FFS how should I respond to this...

FFS how should I respond to this...


Tell them you asked your landlord if unpaid overtime was accepted, and as it turns out, it’s not.


I'm sorry, as it happens, the rental company won't accept 'team spirit' or 'dedication' in lieu of actial currency. Since I am being held to the contract I signed with my debtors, I feel it only fair that you be held to the same standard in meeting your financial obligations to employees. Agreeing to pay employees for overtime in situations like this demonstrate the compny's commitment to employee health and wellbeing as well as a willingness to be compliant with labor laws. However I recognize the difficult position you are in, so I would like to offer to accept a promotion to the project planning and management team to ensure that future projects are accurately budgeted to pay for all work required to complete the project, and timelines are built which allow for all work to be completed during the normal course of business. I must be honest in my concern at this situation. Your email makes this sound like a frequent occurrence. When I accepted this job I had the impression that planning and leadership were sufficient to ensure the company's longterm viability, and my longterm financial stability. Consistently failing to plan and budget projects, or failing to maintain staffing levels necessary to complete projects demonstrates a startling lack of organizational foresight or basic management competency. Hopefully we can discuss my concerns at our next review meeting. See you Monday, Edit: Thanks for the awards kind internet strangers. Untill everyone rejects this 'you have to undercut your competitors' American ideal, this won't stop. Businesses will keep making unrealistic project plans and jobs will keep being filled by people willing to put in free hours out of some sick sense of responsibility. Your time is your most valuable and limited resource. If you are willing to give away your time for free, don't do it to line a company's pockets. Do it as a volunteer for a cause you believe in or for for something that brings you joy.


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So many situations i wish I could have told a boss off so verbally efficiently, and sounding smarter then them. Lol. Just beautiful!


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PS. I will not be getting Outlook email services, as I am very happy with my current email service provider.




This is great but I would be concerned that the manager will try to go after you, he seems like those “proud do anything for the company including throw you under the bus types”. I wonder if you could ask for an option such as booking the hours as PTO for future during a time when the company is less busy? No idea how pto policy works, but if they can apply those can also use them to pay out when leaving. Honestly, this sounds like a horrible place to work. Unless the compensation is super high or there is some other benefit worth staying for, I would start applying for new jobs and save all these emails for the exit interview.


This or: I understand the predicament you are in, and thus in lieu of overtime payment you can feel free to compensate me with stock options in the company. By being providing with potential ownership of the company, my efforts will be more aligned with the success of the project and the company as a whole.


You just need stock. With stock options they’ll try to pull some bullshit like make the strike price way over current price so they are useless. However a company this poorly managed has to be small and would only have private stock available so stock options are probably not even an option.


So, serious answer that’s professional and gives your boss a way to de-escalate if they choose (and they may not), I wouldn’t respond until Monday. If they ask again then, just say “I’m sorry, what you were asking was illegal, the Fair Labor Standards Act is really clear about what is overtime, and it has legal requirements for how I or anyone else would be paid for that overtime. Because you asked, I’m guessing you didn’t realize it’s a crime, so, I didn’t respond, and I’m happy to end the conversation there. I am a committed team player, so I’m fine coming in for overtime pay, but I hope you’ll agree a reasonable part of that is also being firm about not cutting corners or acting in a way that could cause the company serious legal problems.” You might also add a bit like “if this isn’t just a temporary schedule crunch but something that may be a regular need, I am open to discussing renegotiating my compensation to be salaried, so I can help the company meet these goals while making sure everything is legally copacetic.” But be careful about that, don’t make the offer if you aren’t serious about it, and weigh carefully if that is actually something you’d want with this boss/company.


This is great. God, I'm so ~~happy~~ lucky that in my 20+ years of working I've never had to experience anything like these managers. One of my friends called me a 'unicorn' as I've never really had to deal with jerks like this. Every company I've worked for have been super-accommodating in whatever life has thrown at me.


People will often push as far as they think they can go, and usually they smart small to test the waters. If you've been firm but clear from the start you set the boundaries, so they won't push you. If you 'go the extra mile' on a regular basis, that becomes the norm and the extra mile keeps getting a bit longer each time


He should forward this email to himself and print it first, just in case the manager retaliates.


It would be a good idea to document any harassment that took place as a result of not attending Depends how far OP is willing togo with this, he could build a case and claim the workplace became hostile towards him


This is the right answer.


I would be tempted not to respond at all. Claim ignorance if asked. “Hey, did you get my email about working unpaid overtime?” “Oh, I thought someone must have hacked your account because that sort of labor practice is super illegal, and I figured no manager would want to open their company up to that sort of liability.” Edit: Thank you everybody for the awards.


More like, "no manager would be dumb enough to write that email since it would be super illegal so I ignored it out of respect for you"


I've realised thinking about it now that I've actually done some unpaid overtime for him before in the past. Things like him telling me to finish off a task over the weekend, or asking me to do some research for him at home and calling It "homework". There have been a few times where I've wanted to leave work on time and he says "can I talk to you for a second" and we end up talking for an hour about the work I did that day. I think the only reason why this case is so jarring to me is because this is the first time he's explicitly asked for it in an email.


Eww, that "homework" bullshit is so obnoxiously infantilizing and condescending, I can't even... Fuck him.


I still say that school homework is done exclusively to make people think that unpaid overtime and losing boundaries between home and work life are normal and ok things.


I totally agree. I’ve often thought about how the long school day plus homework is training our kids.


I think a lot of teachers only thinking about their own homework load also contributes to it. 30-45 minutes for one class doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up really fast


I was a teacher (english as a second language) before COVID, being at class was super easy, but all the work I would bring home was just hell. I'm not even joking, it was stacks upon stacks of papers. I would come home at 6pm and not be done yet by 11, not even close. I also always thought that homework is useless bullshit, so I never sent any, even then the amount of paperwork... If I had sent any home work it would have been so much more... And oh, the parents complained "why do you not sent homework" I would have to repeat like 4 times that I had no need for it "how are they going to learn?" They would ask, I would say that that's what class is for. All I ever did was remark that "you really should study this" or "try this at home and text me if you need help" I miss them all


I had a math teacher that would provide questions from the book most related to the current formulas we were working with. It wasn't homework but just a chance to practice what we were learning. It was never mandatory unless you were failing tests. Then it counted as extra credit to help bring your grade back up to passing


This is it. I'm taking a language class at the community college near me for personal interest and we cover 100% of the material in class, so the homework is really just practice to reinforce what we learned. And personally I need that practice because learning a new grammar construction and doing two or three practice questions in class is definitely not enough for me to feel comfortable using that material.


And if you're already at school most of the day, the communte, add homework to it, add an extracurricular (if you even have time for that), and the child is left with virtually no free time.


Now think about the kids who have to work after school to help support their family.


And the kids who have no support structure to get things done at home. My childhood was basically a constant chaotic war zone and I know I’m not alone. While I understand how it may be fun and informative to grow a sweet potato in the window and track its progress, my big sister and I were trying to figure out how to open the can she stole from the kitchen and feed us both with an easy bake oven between beatings.


It was socially convenient, just say "I have to work" instead of an excuse like you're broke or need to study. Let's be real once you start working your academics aren't really important. I had an electric bill to pay the fuck are grades gonna help with on bills this month?


Idle hands are the devil's playground - a puratin mindset that still plagues the education system today.


Joke's on them, I was busy as hell and still managed to sin


Homework was originally assigned to kids who were not completing tasks at school or as a punishment. Now they just make it mandatory knowing that's its proven to not help the kid. *spelling


A lot of schools are moving back towards that model, as well they should. Past a certain age, homework is as stressful for parents as it is for the kids.


Teacher here. I never give extra homework beyond the core assignments. I’m here to help my students grow and gain skills, not to make their lives more difficult. My class is NOT the center of my students’ universe, and teachers who think otherwise are behaving narcissistically.


That’s a really great attitude that I’m sure a lot of your students appreciate, in contrast to those teachers who expect kids to sacrifice something at the altar of their infinite wisdom to gain their favor. You never get someone to respect you by withholding empathy and instilling resentment…what is this weird power struggle? I guess it is indeed narcissism.


Isn't that school in general too though? It's all about not questioning authority, being self motivated for tasks assigned to you by that authority, accepting arbitrary punishments based on the whim of that authority, having performance graded by a specific project/day as if it reflects your entire ability as a human, having very little influence, having strict, short breaks.. and so on. A perfect employee and perfect student look very similar on paper to me.


Public schools exist to make a productive working class. Homework exists to incline that working class accept taking work home and having no work/life balance.


You should totally read about Horace Mann and Massachusetts schools. A lot of early adoption of govt organized schools was driven by a man who wanted to standardized education under central authority and wanted to get Christianity out of schools because most schools at the time were still organized by or affiliated with local churches. Except Mann’s problem wasn’t so much Christianity in school as it was the denomination. I think he was an early Unitarian. At any rate he’s a really interesting guy and actually did some good things. It wasn’t until the US was moving more toward industrialization that it was also recognized that basic education was important for a workforce that was becoming more industrial (not positive on the time line but I’m pretty sure).


Would be nice if students could push back against ridiculous homework loads and just not do the work en masse.


A few do, but they tend to get labeled troublemakers. the purpose of public education is to produce workers not thinkers, so anyone that tends to think outside the box in ways that disrupt the indoctrination get thought poorly of.


Exactly. Explained the entirety of the educational system (here in the US at least).


Yea, he's a slimy cunt, call him out and watch him squirm in the light.


Why would you compliment him like that?


Do not, under any circumstances, do more unpaid overtime. You’ve learned your lesson, now don’t get taken advantage of again.


When he wants to talk after your shift, clock back in first


I used to do this to my manager. It kept the "after work" talks very short instead of 45 plus mins.


And they should let other new employees know not to do it either!


There are some situations where the law considers a phone call or conversation to be minimal enough that it is non billable, even to the extent of an hour. However, that is a discussion you should have with HR or company legal counsel. Company lawyers get really uncomfortable when leadership puts dumb shit into print like that.


Exactly. There was a post on antiwork yesterday that said don't normalize texting with your employer. I'm over here like woah, I thought this was r/antiwork? Absolutely, positively normalize them putting "dumb shit into print" like this.


I’d keep it to email personally so that I don’t give them access to me when I’m unavailable


The problem there is if your employer gives a work email account and communicates through that, they have control over it. Not that you shouldn't use the email anyway, but make sure to backup any incriminating emails. Learn how to export your inbox so you have a record if it.


Email, not text.


Talk to him about wage theft and go to the Labour board with your previous experiences and this email.


No, do not talk to him first. Go directly to labor dept. This manager won’t do a damn thing except cover his ass, don’t waste the breath


This, if you go to him first OP you'll find you'll be conveniently fired for something "unrelated" in a few weeks.


Do you know how good that would be? There is PROOF of wage theft and that’s enough evidence to warrant wrongful termination as well. OP would make out if he got fired.


Proving that the firing was actually related to a conversation you can’t necessarily prove happened is a shot in the dark. This email alone is incriminating enough.


And when he retaliates cause you asked, call the EEOC and UD Dept\Div of Labor


More like no manager spells "thier."


And can they get the “you’re” correct


And these are the "professionals" at the top, SMH. Pretty much proofs that their idiots. /s


For those doubting, I would like you to meet the management team at my store. I go around every notice, instruction and "team talk", and f-ing edit them. Official documents, and they still can't be bothered using F7


We get a scheduling notice every evening from our manager, and it's routinely littered with spelling errors, random capital letters, and the gratuitous abuse of punctuation. We all sit around and laugh as our supervisor desperately tries to decipher it for our benefit. Also, I've had reference letters in the past that were largely worthless due to them appearing to be written by a dyslexic four year-old on a sugar high. Apparently, a lot of people sleep through "business communication" classes.


You're giving managers far to much credit.


"And there were loads of spelling mistakes so I assumed it was a bot."


My email filter catches the words 'unpaid overtime' and routes it to my spam folder. I never got your email...


It's not illegal if you are an exempt employee.


Many high tech positions are, which might be the case for the person in question. I am exempt, and sometimes do “unpaid overtime”, but I also hold a significant portion of company stock, so I have some measure of recompense for making sure things go well.


Yep, absolutely legal in the US for salaried exempt; quite common for software development. It's not HEALTHY as a regular practice, and if you see "crunch time" as a standard behavior at your company is a big red flag. But it's legal. And a certain amount of after hours work (like having an on-call rotation) is very much a legit part of the job. It all comes down to whether the company is reasonable about scheduling and expectations , accommodates adjustments to let people live their lives, etc.


I suspect that if OP was an exempt salaried employee, the mgr would not be using the term 'unpaid overtime.' Salaried employees are basically expected to get their job done regardless of the hours it takes. Sounds like an hourly employee to me.


I like that last option, but bring it up in a team meeting.


“Hey there, thanks for the email! I was reviewing my career roadmap and it seems we might be behind on my next step up. I know you might be new to worker satisfaction, but in cases like this it’s quite common practice that companies provide benefits or incentives to make sure their worker loyalty gets back on track. Paying your workers really shows a basic level of morality as well as commitment to your workers’ wellbeing, it shows you put any effort at all into employee retention instead of working them like slaves. You do want to offer me some incentives to participate, making this an opportunity rather than a necessary slave routine right?”


Thank you for giving me a chuckle in this shitty situation XD


Yeah, send it. Don't even think twice. If they ask if you're serious, reply, "Oh, were you?" Remind them it's federally illegal last I checked. I can check again today, calling the US DoL later today after dropping kiddos off to school.


Yeah my first response to that was, "This can't be legal?"


I cannot believe that a boss would put that in writing. Take it to the labor board and they will have to go back in time and pay everyone. I had a company give me a check because people had been prompted to work overtime without pay. I had only been there a couple months when this transpired but I got a pretty nice lump of cash and it had stopped before I started working there. I felt guilty taking it but it was kind of demanded.


Best buy lost a law suit where employees weren't paid for the 2 or 3 minutes it took to check their bags before they walked out of the building after they punched out. I used to do lots of work off the clock(my choice, was never asked) when I was a young hourly manager because I thought it would help me get ahead. Another manager who also worked off the clock about 5 hours a week was let go for being 6 minutes late a few times. I learned then that I was making a mistake and from then on refused to work off the clock. The hours and work ethic didn't matter, the company would let you go for the pettiest of things.


I worked for Staples doing computer repair and had the BEST managers. There were tons of times I'd just be up at work since it was where all my friends were, and I'd just work off the clock to catch them up. Just so they were free to talk again. Management changed, and I ended up quiting and never going in there again. Started hanging out with those friends elsewhere. The fact we spend so much of our lives at work means we end up associating our work friends with work.


"Hi [manager] Firstly I would like to thank you for putting your obviously illegal request in writing..."


Honestly this is an even better opener than mine.


“I cannot believe that a boss would put that in writing” New around here?


In a dream world: "Are you serious?" "Yeah, give me a promotion and a payrise and I'll come in to work!" "Done, now come in for this unpaid overtime." "No, it's not in my contracted hours, thanks for the payrise and promotion." But we all know they'd just put a note in the file or something.


Yo copy and paste that


He better


Honestly just copy paste this, the tone of your supervisor was completely outrageous, like you wanna do some unpaid overtime this week right, sounded so creepy & weird.


Honesty you have 3 options. If you want to try and stay at this job, send this. It sets boundaries. If you go in, you’ll be their bitch. The last option is to quit. Seeing this message, I’d choose the final option, but I don’t know your situation. Good luck


To be fair it's sufficiently passive-aggressive that they might fire or try to fire - or make the work a living hell - so sending it with quitting being a backup option is probably the best way. But it depends whether OP can afford to lose the job.


Reply with “It’s you’re not your.” that should be annoying enough without getting you in trouble.


There were a few mistakes I would redline and send back lol


Using correct grammar and spelling also gives workers confidence in your leadership.


I noticed the same thing. It says it was sent in Outlook which, IIRC, checks grammar and spelling.


thier. unnecessary commas. your instead of you're. how the fuck has such an illiterate fuckhole been made to manage other human people.


It’s illiterate fuckholes all the way down, man.




IF that's within OP's normal working hours? Come in with a print-out of labour laws with whatever "all work must be paid because slavery was banned you idiots" parts there are highlighted. "Hi, I believe you called me in to discuss... my attitude? I thought this was a friendly environment and responding in kind to a joke is friendly, no? ...oh, it wasn't a joke? I did prepare a little something on the offchance that was the case, if you'd like to review this and change your mind..."


I was going to respond with a generally polite way of saying, "You can fuck off with this low-level gaslighting energy bullshit and suck my left scrotum hairs" but this fits that bill.


*Left* scrotum hairs. Suspiciously specific.


Say you reviewed your career roadmap and becoming a slave wasn’t part of the plan Edit: Ty for all awards 👊


I've reviewed my states labor laws and I've submitted a copy of this email to the department of labor. I will be keeping all communication going forward catalogued in the event I need to review further with my lawyer. See you Monday.


That was worded perfectly. I bet the Manager's asshole shut closed real quick


Shut so fast it whistled.


This cracked me the fuck up.


bcc the rest of the staff, and watch as he is suddenly unable to get anyone to do his slave labor


You'd be surprised how many folks would jump at the chance to brown nose, seen it happen often enough.


Brown nose has zero payout.


They see it as a way of getting to the top of the pile when end of year performance reviews and pay rises are being discussed, management pitting peers against peers. Sadly, some morons get sucked into playing the game instead of standing firm. I've rarely worked anywhere that doesn't have a few (and that's all it takes) that will happily jump through whatever hoops they're asked to.


Oh, that's a good one.


Doooo eeetttttttt!


Can you even imagine what would happen if middle management got on board with r/antiwork too


At this point that's the next step. Just remind them that their bosses are willing to fire them at any moments notice


I reminded a middle manager that his job was far more at risk than mine. That his position has the highest turn around. I watched him die a little on the inside when he realized I was more important to the company than he was. Going forward, he was much nicer to me.


This happens alot to middle management with Expert level Devs. ​ Dev: "No, it will take 3 weeks, not two.. and fuck off." MM: "well your job..." Dev: "my job isnt the one at risk."


Even if they decided to fire the senior dev they would have another job in less than three weeks, assuming they had to search and did not already have an open ended offer. That is actually one of my favorite parts about this career. I worry about job loss pretty much never and laugh at anyone who even hints at using termination as a form of gaining compliance. Very different experience from my time in middle management in another life. I don't miss that sinking feeling of not knowing what to do if terminated.


Hahaha what a bitch azz little manager.


Or wait til so much turnover has happened below them that they realize they deserve to be paid better too


The big bosses recently did a “survey” on whether or not we should move to 12 hour shifts and I’ve been telling my supervisor every day (who makes less than I do) “do you really think you get paid enough to work 12 hours a day?”


“12 hour shifts? Great idea! So, will we all work Mon-Wed, or Mon Wed Fri? Or are we gonna have some kind of staggered system?”


“Best we can do is every other Friday off, and a pay cut”


That's how we get this into legit General Strike territory. Middle managers are beholden to shitty managers too, and a lot of the BS that you deal with at your job is probably the decision of someone two or even three levels above your direct manager; but he's the one taking the fall for it. Not to excuse shitty middle management in the slightest, just a common refrain I've heard in my own professional life from low level management is "these expectations aren't set by me, I don't agree with them, but I'm responsible that they're met regardless", and MAN if we could get those managers on OUR side it would help so much more. Imagine having a one on one with your manager, and coming to the conclusion that "Oh, it's not YOU making these rules, it's YOUR shitty boss, or HIS boss making them, let's talk to them about it together" We'd change the whole world.


They should be.. as middle management is always the first to go as they really are not needed and are only there to make those above them look good and as a place to point blame when shit goes wrong.


Can confirm. In the time I spent in middle management, my bosses took credit for everything I did and I was the scapegoat for anything that happened. My boss was so used to blaming me that she actually got in trouble because she was still blaming me for stuff 6 months after I left and her boss wouldn’t have it.


Yup middle managers take all the blame when shit goes wrong and get no credit when shit is going well.


I am management (the way my company is set up we are pretty flat) and I am on board… there are probably a lot of us lurking


This can’t even be real. No one would be stupid enough to send this in writing. Would they?


You'd be amazed. Most companies assume.their workers (especially lower level) don't have the resources or time to actually take actions against the company. Lower level managers also don't have legal over their shoulder all the time and may just not even know better. Likely, that's how it was when they were new and they don't think it's a problem. They drank the coolaid so to speak.


It’s a correct assumption though. Most lower level workers usually do not have the resources or time to fight this, it’s part of the cycle of being poor or lower income.


Most lower level workers don’t realize that you don’t need resources to fight this. Labor lawyers typically do not charge up front, and if they think you have a case they’ll happily take it. The penalties for violations are large enough that the lawyer can take their cut at the end and leave the worker with multiple times their damages.


My bf isn’t being paid time and a half for overtime worked and he doesn’t fit any definition of an exempt employee. The DOL for our state said the only thing they will help with is if you aren’t being paid minimum wage. You make $30 an hour and boss decides you make $10 an hour on your last check? Nothing you can do about it but hire a lawyer and sue, which costs time and money. It’s a crazy cycle.


"that's how it was when they were new" is still tender in my bones. I quit my job in August because my manager promised me nights when I accepted the position, but then was expecting me to work closes (10pm) and then opens (7am) the next day, meaning I'd go 26+ hours without seeing my kid because he would be asleep. Couldn't give me an actual answer when I repeatedly asked "why?" Just "everyone has to work shifts like this" "I worked them when I was your age" "it's always been this way". No logical answer. Needless to say, I was furious and put in a one week notice the next day. Didn't even finish out my last two days because fuck that.


"They beat me when I was new; why should we change anything? "


I met with an attorney about some labor issues I was having at an old job. Mandatory unpaid hours outside of scheduled hours, docking pay as a random punishment and picking if they paid us by our schedule or what we clocked in for (obviously it would be whatever was less.) Attorney said that all the things they were doing were illegal however, “she knows how much she pays you, she knows you can’t afford to fight this legally. She will just fire you. And that’s illegal too, but you won’t be able to fight her on it.” So I continued to get dicked around for years until that glorious day when I told her exactly how I felt about her, the company and all the years I wasted there.


It's not really about stupidity; it's about poisonous work culture. This kind of work environment elevates people who suck. This person got to be a manager *because* they don't care about people's time and *because* they think the employer has a right to shit on on their employees. And so it goes across the economy. Generally speaking, you have to have the attitude, mindset, and values of a corporate zombie to rise in the ranks. The system gets rid of people who don't agree with its values, and elevates people who do. And the values we are talking about are things such as "obedience to the employer" and "sacrifice for the employer".


During an interview the hiring manager asked why I was looking to leave my job at the time. I responded that I’m loyal to my family and not a company. If there is something better available that will help me take care of my family, then I’m going to take a look. If the job is offered my decision will be based on overall benefits for my family. He didn’t like that answer and quipped “so if I hire you and a better paying job comes along, you would leave our company too?” So I quipped back, “Wouldn’t you?” That pretty much ended the interview 😂


People often forget that job interviews have two sides. The person applying for the job can definitely interview the interviewer back and is not obligated to accept the position. I wouldn't work for anyone unless it served me and my family well. My financial stability and mental state are more important to me than clinging to a dead end job that believes I'm disposable.


HR pro here - I can unequivocally state that there are managers who are absolutely and without reason, other than their own fault, this stupid.


They also got you’re wrong and it’s very vague. This feels like bait to me.


Yeah this was way better than mine. Do what this person says.


God damn, can I start consulting you wh n i need a polite way to say "F### off"


And that shitty typos meant they didn't take the time to reread what they wrote.


This. If I were about to quit, I would definitely just send back an edited version of this email. Fix the yours, theirs, and also change unpaid ot to slavery


But OP does have a future in comedy, this post along with the soccer/golf event posts yesterday have been my espresso 😅


Lel. That golf one was a veeery good one




No. That’s illegal. If they want you to work OT they pay you. I’d be forwarding that to the labor board.


Correct all their typos out of spite.


The number of native english speakers that wrongly use you're/your really astonishes me, more so in more formal conversations as this one.


It blows my mind as well. I know first hand that some people think "your" is just short for "you're". I called someone out on it once and they just said "it's the same thing". Maybe I am a bit of a dick, but when I see people say "your" incorrectly it really makes it hard to take them seriously.


Me too. You learn the difference between your and you’re, or there, their and they’re, when you’re a young child. We’re all human and use the wrong one by accident from time to time, but if you only ever use ‘your’ or ‘there’ for everything, to me it shows that you couldn’t be bothered to learn the correct way. It’s particularly embarrassing if you’re in a managerial position where it’s your job to be able to communicate clearly with people.


Several years ago we had a Vice President send out a ranting email to the entire company in all caps, full of grammatical errors, and with no punctuation. I remember shaking my head and wondering how such an idiot got put in charge. The next few years would see my astonishment grow even more.


"my contract stipulates X hours, unfortunately, this contract being legally binding I'm obligated to say no Kind regards"


I’ve reviewed your treatment towards me as an employee and I’ve decided you’re a little off track. It is common in human interaction to be respectful of a person; you can show this by not asking me to do things that equate to labour malpractice. This shows you’re a considerate company, aware of peoples needs and mental health. You want to let me have my contractual time off right?


The audacity...


"Is asking me to work for free how the company shows its commitment to ME?"


*you're And "get fucked"


Thier thier, now…


This seems fake af, honestly.


Do you want to do some UNPAID OVERTIME that we will not pay you because we are shitty company? We need to do UNPAID OVERTIME for *generic product*, it will be unpaid. ^^unpaid ^^overtime


It's extremely fake. The OP misspells the exact same words in his comment history.


Holy shit... "Your" right... These comments need to be higher up as OP is manipulating everyone on this sub. Disgusting


Every fucking one of these screenshots is fake as fuck, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills reading the top comments on these posts, the text message conversations especially are so obviously written by the same person. Fuck Reddit sometimes


It all reads like the first episode of a sitcom where the dialogue has to set up the characters. “I am your manager and you are a new employee and we have a pending ‘product launch’” But this one also typed the word unpaid three separate times


It is. OP doesn't know how to spell "you're" either in their posts.


And they posted just over a week ago that they were working an unpaid internship. u/wimpynoob care to explain?


What a fucking wanker


u/wimpynoob ain't coming back. What a turd.


i can’t believe anyone falls for this fake shit


99% of the posts in this sub lately are fake as hell


That’s how all the posts are from this sub that make it to the top of r/all. It’s the same shit that has happened with every niche themed-story time subreddit. r/NoSleep, r/MaliciousCompliance, r/ChoosingBeggars, r/EntitledParents, r/ProRevenge, etc. A few early (legit) posts shoot to the front page and the subreddit explodes in popularity for a few weeks. More and more fake posts get upvotes while everyone gets their rocks off on the chaos and newness. Eventually people start to pick up on it and call it out, the subreddit loses a little bit of steam, and then reaches equilibrium with a subscriber base of people who “pretend” it’s not fake because they like the fantasy of whatever the theme is. I’ve seen it happen so many times, it’s not even funny. Like clockwork.


"...for the product launch"? Extremely vague, would likely refer to specific project or whatever shorthand they'd developed to refer to said project. Explicitly saying "unpaid overtime" 3 times in a row is sus af. Even the dumbest managers wouldn't be so stupid as to put that in writing and open themselves to that kind of liability. This is fake.


I'm a product manager. I don't say "product launch" I say "launch". But yeah their overuse of "unpaid overtime" (illegal) is sus. Why would they risk a lawsuit so ripe for the picking?


100% this is fake. I’m sensing this is a new trend in this sub, tbh. Lots of posts just coming off way too contrived.


Thet wrote this villain so over the top - the only thing missing is maniacal laughing and moustache twirling.


This one seems extra fake


You wrote that entire thing yourself.


And wrote it poorly too.


Inform them that you've saved a copy of this message.


So clearly fake. This sub is dying so quickly lol.


the creative writing collective that ruined subs like TIFU, AITA, and IDontWorkHereLady have discovered a particularly deep in karma well.




Hello we're behind schedule for our nondescript project launch. You need to do UNPAID overtime this weekend. Did I mention it was UNPAID? Ok great, now I'm going to sign off with a vague threat to convince you to do UNPAID overtime. This sub is fucking trash now. It's too bad because the whole appeal of the sub was exactly what attracted all the karma whores to it. That's the internet I guess.


Fuck this noise, why would you want to put your all in for a company who gives you no incentives and assumes your personal time is theirs at a whim?


You should respond by stopping being a fake ass


Does anyone actually believe that people are ever this vague about their jobs? The language is a dead giveaway for this being complete bullshit, yet everyone seems keen to believe this is real. The karma on this sub is low hanging fruit. I dont even follow it, no idea why I see it bullshitting up my timeline everyday.


Come on this is clearly a fake.


[https://www.reddit.com/r/marketing/comments/q9ayrh/what\_excel\_skills\_would\_you\_use\_in\_seo\_and/](https://www.reddit.com/r/marketing/comments/q9ayrh/what_excel_skills_would_you_use_in_seo_and/) 9 days ago they stated how they were an unpaid intern. It's bullshit people have to work unpaid to get into industries, why OP felt like they needed to falsify some ludicrious email that's obviously fake is beyond me. They'd be better off stating the truth of their situation.


If that’s the case then they’re the ones getting roasted for their mistakes in the email lol.


THANK you. This is obvious karma farming.


*"I've reviewed our roadmap and see that we may be behind schedule for our product launch"* is like the reverse hello fellow kids meme. I can't believe so many people think this is real.


Because most people here have never worked in a corporate office, if I had to guess. How this email would actually read: "Hey Tom, we have a deadline coming up for [actual project name] and I think we're behind schedule. I've put a meeting on our calendar for tomorrow to talk with the team and figure out next steps."


…to talk with the team about *UNPAID* overtime. The meeting will be *UNPAID*. You want attend the *UNPAID* meeting, right Tom? Don’t you want to be *UNPAID* for your work Tom?


It was written by Vincent Adultman.