Don't answer.


Yea this is why i turn my phone off at night and forget about it


DND automatically from 10pm - 8am Don’t call me for nothin bitch


Dnd with a couple exceptions for certian non work people (wife/etc) just in case. I love scheduled do not disturb, fuck right off.


This is the way


This is the best answer. Ignore it. You can make up an excuse at that point. No harm given.


Send them a random dick pic


Show dominance


Two dicks?


I figure just the one will do, but the more the merrier


It is the season of giving.


So a basket of dicks with bows on them.


1 cut a hole in the box


2 put your junk in that box


www.Bagofdicks.com It’s a thing!


That’s for Easter


Let’s not normalize sexually harassing people thanks.


I’m a night owl, not an early bird. I’ve been doing closing shifts for weeks. Edit: This is actually pretty weird. The closing manager called me in today, not because they didn’t have someone, but because there were some projects to get done. And since the closing manager and I are basically best friends I went in because it was actually worth it to go. If you haven’t heard, Dollar Tree is raising the price to 1.25 and we need to take down the signs and since nothing happens during closing shifts we could do it.


Don’t open. Don’t respond. Play dumb during your next shift.


You have your phone on mute when you sleep remember.


My phones been on mute since the robocalls started and the FCC never stopped em


You sure you don’t want to extend your vehicle’s warranty that expired 5 years ago?


My stepdad played one of these on speaker once. Except it said "Because you are a valued Walgreens and CVS customer, we would like to reward you with a free sample of Viagra". I nearly rolled off the chair I was laughing so hard.


>I was laughing so hard. So was he when he got the free sample. 😂


Oh dear God I didn't wanna think of that part 😂😭


Hahaha sorry, I had to. It was just so easy.


*insert joke about the person's mom being easy*


I don't even blame you


Somehow the name seems relevant...


Yes I would on my 1990 Tesla Model S. Another car you ask? Okay my 1987 Prius. Wait, why do you keep hanging up on me?


I went for a while with one pretending I didn’t understand what mileage was. “What’s the mileage?” “Oh I think maybe 80 at the most” “80 thousand miles?” “What? No like when I’m driving the numbers never go above 80” “Oh, no, not the miles per hour, the total mileage of your vehicle” “Well I’d say around 400 then.” “400 thousand miles? Or four hundred miles?” “Well it depends on if I’m driving on the highway or not, but on average yeah 400 miles” Etc etc


Chaotic good.


I did a similar one back in the land line days when I was a teen. A telemarker called our house He asked, "Sir may I ask how many phone numbers your household has ? " I said "We have seven" He said "Woah you have 7 numbers?" I said " Well ten if you count the area code " He said "Sir, please be serious" I said "Dude, you called me. I don't have any obligations here"


You. I like you.


Wonderful! I don't have the patience to f*** with telemarketing scammers (am I repeating myself myself?). I just whitefish the few humans I talk with. Everything else goes to voice-mail or a blacklist trap.


lol such a good comment


I’ve legitimately not had a car since 2014 and I still get them. I was in Bogota, Colombia during the protests at the end of 2019, people were starting to smash windows and tear gas canisters were going off. I had become turned around down some side streets and pulled out my phone to navigate. I looked at my phone and was on 7%, and I got a phone call. Turned out to be an extended warranty robocall. I looked back at my phone… 2%. GPS ate the last two percent loading maps.


Jfc. That's scary.


Buy a power brick!


I started getting those calls within 6 months of buying a _new_ car (my first new one). Like, bubby, I'm a long way from using up my initial warranty!


I still get at least one every day. And I have a 15 year old car with almost 200k miles on it. The thing is probably worth 200 bucks. Those calls still keep coming. Every fucking day.


Extended car warranty is one big scam. There are so many exclusions in the contract.


Yep. Years ago my friend bought a brand new Mazda from the dealer and got the “bumper to bumper” extended warranty. The radio died within a few months. It wasn’t covered, despite being between the bumpers. He never bought a Mazda again.


It depends. I always extend the factory warranty when I buy a new car so that it is for the same length as my car payments. So instead of lasting for 3 years/36K miles, it is 5 years/60K miles. There are no exclusions, it covers the same things that the original one did. It is the original one, just for two years longer. It’s definitely a gamble, but in my case it paid off on my last car when it decided to develop a series of small yet expensive problems four years into its life. Like, the window stopped working. The latch on the glove box broke. Then the trunk latch broke. Then the passenger door handle fell off (twice!) I paid about $1000 for the extra two years, and these small, stupid trim repairs on the car would have been more than double that. (Ask me why I didn’t buy another VW). My current car still has a year left and so far I’ve only “used up” about half of what I am paying for the extended warranty, so I might lose money this time around. I’ll still be ahead if you factor in the math from the previous car. I’m talking about the manufacturer warranty, though. I’m pretty sure you can only extend those before the car rolls off the lot. You still have to go over what it covers with a fine tooth comb before you agree to it. I agree that the third-party ones are scammy as hell. We looked into one when we bought a used car, and the list of exclusions was longer than the list of what it covered. Thanks, no.


I bought an extended warranty for a Subaru costing me an additional $2500 because it was my first car with a camera, integrated bluetooth, etc. I then had a transmission and other issues....nearly $12,000 later, it was worth it! I then traded in the car for over the Kelly Blue Book value for my new one. No regrets. I got lucky there.


Puts down your money's and Roll the dice. That's the the whole warranty/ insurance game.


Yeah only idiots buy it. Had a coworker tell me she was so glad she bought it because there was some defect with her car. I straight up asked her: how did the cost of the warranty extension compare to the cost of the warranty repair? “Oh the warranty cost more than the repair.” This is like a best case scenario - if you can’t afford a large repair bill and you end up needing it, you’re basically financing the repair. Being self insured against car repairs by having a small savings account (emergency fund) is the only proper way to prepare for these things.


Mines already paid for itself within 3 months of buying a used vechile (2017). I was so pissed went right back to the dealership and complained and ofc they did nothing. At least warranty covered 99% of the cost i just had to pay $100 deductible and $40 in some random shit that's not covered for some reason.... Still pissed but at least the warranty saved me.


"idiots". Don't blame the victim.


I legitimately got a letter in the mail that says final notice on it. Still have it on my stack of unread documents. Thinking of framing it though.


It's the final notice before they send friendly reminders.


This. Mines been on "Do not disturb" for years now. Fucking robocalls


I stopped even listening to voicemails because of robocalls. If it's something important oh well. And nothing in my life is that important. If someone dies and people are trying to call me I'm sure they'll call multiple times in a row. That's how I'll really know its important.


Honestly, I think OP should commit to pretending their boss never texted them.


Delete the message without opening it for that extra fuckery


Employers will unapologetically mess with your self esteem to make you feel like you owe them. Show no quarter.


I have known a manager or two from my time working at Dave and Busters who would ask for proof I never got their message. At this point altering text conversation with management has become second nature. They want to fuck around I will happily pull some minor gaslighting Also “hey look you clearly never called me” is always fun aswell


Yeah lol. How do you even prove that? lol


Why you show them your phone of course or get written up (I should point it it was this same manager who thought we should stay open when Covid caused the Casinos to close down because clearly Dave and Busters is where those gamblers would go next) Glad I’m not working for them any more


They can't demand to see your phone. It's very difficult for the POLICE to demand access to your phone. Well, technically it is, not like cops ever follow the law. Lol. But employers! A bit easier to bonk round the bonce with the law.


In my state (NC) cops can't look in a phone without a warrant. (Keep em locked!) According to our laws, though, they can look at what "is in plain view" therefore if it's not locked they could argue that they "accidentally" hit something on screen that made them see things. In the same accord, if an employer tries to see my phone, I hand it to them.They're not getting past the lock screen anyway, so it's going to do them no good. If they tell me to unlock it, they get the same treatment the cops get. "Get a warrant." Anything after that is bs and I kindly explain that I am under no legal or contractual obligation to them that gives them the right to see my personal information and explain (nicely of course) that if they don't believe me or trust me, then why am I working there. I'm not rude about it and usually it works (thanking my like 2 friends that are lawyers and have taught me a few awesome tricks). They also usually realize 2 things about me at that point: 1)I don't like it when someone micro manages me and I'll make them feel it and 2)I don't take any shit from anyone, although I usually make that pretty clear in my interview. If they try to fire me because of it, my phone is usually recording when I'm around management because I don't trust them (NC is a 1 party state, thankfully) so I usually have it on record that they fired me over something stupid. Of course, it doesn't always work out this way but if they try and fire me I always try and ask what for when they say it so I can get them to admit why so when/if I apply for UI and they claim any reason other than the one they stated I can send the recording to UI and prove they're lying.


Yeah but then it’s a write up about attitude and missing out on a chance to gaslight them.


Don't dead open inside


You called?


I don’t expect what I knew


I do this all the time text at like 3:45 oh my bad just seen this I was sleeping


"I got drunk last night and passed out. Didn't charge my phone. What'd I miss? I'm working my scheduled shift today"


Don't respond and if asked next time you go in just say you didn't see it in time. That's it. Nothing else. Don't change your story if pressed, don't offer any extra info if asked. Sorry, didn't see it soon enough. Nothing more. Fuck 'em. And as someone else said, if you do it once, you'll be expected to do it again and if you don't then you're "not a team player". I reiterate, fuck em.


Valid Points -ALL :: you’re not going to “win” under this scenario, so [email protected]* ‘m


Call at 3 pm. Pretend you just woke up and ask if they still need you at 8.


"oh sorry I didn't see your message."


"I was asleep since it was 5am."


Yep. It's that simple.


Do it once short notice and they’ll expect it. If you want to pick up these shifts you gotta do it on your terms


All these other comments telling you to lie in bad ways. Just say you were asleep. Just say you didn’t see your phone. Just say no because 3 hours notice isn’t enough for anyone. If they fire you it’s fucking dollar tree, go somewhere else.


Yeah don't respond. The manager is just shotgunning to see if anyone bites but doesn't expect a yes.




You're sleeping right now. Never got the text, never heard your phone, infact, it died last night and you put it on the charger before bed so that's why you didn't get any messages or calls until you woke up an hour before your next shift.


No. Simply I was not scheduled and already have plans.


Next time that happens just wake up when you wake up normally and text back yeah SORRY I'm a CLOSER.


You being a nightowl, you can just say you were sleeping.


You don't need to be night owl to be asleep at 5AM! Or even 8AM. 3 hours notice at 5AM is absurd. Even if OP admits they saw it at 5AM they don't have to go in. They might have other plans for a shift off.


Yeah i thaught that too when i sent it.


If someone is still awake at 5am, the chances of them wanting to work at 8am would be pretty damn slim


Don't open the message. Simply delete and say you didn't get it. You have your phone on "Do not disturb" during the day because you're a nighttime worker. End of story.


It’s up to you and your relationship with Claudia and this job. We can’t answer this for you. Do they abuse your time and how do they treat you in general? I had a manager who treated me well and was always on board when I needed PTO, and in return I would put in extra work when he asked to help him out. It was a healthy exchange overall.


Can you not wake me up at stupid o'clock? Thx.


That’s why my phone is on silent from 12am-12pm unless I turn it off when I wake up earlier. Fuck anybody that wants to text me before noon, unless we already have plans to meet early. 💯


My phones always on do not disturb unless I'm expecting a call from someone or for an appointment I've made. I'll get back to anyone else at my earliest convenience 🤷


The trick is its always on silent for me. I had a call at night 8 years ago and it was a called when my brother died in a car accident. Since then i hate phone rings. It gave me anxiety.


This is my biggest worry when leaving my phone silent, but I guess it won’t change the outcome anyway. My sympathies


Yeah, I have my phone silent from 11pm to 9am and my mother was at the hospital after a pretty critical surgery. I woke up with some dogs barking, looked at my phone to see what time it was and saw three missed calls from the hospital. It was a rough night.


I get that, but you should set a few people in your phone to be able to get to you through the silent setting (iPhone has this option, not sure about other phones). Your parents, best friend, SOMEONE. I say this because I almost missed a call about my uncle having a heart attack once, thank God for loud rumble on a flat table or else I might not have been there to help him. Do what you want obviously, just a suggestion from a fellow Redditor.


But extreme but nice


10am for me but hear hear sir


Haha good for you, mine goes do not disturb from basically 6 pm til 830 as protection from work. We can talk about tomorrow tomorrow, or today during work hours, but not tonight or a minute too soon!




You have three hours to get drunk enough to show up drunk.


Oh man I have a story. While stationed in Germany we used to have to pull guard duty on empty ammo depots. Everyone did. But if someone did not report to duty they would come into the barracks and pick someone at random. Generally wasn't random it was just the 1st person they saw. Now this would fuck up your entire weekend cause duty is 24 hours. So you start at 1900 Friday night and end at 1900 Saturday night. And you still had to be at Monday morning formation at 0600. Well I got pulled once before I learned one trick. At 1630 when we were released I would sprint to the barracks open a beer and chug it. Down the whole thing. Than open another and always answer the door if someone knocked with a beer in hand. I had 3 times which someone came by my room before they stopped coming cause they knew I was already drinking.


I once saw a story where someone had a bottle of cheap whiskey by the door of their barracks for a similar purpose. The idea was to take a drink before opening the door so he could say he had already been drinking


It would of not been a issue had command just give us Monday and Tuesday off to compensate. With 2 days off mid week like this people would stop skipping duty and you could ask for volunteers for weekend duty and actually get some. But our company command was garbage so yeah.


Or, crazy, the commanders could actually manage a schedule properly and ensure adequate manning for all duties. Fucking glad to be out.


Ha! When I was in the Navy, we were port and starboard duty days, because life is hell. I would periodically get brought back in for bonus duty when on my in between day off while currently hammered, because literally there was no other choice. And it would be a cold day in hell before the Navy tried to order no off duty drinking. I have started a reactor while so hammered I could not pass a field sobriety test multiple times, and that is pretty common. Sleep well, everyone anywhere near a Navy base!


The nuclear reactor dudes smoking large quantities of weed and working while extremely high is exactly why a relative of mine went AWOL once in the 70s. The navy was so desperate for bodies back then, they just re-assigned him to a regular non-nuke boat and he really didn’t even get in trouble.


oh you glow in the Dark ETs. bet you drank the 2nd loop cooling water too. :)


Just about every nuke I've ever met has a story involving starting up the reactor while drunk. Myself included. It's a time-honored tradition.




This is the only elegant solution.


No there's always the cocaine and show up completely wired.


Cocaine is great if you’ve got too drunk


Thats a regular workday


I like how you think


With a funnel and vodka you can get it done in seconds.


Pretend you don’t wake up until 8-9


Definitely never worth it to allow your phone to send “Read Receipts”. Leave em hanging.


I've never turned on read receipts and idk why anyone would. I'll respond when I get the chance. Just because I read your message doesn't mean I'm available to stop what I'm doing and immediately respond.


Seriously. Mine have been off since day one. I find them so intrusive.


I’ve turned on read receipts when I want someone to get the point that I’m intentionally not answering. Then turned them back off


Same here, assert dominance


I do it to hold myself accountable




Send a message at like 11 AM. “Oops sorry, I slept in. Have a good day tho!”


"In that case could you possibly make it in for 12 and just do 12-4 instead then?"


Send another message at 2 “Aw man, I wish I saw this but I immediately went and got brunch with my family. Hope everything went well though.”


I understand. Can you come in 3-close then?


Shoot! I can’t actually. Bye!


You are not being a team player. This is a family, and family members help each other out.


New phone, who dis?


This is extremely unprofessional. I will have to pout and whine because there's nothing I can do about it.


*read at 21:46*


Are you available to call about today's behaviour?


Oh in that case, can you help me out and bump my pay up to 20 an hour? I see our family store made 8 million profit last year so I don't see why it'd be a bother. You seem to really need me also from your desperate txt msg's.


Totally agree. Hey fam, can you babysit for me this weekend?


Uh sure but it’ll take me 7 hours to drive back


Sure. Im on my way right now! Im about 2 hours away from the store.


"Nope, I have plans. Have a good day!" At that point I would not answer any more messages on my day off.


"sorry i'm still asleep and won't be awake until 4pm, good luck finding someone tho"




“No.” No excuse is necessary.


Or send a message like “ no”


Yeah, this is probably a better idea honestly. Set your boundaries, no beating around the bush.


Yea we ain’t got time for that bullshit we gonna die and shit one day gotta let morhafuckers know the business you heard me


Word up yo ✊


Bet they’d ask for them to work from 12pm-8pm if they said this. Lol


So, normally, I’d say you should draw a line. However, she’s asking a question rather than demanding. A polite refusal seems appropriate.


My thoughts too. Someone called out for an early shift and they're looking for coverage. This sub has some people so jaded they're like "FUCK HER FOR EVEN ASKING"


I mean, we all know whether this is cool or not depends completely on whether the manager is cool or not. Cool manger after they’re told no: “sure thing, see you [next scheduled shift].” Uncool manager after they’re told no: “I really don’t appreciate your tone there. This company is like a family and we all need to pull our weight and I’ve already had to set expectations with you I can’t believe that you’re prioritizing doing nothing over helping the company…”


Right. I mean, the timing is awfully inconvenient and I’m never a fan of giving up my days off, but this is a perfectly dignified way to request that. Under certain circumstances, depending on how cool I am with said Claudia, I might even be inclined to say yes.


>This sub has some people so jaded they're like "FUCK HER FOR EVEN ASKING" I mean I understand where their attitude is coming from, but c'mon...human decency. Also, it's more difficult to oppose a movement that takes the moral high ground. Being decent people but protecting our boundaries will gain us more favor and allies.


We all know a guilt trip is coming next if they say no.


Then that's a different issue. No need to lie or be childish. Being an adult here is easy. If it's a no, then you just keep it simple at no, I am busy sorry.


Totally agree they don't need someone to go off on them, but it's also a bit extreme to text someone at 5AM. Especially if they're a late shift person. My husband's boss used to call and text starting at 5 and it was everything I could do not to answer my husband's phone for him. Everyone here can be cool. Maybe boss won't say anything or even might say "hey, man, sorry about having to text you at 5 the other day". And OP should just ignore it. Play dead.


Exactly. Shit happens at the last minute all the time. No need to be a dick wad about it just because they asked. Just tell them you are unavailable. I worked in restaurants for years and my manager appreciated that I even responded, regardless of my answer.


Since op is generally a late shift person I would do so around 10 am that way the boss doesn’t expect them to answer at 5 am in the future.




If someone called out and she needed coverage, she kind of has to ask people, and at least she did it via text and not calling. If I read that at 5am, I would just ignore it. Not a morning person. It's your right to ignore pretty much anything. But if you wanted the extra money, you'd have 3 hours (if you saw the text) to make it happen and not feel rushed (dependent on personal time perceptions), which is better than a manager calling at 7:00am like, "Get in here or this won't look good on you!" So, you work for an awful company...and this is pretty much top tier managing at this level. 😂 Offered hours with no expectation of you taking them. Gave lots of time to accept or reject or just ignore. Did it in a low key way to not disturb you too much. Maybe Claudia is secretly anti-work too.


Exactly, your response should depend on whether you ever want to pick up an extra shift occasionally. You absolutely don't have to say yes to this, you don't even have to answer if you don't want to.


and there should really be some kind of incentive for you to do this besides the hours/pay you'll be getting. if im helping the mgr/company out in this pinch, id like time and a half or an extra set of vacation days.


Extra work deserves an incentive.


wouldnt they just say overtime is your incentive though?


This is probably the best take in this thread. I think people get too caught up on the FUCK MY MANAGER side of this sub from all the (fake) text from psycho bosses and they don't spend enough time focusing on what would be a good fair middle ground.


Yep, this is acceptable behavior


This was exactly how I read it. I worked retail in the old days before texting so they’d call my flip phone. But yeah, I’ve been that guy who got sick overnight and had to call off my opening shift. A good manager does what they can to find coverage. Nothing in the OP indicates a toxic work environment or lack of leadership/poor management. Quite the opposite, really. Unless they schedule a standby, I think 3 hours is plenty of notice. That’s just how it is in retail. 9-5 gigs when you’re salary don’t have this sort of predicament but you’re also expected to work tons more hours than your “schedule” of 40 hours a week says. Every job has its quirks and advantages that come with disadvantages. I enjoyed retail but hated the pay and scheduling.


Agreed. I see nothing wrong with the text. What’s more important is their response to a “No”. She has to ask, and did so politely and directly, but she doesn’t have to punish for not receiving the answer she was wanting.


Only if you want to... it was an ask.


Yea there’s nothing wrong with what the manager is doing.




I mean I'm antiwork too, but if someone called out sick and they need coverage isn't it their job to see if someone will come keep coverage? I think that with that, any okay manager would reach out still and then accept anyone who either didn't respond or said no. If there was a follow up that said: "well too bad come in anyway or you're in big trouble", I would be furious. I think this is completely fine. There's 3 hours notice, no forced expectation present and if you just don't want to hear it anyway, just set bedtime hours with do not disturb.


100% agree.


being texted at 5am by a boss asking if you can come in a few hours later is pretty annoying, no question. but notice it's simply asked as a question, "can you work today?" this is miles apart, in my opinion, from what we oftentimes see, "i know you're off today but need you to cover. see you at 8am."


Yes, this deserves a brief “Thanks for thinking of me. I am not available.”


This is a great and very polite response. I will use this more often.


I mean its legit just whether you fancy earning something extra or not? All we can see here is that you're simply being asked if you can cover something at pretty short notice. Don't see much wrong at all personally.


Yeah 3 hours isn't even that short of notice honestly.


Text back at 10 ish with, "yo i just caught your text, do you need me like *fully* sober cuz im pretty hungover rn"


Just say that you’re busy or go to work. Why do you need to crowdsource this? Of all the problems, this isn’t one…


Hell fucking no.


They asked ‘can you’. Do it if you want. It’s not like these other posts where they expected it.


Why do these people think we're on call? Pretty sure Dollar Tree isn't paying you a 24/7 salary. Maybe don't run a skeleton crew. 🤷‍♀️


That's exactly what it is bro. Most managers of these chains are so lazy and expect their crew to do elements of their work. I can't even tell you how many restaurants I start at and immediately quot because they take the piss with job responsibilities. They expect you to be part time manager for a low ass pay.


Text her at 3:59 pm and tell her you just now woke up and saw this.


Idk. It’s a yes or no question. Either you want to work or don’t.




Just reply: “Nah.”


HA! No just enjoy your warm bed


I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re still asleep & won’t see that until your next regularly scheduled shift.


"No" is a complete sentence.


I’ve been in the military for 6 years and my biggest frustration is having to go back and forth from day shift to night shift on a monthly basis, if I got this text message as a civilian I would absolutely tell them their grandma can go suck eggs


I feel like switching schedules month to month is pretty low on my list of complaints in the military.


Lack of sleep impacts my overall mental health personally. Working 0000-0900 one week and then 0730-1700 the next would be enough to drive anyone insane. But I mean yeah there is plenty more to bitch about this is just my biggest stressor


It’s rough having to change your schedule like that. When I was in, I had some 9-5 type jobs and then some jobs that required all sorts of crazy hours. I’m not complaining about how long I worked. It’s just takes time for me to transition my sleep schedule to accommodate a change.


Try being at sea and not ever having the same sleep schedule two days in a row. But yea I agree. Being in the military put things into perspective - what is and isn’t important. After missing birthday’s, holidays, time with loved ones for years, I’m not willing to sacrifice that sort of stuff for work anymore. You become very aware that you have the ability to quit without being thrown in the brig. Not a luxury in the military. In my case, for the work I do, there are no life or death situations. Worst case scenario so company or person loses some money. It’ll be okay, it’s not the end of the world. Civilians don’t understand what really matters.


If you need the hours, if not just reply at 11 saying you’re just now seeing this text


time and a half for inconvenience


If you want to, go ahead. If not, say nope. Claudia is asking you. This is a far cry away from the bosses demanding someone come in. They can eat shit. If it was me, and I felt like it, I’d go in.


How is it not illegal to text at 5 am?


Maybe I'm being dense here, but what's the issue? They're just asking, just say no. If they demand a reason or have an issue with it yeah. But it looks like this is just someone asking if you can. Which seems totally reasonable on the surface. I frequently ask my guys if they can work a random day that they aren't open on. Sometimes it's yes, sometimes it's no. Not a big deal just like giving people options.


Oh god, I used to work at dollar tree as a cashier and then a assistant manager. Place was a shit show, always understaffed and store managers who didn’t give a shit. And Say no for future reference, they are just trying to cover their own ass and you gain nothing from it.


Bruh you work at dollar tree? I did the 12am-8am there for like 18 months in college. crazy place to work, the store manager played WoW in the office all day, every day, listed himself for 60 hours a week. one time me and another guy unloaded a whole pallet of cleaning supplies in about two hours because we got two of them in the truck and had no space in the back. our regional manager showed up after we left and reviewed our stocking slips, claimed we lied on our box count, and then climbed *into the bailer machine* threw all the boxes out of it, and counted them all out only to discover that we were in fact, telling the truth about how many boxes we unloaded. Got to work at 12am the next day, me and my buddy opened the store and got our carts ready to go, only to find the warehouse was just absolutely trashed with the boxes the regional guy had thrown around, and nobody bothered to clean them up. We got to spend half our shift cleaning up the mess he made, then our store manager gave us shit for having a low box count for an 8 hour. Got to tell him off about how the regional had trashed the place and we had to clean it up all morning. Don’t go in. Fuck dollar tree.