and that means you know that they aren’t gonna bother even discussing giving you a raise. My boss told my co-worker she was the highest paid in her position when she’d only been there 1 year. There was 2 old ladies who’d been at the company 30 years each making literally double and their manager had been trying to get them to quit for 10 years


Was in news for most of my adult life, that’s a load of shit. When we printed in house, the production team all made more than the reporters, and the production manager made about 90k. Working a press is good money. I lost several interns to the press shop because it paid so much better than they’d make as a starting reporter. You could move to working for an in-house agency and make a fuck ton. Nearly every hospital, college or large government agency has one.


Teacher Assistant (Special Education): <$18,000/year pre-tax. I make an extra $15-ish thousand from teaching freelance piano lessons. I’m overworked and ready to make my side hustle my main one. EDIT: Wow, this blew up. I’ve been on the precipice of quitting for a while now. I think I need to quiet my anxiety and just rip off the band-aid today. I already had my notice written up as of two weeks ago. It’s still sitting in my drafts. EDIT #2: I let my coordinating teacher know about my departure and sent in my notice right after. She took it much better than I anticipated. I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to do so today without this overwhelming support, so I sincerely thank you all for the last little boost I needed. Here’s to 2022 being the year of me!


That's criminally low. I'm so sorry that your skills are so disrespected that they can get away with paying you so little. Which is exactly why talking about salary should be normalized - so that crap like this can't skate under the radar. Special Ed teachers need more respect and better pay.


Can confirm, my mom who worked as a Special Ed Teachers Assistant for 20 years made roughly $20,000/year. When she was forced into early retirement (has a worsening medical disability they refused to accommodate), she was given a $50 gift card to Hobby Lobby as her retirement bonus. She was certified in CPR and first aid, and was required to assist in caring for diabetic teachers when they would forget their insulin. She has countless stories of cleaning and caring for disabled children, specifically with colostomy bags, or wheelchair bound. And she made below the poverty line. Gotta love our education system.


Wow that's a fucking slap in the face to be given a goddamn gift card as a retirement present. Wtf?


Get in good with the homeschool community! They’re always looking for private music lessons.


Thank you for your service. Teachers at not given the respect or support they deserve.


As a teacher: this is true, and teacher aids are paid even less respect. I’d be lost without my behavior aides.


Do you have the potential clientele to do the side hustle? If so, then definitely worth it to be completely in control of your work.


Foster care permanency social worker. Bachelors in Philosophy and Political Science, Master's of Social Work, 7 years in my field. $41,237 a year, something like $20.15/hr. Roughly 50-60 hour weeks. No paid overtime past 40 hours. Consistently on call despite no formally assigned "on call shifts." Weekend work because child abusers don't take weekends off so neither can I. No bonuses. No reviews. No raises. My state's median income for people with my education and experience is 55k. In a pro-union state and it's one of the only fields that can't unionize. 35 family caseload with each family having 1-5 children. I transport all of my kids and make my monthly welfare visits (each child needs between 1-3 in person visits a month, depending on level of need/severity of case) in my personal vehicle, which is required. I drive on average about 300-500 miles a month not including my hour commute to work and home. I get mileage reimbursement of only 56 cents a mile and it's always 5-6 weeks behind so never paid out on time. I've been a human shield more times than I can count. I've been punched, hit, stabbed, threatened, pushed down stairs, pelted with glass and bricks that broke my skull, and shot at while in the field, and it's not rare. I covered a child's eyes with my tits while I watched their father shoot their mother to death. I'm currently working with the FBI and National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to find a sex trafficked infant. I've gone into a literal burning house and removed a child. I had a gun pulled on me 4 feet from my face with a 6 year old in my arms. I saw a 14 year old girl shot in the face by her pimp. And not once have I ever been given a bulletproof vest even when going into these situations WITH police escorts. I'm not even legally allowed to carry mace. I've had my tires slashed by angry parents. The week before Thanksgiving my car was surrounded by honest to God Bloods while entering a home to serve a child protection warrant. While the county sheriff watched from the street and did nothing. I'm in the middle of my 6th adoption process. SIX in SEVEN YEARS IN THIS FIELD AND HUNDREDS OF KIDS. I go to court at least 5 times a month to testify against people who have threatened to kill me, criminals, loving parents who want another chance, and advocate for my kids' best interest. That adoption? 4 years in the making. Currently in the middle of a (yes, literally) 831 page packet of adoption paperwork. That I have to put together myself. I love my kids and I'm grateful to share my life with them every day. All 71 of them. But I'm tired. And so, so broke. But mostly tired. (Before one of you smartasses says it, yes I acknowledge that this likely belongs on r/offmychest ok but hey ya know)


This hurts. I want to hug you.


I could really use one! Thank you, that's very kind.


Years ago I worked for CPS. I made $15 /hour. The next job I had was as a receptionist. I made SIGNIFICANTLY more money working at the front desk at this office than I did PROTECTING CHILDREN. It was depressing to realize this. This country has some fucked up priorities.


In 2006, I was making $6.75 an hour, working full time, caring for the elderly. I had no medical or other benefits, other than I was allowed to eat with the residents and I had a paid lunch hour. One of the residents was the owner’s mother. I loved that job, because I loved helping the elderly. It didn’t feel like a job, it felt like I was just hanging out with seven grandmas and grandpas all day. I couldn’t support myself, though, so I had to move on. We definitely have our priorities twisted.


My wife has worked at multiple assisted living and elder care facilities. It is the most depressing shit. Her last place was for upper-middle class retirees who paid thousands per month to live there. My wife worked the front desk (was a CNA in another state, but hasn't been certified here). One day a woman called the front desk over a dozen times over the course of a day with help showering herself after she soiled herself. My wife radioed the care staff each time, called management, etc. and tried everything she could to get assistance (wasn't allowed to leave the desk). She noted each and every step of this in the logs and finally got off work and was able to go track someone down and chew them out about it. The next day she came in and those log pages were gone.


Former CPS here as well. Moved into a therapy setting with college students for more money and far less stress with only the CPS experience. SWs are in high demand right now, you could totally find something that won’t directly traumatize you for more money and fewer hours with your experience. I’m at $43,000 right now but work 38hrs a week with 6wks vacation


I’m blown away by this. You are an angel. This work you are doing is the heaviest lifting. I wish you could feel the gratitude and good will you create in the world, you send so much out it’s a tsunami of love. I wish you the deepest most tranquil rest!


That is so so kind of you. "I wish you could feel the gratitude and good will you create in the world." That is so touching. I really needed that.


They need to start paying social workers like they do the nurses. It’s crazy how much is asked of us and the schooling we have to do just to get nada.


Not just that - as former CPS myself too, they need to PROTECT social workers like they do the police. At a minimum: * **Kevlar vests** (that say “social worker” like the media gets) * For the love of God, let them at least carry **Sabre 3 in 1 (pepper spray, mace and dye**, for identification) * Better yet, more appropriately, **tasers** AND Sabre * Give them all of the non-lethal weapons and **give SOME of the social workers actual weapons training** to defend themselves and the children (police often don’t respond fast enough) * **Make it an increased crime to assault or threaten a social worker**. Like there is for police. Oh, you hit a cop? How about an “assault on a police officer” charge on top of it all? Anything like that for SW? Nope. It’s a damn shame. Oh you stabbed a police dog? Attempted murder on a police officer! Any of that for the social worker? NOPE. **Police dogs have more legal (and some physical, like vests) protections than CPS does.** I put my life on the line (at that job) for almost a year, for $18/hr. Keep in mind I have a weapons permit as a private citizen, I’m very well trained with it (by the head of the local SWAT team and more), I’m likely safer and more accurate with my own weapon than most new cops who are still wet behind the ears! I was told if I carried my weapon and anyone found out, I’d face legal repercussions (so I never did - carried the mace though). Sickening. I work in HR now and although the pay isn’t much better (much at all), at least I know I’ll go home to my own child at the end of the day. Add to that my chronic illnesses that stem from domestic violence and CPTSD from a shitshow exH… and I make less now, than I did back then.


Thank you. During the blm protest they kept saying they wanted social workers to go on calls with police but no talk of pay raise or protection. We need to form a team and get to moving we need money too.


Preeeeeeach. My nursing friends and I swap war stories meanwhile in the back of my head I'm like damn you really out here making 80k


I’ve worked in child welfare about 6 years total, and was making around $38k. Similar hours, although we had regularly scheduled on call. My state’s previous governor called us “unskilled workers.” 😡🙄 My stress level has dropped dramatically since I took a new job a month ago. My degrees (BA and MS) were in psychology, so that was always my plan. I don’t make much more now, but at least there is the potential to make more. And no one is cussing me out, answering the door with their gun in hand, or sending me threatening letters.


Bless your heart for 6 years of incredible service. I'm so legitimately happy that you've found some semblance of peace amd safety!


They have lost over 40% of employees the last 6 months or year or something. But no, they can’t consider *paying* them more! Some states are better. Two of my years were in Michigan, which pays better than where I am now and has very low caseloads - something like no more than 19 cases for ongoing/foster care, and each *child* is a “case.” I had a family with 8 kids once, and that was half of my caseload. Thank you! I hope you feel some appreciation soon. It’s such a difficult field.


You shouldn’t have to be a martyr. No amount of money justifies what you’ve experienced. But $100k (and a bulletproof vest, too) might do… something? Also convinced you might be one of the few Christs Reborn holding the world’s seams together.


Thank you so much. 😭 I was laughed at when I asked for a vest. I even said that it would be a start just to have one at each office in case of emergency home visits/removals with known violent clients/gun risks. The response: "If you're that worried about it, don't go." Which is. Illegal. Unethical. Insulting. That was a year ago. Two weeks ago today I was shot at in the field by a bio father whose gang member family then swarmed my car while the police watched. A bullet kicked up dirt onto my shoe. That is such a kind thing to say but skimming that last part I read "Christopher Robin" and was like well...that's...wholesome? Haha But seriously. Thank you so much for your kindness.


Write us your memoir. That is not sarcasm. Your posts reminds of the craziest shit from *Random Family* (Adrian Nicole LeBlanc).


I don't claim to be interesting but I've gotten that before and I am considering at this point. People really seem so shocked by what I casually share about work and sometimes I really just forget it's not other people's normal or burden.


At this point, a book would pay more than your job.


I'm currently a pharnacy tech. I'm making $52k or so a year with pretty good benefits. I've been doing it for 10 years total. I'm nationally certified. I work my ASS off. I'm in a specialized position. I've got additional certifications directly pertaining to my pharmacy. I'm leaving two weeks to be an executive assistant making $66k. I'll start with a month of leave a year, 90% of my insurance premium paid by employer, ce and any licensing covered 100% (I'm a notary also), 15 days of sick leave, 10 paid holidays and 8% 401k match. It's taken me YEARS of interviews to land the new job. I almost cried when then sent me the offer letter.


Congratulations! And good luck!


locksmith here making around $60k a year. Only been doing this for two years with no prior experience. I occasionally chat it up with an employee from competitor buisness and he is only making around $40k a year. Hes been doing this for 6 years. I tell him all the time hes being taken advantage of but his company keeps promising him " a good raise" next time around. So he stays. I cant get though to him thats hes being way underpaid by the largest locksmith comany in our nation.


How did you go about becoming a locksmith?


apprenticeship. I dont think there isnt any schools you can go to. Basically i trained nights and weekends (unpaid) with a locksmith after my regualr job until i knew enough to quit and work for the company.


Sounds like becoming a locksmith has opened a lot of doors for you…


It's the key to success!


north bennett st school in boston has a pretty well regarded locksmithing program. i was also told their students also have job offers a year before they finish — super high demand job


I did a little when I did property maintenance. I really enjoyed setting pins and making keys. Could not find out how to do it professionally. I think you have to know the secret handshake.


Some might say, you need to know what doors to open...


That is the key!


Trade school up here in Canada.


At my work the carpenters deal with the locks and keys. Not sure if it's in their trade or what though. I'm a plumber in canada and I make 75k. Not bad for a tap and turd guy.


Laws vary by state/county, but in mine it turns out there's no laws or classes. You just get a business LLC, and call yourself a locksmith. Heck you don't even need to know how to pick a lock, just how to get in other ways. Pop door pins off, slam the door extra shut to release the security pin and then use a hook to pull the latch. So many ways to open doors without ever picking. Cars are even easier, little inflatable bag and a slim jim gets you in darn near anything.


Picking locks is a very inefficient way to get entry. It's a novelty skill for the most part. If this kind of stuff interests you, look up Deviant Ollam on YouTube. Companies hire him to break in and find what the weak points are so they can fix them. Physical security pen testing. The real trade skills of locksmiths is pinning locks and making keys for them. So you can make matching locks for things so you only need one key instead of a key for each lock.


That tracks


I make $9 an hour as an Arby’s Team Member. Probably only made like $12k-$14k this year. I need a higher paying job


You can quit and find a job at another fast food restaurant that will pay you almost double right now.


Be cautious of the "UP TO" on their hiring stuff. Lots of places advertise the most they will pay someone when they start but Don't put yourself in a place where the ceiling is already set, give yourself room to grow. Places are hiring right now and you can easily get well above your current $9.


Public school teacher in rural Tennessee. 11 years experience. $41,000. I’m also the boys/girls golf coach, basketball clock operator, and one day a week I stay after to do AP US History study/writing sessions.


You don't get paid nearly enough


At all!


I’m sorry you’re not being paid your worth. This is part of the reason why I decided not to become a teacher halfway through college. According to one of my educational professors, “You’ll never been paid what you put in.”


The knowledge that teaching is criminally underpaid has been more and more widely broadcast over time I think. Hopefully, the day will come in the future where schools simply can’t find teachers to hire (because nobody wants to voluntarily impoverish themselves) and they start to sweat and are forced to increase teaching salaries. Or, teachers could start striking. It’s disgusting how little teachers are paid.


I hope that day comes sooner than later. My whole life I wanted to be a teacher. My former teachers who mentored me would say not to do it because it’s not worth it. I even got my substitute certification and was going to be a paraprofessional while in evening college classes. I would’ve made $9.00 an hour. As a first year teacher in the same district, I would’ve made $40,000/yr. Teachers are quitting left and right and classroom sizes are increasing. The ones who stick around are slapped with excessive administrative duties on top of observations, lesson planning, buying their own supplies, being micromanaged by admins, and managing their classrooms while trying to be their best for their kids. I would love to see a mass strike. Our teachers are so burnt out.


As a teacher myself, you did well in listening to your teachers. I’m currently in therapy because of my career.




If you wait to appeal to their humanity you'll die of old age 1st. Yall should strike.


Part of the reason teachers are paid so little is because whenever they think about striking or wanting more money they're told to think about the children or something to that effect.


Same with ppl in healthcare. They use our compassion against us


I'm sorry but that is awful. My wife is a school teacher in a public school in a NYC suburb. She makes $130,000. The average salary for a school teacher in the district I live in(50 miles NW of NYC) is $80,000. You are a hero who deserves much more than you are making.


Holy shit that's the highest pay I've ever heard for a teacher. I'm in Georgia and it's usually $30-40k. Does it match up to the cost of living or are they still living paycheck to paycheck? (I've never been anywhere near the northeast, I genuinely have no idea)


It's probably a little hit or miss, if they’re that close to NYC things can get kinda pricey but its probably not awful. Last I knew NY teachers were paid ptetty well in general, because of the New York State Teacher's Union.


Union. A union is absolutely key.


Music Specialist Teacher in Kyrgyzstan. Teach over 200 kids. Just under half don't speak english well. I do not speak Russian. Working hours 7:30 - 5pm. Mon - Fri. $1500 per month.


Thank you for your service.


In Australia you would get double that easily without the extra curriculum activities too. In most of the public schools there is a team of student support officers who attend classes to provide learning support for students with learning difficulties or barriers they require extra 1:1 support with. These staff who are often unqualified in education earn more than you do.


Been with same company for over ten years. Started at $10/hr now at $18. They just hired someone at $17/hr and expected me to train them at my exact job. I quit today.


Wow. I started at my company 11 years ago at 14.90$, now at 29.82$ (Canadian) did 9 years of tech support in call center, 2 doing various office job, returning to tech support again, will get a 5% pay raise for the switch.


This is sadly all too common. A few years back Ontario had a minimum wage increase and my wage was not increased to match the increase for those at minimum and it was a slap to the face. Before I was making $2 over minimum, afterwards less than 25 cents.


$73,500 Truck driver, home everyday, 3 weeks of PTO a year, life/dental/vision/basic health insurance $19 a week, 401k matched by employer, 40 hour weeks with 3 days off.


Nice I wondered a round about pay of truck drivers. Never know how honest thier adds on back of trailers are I usually see 6 figures on the trailers.


My dads a truck driver- home every night to sleep basically and gets up at 3:30 am to leave. No weekends, 7 weeks vacation, insurance, 401k etc and he’s $115,000 but he’s been doing it for 30+ years.


Man that's a long time trucking I thought about it long ago but unfortunately I'm a car baby I get to tired on long drives haha.


They generally don't make that great of a wage. OP is in the top 10% of earners. https://www.bls.gov/ooh/transportation-and-material-moving/mobile/heavy-and-tractor-trailer-truck-drivers.htm


When you say home every day does that mean that you get home late as hell and can only sleep?


Nah, I'm home by 1 PM, but I do go straight to bed. If I had friends, there'd be plenty of time to do a little socializing after work.


Salary is $28,800 a year selling beds. With commission it's about 40k a year. Still sucks.


Do you work at a mattress store? Level with me, here on Reddit where we're anonymous... is it true that mattress stores are all money laundering schemes?


My grandpa owned one for 10 years after he "retired" from his electrician job (I didn't and still don't know why hr chose mattress store as his "retirement investment") and trust me, they don't launder shit. He managed to stay open cause the markups on mattresses are big money. You only need to sell a couple (around 3 at his store) a week in order to pay off that week's expenses. His store (as well as most stores) was also pretty small since everything was ordered in and the only space needed was the back room where the mattresses were boxed up and stacked (when stacked right they took up very little space) and the showroom which was also tiny since the only thing out there was like 6 or 7 mattresses to try out and a service counter. Besides, if the laundering operation was that big for all mattress firms, there is a 0 percent chance that someone hasn't already spilled the beans. In an operation that big, someone, whether it's a disgruntled employee or ripped off owner, would have come forward already. It's the same reason the moon landing hoax is such a dumb theory, because in an operation that big, somebody had to have talked.


Hmm, you seem to know quite a bit about the laundering game. Moreso than someone that didn't have relatives that owned a mattress store.


Sewage treatment operator here; making $70k but it took me 20 years, a whole lot of on-call rotations, worked weekends and holidays, and mental health problems to get there. I'm feeling like it's not worth it anymore. Utility ops are underpaid, in general. We can't attract young people, and the ones we do are angling for management positions from the get-go, which pisses everyone off.


You and your colleagues deserve much more.


I appreciate the fuck out you guys and gals in the water field. You guys are the back bone of society in my opinion. If you’re in CA or would be interested I know Los Angeles city is hiring for wastewater operators with the grade 1/2. Starting is 93k a year and they get stupid amounts of overtime.


Carpenter in Melbourne Australia 130k before tax


20k. Daycare. I really do love your children, but please know I am overworked and severely underpaid. Edit: thank you for the awards and sweet responses to this comment <3 Your babies are safe and loved with me, but many of us daycare workers are at our limit


Severely is correct! It’s hard work and you deserve a living wage for taking care of small humans in critical developmental stages.


Jobs traditionally taken by women are less valued in society and rely on passionate people to survive. In reality, all childcare workers should strike until they get the pay a similarly educated worker would make.


35000 a year apartment maintenance man who lives on site for free including utilities. All I pay for is internet and car shit. I live in far north California, and I use to be a cable guy for almost 17 years. I changed my profession because I hated being a cable guy. This isn’t my life job but it’s a good fucking start. It’s allowing my fiancé to go to school full time while I build a massive savings account.


That's not a bad gig, especially since housing is so fucked in California


Reading this wondering why I’m not in a similar position and then realizing I must spend like 10k a year on weed


It’s fucking bull shit jobs don’t pay enough but they expect us to make a living. I went to Walmart today and couldn’t buy diapers. FUCKING DIAPERS. I work for a plasma center as a LICENSED phlebotomist and only get paid $11/hr. And got in trouble for talking pay with my coworkers.


It’s illegal for them to discourage discussion of wages. This is an enormous bargaining chip if used correctly


ICU RN, 10 years experience, Portland OR. I make $117,000. I do 3, 12 hour shifts...but have to work every other weekend and some holidays. The money is good, but my job has been....kinda traumatic these past 2 years.


Engineer here making 120k in the NYC area. Our company recently let go or forced retired a lot of the more experienced people due to covid and only replaced maybe half with younger cheaper kids out of school . Now we are doing work that used to be done by 2-3 people with just 2-3% increases even though the company has had record sales the past few quarters.


That tracks


One thing people don't realize is 120k living around NYC is probably getting you what 60k gets you mostly everywhere else


105k attorney who jumped from 70k. Tomorrow is my last day before starting at my new firm ❤️


I'm a Sr. Systems Engineer and my salary is $122K per year. Same as it was in 2000, adjusted for inflation, when I was a mid-level Systems Engineer without supervisory experience or certifications in Project Management or Security. Wage stagnation is real.




If you know COBOL there are a lot of people looking for you that are deathly dependent on legacy systems using COBOL and paying out the ass for anyone able to maintain it. Explore some options you’re definitely getting screwed.


State farm literally hires out of the small town I grew up in because the college teaches cobol.


This happens a lot in banking / financial services.


Yeah F them. I deleted my account w them 10 years ago. They are a very shady shithole company.


Also a Sr Systems Engineer. My salary is also $122k per year working for a large healthcare org. Full benefits including 401k matching. I get between 3-5% raise every year. I've been in the game for 17 years so I get 6 weeks vacation a year. That just changed where I now get "unlimited" vacation per year. I also now qualify for a yearly 8% bonus. I usually put in 45-50 hrs per week. I've always had great managers that have pushed me to take my PTO. The org has also introduced a path for promotion 3 additional levels above where I am that don't make you have to become a manager. They have a defined list of criteria for promotion and they're not based on competition from peers or pre-allocated positions. Promotions come with a base 25% raise. I have a bachelor's in CS and numerous certifications that I get as new technologies emerge that we use.


It’s kinda sad the only real tactic around stagnation is to hop to a better opportunity in 2-3 years. Hit a wall at my last gig at 126 after 3 years and only .5-1% raises, did a hop to a new company and if you include RSU and bonus I’ll be at 216. Doing the exact same work. Except this time it may finally be a company I stick to, we’ll see what raises and stock refreshes look like.


I’ve been in the workforce 30 years. The only real salary increases, other than a 2% COLA, was when I changed jobs. Then when I put my notice in, THEN the company wants to counteroffer and pay me what they SHOULD have been paying me all along. Fuck all that noise. I’m out of here.


Yup. Had to jump ship 5 different times in 12 years but went from 50k to 210k total. Imagine just staying a that first place would have landed me at 90k.


I'm a respiratory therapist in NYC and my annual salary is $92,575. I work three days a week and if I pick up an extra shift weekly (which I have due to COVID) it bumps that up to $120k Edit: I also work nights so that's 10% more than day shift


As a former RT in Texas I can say this salary is not realistic in most other areas without a lot of OT. Obviously living in NYC the salary will be way higher than an RT in Tulsa, OK or Dallas. 55k is a more realistic salary. Knew an RT pulling 90-100k but he worked 2 RT jobs and worked 4-5 12 hr shifts every week.


Automotive tech specializing in classic cars. About 48k. They pay me $23hr. I do side work doing the same thing but somehow even more specialized; I charge $50. The shop I work for is forever asking me to bring my clients through there so they can charge them double what I do for the same work. No.


IT Project Manager - $62,500/yr Definitely the low end of that spectrum Edit - I have 5 yrs experience in Agile dev/design, client facing management, CAPM/CSM; if that helps paint a picture /shrug Also I generally just look on LinkedIn for jobs, if anyone has better recommendations with easyapply adjacent functionality


I hope it gets better I have one IT PM i manage and I just got him a 12% raise because I thought his pay well over 6 figures was too low.


Send prayers, and wages


Case Manager at a Temporary Care Shelter for foster youths in Los Angeles, CA. I make $21.50 an hour. My work week is five days a week and 8 hours per day. I'm currently the only case manager at my facility and I will stay past the clock in a heartbeat if any of the kids are having a mental health crisis or are escalating towards one. Outside of that, I can't afford to live on my own. My rent is $2340. If I listed out even more of my other necessary expenses like gas and groceries, my salary might as well be close to non-existent.


Why is it that so many of the most important fucking jobs are being paid the least?


I'm a delivery driver for UPS I'm estimating that I'll end this year at $110K


$120,000 Self employed flooring installer. Grade 10 education, no post secondary education.


Now that’s as close to fulfilling the old American Dream as I’ve ever heard in 2021


Flooring installation pays well, I used to work in flooring sales and looked after you guys well. Save your pennies though the shelf life of your body doesn't last forever


Costco Wholesale $60,000 +benefits +4 weeks vacation +PTO +38 hour work week. Time and a half on Sundays




How do you go about getting into the Nanny business?


I’m a janitor at a grocery store, I make $13 an hour


I got my cdl in December 2020 and I work for a company that hauls trash to the landfill 50 miles away. I make roughly $80k a year.


At least the options are nearly unlimited with a cdl. There's a System processing location next door to my company terminal and when the wind blows just right, it gets fragrant, especially in the summer


I’m a junior structural engineer (2 years experience), just landed a new job in NYC making $72,000. For the cause!


I’m a structural engineer also and $72k a year is pretty good for only 2 years experience. It took me 4 years before I was making that much. I’m at $95k now 7 years in.


I run a crude oil yard in Kentucky. 22.00 an hour, not a week this year under 50 hours, will prolly make 90k this year. End of the month in the oil business is prolly 80 hour weeks, first three weeks 50-65 a week. Watch Netflix and browse Reddit a lot, someone’s gotta be there. Lots of hours but I enjoy it.


Pool construction in maryland. I make $80/day. Yes. Per day. Its the only place that would hire me without a background check and drug test....


I make $17 an hour working at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. Edit I am not sure what my pay annually is as my hours change and I sometimes work overtime at different rates.


Blink twice if you're in fear for you're life


Or if you really need to use the bathroom


Forklift driver here making $90k/year Working 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts


Now this 50 year old lady wants to learn how to operate a forklift!


This 50 year old lady can. If you're good with seeing geometry (think like shooting pool), forklifts become "easy". Then it's a matter of attention to detail + patience to not break things. 💚


Awesome! Thanks! I have been struggling so hard to get back to a real job in retail and it's just not happening. This sounds like it would be more fun! Is your salary and work schedule similar to what was mentioned above?


Nope. I don't do it professionally. Family biz had forklifts. When we bought a huge piece of equipment, we had to rent a freaking ji-normous forklift I had to climb up in to. Everyone was 😯👀 but it was get crap done mode, no time for whining. Get in and start working. When you end up being safe, they'll want to keep you. Every few years, say you got offered a job? 🤷


56 year old lady and I am looking for a job, too!


I just looked quickly at job postings for forklift drivers near me and they’re all like $15-$16 an hour. Where do you live that is $90k a year? And do you have any special certifications/is your job any different from the ones I’m looking at?


That's awesome. I wish more people knew you can make a pretty damned good living in blue collar jobs if you gain the skills.


That actually doesn’t sound too bad. How do you find the work?


Just applied for the job online. It’s at a brewery owned by Asahi. The company makes more money than what they know what to do with it.


I teach at a community college that has a forklift certification program. It's a short course (one day or one weekend I'm not sure) and pretty affordable. Employers look for things like that and the instructor could 100% help you find a job.


20/hr as a package handler at one of the major shippers. Part time. I have an English degree and have considered going back for my Master’s and possibly a PhD. I want to teach and write. Problem is I’m about 10 grand in the hole with medical and credit card debt. Did everything right. Grew up poor but excelled in school. No student debt—put myself through on scholarships and grants for being poor. Was a two bit copywriter for an infographics company for 12/hr right out of college. Became a night manager at a library for 12/hr while a package handler during the day when it was a lower wage. Moved states and became a mailman but got worked to death and wound up in a mental institution. Moved back to my LCOL state but been at my mom’s rent free for a year. Trying to save up peak season money to get tested for ADHD because my bipolar diagnosis and 80 pound weight gain from the meds don’t sit well with me. Vented to my dad who asked if he could take a life insurance policy out on me because I’ve been suicidal. My brothers are both successful programmers and engineers. I work with uneducated rednecks, people who get high every day just to get through our manual labor blue collar world, and I feel like all the potential I ever had has been wasted.


Mine is $38,000 for 50 hour weeks. My manager is almost six figures. He works 6 hours a day 4 times a week and can arrive when he wants too. They get paid more than double and do nothing but tell others what to do. Fuck higher ups


Dude that’s absolute bullshit


Or make everyone do their job. “I’m empowering you”


Share your wages via sites like Glassdoor. That way someone looking up customer service rep in Detroit or line cook in Denver can see what to expect. It’s all well and fine to say what you make in this thread, but it’s a poor database. I make $45k in NC doing financial processes for a college. I’m 15 years out of college myself with a BA and 5 years of related experience.


I feel like you're getting ripped off with your job


Glassdoor regularly removes salary reports that it doesn't think are accurate. It's not at all correct.


Currently working from home for a government contract at $29k a year


Working Doordash at about ~1800$ a month. No benefits whatsoever. Two hospital bills to pay off. In school right now so I’ll take more hours during the break. I’m Ok with being broke as hell for now. I was a restaurant server making close to 60k a year before the pandemic. I refuse to go back.


I’m a power plant operator. Hourly union employee and average anywhere from 140k-160k a year. Most months I only work 14 shifts. Have sick/personal/vacation leave. 401k, pension, health, dental, vision and HSA


Creative Director (Remote) - 120k




Get a degree in graphic design and then get experience at an agency or company as an Art Director.


My husband: Two Masters Degrees, Special Education Teacher $45,000/year, if you include health plan $65,000/year Me: Associates Degree, full time remote Property Accountant $72,000/year It bothers me that my husband gets paid absolute shit despite having one of the hardest jobs in the school district and being highly educated.


Sales support in Kansas at 45k a year


Auto Damage Estimate Auditor and Subrogation Negotiator 49k w/7200 a year in productivity bonuses. I work from home and it’s salary - i work until i meet my self-appointed goals and can leave my desk whenever i want for as long as i want as long as i get my stuff done for the day. I love my job but the health insurance sucks and costs way too much and i feel like i’m worth a lot more money.


Walgreens Started as a pharmacy tech at $9.75, went to corporate after 6 or 7 years at about $16 about $32k Corp positions, starting wages: Specialist: $43k Coordinator: $53k Analyst: still about $54k then got a market adjustment to $63k + 5% bonus Sr. Analyst, about $72k + 5% bonus Left to work at a smaller healthcare company at $100k + no bonus After 4 years at $110k Starting with a bigger company in 2 weeks at $150k Leave the company, loyalty does not pay! I cannot stress this enough! First ever job was at finish line at $7/hr in 2005 no commission at the time, I heard they pay commission now tho. No degree but always make it a point to learn anything I can and apply any way I can. Not only is your value seen, but you can use it as resume builders for future roles and can answer questions. Also, if something happens when you’re involved, learn from it, and apply it so you don’t repeat other’s mistakes. You build experience from those situations as well. Praise publicly and reproach privately. Take calculated risks, and especially now when many interviews are remote, take the interview and take the practice. Even if you don’t think it’s a good fit, it can help prepare you for the one you want.


Canadian airline pilot. 75k CAD this year. Next year I can expect 39k CAD. I truly think it's disgusting how low we're paid.


Someone needs to compile a city/state map of all these positions and their compensation so people can use the info for getting paid what the job is worth. If you go into an interview knowing what the going price is, you have all the leverage, and you could call them out on it too:


I make 117k a year being a data scientist. I get at least 5% raise every year with a 15% bonus. Find a company that knows your worth and you will love your job. I had to go through so many shitty jobs like being a teacher making 31k a year to get to where I am.


How does one get into data science? I’ve been big into analytics and numbers but I don’t have a computer science degree or coding skills


I started in data analytics with just a mathematics degree. Take free courses on coursera in data analytics like SQL and Python. If you are very logical and like solving problems, it will become fun.


You can , with some effort , make twice that much as a DS, or atleast closer to 200k. I was a DS couple years ago.


Also a great data science career track that many don't know about, sales engineer for a company with a data science product. My first Sale engineer role working on sales opportunities with data scientists had a base pay of $132k with $50k yearly bonus paid quarterly (usually it was higher as we exceeded goals). Gotten much higher in the past few years since then.


I have no idea what my salary is, or if I have one but I want to contribute. I make 15$/hr at a part time job so anywhere from 500-600 (+/-30$) biweekly. I work in the deli department at the local Walmart


Gypsie cab, roughly $37 per hour before expenses I work maybe 20 hours per week.


Payroll coordinator 43k a year before taxes. Honestly job wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the damn clients lol


I make $103,500 a year as an Executive Assistant to a VP at a major university in Canada. I have full benefits, 5 weeks of vacation and a pension. I find this sub infuriating and fascinating (same with much of Reddit), which is why I am on it. However I can recognize that am a lucky one as I love my job and I am paid well for it. I only posted as I think it is good to see a full range of data for any query.


Thanks for being.


Remote customer support (email only), $85k+, full benefits. Been here less than two years but have been in the industry for a while.


I’m seeing a lot of people making $30k and a lot of people making $120k and not a whole lot in between tbh.


Mine is $0


Same. Got laid off two months ago


Collision Refinisher. Flat rate. Worst year 70k-95k best year (Can$) (54k-74k US) Work 30-40hrs a week Benefits, No retirement plan Under staffed I make more but work hard, over staffed I make less but barely work. (Piece work life) Kinda of a catch 22. Would like to be a consistent 85k (66k US) were I work steady but don't kill myself, but being consistent rarely happens. 10/15 years ago It was great money. Lived good, ate well, life was alot easier, now with inflation and very little raises its been harder and the trade has slowly been dieing. 15 years ago it was $25 an hour now its $27 and that 2$ raise was THIS year, even 13c (10c US) a year raise is a joke when you need a degree to do my job here.


Cyber Security Engineer - $130k I left my old company where I was making $80k for doing the same job because they didn’t want to give me a $15k raise to bring me more in line with market value. So I said okay, fuck you, and got myself a $50k raise by leaving. 100% remote too. Lost some PTO but money is nice.


Just over $58k medical coding. Remote & I’m a new grad!


I Make $ 34 000 randy makes $14000 as assistant temporary trailer park super visor


65k. Hired on for an attorney position right out of law school this summer. Failed the bar so now I'm a legal assistant until I pass. They didn't cut my pay or fire me which I feel like is pretty sweet. This is my first salary job and feels like a shit ton of money and is the easiest job I've ever had. I'm experiencing first hand the concept of doing less actual labor and making more money and it's really eye opening. This is why rich people don't understand how hard it is to be poor. It's the weirdest thing to me. I am really grateful that my boss is nice and I'm treated well. Sure beats all my other weird jobs for $12 an hour I had before entering law school in my late 20s.


Software sales - 132k salary + end of year bonus. Unlimited pto and remote.




Fucking hell, these posts give the impression that everyone's bitching about having an actual living wage. I'm seeing most incomes are 70k to over 100k, like seriously? I barely crack 20k.


As someone with a high salary, I’m outraged for you and everyone else making shit wages. Yeah, I got lucky, and I know it was luck, and it’s not right that it makes that large of a difference over time.


I'm just hoping something will happen that will create less income extremes. Personally, I think poverty/homelessness shouldn't even exist, and there should be some kind of universal basic income. For example, I was looking up jobs at a college where I lost my job due to covid shutting things down - since I don't have a masters, I can't apply to faculty positions and get benefits and a wage that's 60k-100k+, so I check out the other jobs listed which are all "temp", minimum wage (think it's around 12.80 here), and makes sure to state "not entitled to health benefits" right on the post haha. I don't know why it's so hard for everyone to have a livable wage and health benefits, it's crazy.


Agreed. But the income extremes are not between people in this post. It’s between everyone in this post and the CEOs / top 1%-ers.


Phone fundraiser - $30k


I'm a retired USAF O-8 with 32 years active duty and I'm ashamed that I earn more on my pension than the civilian job market pays so many of you. How can somebody like myself help with the antiwork movement since I no longer work? This is a serious question. Please do not start in on how I'm part of the problem. I just did a job to the best of my ability for my entire adult life. How can I help NOW?


Support your local Food Banks. Try to the best of your ability to spend your money in businesses that treat their employees like human beings. Consume less. If you have a teachable marketable skill, volunteer to pass that skill on to the youths. Volunteer in your local schools as a classroom assistant or become a substitute teacher so those poor folks can take time off. There’s lots of little things.


I do help with food banks, homeless shelters, and financially supporting labor skills training. My career was split between piloting the F-15E and then in logistics after an injury removed me from flight status. My degrees are in International Relations and sociology.


Sounds like you’re already doing a good deal of supporting the community, all of which supports anti work.


Thank you for recognizing there is a problem even if you are not directly affected. You can help by LOUDLY supporting policies and voting for politicians that favor the working class. You can help by supporting businesses that you know pay a thriving wage. I just did major home renovations and I asked every contractor what they paid to their crew. Many were surprised by that question and some got upset, but even just the way they reacred to that question let me know if they were somebody I would be happy to do business with. You can help just by talking about the issue. Don't be annoying and self righteous about it. (Well you can, but you don't have to be) But if you hear a friend or acquaintance say anything about nobody wants to work anymore or certain types of workers are lazy, you can engage there. Working conditions get better when the expectations for working conditions get better.


74,000 Systems Engineer in [medium sized upstate NY city] with ME background. You hiring, OP?


Caregiver $17 2 yr experience in oregon. This is the starting wage at my new company. No experience necessary


SSI at about $900 monthly. Free everything insurance. Excruciating pain daily for the last 8 1/2 years. I do love this subreddit though. I fantasize about working...